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January 7, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 7, 1971

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.... ii But, of course, he cannot recognize bad things unless he has a knowledge of good things• The toughest chore the bad . hing authority has to perform is separating the bad things from the good things. Sometimes it is extremely difficult. :::. iiiiiiiii!!!i!i!i.. A reader, commenting in a letter on this page about the .i:!:i:~:~:!i!ii~!iiiiii~i:!::'" I i: I seldom read beyond the first we should never talk about pessimistic" editorials in the Journal, asks us .........:.:.:.:::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: paragraph of your editorials any anything bad. But when you write "monotonously a question. "How can you be an authority on bad things," he i~..:.:..~ / :.:.:.:.: more, for the same reason as 52 editorials a year about the] inquires, "without ever demonstrating a knowledge of good CEREAL many other people.., you are negative, it makes me wonder if] monotonously pessimistic• you recognize the positive when things?" :if::::':':': :. Last week's column caught you see it. It isn't easy. A conscientious authority on bad things (as ":': my eye as holding some hope of How can you be an authority ':': brightness, but no luck, it was on bad things without ever opposed to the flash-in-the-pan variety of alarmist} must '!'i ( only a summary of all the earlier demonstrating a knowledge of constantly be on the alert for bad things. He has to "think ~ diatribes, good things? bad," as it were. "'" It would be foolish of me to R.S. Holt For irtstance, if a policeman accepts a glass of beer from a ":" Editor, The Journal: from fire? ..... All right, what does it take to Some of you think th, saloonkeeper, that's bad; but if a legislator accepts a case of ...... get a fire protection district in the equipment would cost too muck • ""'"'" What doesn't these days? And it'i whiskey from a lobbyist, that's good. ""'""" Pioneer area? Last week this area had thenot going to get any cheaper the If a welfare recipient gets $70 for not working, that's bad, !!!iiiiii!iiiiiii::::: third serious fire in one year. Any longer we wait. We can't afford t, but if a landowner gets $160,000 for not growing crops, one of them could have been fatal wait any longer• How much has that's good. to the people involved, already cost you to furnish The latest two times we hadshelter, food, clothing and In most instances, however, the division between good real fire trucks and volunteer household goods for you: and bad is more distinct, and we plead guilty to not stressing firemen cometoput out the fires, burned-out neighbors? How much more is it going tt the good along with the bad. To remedy that situation, we They came from Allyn, Mason Lake and Lake Limerick. Their cost before we do something' One of these days the insurance herewith present both the good and bad sides of several efforts are much appreciated, and companies will refuse to insure current earth-shaking matters, we are all thankful for their help• i f w ec a n' t p r oviffe ' fird They call it "mutual assistance" o• .. I Badicansthing'are. livinSurveySbelowindicatethe overtythat aboUtlevel twenty.re, this" landmilli°nof " ... and on/y in this great county/could o poor cool ......... miner's when........ mey go to a hre outstay pr tecnOnooes~, it: .... nave to cost us m'~l Amer g P • - ' /3 '" their own restrict, wlaat are we . 9 . • plenty, many of them suffering from malnutnt,on. SOn grow up to pre-empt As The World Tar s. doing to mutually assist them? aUmato Dge~e2t:~tel~orChiwl~ Nothing. . .... see the need for protection? Doeq Good thing: Aranwood, an apartment house for dogs in Some of yot. ~ay tlaat oy me ....... J, ,. . " ~ ~. .... It nave to happen to yo~ New Jersey, offers its guests, for as little as $12.50 a day, a ma • • • t;.ne a are truck com,l _et to me ................... :1| Master Suite featuring a 3-inch-thick foam mattress, ~ ao~leee• sc"ene it.. would be ...... :too late,pc~unaUY:always happenLl° toY°UtheUUnr'otherltguy~W"" A!