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January 30, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 30, 1941

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imry, . moor. D. o. ‘ {2.317 s. 5. earn ) oertnno. OREGON _ I , Twice a Week a TUESDAY and m THURSDAY W I SHELTON, WASHINGTON, Thursday, January 30, 1941. OFFICIAL COUNTY PAPER I(frapevlicw, It Scents—:Has I "Home Partie’ Fight ParalySiS ,Free Band Concert Due 9' was CI 5, with king Ve iresses. L 5. Al K )ntest *I lith MT . -. , Had Its genders! t“ 2 .0 to Iflere Sunday Afternoon, apprec. . 1‘ I . w , l I . to all ‘. (J O M M U N I T Y ' When sucklel‘s for “WHY Commencing what Will be a. ser- ' 3C 50 S {I like Walt Eckert, GrapeVlew’s leg of Sunday afternoon free pub- I i lay bY. ~ ,7, C A L E N D A veteran weather observer, are ar- llic concerts if the response war- *1 supel in e . ound reporters breath prayers rants it, the Shelton school bands I , , , CC“ -——~ ,————.__.________ ,of appreciation for such amblgu- under the direction of Ben Hall— I I ask sts For Ques‘ioll ' . ..,- FO§IGHT:¥HCOd canal Sports" 30115 Words a: may‘ perha’ps' alleg‘ grimson Will make its‘ firSt PUb' 1Grisdale Construction Co Gets th .I. 6 Many You; Mnall‘et l.l..l- nun Assn January meetlng, 8 ed, probably and the likes. “C appearance of the current sea“ I contract T6 Prepare Gmth . l To Train sofiefii .mn Trev“: HOOdSPO” SChOOl' 5" We're glad W? said “may be" SOD next Sunday in the junior, Maybe it’s the “southern ex- ‘ Movo 50 000mm; or BECK Better Thin; 0‘ 10HT~C1W league basket- in that yarn a week ago Tuesday high auditorium at three O’clock osure" or ma be Lake Cush_ 2 Dirt ,For Planlt r trogll“ o5 9:30 p. m., Lincoln gym. about the copious rainfall at l by presenting the following muse? Enanhas had "10);? “spring” than 5 ,A__ name .,~" 3' response to the annouu n TONICESIFeS' ' Grapevww and Other Spats m Ma" 1 cal program: ' the rest of Mason County, but i The Olympic Veneer Company, Emailing that 11 Uncle school is bowlincr Egofimgfiiin 1:353}: 305114 $322“ f1” I:Eferl;11-r1% E011”): JUNIOR BAND: Mamhv “Mc‘ whatever *the‘ Cause, a white lwhich was incorporated last week for this area llldicates- ‘ TONIGfi'TDfionié Guarg ,.e_';§,._‘ ' 1 0 mm w w e a Gehee” by RIChardSi Chorale: narcissus at the home of Mrs. by Carl Macke, Harold Alskog and complet d Grapeview during a 24-hour per—l ma e iod in that storm of January 9 Bordeaux school basement. and 10 we said “the Grapeviewl "‘Rejoice, 0 My Soul” R. Schu‘ Birtley A. Ball at the lake up C. E. Runacres, in temporary or— mann; and a march, Port Con- in the Olympic Mountain foot- ganization, has begun its initial interest in such a “ ' ' . . , . pro ect., gamzulon meetmo’ 7: I , g by Inqull‘lOS for ghe b 30 p m, thur Biehl of the senior band will 'and the big Carry-all are engaged ’ “WW vh' - ' Wa "b J. J. Richards. -” i h t t. n v b t t- a. -th m Geo led ch .7. , 10h ale avall~,FRIDAY—S. W. conf y in 5 IS gettlng a ead 5 ar 0 lwork y con rac inD W1 e . medici 1 26363191?- Ifeed high SCh001,* basketball, 7 p- m., 14:1:ng gigorgeiyinbethghiagei‘iigaof 6:1: SENIOR BAND: March, “Foot-i others of its species for it hals , M. Grisdale Construction Com- ld dru 3 OlfiCCS. and The Elma vs. Shelton, first' .’ n v 7 lifter” by Filmore; “A Modernl produced a beautiful bloom a- ,pany for the grading of an ex- :lucationi 1‘. ' 0nd team games. dud sec $3333? ill‘vlferggl‘ildtg-t :Eafhle Rhapsody” by Carelton 001W: 3‘ ready, Mre- Ba" reported to, the ,tensive area in preparation for aducatic tJilethfirst public air-,FRIDAY—City league bowling formation on that stogy and our march, “Bombasto” by Farrar; a Journal Wednesday. ibuilding m; neg, mm plant Grad- ' " e 1' o w ' . . “ e Se (1 ” ' _ ' ues a in movin more .1 . lingo dill: headboard... childless hit-immisci— claim“;irons? lithium of SI I 1 int . . c' A e- I r" I , lgure wa r cor , spea mg I H I l i , l . m~ l by "r; C ‘ grim}? 