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February 11, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 11, 1941

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, Feb. 10. E the scllool' 11 State "' .. t plant for esc metal f, s of the ‘- .. .g'liEGAL PUBLICATIONS ; being at vc years 05‘ I llCl, the sch I 3 BIDS r01: WATER ed out a . ('olulilsslomzns PROCEEDINGS N, 01.45 so 01" 'I'Hl‘l Vi'l" Monday, January (5, 11m ’ “ . ‘ ' ,i 11 le‘le‘ON , Board lllt‘l in l'!‘§;'llllll' malon, pics— tO SOlUtlo‘I [y 8, ,HEREBY GIVEN. em. 33. J. i‘illcrn. (‘hLlii'iiiaiL V. E. is of CO " E“ 5116mm nulls u-mrPaul and R. Trenclmunm. Commis— , . . ,‘ day 01 kt‘l‘ul'u‘di‘)! sioncrs: and Harry Dcycitii, Clerk of 'nmbul“ (“I “5.3 tor the sale oi ¢()U.‘IBQard, $6,000 f m‘ter Revenue Bonds lo, 01mm; aim-Wm}, )n of the ", *6] “DNA 1. hill. and mle ‘llecll in the amount of $19.23 IOWSI if‘f‘c‘f‘lvetl from J. Holcrt Co. fol 1940 l ‘ hi rr~$1onq~“" ICliristmas trr'es cut 011 county land I) alt w . 1000.00 ‘i'emitted to Treasurer. d for UK! 1000.00 I Dance license was issued to Edna, ‘ from ‘ 1000.00 Johnson for public dance at Blue 0}. , fl. , 1000.00 for night of December 31st, 1940. 111811051111” $000.00 I This lu’iing the time :‘ft for open— tiOli 11Cle ‘ ling bids for new car for Sheriff’s 3000.00 Iottice the following bids were re- "‘_“"""i 7 3000.00 :ceivcd and opened: Moll Chevrolet 3000.00 ICU. l‘lt‘t Bid—5399.00; Al Huf‘lby hie— 25000.UU tors—$300.00: S. L. Pearson—$440.00. Jason C , I L, ’3 s and I ELL BU! )N, l S“ ‘ ‘tilis ‘2'? fit“ ARTS" .- -. unty for l" 'ANY ne- «w «)4 i . d l . ’. *. the light to pay for and: '01' all “3 bonds of said -' interest payment date Oi eattle. ty of said Bonds. 8 Council of the City fishington.. I L‘va w. LANDERS, ‘Forest Road ~In U' 8' Senate 5 81:33am on signed. . Minutes of December meetings were and approved. 1' Resolution rc Emergency Appropria- tion was signed and approved. Board adjourned. Monday, Board met. all were present. Auditor's count of Treasurer's cash X1. furt . " areas .. Eh road construction ment (SB780) was ‘I by Senator Wheeler yeSterday. as; Dpropriate $1,500,000 ent fiscal year Chi ivm animals—Phone 100 I m... N... 3000.00 I It \AI‘AAIKALlll Vu issue tilt, Washin gton, as City Clerk. I :mcnt with Union \Vd :: 3000.00 v. crc 3000.00 .. 3000.00 1 C28. the ity of Slim—I Li‘tif‘l' nary 11, 1941. 37 “10 ‘ received and ployment Service, Isentative will be in Shelton each Tucs- jday from 9:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. rc— Iccived and filed. ’ Board met. I ‘ Day was spent approung Claiins:’ Claims allowed. Board adjourned. u ednesday , Board met. , i Modification of Memorandum Agroc- ,— :d and ondcd it mid 1000.00 ‘of Al Huerb Mote lre act pted as $000.00 ilowcst and l) wt bio and th pur— 3000110 ltzlla of same be made. Cal led. 3000.00 I Final in )(‘Ctloll and approval of 5000.00 i’Final Cost or. the followingr Projects 1 filed. (3—15. 2-10. ‘C37, C18. (3‘19. C21, C—2‘l, C25, C26 and from Washington State that their Elll- repre— u “m on or after three‘ Letter from Robert Ti'enckmann, ' “‘6 date thereof by giving lChairman. Northwest. Area, in rescnn- bhotice of such lfltt‘lldt‘u Icolimg of next meeting, received and , ' publication in the City Ifiled. 6‘3 interest on any bonds; It was mode and seconded that ‘ l r rEdemption to cease on IResolution re Overrun on _Flnal Pro- “‘ jt"(:lS be approved and signed, car- ,“ interestpayablc sole- ried. _ . i. “e of the Water Depart- Board adioumed to meet again to— ity of Shelton. Imorrow, Tuesday, January 71h, 1931 0: Snelton will furnish the I at 10 A. M. V s«lion, Thorgrimson, and Tuesday, January 1, Hill. all were present. January 8, 1941. Oil Co.. to mee‘. 'prices filed by Shell Oil Co.\ was le- "éb. 10. her development I read in national, for 3%.». :.:‘ I a... N.., x-H‘fGZR of machine. The JOURNAL WRIT: l ceivcd ' and filed. Claims allowed. price: with and contract for gas Co. Was approved J anuary 13, 1941. of October {list and November 3ist wag-M“ _,___»_..