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January 7, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 7, 1971

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The gambling tolerance policy which has been in effect in Mason County and the city of Shelton for many years came to an abrupt halt Wednesday afternoon. In a letter to the city and county commissions Sheriff John Robinson and Police Chief Frank Rains, Prosecuting Attorney John C. Ragan stated that effective immediately, all games of chance within Mason County and in the city must cease The city of Shelton has licensed pin ball machines, card games and punch boards for a number of years The county had a similar licensing ordinance, but, repealed it recently Pressure from federal and state officials has been increasing recently to end the tolerance policies which have been in effect in many areas of the state. Most if not all of the surrounding counties have already taken action to close down all types of gambling activity which had been tolerated in the past. The Shelton Police Department and Mason County Sheriff's Office, in a raid on a Jones Road home Wednesday morning arrested two persons and confiscated a substantial quantity of pills which are believed to be "speed" or amphetamines. Booked into Mason County Jail was Steven Needham, 23, Rt 2, Box 1046, Shelton, on charges of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to disperse and Mrs. Joan LaBresh, 37, Rt. 4, Jones Rd., on charges of possession of dangerous drugs. Mrs. LaBrcsh was transferred to detention in Thurston County. Officers said a search of two cars, one belonging to Needham and the other to Mrs. LaBresh and the La Bresh home turned up a substantial quantity of pills which they said Needham identified as A federal law which went into effect last year makes elected and appointed officials subject to prosecution for failure to enforce state and gambling laws. Both Robinson and Rains stated they would take immediate action to implement the Prosecutor's orders. Robinson commented that he backed the prosecutor's action completely since this is what the law says. Rains commented that he hoped the 1971 Legislature would take action to get some reasonable laws to govern this type of activity. The text of Ragan's letter to the officials said: "Recent amendments to the United States Code passed by Congress makes it a federal crime /'or any elected or appointed official of a state or a political subdivision to conspire to obstruct enforcement of criminal laws of such state or political subdivision with the intent to facilitate an illegal gambling business. Violations of this new law could result in a $20,000.00 fine or imprisonment for not more than 5 years. "An illegal gambling business is defined as a gambling business in violation of state law, which in Washington State includes such activities as multi-coin pin ball machines, punchboards, pull tabs, bingos, raffles, football and basketball pools, card games, dice games or any other game of chance. "This change in federal law, together with a recent Superior Court decision in Pierce County, declaring certain pin ball machines to be gambling devices has resulted in a re-evaluation of the local policy on games of chance. "Effective immediately, all games of chance within Mason County and in all incorporated areas therein, must cease. "This pronouncement specifically includes, but is not limited to multi-coin pin ball machines, punch board, pull tabs, bingos, raffles, pools of all types, card games, dice games or any other games of chance. These activities will no longer be permitted regardless of the person, group or organization which may be conducting or sponsoring them. "Washington State law Defines gambling as: "'Evew person who shall open, conduct, carry on or operate, whether as owner, manager, agent, dealer, clerk, or employee, and whether for hire or not, any gambling game or games of chance, played with cards, dice, or any other device, or any scheme or device whereby any money or property or any representative of either, may be bet, watered or hazarded upon any chance, or any uncertain or contingent event, shall be a common gambler, and shall be imprisoned in the state penitentiary for not more than 5 years." "Another section of the new federal law provides that any property, including money, used in violation of this law may be seized, forfeited and destroyed. "Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 9.47.110 provides: "It shall be the duty of all peace officers to search tbr and seize all tables, slot machines, or other article, machine, device or apparatus of the kind commonly used for gambling, or operated for