0f l‘educuts for tEe— tobll‘iumealgitigstegf olfahSllziel‘t’gn Pan— if“ itd glasnpt’ tnOEN by S9me_ g. IndiVidualS to Play ‘ Sthalaie thimelgglie: lvgi-gtizs. u g‘flCheS to add more than an acre Ve already been received.{SATURDAY—Superior count, 10 gcgit‘? effélrntss Woe hzaiglegglrgg In the individual selections, Ar- Mrs Ba” said her narcissus of level grounds. Two bull—dozers in . . . . the JmOLmt of lntercsti a. m.. courthouse. own t a , . , . fio'ures on rain totals at Gra e- . , .. n is QPOWing against the south - -. 'tl aCt -; V1mn5w€§ed glg'itegldgf (i:- i b}?é€g$ant§Y——Clty Lleagille bas- viz“, from the past which prfve Starting the “home parties” plan to fight infantile paralysis with one {’71:}? V273)“ Caosncffrt‘cnlgringg 3;}? side of the concrete tile house. l mTtgle dnt mov;ng fizb'pmehased C A . , l p- m.. inCO ll °’ m, f h h White House Mr . ranklin D. Roosevelt called , . but th fact th ' h i 6 new comp “y 5‘ ' , m I State 01 federal aid in three ghlnes. by that Grapev‘ew has gone on some 0 er own at t e ’ S F While tWO quartets and two “‘03 devatifn at LakitCutszinaEIge: .the entire site of the shingle mill, tall rainfall sprees in the past. on 1105163595 811 OVGI‘ the COUnll‘y to give paralysis benefits. Younges.’ g the school into actual- SUNDAY—Free band concert by Will Complete the Program 35 1501" erauy means two or three de_ anluding the power plant, and They were supplied by Lawrence gueét at the first lady’s party was Delores Frances, 9-year-old Wash- , e committee .,. - . . . v ’ ' 1. B Oints OUt- bacmng [mi 3533:?“nighloihnziidiugitghufi‘ 0' FiSher' senior meteormogist at ington, D. C., infantile paralysis Victim. llovjxs.horn quartet composed of ggees comer temperatures than igfipaggmahrde 3mm WIork Shop Planned MONDAY—County commission! the U- S- Department of Com— Margaret Mallows, Virginia Look. t-°s° °f Shem" makes the "a" mill building will include the kiln pan merce weather bureau at Seattle, CISSUS bloom the more remark— . is to construct a ers 10 a m courthouse ‘_ l " ' Ruth Rowe and Sally Yarr will . . d h 1:, '1d' which will , . . . i I , I able es c M an ware ouse 111 mg I I I (:51 taciuf‘orrxnn ofhaiwork shop NIBONDAY—Women's lo a g u e dtTLgé' 53:12:: 26,211,112?le fun 0C L. D. play ktxhe ‘Plllgrlneg Chorus from freeéingpé tlzmgeg'ttgeghe be extended to make the main mill 1 ' ac l: 2ry and owlino, 8:15 p. m. bowlin al~ . ' . , 3”“ auser agneri l60x350 feet and cover the entire 0 o E! c. , . . have been e d h - _ nd In aim the "we Popular‘ leis. Zirreisztgé‘stiefazksagflimh IN BUSINESS WORLD TOMORROW .A. trombone mo composed of Wm... e“ “"5 machinery and me i 1 young men of this TUESDAymxiwaniS club lunch_ y i , . H0 William Stevenson Jr., Ainley Sing operations The power plant ‘ nity with mechanical ap- eon, noon, Shelton Hotel. .g‘iglclgitiggats‘fvas recordea’ Mr. Rempé‘lDiiIEkGTIoéofiengfiyldWig: is ample for the new purposes, .BUIL who a, . . ' e interested - ’I‘ — ' - 1 ' ' ' themselves throughmstgilty gigsfiiiligyefiiigmg: gs‘ 0; But that was onlyI a “s‘hower"| giggle Eyes,” an old English air,.MANGAN E IglistmghilEddarignafiemgzhiligr;egi§i and “Oh Dem Golden S1ippers”l steam piping disposed of, while the ' ome trained in S ecialized m Me . . _ icompared to the 48-hour record! Tomorrow L. D. Hack, tWice p I Commarfighhalarfiimlglgft 135;? eStabliShed on the consecuuve mayor 0f Shelton! once a State an arrangement by Newell H. dock Wm be abandoned as not ' Long’ D needed in the new operation which will ship its product entirely by I proposed school would train dents nightSI days of December 11 and 12. 