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January 14, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 14, 1971

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t H o F i James D. Swindall Former Resident Mountain e r urs o Dies On Saturday Dies In Seattle _.. _o i r duc'n manynonpa.k over 700 n ded b., autho,zation is 4,-or ,3 D Sw nd l Cllmbln|l ; and | - positions we are keeping our park provides the places where rangers cent", stated Odegaard who went Saturday in Mason General Saturday in h ' mtures. | ' . full closures to five", stated Parks in closed parks can be transferred on to relate, "Nevertheless, by Hospital at the age of 65 years. Convalescent Hospital in Seattle. ~|aq~ ~ represm Director Charles Odegaard today, thus reducing, if not completely reducing non-field positions first, He was born March 7, 1905 in She was a former Shelton ~llqk4~ ~11 Envirn.nl~PSON SETS .......... Sites selected are those witheliminating, the need to terminate and to a level which gives meClintwood, Va., and had been aresident, and had lived in Seattle m mitiati~iNiN,, ........ ~nop nere on your shopping tnIJ most limited facilities plus where any rangers." serious concern, we have kept the resident of Shelton for 28 years, for the past 25 years. The Mountaineers, Olympia lournal t0 :_ t, thin weekend and see... . the visitor might go to nearby The five parks to be closed ranger reduction to a minimum2' He was formerly employed by She was born Dec. 23, 1894Branch, is offering a basic course ~nceptions~"n.pson nrnt~er Company The Rexall cut-your-cost parks. Also. their relationship as immediately and to remain so Partial closure: The partial Simpson Timber Co. at the in Superior, Wis. She was in mountain climbing starting at ttions ot~oe.gln a month-long series of -of-living sale is now in full swing to where major new and/or until further notice include: Bush peared in~orV2:[Y clevelopment training at PREPPS REXALL STORE. additional campgrounds will be Pacific - Pacific County (1~ closures in 26 areas has nothing to McCleary plant as a mill worker, employed for a total of 25 years 7:30 p.m. Feb. 25 in the do with a personnel reduction. It He was an army veteran of as a sales lady for the J.C. Penney Community Center, 1314 E. 4th, n~ mr zo members of the Thereare lotsofgoodies on sine mr built next biennium was a factor, camp sites ~'~ 000 visitors)' Lewis is actually in response to the more World War If, a member of the Co. in both Shelton and Seattle. Olympia. fit of con~]ngt,n logging staff which fantastically low prices, so make "This is a positive aspect which and Clark' ---'Lewis County (1"~ than 21 million users this past First Christian Church and of theShe is survived by a son ...... e . , ................... , ........ ~ ,. . ' lne course lneluQes six lic meet~e~started here today saidsure you put PREPPS on your needs to be considered too. camn site~ ]gnnn'vi~n-r~"~t~iof year which caused our rangers to Carpenters and Joiners Union of David J Carstairsolvotlatclatwo weekl ..... Ig NPlEnn]fihhe~2g~mnb~il;egg~2ngdm anager shpP~:g l~2te;f??Yur hrses and ]~ll:2iknSg t;1 ~n t:~)~c~;~tyiC:mitht:h: cK:2pkmi t e ).Vhl(~ ;1 ;;0C;nsti~o(rl ~. Therefore,earn considerableto give themVertime'their just McCleary. grandchildren" ' , a nro" ther, Joseph'' - chmbers~ y lectureSseven byfieldexpenenceOtnps, and atural I~~ program will consist of livestock? Then run int2 Corps of Engineers, there will be Scenic Beach Kilsap County due time off as well as to save Surviving are his wife Elsie of Neupauer' three sisters Mrs.three sc .... For early ~_day and Thursday sessions EVERGREEN LOAN more than 800 new camp sites (20 camp sites~7000 visitors) ' ..... ' , neautea expertence funds by not having to buy out the home; two sons, Victor A. Helen Sutton at earl rownsena, .. speake'rs~ugh Feb. 12, in which SPORTING GOODS on Caftan~ added in thirteen different Pend Orielle - Pend Orielletheir compensatory time, we are Swindall of Rockville, Md. andand Mrs. Ann Hunter and Miss cnmos. swer que~t~mbs, Norm Eveleth, They are the new dealers locations. Further thanks to County (36 camp sites, 51,000 putting nearly all of our one-man James D. Swindall, Shelton; four Sue Neupauer, both of Seattle. Fee for the course is $10 for 43 and -~ab e r 1 a n d s p e r s o n n e 1 Albers Feed. Also check them for understanding and cooperation by visitors). At the request of the deceased n o n- m e m b e rs and $6 for elineprote{lesentative, Hantz Rotz, tack, saddles and sporting goods, the Governor and the State "Insofar as the closures areparks on short weeks until April daughters, Mrs. Katherine Hougland, Monroe, Mich., Mrs. no funeral service was held, and members. 