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January 16, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 16, 1941

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\ 1113 January lo, l‘J-ll. ‘H in 1mm ASON couN'rY JOURNAD ,. 1" ran ‘ I , ange 'r ; VI , the -. . , I, p I h FINE A BUYEW USE ' AWL-ADS E ~ i ‘ -- dillg l “x I ' ——-————-—-— ; Gr 1 M‘*~-——-—— -»—« —~» ~-——— ~— ~~ me w mm»— - —r—-—~~ ——-~ ————-——— « w» s.» — ~ ~—— —- —» ~—-—————— —-- — I ~—— t...” " >011 m "wvm mv vvv-vv “WW”. W m ' . “V T D D d ‘9'vava vv V“ “..mm' 'm-..mm. m 0:; g E 3WNEil‘SHL IS. A?” SWER - d l n l B : Real Estate ClaSSlfled Seerce For Rent ll RATES t. r . 3pm DEFENSE OF THE N 1 e E El e l ’ umummmw-u» me». o . m-mmumuu-w 0.. Classified Advertisements nd b0 ' " 'r t i 12 a e 7—10 ‘ rent an rooms . oo 0- ms '1 i, .e ' " s : DICKIE ! rigged, Cheap: 01L ,1 cation. Very reasonable. Golds— quent insertion. Mini mum m ‘ i at $235000 cash 01” $2,500.00l '1 borough Apts, Second and Knee- charge 300. 150“ l i terms. House at east end of! Guaranteed to Heat. land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf. Classified advertise:,,ents ac_ ton I: ENOT ALL COMEDY ' The Harlem part of the team'h; Dearborn Street on Hillcrest. L. our Home a. Y_ ! cepted over the telephone from g the g In some circles the Harlem non dc plume is there purely for L. Dickinson, Hoodsport. y Journal Want-Ads are may”)? phone subscribers Cash should 3” lGlobe Trotters have been dubbed‘ glamour for outside of limiting their value In ever 155116 0 t ‘~ 5 accompany an Omar orders or D—12-31--1-16--6t.l and l l been‘FOR SALE: one of the finest' modern homes in Shelton, half block from court house. Shake, finish, oak floors, tile bath and‘ kitchen drain board. Full base~i merit, lawn, shrubbery and sprinkling system. Many conven-l ient features. Will be shown byI appointment only. Call 540 eve— nings. Will sacrifice. Earl F. Dickinson, owner. 12—31—-c $29.50 $49.50 Olsen Furniture Co. 3 paper! i “Seven Saperstcin Screwballs" be- ; cause of the queer and side split- {ting antics they go through on the basketball court. ' That’s probably as good a ban- ldle as anyiwhcn the dusky ath- letes are doing their public on— lteriaining, such as they will do inext Sunday afternoon between ,the approximate hours of 3:30 to 4:30 in Lincoln gym to the amuse— ment of Shelton and Mason Coun— ity fans and to the enrichment of ,the Mason County “fight infantile lparalysis" fund. But behind that array of com- edy there is a great deal of in- tense practice, patient training, and constant study with a view Jackson, 33—year—old center traveling manager who has with the team since it was firstl organized, none of the present Trotters ever lived in New Yorki Chicago is really the club’s head- quarters. But Harlem is a word, with lots of color and appeal, so? it’s part of the team‘s official ti-; tle. ’ [ Four of the present team mem- bers are married. payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 15c will be made when billinng necessary. Card of thankg 50c. FOR RENT: modern 2-room furs l nishcd apartment. oil heat, re- frigerator, electric range. Kay Dec Apts., phone 485-J. , P—6‘11-tf. FOR RENT: 3—room modern un- furnished apartment, oil heat, refrigerator, electric range. Kay Dee Apts, Phone 485-1 10—1—tf. LARGE SlZE DupliCating SALES BOOKS 5o Each or 55¢ per dozen Classified Display Rates on Request. wvvwvvflvv vmvvvvvvv For Sale l l ._ . _ lF‘OR