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January 31, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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January 31, 1963

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n Save t- Pu Tax ' you claiming all drug de- ans to which you are entitled? lnds of items can be listed. axavailable free to our ersfurnishes you an an. record. Come in today and about DrugTax. It's free. saz,i,,g tax moneyl REPP'S Rexail Slore Second & Railroad Junior High Parent N!ght To Discuss $iuden! Smoking is teenage smohing a problcm among junior high school stud- ents? Are parents aware that an increasing number of teenagers are smoking? Does anyone care? Is the cancer scare fact or fanta- sy? Should the junior high school principal and teachers be concer- ned with the fact that many of your boys and girls are smoking cigarettes. Should any restrictions be placed on students who smoke? Why? Why not? These are some of the questions that will be cover- ed at the next Shelton Junior High .School Parents' Night, Thursday, February 7. For many years the Junior High School administration has stood pretty much alone on the smoking issue, even to being called old fa- shioned and stiffnecked by par- ents. Are we? Come, hear what other schools are doing about teen- age smoking. C. Bruce Schwarck, junior high Phone 426-4642 school principal, will present the situation, as he sees it, to parents tn the school auditorium at 7:30 HARY 8. KNIGHT SCHOOL NEWS Good Attendance Elementary Grades See Film On Protectio.n From Catching Cold; Safety Film Is See,, At Cancer Film "How to Catch a Cold," a humo- rous Walt Disney film in color was shown to the elementary gra- des last week by Nurse Delores Skinner on her regular visit. The story brings out pointers about protection from colds in such a way that it is interesting and en- tertaining m the hope the child- ren will take home some of the ideas presented. Certainly this is an appropriate time for this type of health education. Posters were also placed in the classrooms as a reminder for children to wear ap- propriate clothing during bad weather. The school was favored last week by a visit from State Patrol- man H. R. DeShields, representing the Department of Safety Educa- tion in Olympia. Mr. DeShields showed the entire student body some unusually fine films which illustrated safety precautions for bicyclists and motorists. A ques- tion and answer period was held after the film showing. ents able to serve in this capacity should notify Supt. E. O. French immediately. Supt. French attended the South- west Washington Administrators Conference at Chehalis Jan. 23. The members discussed realign- ment of basketball leagues in the district. Lucille Messer. Assistant State Supervisor of Food Services, was here last week to inspect the ca- feteria and make some suggestions and explanations regarding the re- quirements for keeping records and serving lunches. She was most complementary of the sanitary conditions in the cafeteria and the effeeiency of our program Eleven girls are enrolled in the  p.m. After the presentation, par- Members have been chosen to i ].qo':z ents, teachers and students will be serve on the election board for the _ election of school directors on broken into smaller groups and as- March 12. Those selected will be notified by Helen Stodden, district A tentative date of Feb. 14 has been set for the beginning of t H THE AMAZING NEWR [[ swimming classes for the first TENA TUNE " three grades. A, r group the servic A bran' structors is nee o new aux ary un t for 0 I -- ; trap weak radio " y u.r. rad,o which will !ith greater v^,- gnals, and funnel them into your set I aSignedparent,rmS'willA  ne ana less static.  A DEMONSTRATION  [ and lead the I these g oups wil: t Get Full Details From . . . that A GAY TAYLOR || back tsugges! LonSthe mai new shorthand class which is being held during the 7th period. All have had a year or more of typing and should have completed the ba- sic training for a stenographic career by the end of the semester. Class members are Gloria Avery, Mae Cockburn, Kristine Graham, Virginia Hollatz, Jackie Landis, Margie McGarvie, Sandy Miller, Donna Owen, Louisa Spalding, Nancy Stodden and Beverly Wertz. Mr. Hoisington, the instructor, took stenographic training in high school and business college, com- pleted an additional course in court reporting, was employed for three years as a law stenographer and has previously taught the sub- ject for a period of five years. Supt. French wishes to empha- size that new first graders for next year schould be registered by Feb. 28. It is essential that the school have this information in order to expedite the purchase of text books and supplies. With a revitalized and reenforc- ed team, girls' basketball is creat- ing a lot of interest and is con- three grades. As this is a large group the services of several in- structors is necessary. Any par- signed rooms. A group chairman a parent, will chair each group discussion. From these groups will come ideas and suggestions that will be presented back to the main group, when It reassembles in the auditorium. Refreshments will be served in the cafeteria following the audi- stantly becoming more popular with local fans. The addition of several new play- EW 00.00NUTRITiOUS era to an already'experiencl group has brought Coach Nellie Chappell's team of Owlettes to a high state of efficiency and per- fection. Although the girls aren't winning all of their games they show a fine teamwork, an excel- DELIGHTFULLY DEUCIOUS madelent spirit of cooperation and havethe best showing in years. After winning from the Elms Independents by a score of 24-23, a return match was played Jan. 22 in which the Elms group turn- ed the tables on them with a win BLENDED of 33-32. Mazca Stanby of Elms dashed the hopes of MMK with her uncanny accuracy by racking up 17 points. Following are the team lineups and respective scores made by each player: MMH pts.