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January 21, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 21, 1971

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I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~~ r~~~I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I~~~~~I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~i~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~~~I~~~~~~~~~~~~~I~~~~~I~~~~~~~~~~ kM Game: Randy Claussen Hi Series: Tracy Ridout n's Hi Game: Ann 132 ,n's Hi Series: Ann 259 Benedict 4-10 V.F.W. Aux. 5-1; 5-1; Willour Ins. 5-1; 4-2; The Journal 4-2; 3-~; L)anman Oyster Women of Moose Plant Farm 1-5; Mud 1-5; Brush Realty 0-6. 2, Gary Orr 188; Moose 1, Dave Wicken 3, Jeff Graves 264; 0, Stan Goodburn ns Club 3, Kevin Ridout Oyster O, Jay 200; The Journal 2, 235; Cooks Plant Gall Fuller 224; Willour Ann Hawerton 259; :lub 0, Blain Burgess Bay Realty 0, Tracy ; The Hut 3, Tracy SI MPSON MEN'S MERCHANTS Men's Hi Game: Lewis Sergeant Men's Hi Game: Denny Renecker 213 235 Men's Hi Series: Gale AlbrechtMen's Hi Series: Floyd Fuller 533. 568. Standings: Boom 8-0; Mill 4 Standings: Prepp's 4-0; 6-2; Chippers 5-3; Loaders 4-4; White's 3-1; N.B. of M.C. 3-1: Shop 3-5; Railroad 3-5; Mill 3 2-6; Thriftway 3-1; B. Kimbel's 2-2; 1BP1-7. T.C.F. 2-2; Certified 1-3; Mill 3 1, Harold ChurchillRenecker's 1-3; Trail Blazer's 1-3; 496; Chippers 3. Ed Crossan 502: moon's 0-4. Railroad 0, Aub Blochberger 517; Prepp's 4, B. Howard 479; Mill 4 4, I roy West blr9; Loaders moon's 0, B. Fagan 439; T.C.F. 2, Fire t An Report Given The Shelton City Fire Department answered l 15 calls during 1970, Fire Chief Allan Nevitt said in his annual report to the city commission submitted last week. Losses from fires in the city included $13,025 in losses to buildings and $19,750 in lossess to the contents of the buildings. This was a per capita loss of $5.15, Nevitt said. ~M Hi Game: Tracy Ridout Series: Randy Clausen 's Hi Game: Patti Plienes 's Hi Series: Gall Fuller 4, Ray Phillips 504; Shop 0, Roy J. Stewart 560; B. Kimbel's 2, R. The calls included 26 brush Petty 529; Boom 4 Gale Albrecht Jacobson 491; Certified 1, C. fires, 20 structural fires, 21 533; BP 0, Ted Beese 531. Funkhouser 524; N.B. of M.C. 3, T. Fredson 520; Trail Blazer's 1, automobile fires, eight first aid SHELTON JUNIOR C. Travaglione 451; Thriftway 3, calls, three mutual aid calls, five 154; Shelton ,ny Benedict 211; Scott Townsend omen of Moose 1, Sandy ]les 0, Randy Aux. 3, Gary Lions Club 1, Steve The Hut 2, Tracy $; Nimrod Club 3, Jim Brush Realty 0, Stan Jrn 200. Men's Hi Game: Mike Nolan 199 Men's Hi Series: Dave Stole 509 Women's Hi Game: Rabble Dale 171 Women's Hi Series: Anna Hansen 462. Standings: Shelton J.C.'s 4-0, Joslin Ins. 3-1; Timber Bowl 3-1; Eagles 2-2; V.F.W. Post 1694 2-2; Merv's Tirecap ]-3; Hembroff Agency ]-3; mob's Shoe Tree 0-4. V.F.W. 2, Terry Dion 453; Eagles 2, Clay Keith 466; Hembroff 1 Terry Knight 433; Joslin 3, Mar'l< Johnson 486; J.C.'s 4, Dave Hanson 401; mob's 0, Linda Dodge 349; Timber Bowl 3, Dave Stole 509; Merv's 1, Suzi Graver 410. SUNDAY MIXED FOURSOME Men's Hi Game: Gene Benedict 213 Nimrod Club 3-0; Men's Hi Series: Wayne Clary JX. 3-0; Dahman Oyster 557 on Journal 2-1; WillourWgcen's Hi Game: Nine Dishon The Hut 2-1; Lions Club nan of Moose 1-2; Mud Women's Hi Series: Corrinne Clay tlty 1-2; Cooks Plant Farm & Jean Hartwell 488. ]les 0-3; Brush Realty 0-3. Standings: Timber