RENT: furnished three room ‘AM‘A“‘-“MA‘A-A““I We also take orders for all kinds' a ailment". Mill Street Apart—' of special— p Phgne 259'M. C—1-13-C.ITVVO EIGHT MONTHS OLD 4-room modern home in excellent PRINTED SALES BOOKS heifers for sale or trade for condition. Close in. Terms $1700. l Our prices are as low or lower' Rhode Island Red pullets. R. D. than outlside salesmen can quote Stockwell,.Mill Creek Road. you. ' 1—14—16«—2t. l l NEGRO DOMINATES ! Coming of the Globe Trotters to Shelton next Sunday raises the question of how come the Negro race holds such a dominate place in the sports world today. r merit. Foil" SALE FORARBJNT: housekeeping apart; ments near Junior high. Inquire 1211 Railroad or phone IOHINV RIAIA m. ‘ IV CDlMllllw . nan-um.“ ». I \ eihe course of the Civil . lcan families “took up" 5-room modern home with hard— )nd F ' 0lie-half million 110 - to improving their “sorevyball- Joe Louis, Hank Armstrong, Wood floors and furnace. Nice . H 1-14-16-;2t —— - ~ 3,: 1- $1115 Was the resultmgfl l ness." Jesse Owens, Jackie Robi‘son, large yard, large rooms. In ex_i 2"— ‘T—g—iw-fl— lFOR .tSALEl ffiresshh clpWs. 31)}. inlhal understanding I Cf The Globe Trotters go into train- Kenny Washington, John oud- centh condition $3650.00 with WHY TAKE A CHANCE __ when 170R hENT Whl e, ROULC , e lop;1 163%. re vitrieetlng the question,l ling before they start their an- ruff, the Globe Trotters, and l $650 down, $35 per month, in.; $25 per day will protect you.6-room modem home, newly pa- # -‘ u _ : Dad he I; qefer‘mng in fight- ‘nual hamstormmg tours 3”“ as ‘50?"35 0f Others Of the dark“ terest 6%. This will make anl while you are traveling? See, pered and painted inside. Good SAIE. . ~ , o, G emse t mon?” The Hmng lprofessmnal baniveball teams do. skinnedrace are at the top of ; excellent home. 1 Herb Angle, Agent yard with garden tract and Chi_lFOR — v. .fresn young u y un. to gas Passed in the first.) They spend at least two weeks in then lndlvulual spheres in ; cken hOUSe ____________________ _‘ $20.00! cow; Jghn Sells. Phone 11-F—1, to 22 . is 151%??? administration, LIVING ROOM ‘ early November flip seclusion just spolrlts, ghioh $06!:S t: gen; 10 acres of land with 300 feet'ofl . FOR RENT, new 5_r00m modem; Route 0, 1-14-16—2t or it as is 5-, ~ l et‘tin in com ition. Mesi nin era oxmg, seen and _, . . V A . . .. . . - . _ _ Feat fmediate (JGfense 235%! ITCHEN 15" 1"xlo‘o“ Eglays,gand Working on fundgmef- track), with freqqmt brilliant ! g::21f%%rilgégcit:1oo°§biwkglgélg fulp‘Shedllflreplace FOR SALE: 1929 Chrysler sedan f ho.” the future of Ameri‘.‘ 9'0"x7‘l” tals. You'd, think athletes with performers in football and loss J' .5, y’ ' (Ve, b en fin salt water) H t G A l i and trailer. Will sell together or 313 Vision the life an dl ' ‘lthe ability and background of the occasionally in basketball. 5_r00m ‘modem home close in 50c/wgod ewoold and mill run I ex 91 ' Hg 9 , separate. Phone 467-J. B-1-16-c Ig‘fotshie ration depended GIObe Trotterst fiomd ten? 3: let thovlvéms mgdefily has fezflained} large yard with fruit trees Will 0 y "V'"""'V"VVVVVWVW‘ 'WO'R SXLE L“ W B t n e soil, .L - efundamentals a e care 0 em-‘ ' e e to omlnance o' c cur-. “, ._ .' . ~ I: , ; rarwig an 185, 5 “8h the states $2232-! is-elves, but even as experienced as rent tigne as being a cycle. “ll gm “9.11 fi§§§0éurflfilre5slalth ‘43-; Double Load COI‘dS) Com. CA_1_16__1t ‘mumties, neighborhoods! T 'they are these stars of