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January 23, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 23, 1941

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_. H-.. __, ,. I..- .. “,1. w. _ _-A-V. . ..__ _. c -..—_.—_—-—-————-———-—l -..5l'iE1;IQ.Nr,M{lSONfiiQUl‘fl‘l lessees- . . . Gregg mg I“ llllri'sdai'. January 35‘: lilil llal'y <—~—_ .. fife—w, ' ' " V i ‘i *7 ' . . \“ '. '1 i. l ' . r l AL‘ - . laymen Urged :stattie Banter Respensrbihties REQHFIELD COMPANY ASng 18 League Lead ng , Rem of a cum dab 7 d M b m [I I 1 a 71 i 1 L. Y 1 Y j I ; ‘ino‘ ‘lCinlOI‘e an . years ave ri is in 134 an we em in Meet in ‘ Heep Champs T0 Of Red Cross Are SPREAD 0F WELDFLOWER SEEDS: Hequiam Quintet ,b,;,$i,.,,fim N01,??2hj England, ir‘zfl y .. , 7. V ._...._ «a ..__ . -.,_ ‘ I’i'cliisioric Cult Calais. France Calais, France, was captured by -’ d24fi0‘1j10551ty I)U_llj,'l“.l?ll ll ll \ e ' M0! 6 l 1 1 £2 .IRC‘Ct at in: (Inuit- 1.-.," .. w k Viv 1 this Friday evening, Dorrmmmg- (fininilfions of the 80-. The American Red Cross faces Those perennial league leaders.‘ a? I 24 at 8:00 1). Ethe Hoquiam Grizzlies. pay tlieii'i {annual visit to Shelton this Fri-1i, ,day evening to fulfill a Southwestl iprep conference basketball chore iwhich calls for a game against. [the Shelton Highclimbers. l The Grizzlies, unbeaten in three lstarts so far this year, are (lefell(l-' = ling for the fourth consecutive; lyear the conference crown and (they appear bent on winning their {fifth straight this year with only \the Raymond Seagulls appearing ;as possible usurpers of their throne. Raymond at the moment tops Hoquiain in standings by virtue of ihaving played one more game lthan the Grizzlies, and having al— i'S pertinent:milky?»jig”? “UL: bankers league, the National one of the most challenging years , Y. “a” "' ml?” “7‘ Of‘ Commerce baSketbaul in its history pomts out Adelaide pecial Uroaran b0. . ‘_ :‘2‘1fflx‘ffln the; the I???“ f’PlgogintlSlK. Nelson, fl‘eld I representative part (if {{m.‘ l'fujmg PM“)- "L A“; “m @9111 {rates 0 I e" p from the sen hanCisco office. lhc ussion of tfifm‘l) ""1.‘ “1.011159 th' “‘9 tw“ “Squads tang—31mg 1n{obligations imposed upon the Am- 01 pngZ‘amic Thinner, Disses». laincoln gym at three oclock Sun- 01.10.“, Red CrosS by its Chart”. :1 Dairy grab/131;} ting fa“ “frng‘l‘” are such that, however remote the Produces on“ "30011-5. bangers hung a Coulplctohpcssibility of war, it cz'nnot fail . 31. and other SEIDJ'Jj‘Jg l laminar faces to Shelton in LhC‘ to prepare adequately for any/32;- .~aLive action may he persons of Joe Holt and Con Hen- , mummy, she explain” “The D“. " 1 , both of whom played with pflpllcdlmss of the mid (,r to Inf/CL c L. M. in the city league here a“, future cmergmcy 1 my be- , last year. Henderson was rated as! m}, at the cicse' or“ the 1017—18 best passer and ball handler'ivqu W'm. period” Mr?“ Nelson ; 1110 lCagUC Possessed laSt 593301”- said. “Underlying :11 Red Cross ac— } Anethel‘ Star on the Banker tivities related to iririo‘iul dcl’on'r “Squad Bi” ESthv former Uni'li: the basic assumption that its - Flt-V 0f \Vashington SUPBI'VaI'S':pca<:c time organization, program, In“ uic lily 9131/93 Who was a teamnmteiani‘l experience will be. lid-spied ‘L‘O . i V .