1921,, legislator from this district, waits. ,lsts, electricians, black- MONDAY—City league basket_ When an even four inches fell onion his last customer and rings t In rail over the presen ml spur track of the N, P. According to Carl Mackc, who I: IWelderg, and all popular ban, 9 p m Lincoln gym two ithe first date and 4.06 inchesi up his last sale as a businessman has worked out the mill project .____._/ Trumpet Quartet Plays 1 A trumpet quartet composed of Robert Pearson, Jack Allison, Mil- lton Clothier and Wiley Hoyle will play the overture “Streamline” ‘by In which sufficient inter- games. lmore flooded Grapeview on the and store proprietor. shown to warrant instmc ITUESDAY s . |next for a total of 8.06 inches T ~ ' l ‘ — eelal . ' l , omorrow he closes, in an ac~ Chapter meetgng' 8 p533” 02:12:? in 48 hours. Pretty wet for a‘ tive way at legst, 54 years of mg engineers and mocha“- house. lPlace that annually runs 15 '90 Waitincr on customers and sellino Willem s Johnson 'New Electric Flotation Process . . . . . . t helton's industries, as well ‘ i20 inches less than Shelton, don’tl merchandise over the counter, f0? Alflute'trio eoméosed of Betty Reportedly To Be Used and is matnggltng dithaéls‘,,e;teé: - MW“! of the industrial , Lou Macke, Gail Robinson, and In Reducing Ore “0t exp“ e 0 e plant completed and in operation Ground has been broken at Hill before June" At .the opts“ ope Colby, Creek, near Hoodsport, for the large veneer machine Will be in}-1 The senior band of 54 pieces.°0ns_truction of a manganese re- Stalled to handle largfi 10gS, tot is composed of the following mem-lduction plant, on grounds leased the PTOSPeCt Of a S‘madIeF macl me by hm" fem“ t" the 01”“ $35233 fininaifaivfiii L ’ ‘ PIC mes. ncorporated. men 11am Booth. Jean Briggs Kehneth have been holding mineral claims and finishing equipment to Whic kaing’ . Jean 1 Chanson” Milton in the region of the Skokomish “16 Cm- IOf the second machréle calf: 'c1othier’ Robert Cole) Ivy] Daniels North Fork for some years and be CuIt 1n When It IS neede At Mildred Daniels Donald Dickinson’ have secured other, claims in the machmery will be ofIthe latee Robert Ead5, Wane,» EddyI Rich: district, where. large areas of low and most effluent desrgn. you think? Iafter tomorrow the Hack Jewel- Besides these three totals justi ry and Music Store on Railroad mentioned there were 13 other! Avenue becomes the property of occasions when the 24-hour preci-l Fred Beckwith, late of Tacoma, pitation at Grapeview reached ori under terms of a sale recently in for the young men of ' ’ Inmunity as. a means of ’ . passed three incheS, Mr. Fisher'consumated. to alleviate the shorta e 5reports, going back as far as 1908. It was awa back in 1880‘ that g y : 'ned young men in “lei . ' These dates are listed by Mr Leon Hack, then a stripling lad e trades, , , Fisher as follows: in his early teens, was the suc- gv Ogram of Study would be] March 13, 1908—363 inches cessful one of 22 boys who ap- Nov, 29, 1909—344 inches i; cm- ,3 “to .m ,, , , plied for, a job in wholesale:- 5 "Z 33% 'Wflmonr.—6asho.;IW-‘Janarls, 191M004nolws music»; store in‘Evansville, Indi- _:rpl,ants and at. the same Ge'ml‘ffl Receipts Better, De-.. . ' Oct. 3, 1910—335 inches lana, in answer to a sign on the P, OVide opportunity for llNluenoles Lower Nov. 20, 1910—340 inches idoor “Boy Wanted.” That was his Ella Marie Robertson, will play “Three Blind Mice” by Carelton 291%, have promised full I ion in every way possi- . establish such a. training- me“ interested 1 ~ . - ' Jan. 4, 1914—322 inches introduction to the business F‘ ' grade manganese ore has been 10' The capacuy 0f the plant Wm mselves to study lhlfipmv‘l Praft‘Fauy everythmg about the Jan. 22, 1919—352 inches world and the job of waiting on ard Shiite-m.,,“ in Group 'Cated which promise an unlimited be around 50,000 feet, or one car- I rades or any trades phar- annua leport of the county treIaS-l Dec. 11, 1921—400 lnches Customers and ringing up sales, . 