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January 21, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 21, 1941

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alnua ,. stract; on I: 4' B initials if: Hillel“ and — lEll sills llISE _‘ Ii. Circuit squeezes Stand- I, After Closing Holi- it any vilCations lLL, ‘ BOWLING LEAGUE mm) W. L. Pct. s . ___________ 18 .600 Hardware ....25 20 .553 IY um? Theatre ..25 20 -553 I, ....23 .511 . .22 .489 ‘k , Laundry .22 23 .480 . ‘Cafc. ....19 26 .422 )RU ...................... ..17 28 .78 , ‘ ,I-Iigh Scores wPete Roberts 246. miiton Dodds 584. N p ion of play in the cit 3H Circuit Friday night aftel: g week layoff served to 8Ltcl‘ghten up the race for I . so tod " mme ay SIX teams ST Foo d within a five-game ST PR , me earned the thanks of 0f the circuit by scoring lflosp mph over Cammaranos : mputated two games from Sue leaders margin over _ John Dotson, scoring 1“8'16 game, and a 572 to— , Qed ‘the Pastime parade. ‘ ,Y Rip Allen, who knocked 3 over savagely for a 516 gr I [CE ELTON itch, Fer '. I/iilwauk ‘me climbed into the first on the strength of its ' ount Theatre gained a. tie 0nd place with a three- , eep over tailend Lumb — Mercantile as the or eup turned out consi re perlflormances. )1] lie winnin' a air ssoc1ated Oil, drogped 1‘1)nto place tie with the thea- but both clubs- Il‘flles behind the Ca engglfinirg soared back in— , , co ‘ g WIthin strikilrrlllng the Sim I . after 3, cl ’ 6;? Wilson’s in th :8 picap aker stent- i VS: It 5 pm, ms- lnday earl sweep ver- C )e driver’s seat. Asso ' t IQBI cla ed (1) Handica 153 500lNoblett p :sideht 473 444 459 464 gh , grove ' dson . . Mason I map 150 Handiég). 467IDodds 534 4QS‘V‘RXKlS 523 484IFerwerda 511 §§GIFunk o4'Du 908 2539I901mmy “at (a) Map 159 I n r cr nt 557 882 978 2761 L- M. Co. Handicap 551 St 00" 428 krts 553 564 Dummy 510 537Dummy 534 809.790 906 876 2581 ‘ Pastime (3) 51i Handicap 219 5771Dotson 572 484‘IFriend 455 520, 517 510I 544 (15011 487‘Al I , 10:1 516 875 2629922 924 977 2323 19032 .‘ (0) V leap .I n ses at ChehaliSI I. on . :hair aft g9 t0 dy- ito Cheh . s Satur t6 Shelto 9“ holding a first 0,1) a 21 to 13 de- 3115 Junior high a day. Chehalis ha 11 the week before, on led, I lit lthe‘ h Cosed strong to co ofWinch made a clean ‘the héa triple bill for the g e O hehalis peewees had -S speller. 19 to 6, and the econds had taken a 21 2 e ‘ - ' 03mg) 1n the second scrap. T . F1119 lineups: RST 85,21) TEAMS 9 to e, at the ) n, ! ..F .......... __ Lumsden "~~G “ Rector Cgfihalis—~Benny 1, Mc- Connell, Noyes, Shel- 1I Plemons, Daniels. TEAMS u _ ____ TcmplC 1 ........ ' 2Chehalis Willie Ryhaner 2 Shelton WEE TEAMS Shelton Richardson 3 McGuire an 4, Ros— ‘Broderick. Shel- , Smith, DOWTIE‘YI \__ ge Runners “S Wednesday In Dortant details COH' “I of the Mt Lincoln ners when they amPton reminded dlScu s ectlon the . lay. .3qu C. \ Si0n will center day. January 21, 1941. ~7in c i I I I I I I l I l I I I entire I By Dciln Gocliscll and Mrs. Paul Smilh and the young people, Pauline, Maxine and Stanley, returned to their island trip to Indiana for a Vlill’. with relatives. caving Olympia at '7130 the evening of December 16 the Smiths arrived at the home of Mr. Smith’s parents in In- dianapolis Saturday orning 11:30 where they made their headquarters while visiting other relatives. Mrs. Florence Smith, widow of Theo Smith who died on the island a couple of years ago, brought her little son, John Fletcher, and came to Indianapo- m All I sn—‘IIII-III'II A BUYER! US HARSTINE FAMILY RETURNS raou EVENTFEL MIDWEST TRIP Harstine Island, Jan. 20. # Mr.‘ . . . I home recently from a. mtdovintcr‘ atI I I I point of high altitude. in the state; of Wyoming. This was the onlyI stop the Smiths were forced toI make, and this would probablyI not have been necessary except for the fact that there are no shelters on the cast-west high- way through that part of the country, the only ones being at intersections of that road with those running north and south“ This put the shelters- too far apart for safety, while the tem— perature stood at 22 degress be— low zero as it did when the Smiths arrived there. According to Mrs. Smith, this was the only really bad weather encountered on the whole round trip, though at one I I I l EWANT--ADS ____ I I I I I l I I 119 from her present home in La I place in Nebraska they‘ drove Porte, Indiana, to visit with the through a howling blizzard for Paul Smiths while they wcrcipart of a day. there. A feature of the trip which in- terested the family was the great variation in the price of gasoline. At some Commodity could be purchased at 10 gallons for dollar. The dif- ference in price was