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January 21, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 21, 1941

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ASON .-.CQUNT‘,Y- lQURNAL , , “.1. SHELZQNM- _____,, . . Mrs. C ‘ I w I guests Satiird' of Mrs. JOScphincl __ (7B, l3:3tif“€it‘i‘.12§aay ISHELTON GIRL MARRIED AT , ' ameron ls lllfigk.mnoc:l: Club met with; Say It 4- Pickering er. and Mrs, P. E. Ball Salim; WI'IH PLOWERS day night. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Anderson of Minerva Park, Mr. and Mrs. E. B, They Bring Comfort and Happiness FUNERAL DESIGNS AND 'a group of friends dropped in un- cxpectedly to honor her With a housewarming and canned foo o Hostess Jan. 16 (From The Telephone Register) . across the pulpit was pointed ilp ' ' ~ ‘ i ‘ i Mis" Christina Robert?) NlClVllllllVlllC, Oregon, .liin. lb. by an enoimous basket of pnk BY Virtue E. flank)" lHaiilman, V) HOSPITAL BOUQUET-S [ to all! Shown" i i A ' i ' i l iros d white arza, On each ,- ._ ‘ and Mr. and Mrs. J. Lalzigc. ‘ . . the Stat? 7%?“W'w —» -— rev—fl Games were enjoyed ‘lulmg the 5mg» Stand greaé; baskets filled ,P‘Ckc‘mg‘ Jtalr} 20‘ {{ibTmhgtljgvilt‘hi All wish a speedy recovery for Dehvered anywhere’ anyt'me e(‘ho l afmmcon With honors bm-ng won (Betty Sexton became tlleiwith white chrysanthemums, or- “mg “fimcmgcfrfn on Thur,“ M,-_ J_ E. Jones who was when, T I w: angst?“ 2“) ‘First A’mlml Hum” “an {by Mrs' Ethel soule' Danny mdbride of Ijfluglaqv Thornton Englc chid, heather and ycloow garza.'1\;[r3- ond’m”A(flc,. q vhofi , to ii Seattle hospital last week. , a, a ‘ , r cantata 1T0 Be Th” Emmy “VG-Smell” were Served ml. thillat 3‘ o‘clock Sunday aftel noon at These were flanked by Cullljlul- gazingssmnlxeuhg the“m;m ‘Wnysl Mr. and Mrs. B. l'lELlllUll and~ Shelton Hardware Bldg, yrn‘rlci‘ "i g the Shelton “romen‘sl The FEEL Alllluill Nlll‘SCS 38“ 1""“0ng .gucutS: me Meicangiyithe First Methodist church, with} abra, while on the piano were g (‘mt'm vigitmv and fancy work. family of Olympm White weekend, Phone 232 27o_w q,“ ,A ponsorlng the produc— to be held in Shelton, will be giv- Lawme Hlll' Edna Evan” (“the Rev. L O. Griffith reading American beauty roses and white ‘9 f i .éf- l tel were scrv- . gues‘m 0f' M" and Mrs' Claw“ .‘rl'nmd Ohn Stainer Crucifixion, 5 en this Friday evening January Chase, Ethel 501110, Vera Cl)le 311‘ the ceremon' The bride is the garza- Delicmii.| icfllelsun .. Mi“: Fora i ____ _ 1.11%» r‘ cantata, for which thc‘24 at the Memorial Hall Music Sic Com, Martha COICv Ida Butf'i 1. h fyM d “m I ed to the o ovunb. "l P h] was knighted by the[ for the daree will be by Cliff 19’” Elizabeth Biehli Clismanv E"lgiggmfegf()ghclfénanwgm‘"aga hg. As the last strains of the dwerl- Ayres, Mrs. Shéi‘for, Dbl/[[I‘o. J.l I 'En ‘3er a I i ' .' V R ers Edna. Lon an, Es-‘f ‘ L ' “f V ding march faded away, oorfi E. Ball. Mrs. lmer 'lSS, rs. . Id 1110121 “tigta req' iron; a 1 AnllgdCrSOll EvelyngCobuz'n, i if film 30“ 0f MI" and M15‘ P" M' into the church parlors were M, Peterson, Mrs. J. LaPage, Mrsx. ’ 'rm‘ 3‘3“ .