1, 1971. Should these parks have Maizie Reed of Grand Rapids, cremation" took place. Donations Si~n-u~sn or ~clttitic~nnl ~g)ng safety supervisor, of too... Legislature, there will be staff for concerned, there seems to be ahad the needed two-men staffs, Mich., Mrs. Jane E. Denoyier, were made to the Cancer Fund m information can be obtained from Frances~tOn; and Bob Edgers, Seattle, That's - 30 - for this week, each area when it opens", misunderstanding as to the reason this would not be necessary but, Tumwater, and Miss Judy K. lilt of flowers Mrs John C Eric di] ne tota" , .... rorat.e store Means-" Appropriations" K'~Y ;ele~i{~c L ,~Entg}egulatlOnTU.ak:w?nsgbYby basedon "an anl2;e~ttei ngutt haceTlle fiveper P2tbl{Cmlltntdr~;tcent reduction member of the American Legion. i~tml,lllt i'l/ :: o rnlatex[ ....... e lrl "l'nt 'erki sO nr' Rt. l S, ~nlng administrator have but remember what Philander Odegaard stated, adding, "This for the two types of closures", unfortanately, this is as is.Swindall of the home; eight Box 560, Olympia, or at the W.J. nea the agenda. Johnson once wrote about the not only provides a net gain of stated Odegaard who gave the Similar partial closure is also g r a n d c h i 1 d r e n ; o n e MEN ARE strong only s? long LynchPaint Co., 501 E. 4th, .,..JL ~lne logging supervisors will weather: ' Oh, what a blamed following two reasons: probable for the next two winters great-grandchild ; a brother, as they represent a strong idea. Olympia or by attending the I!11" ~r spokesman from the uncertain thing this pesky Full "ark closur ..... }s . ~ " c: the ilve as we do not foresee the addition Delbert Swindall of Clintwood; I|| earch and Accounting weather is; It blew and snew and __ _ full "ark closures ......... in its " t,' , ~.a,ctnelaststep three sisters,Mrs. Bernice theyopposelt-SigmundFreud F2bmu~i~ycaetntetr.he Olympia l~artments and the Industrial thenitthew andnow, byj" g,' Flll~vor|te in meeting the personnelcutback, of rangers in these areas. They become powerless when MountaineersmeetmgatV.30p.m. view i~lt:Onsstaff.' fr,z. ~m State Parks in this area which Fletcher, C,intwood, Mrs, Pearl will remain open seven days aCounts of Clinch Cove, Va., and in to aa .... P g m is to I~aw~Lq,~,o ~, instituted by all General Fund week are Beacon Rock, Belfair, BraskaPuckettofJenkins, Ky. ; o n t e x t,~'s~a~ present logging practices IO~.l~.. |~dF agencies w'ts of the staff on the I~--~ ~ ~ Lee and Ion et~eC--ndmns with better SCOUTS 1ro i1~ _ ~o I | payroll as of Sept. 30, 1970. Any Lake Cushman and Dosewallips. The Rev. Ed Chamberlain Twanoh State Park will be open officiated at a service held at 1 n$ith igntl~rnunica~oVsn at, phases of --*a ~,~ , *,! ~e ~|cKea vacancies at that time are over for day use seven days a week, pm Tuesday in the First Christian . '.~ *** #I~111~ q~OOl~W||| y , and beyondthe five per cent. In but, the canlp grounds will be Church. Burial was in the veterans , /PAIN1 t: destro~ . . bung readers ol Shelton, our case the total number which closed until April I. , n had a ~sCOR~-- Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts anow~th others of the Pacific must become vacant or be ke"t Potlatch and Schafer Statesection of Shelton Memorial Park. NOW i$ the time ~ ....,.K a N " " " v Donations to the First ~llled.