the. ma- believe athletes, like everything} ome ’5 “" V” 3 C33“H 1 balance at $20.00 and 67, inter- elsc, runs in cycles. Today the 0st. Furniture $600.00. dark boy is on top, tomorrow it $8.50 l A“; AA. h‘ u“““ “A“‘A“ FOR SALE: one Jersey cow and “Y homes, with, 110melour time and Lincoln’s is thatlple court still practice their “ANTED To RENT 10 L 40 W F ‘7 '0 heifer 15 months old. . . Puthe vital \tqstalning iland was put first in home own-fundamentals religiously, which ,plan is- modified only in the sim- ple front entry offset, which pro— vides two windows that invite sunlight into the living room and yields (lining nook for the in- ,tcrior. The. modern placement of the kitchen at the front allows for the most economical unit type or two bedrooms with bath, lland hall between, Note also the‘ :corner window arrangement for with a. Journal Want—Ad Want-Ads—Phone 100 sured the Negro‘s place at the, top in sports and whether theyl stay there or not their inclusion‘ in the arena of sport has one of justified honor. TYPEWRITERS' FOR RENT YOU ARE COVERED for any ac-l cident for $.25 per day. Longer| per month I time the rate is cheaper, Hex-bistandard models—Underwood and Angle. lReniington typewriters. (First lm‘onths rental applies on purchase of machine). JOURNAL OFFICE 1 Company PROFESSlONAL CARDS “A‘AAAAM‘AA‘AM Am“: Journal , a . . . . . .fi -7 l. n . PHONE 38-J w ~ . crship in 1861 while in 1941 it is, ought to be proof enough that an Will be white mans tuln, 11L 7“ _, TH.“ E , , . . acre ranch not more than five Compton, Route 3, Arcadia Pt. tes W. C- BeH chairman , centered in the family dwelling. gathlete can never pay too much explains. “$4,121”“SOE‘gfoi’VSEX will “feroatse'i 10-8-41 miles out. Inquire Journal. i 1—16—21——2t." 1‘11 Homes F ' . ~ . i “In 1940 the building industrviatten‘tion ,to this very important; Ar 1 ,,. hag anomcr mom ?Y Ml PU’mdnen — -~e 7- H_1_7-9_14_16__4t' H W“ _ _ ., the , Olmdaitlon, in: . . , . _, . . 5 . . ms rono . homo Lousy and SEC? 1 .L_._.________._~_L.._._ A REAL BARG XIN- 1941 Win 3 gm , H application of Lin_,colltlnued its progress in pmwdmg part of his iadc. “The Negro is born With two, pa in rent NT_ED_ O 90 6 I 1 t. l fl y ,ndie “lion and phuOSODhV ‘t [more house for the money; pan, Life as a Flobe Trotter means strikes on him _he lives closer. l WA A , ~ 110 u '9. Jot <10 10“ , Americar 4—door sedan demon- mdn“. hell of national heron 0‘ ticularly in the field of the low-l playing an average of seven has- to nature 1,12; Ulugher 10,. him‘ SEE i _ ' 1'1er 1n good. condition, also .one Strator reduced to 374590 30 . V 59,0051; home of lumber; marching, ketball games a. week, 50m“- to gfit the' 55031”, and use to the, , ‘ ! Spoolal PI‘ICCS Enfit‘lg' Krzt‘g or Spmpgfleld’, mllCS 0“ gallon ga-‘SOllne. Pig- §trength and m , shoulder to shoulder with the times as high as nine, during top but when he does the News, on condition of barrel unimport- mons Motors, lst and Grove. ’1: , are Still rfl’tpivl'ilii‘e oi,Govei~nment agencies whose func- four months of the year for is 'a better fig‘htcr‘ mm,”- “W , , e ., , unt- 0001365 Feed & Seedi 2‘19 ‘ 1—16~-1l: ‘ .1 p1,, Ben dglcjet in home tion it is to make homes easy to; recompense from $10 to $65 a player than his White friends" 1 ' . _ 30- lst S“? C"‘1‘9' 6"3t'l "' C , ‘. "j .; of the m, “95-. The, own and safe to own. Small-l week, plus hotel bills and trans- Hammermg Hmk say. 14 1001' Sanding Machine . . ". lFQR