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January 17, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 17, 1963

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4 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAIL- Published in "Uhristmastown, U.S.A.", Shelton. Washington Thuracay, January ill ....... : POSTAL CLERK UNIFORMS -- Walt Austin, left, and Floyd Ridout, are wearing the new jackets which are now regulation "for post office clerks serving the customer windows. LETTERS To The Editor RISE IN DEFENSE Dear Mr. Dickie: Tilts is the first time I have ever, so strongly, felt the urge to write a "Letter' to the Editor" concerning an article in the paper, but last week's write uo about the previous weeks' two basketball games made me do a slow burn I would imagine that if the hoys on the team read the write up, and I'm sure they did, their morale must haxe dropped to somewhere down }t rOll nd tlleir shoe laces. Although I didn't see the Sat. night game at No. Ttmrston. as both of my children were ill, I did nee the game Friday evening lind as fal' as I was concerned. even though they didn't win they played a mighty good game. Granted. they just couldn't seem to sink those shots in the second half but does this make them a "bunch of chumps"? After all. they are just high school boys participating in sports for fun and sportsmanship not showmanship. I'm sure that Coach Doherty's disappointment was no stronger lhan that registered on the faces of our learn at the end of the game and I'd be willing to bet that he is \\;veil aware of this and "ItERE RESTS AN HONEST SHERIFF OF THE PROHIBI- TION ERA." And. we all know that it is l;rue, Sincerely, Albert D. Pinney. BACKS GREEN STAIPS Editor. Shelton-Mason county Journal: In the Jan 10 issue of the Jour- nal Mr. Charles Savage, State Rep. made the statement that the Green Stamp people only gave cheap cut glass trinkets in retm'n for yo,lr stamps. This statenlent s lar from true as I have two fine bed blank- ets each blanket cost one book of stamps or 1.200 stamps, however, you ran buy eheap trinkets if yon want to jllst as you can in any other store you get merchandise at. a S&H store according to the nunber of stamps you have to lrade in i am very nauch in favor of S&H Green stamp venders being allowed to trade their stamps but without any unreasonable tax that we, the people, cannot afford to pay t.o the state. Signed, .Jack Smith a r'   Rt. 3, Box 394 ,I De++oCtaiS - It- " that bis fcelinIs were not to go  "jlmlp off a bridge" but to work 0C even tavder lo overcome tills prob- A! State Meeting The Slate Democratic Central Committee rid the "eorganization meeting in Tacoma at the New rDoric Hotel Jan. 12. State offieer,' lela, MV hat is off o our "Itighclimb- el's" I think they have what it I takes to eonle o/It Jinllel's and I'll bet they prove nay statement as the season progresses. Even if they don't they still need our sup- port and to know we're behind them all the way! Mrs. Cliff Starkey, Shelton. Wast ONE OF TIlE RARE ONES .Mr. Iiil] Diekie. Editor. The Journal. Shelton, Dear Mr. Diekie: Re---.Memorial to the Late Eu- gene F. Martin. I am glad to know- there is pub- lie request for' a suitable mentor- ial for our Comrade. named above. During the major portion of our' living under the noble experiment prohibition, I held down a Fed- eral job which permitted me to know who were our honest peace officers, he they Federal. State. County or City. And Bill. please believe me when I say that the 1.00 per rent honest sheriffs were all too few. It wouldn't cost too much to add the following to 'Gene's epitaph: ]A! Committee held the reorganization elected were: Frank Keller of Kit- sap County, chairman, Pat Merrill of Benton County, wee chairwo- man. Evelyn Rosellini of King Cmmty, secretary and Rosen Jon- es of Whateona County, Treasurer. Representing Mason "County were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ritner," State Comnaitleeman and State Commit- l;eewonlan, VLMLOlS from Mason Cm ntv were Mr. and Mrs. John Sells. blr. and Mrs. Clarence Cor- I nell. Carman Sarkowitz and Helen Savage. At the last meeting of the Ma- son County Demoeratie Central Committee which was held Dee. 28. delegates were elected to