( . ‘1 ‘ “gel g . .‘ “.’ .' ' ' i" ' - ‘i ‘l "n" ‘3- . . , l nests athercd for‘ Helen Harrell, Mm. S. Rempe, 5 £393.,“ cull/i: with various solo! mA cordial invitation to attend 21311:; ll‘lgiquslgguand the honO,l Engle’s Dresden lovelinesv gpunch ind wedding Mrs. Arthur Beck, Mr“ Maldm. “mm as ' Hangnmsrm' the‘tnlsr m orde (me has been ex' ” _'~—- “7‘75 accentuated by 3 Wth 17.10130 cake were served from a candle- Liindquist. Mrs. L. A. Fitts, Mrs.‘ Em“ 91° SCheduled tryouts for! .‘nded by .the Shelton nurses to Attend Founder-s Da' Wmcesz“ Style gown: A P?“ 3mm lit table h Mrs. L man Worth, Frank Wylie. Mrs. Josephine es on Thur d F b ‘dll Of their friends Proceeds fro 'y ‘ th or i 1 and r} y y at 7'90 S ay‘ 9 -1this aff i~ '11 b“ c d t f” Meal"!!! 1" Olyml’m lcfip W1 moor" 1P ‘V91 I ‘hj‘r' Miss Louise Pfouts, Mrs. Fred. llushek, Mrs. Bob C3.lei‘Oll..Mrl-‘:. of the m (3.; thp- m.,.1n the? germiciin Wl‘ e_u.-eh g urnls Olympia Chapter Y, RE'Q Ch.;9.ngle strand of pearl‘s’wgie ht Faking. The Danes; Mips MI]. Claude Hamhn‘ and Mrh.‘14,il,hn tOCkhOl‘ 11 men inte serum: hlgh" f ih d Km lovom m..t e asgment tCl'lained at the Olympian Howl only Jewelry‘ The bime, 5, ouqfizl ‘dred Parsons, Shelton. Wal'h-i Anderson. The next meeting Will ; and basic callegels‘tsed‘llnhtalfi:wiacyafiggsgs frgolgtazglcgi O'If‘lCRSE: in Olympia on Monday afternoon gonibmeglI evidethegtrl‘towicilpegf \glrl Miss Margec Henderson, Miss he with Mrs. Claude Hank)“ (m IN A 1 mo 5'7- " O n . F I ‘ With 3'1 O'CIOCk lunChe‘m [01' mem' (“lymi ",a' .a ‘ ' Shirley Jean Warren and Miss' February 6th. 1 “11:31 b i Mr-Wligllr v‘tryout Fieng" ndr'fcs' . . bCTS 0f Chapter By in Shelton 3"“ l dfema's' Imcedmg hm down, “‘3- I’ris-cilla Pease ‘ Mrs. Arthur Beck recently rc- O 0 ms of "nterestedgl‘lmsqn Wighess Saxons 35nd patronesscs for the Olympia Chapter C. F., which was , 3/1510 “733.3‘tt'mdant.Gk]ng heygfi‘ For starting out their wedding mm“ [mm Cheyenne. Wyoming. WW0 d church om smgmg to "fi‘a‘s‘m‘ Wm be the “pm-tees 0f in charge of the Founders Davy)0f .Olympla' was“: “mining pf“ trip to the coast Mrs. Englc‘ where she was 63”“ by “‘9 59“ s O f “‘9 by annoflhghe ui‘gedtfio EagiastifllitgrilidGzEFg‘fsl pmgmm' - mmrc‘ cm 311:1??? chose a powder blue dress and ions illness of her father who pass- n it: C: ers the forthcogmirfg try?‘ and Mrs, -A. B. (Kg‘ovey, and Thie2613232?firf)anh§geDvrégfi gigglgéi gwcct pcafl PhilipJBkL suede hat with black accessories. Cdlviiway L‘md Hi.“ i, As advertised in LIFE Magazine . Ift-APO eparation of thiS sacred Mrs. D. B. Davies, Mr. and. Mrs. {Virfg' HathheflMis p 013' (line was best man, and ushers The young Gimp!“ Wl‘” be “it homei' d't: all] rs'de ,‘1 tr; t(“‘BC,1,‘Cm: .. {£81130} i1‘130'Pi0ce symphony or- A-_ E Hillier. Mayor and MI'S- Mlui'piiv Mrs. Alden c. 