SALE' young canary Singers 1; care defgflige Sftlvzen tO‘ home standards, in design, con—~ portation, plus an occasional Hitler pmb‘ubh. wo'fificmd as . ,Wf‘NQED- large 1118065 Clean Colic; 111‘ full song. Also Zedrafiflnches ., 4.; 'of the frmg- is con- struction and financing, will be. bonus after a good week finall— he watched the' 1936 Olympic 5 For Rent, l 1 , on rags vvlth all buttons an $4.00 palf‘. Clyde Jonah, “h and i: m; c, lite for himigu American further fortified in 1941. The new; cially at the gate. 9 Game, in Germany'how ti“. Ne- ‘ . ' 1 120 50a. 4th, EJheltOll SHE‘PS. rifove‘i- 1T0 “mains 01” Wyandotte 1-16-21-23_3t~ . , ‘ lthln his'ovgm foil? series of minimum~cost vhomcs, .It means, too, continual prac- gm could be super-10,. m th: 3,“ ll Floors need face-lifting. They 622111;: or kmtljvfii'f ' t __ gphis Own reef Itwa s now being issued .by Western ‘ tice to master such tricks as ple- mighty German, but just the 3 Will Show real beauty if you 1 ' nt' S l__ ‘1 _______‘_ _____' Used Wood ranges 950 to 19.50 V {alth that 545 0'00 1101:1519 Homes Foundation is a- striking I mg up a basketball VVltl‘l‘PnC hand; same Owe“:s and his dark Skim take off old varnish and scam I 238011 011 y 3p HOUSEKEEPER WANTED: Steak , Used wood Circuiators 950 to 24.50 It In this cauntzr in 194%S,exampleg _ agraspmg the ball and thzfilwmg ‘ ned teal'nnnttes on the United With the Hilco “Handy Sandy" lLARGh‘ Mal?" County Tomahlp, dy work, photo studio, phone Easy Washer ...................... _. 29.50 s S Why 6500 y , v‘ The mm‘mum’COSt hem? deglglll It ODE-hallde WltllOUt lettmg g0 States team carried mole of . our portable rental sander, maps 51'00' Also maps 01 1‘2, LA1_ .‘ -90-- Ma tan‘ \Naqher __________________ __ 29.50 , 00 homes V/lll LN 413 B ff d tr... 1 . . , 01 P, P S d 0 A 16 ..0 3t. y z, i r' _in 1941 Record 'U — 0. — mo ere in week of it, and the myriad other little the silverware back Mmfis the ymplc cnlnsula, uget oun _ l , tlve es im’ates Trifle to by Western Homeo Foundation has , tricks which make the Globe’l‘rot- Atlantic to Amema i 1 Hardware Dept. l Country and State 500 m 31-00- VVAN'I‘ED: used incinerator. In-l Olsen Furnituy-e C0 1ffere c only architectural quality in all essen- ters the Crrcatest snowmen ill the R b~ , , ~. 1 I l J ' 1 J I ' A r 1.108 between tllc‘ti‘ll features its economv fl ’ {D ' l' O mson’ LOUIS, ow‘el‘sy Arm“ L I e oulna qulre ourna. B'W‘ C cc 0,: American life in, e. . .. . y 00; athletic world tocay strong, Woodruff, et a} have age; umbermen S Melcantlle i Tell the prospects where you are 'Vvvvvvvvv-rvvvvvvvv'vv" l l ! 60-Day—Sales Program Outlined By Local Dealer A1 Huorby, local Ford dealer, was back home yesterday after Junior Hi Does Better, Loses To Aberdeen, 18—10. 2.1 been 1 ALDEN C. BAYLEY ' ATTORNEY AT LAW' ‘ l CUFF NOTES, . Referee Ellis Johnson declared: after the Montc‘Shelton game: Tuesday night that it was thei roughest game he had ever work-,NeWS Title Insurance Building 1 Opposite First National Bank lgloeorbeilaroems:t1 Thief; age ’two‘attend‘ing” the gala “Come Out ed. ‘ Phong 23 Shem a \ Emustllgltepcf,ul 1011c (.Y' acomcnt SWlnglng luncheon meeting held Moore, giant Bulldog center, Aberdeen junior high lad al " Design 413-A, with~ ,out basement, has but 8,020 cubic feet. Flll‘ther information on Design 413. with either A or B plans, may :be had from local retail lumber idealers or from Western Homes tiundation, 364 Stuart Building, [Seattle