most notice- able in the state of Wyoming where as they were entering they bought gas at 13 cents a gallon, On the return trip the family, left Indianapolis at 11 o’clock onl the evening of Sunday, December 20, and arrived at the home of' relatives in Sumner Friday eve-l ning at 10 o’clock, after being| held up for a part of two days by extreme cold weather at a' (L 'cxperiencegl greeted the Smiths 011 the trip of'flfty-six hundred miles, such as Race Tightens; _ Close,iBlue Mountain in Oregon, and an —— lexhibition of skill on the part of I COMMERCIAL LEAGUE a horse named “Bud,” and a. well W. L. Pom trained collie dog which were Mae’s Conifer .......... ..21 18 .538 4—10 Dairy .................. ..20 19 .513. Daviscourt Bakery ..19 20 .487“ McConkcy Pharmacy 18 21 .462 and sheep along one of the high- ways in the mountainous region. At the point Where the Smith Driskel g distance of I ate with Ron P}, 484 I 577 I 447 i McConkey’s (0) I (3) l Cohen 556 Dummy unlor high faded in theI rEviction of Sampson Tulee for tak- ome floor Chehalisl the p the com- 93 t0 Olympia this! Shelton (13) I strieti ---- Savage 4! Th Robertson 6Img license Toby 2 1 rest. Shelton (1,0),I .. Hopland: .. Smith 1i . , Plcmons “(115tht federa Daniels 1 1| . . , , federal circuit court in San Fran- (6) I to Klickitat county for trial. The Robertson I Cracola I battl ..... .. Bli‘lllS hav I, . m e e t I, emng this week inI e at 7:30 o'clock,: of a- team to rep- ‘, nually now exceed the total yearly 0 Runners in the,rcvcnuc: of all the states prior er th meet sponsored by to 19:2. High Scores Game~Lee Westlund 228. Total— Lee Westlund 548. -car overtook this group of ani- Imals, the road ran. along a high 'ridge with very little margin be- Only three games separate tep,tween the wheel tracks and thel and bottom commercial leagu c:_steep banks on each Side, but in-' now are bowung teams after the results ofl telllgent work on the part of theI lthe resumption of play ThursdayI dog and Bud parted the great ,night ending the holiday idle per- {mass of wool-clad ruminants, and I 10d. . held them on the narrow edges of Mac's Corner usurped the lead the road While Mr- Smith drove winning three from McConkey through- armacy while Daviscourt's Bak-I Crossing the new “Bridge of ery was trouncing the erstwhile the Gods" was.I an interesting and league leading 4—E Dairy lineup,Ibcautiful feature of the trip. The pharmacists dropped into the Altogether, the Smiths feel that basement formerly occupied by the trip Was well worth while, the bakers, but the thing is and of considerably more Value tight almost match this week will I than it COSt~ (Juggle the standings again, “78’ the island’s high school I Lee Westlund set the scoringlgroup, your correspondent and Ipace for the Circuit while leadinglother patrons of the Harstine fer- lhis bakery teammates to their ry saw a wedge of wild geese trlumphi and 0D ROlfind'S Ger- flying north on the afternoon of hardt’s shoulders rests credit for January 7th. We think this lmost of Mao’s Corner showing, a very early date for the migra- Mac’s (3) tion of these feathered fowl, but 264; Handicap 279.careful study of bird books at 505,Tingstead 394 the 401,Dll.tman 445u‘s anything definite as to dates 347IMcElroy 495 and schedules for these pilgrim- 465 Gerhardt 521 ages. The books simply say the Dummy 426§cammamnos 459 wild geese go south in the fell 782 794 832 2403854 879 870 26;.3’311C1 north in the Spring. Dawseourt (3) I 4—113 Dairy (0) does not help us much. Handicap 333‘I Handicap 270 etrical wedge which we saw was Dummy 483V. Savage 397 made up of exactly 27 geese, as Hilderman 458ISkerbmi 449 counted by Miss Nellie Harriman estlund 54810. Savage 4.07 Crows 415IOlsen 373 I 0 I Miller 487IFourrc 436 I .102 886 936 2724,1312 732 793 2337 cI 5.x Handicap I I Stru hers Fraser two of the high school group, and were flying at so low an altitude as to be plainly seen and their 'number computed. They were traveling due north by their as- tonishingly accurate compass, and at the rate they were going when we saw them, should have landed at their summer home in British Columbia some time last week. I I M Indians Beaten , I In Fourth Round ' Of If the calendar uSed by this -——— 'vah guard of Branta Canadensis is Goldendale, Jan, 17, ~- Yakimalin working order, we will be jus- dians lost their fourth straightltified in looking for an early Ilegal decision Monday when the ; Spring. VWSlnnston state supreme court Mr, and Mrs. Jack chk and the it}: a. five to three decision upheld children came to the island Fri- e Klickltat superior court con~lday, George Carlson from Pickering “13 fish at Celilo without a state- I Commercin license. Lyle Keith, U. S. district otter—I Hey, is now considering appeali ,, case to the U.’ S, supreme quasi, after a. final decision on the ,Of ,that has been a source conflict between Indians and I the I state of ' i‘years. ashington for four I land Saturday, calling at the home ’of his parents, the August Carl— sons. . Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Needham and the little girls, and Mrs. Needham’s brother drove to Shel» ton Wednesday and after attend- ing to the business of the week, stayed in: for the evening per- formance of a' show. Islanders doing business.1 in Shel- It'on Saturday included Mr. and Mrs. John Tingley, J. J. Johnson to take fish I at 091110 WIthCUt m' and sons, Lester and Johnny, Mr. ,and Mrs. Reinhart Goetsch,.CaI-l e 0:1 from white men’s laws. S ate holds the tribesmen lMattus, Mrs. C. E. Harriman and Nellie and Mr. and Mrs. Paul .mus't Pay a $5.00 commercial fish—I Smith and-son, Stanley, Or be subject to ar-II Sales Record Is Broken During Chevrolet Drive an I I trifle Iddlans hold that an old Isaacysglgned between Governor -n 1855 evens and Yakima chiefs I gave them perpetual rights I I At a jury trial here last Ma - 'y Itséxgipson Tulee, defendant in the , was 9:58, was convicted. The case twith eafrd by Judge J. E. Stone I Th a Jury of 12' white men. hte' Indians first carried their Jgd into court at Yakima when u g9 J. Stanley Webster, of the l court refused to. t of habeas corpus re— I . scumDson Tulee. The In-I Imam3 aPPeaied their case to the I I grant a wri _ Chevrolet dealers the country Ileas-ing over opened the new year with a. ' Ishattering all previous records for 01860 Where they again lost. The action was then returned nary, day by W. E. Holler, general sales decision in 01ym_ manager. Their new passenger a1.de the fourth ,and. commercial car sales for the for the Indians their legal i period totalled 28,499, an all-, e, gtime high for the'January 1-10 embers 0f the Yakima tribe 13‘”.de he Said- 9 been extremely bitter about, The new car sales figure rep- ‘Ihg. case and have threatened re_, resents a gain of 29.1 per cent Italiatory action. They are now over the comparable period laSt considering assessing whites 33 year, When dealers retailed 22,067 IIICEYISIBS for hunting or fishing on new cars and trucks. Ithe reservation. .Used car sales likewise con— “ tinned to the upward course char— acteristic of the Chevrolet sales ,graph throughout 1940, a‘total of 40,620 units being sold in the 10-day period. This figure is 23.4 £81121 ccint in advance of the 32,919 ur. . . 1940' mg the same period in Greatest gains over the com~ parable 1940 period were regis- tered in truck sales, Mr. Holler added, a, total of 6,240 units be- Total gasoline tax reccpits an" mg. Eta-116d during the period, This figure is 43,9 per cent great- ES1,1l>l"emc court P18 Monday m loss M the S. W, Ski Ass’n February 2, ,he said. i Mr; and Mr:-, Roy Peat-her will report to the club on their visit to the S. W. Skix Ass’n meeting I they attended last Week. Also coming up is the proposed emblem for the club which WaSI presented at the last meeting. I I I loll: last “year. In places th i s1 1 , . ,, while at the other end of the Istate it cost them 27 cents. Many interesting sights and skating on the top of’ caring for a flock of several thous- . is" public library has not given- which‘ The sym- and checked by Harold Flaten,l made a business trip to the is—E renewed bid for sales dominance: sales in the first 10 days of Jan—‘ it was announced here to-‘ an that for the similar per—- SHET .‘TONI-Il’l U - ._.__—— ...___,._.__._ I I I I Heavy Rains Cut Crowd Attending Dewatto Parties By Mrs. P. W'. Nance Dewatto, Jan. 20, Because of the heavy rain Friday, there were only a few out for the card party in the evening. Only two tables were in play. Head prizes were won by Lee Baxter and Mar- garet Cunningham. Second high were won by George Ellis and Elizabeth Bedell. Eleanor Anderson was taken to: Shelton for a tonsil operation Fri- day. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Slelting were business visitors in Brem- crton Friday. Chester Cameron had the mis— fortune of having a log roll on his foot While loading for C.M.C. comp on the ninth. Dr. DeLong, at the Bridge Clinic, found a fracturedbone. He has a cast on his foot and walking on crutch- es I I ___ I I Mrs. Mary McBride of Shelton was a visitor in Dewatto Friday.” Several ,IpartiIes of fishermen were hauling in the rock cod from the Dewatto Dock last Sunday. All were having a gay time. , Mr. and Mrs, Bert Carney cn-I tertained with I last Friday evening. I I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burt and I Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cunning— I ham. This: oceasion was Mr. Carney’s birthday. a dinner party. Guests wcrcI ‘5-room modern home Mr, and Mrs. P. W. Nance wereI Vvvvvvvvvvvv Real Estate AAA A A AAAAAA AMAWM‘ FOR SALE: two lots, five room house, finished attic. automatic oil furnace. Corner Second and Birch. Phone 258. D—-1-21-1-13—-8t. FOR SALE: 3-room house with bath and full basement, 3%, acre ground. Ten minutes walk from mills. Roasonable. G. Hokanson, R.F‘.D. No. 1, Box 88, Mariette, Washington 1-21—2-20—1M "" I FOR SALE: 4-room house, 2—room cabin same lot. $550 cash, small, balance $10 month. Three blocks| city center. Inquire 432 Cook-l son St. F—1—21-23--2t.I SALE til-room modern home in excellent condition. Close in. Terms $1700. :I: :5: >': 'I l 5-mom modern home with hard—, wood floors and furnace. Nice large yard. large rooms. In ex- cellent condition. $3650.00 withI $650 down, $35 per month, in-~ terest 6%. This will make ani excellent home. t 10 acres of land with 300 feet ofI waterfront located on Pickering' Pass. This is a good buy, $875. :1: 2: :1: close inI large yard with fruit trees. Will also sell the furniture with it. callers at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ellis, Monroe Nance and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cunning- ham Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waddell made their last trip with the mail [last Wednesday, the 15th. Mr, IBach, who had the Bremerton- Dewatto route four years ago, is. back with us again. ed guests from Seattle last week. Mr. and Mrs. Mina‘rd B'abcock spent the weekend at Van hn. , I’Ve just listened to President Roosevelt’s inaugural address. I hope all Americans Were as thrill- Ied as 1-, No matter what one’s political views, it can not be de— nied that F.D.R. has been a won- Iderful captain of our Ship of State. He has steered us‘ safely through stormy waters in the past and has best to keep us: off the rocks and shoals in the future. prophesies are true, may be the stormiest times the U. S. has ever known. After all, it is notpthe “party” but the “man” to whom we look for leadership. I think Wendell. Willkie has shown a magnanimous spirit, .in laying aside his personal feelings, and offering his support of the new deal, It only shows what fine sportsmen the people of the Uni- ted States are. More of us realize every day what a wonderful priv- ilege it is to be a citizen of this coimtry. I I News. Brevities From Kamilche Kamilche, Jan. 20. —— Don’t for- get the Grange (lance S‘aturday, January 25th. Mrs. Jess Brownfield and Mrs. Arthur Nelson entertained satur- day evening at the Brownfield home, with a farewell party in honor of Delmar Brownfield. He is leaving the 24th for army serv- ice. The evening was spent in playing ‘500? The honor guest received many uSeful gifts and about 35 people were present. l I I i l I l l ing after a long seige of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest LeGard‘e of Tacoma, Visited with Mr. and Mrs, Ray Keyzcrs over the week- end. M‘iss Beulah Vig spent With Mrs. Manson. Mrs. Robert Scott and daugh- ter Mary, left Saturday for an extended stay with Mrs, Walter Scott in Puyallup. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Card of Tacoma, called at the Cothary Store Sunday I LEGAL PUBLICATIONS 'I No. 1807 11013102 T0 C‘RIEDITORS 1‘0 I‘II-E CLAIMS; 1;; the superior Court of thestate of Wu lngton in and 101‘ the County 0f Mason. In; Probate. lN ’l‘Hlu MATTER Oi“ THE ESTATE 01' HARRY A. YOLNG, Deceased. NOTlCE lS HEREBY GIVEN, that Letters Testamentary on, the Estate of Harry A. Young, deceased, were granted lo_lhc undersigned on lho 11th day ol January, 1941, by thi- said Superior_Courl. All persons having claims against said estate are required to serve them, with the necessary vouchers upon the undersigned at the Law Office 01' Alden C. llzlylcy, Title insurance Building, Shelton, VYash— inglon, that being: 1hr place desig- nated for the transaction of the business of the estate within six months after the 'date of til“ [1 St punllcation of this notice, lo-wil: within six months afler the 14th day of January, 11‘41,Vand file the same with the. Clerk ol this Court, loge.- thcr with proof of such service they will be forever barred. Dated this 14th day 01 1941. Friday I I I I January, KATH LEEl' YOUNG} Executrix ol‘ the ilstalzu Harry A. Young, Deceased. ALDEN C. ISAYLEX'. Attorney for Executrix. Title Insurance Building, of Shelton. \Nashinglon. 1—14—21-28. 