'Bayiey, were Miiton Forell, Woody Love-i at 7121;}Vashing'ton bl». after Jan-i gm] ifilszenii‘r' humming“ aunt, .tlcfiFirs antziiolllqiptany the chor— Y‘Villigm StevenSOll,‘Ml‘. and Mp9. and Ming. phi] Fredson. The shel-llace and Mel Larismg. ' nary . u attending from: Mrs. E. Tagstrom’ who is in the th i o be perform.l vcorbe Clittoil, Mi. and Mrs. L. ton wroup was. joined in Olympia before the bridal partys af- Among lose tr», . ,hor‘pital with a broken hip. , , ..n\e HOIY Week. .0. SelJestad, My, and Mrs. (J. E. by firs H E. Drew, who is a vent, Miss Dorothy Short of Se—lhere were the brides parents, Mrl Mr Jacobv and daughter, Miss $03,311: ~\ “iRunacresv Ml'- 311“ Mrs- RObCI‘t member'of the Shelton group, now attle, Wash, sang “Ave Maria” and Mrs. L. Sexton. MF- alld: Ja-coby of Aghtc' 0311M 33 ft“ . lTrenckmann, Mr. and Mrs. J. H mm, in Olympia and “Because,” accompanied byersi, Arnold Stoehr and nonswm Mr and- -Mm Frank Wym‘ licers . Holland, Dr_ and Mrs. H. L. Kong Ag ——'—- EMrs. MaFjOI‘iC WOOd- Philip and Arnold, Jr.; MISS .Mll-i‘ Sunday' U l 1 thtchi‘nc , 0 u lnedy and Mr. Reginald Sykes. lBaptist Women ! Greenery banked on a lattice . (ll-Cd Pal-sons and Josephine Vigor. Mr and Mrs (31de Dav and Ag TV ' I ‘ i ‘flwrer‘i‘ii- _ rm" WA 7"" —” A ‘ m“! M” “Na “0 _V A WVV‘AJ'AA— hter Racherkérv were iH3312"(geciiildnlfieafiggue .The \Vomen,s. Cimle 0f the Bap' E Entertain \Vith lV’isits W'ith Cousins . lunfheon' guests Saturday of Mr. or had She't‘m Wash The second l-cranizati t “St Chm‘Ch WI” mget on wed-'Monday Luncheon . Cal-l Sundstcn of Camp 5 VlS—l and Mrs. Claude Hanlon. ill (“final I ‘ing for a local) aunit inothemlilh- nesaay’ January 22'") the ChurChi re Viola Kimbel and Mrs. ith OVCl‘ the Weekend With hi1“ Mr. and Mrs. E 3- Ham‘lmflh 40 000. , ‘tional Service League Motor Corps lparlgrs for' a'orllaro Cligkwifisiegé Annie. Anderson were joint hrist- COllSinS 910“ and Bi” Chase- and- Miss Christina Rnbertf‘ Spen’ ‘ bonus ’r‘ r S :wao held in the courtroom of the 51:12,;gfnlnmlflilnor 3cfp Fem i cases at a 1 o’clock luncheon given l ahurrsgfly‘e‘glllllng With Mr- and "10 “139 January 22 éMaSO“ county Courthouse on Mon- Robinson lat the Masonic Temple on Mon- D. I, “honed lLr-L' . la. a . i 'i ‘l’ ‘9“ day evenin . d H ~ estg for the affair “m” 0- l i i Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cameron 'p""yL W a" . v The subject for the miSSlonai'yl aY- (mm 8’11 1 But Win Hum Meeting . th t Who ha 0 FEATURES i A general discussmn was held HE. Lt L‘uhtdn'were the newly installed Royal , . moved recently into _e vacan ‘0 him" ' {With Major Olive Hartung pre-Y pnéglahn filllcgfew Est-191g]: m'ig Matron Ida Kirkland and the 13"“: dlgfelévllfih hfa'sslgccgfégf; house belonging to MISS Ayres A 'E‘id' * ' a.“ a. 00 .r’ . 1 ‘ .- . ' ‘ ne‘» ‘9 u” _0 and Mrs. Shafor. county busmtgto Sthvggee $2355? ta Slonams wm be given by MTS' A" I Shgiiéiapadt Royal Matron' vela . Episcopal Chum“ 101’ “"5 Wed-l Mr. and Mrs. John Krabbenhoft t if 'Olympia this, e ‘ p e .0 L- 8911- _ .' t f r the occa,_i0n'nesday has been postponed, butlwere luncheon guems of Mrs Pale iwatCh the alleging, Tllllefday' ‘to' The hosmsses for the mee-tlngl speciil gulgs ill 0 Waldri man the regular meeting or the gum“ Josephine Hushek on Saturday. 