Washington. ill-City Bowling Tourney Opens HergSaturday in Seattle. “We’re going to come out swing- ing, too,” Huerby.said as he de- scribed the meeting which start- ed Pacific Northwest Ford deal-y ers on one of the most complete and aggressive sales campaigns in their history. Details of the big 60-day pro- gram were graphically outlined by W. C. Patterson, Pacific North- west branch manager of the Ford Motor Company and Nelson F. Bowe, assistant manager. Deal- ers and members of their sales' staffs will be rewarded at a giant Victory dinner party scheduled l I From Tahuya Tell Of Recent Events lost a tooth in a melee under the Shelton basket late in the going one player from each team was, ejected for unnecessary rough-l ness and language not exactly of] B Mrs Effie Kno ' . when the proper level, two. others left' Tahaya, Jan, 15. _ Mrs; Walter for faglylsbowel‘s Via the Per-lSargent was called to Olympia! sona 0U loute, and 15 fOUlSllast week to the bedside of her somewhat more difficult nut to crack in the Shelton junior highl basketball team they found on the jLincoln gym floor yesterday than I !-the Shelton team which went to. Rainbow, DeMolay Installations To Be Aberdeenjust a week ago. 1 Yesterday Aberdeen was able Public installation ycer-emonies‘to win by an 18 to 10 margin, 1 E l ‘ INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building M... i ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services were whistled against each team,l .will be held jointly in the MEL-.while a week ago the edge was, . . , illness. , ~ lcommitted. bow Girls and the Order Of 130- ton scored half its total points. 1_ u can to N‘ Mt 7‘ _ were here for a short time Sun- , y P ' gom 11- 0 Hut :15 ranged by the DeMolay and re-l out the first half of the contest. . v Bookkeeping Systems , dau ht ho which was some mug distance singngel Vgry ‘f’VaZSt rg’gge: tgokgqonic Temple this evening start— to 10, The visitors were blank—l rom the actual number of foulsl ing at eight o’clock by the Rain- ed in the final quarter while Shel~5 N I" Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Christie, with onaafiflylg‘mv Sffllllomore 580’ [their son and wife of Tacoma, MOMY- \ i Sh61t0n. before that, had gone! g , was given a hur- An entertainment program al‘«,scorcless from the field through—' the last t day to look at their property and - quar er neared the end can upon 01d neighbors freshments: provided by‘the Rain- tallying only three foul shots as . , with Monte rallying and fouls I The weddin- of 11.1%”.- i - l " ~ r ‘- . . ’ 0 "VI - d durin I _. i With one tournament Just coni- ggfly "1 MdrCh accordmg to Hum glrelzlltlemng to eliminate three [couough andgLieutégait 1F 1003 egéfiisngénpgggigggye aéabrftrfgeeen Sgstaqiirf; toast”, 123 4th St. Phone 565 ' ' r 1 4 . . . ' ’ ' iéfieclgefigewsifielggl‘tfiecgfjgéofifa: During the sales meetings Ford ml: 2:11;: 23%;: lLoughml W1“ fake Place In Seat‘ The Rainbow installation willlWas 6 to 1, the third quarter 18‘. 