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January 21, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 21, 1941

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p:uro Tl‘our Consolidated with The Shelton Independent Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at. Shelton, Washington Subscription Rates: 31' MAIL: in Mason County (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) $2 per year; 6 months, $1.25; 3 months, 75¢. Foreign $3.50 per year. Postal regulations forbid residents of Shelton served by city mail carrier from receiving their Journal by mail. BY IOWA]: cmxnn: in Shelton, or $2.50 per year in advance. Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 25¢ per month (collected by carrier) J. EBER ANGLE Manager GRANT C. ANGLE Editor Member of “'ashington Newspaper Publisliers' Association and National Editorial Association. BETTER LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE Now that the tempest in a teapot over the cross- voting and election of Governor Langlie has peteredg, out the complaining element of the democrats is talking about revising the ballot form to eliminate the circle of party choice and require direct mark- ing for each candidate. Although the present ballot has been used with- out any complaint for forty, really fifty years, and; there has never been any trouble in finding out the' intention of the voters who choose to stop and mark candidates on the ticket opposed to their circle choice, the circle is superfluous, since “straight” vot- ing is no longer the rule. However, in view of the fact that the democrats have always and until this last election profited most by cross-voting in the past evidenced by the elec-. tion of Governor Lister and Martin and of Dill twice for senator; republicans will be the gainers from ab— sence of the 'circle and should offer no complaint at complainbat the change. TO BOOST LEGISLATIVE STIPEND The lawmakers are scheming to “put one over on the people of Washington by the subterfuge of fattening their $5 daily stipend for service by pass- ing a measure appropriating $35,000 or so for ex- penses of the legislators at Olympia. Perhaps there is some merit in the claim that a legislator cannot live on his salary, but he overlooks the “honor” of serving the people; also the fact that in the last election they killed the referendum to boost the salaries with a bang. . PEOPLE FAVOR FORTY MILL LIMIT One of the first measures in the legislative hop.- per is intended for a vote to raise the forty-mill tax limitation on real property to 45 mills, and to devote the extra five mills to paying the old age pensions as called for by N o. 141. Viewing the rapidly lowering state assessed property valuations due to several fixed as well as new conditions, the law of diminishing returns is moving faster than can possibly be relieved by any boost of the legal millage for tax collections. The tax axempt property which is fast growing and taking taxable property from the rolls, such as public utilities and operation, taking of private lands for parks and other non-producing purposes, and other exemptions, is making tax-raising a real problem. Rather than load private property more the leg- islature should seek for more economy in state oper- ations, cutting of funds granted for relief and other purposes which should be federally cared for, and to require the utilities as well as the government to make good the tax losses which the local government must make support. ‘FREE ENTERPRISE