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January 28, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 28, 1941

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Page Four ,LJ . __. .-.C_._ -.L— . *.__v-__..sc. 'LL_.L.7, . SllILION-Mlsoli COUNTY JOURNAL if I Consolidated with The Shelton |ndepcndent Entered as second-class matter all the postofi'ice at Shelton, VVzlsllinglon Subscription Rates: 8‘! MAIL: in Mason County (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) .52 per year; 6 months, $1.25; 3 months, 751‘. Foreign $3.50 per year: Postal regulations forbid residents of Shelton served by city mail carrier from, mail. 51 "LL! mmqgfg III-ND» OESHELTON PINMEN GoBBLE RA‘IGNIER lnllllii; acorn HALF RACE? Idicap bowling tournament which: lIconcluded on Al Ferrier’s drives‘ As individuals and pairs, Shel— ton’s entries in the inter-city han-‘ l'v'C‘lVll’TEQ‘ lh’il‘ Journal by I . I) I . I I BY‘JOURNAL 01133122.: in Shelton, 23¢ per month (collected by carrier) I Pull) Ml“ Snaps Tell-Qamv new“ I Sunday hlght after tWO WCGhehdSa or 5:3”: per year in advance. 1 String With 20-Pomt Last and an extra night of compet1t10n,i, Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon GRANT C. ANGLE J. EBER ANGLE l Quarter Tally Spree ldid right well, so it didn’t matterL lso much that the Shelton teaml CITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE Eentries were shutout completely. 1 . . W L PF PA'l And man how those doublesl Edi , Manag‘l , y I l or L McConlmy's .............. ..3 0 100 72ltcams came through with the bar| .‘li-llilJPl” Of VVaShivng'ton NK‘VVI'SDQPH‘ PUbllIShtI‘l‘S' ASSOf‘luHOH :Rayonicr ______ 0 con, Shelton pairs won the first‘ and Rational l‘iUILOl‘lal Assocmilon. IM Lleary ""2 l 79 82.3 eight places in the two_man eventII L. M. ............ .. ....2* 1 64 63ileaving only three prizes for the'_ BIRTH CERTIFICATES bombs on 1 is another 37 teams to fl h. l g . l4-E Dairy ....... .. ....0 3 84 110 Out of 21 prize-winning singlesl lVVilson’s Cafe .......... ..0 3* 17 28 scores Shelton bowlers won 13, in-} Many citizens, and voters for many years, are: finding of late questions arising as to their age andI 'Jlace of birth which are not easy to answer, especial- ly for those of mature years who were born in small communities or even in cities, in the days when lit— tle attention was paid to vital statistics. The need for authentic records for passports, jobs in war industries, old age pensions, and for es- tablishing citizenship for other reasons is forcing thousands to try to prove their rights in this coun-I try, and it will be increasingly important from nowl on to get these records straight or supply affidavits! where possible. In Washington the state took over the county records, such as they were, in 1907, and since then conies of birth and death records can be secured for a 50-cent fee; but the earlier records are far from complete and it is the omissions that ought to be checked up before all of that era have passed away In many cases itris even easier for an alien tof .:,.