'blgger gathering of the kegelinglMOtor company OffiCials annolmc' final gun went off: “edit fgglowrli' m' on sat" be held first, followed by the I to 5- ' clan “3:, Weekend and next as ed that word had been received . _ “r y! C 1 ‘0 ceremony DeMolay induction. Scoring honors were shared by, will be witnessed by the arents, . .c~ only. At eight o'clock thepre Will‘ Rainbow Officers Who wm .be a reception at the Seattle home lof the bride’s mother. We who ‘have known Marjorie since infancy feel that the Lieutenant is get-‘ telling of the grand slam Ford city competitions involving teams cars had just scored in the annual from olympia, Centralia an(“running of the 1,000 mile Argen- Gra 3 Ha . - - .' ltine road race. y rbm ls held With Shelto'll The South American motor clai- as the ho st Isic is known all over the world the third in a series of four inter- WITSIERS FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers be , Len Savage of Shelton and Boett—i seated tonight include Worthy AG- ! cher and Gill of Aberdeen, all of visor, Jean Elliott; Worthy AS- Whom had five points. sociatc Adviser, Bonnie Jean In the preliminary battle the Deegan; Charity, Carol Hatcher; .Shelton peewees still were unable” :Shelton-Raised , . Stanford Editor Shel- 1, ton———Lumsden. - I SECOND TEAMS Over 20 t . a n_ . . Ho e, Carol Wilkie; Faith, Do-lto find the scoring ran e against W' A- Wltsfersv Prop- """"" ".1 $ , terecl from 988?: fiflraligcgiioiw land this ‘3’?” Fold CE?“ captllred' ihgw} bfeak afid Elmer“? rotlhea Rucker; Recorder, Nita their much bigger oppgients and Phone 180 ' ‘ Shelton wasn' With more expected before the i the first five places m the hotlyl E105“ and hcgulie Ilm‘lfied 319% “rim d King; Treasurer, Betty Lou lost a. 26 to 2 count. 1. __ G . tpthmament c1 oses The compe_'<t:cnt1§s§1e_d dgfh from guenpsrfilres A copy of the January 9 editionlwilis hv-e neggyFrgftnLeWiise. ey Macke; Chaplain, Betty. L lee, Cplafch Hugh Cling: takes his» r 11 . 1 ‘0“ commencec I ' ’clo k 0 a ’3‘ anca 5*“ re u .- ’of the St nford Dai r ‘ . . , ‘. Jemison; Drill Leader, Shir ey you'l'ul cagers o hehalis Sat-i ___________ .. Bill-built, low-priced Saturday night afiéneltgkfigeo Sh§1_ Esteban Fernandmo, the victor- Mr‘ and firs. C_ E gungzigseiuzx , M3111iiingltogfitcimfipan§dMMr Gerhardt; Love, Virginia Look;lurday with hopes of squaring ac-l E. tl’nghw’th many of the “’1. teams Associated 011, 4-13 ‘0“? drwer’ averaged 73-6 I’m-9" fishes a. story under a three col-lWolfAto tho l1 me till 15‘ Religion, une Jordan: Natureilcounts for the 1846 “Cer Che" PUBLlC ACCOUNTANT s, 01133 Star Fca- DalFY, and Mason Laundry~and per hour for the tortuoqs thqus‘ u'mn heading on page 2 tellin Ofl‘ ' Flih -gu ar mon y ineet' Margaret Shumway; Immortality, llolis won here last Saturday. The , 0‘ elainHas tripled-coated one Olympia lineup —— Ri‘chfield l and'mile run- 'His.driwng “me the progress of the 50th Sta‘igordligii (:11 “Tilegdladptiiegiiigls” UH- Rosemary Kidweni Fidelity, Ne'llineupi‘: 5, and TAX COUNSELOR . 1' 1m tub easy to Darts—fire at the headpin, Mem. gWaS 13“ hours, 39 minutes 34 sec-lam“, publication, Quad of v‘v‘iich the annual area: tion hgiofin “tips dra Oppelt; Patriotism, Marga_ FIRST TEAMS i AUDITING TAXATION . com‘affected by wash- hers Of those teams roll tlieirlonds__“3 mm‘ttes ahead Of the Chuck Runacres son ofythe Sh 1-“? t M ‘- p g le ret Mallows; Service, Marie Mat-.Aberdcen (18) Shelton (10)! r , pou dam); . , , second, 1 mm 1.. v_ e as ..atrons and latrons Oi the , . H 1 . lv‘ Graham Bldg- ‘ Phone 240 nds. . g 93 and singles immediately P ace W e , ton couple, is editor, Chucks pie chapter of which three hav theWS, Confidential Observer, Kay, 3 e 4 .......... ..F ........ .. Savage .3, ' a‘terward- The .race was "9“. m two 1.31m turc in one column is 3,150 art.