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February 11, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 11, 1941

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Page Four diam-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL Consolidated with The Shelton Independent Entcrcd as sccoudmluss matter at the postol'l‘ice at Sllcllon, \Vaslliilg‘iou Subscription Rates: BY MAIL: in Mason (‘ounly (outside of Sllcllon city lll-‘III cari'icr districts) $2 per year; 4} months. 31.23; 3 months. 751‘. Foreign $3.50 pip-r yi-ar: Postal i'vgulations l‘orbiil rvsidcnls ol' Shelton served by city mall C‘cll‘l‘ll‘l‘ li‘om rccciviug thcil' Journal by mail. ' BY JOURNAL CmIEB: in Shelton, 35¢ per month (collected by carrier) or $2.50 per year in advancc. Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon CAFEMEN TURNMON I CITY LEAGUE PAIR; TORMENTORS, WIN i Week’s Games Tight, Featured by; Wilson’s Reversal of Form, i McConkey’s 7th in Row I I J. EBER ANGLE Editor Mann g'.‘l' . McConkey Pharm. 7 0 339 171i Member of “’iishing‘ton Nt;\vsr)zipvl' l‘u‘blif‘lhfrs’ Assouatlon inayanier ____________ __ 4 2 212 212‘ and National I‘idllol‘lill Assocmtion. gKimbel on __________ u 4 207 I iMcCIeary Timber 3 3 174 176' ADDITION TO STATE HISTORY M. .................. .. 3 4 187 219; __ ,Wilson’s Cafe 2 5 152 225,I ,4-E Dairy .......... .. 0 6 152 The Journal has received a copy of “Build-E ing A State,” which has recently been published, by the Washington State Historical Soc1ety, from; matter compiled by many students of early state: history, and financed by advance subscriptions; so that it has cost the state nothing. While the; volume deals with history of Northwest from its: beginning it is of particular interest because? largely devoted to a political and social rev1ew of J the history of Washington from statehood in; 1889, detailing the leading events through the; years and in itself forming an excellent back-i ground for those who would know more of their. state and particularly students. l Latest Scores McConkey 30, L. M. 25 i Wilson’s 38, Rayonier 33 Rayonier 35, L. M. 32 ‘ Wilson's 39, 4-13 Dairy 32 Kimbel Oil 40, McCleary 31 l McConkey 59, 4-E Dairy 12 I Rayonier 24, McCleary 22 f (overtime) Games Thursday I 10 P. M.—~Kimbel vs. 4-E I 11 P. M.—Rayonier vs. McCon-i key i Games Saturday , 7 P. M.—L. M. vs. Wilson I 8 P. M. McConkcy vs. Mc-‘ Cleary Games Monday 9:30chCleary vs. Rayonier 10:30~—4-E vs. Wilson Games Feb. 20 Cliff Kelly It is worth noting that there is little atten-I tion paid to state history in the tests used in pub—, 10 P- M-~4-E vs. McConkey . . . , 11 P. M.—-McCleary vs. 4-13 i he schools, and no complete volume which in itself! is sufficient to give the needed background of 1m-, c“1:133:32ceaspégagshificigtippéé portant events and eras 1n the history of the; pastweek were of the nerve 'fmhg ; ing species as six of the seven de- terrltory and state, and of the progress made in; cisions were close enough to be in! something near a hundred years from its first, doubt up to the last few minutes, settlement; or of the surveys and struggles to‘onglitlggn,s Cafe provided the sup make the Northwest known to the rest of thei prises of the week a revamped! ‘ ' .1 and dangerous looking lineu ca -' country. The true story would be mighty inter ‘tumg two close decisions-13mph esting and well worth reading by those who have8 Ray Du“ late of Alaska and for- cast their lot in this'state in later years. 