MEDICINE; Here in the United States we live under what is graphically described as a free enterprise system. It permits any man to go as far as his abilities Wlll take him. It places no barriers in the way of progress I and achievement. It believes in the dignity of the individual-as opposed to sy individual the slave of the state. what this free enterprise system has All of us know produced. It has given us the highest standard of living in the world. It has given the typical worker a higher paid job and a shorter work week than is known any- where else. It has given the average man and wo-! man more of the luxuries and necessities than their counterparts enjoy in any “other nation. It has giv- en them more security, in the form of homes, insur~, ance, b k deposits and other forms of saving. All f this has been done under that free en prise system the individualistic system, so to ven us more than, For example, in the field of private enterprise achieves. In 1936 there were 11.5 deaths per each , population from diptheria in Germany. There were 8.6 in England. There were but 1.5 in the United States. There is one qualified physician people herei—as against one for each (1, one for each 1,307 in Germany and In the totalitarian- dominates medicine, and the bureaucrats 'ick the doctors, almost all diseases speak. And that system has gi goods and chattels, medicine we can see again What 100000 for each 767 1,069 in Englan one for each 1,596 in France. states, where government decreasing—and rapidly are increasing. re all are e—Bremerton Searchlight. . Well, we’ve “fudged” another week of fine weather on .Ole Man Winter, so-far as Puget Sound is concerned. Well into January the mild weather has con tinued and so far the climate has been better than in sunny California; some rain, a little frost andan snow nearer than the distant crest of the Olympics. But the Winter is. still early. I l l TICKLED PINK BY ( est Crowd in Many Years Jams Gym; Pirates Win In Preliminary I Larg l ‘They hung out the standing Iroom only sign (and there wasn’t ,much of that left, either) when Ithc Harlem Globe Trotters came Ito town Sunday to draw the big— gest crowd into Lincoln gym in many years. The laughs startedthe moment the dusky comics of the court (came onto the floor and didn‘t subside until the exhibition was completed. The huge crowd, which filled every seat and stood ar- ound the edges of the playing floor at the entrance end of the gym, as well as on the balconies, applauded roundly at frequent in- tervals and at the end of the ex— hibition gave a final burst in ap- preciation of the show the Globe Trotters had staged. They’re Good, All Right ' The amazing passing ability of |the Negro basketeers drew oohs and aaahs from the multitude and their ball-handling dexterity was uncanny, making an all-around ability on the court both from the “business” and comical sides that l l ! probably isn’t matched anywhere in the country. . The score, as if it means any- (thing, was 52 to 36, including two i or three baskets the Trotters made (for their opponents, who included [both the Pantorium Cleaners'of ‘Shelton and the R.R.R.