“ R0 hm, hie, Mm e Sirv' Graham; Outer Observer. IrislBoettcher 5 .... .. Robertson 1: TO l sunday noon two Centrana line-lthe drivers remammg Overmght of the Spread, p oc'casiog’s Mrs” lxgovhtg on W0 Wells; Musician, Jean LanderS‘HGlll 5 ............ ..C .............. .. Toby 1: IUD; and Daviscourt Bakery and at Bahla Blanca' They were not The Story tells 110w the 1941 matron in 1024'and Ml.S hals Choir Director. Nita Oppelt' andlpllljan 3 ------ "G- Ream" 3! lgllfgn's Clafe 0f Shelton roll and iggwgfcgg,tggghatheggn‘iafivgngge Quad due to hit the presses Mayl a few years” later ' 1 C 91 Choir Members, Frances {leggewdvlgusb 1 ........ ..... .. Parsons‘ MT- MORIAH LODGE 0 0’0 ock two Central one. ~ , S ' .' - 3-" . i Jane McKa ,Louise Danie s, ax- u s: AberdeenkMoir, Fraserfl )NS" n lAberdcen and one Olympilaateam l “t8 tlineup period before the start 20’ ‘5 ‘faSh‘oned am‘md “ with an“ M15‘ Leo“ Kelly Spent two days ine Carstaii's, Mavis Rosa. RuthlPhilllPS. Harrison, Harris. N°' 11 FJ' A'M' niversary theme, this being thelof last week with relatives- in golden anniversary of the found-lPoulsbo. l of the homeward lap. roll with the re st of the day and Not only > I Rose, Betty LinSCOtt, and 3310' Next Re ular Communi ' I evenmg Spent in doubles and sin- ,queline HOWI‘y, Q cation did'Ford V-8‘s take ,- he . .. ing of Sstanford University. The John Sobring famil Were l . I i‘gllails‘iher tr £1150 gist; rteldie egiiiilsynlgllgl tgiiil “The biggest prOblem in thisidlmlei' guests on Sunday gf thei DeMolay officers to be, seatediAmjdfen (26) \ Shelton (2)} FEBRUARY 8 m , Cams roll the weekend of - ,P u S l ’ e». ad" S . '1, m1 K 11,; v . '1 r Jim For-'Fra-fi‘ v --F ---------------- smlth' M- H- NEEDHAM \ January 25 and 26 and fitment,“ places. The pace y ..rs Qu . eye the Dallysl e e .ys. ill’lcldde Master Connoio, '. lMoir H . h. »‘—H. __ , ‘ __ i was. so hot that only 34 out of the story, “was the business of getting ‘ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ahl and rest; Senior Councilor, Clmt “11‘: Phil}. .’ “ opland } W0“ ‘Pful MaSter p k “.l total of 97 Starters finished the material to carry out the 50th all-IChnui'en of bremerton, spent last hams; Junior Councilor, Al Dan-lHawll" 2 Plergons‘ 2! J. L. CATTO, ' Egruelllng run. . lllwcrlslazy thefme. This entailed end-liatumlitay “11th the Stevens an d 1915? Tgasurgvl Ge°zg°.0§’§§§§"narrl§on 6'" " " D3311: Secretary. I Y i .1 ‘ g . CSS 0 PS 0 research in the ' _‘ HOW ons iere. Scribe, can amer; 98111 ‘i ' ------------- ’2, . . l Sofiffieréfifilgfi Zion “a” the: rary, but the job is finally egg- The-Soldon and Lars-en families con, Frank Beret; Junior Dea‘gtosubfi'b fiberdeenfflmne' Shel" . , . """"" ‘5 ' sembled dealers, Patterson told of 1’19th and all writing for the.were Out from Bremen“ to sperm conv Randy Jordan: Senior Stew- 5 85111;; (Righggdlsod‘alyigé’ 'Cra‘lcloml dlmtl‘n at we a plate. Please be Iv " ' the bright outlook for the period b°0k has been filllShw- ‘ the weekend at we” cottages here an]! Herb Ems“: Junior SteW' l ton Pinckne O’Neill um}, ay- on lme' . 7“. . v Of the “come Ont SWlnglng" Galn- I “The main task before the staff i for the first time in three months ard, Phil Palmer; Marshal, Blll' __3_’_" _ There Will not be a grangc meet- 1; ~. paigm He said that reports comm now consists of arranging the pic_ On Wednesday, the eigth, Matthews; Almoner, Bob Kimbel;| ing this Saturday night at Mat- has B l‘lng‘ in from deaers from all over tum lab/Outs. Since pictures areianceS HUSOH t00k her mother, Standard Bearer, Glen Sewers; 100k. . Y Q I L v ' . 