[ ELMIA.. pts. Gloria Avery 81K. Matthews 1 Kris Graham 2IC. Stevens 7 Jackie Landis 8iMarva Stanby 17 L. Beerbower 2 ISandy Ochsner 2 Carol Owen 12 Verna Wolfe 2 M. McGazie Joyce GraVes 4 Ma.rcie Hake G A. Moxby G MMK Guards Nancy Stodden, Sandy Miller, Barbara Spalding, "Ginger" Hollatz. Louisa Spald- ing, Alice Dale, Barbara Owen. Orange Apple Apricot Prune o Owlettes also played at Quinault Jan. 19, losing by a score of 17-26. Coach Chappell used the same lineup as above in the Elma UICES game. j The score by quarters: Quarter MMK Quinault 3. 0 4 2 10 9 3 16 22 4 17 26 in tasteful, healthful NEW FRUIT JUICE DRINK containing in each 8-oz. glass twice the daily minimum VITAMIN O required by adults, PLUS 4,000 units of VIT AMIN A AS AN Introductory Offer help get you acquainted wilh our exciting new nectar.,, 6 FREE JUICE GLASSES SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES By Rene Perkins After a prolonged peziod of hi- bernation in which we didn't win enough basketball games to choke a gnat, both the boys and girls rubbed the sleep out of their eyes, scraped the glue off their shoes and yanked the rug from under North River in a doubleheader last week. It's a warm and pleas- ant feeling to be on the winning end for a change. In the girl's game, Jan Starks starred for MMK with an impres- sive 22 points of the 26-18 win. Her nearest competitor in the scor- ing was Ladelle Schlessor of North River who made 10 points. Following are the lineups and statistics of the gills' game. MiMK l)ts. pos. North River pts. Jan Stars 22 f L. Schlessor 10 Linda rertz f Rose Eaton 4 C. Beerbower 2 f M. Bergman 4 Barb. Owen 2 g P. Zimmerman Jane Chappell g E. Bergamn Kathy Cargile, g Christine Crick MMK Subs: Rene Perkins Mar- lens Wertz, Janice Gwinnet. North River Subs: Gaff Eaton, Marne Zimmerman Martha Giddings, Ginger Smith. The boys also tacked an addi- tional North River scalp to the gym door by an 18-14 win with Don Gribble leading the scoring for the local boys with 10 points as against Bieker's 8 points for North River. Lineups and individual scores were: MMK pts. pos. North River pts. D. Creamer 2 f R. Wood .L Owen f J. Oshekoff 3 12 Gribble 10 c D. Schlessor 3 B. Hollatz 2 g P. "Wagner D. Stodden,4 g D. Bickar 8 MMK Snbs: G. Beerbowcr, M. Hicksou. B. Oien. North River Subs: R. Roberts. P. Oshekoff. Ar Poin$ Wedding Invitations 1oo $14.95 sad up THE JOURNAL with your standing order for six quarts of "BEEP" placed with our delivcryman or with bur Shelton office GIVE YOUR FAMILY .A NEW TREAT GET NEXT TO "O E E P" TODAY! - through - Kitsap-Mason Dairy " YOUR FARMER NEIGHBORS * Sheiton Plant at 3rd & Grove Phone 426-4473 "-- ALSO AVAILABLE AT MOST GROCERY STORES -__ Showings Evidently, the women of Mason County are interested in securing "first-hand" information thru the continuing program of Public Edu- cation the American Cancer So- ciety has now established. The So- ciety's Public Education program, its nation-wide program of cancer research and its service to cancer patients are financed by the vol- untary contributions during the American Cancer Society's April Crusade. The Washington State Division through its county Chaptms has had an intensive program during the month of January. Four show- ings of the films, "Time and Two Women" and "Breast Self-Exami- nation" were held in Mason Coun- ty last Thursday. With Mrs. John Denison as chairman, two show- ings 'were held at 10 a.m. and 3 p. m. at the Hood Canal Junior High School with an attendance of more than 100 women. Dr. Wayne Carte was the physician present in the morning to answer questions and Dr. W. H. Schumacher in the af- ternoon. The Belfair showing of the films were in charge of Mrs. George Skackleford at 8 p.m. at the Bap- tist Church with Dr. Amyle Freeze present to answer questions. When more than 255 women ca- me to see the films at the P.U.D. Auditorium extra chairs had to be set up, while about 20 women had to stand during the program, held at 8 p.m. on the 24th. Mrs. George Cropper, Chairman, greeted the audience and thanked those who had helped her prepare for the showing of the fihns; the P.U.D., Rayonier, Inc. Research Lab. for the use of their projector; Verle Schreiber, who showed the films, The Journal and Radio Station KMAS, for their fine advertising; Steve Viger, head of the Mason County Chapter, who set up the cnairs, put was unable to attend in the evening; Board members, Mrs. Henry Hansmeier, who con- tacted every organization in Shel- ton; Mrs. "William Conklin, who assisted in putting the posters up thruout the business district; and Mrs. Ed Faubert, who with Mrs. Hansmeier and Mrs. Evelyn "'-]a- gergren helped give out and col- lect the questions to be given to Dr. B. B. Forman. the physician present who was to answer then]. HOOD CANAL SCHOOL NEWS Junior High Honor Roll Is Listed; Ninth Grade Defeats Faculty