—t secure citizenship thanfor a native-born to prove1 his rights to enjoy this country’s privileges; in fact, a lot of undesirable aliens have found their way into : full citizenship and position to make trouble under: the protection of the laws intended to protect the nation. " . COMMUNISTS IN LEGISLATURE The action of the state senate in voting out; ' Westman, on the ground of his admitted belief in! Communism and overthrow of this government in the past, but elected on the democratic ticket, is asI strange as it is unexpected. It is recalled that this state and some others recognize the Communist as a legal party, and the effort to rule it from the ballot last year failedy but a number of that belief ran as democrats and' like Wéstman won election. It would seem that an elected official, unless: ,play opened and won themselvesl . Cafe, and 30 to 24 from 4—E Dairy. *Includes forfeits, Latest Results McConkey 41, McCleary 21. Rayonicr 39, 4-E Dairy 25. McCleary 28, Wilson’s 17. McConkey 28, L. M. 23. Icluding first, third, seventh, eigh-‘I I th and tenth positions. That's ‘real- '1 '1y hogging the limelight—in those‘ Itwo events, so perhaps it’s just? -as well the visiting pinnlen had at, few high prizes left to themselves' McCleary 30, 4E Dairy 24. in the team event, where six, Kimbél from Wilson, forfeit. ,places earned awards. i . L. M. from Wilson. forfeit The commercial leaguers am-i Games Thursday Eong Shelton‘s entrants in thei L. M. VS. McCleary, ‘tournament came . 7. through with ; Rayomel‘ Vin klmbel. 10:30. gnying colors with Heinie Hilder- Games Saturday . man winning first in the singles! McCleary vs. Wlls'on, 7. I and Charlie Savage tenth. Com- l McConkey vs, Rayonler, 8. I Kimbel vs. 4-E Dairy, 9. mercial Leaguers Sonny White andI John Olsen walked off with first" Games Monday VVilson’s vs. McConkey, 9:30. I gprize in the doubles. L. M. vs. Kimbel Oil, 10:30. Meadow Lark Dairy of Olym-l lpia captured the five-man event I l I _ I Iwith a total pin score of 3029,I Three: Stralght trlumphs‘ m 590‘ l squeezing in ahead of The Spar of odd halt Play agaln fmd the blhe‘ Aberdeen, which also topped the: Shifted McConkey Pharmacy five 30001)”, mark by a margin off topping the city basketball league, 14. ' but look at the stranger who is During the two Weekends ‘ I , I and 1 sharing the top rung Wlth the’the one added night of play in‘l drugglsts. ,the' tournament, 23 teams fromi The oft-defeated Rayonier ag-t 1 . . gregation. shaking off' eightlshe ton' Olympla’ Centraha' and straight defeats which were fol—l“ his. as: 2h..:2§°:iiisaral Cornerites Add To Commercuil a ball game for a change, They'l did it impressively, too. racking-l up twenty points in the final quar—, ter to whip 4-E Dairy last Thurs-i day night, 39 to 25, after goingl into the final canto on the shortIi end of the count. The Rayon-ierl League Pin Lead COMMERCIAL LEAGUE W L PCT. scoring was beautifully distributedi fads 90m” ---------- -- 23 19 548 throughout the lineup with Ralph; II; .Da'FY ---------------- -- 21 21 -500 VVelton, Floyd Cole and Genel av‘scourt BakerY-w 21 21 500 IMcConkey Pharmacy 19 23 High Scores Game—Lew Struthers 193 TotaIHHarry Dittman 548 Matches Thursday McConkey vs.‘ 4-E Dairy Burgoyne each contributing eight 452 points. l A distributed punch also won' a pair of contests for McCleary Timber, 28 to 17 from Wilson’s No timberman scored higher than' six points in either contest, butl last night when Bill Schermer and Bill Madsen took over the burden of scoring the result wasn't sol I, I good for the timbermen dropped I declswmng Second Place 4'13 Dairy 3 41 to 21 decision to McConkey'sI beIhlnd Harry Dittman's pin top- after leading in the early going phngl Which copped for himflhigh and being tied at the half, ll-all. 50011119.” honors for the evening. Slight Murray Taylor bagged 13I Daviscourt’s Bakery moved into for the druggistg, la second place tie with the dairy— Mac’s Corner tacked another lgame onto its commercial league McConkey’s had a stiff strug-lmen by odd-gaming McConkey‘ the election came from