DucKS ,man Oyster 3, Terry 10-2; Farmers 10-2- Prospectors 246; Cooks Plant Farm O, 9-3; Pink Elephants 8-4; Odd Balz 218; Mud Bay Realty 7-5; Hooters 6-6; Go Getters 6-6; Sun Downers 5-7: What's Next 5-7; H20KgS 3-9; Gutter Rats 2-10; Boads 1-11. D. Hartwell 526; Renecker's 1, D. Renecker 535; White's 3, F. Fuller 568. Sun Downers 1, Walt Barnes 499; Hooters 3, Gene Benedict 544; What's Next 4, Corrinne HOUSEWIVES Clarv 488; Boads 0 Bill Boad 468; H20Kgs 1, Ge'ne 5trozyk Women's Hi Game: Stevie Krause 53 1 ; Go-Getters 3, Dolores 206 Goodburn 480; Gutter Rats 1, Women's Hi Series: Mary Lou Nina Dishon 445; Farmers 3, Wicken 533. Wayne Clary 557; Prospectors 2, Standings: Deans Gun Shop DOLLS ~lIKe Hughes 478; Pink Elephants 13-3; The Old Mill 12-4. W.S.P. Game: Leo Nault 191 z, b.am Smith 435; Timber DucksAcademy 8-8; Witcraft Trucking man 225 2, Jack Frost 532; Odd Balz 2, 8-8; Springwater Tavern 7-9; Hi Series Chuck L.C. Leman 518. Manke & Sons 6-10; Hood Cana ion 548 Marina 5-11; B&R Oil 5-11. 's Hi Game: Muggs Ogden SUNDAY MIXED FOURSOME Deans Gun Shop 3, Betty !v!en s Hi Game: Mike Hughes 214 Dean 412- W.S.P. Academy 1, 's Hi Series: Muggs Ogden!~en s Hi Series: L.C. Leman 545 Jean Russell 396; Springwater ~n d i ngs: Misf ts 4-0- women s Hi Game: Jean Hartwell Tavern 1 Lois Beckman 373; vat . Boad, Linda Rutledge & Hood Canal Marine 3, Stevie els 4-0: Bullheads 3-11 t-orrmneClary176 Krause 473; Manke & Sons 1 3-1; Fire Balls 3-1. Left' - " Verna Kolowinski 417; Witcraft 2-2; Straf 2-2; ~/iorgan Women s H~ Series: Nancy BrewerTrucking 3 Mary Lou Wicken r 1-3; Woodchucks 1-3; 4 510. 533; The Old Mill 2 Corky Darn Standings= Timber Ducks 8-0; 457; BAR Oil 1, Shirley Weaver I-3; Toris 0-4; Make Ups Prospectors 7-1; Farmers 7-1; Pink Elephants 6-2; Odd Balz 5-3; 437. 4, Ran Moore 470; Sun Downers 4-4; Hooters 3-5; Rice 536; Fireballs Go-Getters 3-5; H20KgS 2-6; WOMEN'S COMMERCIAL raid Redman 451; Boads 1-7; Gutter Rats 1-7; Women's Hi Game: Colleen Yorke :ks 1, Jim Williams 378; What's Next 1-7. 225 , Betty Olson 497; Timber Ducks 4, Jack Frost Women's Hi Series: Colleen Yorke Transfer 1 Chuck 525; Go Getters 0, Carl Goodburn 549 4-10 Split -- Peg Knutzen of Us 1. Ran 441; Odd Balz 4, L.C. Leman Standings: Certified 3. Klaus 545; Sun Downers O, Walt BarnesManufacturing 47-25; Ogden's 2, Leo Nault 467; Boads 1, Bill Boad 495; Radio & TV 46-26; Kelly's 2, Muggs Ogden Prospectors 3, Mike Hughes 515;Furniture 45-27; Ming Tree Jps 0, Dan Brown Pink Elephants 2, Carol Reichert 381/z-331/2; Jim Pauley's 38-34; 4, Bob Bair 478. 421; H20K9S 2, Glenda Ettlin Timber Bowl 37-35; Fuller Const. :OMMERCIAL 428; Hooters 3, Gene Benedict 35zk-361/2; Gott's Oilerettes 517; Gutter Rats 1, Ted Blair 351/2-361/z; Brown Logging Game: Dan Densley 221 503- Farmers 3, Nancy Brewer 32z/2-391/z; fells & Valley Hi Series: Lee 510; What's Next 1, Russ Clary 301/2-411/2; Lumbermen's 6O0 MR. & MRS. HANDICAP Men's Hi Game: Dave Valley 214 Men's Hi Series: Jack Wheeler 597 Women's Hi Game: Toni Matson 180 Women's Hi Series: Virginia Valley 471. Standings: Lake Cushman Sales Co. 50-26; Harrys Hoodsport Texaco 47-29; Dicks Diggers ?-?; J&j Service 44-32; Van's Floor Covering 411/2-341/2; Mol leys Belfair Tavern 38-38; Allyn Shell 37-39; Tyee Well Drilling 34-42; Mud Bay Realty 33-43; Jewel Pacific FJelfair 31-45; Evergreen Florist ?