the winning or losing of money, or property, or any representative of either, upon any chance or uncertain or contingent event, and all property useful in the operation or maintenance of a bucket shop, and take the same before a magistrate... " "'In light of the prior permissive attitude on games of chance, law enforcement agencies in Mason County will delay enforcement of that section of the law which makes it the duty of peace officers Io search for and seize all gambling apparatus. This policy will prevail until January 15, 1971, after which time all such gambling apparatus will be seized. "Implementation of these provisions will be effected uniformly against charitable and service groups as well as those who may be conducting such games of chance for a profit. State law presently makes no exceptions in the application of these laws. "All law enforcement agencies in Mason County are requested to work together and in conjunction with each other to carry out these provisions within the incorporated and rural areas of the County. "The above policy shall prevail until such time as the State Legislature or the Washington voters see fit to effect a change in the laws covering this type of activity. The proposed shipments of shipments would have taken ('hristian residence in Shelton dedicated. Donald (;. Willianls. nerve gas which would have would have brought them through found Christian and his wife, 25, ttoquiam, was arrested on a "speed". passed through Mason County Mason County as the)' traveled Adaline dead. charge of kidnaping. The nerve There were 364 pills found in and the continued battle over the from the Naval Alnmunitioll A Brclnerton man, Flberin gas shiplnent,~ from ()kinawa to the Needham car, a small quantity construction of the Alderbrook Depot at Bangor by trainto Savclle, Brenlerton, was being tiffin,stun, Ore.. were delayed. in Mrs. LaBresh's car and an Inn addition highlighted the news Herin,stun. held in Mason Connty JailAlbert W. l)eWitt, sentenced to additional amount 'in various inearM.ason County during the past Public pressure forced the awaiting trial on a first degree terms l~lahng 50 Years in prison places in the home on Jones Rd' Y" 1"he Arnl1~ proposal to Army to change its plans and tile murder charge :IS the yea, ended. ~;is IClUlned here from Georgia Savcllc was ,ccused ol ind ! ~l< The chain of events which transport nerve gas stored on gas shipments were not Inade ..... , ~ " ' :" " t ~'en to the Washington lead to the arrests started shortly Okmawa to the Ordnance De mt The effort by Wes Johnson to shooting Mrs. 1)lane Tyree of ('ovrcctions ('enter. fter m,dnlght W~dnesday whcl, at ttermiston, Ore., aroused get approval from the U.S. Arnly I'ensacola, Fla. while they were at Jan. g-Three Shelton young Corps of Engineers for his a camp site in Belt'air State l'alk, people, ('asev l)ean, Mark gwing _helt.o.n:n~fomati PfrOolaCCan riC;fo/Vaendt SHELTON POLICE officers Don Smith, left, and Bill Strand are shown here protests throughout the state proposed Alderbrook hln project ....... and Rebecca t'wing were arrested tnatrtherln ...... "- wi h h nills believed to be am hetamines which w r ak mcludm m Mason Count lost when tile final decision from |ne community was snoc~.etl , ," ..... t'- e were prouamy urugs m t t e ,- , p , e e t en from two cars " g ' y ..... ou orug charges Fu~J-t~me ueNeedhamcar, and a house on Jones Rd. Wednesdavmornincl. The route which the Corps tleadquarters in at the death ol Shenll Wallace t'. . . . " .~ . - -" AI',I'-" '- while tlt ~ ' superv,smn ol tile Mason tounty Officers observed a car backing Washington D.C. was against the ~,,~fistm .. - ,' W!lS m a Jail went into effect with the from Second and Cola to the t project, aeatue.._,- hospital. .,-.-unuelgmg tests em[~'mylnenl" o[~ f'vcl ~ j"ailol-r"d:oa a.l!ey and turn in. The car, officers ~ As the year started, the Corps ,ur a near, conuttlon. ..., operalors, lne county sald, had very dim headlights. The Ibaql, e ~ ~ ~ ,) . ~ held a public hearing at ltood Tile 1970 election saw John cotnlnission protested t!:;" ..car was stopped and the driver, ]~L .A A II'~A ~'~t~"..~. ~~~"'~ ~ ~ r .A ........ "~ Canal Jumor lhgh School which D. Robinsou, who had been shlplnellt uf nerve gas it).ro,.,~:i, 'uent'fled'asNeed'hRn' to ~m~~~l~ 1~ " [j~p.