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January 9, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 9, 1941

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l l s‘).\ Page 'I‘v‘vo Olympia , Shelton ' Handicap 99‘ Handicap 000 1E. Clark 383 H. Ferrier 611 l. Lambert 425 Peterson 398; a an. M. Kinnard 414fM. Kubik 376 A. Lowe 307 J_ Starwich 350 'i. O‘Bilien 425. M. Stewart 431; Admission ............ .. 35¢ and 10¢ (be ancient form. _.v____7 California’s Moving Mountain Keeps {Shelton Cam Ladies _ Beat Olympia Sisters Led by Hazel Ferrier, who shot in handsome 511 total, the fem- inine Cammarano squad of Shel- ton squeezed out a 13-pin victory over their Cammarano sisters from Olympia on the Shelton Rec— reation alleys last week. Dillon 681684 58:) 20515674 762 630 2056; Bonus Nite indians Originals Lacrosse Modern lacrosse originated from the stickball game of the Norm. Carolina Cherokees, who still r. ,“ Dancing 9:30 ’till 1:30 Mahomet may be calling, for the famous shifting mountain at Point Fir range Home Etc Tour In Shelton Valley Jan. 16th By Una Winsor Shelton Volley, Jan. 8. --e A day both pleasant and instructive is: in store for grunge members of I Pirates Take On ‘ Aberdeen Lineup Here On Sunday I Another strong—opponent will' 'take the floor to test the mettle of the Pantorium Pirates, whol .1, l l l l have state A.A.U. tournament as-I Pirate reserve lineup in 'the first (my mnumy 16 from 10 a. m l sula during Which stops for games I at Forks and Port Angeles Friday and Saturday“ are scheduled. I.0.0.F’., Rebekahs To Install Jointly Friday Joint public install tion‘ cere-l This is an opportunity to learn about the grange home economicsK projects and to exchange ideas.’ If you have fancywork which you think might interest others, or; THANKS far Making us STRONG “HEM-TH“--- .. Little children with strong bones and healthy1 by the Odd Fellows and Rebekah ' . 7 ' ' ~ ,~ lodges of Shelton in the I. O. O. F. 'bodies, can Well givethanks for then own we zhan starting at eight “lock being and their family s. We supply the milk I , v, - . I The Junior Odd Fellows lodge that builds health. will also install its new officers, 4'- E D I R Y 1 ‘at the same time. Junior officers. or exchange. pencil for notes, Bring paper pins, scissors and terns trend the old ones you may see. crochet hooks, thread and. anything else you need. Those in charge will be happy to give! complete instructions for making every article. Baking demonstrations will be conducted by Anna Johnson pointers on making delicious bak- ed products from grunge flour and U&I sugar given. . A potluck dinner will befi‘served, at the meeting, advises Lucy Ed-l . miston, Pomona, grange home eco- .-{nomics chairman for the past ‘ year. ' Mrs. J. A. Roles of Shelton vis- include Don Ruff, chief ruler; Joe} Kneeland, deputy ruler; Vernon‘; Whittle. corresponding secretaryw Roger Eads, financial secretary; and Lester Joslin, treasurer. ited one afternoon last week at the \Vinocr home. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bollingl from the Isabella Valley," spentl New Year’s Eve at the Highlands with Mrs. {Signe Knecland, Mrs. Clark Dosch called on . Mrs. Vcarl Bennett and Mrs. ‘ Charley Baker Friday evening. The New Year’s: Eve dance giv- en here by the S. V. Dance club, SHELTON-MASQN COUNTY JOURNAII CS. scoring uni i circuit, too. they’re crcdi Elliott with being one of the mos . improved players in the league it 5 this- year. AZ‘OLOGIEZ JG ltollin’ Along: min, near Los Angeles, is on the move again. Heavy rains and pounding ocean ground swells caused new sinking of the ground, widening the large cracks in the earth and further breaking up ruined highway on the ocean bluff. SNIPER if he keeps hitting ‘em at his So far this season husky Visit, his last two games Vv'elt scored 13 points of a possible 15 from; the foul line, getting five of sixf last Thursday night the L. M.