/l ena taed ea iiS6!o E mi dud 1{I I anyway, rlowlongaiclltraKetor ................. ~t .... . .. . . . . what WUl you uo when me otn©~ AliYn t)tsmct No 5 to get to the u- 's burnin" house sets thai Pomeer fires Lots longer than it woods on fire and ou live on t~l 10 I r- I wma ers scream over t , " " took the neighbors to show up. other side of the wYoCds9 L1 Why don't we neighbors form ~ ....f vnu think tlmt Wt for th og " • " "" " ' r .................. • f rt ents with soothm melodies By: ROBERT C. CUMMINGS those who were talking the than the billboards, may be out of environmental package this time, our own district to p otect can't do an ood with onl on4 Muzak fills the air. o all apa m " r g " It Is true," as t~ov'~ Dan t~vans'~ loudest, about "expenditure sight after_ it is introduced, which has been a puzzle to some. ourselves? If we can all JumP into ri" in this Yagr"e area Butyev:l vided wt the dtet the owners e uest One A arentl he ha es the tide The dogs are pro "th • q " • .......... 'n .......... reform' in the last election - are It is customary to send th"- PP Y P " - our cars and gather round toi~,~ .... )~ ,~)~ti,~," i~ ~,~,t~ dog has scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Another gets sa]°+uren;tasnt, tetht~lOconYtr'ol~.n~" now screaming over projected type of legislation either to the of sentiment tar the environment, watch someone's home burn to~" .... "'~ Y':"We"cl S ""tl;~ ! edu t;e~ ~de~O~iL A;2 u! luen k~ o ~h~l;Sa it .n !~ie ita~e~ : e ~i~ ~ .~1~.io ~ OS~v i~Xg i laO]~i Di~! ~rn~i~g~s bh i! ~i!! He!tpg~i~a!imtChm~mt~i! l~e~ ~bho a~a~gS~e ~!ei~le~, tt hdw!o~ml~i trhr y ..... man none at an. an t get ~ amed/um-bol s the grouna, way cant any o~ us ......... a ,tewm e • • ~. . ~ •, secono truCK until we get LI~I stst on a 1 ~ °-netYh~°u 2 ts;~ ther jumP into a nre truck anu garner ........... , .... .I , - ..... the fir ~ nrst. Aria ~t certmmy aoesn t na~ round to help put out e. • * * v rs The makeu of at least one of Bills s~mdar to the easure ,. . ..... to be brand-new, shiny equipmerd[ • )-~-~- -,ill ensue is more than a vote-trading and other maneu e P . rioneer~s not a mg city , "" k | "" why le d " as rang as it war s. .~ ..... ."- - " ....... ---' ..... r th° ..... ." - .......... be able to block the closuresff these committees md~cates that bexng proposed th~s time have care about their neighbors. When so2e~h~n°n'coP~trPut2t'iveletsb2t!~ e i pr ev!iii ,[!ylaw i ingl£!i, ~er~u~n ~Ztl !~mi i!f~I, :~Htbo ; aenSf~i ~ea ~~r~i:i ~hnaO211;ii !aC~a;i!ine nt~e r b~l~i~iildt ni[2:rb~ ~!!~iii~~i:°~°~! Why an tc°mmumtYdisaster- e- hel--strikeS'an"re peoPtheymar( p Dya theare right°n'tcan mis,'~ ...... Are-.o~...,o,,.o~...,,o,.,,,,,,,,lY°Ug just .... gomg to ~'I'1 • Even with the savings ......... Environmenta S g ..... " , mer to ,~ ~e ;Yew Ye h~l "" around and wait until yol • • •revolved," the closures would be to approve me closures, mey will The 1 1 ball" env, ronmental" t;ons~aerao,e mora, some fundV°luCteenve our houses serwces and nhiaghb2~/Mm]a-~sM~:'o~lc;~'~ Good thing: I.ester Maddox now the lieutenant .............. have to raise the taxes to keep " support is provided by the Coast ngto°U • . ' . . • • • " " " ackage which the Governor is " doesn't mak extremely mincuit to achieve ~ ~t oovernor of Georma. This means that hts constttuents, and ......... . them open P , . Guard, which e any country at large, will not be denied the helpful fruits of w;~2t; iOratZ.anemlc conanlon • That shoU dntb e es la Urg s utO ScUbmdtt n t°h°tth;nLegp~;~heb; ~ecretfe°fthhe ~a°ctiit°:2~Idsldku~:° i his brain, such as the answer he gave to the nationwide Improved programs have ShUt me a xss] .... ~. ~ P' some law-makers, to *)'e orate • [] • • • • i ....... .... and to ShUt me msutuuons uown ......... n r~[l~ ixoblem of rehabilitation of pr,son inmates. We re doing the reduced populatmns at various , W~th so many bills floating D^, ...... . ...... UIITalt V ISlOnS I~st.we can," Maddox told neaWsSme oWhdseteCOmm;u t g2rn Swthteerem~2tud°~Sus~2esth;raPct~in~ ~tt °2f ~ghnd' ;rh2unLll~heup;~;lra°~o~entfa~;ts Gove:n;rEv;n~'*;:o;;sal that r"-- en ititation eHorts m t,eor o v .......... roert o g aD ~. - - . _ .. uemanas mat some oi mem t)e Governor Evans wants to lobbying services on such membership on the Supreme Editor, The Journal: commercial p p y, y u wo~ , • [ we ~ more, we re game to have to get a ae ter .:>clos ............ eliminate the ~i~zantic billboards legislation could be spread pretty Court be reduced to five over a Initiative 43~ is a~ time bomb "NOT' b6 a'bld ,to bu!ld ~/1~ ': ~ • i, -- ..... ,-~ o But ,|lound .buaines~ practices which now are located just well concentrated on each of the six-year period from its present >'~'~mr p-/'-ese-:~t bwne~s:0f, l'e~'-~,ea~onal ' ~omrhercial'~.~ftticture,:... '0n'" 11~ . . * * mareaOf lemOrisC?a~idre~at~w°nhet° outstde the 660foot hm~t along vanousmeasures total of ulna;, Is be~ well land. A number of members of REGARDLESSdf~bresentzOm~ Y g ~nterstate h~ghways, so will That's because nearly every received insomequarters, the Washington Environmental without spemttc perm~ssmn tr0~ Olympia. Bad thing: The mayor of San Diego is on trial for installations in their own districts ..... ~° "°~*" ~ " If you decide to try to st ~t~o.~ur ~g~,,,t~onoannlng one of the bills steps on a separate The argument is that such a Council, sponsors of the bill, are revolved accepting a bribe, which he vehemently claims he did not. ' • off-premise signs from state ofset of toes. large high court isn't needed since agree that many provisions of the you would have to put a warni.1 Even some of the professed n " "hw The Governor is including his establishment of the Appellate initiativeare very unfair to in all advertisements, deed~ "economy minded law makers' o Good thing: The mayor of Wrangell,,Alaska, ran for , a y majorhig ay. - • " - But the legislati n, rather proposed boating safety bill in his Court. present owners of recreational contracts, or other paperwork f~ office and was elected using the slogan This is a dirty, land, but say it is "too late" to the transaction, saying that 4 end the : dilemmn make any changes, reSotlarit~ti°ns"pr°perty 0riS youSUbjeCtwould ~ tl corrupt little town and. I intend, to. keep. it that way." I lflOtl Vee • • 1 to try to staveH°Wever'itiSoff something thatnever too late "environmental prote'ctiq| Bad thing: President Nixon announced Monday night is so unfair and arbitrary. That is vi "rig the law. .i that the country will be operating on a deficit budget in State Legislature are now again it boils downto is that the stat~ order to get the economy rolling. If the drive forInitiative 44 (the 20-mill limit) is more mills from the property tax (the difference between the why interim committees of the There is alot more. But successful, the Legislature will be scurrying around to raise 22 assigned and the 40 that is the constitutional limit) at the working on an environmental bill under Initiative 43, wouldbe GoOd thing: The economy of Denver was recently given a some $70 million in current state tax revenue that will be lost 50 per cent rate. That would double property taxes, which would include seacoast to "confiscale"le~e~Ur land, .'1~ boost when the regional office of the Small Business - money now spent on schools and public assistance. This is what Initiative 44 is designed to prevent, protection. The Washington Land effect, by camp y restricti4 Administration in that city approved a $41,000 loan for The initiative would itself close off one potential source If it achieves enough signatures, it will roll the total USesimilarASSociatiOnnaeasure. is working on a your right to do anything withal "The Body Shoppe. This worthy establishment deals with - the property tax. millage allowed from the property tax without special vote you all know what the road Probably the next move would striptease artists and topless waitresses. The situation that prompted this initiative and the effect back to 20 mills. It will then be up to the Legislature to to hell is paved with. Here are to put forest land, or mountal~ . . • its passage would have on state tax revenues is very reassign those 20 mills, some of the things Initiative 43, cabin,, sites,. ,,undert "the" same sort~. Copies of Initiative 43 Bad thing: Congress has passed a law allowing law officers complicated. One wonders how many of the people who have It could do this by cutting the state public assistance despite its good intentions, would protectwe nchons .... to enter private premises without knocking, another example signed the petition