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January 2, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 2, 1941

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p" "n "in"? slums Cons‘oiidntcd with The Shelton Independent SHET lTON-M illoodsportGirl Hostess To Many A 3) N COUNTY J 0U RNAL‘ nvoy to Fin laser courlillliliilui ' ’ I: THY" -L LV‘;7\;, z , 3 Club Meefiilanuai' u o co .-o oo N E SOCIAL F399“ to .ew 1i i l I AT-TLiLF ward of Milton. lzln l‘, lior, Jl‘.. ware n Hardx quct of munitions. ‘ i ' hello .\l:lll'l;,:vl' -,"l. ()1 LUS; Angelou, SOIL Thug“. Duis_ S SAFEW’A Y MBOY, ‘- Th ‘ ' i 1' Davton, Jan. .V j r. “XL \;1 i illitv rml us: :'- Cllllfi~1'l:i>* mail. 1' .li llll' IltvSlilllltl‘ til :41» liUJ. \‘.:l:»lllll;; “.1 . D ' ‘ Why-d h) a ' ' (' Humor-II.lril'iird “killing;- ('omrs [kt Cmntmunltry JCllk’Vy at th“ Dig,“ l1 EUbSCI'iptlnn Rates; i ' " l 's- T L"-'l Fr‘cllils i l mec mg 0 an. Follow‘.-:z— . ,Ar. Sirprl .l 0 Jul .. V. I W---— ” I 21011 communityaal .rds will They Brl BY lll l‘illllllx (illli:7llll' ul' Sliwllnll city lilnil 4"lf’l‘ll l' «llSll'li‘lfil‘ L03 Allg‘CIC:‘. ~iSpCClJllw -(/0nl'} By PM“? 51"“1‘” l ‘1 short buslnCSSESSnn Cd i d to nd H 5: I {1‘33} 3 mini)” 7")" lmwig“ “‘7’” "7" >131." .L"‘5I“'l illi“ :15 El {Kllpl‘lse 10 his man)” Hoodspol‘t, Doc. 31. All CWllt "-38 enjoyed Lacs are "LSkc l "—9qu DESl" iii-r : l li-url l i]? llilillfhpu‘)“ MINI” M NH mull NH“ “Hm! “wads m. shdmnffls.therwt‘d';of the season me Eh? ‘E.im{“1' ml,” ibi-ing sandwiche ., qt FglgglgiTAL BO 131’ JOURNAL dARgInRi lll sh. inn. :3.- I. l' lllHlllll ll-nlll-l-ll-ll ll) \‘7ll'l‘ll'l') ,‘ llin Christmas 1‘.ch in Xuma, {3. given by Mm; pimp-Ni“ ‘PI'11_‘ The evt am we 1V 1 pd anywmre' an I m 53,-.» ,.. ;~ _\..,-i.. r :l.ai mm, iAl-izona of Mica; Lillian Eleanorg 30er at her humc in lloollspln-t Uh Drnv; ,, ’ DEN“: v H g b I'Uthiwd every Tu‘is‘day and ThUrSday afternoon ‘ Hi“ Ward. ‘7‘" INS Angelcsv daugh'i Suturlla)v evening. The hi use was lime} ,(ly 'ln ,fjonlql“ y i I: i“ I , ' . .CW m, v: ms . we ’“ ltcr of Mr. and Mrs~ L. M. Hair.) deem,th Wm, cuttinnis g,._ ! A 19A,] Jamwu} I. FU} J. EBER ANGLE lowu to Norbert. “my ,1“. HMO hp“ :1 mm .. .,..,_L_ ‘7 - l i ,~ ,, .. .~ “’5 (“1‘1 M’3~ N'n'l’m't CJI'mlcr' out were Mr. 9.121. Mi... .ll‘llli Hit“ Glen McMulli. lflfo ‘v. ii. iii, wipe-5.1.1:.l>.;ljyiisi:-z._::;l.. -{;:.:iyl(l:i:‘..l.i.i-:L .\:.;.l....l.lu.l El): Shelton. ‘ g .,.-,C,. Shelton, Riiui Linscili‘t‘rbf iploye, was Mm“ to l i ' ' : Mr. (in-'1 Mrs. J. C. Forms of Tacmnl Dommu :; . “null 0. out; :HOE‘pitnl Tuesda f0 treat l;’\lll.’llllbri‘.. California, close mm mm “1,. in,” . .. m. in; Y w' ~, :v v. r 7 t . ‘ u. A i use. no risOMISES Foil nun YEAa mm... m u... ilj . ---W.s—~7 -»—r i only attendant“; l'icv. Rolfe Wag- Olympia. E ' -" v {‘3 :r'iz'23L 1c” r. . . Lilia-:l ll 1 l Today The Journal enters its fifty-fifth yeal ()1 ,gffing “ ” l h i 0 C1 Ck cm icif‘ililipg’r’fl ilf’fiffi 3pm 43!, i ' ' ' ' n' - _ .,l - . _ l.... . )A ‘l::'1...l ,i.v, eXls‘i'cncc, dating from its Ill'St issue on I)€C€llihcli The iii-iris, mom”: swarm mm, dimer guc,.s 0,. Hi... twill, 3133i, 18%, and with the same optimistic hope thatj‘mi “mlme Ml- wmchms Mrs. J. l-l. .uz-ncc. 1hr no»: borrowed, and something blue. writ) “mg L.) mgr-r; (inning the are pill 3i urned the outset of all the years that are past, f01';lll'.'ely in a street l.