‘ upset McConkey Pharmacy in ov- new ideas, bring them for display ertimo, and six. out of Seven Me- and day night against Kimhel Oil. has never missed more than twol newspapers, for cutting new pat- foul shots in any single game. Elliott has scored a total of 80 points in the wr. games.I . has played so far, nalf coming from those successful free toss- Ho second only to iii Around the In t1": snmrn'vgk events; for 184‘) liner c: coetcfl :1 't :istakonly r." ntii 'v Highcliml or through :2 win with its v.1 mity That’s it ends; Won tum gum year, which comp record of any of th. ton school hurlioiirall t( ...?h:’ l' in drew :1 )rd crowd, with every- 7.2-1;- one hav 5 l good time, and no —-~- trouble reported. Y 22" THEY’RE (9091) Mr. and Mrs_ J. A. Shafcr wcrc' If anyone doubted the '3- ‘upper guests Sunday evening of Of 1110 @1191“ C1103“ '* .Mi. and Mrs. R. lil. Grcnbcr in WhU Strut their 311 Gun“ “ , Shelton. iFtcr . an evening of conti . Mr. "~ (1 ‘w’frs. Howard Robinson all enjoyed _nesday evening to Olympia where she is employed at a photograph- - . er’s .I Miss Dorothy Rice of Shelton ,and Dick McGee from the Ar— .' :lcadia Road called on Ardice Ben- ;nett New Year’s night. i Mr. and Mrs-.,R. R. Phillips were gout from Shelton Sunday eve-i l l '. } ,Mrs.~ Ira Fort returned VVed- l l f—l8¢ 5c Vicks lil’apo Rub 59¢ 60¢ SERUTAN 49¢ $1.20 SERUTAN . 98¢ ' ’ Famous POCKET BOOKS 25¢ $1 Gardenia Dusting POWDER 69¢ $1.00 ITALIAN BALM 89¢ ., ning for a visit with Mrs. Signe' , Kneeland. ‘ ‘ Mrs. Charley Baker and daugh: (1 ter Jean visited at Echo Farm Fri- Eday evening. ' Gordon. Bennett left Thursday .- ion a ten-day pack-horse ' trip 500 Celect Cleansing TISSUES 19¢ $1.50 Cocktail SHAKER 69¢ . lnorthwest of the Cushman dam ,iwith a party of surveyors» from ,the Simpson Logging company. , Those present Thursday at the v. . meeting of the Home Sewing club ‘were Mrs. Myrvan Wivell," Mrs. 1 Alice McIlquaham, Mrs. ‘ Oliver, :Constable and children Marjorie “ 1and Richard, Mrs. Bob" Evans, f- ‘ ers. Peter Bolling, Mrs. Mell Sae- ‘ V lger and Jeanne Saeger from the lIsabclla Valley, Mrs. Dewey Ben- __ 1nett and Ava and Una Winsor. , Mrs. Signe Kneeland had as: gher dinner guests New Year’s lDay, Joe Kneeland of Hoodsport‘ and his cousin, Don DeRosier ofl i Shelton, , Ardice Bennett returned to Se- lattle Friday evening after spend-I I 75¢ DOAN’S PILLS 59¢ 75¢ 100 Bayer ASPIRIN 59¢ t. Light Russian 1 MINERAL OIL 49¢ 2 qt. IT WILL BE RIGHT OVER 0 Our service on prescrip- iton filling is prompt as we” as accurate, you can Try Some ing the holidays at Echo Farm. count on us in an emer_ FRESH ROASTED NUTS } Mrs. J. A. Shafer visited with' gency' Ca” 303. . 1Mrs. H. A. Winsoz and family TONIGHT ,Monday afternoon. l Two' men were ,‘seatedx‘dn a. scrowded Seattle Bus. ,O‘he no- / i . ‘ cConkey , , "eyes ClQSEd, said: “Jim, are you Phone 303 We Deliver . {feeling well?" , . I, 1: ,“I'm all right," said Jim, “but ' I do hate tosee ladies standing?“ in itv, at the achievement of the cushy Shelton Jo. u '1, Fry if) for it should have been Donors Thanked l ‘ ‘i or Ada Ba tt, su~ 3 ' \x’v'l’A reL, ‘vtitioi; l a ‘ and rcpnir‘ added. t7 the l the I 119‘s hit wrong, tl‘o we hi; ed! ‘ n V») a ‘ _ 1' x i rogect Worker. 't: l.li;iiil;7svl.