‘s of Seat- tle. 1 Those two clubs played the pre- I liminary game and quite a struggle lit turned out to be, too. The Pir- ates rallied from behind to snatch a 28 to 25 decision after trailing at all three rest periods, 5 to 2, 12 to 9, and 19 to 18. Lanky Pat Smith produced ten points in the second half which had an import- ant bearing on the outcome. Howitzers Tell Story It was the Pirates ability at long range which won them the verdict for they were badly off {form in most other phases of their lplay, missing a half dozen cripple lshots and generally appearing to be a little stale. Lewie Burnett, the I“local boy makes good" character, (was the R.R.R.’s standout, along I ( CAPACITY CROWD (Shir Smith TROTTER ANTICS» Sl {ELTONMASON COUNTY s also 0151s , lNTElthlTY PIN MEET OPENS? w \. JOURNAL‘ WashingtonrMade ines Top Sales ‘ e. 'l‘u-cs-K p—r WWW—M..-” . . I tqu Q. rpm-aft:- {~77 LQ(0\J\.«- AJ ..,~../_ ‘14.“-..4 , Issues Book On Janna; l a y The Abstract day, Jan Fl‘l ti. A 81" t at 1500 trump and 1000 aces with Bonney, lanky lefthandedI center. The casaba program drew 415 paid admissions, netted the Globe Trotters slightly over $82, the Ma- son County “fight infantile para- lysis fund" $37.19, and the city basketball league $28.95. Of the admission total, 153 phildren. So now the decks are cleared for the appearance of the All- American Red Heads, touring fem- inine basketball attraction, here on February 18. The- lineups Sunday: P R E L l M l N A R Y 262 were adult, Pirates (28) R.R.R.’s (25) V v i Levett 4 .......... ..F ............ .. Hager 6 Coyotes Somers 2 Burnett 7 G. Smith 2 .... ..C.;. Bonney 8 Goldendale, Jan. 17. A Since: ‘ P. smith 10 . . . . . . . . . . . .. Arsante 2' the enactment of the state $5} McComb J .... ..G .......... .. Ingalls 2 bounty law on coyotes losses from; ! Subs: Pirates—B. Taylor 5, M. Taylor. R.R.R.’s—Sn_elgrove. I FEATUFE Trotters (52) Pirates (36) $5 Bounty Upon .thcs-e predatory animals have (lo-1 creased about 75 per cent accord-f ing to Klickitat county sl1eepmen.§ In the two years the $5 bounty'J has been in force the number of, BOSWell 14 .... ..F' ......... _. Levett 2 coyotes in this community hasi Strong 8 . ._F . . . . . . . .. Somers 6 been cut at least three fourths, it! Price 6 ...... ..C _ _ . . . . . .. P. Smithfils estimated. I Brown 2 ........ ..G .......... ., Snelgrove Prior to the 1939 session of the; Pressley 2 ...... ..G ...... .. M. Taylor 8' legislature a $1 bountv was paidg Subs: Trotters~-Jackson 4, Bray 16. Pirates—G. Smith 4, McComb 4, B. Taylor 2, Roberts, Burnett 4. (Hubler 2, Bonney 2, Ingalls, Ha- ger. Grapeview Likes Pinchle Party Grapeview, Jan. 20. -— A pino- ch1e_party was given at the school house by the Grapeview club last Saturday evening, January 20th. A very delightful feature was a floating prize which went to the holder of double pinochle. When stems which make the someone else got double pinochle' he got possession of this fleat- ing prize and so on until the end of the evening, when the one who had it last could keep it. An un- usual feature was that Mr. and E, R. Parks'won men's first prize, women‘s'lfirot prize and door prize. Mr. Joe Tsaida won I l popular’request these parties are to be held every two weeks in- stead of monthly, the next one to be held, February lst. Refresh- ments are served after each‘par- very unusual event Was Were held during. the evening. Mr, E. R. Parks held the 1500 trump and Mr. I. Palms the 1000 aces. Proceeds of these parties she used to pay for auditorium chairs for the school. 'Mrs. Keith Johnstoné, wife of the teacher, is in the Bremerton men’s consolation prize and Mrs. I.