false pretenses, should not l'gle before downing the dangerouslpharmacy in the other match of L. later be questioned; but now the issue has been. raised this legislature might well tackle the queS-i tion of Communist subversive purpose, and if 'proven I rule the party from the ballot in future. THE LUMBER IPROFITEERS Government agencies are blaming the lumber- ing industry for alleged excessive prices for mater-I ials for encampment and other army building, an I overlooking the several causes to that result. The rush call last fall found the mills with small stocks: and low production; many of them idle from strikeS,'I and the material available was bought up by brok-I ers with contractors being pushed and forced to buy .- at advanced prices. However, the mills continued to hold down their prices at mill to within a dollar org two per thousand of normal figures, in spite of the' increased wage, regulation and taxing costs and if the government has any criticism it should go all down the line to find the profiteers. l GOD BLESS AMERICA Rev.,Stanley G. Logan, Everett Superintendent, Puget Sound District Methodist Church . I It is easy to say or to sing “God Bless Amer-I ica,” and to utter the words as glibly as if we wereI hoping or expecting that God would mete out to our; nation some special favor or protection in responseI to our suggestion. Founders of our nation sought Divine blessing and guidance but they realized that‘ for it there was a price to pay. A people must qual- ify to deserve such consideratiOn. Soft living, indifference, selfishness, injustice, immorality and disregard for the rights of others! cannot help but destroy moral fibre and create dis- integration in society. These qualities are not the' makings of a strong democracy. Our right to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit! of happiness should no longer be accepted as a mat-I ter of course. If we are to continue these privileges} in this war-torn world, we need to realize that theyI did not become our heritage by accident. They are“ costly treasures. The price is not necessarily paid; by fighting, but by living so as to be a worthy citi—g zen of a great'democracy. Have I a. right to sing “God Bless America” un- less I am willing to be something of a credit to Am- erica myself? SOME LAST WORDS ; “Speaking over a nation-wide hookup recently: Harry Emerson Fosdick asked the question, ‘Are we, fit for Democracy?’ Viewing events of the past de-l cade one can’t help wondering if we are.——L.E.B.” The foregoing comment was among the last words written by Lars E. Bladine, publisher of the McMinnville Telephone-Register, who died suddenly on the job last week. Mr. Bladine had a long andl ‘ letin “Making ' Washington. The bulletin explains! ’mattress making under the pres-l M. Saturday night, 28 to 23, the night thanks to the pin-work but again overcame an early Of Shorty O'Dell and Gene Miller. deficit with Skipper Pat SmithIDaviscouttm McConkey’s(l) leading the attack with ten tal- _ handicap 411‘ handicap 264 lies, a figure equalled by Bill O'Dcll 472!Struthers 52G ’Somers of the ‘Merks.’ Hilderman 1231Young 438 After getting theI.Rayonier team VVestlund 447 Dummy 393 straightened out, the city casaba Crowc 369Dummy 396 circuit now is confronted with G. Miller 462=Mifflin 379 another problem in the collapse of 923 797 864 25841761 866 769 2396 the VVilson’s Cafe team, whichl4-E Dairy (1) Mac's (2) forfeited its Saturday and Mon~| handicap 264‘, handicap 285I day night games after failing to l V. Savage 495lTingstead 451 field goal a lineup either. night. IOISen 441 Dittman 548 The lineuvs and scoring: lWhite 417'L.McElroy 392 GAME LAST NIGHT ISkerbini 475lGerhardt 434 MCCOHRBY’S (41) MOCleal'Y (21), gFourre 457’Cammarano 479 Russell 4 ------ Marv Morgan? ‘,870 814 865 2549 923 877 789 2789 'M, Taylor 13 ..F .... .. Schermer 9i —_ ..