‘(> everyone for ion: of toys and clothe" in s time was expressed; any old fur»- cr inatt— i‘od oirl made . (atribution to the needy of Mason County. and clothe" .. large to bring to quarters in the Social. building, will be picked nip by a truck it" the donor will. ,telonhone 200, Mrs. Bassett saidf “Our local needy families will Ircceive there renovated articles lwithout charge after they have been re aired and made usable,” Mrs. Bassett explained. we heard about the was taking a civil‘ . illl‘ ll for the job of: Chilci'. One of the ques- was: "E'Icw far is it from‘ i he cart, to the Sun?” l The old darky looked frighten- Ied and exclaimed: “If you all is igwintcr put me on that route, ‘lze resignin’ befo’ I begins.” idelinei 87,: g DlCKlE mental hazard than actual, he continues. l pirations this year, when the ‘Mason County, well as their, ‘i'csent pace they’ll be hangingl Aberdeen Coach Waynrc Toi.' ‘Casey Hardware quintet of Ab- neighbors and friends who are in- i the title of foul mot Cup my.“ , vane“ isn’t Worrich J00 says, over erdeen comes here for a pair of terested, when the state grange on Walt Elliott, Jr., the col—{the Bobcats' traveling games. for ‘games Sunday. afternoon in Lin- home economics tourkunder thcilege football player who is fili‘l'lhc has his squad practice part coln gym starting at 2:30 0c10ck.‘ capable lcadcrsrnp of DlStCl‘ Alinalabsorbing the mic: palms of {119% each day on a. couple 9f con‘ . . . . ~Slavin of Y iiima, state gran e, "'-\“\.r" C ' n: . i i The hay-aware club ls brlng‘ingi N d ‘ K“. n '3‘ g“ gdme Cf bd§1‘LLI-’~Ul cf 3 {‘3 mpL :vcntional backboards Which nang two full S uads so will 1m, home cCOdlufllC: .iman, meat: of the L. M. team in the eityém the Aberdeen gym and they q p -’ ‘ here at the hall next week, Thurs- league. thlt .em as consistently with cue as the other. ame. Casey Hardware plays in .._ , Cl.” . w” . I ‘ghe Inter-City league on Grays1 $114 Ignm-Afiff‘ggglgéf‘ has Sonnected‘ 101118 foul shots"; Randich says visiting team‘s Harbor. The teams Shelton ap- macro flo‘u“ agd bgd‘guwv‘ahnL in 2a tr1ps‘to the free throw woum fOY-gct the “mental hazard” g pearance will wind ufi a threeugniftf .n: 3, 1 it” 1 .,..f“,—.,.,..”.i ,. liner WhICh ’3 51 dCWH-Ught Tenet the new backboards if they'd‘ {day tour of the Olympic Penin- “M W a” “M” c“ Spectahle Percentagc Of COUVCI'-fecncentrate on hitting the. hoop A s10ns in any mans league. In instead of the board, which is 1probably not far from the truth at that. BUILDING PROGRAM If stiff competition will strengthen a ,torium Pirates U “the were last. i y On the calendar coming Commercial League here); of the exhibition Battery iE Li‘Dctef' 1 quarters Honey Firewecd ’WE RE nenevation 21.0"ri’cg‘z,iti(>ri§ C help team, then the Pan— ; should be ready! .in greater degree for their AA. competition this year than (LT‘C ggnmeo already scheduled or ttn— ltatively hanging fire with such. iteuins Casey Hardware, Inter- Bin :- City League club from Aberdeen; Somers, veteran forward who used l (hr: RuR‘R-sz UllbcatSH in Seat-i : to lay supervarsity hz‘l at and Unigcrsity of \‘v’ashingicn, as aiBm‘nett and a t for the, L, M. team, lerii comprise this club, which will fat“: little city hoop play the preliminary to the Globe-, ng young (Lewis group of teach-5 ‘rlcad- ,3 Math ' Field Artillery in the Fort Lewis Thursday Tz’iil'umjv Fl, 19llll'5clilli ,-.. ..._-_. __, ,,-.____ ..-___._. ,__ > M. , cague; National L’ You'll have to TELL —‘ . “a, defending; Ch." Willlt to ‘3‘th —— Journal . \ let! p'u an her . in FORRESTS News of ()0 loge, Wiicn to settle the rate“; and the Heals, the nail . inino basketball team. The P' tcs have such strL: Clubs ', in)? Athletic Club, v.71..