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January 7, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 7, 1941

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THE YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY I A review of building in Shelton during 19401 last year to have been the best in Shelton’s; 11 both new homes, new business and publicl llSt‘l’l‘lcilSl’l, which is proof that this city has grownl ‘ll' "‘1 any other in the Northwest, at least. l "to more pleasing feature of this situation is‘ .0 federal money was involved in any of these ments during the year, that all building was by private or home capital, proving the confi; tense of Shelton people in the future of their city. I .Ncr does the review include at least two consid-i crable projects, one the new school gymnasium, an- vtoer a considerable industrial expansion, represent-‘ L . ; r i l I. I”) ".4 .b) '3 xi » ._..i u...) r ‘7“ f3 I‘ S l ~ I-.. Ing much more money that the fifty or more local, some and business jobs carried on during last year.‘_ There were more homes built in Shelton lasti, year than in any recent year, more improvement ofi old homes, and more business building and new busi— ness, than in many years past; all trends indicating the loosening of private capital for use in permanent investment. - With this background the promise is good for an; cz‘zal if not better building year ahead and move, ment of renters to acquire homes of their own and; to invest their own and borrowed money in real prop- erty on the ground floor and getting ahead of more costh building which is the future prospect. if there were over fifty new homes or substan—ii tial in’iprovements made during 1940, which did not; seem lively year, Shelton can look forward to an even livelier building year both in business and in' homes; taking advantage of 1941 as the year of Opportunity. A VICIOUS SCARCITY A policy of scarcity in any field of human en-, deavor is vicious and suicidal, and it doesn’t help in the slightest to camouflage it with a more euphon— ious term. Scarcity means limitation of quantity, and America is already learning that what is not cannot be utilized. The immediate shortage is in skilled me- chanical labor, and this country may go the way of France due to that shortage; not necessarily, of1 course. because there are present today factors which did not exist in the case of France. The Brit- ‘ . , , n. o, ‘_ . Student Exchange Pl‘Opfloed To Aid North and South American Trade An effort to improve commcrc-l standing, vitally needed in any. ish empire may save us from our folly. Time may be the element which permits us to get ready in four or five years instead of two. The scarcity arises be- cause there is a shortage of skilled mechanics and also because of the policy of refusing to permit those who are available to work to reasonable capac— it . y America faces peril; yet union rules and fed! eral laws limit production to 40 hours of normal! employment per week. The wages and hours statute; could fittingly be described as a law to prevent ade-l quate defense by the people of the United Statesl That is where the parallel comes between the Sltua-l Lien here and that which prevailed in France andl which led to the downfall of that government. The} American people are taking the same road with: apathy and ind1fference, while selfish ambition blocks the path toward security just as it did in France. . 1‘ Labor refuses to yield an inch; it not only re-; fuses negative cooperation; it is engaged in active‘ opposition. Strikes are being called, walkouts are! DEARBORN, MICH. — He’s gained in weight, this Michigan boy. He and 129 other lads from big city streets have averaged a weight gain of 13 pounds by working from spring to fall un- der healthful conditions. They have just got in another harvest at Camps Legion and Willow Run and are figuring; up the profits on their season’s 3‘ work. In these two camps Henry Ford has been providing a spe- . cial opportunity for a certain group of under-privileged boys. ‘ These boys for the most part are selected from applicants who are the sons of men who served our country in the army . or navy during the last great war. 111 health or death among these veterans leaves their fam- ‘ ilies in difficult Circumstances. Mr. Ford wanted to help these families by giving boys of 17, 18 and 19 years of age belonging to them, an oppor- tunity to make more of their lives. Ever since the frost left the ground last April these lads have been working two 320— tilll liI {TON M A SON City Roy Turns armor—~— Erings in the harvest he provided for them. When the last of the produce, is sold there will be .apprdximatcly $18,000 in earnings to be split in equal shares among the 130 youths, the director of the camps estimates. This will be in addition to the two dollars a day, plus food and lodging each boy received throughout ‘ the season. At camp the boys learn team— work and self~rcliance. Each camp is governed by the boys themselves. They elect a camp leader, keep their own books, market their own produce through roadside stands and wholesale channels. Now that the season has ended. the boys are free to do anything they wish, but they are offered an opportunity to enroll in the school system at the Rouge plant, or to do plant work at regular salaries. In starting the camps, ‘Mr. Ford acted in the belief that it is up to business men and in.