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January 3, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 3, 1963

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Page 4 SHELTONMASON COUNTY JOURNAL- Publis.ed in "Uhristmatown, U.S.A.", Shelton, Washington Th' 3 CLAUDE DANIELSON MADE HIS MARK With arrival of 1963 has come enforced retirement for Claude M. Danielson from the profession to which he de- voted 50 years of his life. The last 20 of those years were spent as manager o Mason County's Public Utility District No. 3, a circumstance which has proven most fortunate for the district. Under Mr. Danielson's management the district was pulled back from financial chaos and shaped into one of the mst,£iscLlysound: PUPs in this ::state. enjoying-:a=:redi rating unexcelled in financial circles concerned with doing business with utility districts, and reflected in part in the fact that PUD 3 has the second best debt-free equity among Washington PUPs. Mr. Danielson modestly credits the elected com- missioners under whom he has served with having the business acumen and good judgment to support his pro- posals and programs over the years, which, of course, is true as the commissioners have the final authority. Nonetheless, it was Mr. Danielson's abilities basically ,which brought PUD 3 to its present sound financial plateau and position of debt-free equity. Not all PUDs in this state have been so fortunate. PUD 3. is further fortunate that Jerry Samples, its new manager, received his training under Mr. Danielsom From this it- is reasonable to expect a continuation of the Daniel- son policies and methods which have been proven so success- ful for this district. The Danielson career in electrical power distribu- tion has been on both sides of the often controversial machinations of power distribution, public and private, and ratheruniquely some of both came right here in this community, where he first served as manager of the private company, West Coast Power, whose hold- ings later were bought by PUD 3. After moving into the public power field Mr. Daniel- son contributed much to the progress which has been made in this field in the past two decades. He has wielded consid- erable influence in the establishment of state-wide policies, rate structures, and generating facilities for public power distribution agencies. Though his retirement is not of his own choosing but mandatory because of age, it is comforting to know that he will continue to live in this community and his wise counsel will be available should it be needed in the future. Among Your Merchants BONNIE TI BBITTS Takes Duties Here Bonnie Eagle Tibbits, a native Sheltonian who was graduated from Irene S• Reed high school with the class of 1948, has been trsnsfered from its Olympia head- quarters to its Shelton office by the Thurston County Federal Sav- ing & Loan Association with the coming of the new year, Mrs, Tibbitts becomes assistant to manager M M, "Bud" Lyon, replacing Connie Brevig Roberts, who moves to Seattle as her hus- band enters the University of Washington. She has accepted a position with the University Fe- deral Savings & Loan Association. She has been with Thurston Coun- ty S & L since April of 1961. Mrs• TibSitts has been with That- stun County S & L since last Sep- tember. Prior to that she had worked eight years in the credit department for Sears Catalog of- PREPP NOV OFFERING 'DRUGTAX' TO CUSTOMERS Complete records of all tax de- ductible drug purchases are being offered its customers starting with h'ffew year by Prepp's Rex- all Store. Under the copyright itle "Drug Tax" Prepp's has subscribed to a new service which will keep track of a customer's drug purchases and provide anmtal statements usable in income tax computa- tions for items which are