1 James Hickson George Franz Suppl}? load a day of finished veneer, Igrieterested in ey : Biggjmggfgcgvgrthiwo shows lm' Dec. 12, 1921—406 inches lHe has been at it ever since with I L. D. HACK lWiley Hoyle Gon’ion Hopland All e1 Ictt is fiiepotrted that the gov; working one shift of approXimate- ' reViou - - ,- w l ' . ’ e rlc ion roc - per.‘ds On Response a comparison of mg two £333:va Feb. 11, 1924—325 inches ,the exception of Six years spent Good bye to Busmess Canes lan Johnson, Rosemary Kidwell, a P 635 W 10 1y 50 men, the second shift de Feb 18, 1931—330 inches Ion an Iowa farm to which his ‘ Robert K- bel eanne Lenders has been developed in, recentipending on the business which may Donald 1.3319 , garbara Lincoln, year? and W1" make poss‘ble the‘later be developed by the new in- profitable treatment of low grade dustryI MrI Maeke stresses that . . Vir 'inia Look Douglas Larson . . . an appearance at the Hack home g. l ores, Will be installed at the Hill h 1 t of local hel for or store to see if all those things EELer LOOP' Betty Lou Macke' Creek plant, and its possibilitieslgoige t1}; pbeiililging and the plat“ he’d said were really true. Many Maggaret.Man°ws- 1 D in these days when the govern- Operation of the plant with many of them eventually moved here '33 1‘41“an Alta Ne sonh bale ment is anxious to develop its do- of the employees of the 01d Shin. permanently as a result. Palmer! P131119 Pfilmer' Dc; ert mestic ore resources to insure gle mm Still living in Shelton I I I NOW that the cares of business Pearson, Russell Pickens, o‘eres needed supply for war purposes . f tead Work and store Job in Humboldt, Iowa, in 1. I I plerce’ Loulse Rector, Amley and replace that which must now anXlous or s y I , I e I ecesmty of mung court fines 1889 I After a few months he Ilfe Will not burden him longer, RempelI Donald Rose, Ruth Rowe, be imported In connection with that newcomers looking for Jobs mquestionnaires by a” O - . . went into a drug store, where he L D. (as. he likes to be known Ella Marie Robertson, Clarence this plant there will be need for m the veneer plant should be dis- , rteln Interested or evenly mpg: 0:123:38 bfilgthht spots of the worked until 1897, gomg through to hls friends) Will have even Robinson Gan Robinson Richard Opening a mine_to market road couraged, at least for the present. Iy interested, , Oug e igures are Highland Park College in Des more time to devote to his “cru-- Sharer w 16 1 wee Bett . ' o Is Pointed on?“ 5"“ a Sign?” “act?” °f the W”! EX-Commanders .Moinei atlhesame timeand to the Populationliean simmitpiusi'c‘igWeels. Pay- tithingéi‘éi? itidpieifefifecglifi- - - guesuonnwes merely ask , are the figures on sale ofl ing- his I registered pharmacist” of-the Northwest, (If you’ve not- tricia Wilcox Jane lwmiams’ komish river to the Divide Where me diploma in 1895. ed the census figures for 1940 Samuel Wilson’ and. Sally Yam . county r0 ert h' h h - , address, marital eta,— p p y' w {c 5 0‘" ap ' . the best ore has been located. esent occupation, if he is'i'JY‘OXImately a 200% Increase over '~TueSday In 1897 he purchased an inter- as compared Wlth 1930 You'll Seei The junior band of 64 pieces is It is also reported that the RBd Cross T0 sponsoring the indicated today SecuI . Nov, 2, 1933—310 inches Iparents moved shortly afterward. asfilstance in Else