- dustrialists to accept as a social responsibility the problems facing boys who found them. selves. through no fault of their acre tracts of farm land which own, at loose ends. ial relations between the Pacific Northwest and South and Central American countries through an exchange of students by the Uni- versity of Washington, VVashing- ton State College and institutions of those countries has been start- ed. While similar proposals have previously been made no action has ever been taken for an ac— tual exchange of students_ Will Try To Revise Law Senator Robert T. McDonald of Seattle has announced that he will attempt at the next session of the legislature to revise the law which now makes it impos- sible for state institutions to ex- change students on a tuition~ trade basis. The senator pointed out the Pacific Northwest is faced with a loss of markets for its prod- ucts for many years to come be- cause of the war in Europe. If- this area hopes to profit by a . . . - lcloser cooperation of all nations staged in Vital defense industries, and labor and 1138‘ in the Western Hemisphere, the leaders are deluding themselves into thinking they] people must acquaint all coun-t tries with this region and its prod- can extort from the American people special advan- : ucts, he declared, tages to themselves without jeopardizing the safetyl of the government. The blindness and indifference displayed in the present situation are amazing. Hao the American government been supplied With plans and specifications of the French policy of defeat, its own program of defense could not have . followed. them more faithfully.——Bremerton Searchlight. MORE PEOPLE PROVE GROWTH Mason County’s population gain in the 19401 census was 1543, from 10,060 in 1930 to.11 603 in 1940; and Shelton’s gain in the same decade was 616, from 3,097 in 1930 to 11,603 for 1940. Exchange To Aid Commerce President L. P. Sieg said that he confident that such an, exchange as proposed by Sena- tor McDonald would prove of value to all nations concerned.” If the law is changed, the univer- Isity will endeavor to take ad- vantage of such an opportunity to aid in the development of com- merce of all types between the nations of the Americas, he ad- ded. “This state, I believe. is on the threshold of a development per- iod that will surpass anything we have known for many years,” Dr. Sicg said, “With such advance- ment, additional markets will be Through an educational program such as: proposed, mutual trust and under- needed for our products. This proves a steady and permanent increase in, ., people and in consequence of new homes of recent years, and in improvement of old‘homes; all the more pleasing because no government works have come to Shelton and no future slump is in prospect. With a lively year or two ahead in which Shel- ton is bound to share in many ways, direct and in- direct, and forced building because even now there are no vacant homes to meet the demand, 1941 is. bound to be a bigger and better year for all in Shel— ton. . ...——.—— Congress is now in session and the President has spoken more words of warning about the serious national situation; while there are hints that some- thing will be done about the “bottlenecks” which are hampering full speed ahead in prepardedness. ; TEXAGO l 1 I . l . I l f lst and Franklin I . I succe esful commercial relation could be nutured." y cultiee are removed. Home Guard To meeting of 1941 this Thursday ev Hickson announced today. on alternate Fridays. HOME L O A N S O Convenient Terms 0 Reasonable Rates ‘ a. N0 DELAY Mason County savings & Loan Association Title Insurance Bldg. Cliff Wivell’s CERTIFIED 'SENIGE Representative in Mason County for H we PRODUCTS- COMPANY High Grade Fuel and Deisel Oils PROMPT fiERVlCE Phone 397 The proposed educational pro-' gram also received the support of ,Jorge Luis Perez, consul of Ecua- ldor in Seattle. who requested in-| |formation on “the waysi and con- ditions for carrying on an ex- change of students” if legal diffi- Be Held Thursday Nite; The Mason County Home GuardI Unit will hold its first drill and! hing in Memorial Hall beginning at 7:30 o‘clock, First Lieut. Fred He urged members of the unit, to notice the change in meetingl date to Thursday this week. Here-i tofore the unit has been drilling' COUNTY JOURNAL Timberfilndustry. Asks Program To Protect Forests The lumber and timber products ' 1industry of the United States “is: ‘ prepared to support a forest pro-; gram which will sustain and in so} as possible encourage state! 