deduc- tible. Drug purchases coming under the deductible list will be recorded on "'memory" tapes and fed to electronic computers, which at the end of the year automatically as- semble a permanent reco]'d which is then sent to the customer about February 15. "Few people realize what a wide rarity of drugs come under the deductible list. "M.S. Preppernau, proprietor of Prepp's Rexall Store said. "This method will automati- cally take care of that for our customers.' Giiy Police Oourt A long list of persons forfeited bail on a v.ariety of charges in Shelton Police Court last Wed- nesday night. They were Dale L. Taylor. faul- ty equipment, $10 forfeit; David B. Robertson. minor in possession and consuming liquor, $25 forfeit; Lloyd Prouty, minor in possession and consuming liquor, $25 forfeit; Villiam Backlund, sleeper; Harry J. Blevins, violation of the safety responsibility act, $25 fine. $2.50 costs and 10 days in jail; Victor Wiges, drunk in public, $10 forfeit; John G. Zollar, negligent driving, $10 forfeit; Tom Cuzick. drunk in public. $10 forfeit; Ned Miller, drunk in public, $10 forfeit: Her- bert F. iVlcDougall, drunk in pub- lic. $10 forfeit; Victor L. Wright, faulty equipment and negligent fice here and had been a telephone driving $35 forfeit- Floyd M Ho- operalor here until the installation ward, lrunk and 'disorderlyl $15 of the dial system. She is married forfeit; Steven G. Bliner, faulty to William "Dec" Tibbitts, a lum- equipment, exceeding speed limit bet grader for Simpson Timber and negligent driving, $50 fine; wompany • • Michael Westlund, no valid oper- Tburston County S &'L is con- ator's license, $5 forfeit; Harvey vetting to a new accounting sys- Robinson, drunk in public, $10 for- tern to speed up window service, felt; Tom Peterson, drunk in pub- Lyon announced. He added that lic, $25 forfeit; MannyByrd, drunk the firm experienced in 1962 one in public, $25 forfeit; William of its most Successful growth Backhmd, sleeper; Jack L. Perry, years since its founding in 1927. sleeper and protective custody; A new branch office is also being Thomas V. Hughes failure to stop opened in Lacey in 1963, probably and identify and no operator's li- by July .. . • " ' cense, $122.50 fine and $2.50 costs. The Easy Ed Cheney way n " " S oo 2 ADULT CLASSES  1 JUNIOR HIGH-AGE CLASS Latin American and, Ballroom Dnces $17.50 per co.ple tuition for full course of six 1-hour lessons You are invited to attend the class opgning night and take the first lesson without obligation before register- ing for the complete series. For Further Information contact: MRS. MAR;DEN STROUD -- Phone 426-4000 m----- , ....... / j , Legal Publications :NOTICE ()F NAI,I] (iF FOREST PROI)I'('TN VAI,UEI) AT NOT MOI{E TIIAN S2.000.O0 STATE OF WASHINGTON. DEPART- MENT (iF NATURAL RESOURCES. BERT L. COLE C(ulHnissloncr O/ Public Lands Notice is hereby given |}lal on Mon- day the 1-ith day el January. 1963. conul(ncing l't loll o'cio(:k In the fore,- noon. at tbc Shelton Dislrict Head- quarters of tbe Departumnt of Nat- ural Resources• tile following described lorest produe/s will h s(dd at public aucli,)n t() the highest hidder• A marked thinning consisting of ap- proximately 100.000 board leet ol Mending and down Douglas fir all ¢¢itbin a marked sale area boundary and property lines. Located in Pt. NWL NWLi Sec 36, Twp. 20 N.. Rge. 4 (W). W.M.. Mason Ci)unty, Washington, A CA SH SALE Foresl products will be sold on a casll basis. MiniInum acceptable bid will be ,1 660 00. • . On or ' bbi0re January 14. 1963. at ]0:00 a. Io. eaeb bidder must lnake a minhuum deposit of $166.00 plus a $5.00 bill of sah, foe. or a total of $171.00 in the foi•nl of cash. llloney oFdeF Ill" (.e,'tified check Said deposit shall eon- slilule an opening bid at tbc appraised pric-. Unon completion of this sale. the respective deposits shall be ]'e- tul'nod to thc nnsllCCeSsful bidders. The purchaser nlust l/aY the "Salance bctween the bid deposit and lh. fial bid price on the day of sale. Tbis bal.