—— our Child ,9 1nd in Typing. Rent a Typewriter $3.00 m0. First two months rental may be applied on purchase price examined and approved. Claims allowed. Check received from Continental Casualty Co.I for damage to Harvey Dewing was turned over in the amount of $25.00 was to Treasurer for Credit “is”... .5. .Jfl, . .. .. T SELL UNl'l ,iND A BUYERiUSEwA l lre Motor Grader. I dumping 1101' County Road Fund, Dist. No. 2. l BOARD ADJOURNED SINE DIE: IThm-e being no further business, the [board adjourned sine die. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- SIONERS MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON. E. J. AHERN. Chairman of the Board. 'HARRY DEYETTE, Clerk of Board. Resolution of Appreciation by E. J. {Abel-n. I Resolution of Appreciation to IAlicrn from the members of E. J. the I board. Board met in regular sessmn: Pres— Vincent E. Paul, Deyette, R. Trcnckmann. Jr., and Harry of Board. Mr. Trentltniann pOlai‘y Chairriian. It was moved Robert Trcnckmaml be man of Board. carried. In the matter of appointment of ’l’td Foreman in Dist. No. 2, Commis— .‘-' .ier Ferris verified the appointment ' . Smart, Foreman, for Skokomisri Villltey end of District.“but deferred appointment for Belfair end (if Dis- tl'it until a later date. tomniissioner Paul appointed Lyle O'Dcll, Road Foreman for District No. 1. It was moved and seconded that A. IL. \Vard be appointed County Road lEngincev at Sallie salary, carried. Notice from District Engineer that IFinal Inspection had been made on CRP C-27 and C 600-21 and that same Iliad been accepted as satisfactorily {completed received and filed. Designation of Deposnory by Coun- lty Treasurer, designating Shelton Ibranch, Seattle First National Bank [for year ending January 13, 1942 rc- Iceivcd and filed._ I I Notice from District Engineer of IMason County’s share of gas tax i l l i cut 1Fred Ferris, i Clerk I was elected tem- I and seconded t it a t. elected Chair- l'or month of November was $8,688.00, received and filed. 1n the matter of Sale of County IFarm namely, NE of SW of Section ,2, 19, 4 to be sold Saturday, January ‘18th, 1941, a minimum valuation of $3500.00 having heretofore been set on 'samc, with interest at 6% on balance, lbut terms on balance not having been lt’ixed. it was moved and seconded that balance be paid in 5 yearly pay- ments with interest at 6% per all- I num, carried. It was moved and seconded that applications for purchase of Tax 1 'l‘itle Lands in Sale No. 8 be accept- l led up to Saturdav. 1-25-4] and that ldate of Sale be 84—41. E Board adjourned to meet again lMonday, January 20th, 1941. 2 Monday, January 20, 19-11 ' Board met, all were present. Claims allowed. . In the matter of appointment of Road Foreman in Belfair end of Road lDistrict No. 2, Commissioner Ferris lannounced appointment of Harry d—Iyde as Foreman. Letter from P. W. Nance. 'Dewatto in re condition of road, received and -filed. Notice from Western State Hospi- tal that Donald McAloon. had been received and found non-Violently lll‘ sane received and filed. Check in the amount of $74.38 was received from E. D. Payne in pay- ment for Christmas tree stumpage for season of 1940, turned over to Treas- urer. This being the time set for hear- ing on Current Expense Emergencies, proper notice having been given as appears from Affidavits on file no one appearing to object, it was moved and seconded that the Order- Granting cmergencics be signed and approved, carried. List of Uncollectable personal Tax~ es with Affidavit by Treasurer, Dion received and examined. Resolution re Cancellation of Per- sonal Taxes was approved and sign- ed, carried. Resolution bile was approved ried. I _ mailiifio'fl' ' i‘e’"fifi?