‘ . Vt‘izlix Billh Somerls, Pantominzn folrf- and utilized in time of emergency figufncgililiéeszgen record in those i TheV ‘Nant Hulk—and all need It, par- ~1wai‘c. w.en boti were rt he .l3, ,1 1 :1 13 t ~ ~ f g inst i _ _ . . ~,of W. .1“: 00L 3: p,.e"..t.13‘3139mf.§ The Highchmbcrs, with one Vic- ticularlv when Winter weather taxes health . W ,ioune out its program and put its . . i _ . .. 1‘19 commerce qumtet won theiorganizational house in order and lt°.ry.1n “1.109 Sta’ts’ .thelr only and .3 iqtance i bankers league title last. Year andzrcadv for ever greater tasks}, ;\Vln in their‘last 28 games, take US i. i . E, this seagon are in the thick “The Mason County chapter of gthe floor against the Grizzlies hop—i lo: we ChamPiOHShip scramble Red Cross is to be hisi'hiv com- Hug to coax. OUt another defenswe 0 - land offenswc showmg like they . . l- . ,v' ' .- ipmduced against Montesam two 0111 IOULG man \i ill deliver [weeks ago. _ i i r .. I Second teams of the two squads to you; C1001 , TWO Other games halfe been 31"" mended. on its fine organization H'nged {01" the Plrates 1n the nearl and the rapid strides it has mad" V v ' ,futu. the Valley Cleaners of El—l m program during these past {ma paying a return ViSit to Shel-Wears,” she added. “In two years . . 5. ll ., ton to meet the Pirates after the‘the chapter under Oscar Mell’s able iplay' kit seven gawk With 'the' g mgturfia‘y 9 O 2;) [Elma-Shelton prep cage clash onlleaderghipy brought its m“ CH“ Ivarsmcs follownig about eight . A ‘ January 31, while the Pirates g0 from the 4lst place among chap- !QCIOCk. — p; ——AT7— ,to Raymond Sunday, February 9-!ters of the state, in proportionate p 5 Next Tuesday the Highclimbers fl . Ito meet the owerml Mountcastle t 3. 177*‘_#v figo to Olympia, the following Fri- , P [eniollmem 0 population, to eighth ,day entertain Elma in Lincoln ' 1; Red Devils Of the Willapa Harbor: lace. The communit w pad ‘ C11 A ' ’ ‘ iterritOTY- i130 the special p103: grliélsistalce Before starting to work On her of wildflower clubs organized gym to complete the first round ‘T I to the suffering civilians across next picture, ‘fPrivate Nurse,” throughout the West to foster and , of the 1941 ache—dub. EVERETT FOUREE i Sir, E‘V VON ‘ 1 1 .sze‘ insurance year—end seatis- the water. The bows and hours of Brenda Joyce, Winsome 20th 0911- preserve one Of nature 5.1110“ beau‘f ” . ~ v p J, 1 OR ACES tics snow the great improvement volunteer. work by the women of tury-FOX star, takes time out for tiful and colorful creations if the, A Vacant b .use “out Pay amnigfl‘ GOOD n m the Dai‘t 20 years in the con”lthe county represent an outstand- outdoor soorts. Gardening is one wildflower. [Taxes . . . Advertise It! MUS“ ltlol of tuberculosis. Just 20 years mg. recon} of achievement in gap 01 hey hobbies and this year She Himdroai 015 leading Citizens are "“‘"‘"”"""‘"’“”‘”_’""‘”"""wm‘fi'n' and lago, this was the greatest single moms mng With My Mvmn anticipates having an outstanding Lupportlng‘ this conservation and GOO.) FLOOR cause of death among policyhold—iLund’»S enthfisiastié made-mm}; the display of wild-flowers. which she Richi‘iéld Oil is assisting this great Adm. 8: 10¢ ,crs. In 1940, it accounted for chapter. 