for it are aware of the problems involved, millage back from two mills to one. That would cost the do: If YOu own property within being circulated now, of the deterioration of civility and good manners in this It all came about because the State Supreme Corot public assistance program some $40 million that the 500 feet (about two blocks) of signatures, all over the state. ordered assessors to start taxing property at the 50 per ce t Legislature would have to find somewhere else. the ocean, or ANy river, lake, the most p~rt, they are country today, of true and f 'r value specified by the Constitution. The Legislature could leave public assistance alone, and creek, stream, pond or reservoir - circulated by good, Good thing: In Pine Island, Minnesota, it is illegal for a Previously, assessors had been taxing at approximately take a mill away from cities, or counties, or junior taxing either natural or manmade - people, your neighbors at man to pass a cow without tipping his hat, and in Waterloo, half that. Most of them figured they were assessing at 25 per districts• This would mean cities or counties or libraries and ANYWHEREpropertywould•in thebe state,put underY°Ur honestlyandat workumwareWe thinkof thethey Nebraska, there is a law on the books which prohibits barbers cent of value, at least, although the state figured they were fire districts and port districts would get less money to extremely restrictive controls Initiative 43 would do to from eating onions between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. considerably below, most around 18 and 19 per cent. operate on than they get now. administered by the Department and to them.At this time the , . . . There has long been the 40-mill property tax limit, of The Legislature could reduce all millage proportionately of Ecology out of Olympia, defense aflainst Initiative course. It has prevented taxes on property going above 40 to remain within the 20-mill limit, through a very complicated petitionsW°Uldbe todeclineardexplaint° signto Bad thing: The State of Washington is on the verge of mills without a vote of the people. It appears likely that Initiative 44 has the necessary procedure• If YOu want to sell your why Initiati~ 43 is unfair. bankruptcy. Those mills have been allocated among schools, cities, signatures, property, you could not even If you your friends Good thing: The Washington State Legislature convenescounties, junior taxing districts, and public assistance up to a If the Legislature rejects Initiative 44, it will be put to a guarantee the buyer that he and signed petition next Monday to solve all the problems, total of 40. direct vote of the people at the next election, his family could live in the house knowing the damage which When the Supreme Court upheld the 50 per cent ruling, If it writes an alternative, both Initiative 44 and the lie bought, result, you ire within your the take from property taxes could have been doubled. To Legislature's action will go to a popular vote. nearOr'theif yOUwater,haVeyouan unbuiltcouldnotl°t signaturest°ask rCspectfullYb~withdrawn.that prevent this, the Legislature cut in half the maximum millage If it adopts Initiative 44 as it stands, the Legislature will guarantee a buyer that he could We all want to protect assigned to each of the local units of government. Cities were have the problem of trying to find the $70 or $80 million ever get permission to build a shorelines For the future• allocated eight mills instead of 16; counties got four instead now coming in from the property tax that will be missing, house or Summer cabin on it, even there MUS? be a better way of eight;junior taxing districts got three instead of six, etc. That's on top of the estimated $250 million to $500 million for his OWn use. (Imagine what the harsh, penalizing, ant that does to resale values.) provisicns ff Initiative 43. You'd think this would simply put a 20-mill limit on in new revenue that has been estimated as being needed to If you have invested in Vivian taxes, which, collected at twice the previous rate would leave just maintain the current level of state services in the next the dollar take and dollar tax the same. two years. I am puzzled and upset.., by the shutting out reality, rather