2—4—4t. No. 139.8. NOTICE ‘TO cranium-ans In the‘fiu .erior Court of tha:.Sta.te of Wash ng‘ton for Mason county, In Probate. Mrs. Theresa Reidcll entertain-I promised to do his. Which, if I Mrs. Lutes is reported improv-~ or Home is $2,000 with $500 cash, balance at $20.00 and 6% inter- est. Furniturc $600.00. The price of property will increase. Why not buy your permanent ‘ home today and STOP paying rent. I SEE HERBERT Gf ANGLE Floor Sanding Machine For Rent! Handscraping to remove old varnish is a relic of the past. Rent our Bilbo “Handy San— dy”—it’s dustless, quiet, inex- pensive, and easy to operate. Hardware Dept. Lumbermen’s Mercantile Company at lhl‘ Law Office of Chas. ll. Lmvis, Suite 1, LumhvrmI-n's Building, Shel—‘ ion. Mason Counly, Washington ,lhI: .sanlc bung designated as the place) for the transaclion of the businessI of,lhe said dstalc, and fill! such claims. together with proof of such" service with the Clerk of the above ;entitled Court. within six monthsI lai’tcr the (lair ol' the first publica-I tion of this notice, Lo—wit: January. Iiilh, 104]. or said claims shall buI first pub—I 1941. I ‘1'orI-vcr barred. Date of iicalion, January lilll, , ESTHER lMl—IOI“. I'lxocutrix ol' the Estate ol‘I Anna lmhol', Suite 1, Lllrhb1r-I men's Bldg, Shelton, Mason! County, Washington. CHAS. R. LEWIS, i I I I I I I I I I Attorney for said Exncull‘lx. Sum: 1, Lumbcrmcn‘s Bldg” Shelton, Mason Counly, Wash— llll-l’lol'l. 1-14-21—28. 2-4—‘lt. I I I l I I metrics: NOTICE lS HEREBY (linIN tlII- [teal and. Personal Properly lax rolls: of Mason County, \Vash-I illlrton for the year lvil,,have been delivered lo me, in accordance with. lhc law, for the collection of tho taXl‘S as shown therein. The Real and Personal properly, taxes for the year 1041 will be due and payable on and after the 15th of February. 104]. All 1le payments made ill full on Real and Personal l‘ropI-r— ty on or,bI»l‘orI» March 15. 1041, will' be subject to 1'. rebate of three per cent. VVHICRI'I T Hill TOTAL AMOIINT Oll‘I TAX ON ANY LOT. BLOCK, OR Tl’l..\(".'l‘ Ol‘" REAL PROPERTY PAY~ Allle i”. ONE PERSON lS 'l‘W'O DOLLARS OR LESS, 0R VVHE'RE THE TOTAL .‘.l\'l()i'IN'l‘ 01“ PER- SONAL Inuil‘lCli’l‘Y .TAXES FALL— ING .l)i'l:} IN ANY ONE YEAR. PAYHZLE llY ONE PERSON. lS LES. THAN TEN DOLLARS, THEN A131: Oi" SITCH TAXES SHALL BE 'Dl‘lil AND PAYABLE ON OR lib}- F‘ORE THE 'i‘HlR’l‘Y~l“lRST DAY 01“ MAY ON EACH YEAR, AFTER lWllIlJH THEY SHALL BECOME I INCLINQITENT. AND .lN'l'ERlCS’I.‘ AT ITH’E RATE O1" Tth PER CENT IPER .\Nl\."l'l\i SHALL inc CHARG- ljll) FPON Si'Cl-l LYNDA”) TAXES IFROM THE DATE OF DELIN— I l I that I QL'ENCY L'N’l‘ll. PAH). (Act. of 1033. Chapter :30, See. cfl't-c’live "March 4; l935.) I FROM THE DATE or LICATION ‘J l. ,. 'I‘H IS PUP- NO HALF REAL PROP“ ‘ERTY TAX \VILL BE ACCEPTED ON ANX ONE AMOUNT LESS THAN $2.00 SHO\V1NG ON YOUR STATEMENT. . OMER L. DION, ’l‘roasuler Mason C\ounly. Jan. 7, 14, ; ', 1041—3t. No. 1393. . NOTICE 10 CREDITORS ,1'0 r1132 CLAIMS. r In the Superior Court of the State of Wasnington in' and for the dersigned on the 18th day of Jan-. ual‘)’. 1941, by said Superior Court. I All persons having claims against} said estates are required to serve! them. with the necessary vouchers. upon. the undersigned at ils main‘ banking office in Seattle, Washing- ton. or at the Law Office of‘ Alden; C. laylt-y, Title Insurance Building, Shelton. Washington, those being the- p‘laces designated for the tl'ansac-,I tion of the business of the c-om-I billed estate's, within six months at“- tor the date ol‘ the first publica-- tlon of this notice, towit: withth six months aftrrihe let day of; January, 1341'. and‘ file the same. With the Clerk of this Court, to-I gether Winn “roof of such service,‘ or they will be forever barred. I Dated this H 2lst day of Jaliuary,| IN THE MAITER OF THE ESTATE 1941. . I 0" ANNA.H‘IH0P‘I Deceased. SEATTLE-FIRST NATIONALI NOTICE 1S HEREBY GIVEN. BANK. a corporation. Exegu-l that Esther. lmhol, has been apvl im- on‘ the Last Will and Tes-I pointed“ and has qualified as the lameht of Alfred Ernest Harl' :XOcutl‘lX of the Estate and the Last and I Administrator with the; Vlrlll and Testament of Anna Imhof, will annexed oi" the Estate of; Doce seq, and that all persons hav— Katharine Sanford Hart, both, ing 'lalms againstl the said Estate (locuasuil. I or the said Deceased are hnrobv re- ALDEN C, HAYLEY, I quired to serve the same in duplicate, Attorney for Executor and I Iduly verified With the necessar Administrator, Title insurance I, vouchers attached. on alt-I said Ex- llUllding‘. Shelton. \Vashingtnn. ur'ulrix or lit-r Allurlloy or tenor-(LI l‘l’l—"x. :‘rl-llswil. I 'I/VHY TAKE A CHANCE Ircquired in Patrol Wagons liSi-(l -moo“... Classified Service . “00mm 2 Used , OIL CIRCULATORS Guaranteed to Heat your Home $29.50 - $49.50 Olsen Furniture Co. ‘oorough Apts, Second and Knee- I LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS 5e Each or 55¢ per dozen I We also take orders for all kinds F of Bpecial— PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are as low or lower than outside salesmen can quote THE JOURNAL you. $.25 per day will protect you while you are traveling? See Herb Angle, Agent. 