-?; Sargents Oyster Co. 24V2-51V2. Lake Cushman Sales Co. 3, Ha raid Bibbee 476; Evergreen Florist ?, Lee Elmlund 437; Dicks Diggers ?; Mud Bay Realty 0, Eldon Todd 493; Sargents Oyster Co. 1, Toni Matson 413; Allyn Shell 4, Harvey Griffey 429; J&J Service 4, Jack Wheeler 597; Van's Floor Covering 1, Vernon Beeson 502; Harrys Hoodsport Texaco 0, John Schreiber 497; Tyee Well Drilling 3, Del Stormo 517; Volleys Belfair Tavern 0, Dave Valley 480; Jewel Pacific Belfair 4, Bill Sullivan 527. calls to the waterfront, one electrical fire and 18 miscellaneous alarms. Of the calls, 44 were in the downtown area, 26 on Hillcrest, 28 on Mt. View, seven on Angleside, one on Capital Hill and Lines !1 (Continued from page 1) county and hooking them up to recharge freezers and pump water. The Civil Defense office received 93 calls asking for help in furnishing emergency power, and, at least that many more were received by those in the field as neighbors contacted each other that help was available in their areas. Doak said most of the assistance was given at private residences, but, that rural stores at Matlock, Lake Nahwatzel and Harstine Island were given assistance also. Mason County achieved 74.8 per cent of its goal in the rubella immunization campaign from September to December, it was reported by the State Division of Health this week. The Mason County goal was 3,279 youngsters in grades 1-6. The number who were immunized was 2,452. The statewide result was 65.3 per cent of the goal immunized. I HAVE no race prejudices, and I think I have no color prejudices nor creed prejudices. Indeed, I know it. I can stand any society. All I care to know is that a man is a human being - that is enough for me; he can't be any worse. - Mark Twain : Shelton Mobil 468. 301/2-41]/2; Richfield 16-56. --_-_-_-~-_----.-___~____ Ogden's Radio & TV 4, Marge Grocery 9-3; A. MEN'S ClTY Witcraft 520; Jim Pauley's O, Too [ate to Classify Inc. 8-4; Morgan Men's Hi Game: Bill Fredson 234 Ginger Manke 400; Brown Zieglers Camera 7-5; Men's Hi Series: Bill Fredson 589. Logging 2 Peg Knutzen 422; ="------~-~-_-_----------- ._ 6-6; Dan's Nite Standings: 40&8 7-2; Rain er Fuller Construction 2 Virginia FOUR BEDROOMS, two baths, nes Clams 5-7: 6-3; Nault's Service 5~; C&L Fuller & Pauline O'Dell 433; large rec. room, two fireplaces ODd 5-7; Gott Oil 4-8; Time Service 51/2-31/2; Jess s Mobil Timber Bowl 2V2, Barb Holt 473; two kitchens double garage. 3-9; Wolden's Chevron 4-5; Hidden Haven 31/2.5]/2. fells & Valley 1J/z, Wendy Rogers Large Mt. View lot. Just a few Shelton TrailblazersJ-6; Simpson 451; Ming Tree 3, Joy Waldrop features of this fine home. Trailers O, Walt 2-7. 497 Gott s Oilerettes 1, Charleen Offered at FHA price terms, Ziegler'Sauer 600;CameraB&R GRANGE Smith 394; Lumbermen s 1, Beth $28,500.00. By owner. ~,'26-3560 Glen Robertson 491; M~s Hi Game: Max Mikkelsen ManufacturingBrwn 42 13,; ColleenCertifiedyorke after 5 p.m.W1/21tfn Transfer 4 Ken Kni ht ~-- )ld5e4n;s Chevron 1, Gegne Men's Hi Series: Tom Olson 519549 Kelly's Furniture 3, Jean FOR-- REN-~--~--~-- one bedroom toward: ; Shelton515; FOOdAirportJ, W6ogrnen s Hi Game: Millie Fagan NaultReam 401.479; Richfield Oil 1, Lou garbagefUrnishedfurnished.apartment'CallWater426-6450and 1, Troy West 518; Gott Women's Hi Series: Millie Fagan m Simmons 540; A. Roy 473. I.e. 0, Wayne Coleman Standings: Shelton Valley 4-0; WANTED -- HOUSEKEEPER t~s Nite Hawks 4, Chub live in and care for elderly man. );sVerne's Clams 1, Dave Pomona 3-1; Southside. 2-2; .