‘llg[l‘l dress or; 13., M J,..,,,,,,,. t-O WW”, 0.2.5 . l lH .. .« ,» s 1.7 .. ,s. . T -. . . . ' w} black crcpi: 'v'-."ltl‘l white Silk Cl‘.’l-;Er()n’ wheyC Mp sage} 1H,}, :5 1.5421 l a crux. and mo. 0 plospelous hey "real fOi .1 swf b,.,,,de,.y “Wm mck “m and . ,3, 5mm, p “mm. m, 1.“,in m” as ‘C‘ft'lll as all others in the community in which it {as . waist. Her acccs Jl'ies were 0? Lion. combined. r. uriu- “fiesta: ' ' i i ~ - i < ' iblilcl-z. She Will't‘ 1L COX'SJS‘C 0 l lort, and the children will attcll i lnedr iii“ Si‘n‘,\{'d SO long; . gffi‘lil'dCIllfl-‘i ("m'l “WOOL Peas- . {illc We’tpolt :-.;li(lols. ., it is perhaps unusual that the same editor who: The newlyweds retuiliCdlChlpst-E Mrs. J09 Stewart ,,,,,,,..,1 130”, V... 4 Hi ' m i .1! . s v . V] . 2:. , mus Day to Alhamlra ant a. ur-epntmch may “My. 1,, Aug-“1,1” ..,iotc tic fil.~,.t cheeliul piophesj. fOl Shelton in it- 1:3,, (Hum. a, the home 0,- M,._V“,a_ihq to We!) his? I“, IN, I beginning, been permitted to write all the othergimli Mrs. Forbis. daughter, will, is teaching scrum: may you ( r- . .. .L n l ‘ tam health: *' .. . . .l .. . 's . <‘~ . m s.’ they 11”- IWW 11"”1‘3 9“ 1101’chcre. - l ' ' l U. . bassador 10 Ft, 1"3' n ' ‘ L\-C,‘\. Jedi ;l.€€lful pl Ol’l’llSeS thiough the yeah: tibisouth Siemu Vist:1 in Alhambra! Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith “I: Admlial Wlilllam ‘LCIVIllli,fY;§r‘;l hiss‘lfilgzuuold grandsqobert Jon mth “Ell 21?} that Of tOdaV; and 1001011.? haCleZl-l'd feels: MFS' Ci’rmiei' hm” been m“kmb'lShelton. and Mr. and Mrs. Roll-i Cell'Cd a cmgmg meGC " L 0; limmpt, l l Beale Lenny, as he left Washington for Vichy. AmbassuLeuhV her home with an uncle and aunt,‘ M"- MYS- ii’y K‘fcr- , ,mao with Mrs, Anna Smith and; She 15 a graduate 0f the Mllton l her daughter and :son—ill-lllw. Mini All the vitaminnrc essen- tial to health. Aeficiency of one or several lillCSe Vita- encouraged by the review of better than fifty-fifty Hey Smith ofSCHttIe. silt’nt Christ- sailed to his new post aboard the cruiser Tuscaloi fullfilmcnt to renew the promise of a more pros—i a”. #, ‘1“7‘“ E'C'fl‘ml With the Class Ofl l i s P ‘ V's:cr lull fami‘iv' .- . . ~l crs rd-E “z mins is often fowl-dbl! I‘c- lJei'Ous for an- 11910, while he is a graduate osz? Mrirnéwfu wishingtnél' Mpg; “4‘15” hm old a O i tardcd developmt of infants There have been many drab years for Shelton-Irene S. Reed high school of Shel-'siuim is now {-nlplllyel ll‘. ilir: ’ l and growing 0mm D0!” For a while there we) pre- 3 Alien,“ Program l At Xmas in Gym l‘work, moss or other muons" l to the tune of some p9 11161-5 13y )Tl's. V. L. Klrlis'll‘oll Tlillllyl, Dec. 31. [oil with the class of 1937. HC‘MOH'OX1 Hospital new. there. i in the past, and for all those who have stood by and ; attended rye,;e,.,, Washington, Mr. NMCC is buildirg a SCH“, worked for the advance of their community, but it genes: oftEduczettlon atd Belling‘lBoat for use on Lulu) Cilihl‘l'lzlll. - - w - am or we yars an is m-: .t ,3, .3 Ll-g- ,- y, 11‘ is not easy to pick out any year of them all in which pmyed in the new cm. department, finishéo :gbguym ‘m 13% jgzldpcf'gf community did not go forward through the BI-IOI :1 L05 Angeles garage. forts of its enterprising and