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February 6, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 6, 1941

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'3' (3,1 W\ '- a)” February 0, Conven rank TraVis County Tilt; te“ 3601‘“ 19 :p‘ of the r Y," 1’ i DUNE: LEAGUE m‘s A “I, _\', alone y H” ” been \‘irrC P m. " ) I I l' in the as. " i5 .100 ; a, on of 200 ‘ J I stores in W ~~~~ .0 .5 ........ .0 l .000 Oregon, for , Km ith his pr h iothcr yea!“ b —— , 4138068321“ conu‘St 0f l first. A ierican ship granted per-i, AKHIVES . fl ‘0 2'“ to the 50‘7" {mission to carry relief items? tobcrt Ra p {I}? When thf‘g ow“ {through the British blockade since Jarents to 31k 9 heavy firmg 0f ithe fall of Fr: .cc. Arrangements born at S foln'l Vwith the British economic war-- d the 0"“15' D‘f‘k ifarc minister designate that sup- etty much of ._ H a sharp— ». 'dthe Matlock forward . 029“ counters. " 93 last weekend found e . . n Moclips Crabs skin— king a low SC ‘ . rinsr I. $9 Wlnless Qinnauil "(21) ()(‘osta (w) OCCASIO """" ....... .. Falk 19 :::::i:::, “$353.13 4 Canaris ~G Bejaul 10th St. 33. la 777 H - outson, MC Call 112-VV 95 he? 11, O'Neill, John- NG FRONTIERS' y “Saturday . I'ary 7 8 ironrites ‘V .- . Tm; e ironing i9. home than :5 combined" i i 'eys show i as '99 demonslrfl I Plus I N 8 OF THE NORTH’ h River, 34 to and' 1.. PM. (American Red Cross “.“.’[ci‘cy Sliip"i 1,000 'i SS Cold Harbor, l .333 f noon from Baltimorc Harbor with' 3 .Tié‘iiijsupplies for Spain and iini‘x-ijupimp .000 Franco. 1 c ght‘s Owls droppi‘d illnitetl States Lines through the Onsecutlv‘f 'rl'i‘me’ ill. S. Maritimc Commission, is the l i l l l l l l .“lfilk and 250 tons of evaporated I i [ran Red Cross,” in order further l The 5,941. Red Cross Relief Supplies LeaveSi ‘Tllvllslmp F0110“ iMeréy Ship With i i M ' Fifl). l. The 1 .., Daltlinoro, sailed today at! million—dollar cargo of rclicfi The chartcrcd from the \‘cssol, plies for France will be confined largely to the feeding of children. emisignin-'-nt for Spain will! be for general relief. The (Told Ilaz'bor lispartcd from Pier 11. Canton, where for the last four days she has been load-i ing 6,000,000 tons of foodstuffs, medical supplies and clothing. Af- ter her passagc down Chesapeake Bay, Captain Alfred M. Moore will set a Course for Cadiz. Unload- ing part of her cargo at Cadiz, tlic “Mercy Ship” will prococd to Barc'ilona and Marseilles. where the American Red Cross has set; up warchors . American Rodi Cross representatives have been stationed in Spain and unoccupied France to supervise distribution. » For Franco the Cold Harbor car- ried 500 tons of powdcred milk, 250 tons of evaporated and con- densed milk, 10 500 laycttcs of 32 Dir-ms each, 17,000 sweaters and other articles of clothing made. by Red Cross woan 'i'olunteors, $300,000 Worth of drugs and vita-- oiin concentrates. Drugs includ- ed in the cargo arc insulin, quin- ino, aspirin, idoinc. bicarbonate of soda, argyrol, 2,000,000 sulfanila— mide tablets, 250.000 sulfapyridine tablets, and 2.800 bottles of digi- tails. For .ipain the Cold Harbor car- ried 4.500 tons of whole. wheat flour, 250 tons of powdered whole "L’ld condensed milk. Just before the boat sailed 240,000 doses of ‘liphtherin toxoid serum Wm nut aboard in answer to an urgent ‘equest received the night before "mm the Spanish Government. Also on the Cold Harbor will ’30 10 00:”) pv-iconf‘rs 05' v'm‘ 1' "or distribution in German prisonl 1311198 to soldiers of England, up 'and. France and Belgium. Five ‘.housand of these boxes are from the American Red Cross and 5.000 ire being carried for the Canadian Red Cross. The boxes contain ’oodstuffs and cigarettes. All relief supply containers in “he cargo are to be marked as ‘ollows: “Gift of the people of the Jnited States through the Ameri- 1o safeguard the