-.Palms\, women’s consolation. By‘ on coyotes. Some Klickitat coun-ll ty sheepmen favor even a $10, bounty on coyotes. They point: out that with the incentive, for: capture of coyotes doubled thel predators could be virtually clim- i inated and the actual expense to, the state would in the long run: be less than it is under the pres-'i ent bounty system. The PRICE is RIGHT Why not Have the I B E S T ( i lnqulre, Then You’ll Buy Modern CONCRETE BRICK and ‘ RY UNITS MASON \SllELl'ON corona . PRODUCTS Seventh St. Bridge Phone 123 hospital. She is recuperating from an attack of the flu, Cliff Wivell’ VTEXAQO lst and Franklin Representative in Mason County for Ill mph Oil W000 PRODUCTS COMPANY High Grade Fuel and Deisel Oils PROM PT SERVICE QUALTY PRINTING 0N0 ADVERTISING WILI. IIELP v00 60 PLACE IN 1941 With the tremendous demands of National Defense on the lum- ber industry, things look bright for the Northwest as the New Year dawns, and everything points to more business for every- ( one. ' Steady, consistent advertising and good business-like printed forms and records will help you get your share of the increased business which is sure to come. 0315131003 1941' The modern printing plant of The Journal is equipped to fill all s CERTIFIED "SERVIGE Phone 397 of your needs and we will be glad to advise and assist you in working out labor-saving forms or any other kind of printed matter you desire. GET GFF T0 A FLYING STARTHHIS YEAR ———————- \ my . ,- I Mason C ( Off to a flying start, the inter— W'slz Candy (A) .................. .. 2724!, E e ’v - ‘ r m; 1 .-r: ______________________ "2 ' . , "f""" . ' . TR“ ‘c1‘ty handicap bowling tourrin outL l 1 .l)llly (S) 2. all Good news 10), farmers an d, A book enumed “‘Vashmgton A L B (wnicn opened at the SflLlLOfl Rt. If, ,,._ ,1“. 0h , x L s ,, I . t A V V_ a ,_ DOUBLES , “lit DIO'VCI" nous 0W t110,State Government has been pub— (creation c'.llL)S last week-end con (C. i . ., ., . , , , , v, , f , ,, 3”, WM, ‘ w, (-ta.c as well as domestic M11101} . hen d b L 11,: heaven Secreth , (tmues tomorrow evening and £3319; “gKefn ((C0)) ----------- -* q3q,..,p,..r- We“ mun (any ,r «helm? Stay “so iq t. ‘E'imt to any“ { t . n m _( (loo flrd- or..cr . . 2 ‘1 ’ M“ ‘ "” “ff "W ‘ if , . ‘ f l '- a \ "~31 FL '~ ' ' ,. ,’ , (Xéfids up neXt Sauna“), “‘Jd sun inerchNulty (0-, j _____________ 11810:}.“0111gen'13‘01n 3‘" :1le ‘v'l'ttginlnffft’u‘nz alyze the functioning and struc—l Abs” aCtS) Re, I ; y , _(Good.aE:,:Ol._(ijZ.ien (O) VVVVVV U 1176, "(me ounc‘. la, 01‘ }9 _11'9~:turo of the government. 1;. ' An even dozen teams from Shel I If _, v, + v "m . Eton 01 ,m m Centralia and She}. G. Mlllcr—hllderman (S) .... .. 1173 Mme ‘nSLor‘V’ Sales 0?,“ “in”? The purpose of the book “to be and 71 , it 1‘ 5 p . d f ]q i ‘Dotsomstalpy (g) 1171 , ton wine, made from W d,Sl‘lll.gl’.Oll , Of 1W6 tr) «11,1, t ,1 d ,_ “maul o on nave com me so ar, .. ion-,1 , ---------------- . - . ,, i ‘ .s- t .< on at. . ibles mg 31 Singles emrants Reds—Hastings (O) ....... .. 1160,Sililt’stEggpegugign“if; gggfgulcn ; alike.“ It is a comprehensive de- SHE. TBOE¢L BU! . ' ihfive posted scores in the meal ll‘curre-‘C. ‘Savage (S) 115516":t ygar‘ ’ ” 'i._.o.iptive treatment of Washington ’ _ ' (with some pretty thty “gm-CS fort Cu” LVLIJOI’ (A) .................. .. 1146 5 V‘ '_ ' fl . , Istate government as it functions; 11 Circuit ; (following. compu‘titors to try to Phillips-Madden (C) .. 114111 \‘Vah'cn L‘ Dewar! co‘mcu; together with some information on ._w,.__ -____ S After (31 (A . “ MmmeMakin (A) _____ >_ 1131 splkesman, stated that the recan t,‘e dCV,/,‘O..).ncm o u, ,r .:0 . an ‘LOPPIC- . . . 'n f“ 1 ~ rt If up St'le Li 1“ 0‘ ‘6‘“ “Si r y V“ I It/Ieadow Lurk Dan. , Cf Olvmpia i‘iIlflOA"DlrL (O) .................. .. 