313393335: EgezfétvgafigyCIggtstggig—E not exactly in form for a text bOOkIt‘ne hashers point production _de-i “Building A State” might well be used as the; fErt‘g‘glf-y23533‘ nglegggfiegecfgfgi basis for a more completed detail of major state, 3plaice Rayonier last night, 38 tel history for schools, but it is to be hoped that the, e3: fuggzgffiafillggg‘, 9:53 fig“, state does not engage in the printing of its text; apiece Saturday as I I books as again proposed in the legislature. The 3:530“ ten agamst the dalry‘g recollection of the “populist” era of forty yearsl Smith punishes Twine ago when the state was stuck in a game of turn-1' seggyggvfiffgmggtagig se‘ffl ing out the various-text books and a history, g1Straiggt,tsoulladlyTipanging tut: airy, O , urs a , u .-largely written by “freaks’j of that day, left sour again finding the L_ M regisfing, memory of a costly experiment, which even theI stiffiy before yielding a 39 to 25.l country schools refused to accept and use. Whilel figgdlgg l‘c‘jfm‘gggt-inpatfwsfgh‘31}; there are hundreds of books and booklets dealing} ang. addedk15 more last night for - ' i a lg wee . With many phases of state history and of locali-. Rayomer had to go overtime in ties, it is unfortunate that most of them are not‘ a thriller to defeat McCleary Tim- suited for intensive study in the schools, ber, 24 to 22, Thursday as Ralph W'elton kicked in with the win- ‘ning basket in the extra sessionI after Joe Bednarski had tied it upI. for the timbermen with a foul; fconversion after regular playingI time had run out. ' Second Half Nearly Fatal The pulpmen almost blew one; to the L. M. Saturday but stagger- I ed thru with a 35 to 32 verdict. after holding a 31 to 14 halftime! i margin thanks to a 20«point spreeI by Gene Burgoyne. The millhands I failed to dent the scoring column Iin the third quarter and got onlyI Ifour in the entire half B'll' . Every SO 0ftsn Strangers appear on the Somers led an L. M. rallyasivhiéhI street With some pracket to extract the dimes plmost pulled the fracas from the) ' ire. and dollars of people, under some patriotlilc gKlSe! Kimbeu on. with Bill Levett’l of helping out some good cause, but usua y t eir Hugh Gugveglandtamn Comic“ ' ' ' scoring seaiy,s d h d f own way of getting an easy livmg. . McCleary all the wayefo: aeaio :0 Often they appear as ex-serVice men and 31 verdict Saturday- claim to be soliciting for afflicted “buddies”_ in hospitals or in need, and it is a good story which generally appeals, until one stops to think that Rayonier‘s defeat last nightI took some of the edge off Thurs-I Uncle Sam is taking good care of all afflicted vet- erans. day’s clash with McConkey, butI Most people do not stop to think but “shell! The legislature is starting out under a “dry’ moon, judging by the house vote of 71 to 25 which killed the bill to allow sale of beer and wine on Sunday, on the theory of better let well enough alone. CHECK ON STRANGE SOLICITORS ‘a pulp mill victory could still |leavc the millhands in contention, while a pharmacist triumph would? all but wrap up the second half' bunting for the druggists. GAMES LAST NIGHT First Game ' out,” especially when strong-arm and rush me- Mooonke , y (30) L..M. 2 thods are used; but it is well to. think that there‘M.Tay10I' .... ..F ........ .. Somer(s 5% EG. Smith 1 .... H 6' are plenty 0f 800d appeals at home for all their. Smith 15 .... .. 2' charity we can afford, urged by people we knowI Russell 2 ...... Fredson 10 for things we need, and any Spare plece of change Eacrett .......... ..G .......... _. Elliott 4 . . , Subs: McConke —W'1 10. I should be saved for them. Occasmnally, one flndSI Second 3name! 50" I . . ' IWilson‘s (38) the llttle Amerlcan emblems are made 1nIMillikan 12 .... ..F .... .. Burgoyne 11 Japan,” IHSUIt to injury. IA. Daniels 4 ...... .. Anderson 2 ‘Durr 12 .......... Dittman 6‘ {gelllDy .... .......... .. Bell d There is still a lot of static in our radios, war' _'s..i.’;‘fRayoxieriwaklviftii‘ofi . us. (In mUSlC. GAMES SATURDAY _. First Game E {Kimbel Oil (40) ,McCInarv (31) XP 'Levett 10 ...... ..F ...... .. Schermer 6I _.