____.. P_ Smith 7 .... .......... .. Mads-en 61 19.. Eacrett 7 .............. .. Lambert 4 ______ ..G J. 3......kllTr00p 10 Earns Suits: McConkey's—Steele 6,4 ‘Court Of Honor Attendance Top Troop G. Smith 2. McClearyWMel Mor- an, B. Bednarski, Roberts. GAMES SATURDAY First Game McCleal-y (30) 44!: Dairy (24) 8's three—time reign as B. Bednarski ..F .......... .. Watson 2i attendance champion at Bioy Mv Morgan 4 ..F A. Cloutler‘ 9 Scout courts of honor was brought Madsen 6 ...... “C .......... .. Fourre 1 to an end last Thursday evening Lambert 6 ---- M91M0r83n5iwhen Troop 10 captured the CO- IJ. Bednarski4 G .... ._ P. Cloutier7 veted Getty Elk HeadITrophy by Subs: McCleary Schermel‘ 6, I producing 22 backers ‘ among the Mel Morgan 4, Roberts. 4-E ——|capa(:ity crowd whichl jammed Armstrong . levery available seat in the court- I Second Game room. . “ , IMcCODROY (28) - L. M. (23) : Troop 25 was runner up"’with Wilson 6 ........ ..F ........ .. Somers 10118 supporters while Troop‘8 and G. Smith 2 .... ..F ......... .. Clark 4!Troop 12 each produced 14,and P. Smith 10 ....C ......... .. Driver 4 Troop 11 had two. Russell 4 ...... Elliott 2 Feature of the program, of Eacrett 2 G Hanson course, the presentation of his M.—Sne1grove 3, GAMES THURSDAY First Game Rayonier (39) Troop 25. Another unusual award was one earned by Donald Gates, Troop 12, an award for two years 4-E Dairy (25) of perfect attendance at his troop Cole 8 .... .. B. ArmstrongZ meetings. Living at the head of Welton 8 F .... .. P. Cloutier 7 Oakland Bay and having to travel Bell 6 ............ ..C .......... .. Gibson 2 some five miles each way to and Burgoyne 8 A. Cloutier 12 from meetings, this record is even Dittman 2 .... ..G .......... ,. Watson 2 the more remarkable. Subs: Rayonier — Anderson 1,‘l The Eagle Badge was present- Weeks g, McGough. 4-E Dairy—l ed to Scout Clothier by City At- Fourre. torney Charles R, Lewis at the Second Game McCleary (28) Wilson’s ( ( 17) B. Bednarski 6 F ............ ,_ LeDrcw Scout’s request as a token of ap- preciation for assistance render- ed him in earning several of the Schermer 4 .... .. Mv Morgan4 badges among the 21 requir- Roberts 2 ...... ..C .......... .. Martin 6I ed for the Eagle rank. The badge Lambert 4 .... ....... .. Kelly 2- then was pinned upon his mother, J.;Bednarski ..G ........ .. Daniels 5: Mrs. Ada Clothier, by the Scout Subs: McCleary»—Mel, Morgan. after he was officially presented 4, Madsen 4, Wilson’s—mane. with it. i lI As well as being one of the best attended courts of honor in Mason County history, it was also , one of the most productive with I22 Scouts earning 44 awards. Mattress Making Bulletin Issued Complete/ details for making all first .class mattress from baled cotton are explained in a. new bul- A Cotton Mattress” l recently issued by the Extensionl Service of the State College of! TEXAGO ent surplus cotton disposal pro-2 gram and also outlines a plani which any family can follow in. their own home. Copies may be' obtained from county extension offices or by writing to the Agri- cultural Extension Service at the State College of Pullman. Dale Becker, the principal from! the Third District, is a, graduate-I prominent life in political and newspaper work, and his paper won