11:51“ ‘Palul Marshall 3; Sigmbemtofdillll. will be the members of Circle aisle 0; $660er Ezjhapter Fans. will be held that day at the homei Jack Bellman of Vallejo. Ca]” V man Lcity council, spoke to tfie omum Fwe‘ land Mrs Nellie Russell of Olym: 0f Mm" M'. C'. zmtheoims Elmor 1 Will) Wall Spending the hOIidayfi {our bars rt of 0‘ and assured them of coopetiatiogl Degree 0f Hohor ipia, high priestess of the Whitestmct- begmnmg at 2 p- m- with his mother, Mrs, Arahuhié no timber‘ to the fullest extent from the Slates Practice Meet lShrine' other guests for thel ““ Beck, had vacatiloré gulp I “d has ‘c1.ty government. State Patrol, All officers, installing OfflCCI‘SIlUIlCheOn were the 1940 and 1941 k - h G by a. call [(31 t atéolllf; ‘nlila y, regular y .. .now ying all lgglnliebhfford Agen and Dr, B. N. and escorts of the Degree of Hon- { officersl of Laurel Court, Order of ‘ 0 “mileélgllsm Se aaé‘czltogéther at of the ; , r were. so eduled to appear or are requested to be present at Amaranth. f 1 , Penins ,. plus at the meeting, but were unable the Odd Fellows Hall on Thurs- } “the Grand SChOOlhouse 0n Frlditiy I d f 1508) lle tour DlE PLAYS CUPID" :10 be present, however Patrolman day evening at 7:30 p. m., at Thimble ()liib Will . . lllght, January 315m A“ 3”; Cg” ' LllClell L9 01135 “011 er ‘1 l .ilturc ,Aden. W1“, appear at the next which time practice will be held. [Meet Thursday, 23 181W mVlFed to Come 0‘“; an ave , .11 SEE.t is usuallv )n in t ~ fielfiéyf 01 $1118 group, which will ~’ l The Thimble club will meet at 'a 1\z/Iood 15m:- Fms Spent two days ._wait ll you 1 — . i i , 0n ursda , .u ieiiles i i -- —-—‘ rs. . _ g , . MC. rs" Ja-“llaly 23 Those in it y {anuary 30' 7‘ ~1 Haw , the home 0f Mrs" MW” .Gleml, By Jen-l1 Toad Fred-‘0" in Seattle last week on a shop- priced at 552. Now it’s $1 for 4 ‘5 dISt 5¢ Y lmghm fa endancb at last “gum 'fheatre Part3 f H lon Cota. street the evening of Jaln-l Skokomish Valley Jan 20 _ .ng trip . .. v j mee in were - ~ uveni es of th De rec 0 on— r .' i ' pl . . gmégr' W 3 Anna Pauloong. BettyMgggilPlgli’ I or met last Satuerdayg at the hall l at 8 OCIOCR for a “gun” Yep, the SKOKQm‘Sh has been_ Pni Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray and bars—if you hurry! Floral fra- ; 0 FEATURES iViger, Shirley McLean, L'ucihe with 32 members and six visitors 3- _l‘?l-mpag<? agam- It Was 82 duty daughter, Mabel, of Selah, VlSlt- _ _S tPea Lilac Hone r. “7—” .Daniels, Vida. Noble, Sigma present to hold a short meeting Engine“ Women “"3111: “Walt to 51:35]" overdélgbthl‘: ed at the home of their daughter grantee. wee 9 ’ -) I ,. isn'n =1 , \V‘ r '3 - ‘ “ . mg an so ma 9 more i i u d Epster’ Mrs_ Bob Camel-om >_ , Liz llnla Thlcle, Edna lollowed by a waffle and theatielhold Meetmg observations on rise and fan of an Blflfid nm Tuesaav. suckle, Carnatlon’ Gardema, Johnson, Florence E. Smith Mll- party_ Mrs G M Andrews was host_, A y fmm 11 8y u y ’am 1', :dred Parsons, Virginia Carr, yMary Douglas Larson, the