____ Gruverfilo Marv Morgan 8 I . . . ,cormier ....C .......... .. Madsen 5 NOIZ 11111011 complamt ls bemg heard oYer thels. Taylor 4 ....G ....... .. Lambert 3I parkmg ordmance passed by the Councfl laStiRa“ 2r ............ ..G.. J. Bednarski 8| . II, B. Bednarsk'. doubtless be some when the new arterials are! Secoha Game . I I Y' marked and enforcement is started, more or lesslmls"nS (39) month, after six months arguing, but there Willi Subs’ McCleary—Mel Morganl 4-1: Dairy (32) I _ .Millikan' 8 .... ..F ........ .. Watso U in experiment. ~ . . ICooper 2 ...... ..F .... .. L. Gruvelelr ii The new ordinance is frankly des1gned toaDurr' 8 ---C ---------- .1 Fourre 2i . , lKell 10 ........ P. 1 make the streets safer and give outSide cars aiA. 3...... A_ 03103122322 fair chance to park and trade, and so far even the,4_§u§;ir Wigfin‘s I LeDrew 3. . threat has relieved the situation to some extenti yThilniogaihe by forcing the all-day parkers to side streets. Ilia-Wm" (35) It is true that it takes in streets outside theiififii‘fiififi 22 L. M. (32) I Fredson 8 ‘ O ...... ....... .. Hanson main district where the parking problem does notlgifkg Driv18 . . ..... .. ........ .. omers need full. restriction, and some space must be leftwvelton 4 ______ HG ____ ._ A_ Driver 4 for parking Within reach of the Clty center; and! Subs: except for the" tutoheavy trading days with out-,I people‘imarking is not too hard in . Rayonier—Morris, Ditt- L. M.—-Siielgrove 2. GAMES THURSDAY man. I I First Game I I I I of-town Shelton. 'Rayonier (24) McCleai-y (22) {Burgoyne 2 Mel Morgan 4 IAnderson 2 .... Marv Morgan 4 IWeeks 6 ........ ...... .. Madsen 7 Bell 6 ..... .. B. Bednarski 2 Morris ....G ........ .. Lambert 2 u Subs: Rayonier —— Welton 4, leerty has 0111 overnment- Dittman 2, McGough 2. McCleary —J. Bednarski 3. Liberty has always je’ su jects of it. The history of li‘ 'ry of resistance. , ' ‘ ' IYOU ARE COVERED for an ac- Story Of hmltatlons cident for $.25 per day. Lgnger‘ Ot' increase of it,”-—I time! the rate is cheaper. Herb . ng e. I I prep basketball play. ‘ place SHELTON—MA --o------- GRAPEVINE Reports trickling quarters via the grapevine routh SON COUNTY JOURNA L idelne lants By BILL DICKIE ---------- Ibowling that tax would require into t ll 0 s c something like 625 extra games or “strings” on each alloy to pay for say that Hoquialn may be forced Ithc tax, and if the price of bowl- this season and thus lose northern division title the Griz-I bag, after Raymond's loss toI Olympia Friday. ‘ i'csult 131Izlies now have pretty well in tlic Itlio kcgclcrs point out. CVCll CITY LEAGUE BASKETBALL ito forfeit all the games in which Iiiig was raised to absorb the tax w L pF pAIa certain player has participated iit would reduce the amount of the :bowling so greatly that the not would still Mason Laundry bowlers are all with their Associath Oil The reports say one Hoquiiim invals now, steak-for-stcak, after dependent games during trary to the state high school I athletic rules. thereby making himself ineligible for this season’s The facts, according to this ' report, were discovered by an— other coach in the circuit and laid before Coach Elmer Tluhta of Honuiam for action. This would be a mighty unfor- tunate way to end Hoquiam's con— I secutive ascension to the north-I crn division throne (1941 wouldI make the third straight time since the division was reorganized to. include the old Central Leagu'éfl and something like five straight‘ times counting years immediately before the reorganization) but if the facts are as stated: in the rc-i port there is no other answer. I Aberdeen had one such caSc this season but caught it before any damage was done to its conference record, although the lad was an