190k}; forwmd to new ac; has just finished planting. cuterprise by giving wildflower a ' omy 4.89; of all'policyliolderjcommighment3 to add to the at Bjcndg has joined the West seeds free to the many thousands; ‘dca he, nearly one—third the 1920 ready fine record in First Aid an‘d Coast wild-flower movement and of people interested in this worth- rate. fi_¥_firhfi g¥r Life Saving, Junior Red Cross, “7' Home and Farm Accident Preven- You’re Not Licked Firms Listed slid nil thcyfield of bisastermilvilgj YOU’VE Qlllt, In County l paredness. _,-_‘c__—__ ‘, ‘ c o i B.Y.P.U. Slates Two And R3528me E SeerCe Headlng Meetings Weekend He was just one’in a mess to be cooperating with the thousands while endeawr. ; . l Further figures» gathered dur- ceckod and eaten. I was the fish- ,‘ ing the 1040 census of business Day SalenFrihaV Thru Thurquan. , The following meetings will be Cl‘man who had hooked him, and l and industry and. released “1191 , L held by the l3.Y.P.U. of the First I fully intended to polish him off, ‘ week from Washington, D. C.,: Baptist Church this Saturday and come mealtime, with fried po- Show Mason County with 56‘es-, c “ ‘ r a ‘ lassified under the . Sunda : totoe,,- and other f1.{lllgb. His was. tablishments .c u t I I y 7:30 p. meimresme a. hopeless situation indeed. l general heading of sci-Vice es~, I 1 saturday’ It became more hopeless as the t tablishinente,” including such burvi-l ‘ meetin‘ with sin ‘ln' and prayer _ pl-oundgthe Open $1,133 fisherman carried him away from ‘ ncsses as baiber shops, beauty .1 it " ' ‘parlore, funeral homes, shoe re- lh-iarg;i\o swing-use . i, ‘13 - the lake. He was just like you _ ' 9 i, ‘1' ' ' ‘ . . . . i. Sunday, 6.15 p. m., ngd ga would be ‘vithout air t0 brcatho‘ 1 pa”, Shops, adJusunent and credlt, S . . 2 :)1‘]11"(.;:.:;Il‘t'li l)t-.ll:~. 1J- Since 1893 , thering. ' p l 4 . .a x , we hfilelllade Come, we are sure you will be'E-Very minutebreught him nearer l Pineillsi avatomffnile 1:93;; Sggpzili Bruce’s broken section grapefruit 20 ounce tin ‘ fllle WhlSkleS interested in both these meetings, the lin'llt of his endurance. Every ; lave .y_ an we c r pa s p , p " ._ Ifoot of distance from the water lal!ndel"1_9l'5. Sign Pamng shops. P- J 1° v 3 t Tln heresagp-mellow ST. DAVID’S EPISCOPEAL was a foot he was unequipped tol hlapksmith .shorS. dental labm‘a- lneapple like . . . . . . . gian ¢ Ed quality will!" your CHURC“ travel even if he Could be ftp: to‘ mmes‘ th‘ .0 Libby’s Natural unsweetened JuicevwriG—oz. tin (a price [an (Memorial Hall, Sunday. Jan. 26.) i return, And when he was iiiiallyl T'ilCSC 56 establishments, of , E 7;30 p “Ligvemng player and : inside the cottage in a pan of W»; which 46 are listed lllSlde Shel— S O. {'5 1 ‘36 , Sermon ' ter, and the fisherman commenced ton, listed receipts during 1939, S. 2) ¢, " S. . .CO H mm b d “amt l THOMAS E. JESSETT? Vicar, cutting up fish to be fried, the jig‘ at 169,000, of which the Shelton, Pure cane fine granulated in cloth sack Stock up “"1” RM,“ “1w mm“; : m ..