newly elect- I €55 a't' he}. hbme on Monday eve_ i the water-“about 8:30 0 clock Fri- Mrs. Josephine Hushek has Just Pine and RoseGeranium. ~lieuma‘ticr {Harrison Bessie Warren, Betty ed and installed president, pre-lmng for the regular meeting Oflday mght cars began to titan as l returned from a two weeks’ stay a is simple; ‘ .Collier, Anne Sumner, Major Olive sided at Saturday's meeting, at l the Business and Professional W0_ 5 they attempted to Stem, e 911'" 1n Tacoma, where she Visited rel- ands are lHartung of Olympia and Lieut. Which time Harriet Watson was men at which there were twelvelmnt cr‘OSSlng the lower valley l‘0"’-‘1".atives and friends. "pound 3' lenant Donnie Carlson, of Olympia given the graduation ceremony. menahers in attendance {between wm- DCYGtte’S and Lat-l Mr. and Mrs..Elmer \Viss were hurt; 2{iglultalli l I The next meeting of the Juven- The program for th'e evenm [zcls At. 10:30 the water had‘in Shelton Friday where the" only 2 is with RRYMQBE 1100‘! Canal “’omen Meet iles will be held at the hall on included (fincungh of the mag "93°th, “5 greateSt helght' and went to help celebrate .the third . be“ With”, “0‘ B w‘cKE .Thul'Sdfly At HOOd-‘iport February 1 at which time there billg before; leajslatur d by 12 OCIOCR had receded SO that birthday anniversary of th ei r n o o I o u I figlendltd“ Cedric “RR” “H‘KEL l Hoodsport, Jan, 20. The next Will be a V'alentine party and ex- 5 several A 1 v be lmads 00"“ he traveled, agam- grandson, Jerry Droschcr. - 27, :ettlérnoRu‘. Inh scum. 0";E“m_flon 5 session of the Hood Canal Wo- change of valentines D . 1’31" SC “gm-n: .yf 1: i Thanks to the hard surfacmg theYi Anyone interested in rewing f0:- Boxes o “5 sad "i swnson'gzmflficniu .men's Clul’), is dated for Thurs- {mggtgaaeré‘ 1 $1121}? “fates g‘werc not washed out. A log Jam l the Red Ci‘ostl is invited to meet ’mOPeY' TRAVERs'swnntnnkm idaY. January 23rd, at the Hoods- Meeting WWW-“day lthe ~ '0’ M a 10 c "so 0 jformeil at the new V311“) creek 1 with Mrs, Claude Hanlon on Mon- ?d. '8 ‘ '63:,“ -P0rt club rooms. The topic of the‘| T0 organize Symphony Theeverilelgf'mcetin of the "mu li’ridgbv bUt the bridge .held‘ The day, January 27th. Pot luck G STO {day is the Consumer-Buyer’ and All those interested in mil<'-iclwm he a, the honi of Ml_<,°BC.P’K‘-’Y0rnment surveying Party I lunch will be served. EV. TRAIL BLAZERS». ithe program is to be in the form, are cordially invited to be in zit-,tha Grisd‘flc " l which is charting the river, gotl Mrs. J. J. phhhps and two (laugh- lit/Ea rmind-table discussion with! tendance at the meeting WOGUCS-i ( ' ia 350‘“ Chance to 5‘09 1i- m aetlon- ters and Mr. Clarence Blanchard ; S. Maud LeMastcr bu er andi day at 730 Department head at Ehe Zumbeh Room of the senior high school mens Mercantile, as _thc chief, when the first rehearsal toward ~- I p' m' at the M“°‘ClGirl Scout Leaders Hold Regular Mcct A meeting of the Girl Scout HA .TRE l l ianSWerqvoman lorw‘inizing a cim'ill s l ‘- ._ I - 0‘ ‘,‘ ‘Ympmny 0"- leaders was held on Monda at y ~ > iNfiE‘Q‘iali-“Olgrgm is in line with the'I Chest!