~o. Explorers in Mason County "re orthwest, are taking anothervacant from our orioinal 1969 7 Southeast~fflnce Sunday, winter has taking part in the annual Boyfling at choosing "the book l like ~, . - . Parks will be open from Friday Christian Church or to Mason ! to pail3t the in- ~ NOW! noon to Monday noon only. The General ltospital Coronary (;are I torPor of your ..... " ingtosav~Cenaea on us like a huge Scout Goodwill Good Turn best." Since 1940 youngsters of water access at Jarrels Cove State Unit were suggested in lieu of Thief NiX~[aln :.. of snow that is. Andproject, grades four through eight of the Park is open, and, the land access flowers. L ~intocor~ ot ~t. Up to eight inches in Goodwill bags were Northwest states (Alaska, Idaho, ~..I]-LA A..J Ill[ e areas and more on the wdst ~ m the Montana Ore on and I UI[IIt (jGI it possiq' ay i r'buted to homes" , g will openApfil 1. home with.... ps from tG .... Shelton and Hoodsport areas last Washington) and British Columbia I~ ., re peal~nwe~kptdunnt la]~ it stop you Saturday and will be picked up !lave participated in an annual rermll" ~~ orld. Jil-" g the bargains this Saturday. 'election" to select the most Too Late to Classify concept t~leln Shelton and Mason The bags are left at homes in popular children's book published I~ A~b-,,-I Alfred H. Clarke the rle ~nty' Just a few f them are the area and residents are asked t within the three previus years' |'~ r'~o t~'~%'l I1 II PA necessit~ fill them with items which might and the author of that volume has Application has been received BACKHOE OPERATOR ~th Dies In Hospital i ersal o!tt~R,oE!ledge., manager of_be used in the Goodwill Industries been presented the Young by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supervisory experience and laying ,-% lSI1Oldln a White sale r o r roVldlng Re ' price of gl~u,,h ,~. , g P g ares for p " " aders Choice Award at the Seattle office from Mel Avery, pipe. 426-3300. 1_1/14 Alfred H. (Buck)Clarke, 222 [,~ tms weekend only. Better employment and training for annual meeting of the PacificP.E. DEVCO Engineering, Inc.,-------CARD OF THANKS So. 10th, died January 6 in Mason ]~ ~.. lO0's of Custom Iact, .... apF]kaindrY as ........ there are some fabulous handiea,,,,ed~v v"ersons. . Northwest Library Assoctatmn.550 S.W. Fifth Street, Corvalhs,We wish to thank the General Hospital. He was 66 years II ~ ~ ~ Colors available in.. ewer the ~"_ ~yuu can capture... . :scouts will start collecting the The "election" is sponsored by Ore. on behalf of Robert M. unknown party, whom we hailedold. =s, even ~e~i:~ng Ior a good buy in bags about 9:30 am Saturday the Children and Young AdultsSlettedahl, for Department of the at 2:30 a.m., Jan. 8 on Mt. View, He was born Sept. 21, 1904 in sidering~,~ ~g. ~oo~_ no further than from homes to which they haveDivision of PNLA. Army ,,ernait to construct .~when our car failed, who then aALES. Maria er Jerr been deliv " " - ' t' . . , took my husband on to the Spokane, and had lived in this t have ~lo hao * ..... g Y ,.~. pred. Nommees fo~ the 1971 award, bulkhead and place fill in ttood hospital. We appreciate this kind area for the past 40 years. He was ,r the Unit- 2 ,,,v-nOtCh buys just l he goal of the local Scout selected by children's and school Canal near Tahu a The a licant act. Also, thanks to the police for a veteran of World War II and a : Paints. mg mr you th ..... " ' Y " PP their assistance in getting the car I~ been kill[t:.2.~ced- even further thanat henormalhaS itemsgrupSin lsit fa bag.~ returnedn 80w~ther librarians m. the PNLA. area are' has advised that the purpose of started and delivering to the humamt rom more tha P The hi h Km b Llo d fount" price uon~" 't w ' " c g g Y Y the [ roposed work is for private hospital. He was an auto parts manager.I~ ............ , I[ Open 8 a.m to | ,,at =, al l " on th s ent of the homes in the areas.Alexander; Mystery of the Fat residence construction Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lechot & Survivors include his wife : | M 5:30 p.m. "" .......a ........ | on. thru Sat. J ychl~ne~ the sale ends next. ~uay covered in the distribution. . Cat by . Frank Bonham" Ann , Interested t, ~'arties are , Family. 1/14 Flrence f the hme; cusins jl , ,~e~!k e!Ur ji ~ w~n per ----~I;O s us, lil~,@.