~FF~ ~F'~VIF'~F attracted a large number of appointee, sheriff to fill Mason County. Gov.a recentDan twail.,court He was' n~t" allow'ed drive 11~ I II _~ ~~[~~[~ persons, many of whonl entered Anderson's position defeat James stated he believed his car because of the defective testimony. Gorman, a deputy in the office ruling put the hlw against the lights o ...... The testimony indicated that for the Denlocratic nomination, proposed Alderbrook Inn project. ' ~ lllcers SalU, anu was ~nsforted to the LaBresh honleThursday, January 7 1971 Published in Shelton. Wash Entered assecondclassmatter at the post office at Shelton, 2nPano~ 5) qoct'inn for the most part Mason County Long-time, State Rep. Charles Jan'. I 5- J,ll Dr,ver .... ~3 ,,.,c ne has been stavin~, n,-.._ x, " ,,. -7. ' , Wash. 98584, under act of Mar. 8. 1879. Pub shed weekly except two issues during --- --= ............ residents were in favor of tileSava c won handil over two Shclton was found dead in a" u,-causen ........... oI the m[orlnatmn" .. __at year I,~um Per I .__ week__of Thanksgiving, at 227 W Cota. $5 per year in Mason County $6 elsewhere. 10 Cents Per Copy project while opposition came ....... " g" ' Y ' hotel rooln' in" Morocco whde she cnailengersIn tne pr nary .receive d earlier from the f r o m o u t o f c o u n t y election and went on to defeat was vacationing there. An aide to lnlormant officers kept the environmentalist groups, owners ....... 7, .... _ Guy l)aniel Fvans faced a number Mrs. virginia tAOC KSln In [he " . ~ . Vehicle un'der surveilancefrom ~L Ii~ D r~ ofsummer home property on e;72s~le2:in) John( of stlarp questions on tlieAlderbrook project when he 1:30 to a'bout 7 a.m. to see if ltood Canal and from state gen n.Attornc ~nyone returned to attempt to I lniI nm a, a,,11, m.,~~~,~ government agencies from the " g 'Y ~- spoke to the Cbamber of emove anything from it. ~ I~1~ ~ I 114 ~I~/IIF' ~ I ~ ~ ~1~ ~ ~1)' governor's office down. Ragan lost h,s off, of to the man Con, merce. 120 persons were . Officers obtained a search '~ The proposed new Shelton he h.ad defeated for ,t four years selected for jury duty during the High School building moved prevmusly, Byron McClanahan. upcolning Superior Court jury obtalnedWarrant for.~esea Need~lls c~r and. a deBc~inldinng ilgMasncCunty saw1969 a the difference in p;rmit1927thnatS comnlercial additions with a value 197o compared to 79 permits AnfrwardarchitectaS the wasYearhired,Went along.plans Following is a week " by.. week., term. .--~-' t .... Army Cc)rps" after flnd~rgh warrants for the ' ' " 0 as ompared to was $391,201 larg " 'n of $58,150 issued in 1970 with with values of $216 655 for 1969 round up ol the events which Jan "~" l'he S LaBresh car an ccordlng to County m 1970. . none issued m 1969. The c,t of Shelton issued started and a proposal for division made uews during the past year. of t'.ngineers has scheduled a Mason cdoht~.e" o~_..~o, PlanneraamesConnolly. Single family residences Additions to single family 120 buildityg permits with total of the financial responsibility of , . hearing on tile Alderbrook Officers joined : ,L y an,cr,[I s The report shows 468 accounted for the bulk of theresidences accounted for 58 values of $~ 199 239 durin~ the the participating non-high school Need~'--am wasm mearresteaSearCn.at the building permits issued in 1970 permit numbershe and1970values in permits with values of $175,04(I past year, the City E:ngineer's districts submitted to the State Stateaan'Patrolt 7 JheAcademyneW Washmgt(inherc was (Please turn to page 19j LaBresr, ~... . ..~ ,' compared to 504 last year. both years. T figuresin 1970 com ared to 74 ermitsOffice re orted this week Board of Education. ,, ,umc on cnarges ~ "ts issue " P P . p " " Stemming from the ,,ill .... h~oh Value of the construction for show 308 perml ..~d forsmgle w~th values of $182 825 in 1969.Th,s ,ncluded 42 new Violence took its toll during Were found in his car v ........... 197o was $2,949,529 compared family residences w~tn values ofThere were six permits forresidences, a new car dealership, the year with two incidents which Mrs L " - " . , to $/,-~'+u,710 for 1969 $2,198,435 compared to 343 apartments with values of service station drive-in resturant were ruled murder-suicide by at~resn was arrested h " " ' ermits with values of $2 573 680 after the Dills in ho~ ..... a ),~,mo T e reason tor the big P , $65,000 issued m 1969 and none and furmture repair shop. Coronor John C. Ragan taking Were discovered officers'*;;~d~ ..... difference was the building permit for 196_9- . in 1970. There were four permitsIt also included the new place within a week of each other. Off;--^- . .', ,, ~ ", issued to Alderbrook Inn in )9691970 saw six commercial issued for schools in 1969 with handicappedschool at the Mt. The bodies of Russell Lehman Woul~"~cJs sm~ an of the drugs for $4,000000 The roect was building permits issued with value View sit " ' and Betty Cokelet, both of ,~ oe se . . . - P J . s of $79,700 and none ~ssued , e, with a value of laborat ..... ,~ nt to the state not budt after a bulkhead and fill values of $.197,000 compared to 9 in 1970. $176,000. Bremerton, were found in a "y anatysxs ernut was permxts with values of $192 000 lnveo*;~.",.',:- .'" .. . P " "" denied by the U.S. .2 .... , There were 92 other permits Also included was the summer cabin in Mason County. officers s;~'~,gaun IS continuing,Army Corps of Engineers in ~ you.