“ for Snelton “"11 be held' the home of Mrs. Lloyd Mel‘ygan . i . 9 Cration of Vllomen’s c,‘ ~ ' ESP” 0 Ir 'gxganfgseare‘h on the subject of 1 ggman‘s Camila 265$? opltd2032t01v350nthe mam , pm lems, and also, 'thu ’" or “m '5 ' every : i {iccpgmtion the Presidentmofi The Shelton Woman Chorus Lincoln Brownies t 7:00 . , “2'. I con mted States has given the has Just announced during the past i mve Meet“! ‘ , . , gamglil‘féers of the nation With the week that for a Short time only' Seventeen Enembers of the Lin~ p.m. r' ivnorntment of a Consumer Ad- i they have Openings for new mom‘ coln Brownie pack, were rese tt lunda)’ “ , ? jthe Nagiothe Advisory Council of bers' and are now ready for im‘ at the regular meeting otp thne I A good attaelnDOfensc Commission. -;?):?rll:rt°co‘gggfi.m preparatm“ rm 1 group held on Monday at the dance is anticipated. home of their leader, Mrs. Lloyd The next meeting of the chorus : Lincoln P, , -T, A. l . . . lMorgan. Various games and rou- i 'of thee pmonthly meeting ; beginning at 7:30 p. m, "‘CCtmg' ' 'last ,_ --T. was held —-—-— , , , [BARD ‘ maze to rugs, (limb, er‘s. ledjl-irnday’ ganuail‘y 16, with Activettes To Meet onfié‘igfidwfi truck will be in 'l r "L in destroy “$05.51;; 'tl‘lesplte m- m" rUIlpleasgnFt’ win. 1 ivettcs will be held; on chiiee: ' The- “Hit date It IS Sphedumd to e“, "1 value p or” iron r’l' An Interesting hrogram war I day evening at the home of Mrs ll“ m the downtm‘m .(“Stl'ims' and Vante- year, ' ' ygfia’l‘tm by the Sup,“ of Clmnos’ Row‘e when, the gmH'p' the later date'it Will be in the BERLOUIZE y 11! 1 hour glow” followed by a 'Mci'il Win gather for R 6'31) “SUPP” I finglfifld‘t 3:312”. ' [anyone Wit-h“ ~ ° ' ' awe. “"“' " er lCU;_r'-1 ‘ “lac. ete., new betel-o thers of thewffmwmI by the M,” .Tho members are '6'ng to meetl 811%uld call 236-W.p p “macs (lav. [it damaged. Our service f“""l an attr {fth grade pupils i first M .the home 0f Mm' Helen o ,1 by . ten year snap Wlth yellow aCtlve table centered Gallant in the Reed Apartments, jasmine with the I so that transportation may be ar- “5"” new teachem Mis Mrs Flemin B n - i 3 .I ~. s w V c. - a g yarn and dauoh- about It new. 1 ragzglor; Deming est and Misc I ranged ter Katherinel ((Djf Centralia 315. uhsmh i, e eerarv‘ I 'vam H ited for severe. ays last week at k . char 8 . meetingr Will be in ‘, cm . . , lde in County Steam g of the Founder's Day cnmd Mr and Mrs Frank Linke of the mm" M h" Parents. Mr. and mittee, he thier, chairigii by Mrs' Milt 010‘ Per, Mrs S 'Mrs- George Crop- Loui Laréon- aE.