progresswe Citizens; [303,” Visitors Em, be vitamin defiant—- fortify yourself and _‘.11' Children against the rigs of winter _-tal:c plenty (vitamins. this A D l Oily. In 1892 the Navyud in-' l stl'uctions making altimpet Between I calls uniform and stanc I l the one used in the Shelton bool‘l. lwhich is called the “Mud Hen." lTl’ic new one will be christenci i l l l l l l i l l ., n ,. , . .. l i Squibb or FarlDavis " ' ' i l u . . ,. fort and lilty pcoplc .i,ttndr.l the Today, CVLll thougll fire .35 I and at the outset of a vear more difficult and tlou- i g 3/11": um M15; 9- H~ Reynolds 9f! the “Water Bulldozer. “$51,”, 1),.0.....3m H, “,0 W..- mm as nulz:10_loading MS in Hallbut Liver bette. ' ' lL‘OlSC' Idaho- Visuell N11.“ and Mfr» \I~ '1 1 ‘Vh-q Don Sonic *1 n (j- . 0,. . , .. r, '11! ,. x ., a 1.. m , ~11 10 cc, ...................... .. 43¢ . [mpg bled than any before all Signs pomt to a Greateigank Rhines and family over,“315M:iruécofiwmied W «ICC ,tsss.._,t,:i.nlrrli§1 “ills‘liulihi. “mpgfinm (€035): (Iltuqeiilfgy 50 CC _____ fl $1.49 bf.“ ' - ' a ' v 7-. l ' l . . ‘~‘,‘ s l a L. 1' '1- 91‘ ‘~~l \.~>‘2'lus are. ~ l ' . s 23" Shelton at its end, if we but make the most of OppOi-f W3, holder's: . Mls- Rhinos 18 ,chkmson, motoreo to. Seattle sat- d‘ppmnt the youngstm the 1m... that {my will fu,.,,,sh uythml 50 capsule. . .... .. 7:; ricgdcn t fit" lthLll dauglun. lurday, where they Will visit Wlth tl’imwcd the huge tree “ml Santa: for marching feet downie end, 100 capsules ______ $1_ “us i 111.. .l. 3 CBS P t VT?“ T EM». Soulc‘s parents, Mr. and i ‘mtr’mutml the presents. and nuts 0; time i 250 capsules..,..... $2.59 so \VCLC —_“‘—_’—'— l 13; 1-3 yous 0 1T_ A Soulo until after Newl k. , . . -~ ~ ' ‘» (r \ nl ‘ ' -_—'--— l V ' ' ' 0 ~ - *n - ' ' . . . land candy aftel listenlli, t. a ._ , iM‘EtgeTguE’g‘upézi‘“gggfgns will“ Ellcars; Lose Dlgklnscn1 war: JVv'lth l number of recitationn by “in. 33mm 0 l 1 l UqJ2°horlmllgyelad $1 40 thgat .______ - .t t ' v ’. ( S‘..l!'1’a. . l 1:, , . . I ~-1_ .. . l e ....... .. . . est “ ‘ _" i . P lhold their regular meeting andi 13250151003 uétiéfilvaldrdlllllol's wbllilli “91.22,,Iifiii’ln’ 2;)Si.‘L’.i]S-I\1\C:,t i 0} “Ck Lane 1 f t ; 24 once $2.49 nation,S 'lhose thhO listened carefully to P1 (:‘Sldellbaoos‘i 1:00 o'clock luncheon Thul‘sdzlyfl hold their filst meeting of ll'ltlkfaififn {1‘10- little ‘Bilg‘ymgo 1305. 1‘ 01' Agate Glangee 32 ounce ............ .. $3.19 . cvelt’s fireSlde chat on the state of nation failed to . January 9 at the home of M15- J. new year of Tuesday eVCIling'.l 3153.“; m... sensuous m the violin, vr~ iA_ Y. Bennett. i ' ' 7 Fill first hear anything they did not already know, or learn{ January 6th, zit the home of Mrsl Agate. J;ili_ 2. Donald llumn gave :l collplc or"I ——~ ! . . . 1 s ino‘ l? the Agaanc'e »' E lEJ Burnett ot Potlatch. , b ,. H, mm 3 ml,“ and, 191 med...“ (. t a l m 1 l ' ' l . : . mun 01.x c. s cco k \I ‘L 1 °_,_ much about what this government is trying to dolsmmn WQ'EJ'WUW ; Mr. and Mrs. Fred awolu ollM,.S.R0,,dflam sangusm 0mm! tlulewill lit .i ptlulfk flay I t my c . . l. . . 