~nere were four with values of $320 904 issued in remodelin of a service station About a week later, officers I(I. . , " ~ g " " Without this one large permit, and a funeral home. responding to a call to the Forrest Professe, 9rmeaning 'Tree of Life ' which isDev , I o psthat a triangle is a stable fi ureM )del Of, Ed u catio nlained , v ave o , , g , t to hose h]ch a ~ P hich s "d ,t. is that Yo~ue e;2n d22deehedfthy t~an s~mbol of the professors ~nderihnec sees and feels and higher or lower than the especially for the first eight yearsproducedremarking thatby finethemUSiCwhitemaYkeysbe ~ .. rught and ex.-e-; ..... !, .. n.e.mtters of the wora are _ p "es the stability. With previously accepted high andlow, of life, for the learning of alone. He repeats the symbolic sothan that know~e.nce,tessw" m u mmutes~angUeor tneamencan}n~t~alSNatmnalrepresentmglnstltutes reCtor men/anaSemsncSeparated'a a he fashions of In a dance, hands are moved to sublanguage'e After this age, other act, showing that equally !ii: / ,; ~il _ of routine .... ,[ ..... 9 -rr. .... :., :~. " ' . . ." ' P rallelogram, and signify height and feet are moved j'cts take over this space,beautiful melodies can be ~nswer ac 7-..m,,y-,c-~. -,,~ aug,a, auvancement, viewing his nlirrored image heas a symbol of de th Looking Therefore languages may be Jordan' p.~Ordmg !o Dr. Daniel. In, the Anisa model, arts are gains complete sensory awareness into the ever-prese;Pt mirror, the taught to the very "young child performed using only the black . ~ " ;~4.~2 "" :. : : keys. As a finale he executes a ~% the , ,u~essor ot e(aucatlon m placeo m a centr 1 os~tmn w~th ol t h e 1 n s w,th Universit,~ o~, ...... .. ' " , . a p " " , ..... " tability of the child has seen as well as heard and " ease, and it is more and more glorious passage utilizing the full . ;~ musl s massacnuserts, Is e In pn asls on s cho motor IlUCtUatmg fl ur W dltflcu "c. ~ ...... " , P Y " , . "g e. He performs to felt the extremes of high and lo " " It for a person to learnpiano as a demonstration of the ~ ....... "Certain types of music " the amlltles., Itis important, musxc,,.a dance in which he is and the comparative areas languages as he grows older." superior results attained by tile ~-2--- _ ~ !; ..... - ~ ......... i I1 Chemist,, ............ v;)mt~, cnange Dulyvomntary control bc gained overgeometric form r~l~,-,- ....... ;,,,,, ),,,;,,,, i,,,~ the inade uac'" of the ordmarasks, "can the black keys and the ~~~1~ -i~,i,,, uvadrenalin'er to sthusy ~tm,u~atlng?*h'e .re].e'_ase tucf every.,earnmgpOSsibleprocessesmUScle,are tlausaS mucnlater ouch" TheonPrOfessOr,a who turned his before ~he child has learned that forrattlea as 2 so~rce of amusemerYt white ones be played together to ~.~ ~'~* :t the'" thev-,~uctlon'~'~a ........ o[ gmcose, ~m' proved" D hereforean pianist career as a concertthis,is a formidable, term " baby "tte will shake it a few create such magnificence'? It is ~, :,~:~ , > ~4 nre ...... hich in the . ancmgist . to devote his .life to, 'Children, 'Dr. Jord.anstates, t,mes and. pr, ocede to throw it out because the same laws of ~ -J ~ !"~ blo " ocn~e ot w essential new educat , of , od stream r ......... phase of the ran,Utlhzes the piano m love to learn. A child ~s alwa#the crib, he states becauseharmony apply to each." It is but -- ~: ,~:,e.~,#.,': + .... i~:~ll ener 2' ~mts m lncreaseu concept, as l~'- scut turf paintingmany of h~s' 'nnm" '-1 ' w "h " wh e 1 , rnS he has then exhausted the a step to translate the thought ~ ~'~%:~7 ~.. "~," : . ~:~a-~,av g;: gY P essons h~c learning, and ether h ea ...... ~ a* ,,,:,~: :, ,- ::::~ , ."If one wet ..... and musxc. . , ar.e presented in only four that which is desirable or those possibilities ot the toy." The i n t o t e r m s o f h u m a n ~_. ~w~st for ten m,-t uance, t.n.e ,.,l WO-and-a-half-year-ota.minutes and yet carry sufficient things which are not so desirable doctor suggests the use of a dozen relationships. lnU$ ~) inures WltnOUL cnnuren . ic, he w - ,, ., , under the revolutionary xmpact and clarity to impress is denendent upon opportunities rattles prepared in duplicate sets. A 1 s o a c c e n t e d ar e - ~ :-:::;'.~"~: '~'% be utterlyexhen, to,on,,, one woum new procedure, are learning irrevocably on youn~ minds nresented " The natmhtineSS "'Fill two of them'he instructs, ~ " '~'~' " :