- ;illm, may be paid by personal check. All ctleeks lnoncy orders, etc.. are tO h( ]nsd( payable to the Conunission- ,r of Public Lands. BOND: Upon award of sale. the pur- chaser nnlst also furnisb a eash hond 0f R200.00. in the form of cash. nioney (,rder. certified check or hank draft. to gnarantee compliance with nit terols el tile" bill of sale. Ally sale which has been offered and for which no bids are received shMl n,t be reoffered until it has been re- advertised If all sales CaIlU(K be offered within the specified iinm on tile advertised date. the sale shall con- iinue on tile following day between tile hours of ten o'clock a. nl and four o'clock p.m. The State of Washington does not g-uarantee its published cruises of the llerein described fore'st products, and purchasers thereof sllall bare no re- course against either tile State of "vVashington or the Board of Nal=ural Resources if the acfnal CUl does not eqllal such puhlished cruises. Forest products nlus[ l)c relnoved prior to December 31. 1963. Located a])p)ximately 3 miles south- west of Shelton. Accessibility Via State road. A copy of tbe forest products bill of sale contract is posted at the Sbel- Ion District He, adquarters elf Ice. BERT L. COLE Comnlissmnvr of Puhlic Lands 1/3 It NOTICE OF ,ALE OF FOREST I'RODUCTS VALUFI) AT NOT M()Ri'; TITAN $2.000.00 STATE OF WASHINGTON. DEPART- MENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES BERT L. COLE. Commissioner of Public Lands Notice is hereby given filet on Mon- day the 14th day (if January. 1963. eoonncncing at tell o'clock in the fore- noon. at the Shelton District Head- qnarters of tile Department of Nat- ural Resources. the following described forest products will be sold at public auction to tlle highest bidder. Approximately 22.000 board feet all down and standing marked timber within a marked sale area boundary and property lines. Located ill Pt. $5 SEI Sec. 36. Twp. 20 N.. Rge. 3 (W), W.hL. Mason County. W*ashington. A CASH SALE Forest products will be sold on a cash basis. Minunmn acceptable bid will be $330.00. On or hefore January 14. 1963. at 10:00 a.m.. each bidder nmsr luaKe a minimum deposit of $33.00 plus a $5.00 bill of sale fee. or a total of $38.00 in the term of cash. lnoney order or certified check. Said deposit shall con- stitute an opening bid al the appraised price. [)'lion (!oll][lletion of lhis sale. lhe respective deposits shall lie re- lurned to tile UlmUCCeSsful bidders. Tilt! purchaser must pay the balance between the bid deposit an tbe full bid price on tile day of sale. This bat- anec clay be paid by personal cheek. All checks, money orders, etc.. arc to be made payable to the Commis- shiner of Public Lands. REND: Upon award of sale. the put'- chaser must als, furnish a cash bond of $100.00. in the form of cash money order, certified cheek or bank draft. to guarantee compliance with all tel'ins of the bill of sale. Any sale whicb has been offered, and for which no bids are received shall not be reoffered until it has been readvertised. If all sales csn- not be offered within tile specified tinm (m the advertised date. tile sale shall continue on the following day bctw¢.en the hours of Ten o'clock a.ln. and four o'clock p.nl The Slate of Washington does not guarantee its published cruises of the herein described forest products, and purchasers thereof shall have no re- course against, either the State of Wa- shington or the Board of Natural Re- sources if the actnal cut does not equal such published cruises. FoIest products must be renlovcd prior to June 30. 