than But it didn't work out that way. This is a dilemma facing not only the Legislature, but also Mmost obsessive interest in sports heightening it,.. Ironically, our taken by the averaBe adult obsession with professional athletics The state has always collected its two mills for public the people of the state. Am ican male. not only makes us mentally limited assistance at the 50 per cent assessment level. The Legislature Washingtonians may talk a lot about "no new taxes," but and conversationally dull, it also didn't cut back this millage to one, so under the supposedly it is unlikely a majority will be satisfied with the decline in Editor, The Journal: nice and :houghtful of you Enclosed is a copy of a letter I take care ff yourself and all Athletics is one strand in life, and keeps us physically inert - thus 20-mill limit, the state went on collecting two mills for public level of state services a no-new-tax policy will produce. even the ancient Greek philosophers violating the very reason men began mailed to Gov. Evans. other nice ~aen we elected. recol~aia~d its importance. But it engaging in athletic competitions, assistance, just as it always had. That added a mill to the 20. Where can the Legislature turn for the taxes? Dear Mr. Governor: You s e, you did me a isby no means the whole web, as it is tempting.to call this national Since 1967, schools have been allowed to collect two of People have turned down a tax on those most able to pay ManY people are cursing you favor and I want to thank it seems to be in our society. If malaise of "spectatoritis" childish - their 14 mills at the state rate, and the Legislature didn't cut (the income tax). because of unemployment, your But could I find out one American men are not talking except that children have more that back, either. That added another mill. They're apparently about to close the door on further austerity program, etc. But not thing frorr you? Which busin--~, they are talking sports, sense, and would rather run out or they are not talking at all. and play themselves. So this year the property tax is being levied on 22 millsat income from the property tax (although Washingtonians are me Mr. Evans, I m thanking you. you running for next time? I want to thank YOu for see Mr. evans, I'm sorta Sydney J. Harris an assessment level of 50 per cent instead of the 20 mills that 28th down the line among states in the level of property tax closing those nasty State Parks working al the time, paying ... Most men seem to use cam- Chicago Daily News you might expect, they pay). and those awful institutions and my bills, and being honest mercial sportsas a kind of narcotic, Next year the total will bedown to 21 mills, because the There are nuisance tax alternatives, such as increasing the all other cut backs. It was just all that oll fashioned stuff authority to levy the two school mills at the state rate will tax on cigarettes, but their yield is small and even doubling peachy of you to help raise the like to ran for an office have expired. If Initiative 44 passes, there's little likelihood such taxes would be only a drop in the bucket to what is wages of those nice Senators and know if Iran against you I'd this avenue could be reopened. That will be a loss of $40 needed (the cigarette tax yields about $16 million),guys.JudgeSAndandthatall wonderfulth°seOtherjobniCeof heardY°Ueasy evenof ~e. though no million f or schools- Unless Washington rolls back its level of services remodeling those offices and Ther sjust one thin These 22 and 21 mill levies are possible because the drastically, it appears that the sales tax is in for another those nice new buildings. They me. I voted for you last time EDITOR AND PUBLISHER ...................... Henry G. Gay Legislature didn't cut the total millage back to 20. It ust whopping increase, are just beautiful. Those awful maybe tte public will forgive halved the millage assigned to each governmental unit. From The Wenatchee Daily WorldState hospitals didn'!, need_ any Lloyd Mailing/~:ldres$: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 Under the Constitution, it could go ahead and assign 18 money a~Yway did they? It was so lton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, January 7, 1970