Team in Benefit BB Game Honor Roll trier expects to provide a sound The Hood Canal Junior High SEmester honor roll is as follows: Seventh grade: Don Bearden with a 3.96 grade average, ChmTl Co- wan, Leslie LaBissoniere, Mike McDowell, Sandra Smith, Alan Simmons and Yvonne Van Laanen. Eighth grade: Mary Wahnsley with a 3.6 grade average, Peter Cossette, Beth Ann Crumb, Kar- en Smith, and Sylvia Sund. Ninth grade: Jan Roberson with a 3.5 grade average, John Dick- inson. Linda LaBissoniere, Susan Rollevson. Roy Sage and Carol Tweed. Faculty vs. 9th Grade The Hood Canal Faculty took a beating by the 9th grade bas- ketball team last Friday night. The score was 22 to 57 in the 9th grade favor. An admission was charged to help buy furniture for the teach- er's room at the Junior High School. Next month the 9th grade will play last year's 9th grade team. We hope they will do as well against them as they did against the faculty. The faculty is plan- ning a return game in March. Playing for the faculty team was John Pill, Bill Bryant, Floyd Jackson, Earl Crumb. Dick Endi- cott. Dick Johnson, Bill Timm, Gone Avey, Bob Smith and Start Lyman. Cancer Films Thursday, Jan. 24 two films were shown concerning cancer and women. About 100 women from his community attended the two showings. The films were shown at 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Dr. Wayne Carte came to the 10 a.m. show- ing and Dr. W. H. Schumacher at- tended the 3 p.m. showing. The women were given a chance to ask questions of he doctors after each showing:, , " Dental Hygenist The dental hygenist from the health department came to the Junior High and talked to the 7th and "Sth grade about the im- portance of brushing their teeth correctly. She also showed film strips on different kinds of teeth and cor- rect blushing procedure. City of Tacoma The Hood Canal school board with its district superintendent, met last week in Tacoma with the board of directors of the city of Tacoma Utilities to discuss a new agreement on financial aid to the school district including capital outlay. The school directors sincerely believe that the City of Tacoma has a deep moral obligation to help us with the problem we have at present in onr educational pro- gress, commented Supt. John Pill. Discussion centered mainly on the basic minimum need to the school district of a multi-purpose Gym-Music-Auditorium building, which is very necessary if the dis- program of education for its youth Supt. Pill said. "It was a very informal meeting and probably one of the best we have attended in years". Pill renewed old acquaintances with one of the City Light direc- tors, Dr. A. A. Adams, who many years ago was the football squad doctor and chiropractor at Hoq- uiam high school. Sports Last Thursday the Hood Canal 9th grade played a game with Port Townsend. The score was 39-22 in Port Townsends favor. The Hood Canal 7th and 8th grade played a game with Quil- cone. The score was 50-12 in Quilcene's favor. The points for Hood Canal were scored by Bill Johnson, Gone Avey, Larry Brown and Mike icDowell. Lower Skokomish had a game last Friday with Kamilche. The score was 13-32 in Kamilche's fa- vor. Jo Campbell made all 13 points fo LoUver Skokomish. The girls also played. The score was 32-4 in Lower Skoko:fish favor. Pharmacy Phaots From Nell Evander If you've ever tried to decipher your 4octor's prescription, you've undoubtedly ended up well-con- fused. And well you might be- cause what looks to you to be careless writing is actually med- ical shorthand that we, here in your pharmacy, are trained to read. And be- cause this is the standard form of communication used by all doc- tors, we are able to read it no matter which doctor has written it. It's really a "code", and we could probably decipher any prescrip- tion written by any doctor in the English-speaking world. You can always be sure that we under- stand it, and that we're always glad to be of service to you. Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Saturdays  9:30 - 6:00 Nell's Pharmacy 4th & Railroad 426.3327 (Paid Adv.) NOW -- TWO NIGHTS 40 & 8 VOITURE 135 PRESENTS FUN ON FRIDAY and SATURDAY ,OPULAI:[LE,NTED MAltTY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 113 GOTA STREET Members Only RESERVATIONS -- Phone 426-3949 ........ 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. J M ICR AIfTILE January 28, 1963 To All Lumbermen's Mercantile Department Store Customers Dear Friends: This is to advise you that as of January 31, 1963 the Shelton Department Store, operated by this company since 1895, will become the property of the P..N. Hirsch Company, who operate the Miller's Department Stores in Olympia and in other locations throughout the Northwest. I wish to thank you for the patronage and support you have given our de- partment store through the years and to assure you that the new owners will maintain the same high standards of service which have been a tradition with the L.M. The Lumbermen's Mercantile Co. has determined that it's greatest future op- portunities are in the building material field. We will continue to operate and im- prove the L.M. building supply centers in Shelton and at other locations in Washington and California. We plan to give you a better and broader service in this field. Our sale of the department store will assure a strong mercantile center for the Shelton trading area. Sincerely yours, T. C.'ROWE President T. C. ROWE