~/; Shelton Mobi 3 Harstine 2-2; Mat, ock 1-3; Agate Mental Health Write or inquire 610 Dearborn. 566. , 0-4. K1/21-2/11 Southside 2, Carl Emsley 452; Officers Named Harstine 2, Max Mikkelsen 511; RECREATION Hi Game: Sharon 57Hi Series: Jackie albrecht 6-7-10 split Pomona 3, Lad Simpson 433; Matlock 1 Ralph Simpson 451; Agate 0, Lyle Auseth 426; Shelton Valley 4, Tom OIson 519. The Mason Chapter of the Thurston-Mason Community Mental Health Center Association elected new officers for 1971. SIMPSON WOMEN'S Mrs. Barbara Martin will serve Loggers 11-1; Women's Hi Game: Joan Sowers as chairman. Vice-chairman will ps 5-7; Railroad 200 be Gene Gerhold. Mrs Na..~. lily Women's Hi Series: Joan Sowers Harding will continue as secretary ad 0, Frankie Barnes 508. 4, Sharon Huisingh Standings: Engineering 4-0 for the chapter. 1, Gladys Adair Lumber 3-1; Loggers 3-1'; information concerning 3, Jackie Eichhorn Accounting 3-1; Purchasing 1-3; services offered to the community I.B.P. 1-3; Olympic 1-3; Research Hi Game Donna Hi Series= Donna 535. ngs: C&L Time 7-1; n 4-4; Shelton Glass 2-6. 4; Shelton Glass 0; Neils Phar. 1. 12:30 0-4. Lumber 3, Joan Sowers 508; I.B.P. 1, Maxine O'Neill 429; Research O, Syble Ristine 377; Engineering 4, Arlene Lites 452; Olympic 1, Virginia Fuller 436; Accounting 3, Margaret Tobler 498; Loggers 3, Norene Stevens 424; Purchasing 1, Gladys Barden 468. WHERE THE EXPERTS BUY For 42 Years Those Who Know Engines Have Relied On Us For Quality Parts GLEN AND VERN STEWART LES FIELDs AUTO PARTS )n. Sat. 8:30 to 5;30 229 S. First as well as activities and membership may be obtained from Mrs. Alan Harding, 426-2851. The Community Mental Health Center receives local UGN funds. YOUR A & W DRIVE IN IS OPEN A YEAR ROUND PORTABLE CAMPER toilet, never used, retails $89.00, automatic flush, chemical action, no odor. Best offer. 426-4034 before noon, or after 5 p.m. H1/21 PIONEER enu Week of January 25-29 MONDAY - Tomato rice soup, crackers, toasted cheese sandwiches, cake, applesauce and milk. TUESDAY - Split pea-beef-rice hot dish, buttered carrots, rye bread, peaches and milk. WEDNESDAY - Baked meat potato hash, buttered green beans, lemon gelatin with fruit, bread & butter and milk. THURSDAY - Hamburger on a bun, pickles, buttered corn, potato chips, strawberry short cake and milk. FRIDAY -' Beef stew, crackers, broccoli, raisin muffins, applesauce and milk. Supplement your child's diet with vitamins from Evm-green nine outside the city. The average number of men answering fire alarms was eight and the average number of men attending drills was 12. In his recommendations in the report, Nevitt stated additional firemen are needed as the city continues to grow both in population and buildings. He recommended the adoption of the Uniform Building Code as necessary for the protection of the public. Most new construction this year was done out of the fire zone and by out of town contractors, he commented. He also said improvement of the water supply on Northcliff for better fire protection and the purchase of a third fire truck to lower insurance rates in the city. ,ut County He said his office checked with the PUD when a call came in to see how soon power might be on in the area from which the call came, and if it was anticipated to be some time, a generator was dispatched to the areas as soon as one was available. Recharging the freezers took from half an hour to two hours each, Doak said. Doak expressed the appreciation of the county commission, PUDs and his