the National Editorial Association trophy in 1938 as the best county newspaper in the nation. of Vancouver high school and has been very active in Boy Scout lWOi‘k in Clark County, reaching 3 the rank of Eagle Scout and Able 1 Sea Scout. He is a native of Van- i couver and is well known in the l Clalk County area, lst and Franklin 'ON-MASQN COUNTY JOURNAL Mac’s vs. Daviscourt l bowling lead Thursday night byI Subs: McConhcyZSt'é'ele 4. L.:Eagle Badge to Milt Clo-thier, I and killed by a police patrol car. Cliff Wivell’s ‘Oilers FIEUp IE. Smith, 40, former resident of Ithe Satsop Valley. He ,was struck The accident victim was born at Satsop and resided here before going to California 10 years ago. He served overseas 21 months during decorated for bravery with the Legion, of Honor and Croix de Guerre; Survivors, in addition to his widow and mother, include four brothers, -. Alfred, Willard an d Newell, all residing at Satsop, and the World war and wasl l Walter, Sheridan, Ore., and two Sisters, Mrs. Allen Witner, lia. Dunkable Doughnuts Here's good news for doughnut dunkers. According to the Amer- ican magazine, Arthur Basham of Indianola, Iowa, has devised a ma-I chine which inserts a wooden handle into the dough as it is fried. So far, he has made and sold over 50,000 of these dunkable doughnuts. l l l CERTIFIED SERVICE Representative in Mason County for Olympia 0i Wood PRODUCTS COMPANY. High Grade Fuel and Deisel Oils tROM PT OERVICE Phone 397 El-- ma, and Mrs Roy Goins, Centra-‘ l l 'l‘llesday Junluu' "—l M, ..—..... lhclrl I"V"lllllg, I under the auspices I, ow (flail: K/ \’ \J'A--x/ ' at the schoolh i February . i Where Special Inducements are Offered .V, Janna GLORY, PRIZES IN MEET:I In Second Half, Hears lerarlan ;viIerIvIgclgI3I-III ’ ‘ yr l f l' ‘ I ‘ ‘ I 1 ‘ , ' , . I . . l Blll Vt roll and I Grays Harbor participated with 45 VI T K land Shay“ IWYZII‘t-I , - -— I 19 wee em v1 Sillggubéiiiggd 522E112: b3“ \Vhile Sponsor Roy Kimbel beam—I Grapeview, Jan. 27, The Gar—l (\ntf-I M1; and Mrs. ’ ..L ‘ th‘é tourne making one o} thQIed upon the proceedings from the I den and Social Club of GrapevicwI Keith Johmmm . most succgs'sful meets in South_l stands, Kimbcl Oil hoisted th e 3I held its regular meeting Thllrs— , JennyI hm; dinner ' W Vleqt bowlin Circleg In some time lfirst half city basketball league day, January 23rd. There was aiI Saturday evening, e This (was mg third‘ In a fieries of' hunting to its masthead by} very large attcndnllcc. Mrsz Cliff Bin-rd: .. L I f u‘h Ze 0m etitiogs bein ltrouncing MlcConkey Pharmacy, ‘ Plumb of the Shelton Library; B1113. Ban-Qt: amp I 1,0135 :h? I”? tc p. th mug 45 to 31, with a brilliant second spoke moi-t interestingly about: delightful evening 4. t‘e' , 15 “m er m e r half offensive in the playoff strug- 1 books and their use, The ciub,‘I Can'an by an I? 0 03311: order In which rizes were gle Friday evening. lbesides its )Cgul’li' business, is, wf.L-L.L. / ~ earned in the three digisions fol- Sponsor Kimbel deserves an‘domg- Rm @093 wink for “117 If '7 d ’t *hi reacrN 1 : assist for the victory too for be- “met- M"? walker 1‘9” anal . . .yrtu on L 0 Eu ~l ves OW' FIVE_MAN EVENT . tween halves, with his Oilers trail- . Mrs“ Sarah Hansen served refresh" ‘ Ed‘yéllllslemplace a m I€111;me€ Meadow Lark Dairy Olym 3029l ing” 18 to 13' he told the boysl ments. Next ‘ meeting VJlllI bcI Ollllld. . I £1.51 to 3,17, The' Spar Aberdeen’ 3014' he‘d foot the bill for their golden : heid 0“ Thmfscayi 1‘ ebl‘ua/W Zith: I »~_~m—————_—i - f the Nan. Geo Fors’ythels cent' """""" " 2973, colored shoes if they won thelw1th Mrs- Emma“. , ' ‘ i e basketee Hem Bakery: Abel: ::::"':::29501game. Mr. and Mom}. mvel ay meme Centralia Pharmacy 2949 It took them hardly two mm- been ViSitlilg‘ m 1300th for (ll H 0 VVilmot’s, Olympia ______________ _. 