distribution. Twenty-six stake-body trucks ind two station wagons were in- ;iudcd in the manifest of the Cold SHELT U. S. ’Chutists Shoot the Works U. S. Army parachute troops, from 5015t battalion at Fort Benning, Ga., show how they operate in fashion made famous by German and Russian jumpers. A detail boards a plane, top, for transport to bat- tle ground; then troopers bail out, center. and safely parachute to earth, bottom, where they set up light machine gun and get pistols ready to meet the enemy. EurOpeaii Strife Strikes At U. S. Export Markets; sharp contrast with WAati ‘ In port covering the period prior tol the time he resigned to accept, nomination as Vice—President of: the United States. i The report of former Secretaryl Wallace was transmitted to F. E.’ Balmcr, director of extension atl the State College of Washington! by Secretary Claude larbor.. They will be used to :upplement existing transporta- .ion facilities in Spain. If you \R‘ish to Sell you'll Havc Lo Telleournal Want-Ads. Journal Want-AdSw-Fhonc 100 II" p. E2 Tone! >8-Tube Performance! ' I vaoard Tuning! *Full 12-Inch Speaker! a“Cl Changes 12 Records Automatically ‘ nuns new Stewart-s Warner's famous Magic Key- board automatic tuning, 9- position tone control, volume control and switch outside the cabinet. and 3-wave-band Magic Dial under the counter- Qutgmtesmds Changed balanced top. Takes either 10 .0 is atWally. or 12 inch records, has built-in Syn: DOWerful super- record well. Stop in today and 0 With Stewart- hear it without obligation. “ lSher Combination Models $39.95 . . e d it You command ‘ keeeptionw—or enjoy [It avorites day after , fun touching a dial—or ' WithhouI of recorded ' l r N YOUR OLD RA DIOr-vCONVENIENT TERM from the report as follows: ;Gardeii Gals Top i. Women’s Bowling League Finally VVOMEN’S BO?" 1er happened during the war of 19111-i w. L. Pct. 418, the current war has damaged Forrest Gardmm ...... z 2:» .im. ‘Amcrican export trade, says for- Old Mill»: _________ ._ 31 25 .553 imer Secretary of Agriculture ch- Mason Uleanmsa J6 31 .456 ry A. Wallace in his annual rc- Qualify (Hamel-5* ,,,, .24 32 .4239 *Tic to settle. High Scores Game—Hazel Ferricr 193. TotalvHazel Ferrier 505). Matches Monday Forrest Gardens vs. Old Mill. Quality vs. Mason Cleaners. Forrest Gardcns’ upward surge Wickard. , finally carried the flower girls to. With regard to the export agri- i the top rung of the women’s bowl- cultural situation, Balmer qu()tesiing league Monday night as the lresult of a clean SWeep over Qual- "In the first 1.2 months of the-1W Cleaners- present war our exports of to- Eccnt less than in the preceding; ‘12 months. Exports of pork pred- LMill. league leaders for q 0. Mason Cleaners, tow to one Verdict over ucts were about 20 per cont be- iweeks. low those of the preceding year: The gardeners climbcd to and about 40 per cent below thcltop rung on the strength of 10 year average . . . . “Moreover, the farm export sit- uation seems unlikely to improve, at least while the war continues. Europe entered the struggle well prepared agriculturally. It had food in storage and stimulated d0- vmestic agricultural production. Es- lpecially in the totalitarian coun- tries was the outbreak anticipated. Germany, formerly the largest market for our agricul- tural exports, made considerable progress towards self-sufficiency through increased production and ireduced consumption. Other coun- tries likcwise had larger domes- ltic production, lower domestic con- ;sumption, and considerable stocks of foods and fibers. The war blocka’ded first Germany ahd then practically the entire continent of, Europe. This deprived us of al market that formerly took one-iJOURNAL Want Ads are used by i lthird of our farm exports. Mar-3 lkets still open to us provided in—l imfficient compensation." , Commenting on the report of