office to the CAP and other volunteers who came in to assist in the emergency. "They did a fine job", he commented. The snow closed most of the schools in the county Thursday and Friday. Schools were back on normal operation Monday morning. ross ng The Shelton City Commission was informed by City Engineer Howard Godat Tuesday that a request for state financial participation in improvement of the railroad crossing on First St. has been submitted by Simpson Timber Co. Godat said the state would pay about 60 per cent, the city Improvemen about 30 per cent and Simpson 10 per cent of the cost of the improvement, and, that after the improvement was complete, the state and Simpson would be responsible for the maintenance. He said the estimated cost of the project is about $3,000. Police Chief Frank Rains asked the commission to request Financing The State Department of Education has recommended approval of the proposal for participation in financing the new Shelton High School as submitted by the County Committee of School District Organization last month. The State Board of Education will consider the proposal at its meeting Jan. 22. The proposal submitted by the county committee is $2,813,271 for the Shelton district; $1,006,702 for Pioneer; $708,631 for Hood Canal; $297,552 for Grapeview; $207,354 for Southside and $150,331 for Kamilche. If the State Board approved the financial participation, the non-high districts will be notified and will then have to schedule bond elections to raise their share of the money. The voters in the Shelton District approved a bond issue for their share in November, 1969. All of the districts which are eligible anticipate receiving state matching funds for their share of the money. If the State Board approves the proposal at its meeting Jan. 22, the vote by the non-high districts is contemplated sometime late in March at special elections. ol the city civil service commission to conduct a test for sergeant within the department. There has been a vacancy for sergeant in the department for several months. Fire Chief Allan Nevitt ree':_;ved permission to purchase beds and other furnishings to provide for two additional sleepers in the fire department. The two additional men would be housed in the city hall annex, the former apartment building behind city hall. Nevitt said he had one additional volunteer fireman and an additional sleeper if quarters could be arranged for him. Librarian Morley Kramer reported that a serious leak had developed in the roof of the library during the heavy snow last week. The commission accepted the resignation of Mrs. Ruth Van De Riet from the city library board. Mrs. Van De Riet said in her letter of resignation she had recently taken a position in Olympia which made it impossible for her to attend meetings and take care of the other funcitons of a library board member. JAN/FEB APPLIANCE SALE Hill To Speak Matthew Hill, retired State Supreme Court Justice, will be the speaker at the Shelton Kiwanis Club luncheon at noon ~ .... Tuesday in the Timbers Resturant. The program is sponsored by the Kiwanis Boy Scout Committee. TO TALK of atomic energy in terms of atomic bombs is like talking of electricity in terms of the electric chair. -Peter L. Kapitza 407 S. 1st "COMMANDER 18" Laundry Twins. Washer. 5 temp selections. 