2944 utesto ti: Lhefscolre an? blzhtheflveletk: I Ih H I a the final fl‘ openlng to t e lna quar er ere ls rumorcc . at Mist * atic1 I I6 was geld Whiteoig: BSLIIIE; EVENT 1263 was little doubt over e ultimate l Barker who has been staying withl L 0 A ' We points G Tucker_J’ """ 1256 I outcome, for althou he Oilersl relatives in Seattle for a few ~ S with firsi lFInTeQbDurénd Sh'eI ‘ 1248‘ had only a 29-24 margin it was weeks expects to return to her, ‘JOying the Reade‘PNoblett’ Sh I' """"" " 12481 obvious the blue and gold. clad; home at Echo Beach early in 1 Bankers r, D dd _C I 'Sh (Ia’ " 1246 club was “hot” and the phar— February. Biss Barker had a badl 6 C - toll the AOFS .ar ign', . ke """" " 1232 I macists had let down after their fall but is able to be about againl onve'nlc Oh to keep A‘ “melt;— Iflréc ' Se‘ "" " 1 3Olfinc first half play. ‘ Mrs. H. E. Peterson has; re-s ':. ran up p0 mnson‘ re Son' hex: Bill Taylor and Dan Cormier turned to her home here after a; ' he final m Ser cant-Forbes Shel 1208 i 9 Reasonab ’ WI? T k' C 7i contributed 17 points apiece to the two weeks’ Visit in Seattle. ‘ , H‘ates brol Dfie;:?§c%ce?n'ce:‘:' Egg! Oiler attack while Frank WillardI Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sund cn—i a terrific I, ' v ' ---------- “ iplaycd a lone-wolf role on defense tertainccl a group of friends at! l to 2 [em WalSh‘B' VValShv Aber- 1193 r a good part of the time as his their home last Tuesday evening; .dhby 10 to I youthful teammates concentrated February 21st. Those present : ad drop Hildermfniéeé‘gngEXSNg 629 I on the business of scoring points. were Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Buck-I t the half,I Dunn O 685IM Fer'rier 625'Pat Smith and Jim Steele carried Ingham and Dean, Mr. and Mrsl " 35 L0 30. CMcE’mgI'I‘é' SHIRéader s' 624 I the brunt of the attack which sent Cliff Barrett, Mr. and Mrs, E. RE Mason Count refit. \v Madden'c 670IFOurre’ S "" " 623'; the pharmacists off with a half l Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Syrjel-I ~' ‘njllry wh Di'xo; A 662ISkerbh§Ii S"" 622 I time lead. Ila, MI“. and Mrs. Bus Borgfordfl & Loan AS down to a McNu’It 656lDurand 's " 621 l Players on both teams. w e e I John and Warren Sund, besidesl uarter also IForbes yis »- 647‘IJ Mine} SW 620I dog tired after the gruenng con.I the host and hostess. i Tltle Insura I l the Pirau Forresi 641IM Freds’on 618<I test, so much did they put out in‘ The next pinochle party will bel ng. but th. Haapan'en 632IM'ekus O v 617, the effort to capture the title. 'aCOUplc ( , .... .. i r ‘ . r“ a erW __.. -.__ L L. v C. Savage, S 632‘Aronson, S... 613} r139 lmeuPs‘ l "‘ " l“ 1" "V l ' ‘ ' t — : ahiadh’m . Reda C .... .. 629; ‘K‘mbelo'l (40) M’ConkeyS--(31)l ith‘ Of‘ ' ____________~______lLevett 3 ________ ..F ,,,,,, ,, G, Smith , » Don.« I B. Taylor 17 ..F ,,,,,,,,,,,, __ Steele 6 ‘ game 1'11 ' Cormier 17 .... ..C .... .. P. Smith 10 MIStake Willard 3 ...... ..G .... ,. M. Taylor 6 , l??er l - - McComb 5 .... .,G ,,,,,,,,,,,, __ Wilson v ‘ 519mg H1 . Subs: Kimbel Oil—Gruver. glérln thls D xConkey's—~Russell 2, Eacrett_ :~ (IIIng Tr DOW“ T0 BfBat ; FAST FREIGHT SERVICE “,0 hi?