1963. Located approximately 8 nliles south- east of Shelton. Accessibility via public road. A copy of the forest products bill of sale contract is posted at the Shel- ton District Headquarters office. BERT L. COLE Commissioner of Public Lands ]/3 It NOTICi, OF SPECIAL MEETING Pursuant to Chapter 216. Laws. 1953. you are hereby notified that at 2:00 'clock P.M.. Pacific Standard Time. on the 10th day of January. 1963. the Board of Directors of Mary M. Knight School District No. 311, Mason County, Wash.• will hold a special meeting at tile office of the Mason County Treas- urer in the County Court House at Shelton. Washington for the purpose of opening bids for the pro'chase of $130,000 of general obligation bonds of the district and taking action with re- spect thereto. MRS, HELEN W. STODDEN. Clerk of the Board of Directors I/3 It Legal Publications NOTI('E OF VATI",R RIGIIT AI'IqACATION NO. 17658 State ol Washington oFIq('E (IF SI'I'ERVISO|i OF %l'h'l" I']R R ESOI(If.C ES Olympia TAKE NOTICE That ROBERT and MARY A BELL )i Tallllya. W|tshiul£1_Oll on Docen|boF 19, 1962 filed application for permit t(, UlV(•iI the publi( walers of an unnanled spring trihulary of Hood Canal. in tile alnotuU el 0.005 second-foot subjecl to existing rights eolltlllnousiy eaeil year lot the l)urpose of doolcstic supply ; that lhe approximate point of diversion s located witllin SW, SW of See- tmn 20. Township 22 N.. Range 3 W,. W. M.. in Mason County. Any objections lnust be acconlpanied by a two dollar ($2.00) recording iee and filed with the State Supervisor o£ Water Resom'ees within thirty (30) days from January 10. 1962. Witness my hand and official sea[ this 20tb day of December. 1962. M. G WALKER. State SUl)ervisor of Water Resources 1/3-10 2t iCENOL'CTION WINTER ROAD i{I¢STRIC'I'[ONS WHEREAS. during the period of lreezilg and thawing weather lnllch (lanlage to county roads nlay bc done by cx(.essive loads on any vehiclea which use the county roads: and WHEREAS it appvars that tile mosL expedient way to prevent this dam- V.m" is to restrict the loads on ve- hicles : THEREFORE. he it resolved tbat lor a pcriod of (,he hundre(1 and Lwenty (120) days fronl January 3, 1963, vehich, loads on coun'ty roads nla b restricted accol-dittg to- the following schedule. ReKular Eine,'gency Tire Rcstrictions Restriictions Size Loads in Lbs, Loads in Lbs. Per Tire Per Tire 6.00 1,100 Lbs. •1400 Lbs. 6.50 1600 ' 1600 7:00 lg00 " 1800 7.50 2250 " 1800 g.5 Nylon 2250 " 1800 8.25 2800 1900 9A Nylon 2800 1900 9.00 3400 2250 10.3 Nylon 3400 2250 10.00 4000 2750 11.1 Nyhm 4000 2750 11.00 and Over 4500 3000 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these rstrictionv may be inlposed or relnoved during said period of one hundred and twenty (120) days at the direction of the Board of County Com- mismoucrs or at the discretion of the County Engineer. Dated this 31st day of Dec.. 1963, BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- SIONERS. MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON. HARRY ELMLUND. chairman JOHN BARIEKMAN MARTIN AUSETH Attest : C. NOLAN MASON 1/3 It NO. 3371 NOTICE OF HEARING :FINAL REPORT AND PETITION FOR D|TRIBUTION IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR MA- SON COUNTY. In tile Matter of the Estate of JAKE C. BORST. Deceased. Floyd E. Burst. Executor of said Es- tate. has filed with said Court his final report and petition for distribn- lion. asking the Court to settle said eport. 5"Tsh'ibute tb property to the persons thereh) entitled and to dis- charge said Executor. Said report and petition will be heard on the 1st day of February. 