Séa-te- or! time 1940 summary' completed Dec. 17, 1933—362 inches Owns Business in 1897 90,100, “gigs; gléfanwelelk by gloomy Treasurer Dec. 20, 1933—337 inches ‘ Before going to the farm he equipped the collect. ason’ .4 ows better tax' Jan. 22, 1935—5.87 inches iworked in a general merchandise Would be superviced mm lfOflSé a higher cash balance} Dec. 28, 1937—360 inches. store at Eagle Grove, Iowa, then school board 5nd. e u“ s recelved from State So you can see‘why reporters after the farm session he obtain— the . lsources, less delinquent taxes, and a reciate such word 'ed another eneral “merchandise WWW schoollheavy Increases m the Sale of pgfhaps, probably, ct: as may be'! g mmlttee explains. county property and in justice when some Iowan didn’t put in ted in self‘ he Previous year In 1940 coun ‘ ' h ’ ll ' , -1mprovement,ex_ t est in a drug firm known as Con--, es don? Pretty W? )3 r composed of: hi hes, rade of man anese has emitHSI education, subjects 2Z2Ifgolxgitly @3195 tom-I11” 59¢ IPast Commanders Night, the big nor and Hack, with which he re- Seconde 14- D- m ms 1,0“? 0f! Wallace Anderson, Betty Lou begen ftougnd near Lakeg Crescent,‘ s~_ In school, least liked theysummgdm the prewous Year night of the year in American Le- mained connected until 1926, the Northwest and deVOUOH t0 Arbogast, Mae Ashbaugh, Harry and this will also he worked to . to but $3,248.50. gion posts, arrives for Fred B. Wi- when he heeded Horace Greeley’s his business has been Mrs. Hack, 13‘ 80h001, spare time Austin, Laur Baker, Eloise te , il he low _ es, If he ‘Would care to at- The Auction Series Help veu post next Tuesday evening sage advice and came west. who has worked side-by-side with BoiseI Georaéejeagoeth, Robert grid: 132:2: féigtarmhmeor: abum Chairman Myron Luna has can- f o . series of by t- . . . I Bruce, Beverly Burrell, Betty But- dant will be used as the main ed a special meeting of the Mason I Id He was built in Shel- tax title land pu m auc 10“ tendence of the livmg 21 part com- gamed 0“? Of Its StrongeSt b095t' Second Venture Here ler, Floy Clay, Dale Cleveland, supply. Both these ore bodies County Red- Cross chapter for icimeiusct Q Which subJects he would the bond f sales conducged. by manders 0f Fred B. Wivell post ersv {for smce the day he set 10ml ‘The jewelry and gift store he Duane Cleveland, John Coats, have lain dormant since World next Tuesday evening in the court- “comer? I mterested in if the op- Ers. The ? county 09mmlsmon‘ are beng made by Walter Nash, in mm commumty 1" D- Hac“ has is leaving after tomorrow is Mr, John Cole, Duane Cracola, Doro— War days, when high prices made house at eight o'clock, he an- I owed“ , to away was Provided. spring at ‘21.“ :vafl mgtlgated last Chairman of the program commit- neVer ceased bemg a one-man Hack’s second business 'venture thy Daniels, Donald Daniels, Alo- their operation in a small way nounced today. :sbewo’. eledtrical. pipe-fitting, missioner e “uggesuon 0f Com‘ tee. “Chamber Of commerce” “1 ex‘ since coming to Shelton. He first ha Dunbar, Warren Earl. , profitable, and it is recalled that plans for the coming year will Robert Trenckmann and tolling the advantages as he saw purchased the Rexau d ru g storei Junior Band Large , ore was shipped out of Crescent be outlined by the new chairman, them of Shelton, Hood Canal, the . , . , d t Boston I I t m be - at Second and Railroad from Win Chet Evans, Florence Fentlman, to Port Anegles an. o I commlttee appomtmen s w Olymlfilc NP 8:333:15? Pugeth Slmmd Stewart, operating it until July Elsie Fitzgerald, Lloyd George, for reduction at proflt, While the made, a preliminary budget an%‘t?’n000m;u,:8t .anoge' 1, 1935, when he sold to Frank Barbara