1 . h . .' To Meet Mom“) . I, Fresno, California, were holiday, East” accompanied by gamma-CS 1 ed ill the grunge ha .. .dies ‘ to Speed up) 38L they in Obab y lea 128 t e 561101187 The Shelton V‘"(”“?"n'5 0111b Wlll- guests of Mr. and Mrs. H, I. Mil-’ Fm}, the piano are asked to bring JQIttle 3 lost Monday, January 6 at 1:305 lH ’0 They left 'A Gradual I . i . at the home of Mrs. C. M. DanicL' ’ 'Alwa' . l Ali-nu ness of the situation as well as the administration apparently does. ' Perhaps they were hoping to hear from the President direct that he and his advisers were aware; of the painful fact that the main_“bo.ttleneck” which To Meet Tues“ is holding back all preparation is right under his; The 0.13.5. Social club willmcct nose in Washington and within reach of his owniTuei'dayl Jam‘ffl- key; just a word to some of the bureaucrats would‘New Year’s Elle Danae l1. Successful Aff I check most troubles and secure every needed cool-l “ “r . l ,. 0. holiday morning Thom who went away {01- the : trims. to help out With ‘lnch. l for their homo. , . m” Q ,, Vi i-u orts Mrs. Jennie Yeco- 50“- MTS- 50111150“ Will be ml Mrs». 'W. R. McDonald is rpcnd- ‘ :ioiiiics chairman. Chalige 0f the Program, which is, ing the holidays with her son-ill- Mairas: ’i' i 011 llterature- * law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.‘ ' Mr. and Mrs, GCQ Hart attend- i F, w. Gibson and children in; ed the .,,.,.,,1d.;ng, on Chnstmus Day,‘ '. Port Angeles- l of Mr. Hui-rs brother, Harold Hart, % Mr. Sam Moffitt of Lilliwaup,’ of Dcwatto and Alfa Reeves, 0" l l O.E.S. Social Club suffered a very bad stroke infSeatup. Bellingham, and is confined to a Mr, and Mrs. Rendfllmd enter-‘i hospital there. tained with a large house party Mr. and Mrs. \Villiam Galloway over the holiday, Mrs. Giles, Dan and family of Tacoma were visit~ h Y a 3 , Giles and wife and daligstcr, with: . oration lspdnSorgdwbthllacl sShEdbn Briggs 0m sumay at the home 0f Ml“ Tommy Giles were over from Se" .." , , ._ iand Mrs. Kenneth Bitney at Lake aulp while, Mary Frances Sabitch lLlub, was held at the Memorial Merle Bimey smith 'Hall Tuesday and was a very en? Clwhman‘ i 63310 “P [mm portl’md t" be - . . , V r : is now workintr part. time in the ‘ with her mother, and Donald Fix-i could iealize an end teaioyable affair. rhcrewe.eanum-, Penguin Cafe Tn Shelton, mm came 1.1.0,“ Pstlfltch for {her of former Shelton residents. Mr. and Mrs Sample and Mrs. Christmas dinnm._ start the new year if they b iia“ ‘~ v f vernment e-. _. l . f1-cf10n LGU een b1 anches 0 go , ,pvrfrseenge‘fgfalthieinggpczngngoéhafi Kuby Spent the weekend in Port hmsme Rainier, of Walnut, Io- ] l l Townsend with Mr. and Mrs. John 9 W3, spent the holiday with the tween labor and the industry which could produce:parties held prior to the dance ‘ to the limit if not prevented by useless orders; if‘Reservafions had been mac m; Watkins _ Arthur anagrams He 15 Mrs. 1 - 1 n . u , b - d t about 75 cou les . Mrs. H. E. Lockwood returned , Amiei-mlls brothel and may ,0- tney did not Iear that the way lilacs1 eingtpilve 0i . p . iSunday Mm ,, thrggday visit in mm hem take over control of all industry an turn 1 0 inex- ; Activettes To “get Tacoma With 01d frlends. Jessie wyers was over from ' _ , g , ,~ . l . .Ij‘ . Mrs. Lamberton returned last potlatgli to my "Merry Christmas" perienced if not incompetent handling. L‘Vgflvsfiiivfiigj"5m, how their-wee: after-Espenditng two weeks he: 01(11 f,.,e,,d§n§ndnhygybsga Labor Just now is enJoying another such he} dey 5 .9 us1 mg m remer on. Lycla. iumu i- ur. e Mos s, as in the last war, but its leadership IS facmg the'uary The people would feel much more cheerful to CITY MARKET BUT'ER sues. ronmr — ribs. llvlbs. S—lbs. ' .6 , gm“ meetm" “Edncsday' Jan ' Cecil Nance of the Bremerton from a brief stay in Seattle. 