“ —— l _n 9d fo As often happens With “green”i I WITH DOOR DELIVERY IN SHELTON. “1 the £3 teams Shelton junior high made I n I . . . ayers t l . Seattle Fl eldht should be routed Via Str. Capitol, F3, - 0 S1 finif)?téfiufilsgikiegggegegfimg:l Tacoma Frdight via Str. Skookuln Chief, MilwauK ifiiildntsplz) . . . . E t No, [I Si Junior high had buxlt up such a! Funeral services were h d i s l"- commandin lead it was no trick‘ el yes" v u ll‘atc to coast in film a 38 to 15 basket-= Ferday for Loretta Joyce Lmtz’ '1 lme SChedul‘e as fouOVVS: ' 0f ban victory on the Olympia court mfant daughter Of Mr- and Mrs-l Leaves Tacoma daily, exccept Sunday, at 5 pm?“- in Lm , l Farnum Lmtz, who died soon after t 1 'r com Friday afternoon. . . 0 “mph! and Shelton r a Shelton Coach Hugh Clark sent In a thrttige cReilghlfifigéBovee OfflClated -* Arrives Shelton daily, except Sunday Urn gamn‘ CI . l V ‘ wll ' £32332? $5031; 323333262?! The babys grandparents in- ' .3 watt: fense to a zone with which thel leugf ix?- ?‘g first Charles Loitz l 1 ed on till: . . I 0 1e on n rs. Christ' s a $23136 grilgl‘gleatfilrfilllizilgie ageI also of Shelton ma W CLARENCE CARLANDER, president I all) The l substitute told two» players but. ~~ _ .4 L __ . z .- . ____ it I n 8 neglected to tell ,the other two i .......... and in the confusion of having I . v, h 17 ..C._ port of the team playing one de-I »_ ‘ .......... ..G.. fense and part another type the 2 .... ..G_. Olympia lineup whipped in six I rlianke‘rs straight baskets. . . : . Hu 11 Leonard Savage scored seven? I A Omers 5, for Shelton, but was topped byI‘, , ' ' Hopkins of Olympia with elevenl ~ . Coach Clark was tickled with; Gufil‘de the performance of his peewee§ I‘Stlne ] second stringers, who scored 131 V points, \norc than they had in all" By Della their games previously this ytar , ne ISland, , put together, The fact that Olym-l i One of I. Ipia won, 24 to 13, was incidental.‘ ' OneIof I: Beanie Daniels connected for SiXl of do 3 tallies for Shelton. l me for 3 FIRST TEAMS Mr. _ani ' Olympia (35) Shelton (16) ‘ligfavgth Hopkins 11 .......... .. Savage 7 i n l Lewis 6 ,,,,,,,, ., 1 ‘ 1‘ 9f the c ,swdem WC _____ 303.3350; Do You Need Encouragement rlo (Jet all 1011..., Bohle 1 .. Rector 1 months c Mills 2 .......... ..G ____________ '- e aboa I Subs: Olympia — Tailgfsmbs,‘ oafitfiurei I Peters 2, Andrews 5, Giles 2, Mil-, . ’ Callfom ler 2, Minshull, Dunn 2. Shelton—‘5 , ert0n. Lumsden 1. Iiomqnit SECOND TEAMS 0° Visit 1 Olympia. (24) Shelton (13) , -u“ . m2 Freitas ............ “F __________ G, Smith ttlln his b} Swanson 16 ..... .. Hopland , -fe Coast Glover 6 ........ Plemons 3, , . 5513 and IMower 4 ...... Daniels 8 d e_ are Tahara 4 .... ..G .......... .. Temple 2 , ,Iw‘i‘h hl Subs: Shelton~—B. Smith, Binns, .‘s- IRichardson. Olympia — Alfred} :, . Pike, Smith, Brown, Jenkins, Van,l I mtion of lnoy, Coleman, Pete, Jones 4, Phil- ' flafet ! . y by pott. ~ I n “5‘3 was u out, of 1 : 0m a ' FORMER SATSOP . . one? 35?? MAN IS KILLED , I , Tm, Is II . ‘- '- ‘ I histor, Word has been received by hisl finaliiaii, former neighbors of the accidental' . '1; , , _ ‘, ' Ideath in Oakland, Calif, of Vern I ' I t h, j, Adve During January and February to ! Prospective Buyers Look over the New Homes built in the'dis- trict during 1940. Note the homes sold during last year and the resale values of property in the district. \ Investigate the advantages of location View, public service, streets and conven- ience to schools and business. Take advantage of the SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 25 per cent ° on the usual prices on any location, im- proved or unimproved, or on acreage. Sec H. G. ANGLE Angle Building