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Rooms in the (my Hall in Shelton. \Vashingl‘on._opIIn bids for one Polic- l’atrol “rag-on, approximately the same Slzl', Sionv DOWl-r. speed, and clc.. as “in. )y at the Council the State of VVashinglon. The Council I-esorvI-s lhI- right, 1,, l'l’rl‘lct any and all bids. ' ’ Dated this 21st dily ol January, 1941. I GLENN \V. LANDICRS, City Cll‘l'l\" 1-2l.~23—28-.}(l 2-4-3, . No. 1372. NOTICE or 3mm.qu ox FINAL ACCOUNT AND Erosm AND.” PfiTHION. or 1: neutron: 1703 SETTLEMENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DISCHARGE In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and 10!: the county 02' Mason, In Probatey.‘ “ ]N THE MAT'l‘ER OF THE l‘ISlAll-J ol' GEORGE llERESFORl) ROI;— ERTS, DOCcnscd. , ,\ NOTICE IS HEREBY “Him, that Lois Peabody \l'right, Execu- lrix ()1. the above entitled (Is-latch has filed with the Clerk of said (,oan her final account, l‘chl‘l and poll— tion for settlement and distribution -of the estate of the docvased, when-- in the Court is asked to approve said account and repel-l. and make distribution of the estate, and‘ dis- charge .the Executrix. NOTICE IS bURTl-ilGl-i GIVEN, that ,in accordance with an Ol'dol‘ of said Court made and colored on the 18th day of January, 1941, a hearing will. be 11811., before the Court on said final account. report and petitibn on Saturday. the l51h day of February, ,15Hl.~ill 10 o'clock, IA. 31., on said day in the Court Room of said Court in the Court House at Shelton, Washington. Dated this [Slh day of January. 1041. I 1 V I CLARE ENGl‘llnSl'L" o . . I - w I INC \¥%§3fn{' Pré‘fiblgtecoxbl Clerk of the Superior (curt BlNE” ing‘ TBS of ALF’RQD ‘l'or ,Mason Copnty, \Vaslllngton. l-IRNES’ HARP and KATHARlNEI Qigflflv(I%,,{?‘§Y},‘%,§'fix 34 ,~.,-) ~n 3,. fish I_ r. ‘, L<". I I E?)Nll,.RD HARl, lIOlH nail is Tu“, Insurancf, “undmg‘ Ntrrlcu IS HEREBY GIVEN.ISh81}0“} Weshmgwn- that Letlors Testamentary Von lllcl, 1'“1'-}X' 2'4’1lfi4t' Estalg of Allimd Ernest dHart, tie-I cease , and elters of A. ministra— w [.1011 with the will annexed on the swnfigon COURT PAERIIEEI‘D lbstale of Katharine Sanford Hart, , 00‘!) .TY. “1,7,3”??? 5' .991 deceased, were granted to the un- I‘JDWA‘J) J' OKORROR' “I the Town of Vl’estport. field and State of Connecticut, FLORENCE J. O'CONNOR and HELEN M. O‘CONNOR. now known as HELEN M. O'CONNOR LARSEN, both of the Cily of Bridgeport. County of Fairfield and Slate Connecticut. vs. ED‘VARU .l'. O'CONNOR, whose last known'placc of residence was in the and Town oi" Shelton,‘ County 01' Mason and State of \Va'shinglon, if he be living, or his widow, heirs, repre- ‘Senlalives and creditors, il‘ he be dead; CHARLES D. O‘CONNOR, whose last known place of residence was ill the Town of Auburn, Coun— ty of. King and Slate of “Washington, if he be living, or his widow, heirs. representatives and crtditors. if he be dead; VlOLA O'CONNOR, whose last known place of residence was at No. 1711 Lombard Street. in the City and County of San Francisco, Slate of California, if she be liv- ing, or her widower. il' any. her heirs. rcprI-solitnlivr-s and creditors, if she be «lead; ELLA O'CONNOR, also known as ELLA O'CONNOR RAVEN, whose last known place. of res‘itlonon'wus at No. 40 Almaden Court, in llll‘ (".ili' and County of San li‘mnc-isco, Slzllo ol‘ l‘nlll'm‘nin, ll' :;l|I: lu‘ “villa. Ui' lili‘ \\'illl7\\'vl‘, IFOR RENT: modern 2-room fur- I wheh I . dllnom. Count)" of Fair-. of- rvvv vvvvvv va'v v "'1‘ For Rent 5“ n AAAA A» ALLA“.AAA- ‘ FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Goldsw RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, 50 a line each subse- quent insertion. Mini mum charge 30c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over tile telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing’ls necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf. Journal want-Ads are showing their value in every issue of the paper! nished apartment. oil heat, re- frigerator, electric range. Kay Dee Apts., phone 485—J. P-—6—11-tf. FOR RENT: 3—room modern un-I, furnished apartment, oil heat, refrigerator, electric range. Kay Dee Apts, Phone 485~J. vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv' For Sale ‘nAAMA AAAA‘A A AAA AAAA‘I 10-1—tf. OR RENT: furnished three room apartments. Mill Street Apart— IFOR SALE; 1929 Chrys1er sedan mellts- Phone 259‘M- 0'1'13'c'l and trailer. Will sell together or V -‘ separate. Phone 467-J. B-1-16-c ‘ FOR RENT 6room mod rn home newly pa FOR SALE: one Jersfg 027:7 “113d ' A 3 l ' . r ' _ pered and painted inside. Goodll gzlfneétoln') 12:32ch 0A1; cadia Pt. yard with garden tract and chi-I ' . 