8 at 6:30 at the home of' l , . . . ‘Navy Yard was visiting Mr. andl ‘Iyp Dahlmml is reported quite ‘ , , < . MI“. J. L, Repllnr’cr. This Will . .. ‘V . a Q. ~.. .. same sort of control that is over industry, and if the , be their postpog’sd Chfistmas Mls- J- H Nance on “day eve' . m and 1:0- minim 1» hm flora ning last. I Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bearden and , young son, Bobbie of Seattle, spent port TLTVC‘JSEnd to care for her. Johnny and Donald Huson spent part of their vacation at Potlatch as guests of Mi; and Mrs. Leslie, , W'yers. . Mrs. Johnny Matron gave birth a son on Monday morning, situation becomes real critical during the next fewfpétrtt) . . , . . V I «'1 ~ 7 r. 1 wall _ month.» 0}, leal wai, only a Simple acclal at on of ‘. at Lincoln PET. A. Executive 1 Saturday and Sunday in Hoods‘ would place industry and man-powel undeinasiigl ,Ccmmimc To mm Tuesday iport with his parents, Mr. and control as the doughboy who has been drafted into; The members of the executive Mrs. M. D. Bealucll. ,- m Y committee of the Lincoln P.-T. .A.’ the army and 1nuSt saIUte his SupeUOIb' ho onelwill meet Tuesday afternoon at‘ y and the members are asked, ring their gifts for exchange.‘ CRYSTAl/HITE SOP CLEANSING TISSUE to December 30. STC v: ‘. knows wile-re we go from here, but our peace ofj’zp. m. at the Lincoln schoolhousc.vH011dayS Bring thgilgwlniéllllt'lglvziiliisc $213333): 99¢ a: . 1 i . _m_ I i O O 0 L3 I i t ' . .‘h It ~. 's Ch .~ v . l . d b . . . l C llinu 1: not assuied E‘ochprl‘lgtv’rolpfggw Eggs?” | Belfau li‘amlhes rowboat. {)00 count . .‘ ars a. , _- , F, c, Knowlton and Elmer Ollis 3 spent Christmas with relatives in 5 Seattle. i The John Sehriligs entertained 3)“ Mrs. Gladys Irving ' a large hOUF—‘e party 0f ralatives The Shelton Women's Chorusi will meet Tuesday evening, atl :7230 at the Junior high allllitor-, GOD BLESS AMEfilCA lium, if the flu epidemic is over, John H. Reid, University District Herald, Seattle 'and the schools open Monday. for, Belfair, Dec. 31. — Roy Sa.vnge_ over Christmas l’ r. 0" t l Y ' i . . -i ' ' nun» J7; l} as ‘1 dalk £01 rehearzlll. It is very important and family have moved into tllcé Helen Huson acCOml’amed he" dually a day of natlonal mourning as Hltlel VV 31km that every member be present for, Bulduc home, vacated by the' grandmothégi Mrs. HY- Kgfilm- , r . 4, '. w; C i 6W '3 ‘. 1n and denlocracy “,alked out. the rchcalsal. , Herb Lamon tannly. l ton, to Sea e for a! - . . ,V 1 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson spent ‘ Mr. and Mrs. Rendsmnd and Subsequently Norway repudiated its loyal gOV-l Mr £5530“? HERE d Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs . v. L. Knowltgg made a gasty 1busi. , , . .