1963. at 10 A.M. in the Courti'oom of said Court. in the County Courthouse at Shelton. Washington. Dated thfs 31st day of Deceml/er. 1962. HARRY DEYETTE. Clerk of the Superior Court. by Teekla Verndllion Deputy Clerk ROBERT L. SNYDER Attorney at Law 12A. No. 5th SheltoIL Washington TOO Lale To Olassify '59 RENAULT Dauphine. Motor re- built, tires excellent. Call ;t26-4280. F' l/10-17 OUR FIRST new listing of 1963. and it's a honey'. Like new. throe bed- roo.*n (t]larnler on three acres, half mile from town, Beautiful fireplace, beanl ceiling, new wall-lo-wall car- pet. natural wood kitchen, excellent drilled well and many nlore "pins features" Owner must leave and will sacrifice for $13.750. Low down Ctlll be arraEged or zero down G.I. Call Kurt Mann at once! Mann Real Estate, 426-6592 anytime. 1/3 "I COULD HAVE BOUGHT that bigh- way property for $335 per aere only last year. and look at it now!" Will you be a hindsighter again this year? We offer approximately 23 timbered acres adjacent to Shelton city lilnits at $335 l)er acre. Over 800 feet highway frontage. Logging" could produce about $2.000. Subdivi- sion could show a handsome profit this sunnuer. Taxes under $12. For inmlediatc sale. $950 down. $50 mon- thly. Call Jobn Devereux 426-4666. LaBissoniere Agency. 119 So. 4th Street. S]lelton. Wash. D 1/3 LOST -- Two year old black female Scotty, near Hastine Ferry. Answers to Tam-O-Sbanter. Phone 426-2231. Reward. Y 1/3-10 LOST 20" Roadmaster boys' bicycle in Angles]de vicinity. Phone 426-8614 anytime. L 1/3-17 TWO BEDROOM house for rent. Good garden spot. Partially furnished 426- 8851. First house on right on Fred- son Road. IV 1/3 tfn FO- SALE -- 8 ca. ft. G.E. refrigera- tor. Ptlone 426-4674 after 5 P.m. S 1/3 tfn Civilian Defense Warning Sounds } A steady blast of 3 to 5 minutes means probable attack Short blasts for 3 minutes > means attack imminent. -- _ - _ I I PAULEY MOTORS GET A 63 DODGE THEY'RE DEPENDABLE ECONOMICAL- LOW PRICED ' LOW-COST USED CARS & TRUCKS READY TO USE 1956 DODGE 4-dr00r sedan .................... 00595 1956 DODGE Club Coupe i ..................... $395 1956 CHEVROLET 2-dr., sharp .......... s745 1954 INTERNATIONAL ½-ton, 4-spd s39 5 1953 STUDEBAKER ½-ton ................ s345 1946 DODGE ½-ton .... : ........................... s145 SEE BUDtAULE:R U I00OTO S PA LEY 1st & RR. Phone 426,8183 ................................ -4. .................... ± ........................ /l t u CITY, GENERAL ELECTIONS TOP 1962 NEWS STORIES ,Continued fronl pao'o I) Feb. 1--City urged by Mayor Earl Moore to spruce up for Cen- tury 21. Feb. 8----Work op new "Washing- ton Correction Center to start. Dr. Douglas Larson is Jaycee award winner. Feb. 15 James E. Angevine seeks release front State Pen]ten• tiary in Superior Court here. J. C. Bridger named county engineer. FEB. 22---Work starts at Cor- rection Center. Plans for marine park at Eagle Point revealed by Port Commission. March 1- Dale Whites]des re- signs as deputy prosecutor. March 8-Voters set to go to polls in city election March 12. Darlene Bloomfield Kathy Hues- ton and Colleen Dombroski named royal court for Forest Festival. C• Henry Bacon is named Simpson Timber Co. president. March 15 Frank Tracts Jr., Dave Kneeland and Elroy Nelson win city commission posts in elec- tion. Darlene Bloomfield named Forest Festival queen• March 22. O. D. Villines nam- ed Panl Bunyan for Forest Festi- val. Nancy Barnett. Suzanne Wet- ter and Liana Whitemarsh named Mason County Fair royalty. Lt. Paul Koch new commanding offi- cer of local National Guard unit. March 29 Craig Maynard. 