the. ; Iformer secretary, R. M. Turncr,‘ extension economist, agrees that, the outlook for producers of agri-‘. cultural commodities dependent toi 1 considerable extent on exporti markets is not too bright with-l out, government assistance. These; commodities include wheat and: most fruits. Turner points out, however, that i ‘ncrcased domestic consumptioni spurred on by the defense program i s expected! to aid producers of! products dependent primarily 0an the domestic market. Included in‘ the domestic category are but-tent milk, eggs, poultry, beef. pork,‘ wool and most of the small fruits 1nd berries. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE “Spirit” is the subject of the rocsson-Sermon which will be read n all Churches of Christ, Scien— tist, Sunday, February 9. Golden Text: “If we live the Spirit, let us also walk in the Bpirit" (Galatians 5:25). Among the citations whch comprise the Lesson—Sermon is :he following from the Bible: “The Spirit itself bearcth witness with )ur spirit. that we are the chil- iren of God” (Rom.8:16). The Lesson-Sermon also in- :ludes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy: “When we realize that Life is Spirit, never in nor of matter, this understanding will expand into self-completeness, finding all in God, good, and need— ing no other consciousness. Spirit- ual living and blessedness are the the unspeakable peace which ON—MASON CQLJNT‘Y JOURNAL also boasting baccos, fruits, and grains were in l a recent winning trend, finally each instance more than 30 per 1 Shock the basement, cobwebs With many ' 4-,. Brother Sillil’lON minis i l llSobcats Bring League's Leading ; Scorer, Tony Bezcr, TO I [ "mass flight-limbch I | ‘ Northern division prep basket? [kall teams begin taking second icracks at each other this Friday ,evcning as they open the second, ahalf of their 1941 conference schedules. The program brings the, Aber- {dcen Bobcats to Lincoln gym for in. clash with the hapless High— ;climbers, who came through the ,first half schedule with only one ivietory in six games. Prospects 'don't look good for this half for 3th" two teams the H'ghclimbcrs jfigurc a chance against both get .Shelton on their own floors this ihalf, namely Montesano and Elma. ,Thc Bulldogs were the lone team ito fall before the Ilfghclimbers. i The Bobcats come here Friday figuring Shelton as an easy mark Efor the harbor club set a new rec- iord when it thrashed the High-, iclimbcrs by a. 60 to 12 margin até 'Abcrdcen in the first conference, lgams of the season. Abfrtlcezil lprobably won't come near cliipli-, eating that score but it won't} ‘ have much troublc if Shelton plays 3 (true to past performances. ; Other games of the night send! 1 Olympia to Raymond and Elma to Moritcsano, with Hoquiam resting. E Journal W'unt-Ads—Thonc 100 n‘ebruary 7-8—10 Fri. - Sat. Mon. 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No. 1’s 9¢ Royal Chef Minced Clams .... .. 1/,{5 cans 10¢ Rock Dell Milk ............................ .. 4 tails 29¢ no. 1’s .......................... .. second I wood toppling of Mabel Brews~ ter, Min Durand and Pauline 'Staley, while Mason Cleaners lthanked Inez Dodds and Merna ‘Wood for average building scores. The lineups: Forrest (6) l i ; 1 final. Clean (0) i Handicap 1294 Handicap 228 E. Peterson 474EH. F‘erricr 505 'D. LaBarr 361th Stevens 2953 IM. Brewster 4323M. Suthe’dnd 311‘ 'M. Durand 42937}. Skelsey 383 ,P. Staley 4811K. Allen 4003 [788 779 139 23065748 708 666 2122 ‘oia Mill (l) .i Mason (“can (2)‘ i Handicap 219: Handicap 219 3,v.M'cOniioy 401113. Smith 424~ iM. Kubik 43MB. VVoodw’th 296: J”. Cormicr 3671M. Wood 431 223M. Dodds down on your mod costs without sacrificing any of the quality you know is so essen- Rock Dell Firewood Honey... 5-lb. jar 59¢ Rock Dell Fcy. 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