Groshong, Dorothy Gruv. low grade ore from the North drawn, a secretary elected, and NOn argugt it would ybe odiofgzult Gordon and purchased the jewel— er, Frank Gray, Thelma. Harri- Fork was packed out on fhor'seIi the boardI of directors completed ry business founded and operated son, William Hilligoss, Harold baCk to Lake Cushman, errie A11 chairmen of committees of nctive and let, blacksmith internal w At th l , as atte I . . I e same time, the past lonsuanofl .I on machines, welding, au- usedpsuccrelsgtfjulllf;elina 3:21;?! £1313 commanders Win have Charge 0f Itl‘ades school, if he would to the tripléd volume is credited Efforts to have 100 per cent at-» That was the moment Shelton her husband for the last 40 years. I anics. tinsmith, carpenter, boz- county the initiation of six neW' members . \ of th on the taxation side of the pic_ John (impélssghreports Commander t ure, 1940 saw a. total of $230,- on the same evening, the post 1&— 627.04 in taxes c . Ollected (a 30/ ‘- . to uncover a Single indiVidual , . . . and h 1 to Hoods on and rebate reducing the actual casg auxiliary Will observe its annual who ersonany and without re_ by I, N, wood 1mm the hitters Johnson, Lester Joslln, Marjorie 3‘1 ed P the past year are asked to attend er T to $225,905.32) out of a total of past PreSidentS’ night 30th Pm’ ward 1for himself caused as many death. Keysers, Thomas Kidwell, Harold the" Shipped to the Tacpma Smel' and all persons who took' out J r ' ' ter. But this Was short-lived un- b hi S in the 1.0“ can drive e $317,168.87 listed on the rolls At grams .open at elght OCIOCR m mid-westerners to visit this sec- This is the store which, great- Lambert' Charmtte Lynni RObert t-l h ded. and demand and mem em 9 . . . the start of the year there were Memorial Hall. “on as L D Hack. Every letter 1y enlarged and improved in the Lessard, Thomas Maloney, Helen 1 t 9 War en last fall are eligible to participate V ' ' - . . ' - rice dro ed, but it is hoped that d Pralrle $94,586.58 in delinquent taxes on “back home" or to frlends. wher- 5% years ensuing, now becomes McBhide, John MiloseVich. P PP 1n the proceedings and are urge ' a new era. of demand and good . the rolls while at the end of the BABY DAUGHTER ever situated contained praise of the property of Fred Beckwith, Juamta Morkertv Manon Mm“ ‘0 9° 50 by Chal’ma" L‘md‘ ' th '11 , . dock, Tony Nelson Richard Pick- pm“! and 8 new Process' W." A baby daughter was born to- the new Hack home community, veteran of 35 years in the watch ens, Robert Pickené’ Je ne Plem_ make a permanent manganese m- US'I'OM >IV. J ‘- year the fi ure Neely, 55, former Mason to “5,6200% had been reduced Soho , , .‘according to Deputy doy at the Shelton General Hos- or literature showing its advan- making and jewelry business. He . dustr seible‘ in Mason county, a 01 teachel”, dled at thengsons annual report; Intel to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Woolsey tagcs, or both. started in the “game” as a youth (in? £31711?“ Rgmlsey’ Rary Relgpfil' and flag; a new era. of develop- grade school m f the $222,512.44 listed as tax- of Potlatch Route. . And the month seldom passed of 13 and hasn’t sidetracked since, 3‘ mes, 6 en R°bmsoni 0 n ~. .spending eleven years in Pore Robinson, Robert Rose, William ment- Reported land from 1905 to 1916, then in Short» Gordon Smith, Ll°yd Smith, Tacoma frOm 1916 to the present Eggrggngteyg‘gaeglorgoivgneifi N ' Identity of a logger killed in the Where he has been! es assessed on the 1 118 i r the past dozen years, i $198,496.80 was colleetggo dggmg’l , re n T the . . ttack 0°“ yeSterday Of a sideggar' 0" 892%. which is con- an exce tionau d col- time finst with Mahncke and . . . as Well known 1 p 3' g°° . McKeown Logging camp near - around here 60121011. or th _ l Cleave, Russell Vlger, William I ligating association with locked 1940 i§x§§m§i$ii§23§°°is Egg, $150333?