€’fii§é“"6f" Tfactor was approved and signed, carried. Resdlution re purchase of ‘Road Equipment was approved and Signed, carried. Check in the amount of $127.57 rc~ lccived from G. R. Kirk Co. in pay- Iment of balance of Christmas tree stumpage for 1940 cut on County land. It was moved and seconded that the Call for Bids be signed, carried, re purchase of automo- and Signed, cav— Board adjourned. Monday, January 27, 1941 Board met, all were present. Letter from Miles Howell in re of garbage along county road, between Bear Creek and Tiger Lake; ris. Letter from Supervisor of Forestry in re reserving; of right of way or referred to Commissioner, f I Who Want to Buy the Thing You Wish to sell, Meet You Face to Face in the— WKNT ADS If you’ve been Waiting for opportunity, maybe opportunity has been waiting for YOU to knockv—on the Want Ad door. The Want Ad section of The Journal is the common meeting ground for the “want-to- buys” and the “want-to-sells” and oppor- tunity lives there day in andday out. Mes— sages by the hundreds are read and acted upon by the very people who look through the Want Ad section inordcr to find them. In no other found. way could these prospects be FOR-GE AHEAD WITH WANT ADS . ‘e. 1‘14 2' i. you NT--ADS and ‘ Fer— I Sl’l ELTON CCC Road on Tax Title by Mason County, received. It was moved and seconded that hereafter reservation be made of all existing R of W for streets, CCC, or County Road on all tax title land, sold by Mason County, carried. Request by local G 265 Workers Alliance. for use of upper part of Social Security Building every Friday night for meeting purposes, receivs ed. Clerk was instructed to inform them that room is now being used land, sold y Ifor a WPA Plojcct and cannot be 'Spal‘ed, but at any future date, 1.111: hall is available, they will be glad to consider request. Resolution from Skokomish Grange in re granting of License to Mr. Moon at Mouth of Skokomish River, on Hood Canal, received. It was moved and seconded that Resolution be approved and signed, carried. l Notice from Department of Labor and Industry that claim for time loss, in the amount of $2.00 had been .paid to J. D. Goodro, received and tiled. I Monthly report and County Narra- itive report of County Extensmn Agent were examined and approved. l Approval'of Resolution for purchase Iof 1-Fucl Diesel Motor Grader, from District Engineer was received and filed. Approval of Resolution for purchase of l-Fuel Diesel Tractor of not less ,than 35 Drawbar H. P. with attach~ ments as listed, by District Engineer, received and filed. In the matter of Resolution to pur- chase a car for Commissioners Dist. l i No. 2; District Engineer having re~ fused to reimburse from gas tax funds, it was moved and seconded that same be purchased from District road tax funds. carried. Applications of Elmer Jensen for lpurchase of SE of NW, SW of NE and "Ni/2 of SW 01' Section 23, 23, 2. was received and rejected because lhll: land is included in a block of county property that is going to be turned over to State Forestry Department for reforestation. ‘ List of Application for purchase of County property were examined and approved: and minimum valuations set as designated, and it was moved and seconded that Treasurer . to advertise and sell same according to law, carried. Claims 'allowed. Board adjourned 'Monday, February 3rd, O’Clock A. M. 1 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- SIONERS ROBERT TRENCKMANN, to meet again 1941 at 10 Chairman of Board. Attest: IHARHY DEYETTE, ,Clerk of Board. 2—11—1t. ORDINANCE NO. 330 AN ORDINANCE DECLARING AN EMERGENCY, PROVIDING FOR THE EXPENDITURE OF $170.05 AND DI- RECTING THE ISSUANCE OF EMER- GENCY WARRANTS IN PAYMENT THEREOF. WHEREAS it public emergency ex- isting in 1940, requiring tllelcalllng 01' a special election. authorizing the issuance of Water Revenue Bonds in the sum of $50,000.00. in order to pro- vide an adequate supply of Water for xthe. City of Shelton, and the people 'thercof, and WHEREAS, the necessity for the holding of such special elec- tion could not have reasonably been. forseen at the time of the adoption of the 1940 budget. and WHEREAS, the estimated amount of money ro- iquired to meet the emergency and pay the expense of holding such special election is the sum of $170.05: NOW, THEREFORE, THE COUN- CIL OF THE CITY OF SHELTON DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION 1: That a public emer- gency exists requiring the holdng of a special election in December, 1940: SECTION II: That the estimated cost of the holding of such Special election is the sum of $170.05. SECTION III: That Emergency Warrants in the sum of $170.05 be is“ sued in payment of the estimated costs of said special election. SECTION IV: This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect five days from and after its publication as pro»: vided by Law. INTRODUCED in regular Council, $213251ng this 16th day of January,’ l‘ PASSED in regular Council meeting this 6th day 01' February, 1941. APPROVED: WM. E.