- H - - - L . n rs. . . me an s l on atur. 11.1 crmncntal setup while lung Haaken was in liitiing,cmld,,.en Norman and Marie of Robert Ansel “933 mp ‘0 elm“ y in England. ' ‘ ‘. . I Mr. and Mrs. Glen Harris were: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Snyder and scattle. VlSlteC. over the New Year I gladdened on Christmas Day by their three daughters of Bremer- . , I 1 With Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Killmer. i Similarly Holland 5 queen and ioya kept under cover. l l l I I l '—“" ’5‘ Del Monte 2‘/2’S 399 23g 189 .l. J. Raisins . . . . - 4-lbs. F E Palmolive 80213 bars Corn or Gloss Starch pkgs. having their children all home.l lTherc were Mr. and Mrs. Kennethi ton were Sunday guests of the J. W. Husons. _ i family were , Returns To School Curl came from Belfair And so nation after nation became puppets of a few individuals whose purpose spelled destruction and death and sorrow and famine. This world Cataclysm might not have been Vis- ited upon these peoples if they themselves had been i i I l i 'a visit of two weeks Glen Landers. Jr.. expects to return to Chicago Friday to re- sume his studies at Northern Illi- nois School of Optometry. after with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Glen Lan- ders. ' Returns To Idaho l Allen and son Dean, Vfr. and Mrs.“ Babcock and Mr. BaL‘cock's mo« ther, Mrs. Alice Babcock from Seattle, and Allis Harris who isl working for Mrs. Verdun Savagel in Skokomish Valley. They had. ,a lovely tree, a big turkey din-; ,ner with all the trimmings, and. 'a lovely time. Betty to call on Mrs. Knowlton during. , her recent illness. ' And A Bl'ight and Happy New l Year to you all. i...— Fifers Of Marine CENTENNl l united and loyal citizens of their respective countries; Miss Rose Kriener returned to, Mrs. Betty Curl spent Christ—g Corps Were Proud i a ~l v in I .l m I. Political and economic barriers were thrown in the waybf loyal subjects who by all means honor- able were defending their native land. Thus it was that foreign termites found it an matter to build dissensions and divisions detri- In fact, the fee was WV’ Cilby mental to a united defense. given so free a hand in all these unfortunate lands, that their governmental functions became confused and ineffective. This unhappy condition of national affairs in Europe is certainly not only a warning but a man- date that the ctizens of our United States do not l l l l Idaho where she is working at present, after spending several days: with her mother and family Mrs. Marie Kriener of this city, as well as with old friends. Scuttle Visitors Here Mr, and Mrs. Earl Landers of Seattle visited over New Year‘s at the home of his uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. Glen Landers. Juveniles 0f Degme Of Honor To Meet Saturday The Juveniles of the Degree of honor will meet Saturday, Jan- uary 4 at 1 o’clock at the Odd l l l mas with her mother, Mrs. Round- j. tree, at Elma. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Irving and son visited Sunday at the Harris» and Herrick homes, Laurence Bickle who has been' 2‘. laid up some time now with broken leg, is getting about again, i and will soon be back to work. Little Patty McGuire has been staying with her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Vv'm. Baldwin, thei past week. Mr. and Mrs. David Crosswhitc and baby Dean, made a business trip to Rentcn Tuesday of this week. i _Of Old Time Skill rapidly becoming more effective than alarm clocks ; in awakening young men recently called to the colors, Thousands of 