- the state A.A.U. tournament year; the Olympia Cammaranos, Centralia Junior College, and Val- ley Cleaners. That kind of competition should put the Pirates up to their peak if anything can. FOIL liVlvl'tY OCCASI Delivered a‘izivwlierer_ l l! South 101‘“ S, Shelton Cull llZ . WWW . 16' 1g swim roast Lamb b 1' mast. Vea il l l l l Boneless “Seeing is believing. night to mous basketball show ers' are the word‘s hall handlers . . . “Sonny Boswell, the beat 1011?; shooter this town has ever to gave the Trotters a. comforta lead and they were which moved so fast the era knew Where the ball was but the! 7~ Savidges, kingpins of the Seattle; The; I; Savidge boys were so paralyzed; by the Trotter legerdemain and; that they failed: ‘. Community league, didn‘t. close checking to score for ten minutes. A geod- I ly share of the 5,001,) fans who crammed Civic Auditorium last l.- watch the Harlem l Globetrotters put on i’lit‘ir fa— thought Some of the advance tales of the Trotters tricks were h'okum. By the time they left hey were convinced he dusky barnstornr greatest soon able; to go into their passing routine, Bonnie Best 011,, Isle E, 5 wdlv —— TOMATOES “Never lacking in urgenuiy‘ the Trotters showed, the fans a; ‘ different bunch of tricks than‘ large they have in previous appear~ can __________________ __ lances in Seattle.” SMALL TARGET From Joe Randich, Aberdeeni word through his column in the Aber- . small? :‘ backboards in the Aberdeen g admittedly are causing no little‘ and bringing some, . ,little complaint from rival Leams‘ .’ {playing the Bobcats. ' ' sports scrivener, comes deen World that the new, trouble for The new fan-shaped cent smaller in surface corners,” but the difficult}; hack- .3 boards, Joe admits, are 5‘: per— ‘ space than the conventional backboard. When trimmed of “unnecessary 'VfilJeams are having is more :1 46oz. ym 46-02. can .................. __ ri- amoanang? C 0. FISHER’S PANCAKE FLOUR, ___________________________ _________________ .. TOMATO JUICE can ........... Grapefruit'Juice 19¢ and 1.17:. .gmvi Mrs; a, ‘9M plump; professional hoop champn in Se— $1 Karoff of Shelion, dropped in at Echo atth TUCS’R‘Y £711 Wm” may , A» i Form New Year‘s; Eve to enjoy defeated the tw beet teams iu'_ ‘ T -, a. watch night party with tho the Seattle Community league on A. , , A$1'5.0' .1 ,WmV’JI‘ 311“ DCWCy Bennett fam- the same program, playing each, Glad" A La’flc ‘ m r merlcan ilies. Unfortunately, Mrs. lVin— t081111 one h‘dll'. l , V .(V ‘ ‘ LUNCH 801' was bitten with the flu bug The score was 47 to 23 and} u . news M ¢ Pint U.$.P. Norwegian . ‘ that (lay and had‘ to be emu-ted, could have been considerably high-' , I ()1) . :Mr. and Mrs. Vearl Bennett call— er han the Globetrotters desired, I . . I , I. ., .. » ed there during the evening and and still the Negro basketball" j. , V l/_,_ . 1 Roll Printed with pint ‘wished all a happy New Year. Wizards had the time and illCIina-l M J B, r /“ and developed Vacuum .Cards and visiting were enjoyed two to show a new array of; 4' gal. ................ .. kelyvs C with Bottle ‘ for several hours, fellowed .by re- Comedy antics to 5500 fani. the . . ghway T FREE —~c——-——————$138 pondvs _ fit‘eshlments, and as the clockzihlfii largest Cll'owél thih Globc- “ 'ke'lf’sT ' . 12 a chorus of cod wish- F0 eI‘S haVe P—flye t0 is 1 I“? Enlargement ‘, ¢ ‘ “CI g . l . .M. ,5 I .05. son. I V , > 1 in c Coupon )“ , As the Seattle Times described! “ I " ‘ . 3' Roast it: . - . TioN DEAL ' BIN A . . . . FISHER’S BLEND FLOUR ....................................... i __ gs; Guaranteed seuns * scabs. Your Choice APPLES box Full Shopping Bag onAneEs Fancy BANANAS? :4’lbsP I Shopping Bag calamari” ~' . ¢