'rlaticn based on the effective: lo..perielice of the lumber indusl-l try," G. H. Collingwood, forester: of the National Lumber Mauufac—l iturers Association, Washington,* D. C., stated at the session of the Western Forestry and Conserva-z ticn Association’s Forest Policy] Conference. The 1940 conference‘l was held in Portland with George‘: Frederick Jewett, association ; president, presiding. l The industry advocates a pro—} Igram to provide more completei i protection of all forests from fire.. linsccts and diseases, Collingwood ,declared. “It is prepared to sup- port a Federal-sponsored educa—. itional program which will aid rtimber land owners and the pub-. lie at large to realize the advan-‘ Itages of a permanent forest pol--' icy," he said. “The industry will {support the development of ani inter-relationship between Feder-l ’ally-owned lands and State-own-: ed forest lands which will resultl in using them jointly as sources: of timber supply for the manu-; facturc of wood products—that[ ' is, as sources of local :payrolls, rev1 :tail trade, taxes, railroad and! ishipping revenue, and related [units of regional, state and local‘ economic life. “The industry looks into the fu-l , ' ture with a definite program for, Through his. counsel, Attorney. establishing itself a permam; Charles T. wright, Jake Housman ent basis with forestry as a foun_ of Munson Pomt, served notice of dation_ In doing so, however, it} appeal to the state supreme courti {cannot ignore the rigid economyi1n SUPCY'IQT 0011“ Saturday .When , lav 5 under which it must operate; Judge John M- ‘Wllson 'demed a l Housman ' These apply to a vast number of; motion for new trail in Housm'an’s basic activities, with complexgsuit against former Sheriff Ger-- 'problems ranging from engineer-la1d 13- Byrne on a charge of false :ing in rough terrain and hugclal‘l'eSt‘ timber. to the ever present men-i A superior court jury two; ace of fire, insects and disease,1 months ago had exonerated Byrne and on to the mummde Of PI'Ob' of blame for the arrest which :lems in the marketing of loi‘estLngsman contends was made products.” . falsely. l ' _' ' —‘ a Judge Wilson denied the motion I j. . . . i i , for a new trial, dismissed the ac- IA1 thul Edgley S Methel Ition against Byrne and entered a Succumbs at Pocateno judgment in Byrne’s favor for court costs incurred in defending Death of his mother called Ar- the suit Housman brought, where- thur Edgley of ,Shelton to Poca— upon Attorney Wright served oral tello,'Idaho, last Week. He was notice of appeal to the driven over for the funeral by his court. GET A TRAVELERS accident ticket for every trip, 25c per | Rates lower on longer See Herb Angle NOWL day. periods. 'l‘uesday, Jauuzu SHELTON, m, higher l l l I l l l i daughter—in-law, Mrs. Glenn Edg- ——————-—— ‘ley. Journal Want-Ads—Phone 100 Q ..__. I l i l .__._. . .. I l l i l l l s,'. l l l e-l l ‘I one. matter you desire. Orders to Business Men are . . . FULL'SPEEDAHEA- QUALITY PRINTING AND ADVERTISING WILL HELP van to PLACES IN 1941 business which is sure to come. BY BOAT FAST FREIGHT SERVICE WITH DOOR DELIVERY IN SHELTON No. Time Schedule as follows: Olympia and Shelton Arrives Shelton daily, except Sunday -o,»,.. .~ With the tremendous demands of National Defense on the lum- ber industry, things look bright for the Northwest as the New Year dawns, and everything points to more business for every— Steady, consistent advertising and good business-like printed forms and records will help you get your share of the increased ORDER YOUR 1941 m:ch now The modern printing plant of The Journal is equipped to fill all of your needs and we will be glad to advise and assist you in working out labor-saving forms or any other'kind of printed GET OFF T0 A FLYING START THIS YEAR QUALITY" MA DRUGS GROCERIE FRESH MEA FRUITS _ FINEST FOODS , BEST PRICES I‘tgages f HOODSPORT f .- .. 1.. r- ing tow vunrtnfl Seattle Freight should be routed via Str. Capitol, Ferry t. Tacoma Freight via Str. Skookum Chief, Milwaukee j'» Leaves Tacoma daily, execcpt Sunday, at 5 pm. f0 . PUGET 30th FREltllll‘ in 7 ,, CLARENCE CARLANDER, president, l r. 'v 1‘? . . Plume 100 for a. Journal 'r i" . x} I» Luv; J; xix,» .. V The. Abstract M Mason County A. L. out A. ,; Abstracts, Real -/ Loans and Insu“ BELL BUILDI 2.“. 2% MW gures slr ' dwellin -farm a] ' during and with him. the hat 500,0: .95 will , .Fi'ern Ho 13 riding nd the the face ; ndustry ed. "In 4' Omes Fc ed, the tea to a {‘11 :‘ourc tWe publi ' 051; l'evOl .terprise that v 1 ' the depi ‘ ng suffe '~ such a g0 reve i .SUI‘VeyS . isolated : 791‘0 Dre; a t‘9n~wid( es1ed m, i dustry. , he need estern these};I S. . .1 eta. Th Sustainec 000111 of