1-16-21——2t. ’37 Pontiac 4—door sedan, perfect shape, excellent heater and rubber. Cash or terms ——»will take trade-in; Inquire 654 Dearborn Street. , D--1—21-23-.-2t cken house ...................... .. $20.00I FOR RENT: new 5-room modern! FOR SALE; home, partly furnished, fireplacel and furnace. I Herbert G. An gle I I "vv'v'vvvvvvvv'vv'vvvv‘ l ,7, Wanted ‘MALAL‘AA‘M A AA‘AA“ AAA .FOR SALE: 17 rabbits or trade for Plymouth Rock_ chickens. Victor A. Johnson, Route 3, Box . 13. 1-21—2-6L-6t WANTED: large pieces clean cot- . 1.1. ton rags with all buttons and FOR SALE; pugepred Durham Snaps removed. No curtains 01' bull 13‘ monthslold. Dewey Ben- outing flannel or knit wear. nett, Shelton Valley. Journal Office. 1-16~—tf. B—l-ZL—tf. QRGAIN: 1940 ,Chevrolet sedan. See Geo. Hamilton 2 miles out; HOUSEKEEPER WANTED: stea— dy work. Photo Studio. Phone 152, __1-16_21_23;-3t,l on Bayshore Rd. EVenihgs. A . I H—1-2‘1-30--4t. ,WANTED: used incinerator. In-IA BAR‘GAIN, 194i “guys quire Journal. B.W.—cl AmeriCar 4-door.seda’n demon- strator reduced to $745. 30 miles on gallon gasoline. Pigmon Mo- tors, 1st and Grow. 1-21--1t FOR SALE: 1936 Buick Century sedan, A—l condition, new tires. Good buy for cash. Mrs. S. R. Moffett, Box 13, Lilliwaup. 1-21-23-28—302-4t. iFOR SALE: young canary singers in full song. Also Zedra finches $2.00 pair. Clyde Jones, 7th and Wyandotte. 1-16-21-23——3t. I , . i Used Wood ranges 9.50 to 19150 I l ITell the prospects Where you are. with a Journal Want-Ad Journal Want—Ads—Phone 100 CARD OF THANKS May we extend in this way our sincere appreciation for the kind- I, nesses, sympathies and beautiful during our bereavement over the death of; our husband and father, Jamesi E Young. I Mrs. James Young and family. l —~————-—~—- "-— I Used wood circulators 9.50 to 254,50 CARD OF THANKS Easy \Vasher .......... .. 29.50 I \Ve wish to express our sincere Maytag Washer ________ __ 29.50 thanks and appreciation to sym-I J pathetic friends who were so kindl Olsen Furnyture C0. ~to us during our recent bereave-I mcnt over the loss of our belovedI """""'""'T"'"""'" mother, Mrs. Anna Imhof. ! Mrs. Helen Gow MI‘S. Irene Artherton “AAAAAAMAAAAAAAAM‘Q Esther and Erna Imhof John and Clarence Imhof. I I I I ALDEN C. BAYst ' heirs, rl-prvscnlativos and creditors. . )if she, be (lead: DANIEL J. ‘O'CON-I ATTORNEY AT LAw‘ INOR. whose last mown p ace of . ‘rl-sidonco was in the City‘and Coun- Tltle Insfn'ance Buildings... Ity or Los Angeli-S, Slate of Cal- Opposite First National Bank , I il'm'nilt. if he be living. or his widow, heirs. roprl-szcnlativcs and creditors, il‘ ll(' be. dead: the widower, if any. hl'll'h‘. representatives and creditors of MARIE O'CONNOR, a ,minor,I who died in the (lily of Seattle, (‘ounly of King and Slate ol‘ “"asll- inglon, on or about August 27,\11Il7, and who at the lime of hi-r dralll was :I, N‘Sldl‘l’ll of said (lily of S!“ alllu. Counly and State aforesaid; and the heirs of EDWARD J. O'CON— ‘NOR, the life tenant, who dis-d in the Town of Auburn, County ol’I King and Stale ol' \Vashinglon. oni or about May 13. \024, and who at lho time of his (loath was a I‘t‘Sl-‘, dIsnl ol' said Town of Auburn, Colin-I, l,v and Slate 2iforosaid, I ORDER. or NOTICE ; l'pon the complaint of the plain-- lil‘i's praying for reasons then-th sI-l. forth for a judgment declaringI Phone 23 Shelton I I lNSURANCE HERBERT o. ANGLE Office at Angle Building I I I l I EEL'LIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax services lhal the above named dtd‘olidilhli; - I hull no tiltl; to, “state or llllli‘FCSIL jl’c‘i B°°kkeepm9 SYStems .(Il' cncum ra cc upon certs ii an ,sil'ilatvd‘ in the Town of \V'ostporl. 123 4th St. Phone 565 ICounty ol" II‘airl‘it-ld and State of .. 'Connecticut. all as appears by the —A——-——-———— plainlil‘l‘s’ complaint, returnable toI g lhI- Superior Courld lo be held iltéz‘ I Bridgeport. in an l'or Fairlie . . 3 '_ Iiloilnly on- the first Tutsdny ol' ' . t, d , I GEORGE E.CANAA.N it having been ruprcscnlc Iy‘, zil'l'idavil. sworn to by FLORENCE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT .l. O‘CONNOR, onI- of UN plaintiffs.I and TAX COUNSELOR lllilt none of 1114- pluinlil‘l's know‘ llll- place of residence or the above , AUDITING TAXATION ilamvd 1«:lI\v.\I\-I) J. O'CONNOR (the, defendant). il‘ lu- b.