‘ Soule and Mrs; igram Committegfsmd by the pro. . Mrs. Elliot Spring. Seattle visited last week at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Les- ter Vallett, at Hidden Cove, on Hood Canal. Mr, Linke has just .1, y & rsday Dry Cleanels Eagles Auxiliary Members To Attend Wednesday Meet u p I returned from Nome, Alaska, Eagles AUX‘IIFH'Y members are NI PE ,. ; -. y i Triple T \_ where he is connected with a gold aSked to meet With the Social Club ,- ' 3‘ Ir): ~' : Aux/sung S h .dredging concern' 0? wedneSday afternoon at 1 I , i i A m HC‘eduled oclock at the Memorial Hall to . j T Cl Elal meeting of the Triple Armani Economics Club sew for the Red Cross. Sam ‘ “.00., M . eveniu Will be held on Friday Holds Regular Meeting ‘ at the??? Jalluary 24’ at 2.30 p. "‘1. The Arcadia Economics Club 19th Anniversary JE g, g V A me of Mrs_ Horace Crary. ‘ met at the home of Mrs. J. N. Honored Thursday Lambert on Friday, January 10 for a‘ regular meeting. There werelGlenn entertained with a 6:30 eight members present to enjoyl Surprise dinner party at her home the potluck dinner served at one honoring her parents, Mr, and o'clock. Mrs, Sam McGee won Mrs. A. Glenn on the occasion the penny drill, The next meet- of their 19th wedding anniversary, mg will be on Thursday, January Those present for the occasion 23 at the Southside Club house. included Mr. and Mrs. Orin Elli- son, Mr. and Mrs. J. seljestad. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frederickson and daughter Lucille, Mr, and Mrs. R_ Robbins of McCleary by the Arcadia Economics Club Miss Catherine Allen, Miss Haley; will be Thursday, January 23 at Jean Glennv the honored gueSt-‘l the Southside Club House at 7:30! Mn and MFS~ Glenn and the host— p. m. Pinochle, 500. and Chinese 855' Miss Virginia Glenn. checkers will be played with prizes for each. .A small charge REbekah 500ml Chlb will be made and rcfreshmentslTo Meet Wednesday “7111 be served_ 1 The Rebekah Social Club will ,meet Wednesday afternoon, Jan- 'uary 22 at 1:45 at the I.0.0.F. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Chase andiHall' Thursday evening Miss Virginia VEN”; in W H '1 l l ! Arcadia Ecdnomics Club To Give Card Party A card party being sponsored l Mineral Visitors l - . All members are rem’ I ularl ant milk—and they all need It, par- Egalflackd Mr. and Mrs. Sherman,t0 come prepared to sew, mdea [)Y ,_ d v 3" when Winter weather taxes health ierai onnsinfgggrfifinllfitredafid filz'lmublc H Me“;— , p r reSIStance. . ICliarles Montague They helpécj At Mrs. Leo Martins G ‘the latter Celebrate her birthday. Mm Leo Martm entertained the Double H Club at her home Thurs- day, January 9, with a 1:30 des— sert luncheon. There were two tables of contract in play during .the afternoon with honors being won by Mrs. Bill Dickie and Mrs Willis Burnett. Mrs. Lawrence Burrell won the galloping goose prize. Women’s Club Holds Meeting The home of Mrs. Hugh Ham- ilton was: the meeting place on Monday for members of the Shel- ton Women’s Club, The program for the day was “Old Masters,” With Mrs. Grover Brewster in Charge aSSisted b Mrs. Leo Mar- tin, Mrs. ipu“ Jergimn, Mrs. Hugh [ Junior Women’s Club Hamilton, Mrs. Duncan Wilson 1T0 Meet Friday Mr-s_ Robert Brumblay and Mrs: The Shelton Junior Women's Martin Other things taken up Club will gather at the home of during the mepfing were par“ Mrs. James Moore for a regular liamentarv 4,411" English drill and I meeting on Friday evening, Jan. xiii-rent wants : nary 2-! at R o’clock 5.11 . 