6. county's first traffic fatality. April 5--Alderbrook Inn slates extensive additions. Forest Festi- val to sponsor sport car race. April 12 County is scene of manhunt for abductor of Bremer- ton police officer. APRIL 19 ---Richard O Yaeger of Cascade Olympic Constructmn critical Of School Board actlon. John Kramer named deputy prose- cutor. April 26 Shelton residents tes- tify at Senate hearing on Cana- dian lumber imports. May 3 City commission ignors report of Attorney John Ragan in action on use of money for iibel Suit defense• Official groundbreak- ins for Correction Center set May 16. CaScade-Olympic Construction files writ to get contract for Grant C. Angle building. Mrs. Frank Cooper, Lake Nahwatzel. gets word son she thought dead 22 years is alive in The Netherlands. May 10Forest Festival buttons go on sale. I. W. A. members get strike vote ballots. New Hoods- purl Post Office dedicated. May 17 New justice court sys- tem for the county considered. "Chubb" Nutt named police reser- ve captain• May 24 -- 18th annual Forest Festival opens. Steelworkers Stri- ke halts work on New Correction Center. May 31 Successful Forest Fes- tival concluded. JUNE 7 Court ruling clears way for construction of Grant C. Angle addition• New city admhtts- trot]on takes over. I.W.A. appro- ves strike to back pay demands. A. H. Fagergren killed in plan crash. June 14--School, city officials seek means of transportation for recreation program. Irene S. Reed graduates 168. June 21--Corps o Engineers ap- pz;ove Harstine /Bridge plans. School sells surplus bus to city for recreation program. City commis- sion votes to settle Rishel case• June 28 Charles Savage says no I.W..A. st%ke likely this year. Summer recreation program starts with record turnout. Harstine fer- ry damaged in accident with port- able saw mill. July 5 Filings start for prim- dry election. Approval given for Post Office addition• July 12 Grant C. Angle School addition is starteS. Jane Updike, former Forest Festival queen, is killed in auto accident. July 19 --One primary race in each party after closing of filings. County commission approves $175, 000 1963 road program. July 26--Construction resumed on Correction Center with settle- ment of Ironworker strike. Hars- tine Bridge study loan approved. AUG..2 Lambert Grocery at Kamilche burns. Harstine Bridge FINISHING IT OFF Last vestige of the old 20th Century Thriftway building on Hillcrest was crumbling under the demolition pounding of a heavy iron ball swung from the crane of a power machine operated by Ferd Ogden last Sat- test drilling starts• Aug. 9 Mrs. Frank Cooper and son. Hans Mak. reunited after 22 years. Post Office expansion plans are revealed• Rohert Howe. Bre- merton, killed in auto accident. Aug. 16---Mason County Fair opens at fairgrounds. Albert Wool- dridge resigns from school board. Aug. 23 City voles o drop ap- peal of Hinton decision. Aug. 30 Grant Wolf kill arrives home ater imprisonment by Leer tian Communists. Sept. 6 Plans complete for pri- mary election Forest Service fire retardant plant at airport goes in- to operation. Sept. 13--Clark. Wegener. Sava- ge .winners in primary election• Mrs. Betty McClanahan named to school board• Sept. 20---Sheriff V A. Potter asks recount in race with D. S. (Sam) Clark. Ned Rucker dies. Sept. 27--Sam Clark is winner by 19 votes in recount. Wally An- derson announced as sticker can- didate for sheriff. OCT. 4Forest Festival annual meeting postponed Lo take a good look at continuing the event. City, county, schools take action to a- dopt 1963 budgets. Oct. ll--Local National Guard unit starts recruiting drive to in- crease membership. Oct. 18 -- County digging out from under storm which hit the area Oct. 12. Oct. 25--Shelton airport is base of operations for Civil Air Patrol activities during Cuban crisis. Nov. 1 All is ready for election Nov 6. Local service clubs asked to assist with Forest Festival Nov. 8--Sam Clark. Laura Wa- gener and Charles Savage win in election, incumbents winners in other contests, Randi Tuson is Irene S. Reed Homcoming Queen. Nov. 15---Sticker candida, te Wal- ly Anderson asks for recount it sheriff's race. Air Force searching for missing pilot in Olympic Moun- tains. Nov. 22--Area soaked by 4.84 inch rain. Robert S!0ooner named 4-H Regional Forester. 