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January 14, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 14, 1971

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Tell sted from Port Everglades, i letter written aboard ship Gulf of Mexico by Peggy t Kneeland reached Mason friends last week extolling |asures of life aboard a giant !ter on a world-circling :previous letter had been [ at Acapulco, Mexico. I/e're thrashing around ihere in the Gulf of Mexico hard day going thru the ha Canal yesterday, Mrs. [nd wrote. "I always love to early and see the sun rise Be Pacific and at the end of M. Knight S the day see it set over the Atlantic Ocean. It is a 50-mile trip taking eight hours. "The average toll for ocean going commercial ships is $6,651 based on net tons or 100 cubic feet of space generally usable for revenue purposes." She is traveling on the 18,000 ton Orient Overseas freighter Oriental Rio, which sails under Chinese registry. "When we reached the Galliard cut, narrowest part of the trip, we saw the Such, a ship of this line which sank a few weeks ago. The tremendous dredges and elg derricks had managed to get her out of harm's way and she and her cargo are well on the way to being salvaged. "I thought that this ship handled the trip very well from the passenger's standpoint Remember, she is primarily a cargo vessel, but we have priority over 12-passenger freighters and were able to go into the canal with almost minimum waiting. Lunch was served on deck by the pool, a most simple sandwich luncheon. Dinner was a barbecue on deck as we sailed into the dusk ge out of the Gatun locks and past the twinkling lights of Cristobal. i may sound like the all-American lunchmouth but I've never known such food on a ship. Great! "l bad a Christmas party Tuesday night before dinner and the appetizers ran the gamut from Won Tun to a special pizza that was a delight. Tuesday was also the day of our first cooking lesson. Actually, it dealt more with the philosophies of their art 2,300 years ago when Confueious said 'food means everything in life'. Few contemporary Chinese would dispute this. "Like many forms of art th~s one has its criteria: purity, sweetness, SlnOOthness, tenderness, texture, and color. Our teacher will go into the six Shelton High School nl By SIGRID CRABTREE government financial aid As the day of graduation information available for students draws closer, plans for the future interested in grants. are being formed in each senior's TOLd head. Among these plans many The (;iris" Club Tolo is being seniors are thinking of higherplanned for t:ebuary 13. This year education and ways of financing the Tolo will he a Sadie Hawkins it. Scholarships are one way in dance, l'he Tolo is a dance to which they can ease the burdenwhich girls invite boys. just a little. The Sadie Hawkins Dance is a There are many different more informal affair and dress scholarships available to students, consists of jeans, overalls, plaid Among them are the girls chlb shirts, etc. scholarship for a senior girl, the The dance features such coaches scholarship for a senior highlights as a "Marrying Sam" boy who plans to major m complete with fake marriage physical education, the ttonorlicenses. Society scholarships for a boy and DANCE girl, the Reed scholarship, Simpson scholarship, there are The Journalism class will be The public is invited to attend the event and admission is usually 25 cents per person. W1NNIE THE POOH Winnie the Pooh will be presented to Shelton grade schools starting Feb 27. After being presented to elementary students "Winnie" and cast will travel to Olympia to be presented to the elementary students at the Capital Theater. The play revolves around the antics of William Bear better known as Winnie the Pooh, his forest friends and Christopher Robin the little boy who befriends them. "'Winnie the Pooh's" cast includes: Vicki Bucklez senior as Owl; Nancy Maranville and Kathy Stickley, juniors will play the part of Piglet, and Dan Nye and Mike Bevis both seniors as the Donkey. The play was adapted by three members of the drama class, Julie Archer, Sandy Baskin and Terri Bostrom. SKI CLUB The Ski club went on an outing last Saturday. The club was formed last year but was finally put together this year. The club's officers are Bob Woods, President; Nancy Hembroff, Vice-president; Denise McKay, Secretary and Mark Wittenberg, Treasurer. The club's advisors are Bob Miller and Mark 5th & Franldin 426-3327 Here's an amazing offer: buy a Homelite E-Z chain saw--the lightest Homelite ever built--or any other new Homelite chain saw and we'll give you a top- quality, 100% Nylon jacket absolutely free! You'll wear this good-looking jacket for all outdoor activities--especially when you use your new Homelite chain saw these chilly days. So hurry on in. Offer is good only while the supply lasts. MOTOR SHOP ! 