1150 1” 3“ lepo L L d ,, ‘quo‘ {phases of government. l "' "““""“ ‘-"""""""“ . nun ,, ,_ s‘tiff 30.,23 “3,1, in'tfie ( c, MCEery_\V_ Snelgmve (S) 1117180310 showed that sales of Wash-i ‘ 1, p A, m g 3 . BOWL“ Iiivgfiqti (:vent undoH,-,.L;CLT fig,“ l~"llnl;—B:ivley (S) __________________ ,, 1099lmgrton Wines during the 1940 fis'l {X St'rugfllill (Ala‘é’rum 0*, lihnr‘ié‘f Shelton a it. lolcioliswarming-Campbell (0) .... ..1093lcal Y9“ I'GPI‘CE‘CUEEC‘ “‘0.” “13113550”? “mi”? “as Rec” ca‘e’i-U‘V‘ ' ranos a i .u- u V _ 0,, . .__ . _ ,53 Der cent of the total wmes mid g worked out to shot». the relatmu— , -, ---- -- league IIOWlCl‘. 111"; (383 to “LOU the £3730?!“ch “ emberg (c) 1092 (~ {'1 t tn "q f Vt f t t 'ship of all dODRY'TlTlClllS to one an- i '1 Hardware singles with a figure which will I Elonmmo'creedl IA) ---------- e- 1085 3 :SdVT-Oiiig: (iv-:83..Ao.q::vgpgi other ‘ G i A , it» mm “mm , t t V A; {l V.>,_1\Ir CL: i t: 1;. 1; VA ‘0 ..i i o ‘ ' I ‘ g _ ltake some good shooting L0 best, “1 ms 1C 401 (O) --------- '- 999 a 10 Der Cent decline at the game! One chapter is given over to ex— 1 7' ,l """""" '- DOUble-‘(I totals are lOVV and prob-E I SINVGLES Hurley ‘ho said. I plaining every (lepartxnent and hovg ‘ * .: [jalng yably will be knocked over by ah'lllilgl‘mf'ns 6361‘E19‘hfflm0 A 5591 The report showed that a. total} the s_ stem of checks and balances . Camry (number of the closmg veekend ( MCL‘uX‘Oy S 6371} Phillips C 5581“ 1,854,084 gallons of Wine were; works m our government, The I ---- -. kegelers; ‘ Middle C 060‘; Pueber C 556 ( produced by Viraghmgton \Vingy- " three general divisions, executive. ( . """ l wBut' at the moment here is the ERICNLllty 0 dggjsnelgrove S 556,183 with salgs inside the state; legislative and judicial, are dealt ' , amp-(meg R“ {SlLuatlon at a glilllce- (WNW-TC S €20“) 9a“ 555 i amounting to 871,152 gallons, De- with alike. “ __Ron D 0. FIVE-MAN. EVENT n ERcda C 02933Wartllng O 540(‘war Said, The total fruit con-I Complete with all introduction: : Duo“ EC Meadow Lark Dairy (0) 50321P0rtcr 0 629(Hastlngs C 528 ‘ gum tion f1 rure of 20,180,000 index and diagrams the book will i l V ‘~ ‘- O . . ., l A. p h - ~1 Clrcuit F1 Forsythes (C) .................... 295.5 (pourre S 623331111101" 0 526‘pouuds included the following; serve as a guide to all persons ‘ " week 1, Centralla Pharmacy .... .. 2940 McKeen C Giggampbell O 5133amounts of fruit; grapes, $353,000 ; working for the 1 government as tighten ( Associgted 011 (S) ___________ _. 2938 ,lVlcCorm’k C 60((ol‘eech A oompounds; apples, 8,004,000 pounds; ( well as to those who wish merely I r ace so t1 \Vllgons Cafe (3) _____________ ,_ 288OEL‘t/illlel‘ S 5991Adams O, 502 ‘ loganberries. 1,318,000 pounds;[ to understand the function of the l‘ mined w-t lDaVIscourt Bakery (S) ...... .. 2857 O'Brien 0 588,17‘unk S 489(cherries, 32,000 pounds; prunes,‘ government of the state of Wash- I FINEST F00 v I leChfleld Darts (O) 2855?Bayley S 587,300dp’ter O 487; 568,000 pounds; currants, 502,000, ington. i BEST PR me ear . Centralla Elks ............. ,, 2844.39» 0 572-, McCann o 483 p0 on d s; blackberries, 466,000' .mw _—_~ . . of the“; Mason Laundry (S) __________ .. 2829 ‘Woodard O 5591 Dotson S 400 pounds: peaches, 242,000 poundi; , ,.. , , ' m IV‘Vedgewood Rangers (C) 2805): Veinberg C 5591 Ipears, 102,000 pounds; and mis—2 TEE/$1131) Ar HOSPiFAL Hog-USP. mph 0‘“ ‘ 7..- .1 1.... _. . ._ -1, a. W“ n . . . Mrs. DaVld Cook of Route , Putated . v collaneous other fluit... 