^ . "'" ... After the bags are p~cked up, Aureha and Dorothy by Natalierequested to submit in writin~ Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson of ----- " . _ j .c January ~2learance sale is they are taken to a central noint Carlson' Pool of Fire b John ~ "~ ar~tla~, o ........... ~ ,- , Y any comments or obmctmns thatWANT PLAYMATES -- have two Shelton, Mrs. F.H. Pearson of tsualty li~N~'-at- eveRGREEN DRUGhere where they are loaded onChristopher; Ramona the Pest by thev mav have to the nronosedchildren of my own, reasonable Campbell River, B.C., and ,~--~K and owner Ken trucks to be transnorted to Beverly Clear ; Journe frOer~ :%krmTihedi~,'", ' " included, 426-3246. W1/14-2/4 Father Gabriel officiated at a t~ " y , ~i!t8iL~p3]!wh,?!]:~S]Cl?oaaorn~ :!~s~~ ?:$~:211tle?peratmns in TacmaieaePrjpiiy~initiS:._rw~Y!idybYEEsdcM!~id~]b~isai~i~dw~i~hiirates, license and references numerous others. EX-CCE--~kE--N~T ~ service held in the Batstone 1332 Olympic Hwy. S. 426-4522 e . ~ that s ...... a 'Y ; 'P impact of the proposed work on water, electricity, septic tank, Funeral Home at 11 a.m. Friday. ter'L72husb~'"fd~v ar~c ,p, eCmtone bray ! So~tem'n saleshopaS W~tch Mountain by Alexander the public interest. Factors children,Semi'landscaped'l:tl/14.2/453500 cash.Gd 877-5832.Place for Burialpark. was in Shelton Memorial /~ ~1 I ] m tiet,,~,'-" .,.~I~rn'iediG- .-., Hamlin, owner, of bandison Is Jean" Little' 'Kav~k" the ~Wolf Do na:;~" atton, fl h ' . 2j,,t.tr~ S HOBBY & TOY, has a ~'~ r ; ' , " g g" " ~ "s and wildlife, !raction~l:ial close ......, .. ~Jn l,,,ommlttees by Walt Morey; The Year of the water quality, economics, lied a C~ers T~,.-~~ price on pmsnc _ Jeep by Keith Robertson; conservation, aesthetics, ......,h,,,,,in _li~,-,~tup'.m"~Cand aret mighty pretty, State Sen. Gordon. Sandison Veronica Ganz by_ Marilyn Sachs', recreation, water supply, flood ~S" ake a gander... (D-Port Angeles) will serve as Eyes in the Fishbowl bv Zilpha damage prevention, ecosystems, In onlY[Ednce~ !927, MELL chairman of the Senate Snyder" Pirate's Island [9 John and, in general, the needs and -.,~----,-,,~u~ has been serving Committee on Higher Education owns ~ ~ed Y Mma welfare of the 'sburg ~nlmle of m,~, ..... -- ..... T "end: Tt~ -out by ~ ~people. in-s obli~nt ...... ?-~t.u,n ane Masontms sessmn, btate Sen. Robert C. Wojciechowska. Comments on these factors ~. -,~:~ y. wen, you ve changed and Bailey majority caucus chairman Yo . "ast their will be accc nation,-w ve ,,,,,~,a ~ ....... ,,' . , un readers canc :', ted and made art of , cn,,,~., out one tl3ing said mis weeK. g , ublic the re- - .P - P 9gressed~'t. You still can vet .... a c~,~, ..... : ....... ballotsat school or p .~ . , cold and will be considered o '~ buuU itv* o~blglllllelltS iOr at me In Clef es six y~ from owne- a,, ~,, .... "-'~_.. . the libraries. Localresults " ermining whether it would ~ ,,,on ato m veteran24th District le x ~tted by be m asp 1 0 P g slatorelectro subm t , ~Y and see "7" " ...... " " n must be " ~ " he best public interest to InClUQe memoersnl S on Henlnger oI rant try witl~'Clint Harrindt ............ P the April 15 to Mrs. Irene ." g ' a permit. Replies to this , ~ ,,- manager oI t~omm~ttees on H~gnways, Nat nansh~p at the not~ ~NEy S sa,,s ,u,," ........... i ' ural the School of Libra " ~ ce should be mailed to reach . , s -,at vamp stin Kesources, eisneries and G ' " Washington, th :-lowng ~ilns somethin,, i, .................. . .., amp, University of , . e Corps Seattle office not later ~, ,,,--~ ana vame l-'UOllC institutions ana wa s the awara t ~ ' mrcasu~does have all ...... L ....... ' Y and secretary of . han F lb. 8 to insure ad news. ~ committee, for tab consideration. M'4 Bedding Rugs .Sheets *.Pillows .Electric Blankets *'Thermal Blankets SPECIAL!I ' 6 Available in several Colors ..................................... Green Shag -- Nylon -- Two Tone Sq. Yd. Installed with Foam Pad I SELF STICKING FLOOR TILE Armstrong and Kentile. Regularly 37 NOW Sq. Ft. INDOOR-OUTDOOR Several patterns and Colors. 12 feet wide. Sq. Yd. II I I $3.00 SQ. We have several roll-ends. Regularly from $5 to $7. NOW Sq. Yd. IIIII Yd. Installed with Foam Pad Beautiful nylon two-tone shag. Regularly $14.95 NOW 5 Sq. Yd. Installed With Foam Pad I III I FLOOR TILE Armstrong and Kentile Sq. Ft. Beautiful Nylon Two Tone Shags Many Colors Reg. $10.50 ................ NOW SALE PRICES GOOD JANUARY 14-20, 1971 Sq. Yd. Installed With Foam Pad I *.Towels .Dish Towels ttress Pads and Many others "J" and OI Hwy. N. Shelton 426-3264 Thursday, 14, /971 Shelton-Mason County Journal Page 5