306 Olympic Hwy. S. 426-4602 These days, every car dealer is offering you a good deal, too. you a deal. Including us. Because we've got the best cars we The difference is, our deal includes more ever had this year, and we're going all ut than a car. to give you a better deal than you can get On cars delivered now through anywnere else. Plus the tv set. Februa 28, during our "What-Would- You-Do Special, American Motors will Maybe you don't expect this much from give you a General Electric 12-Inch a car dealer, but, if you had to mmpete Portable TV with any new car you buy with GM, Ford and Chrysler dealers, from us. what would you do? But that doesn't mean we won't give if you had to compe Ford and Chryg deder what would you do? rll,e Motors Dealers D 233 SOUTH FIRST ST., SHELTON, WASH. Thursday. January 14, 1970 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 13 :~mergency Ph. 426.2165 ,~ & Franklin St-'-426-3327 ~pen Daily 9:30 to 7:30 *~aturdays -- 9:30 to 6:00 t~.armacy is the science and art earned With the collection am=ration and Standardization of Ill= The dispensing Pharmacist ~Lbeen edUCated in drugs the" ~lcal Structures, their act n~r ~1 ~oSSlb,e effects. He keeDson J" i~;'n:~l?entar,um of drugs f'or f:' d expertise. Not as ~ll~dpas the treatment of past I--s -- but much more effective. |eil's 1sh scales were believed good tOOthache because of their !~arity to the front teeth. =~nd for headaches- walnuts. ~Urse, for their resemb ance of ~COnvolutions of the human ~he Pharmacist of today has a ~h mOre Complex and ~tifica ly or ented task than l_Of SimPly matching cures to ~nts because of their fanciful ~blances. tAnNcI ENT BELIEFS '~r of the earliest beliefs in '~lcine was that the Creator had ~(ed all objects beneficial to Cnnd~ and that every part of the I~'l~ OOdy had a corresponding i~'cme WOrld of Nature. ~lCr,d=in.glY, an ailment was I..d. -*,m some remedy that :~'l~led the diseased part. ]~"verwort was used in liver Wants because its leaf is sha ed la,,liver. Similarly, the lunn~vP~rt l?hS:dk/Or- respiratory ailments ,Wl~isease:'eywort employed for NElL FROM sAv~ UP TO GIFT GALLERY HURRYI ENDS SOONI throughout the United States.Department of Labor, are shown Statistics on conditions in the only as statistical totals. labor force, especially "on the Interviewers who will visit unemployed, are prime measures households in this area include of the economic health of theMrs. Roberta Curfman, Olympia, Nation. In November, for and Mrs. Alene Riehle, Tacoma. example, the survey indicated main regional styles of cooking vocational scholarships for sponsoring a dance Feb. 26 after Winnie Dennis Graves as the old Mitrovich. during his courses, in great hopes students interested in being dental the game. The dance will be held lady storyteller, Wendy Erhart .................... i that he can divert us from theassistants, beauticians, etc. There as a fund raising project in order senior and tlolly Manke, junior [ ................. ~ ~REN LILLIE ~at'snew? t Mary M. Knight basketball Mike Short and Steve Dudics 2Cantonese style most prevalent are science and engineering to add to the funds which the play the part of Tigger: Joe| ~ IL.I~Im earns are having a good season, points each and Norman Cook 1with Americans. I was a bit scholarships available for students class has to publish the mc(;lanahan and Rim. Nicklaus. | ~lLI~ii~ ,' le telephones are out of Dec. 18 the Owls played Wishkah point, o amused, however, for hespecified interested in these fields, the Highclilnber. both juniors, as Christopher| or spasmodic and roaring, and won 73 to 36 Ray Rothrock Jan. 5, the Varsity, Juni r barbecued cooking as only used in Zonta scholarship is available for LATIN CLUB Robin. | Kamilche Grange Hall , |not news. was high scmer with 18 points. Varsity and the girls' team all won cold weather. Last night it had to a girl, there are many more Other members of the cast i ~ ~e buses are on restricted Mike Sinclair made 16, John over North River. The Varsityhave been in the high nineties as scholarships available for seniors The Latin club held a is and running on an Miller l0 Nick lversen and Tim game ended with a 68 to 50 the poor cooks flung beautiful who need financial aid. There are post-Christmas party last include Linda Koch and Guy ~ : rvmry rlrSl[ O!