3, Buglcs are ’ familiar “Can't get 'em up" of Rev- eille. Our raidly expanding branches lof‘ the service could scarcely get ialong without these instruments, 1although the kcyless trumpet, or ibuglc. was not adopted by the na- val or military SBPVices until long‘ ,them are now responding to the‘ lFellows hall for installation of f Mr'oand Ml's- Ifoém‘gth Allen '. after the United States won 13‘ Ne I . . . _. - - . rom Iympia, visi e t e Harris 1 inde endclice. EATl become Victims of intiigue and political dishonesty. i officers- ,home Tuesday. , Flies 5nd mums were the first . ,, . can happen here_ W.C.T.L'. To Meet ‘ The John Moore family spent: instruments of the United States. ' Oranges . . l. -5 Christmas in Seattle. .: Thankful we are that America has not been :{lrricd away by subversive movements of Whatever .1‘.’m. We have not lost our heads and united we lust stay lest our heads be cut off by a foreign foe. God has richly blessed America—a land where verybody can write and speak his mind, where law- ul assembly is not prohibited, where worship of God every person’s heritage, where military or any S . )ther class will not push one off the sidewalk. 1t ~« is truly a country of freedom. m Slay God grant that this fair land which we love and cherish shall never be faced with a day of l l l l l Friday \Vith Mrs. Collier The W_C.T.U. will meet Friday at 1 p. m. at the home of Mrs. W. R. Collier. eon will be enjoyed, after which the regular meeting will be held. Methodist Charch Society To Meet January 8 The Women’s Society for Chris- tion Service will meet Wednes- day, January 8 at 2 o'clock at the Methodist Church. Mrs. Hugh Hamilton will be in charge of the progiam following which tea will be served. A pct-luck lunch-l l Milton Cooper was visiting his1 grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roesslc the holiday season. Mr. and Mrs. Crozlswhite called on Mr, and Mrs. J. C. McKinneyi on Christmas Day. : Mr. and Mrs. Sam Theler spentl Christmas Eve with Mrs. Thelcr's: father, James Larsen. ‘ Mrs. Robbins has been visiting her daughter Mrs. Sam Theler the. past week. ‘ Mrs. Helen V'Joodworth h as been sick with an attack of flu. HOSPITAL PATIENT l 'Mal‘inc Band. They Were used to rally patriots during the Revolu- tion and they furnished martial music for our troops until several, years after the Civil War. About the time Of the Franco-. Prussian \Var, formations of troops were changed from closed to cx-. j tended lines and their movements .. became too complicated to be (3911. trolled by voice alone. The shrill- , W; and ‘l toned fife was too .feeble trumpets could be heard above the din of battle. Fifers, or “whifflery' as they 'Wcre called in the old days, fifed l with many a trill and flourish in Grilme LemM HUBBARD __ TREATED AT HOSPITAL Joe Botts, Shelton carpenter i the Marine Corps lgltitl 1881, Vl/theéll . .i . ' . _. ' v ' ' ' v . John AdOlphson of Route 2 was and shingler was admitted to ' orders were issue 0 substl u e ‘ ,. 1‘ ». ,. . n , s w Q , , .A “10111 “mfg: Ngdsl Oul .lnbtltuuons 31“ ads stand hl‘n ll ‘mitted to Shelton Hospital {or Shelton Hospital Tuesday for buglos for fifes. It pearly broke: ,, ill illt‘ lZlL‘t‘ (ll (lilVCl'Sll \-'. Illi'illk'ill (Tl-1‘0 'l‘uesllny, triulllllcllt. the hearts 01' the old fliers to make $9]