1i0,0CO( , g . , r gue ; To ‘E [poundq Shelton, was admitted to SilelLOll H ‘7 ‘ N, 1r Jleade ‘ Y b) I E (IRETT 1: 5' .‘C . ,, _. ‘ i hos ital Monday for medical care. H '0‘ i "' . Ohn Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen of‘ Under the legl‘latwe en“.c”mu.lt p i e e mgle garr [Port Orchard accompanied byl hynyvmgh they well? Organized ml 1' “ "3 “I " ' v “Hi the l I Mrs A E McLaughlin of thlsi 1990' washmgton wmemes are m”: h V i h Rip All ~ . ' g, 3’ a, , lqulred to use only fruit rown« I Clty, move to Everett last Sun— WWhin the horde” )f m) ggt l .3 over Sa‘ day and spent the day Visiting Wi‘ne_mal,ino, "'“ L L SL3 e or! E} .' I (with the mother of the two ladies, ‘ t" l ‘ . '\ me climb: I 'ffls. Florence Currie, and with; - ‘ on the A hardware IFCYChém had Pl 5 other relatives. They returned A recent survey of m3re than ' ;¥;°SpeCt1Yf3 CUStUmel‘ to? 371 21310. ( here in tile evening. 9,000 persons of lower income, , (“mt Thc an: Pail?lgfiofofiigywcillflgvsievcmlI ————-—— bracket familie:-, with an average ~ ‘ 0nd Plact , 1“ " S 60 Cni‘n mi. . ‘ 'income of $1413 showed that 8 . 991) over ‘. , U} v . asking the RllCC. V I (SE30 31 803p 331 galns out of every 10 families owned ‘ Mercantjk wrthgtsyigilgé rigihmciinant said; NOW On Fll' Drug, life insurance, the insured fam- WITH DOOR DELIVERY IN SHELTON ‘ Sup turne . ., e custonr ',c.- , _ , , e or contended. “I can buy thc : Featuring Lucien Le Longs fq_' figfsaigefig:thagoémggigi:SE: Seattle Freight should be routed Via Str. Capltcfl, Fer re’pgfigller same axe. from a mail—order hilli-e ( mous toilet soaps, a special sales' per family. The” insurancé p130: Tacoma Freight via Str. Skvookum Chief, MllWle/lk, ‘Ssociated mag???" ,, , 4 (even; is being 1919"?“ this W991i tection averaged the equivalent, 1V0" 2 ‘ d Place t I f? ed {3111 what, LhC 'l‘l'lCILiLlfiillfIat lilCr-Fli' Drug Stow. I -0f nearly Wm yew-g income p3,. * S 1 d 1 but bot? .o iere , tell you this ‘ c .or Details of the event, which fea- family, 11119 C 18 Ll e as O OVVS. mes behm the same price you can buy 1L7lUI'CE‘ a new low price for this -_._.——v———_ Leaves Tacoma daily, execept Sunday, at5p.m. n Laundr‘ from the mall-order l‘louscwvhuttweak, may be fonnd 1n the Fir . Olympia and Shelton ention, be' under the same conditions.” ‘Diug advertisement on this page, ( Every time ,the 01?“: “Ck? 0310 Arrives Shelton daily except Sunday '1, Within str . The customer agreed and puny __ second, American life insurance ’ . after 3, out his wallet. First Ambassador policyholders or beneficiaries re- ., V ‘ I V t er Wilson a “lee file t$2.001 for 1h: are." Thomas Pinckney was the first lcfil‘ifcif?yln$§§1163f6‘tcfé Sgoagsrcsix‘ts .2 . ,‘n ale dr 1e merc an' sei . “And mu :1, . q r. . 0L ‘l y l a or AC , . " 3 cents, that you'd have to 3~ 1‘0“ ‘ ambds‘ador.hqm the umted States year, according to the Institute CLARENCE CARLANDER, PreS'dent icap)19 | t . . ‘13 ff ‘ lto Great Britain. ‘f In, Ilrumqmce 1 8 EtLh: aggheyleedmc fl‘ve (Jello: foll’l ‘ C ‘3 Q “ “ ' ' " ‘1’ ' ' {er 200 . 01‘ er charges ant ’ W“ "' " ""_“ """T "v "- 84 throw in 35 cents that The mail-1,I M: -———-—r:- gh 50'2 order house would charge you for' — >y gdrove 4:80 mailing the axe.” ' 5011 518 Good-naturedly, the customer ,887 2682 shelled out. I S (0) The hardware man took the1 ica’ 15 ‘ . I 0 money, wrapped the axe, a nd} . 467 then threw it under the counter. ,CT 498 “Now wait two week.“ for it”, i 484 1 --—-————-————— 1 nt 436 ' - ' 554 ‘ l -. 908 25sc Sheepmen Claim , ,m, ,3,» (I * ‘1 leap 15; ,= n 55: I