/nlro , ~ate schedule. This was first Trimble '9, Larry Chappell 8,victory. High scorer was Larrysteaks over the flames, also programs in which jobs are Thursday to which they invitedtlodge both seniors as Rabbit ~ ,-..__. r: ...... q l)ehbie Shawver, senior anu ( q [~ut no longer so. [turner Floyd 2 and Roger Jeffries Chappel with 16 points then "'The passengers are a variedarranged for the students, there the facutt y and staff, Latin Barbara Bunch, junior as Kanga; ~ CAI=I I~r~A~f ' ~s snowing. Still no news. 1. Nick Iversen and Tim Trimble 14, group, of course, and all seem to are government grants and loans students and members of the Janet Myers and Dee Williamson, ~ dRl~liBJJulk/ t fuel company misread its The Junior Varsity also won Mike Sinclair 10, Ray Rothrock be well versed in travel. Most have available, too. Latin club. seniors will play the part of Roo; ( ~le and the school ran out their game 41 to 31. Brian 8, and Roger Jeffries, Pat Sinclair spent months on cruise ships and Seniors interested in applying GERMAN CLUB Jerry Jensen will play the part of IMusic by the Tune Topper= jl, and consequently, out of Brehmeyer was high scorer withand John Miller 2. have discovered the delights of for a scholarship should go and There will be a (;erman club ~ta. That's news. 14 points, Pat Sinclair' made 10,The Junior Varsity won 62 to cargo ships through a desire to talk to Mrs. Barbara Martin, mceting today after school in L ~tt drivers' education car is Normal Cook 5, Darl Goldy and41 with Brian Brehmeyer s:15g moreSpend aboutmre timethe variousin portScountriestO learn counselor.the student MrS.referenceMartinformsWillwhichgive Karnivalrder to beginMardi (;rasPlanSwhichfr willthe r ..... .,,i,..~,,..,i,..,i~ .,i,..,,~..,,~..,D..,i,..,m..,i,..,, ~ hrough its slippery paces in Curtis Hutson 4 and Richard 21 points, Richard Lilli ' and cultures. So far on this trip he must get filled out and bc held in Februar}. The ! CLOSE OUT/ ~rking lot while interested killie 2. Norman Cook 8, Randy Reeve 6,we've only stopped in Acapulco application forms for the Karnival -Mardi Gras is held in itors wait for the minor Dec. 19, the Owls played Steve Dudics5, Mark Welch 4 and and are heading for Port scholarships the student is conjunction with the l:rench~ a ' t ~rophe which never occurs. Quinault. It was cliff-hanger, with Darl Goldy 3. ! is a beautiful beautiful s p e c t a t ors for both sides The girls' game was a scary 14 Everglades, where we will take on eligible. The reference forms must Club. i" The snowfall has laid its screaming The teams were close to 13 victory, ttigh scorer was many more passengers, then after be filled out by two teachers and This year possible plans t stn c Flowers Ea. i ~n fields roads woods and all the way to the end, whenTeresa Graham with 8 points,three weeks at sea will get to Rio. one friend of the students family, include having a band if one can I HAMI IN S i i ln the gr'een-tangled woods Quinaultmade the telling shots followed by Becky Brehmeyer During this long stretch theThe reference forms should bebe found that will donate their Spanish classes should be turned in before the scholarship time. ~ee suddenly stands separate that finished the game with with 4, Beth Brehmeyer, and beneficial and I'm enjoying music applications aredue. Other features include games I ~ajestic, gowned in drapes of Quinault leading 60 to 57. High Audrey Beerbower made one appreciation classes. As I said last Mrs. Martin also has and of course (;erman and French I It is a time for laughing, scorer on the Owl team was Mike point each. HOBBY & TOY I ~alling and being glad we Sinclair with 16 points, Nick Jan. 8 and Jan 9 both brought week, this is the best bargain on foods will be sold throughout the 220 W. Cota 426-4529 ~ere we do. lversen 12, Ray Rothrock and disappointment in losses to the seas." evening. the student world of Larry Chappell 10, Tim Trimble Oakville and PeEII, but the teams As promised, Mrs. Kneeland Belfair Library L_ ........... .......... _,_,_,__., , the Student Council has 6, John Miller2 and Roger played so well that the difference enclosed a couple of recipes she ii,i shed dress codes to be Jeffries 1. in winning or losing was not the picked up on shipboard and Group To Meet SEARSI ROEBUCK and CO. :ed by Student Council and , The Senior Varsity played a real measurement of the quality passes them along to Mason dividual classes. The codes good game and fought hard, butof the game. County gourmets. The Friends of the Library at TO OPEN lost to Quinault 35 to 52. la ed Becauseof road and snow MIXED VEGETABLES Belfair will hold their January ~ys may grow sideburns so Dec. 29 the Owls p ~n meeting at the high school library CATA~-OG SA~-ES MERCHANT ITORE conditions there will be no PTO Pare six small turnips. LeaveJan. 