-.__ was definitely up if ever the jig firms listai $156,000, had 59; . H—iiuiii-ns. . ac. vu‘ ‘ ' living cremue. active proprietors, 47 being in , .X r 1 ,° '.— C)- - . LOGGER RELEAauD ‘35 PP 101 "I?" . . .. a p . . l4 William Lundquist Simpson Nevertheless, this sunfish got'out the Shelton fllmS, and employch ’ . . . . t) tlns T.n ILOUgmg company empl'oyc was To of that fatciul pan and bauK into 34 persons on the aveiage for thei Zesty delicious Chili con ermine. 1014, ounce tin 1 '“ -‘““ I": -"c‘z e . ~' .. “ ~ ~ .v . . ,. gay after Exiting under medlcal care got, him out of that mess of fish; On the broader front, the Statei TQVI{NHQ‘U§‘E GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 18-02. tin 4 for 259 . ._ , 0‘" Sevem 3” M . . lIt was his belief that the tiny of Washington had 10,256 service' GLEN, AIRE FANCY GRAPEFRUIT 20-02. tin 3 for 25¢. ' B V' W n ' v "7 M Sip—MM I, A" A” Imight of hi? littlncsss was great— eitablishnients in operation in‘ Mib‘PAé‘F-IC TUNA FLAKES 7_o., tm’ 13¢ .HQW Pound fwsh er than all the things that stood 1039. There establishments didf . ~ FvFIDEp ,ILK """"" "4L": """ " 5'1, ‘ ,4” . i-l-‘i-Ziwirr); Subject in in his way. a volume of business amounting: CHE??? OR I r‘ "“AL M V —ta” Ll”; ----------- v. ('3'. a." market. ._. ‘ Dumped into the pan of waterEtO $53,510,000. ‘ . ROYAL ‘SAIll‘l. SHORTENINQ .................. 3-H). tin 39¢ along with the other fish, he drcw'.‘ Service estatblishmenlts in “flash? cmsco SHQR‘TENiNG __________________________________ _, 34b, tin 49¢ .. ~' in a few revivinrr gasps of water infrton 1'0Pm'6f emp Oymen 0 l . _; S 3 ,. A”! I 7rd ' . *«then started tr-Cying to get back 197351 in 1939, of which 10,463! EDWARDS COFFEL ------------- 'b- 21¢! 2 b' 9t; ‘ b5 " to the lake. Of course he didn’t,WOl"e full—time employees and JELl— WELL: ASSORTED FLAVORS ------------ -- d PKQS- 11» .1 I ‘ know where the lake any; 883, part~timc employees. In ad-g BLUE KARO SYRUP ____________________________ 34in. 23¢; 54b3, 34: : flow “1 unflglployeg Lm fluffl SPERRY PANCAKE FLOUR ............ .. 28-02. 18¢; 3-lbs. 28;; . ‘ . x . :nows w ere a J0 is, u .e:} il‘ter w . L r-‘ r . _ I. we “ram. A-An Medium in ‘ ' ‘ _ first step there, he decided, witsltion of their time to the operation] WALDOR" TOILET PAPER ----------------------------- ~ 4 '°”5 1’4 mun“. subjnci m Snecialsf . to jump out of the pan. So llC‘Of their businesses. . I SUPURB GRANULATED SOAP .............. .. 24-02. We 15.» “sil‘lil‘l- ‘ 1 01' Frlday» Saturdav and did. As he flopped about the} The total payroll, excluswe of' wm-rg MAGic BLEACH ______________________ .. qt. 9¢; Vg—gal. 15¢ . ’ . v .floor, the fisherman scooped himiproprietors'compensationsamount-l OLD STYLE BEER__12_OZ tin: __________ H 10 m. 98¢ dOZ r \ up and put him back in the pain. ed to $17,175,000. Full-time em“ I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ‘ ' " ' den and again he jumped out ployees received $13,218.000 andi The fisherman was annoyed as Part-time employees 53.951000. ! he tossed him