“ years “nth Bur Whaley, Harold Wilson. Willard I Dgxetfgegofgédacfgrfig‘eg 3315; visits t: :nid .th'°“gh m7,- “ delinquent While an . . i‘ The two Beckwlth sons, Jack. Batty Jean WOOdard' Dale H'llcrest Group gffice shortly after noon, was not who is the atwes 0f ms State $92937 was cancellea' seattle_wasmngt°ns new Gov-i “Mary “min by the operators 14, and Guy, 12, are now attend‘ ’The’ concert Will be 0 ened to 1 known as The Journal went “3 daughtereofffimer dHfizgl Funds rec mittanoss Mount armor], the. Honorable Arthur B. c. H. Krelnenbaum, of Shelton, mg Shelton junior high where the public with a ,silverpoffermg , I press this afternoon. R an 1‘ - elved from the state 3118' 18, W111 make his first pub- West Coast Lumbermens AssOCl- they have athletic aspirationsI Formation of a permanent H111- Deputy Fred Hickson and Pro} Daniel I. .asked of the audience. The re- al 3 ' t Improvement Chm Will be ecutor Frank Houston went to the sponse given this first Sunda cres . . . MY. BeckWith 19 a member 0f afternoon concert will determin: attempted under the ausplces 0f acc1dent scene to investigate but e of. Shelton. Climbed from $253,951.47 in 1939 emlceS are to be con- F0 $274,748.52 this past year, While o’clock Saturday Justice court fines virtually dou- “0 address since his inauguration ation vice-president will be toast- - - . . ' th d n mus1c, too. in Ispeaking at the dinner sessron master of the banquet program. I |Bo are Stu yl g Friday of the West Coast Lum- Photographic exhibits have been ' l ' Water Committee at t d t stime .. . ,rom the Newell and bled from $1,135.80 t bermen’s Associatio 's An a1 h ‘11ustrat e for- the Masonic Lodge. whether more Will be held, school the H‘licres‘: I tel, lhad not re urne a pres I I. e flakes" ‘ {situary in Centralia. Adding the sale of ccbusnltir'lgiggllmeeting at Tacoma, 2n “The,nlIln-’ ngpgggu‘gfsmnow beinge otlilserved He said yeStel‘day that he W111 authorities said yesterday. is?"figgesgeé’ergggg:€:egf in“; 32:13; algmrglte gall”; the victims (1 Kagltem, Dorothy, Mar- erty returns, the total from thelterest of Washington in Perima- by operators representing 75 per choose the name 0f hls new Store —-—-——————-— crest or Angleside are invited to , . I leen and two sons, three main sources of income out- Dent Forest Industries,” the as- cent of West Coast production, to Fred Beckwithv WatChmoker , . Steve s Radio In n and Fr side of t ' ' ' - ~ d "a el join' ' o ‘ eel enklln, as well as axes increased from $258,- §°Clatl0n has announced. Appear- the various types of reforestation 3“ J W er- h 1m rovement club would Qurvwe 335.77 to, $286,153.44, according lng With Governor Langlie at the! ranging from sawtimber down to ‘ ‘ I ha'geeas :ne of its objectives the Important TOPICS ,,t \ to Masons report, I dinner meeting, Reno Odlin, pres-i- seedlings on recent cutover, types F P o l attendance of one or more repre- Sportsmen Slate 0.111 e gardn , ,Lumplng total genera; receipts dent of the Puget Sound National of forest fires, and typical pro- und .For enlnsu a sentatives of the club at each I , r121 P or S Father \glth taxes, the treasurers office Bank, Tacoma. will speak on “The tection equipment which ill visu- Flsh Hatchery Asked council meeting, state WI F_ Mc_ _ Such important actions as pas:- '- t‘ asses In Portland~ andled $609,244.70 during the Challenge of National Defense to- alize an important par of the ‘ Cam, chairman, who sends in this mg ,upon proposed legislation .3 in \_ year,I IndustryIn ! $1,300,000 spent annually by West Olympia, Jan, 