outstanding player and m i g II t i have helped the Bobcats consider- ably this season. I PA'I‘CHING UP Norm Harris, loose-jointed riglltliandcr of Highclimhcr pitching fame a couple years back, Il-i “in train- ing” for his trial in profession- I a1 ball already. Norm parted I with a half dozen had teeth late : last Week and almost ran into . disaster. One of the teeth I liemmorhagcd and thc former prep ace spent a pretty bad I night at the hospital but pull- 1 cd through and now is headed I for good health again. I Norm reports to the Ogden I Reds, farm team of the (Jin- cinnati Reds in the Class (1 1 Pioneer League, sometime in ' late March or early April for 4‘ his chance to get into thi- pro I end of the national pastime. the lanky, I SPORT SPOTS I That bill introduced into place an annual tax of $100 onI each_ alley maintained by bowling establishments would practically bring about the extinction 'of the game, according to local pinmen on the present price scale for Mac’s Pad Lead , With Whitewash I Over IEConkey’s COMMERCIAE LEAGUE \V. Mac’s Corner ............ ..28 20 .583 1 4-E Dairy .................. ..25 23 .521I iDaviscourt Bakery ..24 24 .500 McConkey Pharmacy 19 29 .396 High Scores Game—Lew Struthers 200. TotalILew Struthers 557. I Matches Thursday I McConkey‘s vs. Daviscourt‘s. I Mac's Corner vs. 4—E Dairy. 3 Mac‘s Corner fattened its first. margin and McConkey‘ Pharmacy slipped deeper into the. mire in the Commercial Leaguc’SIcstablishment of public hospitalI weekly competition Thursday cve- districts. ning. The cornerites dccisioned thc pharmacists by a whitewash mar- gin thanks to the average—bolster- ing total hung up by Harry Ditt- I man and in spite of the pinwork‘ of Lew Struthers 0f the phar- macists, which copped both indi- vidual honors for the night’s play. Daviscourt’s Bakery put Shorty O’Dell's rolling to good use in an odd-game victory over 4-E Dairy the same evening. Daviscourt’s (2) 4-13 Dairy (1) Handicap 354i Handicap 273 O’Dell 518V. Savage 427 Hilderman 465,8kerbini 431 Westlund 4541C. Savage 459 Dummy 342IOlsen 378 G. Miller 395Fourre 458 817 889 822 2528807 744 875 2426 Mac’s (3) 'McConkey’s (0) Handicap 252I Handicap 282 Tingstead 422 Struthers 557 Dittman 521,1—1. Young 420 L. McElroy 466 Dummy 390 Gerhardt 461 Dummy 387 ‘ Noblett 499 Mifflin 473 i 905 854 862 26211346 803 860 2509; Second Game I .VIcCoukey (59) 4-15 Dairy (12) M. Taylor 9 A. Cloutier 4 G. Smith 8 .... ..F ......... .. Watson 2 D. Smith 21 ....C ......... .. Gibson 2 Eacrett 6- ...... ..G L. Gruver 2, Wilson 10 .... ..u ...... .. P. Cloutier Subs: McConkey-—Russell 5. 4- E Dairvaillikan 2. SHIP YOIIII FREIGHT BY BOAT FAST FREIGHT SERVICE WITH DOOR DELIVERY IN SHELTON Seattle Freight should be routed via Str. Capitol, Ferry Dock, Tacoma Freight via Str. Skookum Chief, Milwaukee Dock, No. Time Schedule as follows: 'Leaves Tacoma daily, execcpt Sunday, at 5 pm. for Olympia and Shelton Arrives Shelton daily, except Sunday PUGET SOUND FREIGHT LINES CLARENCE CARLANDER, President lone can miss Iwhat with Seattle signing a new manager, training Camps due to start in a few days (some already have) and even the Evergreen starting to prepare for 1941. quiam, ‘were extended to join the circuit. iHeavy financial losers last year,‘ Yclm and Toledo indicated they‘ Iwould not return to the fold for Iwho was one of I the I legislature last week which would I 237lpla'yCr t0°k part in SGmC nth?” i‘tlic second year of their annual ‘1eII)Ct . . IChr’Stmas Vacation season, con' Itimcs each year the teams are matched in the city bowling lea- gue victors are steak dinners . . Oilcrs copped the feed last year IELS the bet was inaugurated but Ithc Clothes cleaners Ilast Friday night with vengeance, ,blanking the Oilci's in the payoff ‘jmatch. . during one of the four the . the schedule the prizes to squared it IT'S IN THE AIR in the air and no its presence now, Baseball's holdouts popping up, League is Shelton was included with Olympia, CcntraliaVand Bucoda among four teams \represonted at the first circuit session Sun— day in Centralia, while the lit- tle community of Kamilche pe- titioncd for a franchise in the circuit, too. Invitations to Aberdeen, Ho— laymond and South Bend 1941, Right off the bat the Shelton entry faces a problem of finding a new business and a new play- ing manager for Norbert Cormier, the principal business agents of the Olympics last year, says he will not have the time to gch to the club this year and last years playing man- ager, Ray Cormier, is now resid- ing in Los Angeles. Volunteers for the jobs may form a line to the right. Public Hospital Bill_SLupported I Representativo U. S. Ford, M. D., of the 24th Legislative Dis- trict, has introduced in the State Legislature a bill which would operate it's own hospitals by tax» ation and provide hospital service lto all citizens needing hospitaliza- tion. The following resolution was adopted at a public meeting call-i ‘cd to consider pensions and re-1 lated legislative matters at Hoods- i, port, Wash. ' “Since the only way it is pos-- gsible for the average citizen of: L. Pct. Mason County or similar counties? to insure his hospitalization whcnI such necessity occurs, is through the general co—operation of all citizens o fsuch countless-4 I “Therefore it is hercby resolved be the same,, 1350i} Gallon iii-Lev? Tuesday, February ‘3,” Febl Manganese ‘ I i' ' 7 _. . Tides of the W eek . Pl‘ t T . , I Water System At 5 Camp”... i... Oakiand Bay 1 an o u I 1 (Hood ('iilliil tidrS al'w our lioul' - _._I I '75 “'mm“ "arm-r) Pullman, Feb. 10. a i a.-. .- ;Druckci' of the school. k I By Mrs. V'. L. Knowlton Low am. \{Vashingpiiti Staith ngI. .. I ,. . 7‘ _ . _ Wed High 7: am. .0 cay a pic p 2111 '0 . S :ttbl'lsafil d g'nzvv} 5,; Feb 12 LOW 1:11 p.m. 4-7 ft of lilallganesc metal I ‘31: "53,35? 0:! halveproperty ' A High 6:27 pm. 13.9 ft‘silical ores of the "" , i“! "’ S ‘ 7 . '. ' “ ;iilsula was being al‘l', new concrete reschOir which Mr. . . i f' - i x f H. '32 :3 O . Huson claims will store 3500 gal-i LBW 1:97 ‘L‘m‘ EEIDIQIEKLJV ;;,;C1)h:: sch F ‘lons of water will be ample for Thurs" ngh 7:0; 333‘ 3",) ft {ITLSV‘Vgrked 'mlt a U23 BIDS tllc cottages and other buildingslFCb 10 Low 1'5“ p'fl‘ "“ U ,- . I”. . BONlis I ... n . 1 . . High 7:10 pm. 13.9 ft ICaCIImS “190105 50 , 9F SH 5;]. I0ALVGIIYHIIICL’FCI‘OMOH)’ or f'inf‘ire of 7_’7 Ibo I;th into Sqmuon UtyISI .HE Ianv kind Huson wascgrad- LOW 1348 am: '01 ftI Ci‘a‘l‘bf‘rs. 01 CO - [In Emilia: Iuatcd from the eighth grade andIFFiday High 8123 a-m- 15-6 fiflwdmg l’elggzggl f“: {ms [or i ‘. v f 7". ‘ . I ~ w 2:36 .m. 2.9 l‘alsuig :L ., , I er Rm 13.210“, attenfiing. h‘gh $11001 mIBeb 14 I};in 8:13 13.7 ft ,construction of the P ?‘116‘PI‘II i :EI‘CILINCILOU With his oldcl brother“, "LA isaid‘ us, ; Ganja/h . r .11{ Low 2:31 am. 0.9 ft, A pilot plant wine ,_ , Friends Of Mmgdret Luiflfi W] ‘Sat High 8:57 am. 15.5 ft ICOl’lStl‘uCtC‘d for the I 930°“?eme‘l I0 mar.“ Of 01 ser' I Feb 15 Low 3:24 p.m. 2.1 ft i manganese from 'L0‘5 “filessL‘lt 1:191 déiemizikn; High 9:14 pm, 13.4 ft ‘ C(éuuty ing'igncsiulp w 0m0- 1 1'5 1131' WC g ‘. in o opera loll licx . er part of her life in this neigh-I LOW 3:16 am. 21 ft __*WWLW_V ,1 borhood and left many friendsIS1m High 9.36 a‘nL 15.3 ft _. when she moved to Bremerton. A Feb 16 Low 4216 p‘nl 1.5 ft} . card, or letter will reach her at; Hi .h 10 21 m 129 ft‘ The libstract the corner of Preble and Summit,I 1g~__" p. . ' . lrcmerton, W'ash. I Low 4:06 am. 3.5 ft» Nlason I On January the 29th. Mrs. I Mon High 10:16 