- livilm. or ii" Graham Bldg. Phone 245 ho ho dead, 1h:~ name or place ofv I'I‘Sidenc‘e or his widow. or the I names or places of reside-nee of his lll‘ll‘S. representatives and creditors, or any of dim-lg. tlixfizipt.‘ as zill‘t'iant‘ lS inl'orme . t a le asl 'nownI - . . I . o "i V- place of residence of said EDW'ARD atoll“:figgi‘tfilrf‘aiglli? (ll‘ilngjLL'tgocgilry :1 O'CONI‘UR (.th" ‘h‘IC‘ndm‘Il- “Iii-“I of Seattle. County of King and State in the Town or Shelton. County ofl of \vashingwn, {m or about August Mason and Sun“ 0f .valsmngtm‘il 27. l917. and who at the time of her that "one “I III“ lJIilmtINS kHOWI death was a resident of said City the place ol‘ residence of lhe abovo‘ ' . , ' t I *- namcd CHARLES u OCONNOR i1_,0l Seattll. County and S alt afore if any. or the names or places of I‘CSldcncc of the heirs. represente- allvcs and creditors. or any ol‘ them. I . . . , said; and that none of.- 1.119 plain- h“ b“ “ymg -"r If 110,1)" dV31]- thel liffs know the names or places of name or place of TOSidQl’lct‘ of hlsl residence of the heirs. or any of widow. or the names or places of! residence of his heirs. represent-I aliVI-s and creditors. or any of lhem, except, as afl'ianl is informed. them. of the above named EDWARD J. O’CONNOR. the life tenant. who died in said Town of Auburn. Coun- , _ Ihflllty of King and State of “’ashing- 1h.“ m.“ know.“ “In”? 4“ “‘sldf‘nf‘o ton. on or about Mav 13, 1924', and ol said CHARLES I). O‘CONNORIWhO at the lime of'liis death was was in the Town of Auburn. County a resident of said Town of Auburn, 01 king and Slain of Washington; County and Stale aforesaid. ' lllnt none of lhe plaintiffs know 11‘ Is, THEREFORE, ()RDERE the place oi l‘l'Sldé‘nce of the above that notice of the pendcncv of sai named. Vicinvo'C'oNNon. if she complai t be given by publishing be living, or 11' she.- bl‘ (load. the this or er once on or before the name or place of resilience of her 23rd day or January, A, 1),, 1941, \wdowm‘. if any. ,or the names in the “Shelton-Mason County Jour- on places 01 l‘t‘SldOllCl' of her nal," a newspaper having a circula— hmrs, representallvvs and creditors, tion in the Town of Shelton, Coun- or any or them, except. as affinnt 1y of Mason and State of Wash: is lnl‘Olimt‘d.‘ that the last. known ington; in the “Post-intelligencer," a plaee'ovl ‘l‘i‘fillll‘llfil‘ of said VIOLA newsnapcr having it circulation in o CON‘NOl. was at No. 1711 Lom— the City of Seattle. County of King‘ bard StI-u-l. Ill lhc City and County and Stale of Washington. and in I I ,mf San ifmnoisco. State of Califor- the Town of Auburn, of the same ma: that none f the plaintiff‘s County and State; in the “Call-Billie: Iknow llll‘ place [ l‘('Sldl'l"lP(‘ of the tin." a . newspaper having latlon in the City and County of San Francisco. Stale of California; and in the “Los Angcles Daily Jour- nal," a newspaper having a circula- tion In the Cit,»- llnd County of Los Angvles. Stale of California; and by depositing ii copy of said com- plaint and of this order of notice on or before said 23rd day of January, .x.‘ it. 1941. in the posl office at Bridgeport, Connecticut, postage pne- c 'r 9 above named ELLA O'CONNOR, al- 1 Cl cu I so known as ELLA O'CONNOR RA— VEN. if She be living, or if She be dead. the name- or place of rosi- doncv ol' hl‘l' widower. or lho names or plum-s of l'l‘h‘ll‘l‘dll‘t‘ or her heirs. ropresonlaiivos and creditors. or any 01' tlimll, t-XCl-pl. :IS lil'l‘liml is in- formed. that the last known place of residence of said ELLA l>'(‘l)\'~ NOR, also known as ELLA O'CON- NOR RAVEN, was :i'l No. 40 Alma- paid. dircclrd lo ear-h of the follow- dfinr‘Court. lll‘llll‘ (‘IIly and County ing defendants, if they be living; of San Francisco. Stale ol‘ CaliI'l-r~ by registered mail, at their last nla; that none of llle plaintiffs know known plum-s ol" residence as fol- lhc place of I‘I‘SIilPllL‘i’j “I' Ill“ ilbm'r lows: El')\\'.\lil) J. O'CONNOR. Shel— numml DANIEL O'CONNOR. il' ion. \Vashingloll; CHARLES D. he be llvlna‘, or it he bl- dead. the O'CONNOR, Home No. 1. Box No, 110m“ 01' l’laf‘r ol rcsiglvncr- of his Slll. Auburn, \Vashington; 'VlOLfi Widow. or the namI-s m- liliiP'L‘S ol‘ O'CONNOR, No. \l711 Lombar rcsulonco of hi}? lll‘ll‘H, i‘OpY'l‘Sl‘lll- Street. San lt‘l'unciscm ('Salil'orma: and atlvos and creditors. or any or them. except, as al‘l'illnl is informed. that. the lasl known plat-I- ol‘ residmwo of said DANIEL .T. O'CONNOR was in thi- City and County of Los An- gcles. Slate oi" California: llmi non» ,of the )llllil‘lllfl‘s know tliI~ name or place. of resideuclz ol' the \vltlouer. ELLA O'CONNOR. ELLA O‘CONNOR MmmII-n Court, ifornia. also known as .IIAVEN. No. 40 San Francisco, Cal- HENRY P. LYONS, Clerk of the Superior (‘ourt l'nr l“."lli'l'll‘l|l \"nllllly. 1-2 Ito—1 t.