5 P. , te man Will deliver 1 door, The community was shocked at lthc woods accident which claim- i 5 led the life of John Murgrove. His' ;widow, Ruth Aubol, daughter ofi 'Mr. and Mrs. Otto Aubol, hasi our sincere sympathy. Ruth grew. up in the valley, went to college‘. at Walla. Walla. and there met: John. Since their marriage they Ihave lived almost continously in Upper Skokomish. ‘ Fifty some women, thirteen of , whom were from Skokomishi grangc, attended the state grange, home economics demonstration at! Isabella Valley on January 16th,; Mrs. Lucy Edmiston, county chair-t man, had charge of the meeting: and introduced the state officers! -Mrs. Anna Slavin, state chair-l man, aSrristed by Mrs. Pearl Miller,i ‘district chairman, exhibited a: quantity of hand work and gavel much helpful information about it, as well as patterns to aid ill such work. Mrs: Anna Johnson demon-1 strated baking and decorating de-l l i l l lectable cup» cakes before our eyes. Following lunch, J. W.‘ Eisen, advertising manager for the Grange News, gave an in», formative talk on the benefits de-‘ rived from the grange organizes tion. Ralph Watkins of Tacoma, is a guest of Herman Aherns. { Mrs. Anne Hanson of Tacoma,? was housegucst during thisi, week at the home of Mrs. J. W. Brockshink of Brockdalc. Onl Friday Mrs. Brockshink gave a! tea for Mrs. Joe Kirk, a recent! bridc,_who, with her new husband, occupies one of the cabins at! Brockdale. The six ladies who live at Brockdalc attended the tea. and presentedthe bride withl a gift. The Home Economics club meti with Mrs. Ruby Allern on Wed-1 nesday, January 15th. A busi-i ness meeting followed the dessert luncheon. Mrs. Herman .'.hern was host- ess to the Garden Group on Tues"! day, January 14th, Following the; luncheon, the ladies spent the; afternoon discusuing the winter, care of roses. l Mrs. Victor Roberts spent scv-l eral days last week visiting, friends in Seattle. Ed Elliotts Home From 3-Week Trip Probably last of the Pasadena Rose Festival witnesses from Shel- ton, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elliott re- turned to their home here last weekend after a three week trip to Southern California and Mexico. 1 They “took in" the Rose Festival, the Rose Bowl football game, the Santa Anita race track, the Na- tional movie studios, dined at the faqu Brown Derby (without re- cognlzmg any of the famous movie stars). and Spent quite a time go- ing‘ through the Will Rogers home, which-ls open to the public, and saw hls horse, Soap Su . M l l l i ! i l 1 t Near Sea No Spot in the British Isles is more 5 than 80 miles from the sea, of Port Ludlow, were dinner COME ONE-COME ALLl'WE’RE READY WITH A STORE FULL OF RED HOT VALUES! NOW’S THE TIME TO STOCK UP ON FAMILY NEEDS AT A REAL SAVING. “new”, TABLE COVERS 79¢ Save your good Linen with these durable covers New Velva-Nap NAPKINS 3 doz. 29¢ Super—soft absorb. ent! rlufled type! , January value! \ Sturdy Quality! Part Linen! 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