28, ,— The Senate annal’mcement: fecting Isportsmen and choosmg - Baumgardne l l b The balance on hand.. at the Governor Langlie's address willICoast forest owners and operators and House Appropriations com- ’ Steve's Radio Shop, formerly “we have been‘ informed that anew president and secretary Will u; I ,, ceived wom thin Oca. ar; start of the year was $128,230.74, serve as a climax for the after- on forest conservation. mittees, meeting in a joint ses- located next to the Shelton Recre- the present council intends to put highlight the January meeting of n. ,I ath of him fls morning 0. while at the close of the year it n00nI session discussion 'under the The morning session, of the An- sion, yesterday, were urged by ation parlors on First St., is now the Hinerest district on a meter the Hood Canal SportsmensIAssn “duel”. atvstather’ W‘ H' had m°unted to $147,723.90. Di8~ headmg of “How Will the Indus- nual Meeting will be reserved to State Game Protector B. T. Mc- well located on Third St. next basis as a solution to the water Whmh “"11 be held tomght. m “‘9 ’ll’ . 0’11 aillnent (3' Helena! ore- bursements for the year were try Take Care of Its Forests?" Association stockholders, while Cauley to recommend new game to the Graham Theatre, according situation We hope we have been HOOdSPOrt 5911091 bu‘ld’ng at an. I. years. The I‘lie to his :ge $589,751.54, the report said, George L. Drake, of Shelton, chair- the first half of the open after- fish hatcheries for Lewis and Kit- to proprietor Steve Gallant. misinfonhed’ as that certainly was eight oveloekI . . io.I poor health feceafied 3: I man of the‘ joint committtee on noon session will be devoted to titas counties and the Olympic . Mr. Gallant, who has been in'not the understanding the voters As usual, eats for the hungry I ndIhis sen h or the pas NLLEIVLNG TREATMENT Forest Conservation of the West lumber trade promotion: with O. peninsula. The department al- the radio business here in Shelton of Shelton had when they voted will be poovlded followmg the VlSitorI as been a fre- Stanley Armstrong was admit- Coast Lumbermen’s and Pacific R. Miller, presiding. Talks by L. ready has sites picked for the for the past six years, announCes the $50 ooo_oo bond issue There buSiDeSS 3959109 , ,4" \ ted Wednesday to Shelton Hos- NPrthWeot Loggers Associations, J. Markwardt of the U. 8. Forest Lewis and Kittitas hatcheries, he that he now has a very large and was no ’pmvision in the ordinance »: F pital for‘ treatment, Will preSlde over this part of the Products Laboratory, Madison, said, but is undecided on where complete line of Sparton an M0- for meters and we hope the coun- HOSPITAL.PATIENT i . S Ion, TREATMENT I I annual meeting. Assocration mem- .Wisconsin, and the noted author, to locate the Olympic plant. Mc- torola radios to offer to the ‘pub- ci1wi11 proceed with the improve- armg Was admin d t Ad -t N Hos‘ ‘TAL: .x b?” Wm be inVited to exChange Sféwart H~ HOIbrOOk: are SChedU1~ Camel? aSkEd an increased capital “0- ment as outlined so they Will be of James Grimes of Shelton-is re- ~s Ospitfll today fore treat? edn‘gédifd to Shelton Hospital on Views. on fire control, timber ed. A new motion picture, “Trees outlay for -the department for the Pau1 Marshall has also moved some use this “mm-en There are ceivmg treatmeht at the Shelton . treatmenty was Gene HolIman for cropping, public conservation pro- and Homes," will be presented in next biennium,Iprlncipally because his office in with Gallant and may several other matters that will be hospital where he was admitted , , l . posals and legislation versus vol- the afternoon. of the hatcherles. be contacted at the shop. discussed at our meetings.” Wednesday. ,,'