19 at 8 pm. Plans for the they do not lengthen to aJoyce on the Owls' court, win " g meeting this week. whole. Cook in boiling water until January Family Film night which in Union, Washington [!. They may not grow with the unbelievable score of 75 The Board of directors met tender. Boil one package frozen will present a group of the films Here is an exceptional opportunity for a person interested in a sound business ~ches. ltair must not be long to 44. Ray Rothrock was high Jan. 11 and selected two new artichoke hearts until tender, available through the Timberland arrangement who desires to operate as an independent merchant, in a downtown location to p to brush the collar, scorer with 19 points, then Nick teachers' aids to begin work Jan. Drain turnips and artichokes and Library this year are to be serve Sears customers. ~ere is no restriction on the lversen and Mike Sinclair 12~ 21. Mrs. Melba Trenckmann was set aside. Now, in a skillet put 1 completed. Write today for further information to: ~ of girls' hair. Larry Chappell 11 John Mille selected to aid in the lunchroom tbsp. oil and saute V2 lb. Anyone interested in helping SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. ~rls may wear slacks when 10, t|omer Floyd 5 and Richardand other duties, mushroom caps 1 minute. Add improve library services in the T.d. Leahy, Regional Merchant Program Manager ~eather is foul, but they must Lillie 2. Leonard Evans was hired as turnips and artichoke and 1 tsp. area is welcome to attend. 2465 Utah Ave. South, Seattle, Washington 98134 (19-3) ~an and neat. There will be The Junior Varsity also took bus driver to replace Jean Crapo, curry. Serve piping hot. ~ " ~ , i ,, , i ~liberately sloppy jeans or their game 51 to 40. High score who moved to Seattle. He will wear either for boys or girls, was again Brain Brehmeyer with also be a teachers' Aide. COCOANUT CUSTARD le is to go barefoot. 18 points, Randy Reeve with 16, Rev. Leslie D. Drake was (6 Servings) ~irt_ lengths for girls were not Richard Lillie 10, Bob Crabtree, hired as relief driver for the buses. 1 cup skim milk ':;e0 ~,e s,an~a~ ,s 3 eggs (beaten) l cup orange juice e Student Council also Census To Ask About l tbsp. grated cocoanut {kted to Denise Avery the job 1/4 cup sugar ~earing before the Board of pl'-,yl, a 1/8 tsp. salt substitute |rs to seek approval of th Em ment In Are Preheat oven to 325 deg. e ~ of conduct and plan for Combine all ingredients and blend ~nt government of the A number of households in that there were 4.6 million well. Pour mixture into custard ~ed student lounge, this area will take part in aunemployed persons looking for cups and place in pan of hot _~e Board has given its nationwide survey on work. Unemployment had moved water. Bake until a silver knife ,~al for renovation of the old employment and unemployment up from a seasonally adjusted rate inserted in center comes out room for the lounge. It also to be conducted the week of of 5.6 per cent in October to 5.8 clean, 40-50 minutes. Serve hot or January 18-23 by the Bureau of per cent in November the highest cold. ~ed the plan for government the Census, John E. Tharaldson level since May 1963.'The overall ~Omplimented the students The pastries and deserts are ~eir effort. The renovation Director of the Bureau's regionai employment situation continued fabulous. office in Seattle announced to reflect the impact of the I I ~rnishing of the lounge will today, automobile strike, which did not to the students. The Board This is a continuing SUrveyend until after the November W i~ it clear that while they which the Census Bureau has been survey period .... ~ved the project, that 0 ~oval was subject to conducting each month since Facts about individuals Geta uall 1942. Households are selected by collected in the survey are held awat if the Privilege .was scientific methods to represent a confidential by law; the results, AcEi0fl Jacket cross section of all households which are published by the U.S,