18-1b. cap. Reg. $230.05. Model No. KSW. NOW $199 Dryer. High, low & fluff controls. Reg. $155.95. Model No. KSE. NOW $129 4:26-4373 Consolidated Statements of Condition RESOURCES Cash and Due from Banks .............. $ U.S. Government Bonds ............... Municipal Bonds .................. Other Securities .................. Total Securities .............. $ Commercial Loans ................. Real Estate Loans .................. Installment and Other Loans .............. Total Loans ................ Funds Sold .................... Bank Premises and Equipment ............. Customers Acceptance Liability ............ Other Resources .................. Dec. 31, 1 970 349,600,880 121,232,626 350,710,408 45,679,020 517,622,054 698,064,732 222,350,152 284,873,292 81,205,288,176 345,350,094 72,886,542 21,690,959 36,224,003 TOTAL RESOURCES ............ $2,548,662,708 Dec. 31,1969 $ 287,727,589 121,778,022 272,593,915 18,147,976 $ 412,519,913 661,988,478 226,267,21 7 330,084,251 $1,218,339,946 15,000,000 69,273,390 32,252,358 33,862,325 $2,068,975,521 LIABILITIES Deposits Demand ..................... S Savings ..................... Other Time ................... Total Deposits ............... Federal Funds Purchased ............... Funds Borrowed .................. Accrued Interest, Taxes, etc ............. Unearned Income .................. Acceptances Outstanding ............... Other Liabilities ................... TOTAL LIABILITIES ............. 946,583,221 536,561,483 491,658,634 $ 872,059,758 494,010,701 319,110,089 $1,974,803,338 $1,685,180,548 258,300,000 3,050,000 47,625,000 121,470,000 27,151,823 26,553,127 18,202,816 20,708,11 9 21,690,959 32,252,358 21,249,289 10,465,21 6 $2,369,023,225 S1,899,679,368 Reserve for Possible Loan Losses ............ $ 23,280,766 $ 21,818,365 CAPITAL Capital Stock (shares authorized and outstanding 4,500,000) . Surplus ...................... Undivided Profits .................. Reserves for Contingencies .............. TOTAL CAPITAL .............. TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND CAPITAL ...... S 45,000,000 $ 45,000,000 45,000,000 45,000,000 62,890,515 54,009,586 3,468,202 3,468,202 $ 156,358,717 S 147,477,788 $2,548,662,708 $2,068,975,521 D I R E CTO R S NORTON CLAPP Chairman, ROBERT M. ARNOLD Weyerhaeuser Company Vice President, ROBERT S. BEAUPRE P~sident HENRY BRODERICK Chairman, Henry Braderick, Inc. PHILIP L. CORNEIL Executive Vice President JOHN M. DAVIS Partner, Davis, Wright, Todd, Riese & Jones KENNETH R. FISHER President and General Manager, Fisher Flouring Mills Company FRANK H. BROWNELL Seattle CHAPIN HENRY President EDWARD E. CARLSON H. C. Henry Investment Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, WILLIAM M. JENKINS UAL Inc. Chairman FRANK E. JEROME Vice Chairman (Retired) RICHARD E. LANG Chairman, Lang & Co. JOHN McGREGOR President, McGregor Land and Livestock Company JOHN W. MURPHY President, Central Pre-Mix Concrete Company CHARLES M. PIGOTT VOLNEY RICHMOND, JR. President, Northern Commercial Company ROBERT A. SCHMIDT President, Olympia Brewing Company WILLIAM S. STREET Chairman, VWB United Corporation T. A. WILSON President, The Boeing Company WILLIAM P. WOODS President, Chairman, Washington Pacific Car & Foundry Company Natural Gas Company W. G. REED HOWARD S. WRIGHT Chairman, President, Simpson Timber Company Howard S. Wright Construction Co. ..qEA TTLE'FIR..qT NA TIoNAL BANIf MEMBER F,0 I.C. 140 BANKING OFFICES THROUGHOUT WASHINGTON STATE DEPOSlTS--SH ELTON BRANCH ... $13,236,403 68 Thursday, January 21, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 11