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Walt Eddy, Warren WOOdSv anal By M’S' ze" Prism“ club quilt hagd bean presented to" Blades. _ . (lads in town .......... “.1029 391- ton , 'Outmmdm , . h V . friends. Bill Batstone. Matlock» Jan. 15; w Mrs. Anna Mrs. Alvatha Norb our club , Q G , g record during t 0 ext , , , . z, y, Thln .. p loads in town __' ________ 9310 pay. ten ltwo months” :‘none 100 for a Journal Went-ch The regular meeting of the! . Reed of Seattlev 15’ makmg her president. A nice card was re- sledge : t V- M' "' " J . lTahiivya communmy. club Wm beilcv of OIYmpia collaborating. ion 31%“an Lin finderI-Clmj ceived from one of our Past Club ’ , WWW“, .q_n v. . v . ‘ n " ' ' on Ednesday evening, the 15th.; ' . .. . ,. ... 53 he 0“ ,ec an am‘y d V151: fm members, Mrs. F. R, Poyns sa ouble.. to ., .04 l. l any letullce All members and frlends are urged ,Musgravc was ..tluek acro t a whlle. ma She was mush be‘ter y m le -1 .0111 i * l "K " ~ V l . , ‘ l , c w forehead by 3" sapling‘meh was Mrs. Zeo Priszncr w. "h 1- ,b L ' ‘9 r, . ()6.le Vow 1181 1011 plus 30¢ 1101 link) l . . o to b Eugen: istruck by a tree he had fallen. ton Sunday to‘ tee Mgntmtlg ‘34:“ Each lady is to bring some Uecm ‘1 ’ , ‘ 'l ‘ ‘ ‘ . lHe died before medical assistance J. H. Verne!1 O} Rainier Wight Sprlng FCSlflval- Penny drill """""" I ‘ l Defense program demands thousands of welders to lcould be. summoned. H who Spent the past week with Spring Festlval- Penny raffle ltO Str «tOI’lS Or , ‘ be trained this year. . ' survwmg are hls W1va Ruth, aithe latter’s cousin and husband was Won by Mt‘s- Wllma Ayers- “ 0V0? ........................... $8.00 per tgn l son John Otto, 4, and a daughter, Next meeting Will be January 23, 031 hand! “35‘ i3: 1-4 , it“; . Mum‘afim.‘ ;- . . l...» can"? 9““ by wheelbarrow or buckets “33 Su‘ojcct to change accordtng to inch prices {7 lghallfln Sand 8:. Gravel Co. PHONE] 33 75¢ per tori extra .Li razls‘uwuhwfl; “391". i1" Johnson. advantage. ma; :3 i Opportunity here to learn welding day. or eVening in well known machine shop under supervmion of Harry Complete course plus shop experience gives students To enroll call at shop or contact HAL ULSTEAD. -Funeral services for John Mus- grave. 34-year-old Simpson Log— ging Company faller who was kill— ed at Camp 3 Tuesday afternoon, will be held Saturday at two o’clock from Witsiers Chapel with Rev. Ray Chubb of Skokom- Saturday at Two 15h Valley and Rev. W. H. Brad- Ruthanne, 2, his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Musgrave, all of Pot- latch Route: three brothers, Paul and Joy of Shelton and George of_ LiCrosse, Wash; and four sis- ters, Miss Betty Musgrave of Pot— latch Route, Mrs. Chester Kivett, College Place, Wash, Mrs. Sam- uel Gels} and Mrs. Curtis Watkins, both of Walla Walla, Wash. Mr. and 'Mrs. A. M. Guynup.~ Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Vernon, their son of Bremerton, came to take them home. Mr. and Mrs. John Kelley and sons of Camp 3 spent Sunday with Albert Winkelman, Pomona Grange meets Sunday, January 19 at Matlock grange hall. The new officers will take their places. Matlock ladies will serve l l with Mrs. Algatha Norby and Mrs. Ruby Nordwell as hostesses. Ten billion dollars in state gas- oline taxc: and registration fees were paid by motorists of the U11. ited States in the decade ended with 1940, more than double What they paid in the previousde- cadc.. ‘.