'ov. 29 Wally Anderson drops further action in sheriff cones. Dec 6 County Commission ta- kes first step in getting Harstine Bridge bond vote m special elec- tion. Kids greet Santa on first ap- pearence of, the season. Dec. 13---May 23-25 picked as dates for 1963 Foresl Festival. Pat Byrne starts work as city super- visor, Dec. 20--Start of construction of Post Office addition in 1963 an- nounced. Simpson officials outline plans which could increase facili- ties here. Dec. 27 Herbert McDougal], Harstine Island• dies in Christmas Day home fire. L-M Retail store is sold to St. Louis firm. City will seek Federal Aid for construction of sewer project. payments "OVER-SIZED?" make /em "RIGHT-SIZED!" Refinance your Loan with Us • No complicated red tape • low cost-long term • Income-fitted monthly payments FIFTH AND  WASHINGTON Olympia, Washington HOME OFFICE -- OLYMPIA IN SHELTON SEE LOAN COUNSELOR[ KURT MANN MANN REAL ESTATE  321 $. 1st St. -- Phone 426-6592 l[ll[l urday. Ogden was the contractor for the of the old building to make parking space the new store which can be partially seen in background. Grand opening of the new will be held soon. Beffair Woman Is Uninjured When Oar Plunges Inio Bay Carolyn Freelin. Belfair. escaped injury when the station wagon she was driving left Highway 14A and plunged into Oakland Bay Mon- day morning. Miss Freelin was heading south on .14A went into a left hand curve in the road when the sta- tion wagon left the road on the left side and into the bay. The vehicle was a total loss. She got out of the vehicle into the water and made her way to shore. One casualty of the accident was this week's Belfair column which Miss Freelin was bringing to The Journal for her mother, Rachel Freelin. and which ended up float- ing in the bay instead of in type. A cat" belonging to Jim J. Fra- ser was involved in a one-car ac- cident on Arcadia Road. it was re- ported to the sheriff's office New Year's day. Apparent Suicide The body of Thomas \\;V. Sperry, about 38. Belfair was found in his home Tuesday evening, an ap- parent suicide• Sperry was separated from his wife and lived alone. A suicide note was found in the horne. The body was taken to Batstone Funeral Home where an autopsy has been ordered. Coroner Byron MeClanahan said. MEDICAL CLASSES What to do it a doctor affable? The Civil Defense col Self Help Course will the knowledge and teach the whereby families will be a take care of their own needs, if necessary, in day living, or in a national eme The classes will be Thursday, from 7:30 to for six consecutive weeks Grant C. Angle School. Jan. 10, Mrs. John be the instructor. Re by calling the Mason Count Defense office. 426-8151 BOWLElll Jack Sw; I Pro Now Located at N Westsid4 Lanes in Olympia New and re-drilled balls. King Louie shirts, precision bowling drilling -- PItONE The electric meter,  ' as accurate and pre- cise as man can make, measures the amount of electricity you use each month. But even this accu- rate instrument can't measure the real val- ue of electricity--the family pleasure from TV, radio, record play- er . . . the work-sav- ing electric washer & dryer . . . the kitchen clean-up team of elec- tric dishwasher and waste disposal . . . the convenience of the food freezer and re- .__= frigerator . . . the :. . . . • • tric heat.. , 00othing you buy does more to bri.g [ l  comfort, convenience )I and better living than !]1 -)] y o u r electric service, :,l f.J/ a bargain you'll de- lgl! tr(------_ ////// pend on every day of [l_ iil LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY PU D NO 3 • COUNTY , . . . JACK COLE, president; TOM WEBB, vice-president; ED TAYLOR secretary; CLAUDE DANIELSON, manP