the Nine Cotmty League. The offieers are automatically delegates. The next meeting of the Mason County Democratic Central Com- mittee wil be Jan. 24 aL 8 p.m. in the Shelton Court House. JOURNAL WANT ADS GET RESULTS! Library Has Books For The Bedding Sdentist l]ven very ,vonng children can they live. build their nests grad films; the second, written by Don- be interested in science these days. (.nre foT their young, aid Clllross Peat.tie has colored Perhaps this is one of the benefits "Caterpillars" and "\\;Vestern paintings as well as drawings, and of television! Certainly there ,re Butterflies" are two of the color- talks about such fascinating sub- many attractiw, books for tllern lul books about the inserts which jeers as "The Colors of Life". "The to read. usually draw the fh'st attention. . Animal life in usually an early These are for fairly expert read- Forms of Life", "Hours and Sea- interest. "Natu!'e detective" tells ers. The youngest children will ] sons" and "Living Together". like "Catch a Cricket" and "I Like you how to nnderstand what you utt.erflic,/' see outside iootprinLs m sand lraeks in snow. , dropped teethe]'. "I'LANTS THAT CHANCEl) "How lo tmderstand animal talk" the \\;orlid" and "This is a Leaf" has some of the same kind of in- ar two ()1" lhe outstanding books terest, but is for older children or about plants for children. even a(hllts, "Robilns m the gard- "World's of Nature' 'and "'Rain- on" is about a year in the life of bow Book of Natuie" both have familiar bird "Birds in Lheir wonderful illuslrations. The first homes'.' describes fitly-fern birds is ilh,strated with plmtographs el city, country and garden, how fFon? the Walt Disney nature "TI{ROUGH TIlE N[AGNIFY- ING Glass" gives a glimpse into lhe world of tiny things. "The Book of Sea Shells" brings a wel- come reminder of sumnter fill] on lhe beach. "Underwater Zoos" tells how 1.o have an aquarium ana some of the things you can learn from one. Man is the subject of "The Hu- man Body", "Links of Life. the [ Production Credit Association To Have Annual Mee! Jan. 26 The Southwest YVashinKton Pro- duction Credit Association wilt hold its 29th annual stockholder' meeting for the northern section Story of Heredity" and "Conquest of lJisease' . "The Story of Atomic Energy", "Probing th, Atmosphere, the Story of Meteorology", "The \\;Vorhl of Carbon". "Comets', "The Story of Flight". and "Men of Science and Invention" suggest some of the other scientific fields JbOtu \\;vhicla there are interesting books in the libr-ry. of the Association at the Chehalis high school, Jan. 26, Eugene E. Taylor, Director, announced this week. The southern sectional meet- ins will be held Jan. 25, at Van- eouver. Taylor, Shelton eattleman and oyster grower, annmmeed tbat it was expected that approximately 500 farmer members will attend lhe two meetings from all of Southwest "Washington, the area x, erved by the association. Farm organization leaders in the area have also been invited to attend the meetings. Registration for the meetings will brae'in at 11 a.ln. followed by dinner el. noon, and a business nmeting and program to begin at 1 p.m. and eonctude at 3 p.m. \\;,,,ill hear reports of Lion and its progress M. M. Oliphant of soeiation seerel ing 1962, $4,420,000 was agricultural production There are 984 farmers west "Washington Association membership. percent dividend will be 539 Class A stockholderS. Guest speaker at both halts and Vancouver be g. M. Sorensen, Lewis- Pacific Dairymen'S lion,, Chehalis, who will "'Cooperation". Stockholders will rectors to fill the ex of Eugene E. Taylor, Members attending the meetingsNvans S. Blankinship, SWIFTNING SAVE 30c BONUS BONUS BONUS BONUS COUPONS! BUYS. VNF GIFT. DAYS AT SHOP.RITE! MARGARINE N N Holiday WITHOUT COUPON - 20 LB. 5/89 c A SpecialInv00tat{on to " " askabagttbe. Your Shop-Rite Meat Departments have a free Sur nus for you. A delightful gift to show their apl: your past patronage. You need only ask at our meat ments to get the full details on this gift and how to Don't forget to ask for the FREE VNF surprise gift this weekend. RS CUT UP -- 29 LB. 2 STEWE Whole Bodied FRESH, MEATY CHICKENS, SHOP-RITE'S BUY OF THE WEEK LB. 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