a.m. 14.9 ft Knowlton entertained with a tur- Feb 17 Low 5:13 pm. 1.0 ft 9, key dinner for Mrs. Ahl and Mrs.I High 11:37 pm. 12.6 ft1 A. L, B, [Bertha Amos, from Bremerton.i I >. Mrs. South, Mrs. Antram and‘ Low 5:03 am. 4.9 ft} ’93 thee“ 1 Dorothy Thye of Belfair and Mrs. z Tues High 11:02 am. 14.5 fti Abstracts R9119? an?) Rendsland and Frances Huson ; Feb 18 Low 6:17 p.m. 0.7 ft; ' , g. bom from our village. It was neither High 1:06 a.m. 12.5 ft; ‘ ;' 0r Inten- Thanksgiving, Christmas ii 0 r! ————— LOdnS and I 1' thed‘gatémt Easter, but we just took a notionl Wed Low 6:13 am. 6.1 ft BELL BUl .- bnotm. O to have turkey. IFeb 19 High 11:55 am. 13.9 fl. SHELTON 1.. putbilic; I NH”. and Mrs. Babbage withl Low 7:25 pm. 0.4 ft ;;for‘regéil;‘: their young son have been in Se- W ed. attle and Tacoma for the past two 777777777 7 7 7 7 77 7 7 7 7 7 "gm inteu _ . . . -. “e oi th .ivecks where Mi. Baggage is 9 city or. S moss machine. iaii. ‘ Cactus Balm Not I I and also comes in ‘Dcpartmcnt of Agriculture, of this product I tionablc. I I I I I I I I at Hoodsport, Wash, held Thiirs-’ day evening, February 6th, 1941,: that we petition the Washington; State Senate and House of Rep-‘ at‘ resentativcs now in session Olympia to pass House Bill No: 175, being an act authorizing the FRANK ROBINSON, Chairman. NELSENA SHEPPARD, Secretary. The PRICE is RIGHT Why not Have the B E S T Inquire, Then You’ll BUY Modern CONCRETE BRICK and MASONRY UNITS SHELTON CONCRETE PRODUCTS 1 Seventh St. Bridge Phone 123 2 I I See W4 - I I l I I l I I I I I I I Friends of Ruth Bassctt Kili- working on a wringer for the pcati 1°} Shelton I 0‘ tseston, 'I I .1 .t eattle. from Olympia where she spent aI week under the care of a physic-‘ She is attending school and Accepted Article Farmers are advised by the De-* partmcnt of Agriculture that I I I: “Cactus Balm" being pcddled y m I I throughout Southwest Washing- " a: 'ton. This is being sold as a ,g i livestock remedy as well as be- — I iiig represented for scalp diseases, handy as 3. enable Mason County to own and Ideanel' for soued Wearmg apparel: .I According to R. E. White, State this i (product was registered in 1938 but I 'has not been accepted. The valueI is rather .ques-I GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS . I ' B B d Iby this public meeting of citizensI s No Longer is it Possible to Keep Books on Scraps of Paper MODERN BUSINESS FORM WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY THE JOURNAL IIII dred will be happy to know she' . .. the Cl }has a new daughter, born Feb-l Ford A Plekup ------------- -------- Iruai‘y 2. I P. Y _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ .. I, 4‘ N Lois Aiiii Markwell is back (jheerIBt ICI‘up 1932 Pontiac Sedan __________________________ .. 1931 Studebaker Sedan ................... ., EASY TERNIS feeling much better. . I ‘I In On the evening of February 14,, I I Mrs. Knowlton and some of the n, ire Huson family will hic_themsclycs, Phone 91:21 I furthe .to Seattle to Witness the wedding ‘ are of Frances M. Miller and Melvin . .i ~ ' I. v i >' .ll‘gh roe Earl Phillips. Melvin lived inl *' "‘““ ‘"‘ ““77’ 7 I «.ment Tahuya 25 years ago. The ccre- I I. by Se: mony will take place in the a 7 , yesterda Brighten Presbyterian church. 1 VVIVBII’S ' appl-op; “Went 1‘ : TEXAOO sumo Representative in Mason County for I PRODUCTS COMPANY i I High Grade Fuel and Deisel 0115 ‘ROMPT SERVICE 1st an.A Franklin Phone 397 Lz‘ ' v, The Journal is equipped to care for all your needs in Printing and Office Supplies. LETTER HEADS BILL HEADS STATEMENTS ENVELOPES . SPECIAL FORMS BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS FILING CABINETS CARD INDEX SYSTEMS OFFICE SUPPLIES Let Us Help You Plan Time- Saving Office Forms Your Community Newspaper