back. again, but he POWCI‘ launariei‘y accounting for‘ . .was forced to note this peppy lit-' 0V9? one-eighth Of the tOtal I'e‘! V ltle fellow was so different fromiceipts Of 3“ SCWiCC eStabliSh'l l the others. ‘ ments in the state, was the most? l With calculating alertness the important bUSineSS from the! {plucky one dodged the hand when standpoint of volume of business. it next entered the an for a vie-v tim. Then out he hopped again. There Was a bucket near by, a {bucket Wm, high walls; theStudebaker Mailses . .. lfisherman dUInped the whole mess! linto it and continued his job, But 1 istill, each time the fisherman' . ' lgroped in the buoket, the'peppy Paul G. Hoffman, president of! .mtie fish escaped. AS the num_ the Studebaker corporation, an—i " iber of survivors cominued to be ncunces two shifts in executives as!l 5' :reduced, this fish eyed the muh part of the company‘s partiCipa-£ ' walls) of the prison with increzfs— “on in national defense produc-, ,ing desperation. Worth trying? tion and intensification of its pas-l 1Why not? He gathered his. Senger car and truck sales cam— .Catsup ‘ WE HEDEEM L1I‘ge Bottle 2 for 22¢ STA Navy 3 lbs. 17¢ ‘ AME" Raise» ____ lb. lino ell LAMB lb; 23¢ Sweet, Tender meat .............................. .. ends 115:- ‘ Safeway" Selected Quality .................. .. PORK Chops. '. lb. 21¢ ‘ ( fade ‘A’ Large ‘ ‘ is . a 2m. 5n b‘ ca" can ______________ cut . . , COOKIES 1. &s Sp ECIaiFS strength. Out he Went—— Paign- i vnen'rou} ._ Center Cuts 27¢ ______________________________________ ,. ecua ’3 lwould be a good time to clean Charge of sales, has been appoint- i This, the fisherman decided, Geo. D. Keller, vice president in. 'i l lhirn. But it was becoming in- ed aSSiStant to H‘ 5' vance’ Chan“ ________ __ creasingly difficult for him to man. Mr. Vance is directing Stu- HENS .......................... _. lb. 21¢ think of the little fellow in terms debaker’s defense manufacturing: of food. He had a most positive program. “The assignment of .Mr.} , ’J‘GFEEE 24b3, 29., -------------- 17¢ CANDY ,mow 77,” _Lb La. . . . . v . , .. . . Car , i identity all his own. BeSIdesi, nellei to this new phase of Stude-i sxanxuiss out . .' t°" Asst. Bars .- there were dead fish left that baker’s Operations Winv With 0th“ ‘ ' GROUND BEEF " lb. 1“? 1.1.5.? a ‘should be cleaned ahead of this appmmmentsv PM"lide an exper‘i w I d P“ 4 live (meg ienced executive staff for the de-i --------------- 2- bs. 10¢ 14 V ' g “Get back in there, Big Shot,“ {ens-e work in which Studebaker! . ,t“ 0 ¢ - L k 1" I I ______________ said the fisherman‘ and flippedlwin be extensively engaged!" Mt‘i -------------------- u p g. t . (V I him in. ' Hoffman said. I ' .1 One by one the other fish were K. B. Elliott, vice president ofl ' removed and cut up. Only Big Studebaker and Mr. Hoffman’s; Shot and one dead com anion i‘e- assistant for several years, was gs" ' lmained. The little sunfish seem- named to succeed Mr. Keller. In, ed to sense the growing urgency commenting upon this appointment ‘ .» . .. , , of his predicament. He flitted Mr. Hoffman said that Mr. Elliott’s” EXTRA FANCY WINESAPS ...... .. box 1.49; 10-lbs. 39¢ ‘ .back and forth and round and long experience with all phases” of ’ ' lround. AS his enemy watched, the automobile business landparti-E >EXTRA FANCY ROMESO """"""" " box 1-69.; 101m!" 45¢ Large Heads :he nosed up and over the side of cularly his close relationship withf EXTRA FANCY DE'C' Us """" " b°x 1'79' 10' bs' 49¢ 1 ‘ithe bucket with startling sudden- sales activities during .recent yearst ‘ 2 gnefi-e f, h h d h f Lave equipped hirm weii to tarrg' LARGE TREE RIPENED ORANGES .......... .. 2 dqz. 49¢ : . ‘i is erman wa c e im or forward vigorous y‘ the intensifie . M I I AN V d ' n- ' a. Inon’l'enL' .r.Then dumped the sales effort which Studebaker has} EDIUM ST OUR" GES """"""""""" " 4 doz' 55¢ - .. Your Choice , .dead fish into the sink, ran a undertaken {m 1941. ; AR'ZONA .G APE-FR T ------------------------------ -- 14 f°r 29¢ z ______________ little cleanjwater from thefaucet Mr. Enith joined the Studebaker; 'SMALL SUNKlST LEMONS .......... ............ .. 2 dpoz. 25¢ lusive) M ,isrlixtpfitllile apld pig the'ffiggtlng Corporation in 1928 and by suc-', IMPERIAL CALIFORNIA C‘ARROTS ...... .. bunch 5¢ GEM a3t_andi_ v ' A S , . - e PIC e Upgccsslve promotions became assist-! I HE OR GRE N o , SUPER you the V q _FA.. ,the bucket and walked down to antwto the president in 1930. In RAD s S Ho EU E-N'ONS """ " 3 bummes 10¢ ,U. s. No. 1 yer tast ancy l the lake shore) As he stood on 1:936 lie.was elected vice president.‘, p THO s RHUBARB, FANCY 2-Ibs. 19¢ 4 thefdifléi argd ewralcfieddthe Smtal’l‘v He was born in Lebanon, Missouri,‘ WE lTAL'AN BROCCOLI .............. 2"b5- 15¢ ‘ i , sun IS Sc a 1n 0 eep wa~e Januar 22.1896. He is a radii-l ~ ‘ 'ARGE CAU apound s - l a final and ‘1' a y 1 . g -. ‘- """"""""""" " eaCh If it’s v“ r . I ,. 3,”; its tan, he pohdelwhgmlgsfigg fifsvgflfmge03§§g6§0352§§£ig§l DRANBE :LARGE UTAH CELERY .................. .. bunch 10¢ 10,0".b- bag 1-29 31;}???5 an v ‘ \ lhe hm} Ragged: work in busidess administration at: r 8‘ BLUE ' NEW CABBAGE. ---------------------------------------- lb' 4¢ 50'lb- 1r “f --- -‘ ' Fu” Sho . B 1'16 V'Ias lnl‘lng- If gfimeness COllllnbia and Northwestern Uni-I "‘(p‘fl’! “Hm?” 'OREGQN DRYAONIONS .................. .. 10-I‘bS. 22¢ ' V' , we’ll r. \— ‘ ppm-9 39 and courage and never-give-uprwwvvorsities. I YAKIMA No 2 POTATOES 50-le 39¢ 15'lb‘ bag" ‘ ' :in the lowliest of fishes can win Mr. ' i . eller Jomed Studebakers lm‘v‘ overv, “1?? surely the samelim Angeles branch in 1914 as'al ldcgree 01 S'pl‘lt m a human being clerk. He was appointed sales. will not go unnoticed by fellow manager in 1932 and in 1935 vice- 1y; MONI“: _. Guaranteed OATS sruns fill-lbs. 43c drip or 9 i mans." '» a i . . . IN" . ‘l airge IuIt was a $0051 lesson. We're‘plesldent m Charge 0f sales‘ forpercolfl pk never liked till We quit. The jigl 3 PM fr , u g i Fu'” She,3 in B ,is never up; If ever you come toi . CAMP 5 MAN |LL . . , ---- -- "3 "9 39 ‘thc time when you think it is, re-l William Bell of Camp was ad-, a p _ i ' . [member this sunfish. mitted to Shelton hospital today! ' ' ‘ ' , “WORTHINGTON STEWARTJ Pm“ medical care. ' \