‘ STEVENSON, Mayor. ATTEST: l GLENN w. LANDERS. City Clerk. I APPROVED AS TO FORM: I CHAS. R. LEWIS, City Attorney. r (SEAL) ‘ 2~11, ’41—1t. I NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5322 iState of Washmgton Office of Super- visor of Hydraulicn Olympia TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: of Clifton, State of w'agjljp31011r4m_ der date of December 24, 1940, filed with the State Supervisor of Hyd- raulics Olympia. Washington. an ap- plication for a permit to divert the public waters of an unnamed stream, in the alliount' of 1.0 second foot. sub- ject to ~existing rights, from April 15 to October 1 of'each year for the purpose of garden irrigation and corn unuously for domestic supply; that the appronln'iate point of diversion is located Within NEH. of SW14 of Sec- tion 9. Township 22 N., Range 2 W. W‘.M., in Mason. County, A map showing the location and plan of said diversion and the'place of the pro- posed use IS on file in the office 01‘ the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia. Washington. together with such other information as is required ,by law. I Any person, .firm .or corporation whose right .Vl’lll be. lnle'lUllsly af. fected by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hyd— raulics. at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations, in writ- 'in,g, as he may deSire to iiialic, with in thirty (30) days after date of last publication, which date is February 18, 1941. Witness my hand and official seal this 25th day 01 January. A. D, 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. State Supei'V'lsor of Hydraulics. l (SEAL) 2-11-18—2t. NOTICE OF CLOSING 0F REGISTRATION BOOKS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Registration Books will be closed tor original registration and transfer of Irogistration to all voters living with— in the boundaries of Mason County School District No. 309 included with. Iin the boundaries of the following precincts in Mason County. Washing. lton, to-wit: Arcadia Capitol Hill I Eells l Isabella Kamilche Northsidc Westside Iprccinots, on and after the 14th day Iof February, 1941, 3701' a peiilod of ,fiftecn days until the '_fir‘.Et day of March. 1941, the same being the date [of a ,school district election. ,I DATED this 10th day of February, I19“. HARRY ‘DEYETTE.. County Auditor Mason County, Wash install. 2« 11— 1t. NOTICE 40.1“ “psi-m; 0F REGISil‘Mfiw-N BOOKS , NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Registration Books will be Closed for original registration and transfer of registration to all voters living With- in the boundaries of Mason County School District No. 311 included with— .ln the boundaries of the. following precincts in Mason County, VVashing- , ton. to—wit: Cloquallum Dayton be ordered I Notice is hereby given that Clifton of FBbl-uary, Beach Tracts Cooperative Water Assn. liftee‘ ASON COUNTY JOURNAL? JOURNAL vvvvv VV mv vwvvvvvva V Real Estate A‘AAAAAMAAAMAMMMA 5-ACRE TRACT, 4-room house. I outbuildings, good well, electric— ity, 1 mile south city limits, for sale or trade for city property F. 0. Robbins, Mill Creek Road. l 2-11-13-18——3t. BEST BUYS WATERFRONT— l Puget Sound Home sites acre- age Arcadia Road. Trade land for slashing. E. A. Carr, Des Moines, Wash. 2-11--3—6—8t. FOR SALE: 4-room modern house i with breakfast nook; fine view of city. Priced for quick sale at $900.00, on terms you can han- dle. See M. C. ZINTHEO, real— tor, Phone 157, Shelton, Wash. FOR SALE: 6 room modern house. at 1705 Olympic highway, full size basement with furnace. Write A. L. Larson, Box 44, Mc— Cleary, Wash. 2-6—11-13——3t FOR SALE: 3-room house with bath and full basement, ~%, acre ground. Ten minutes walk from mills. Reasonable. G. Hokanson, R.F.D. N0. 1, Box 88, Manette,I Washington 1-21-2-20—1M FOR SALE: 25 acres, two miles east of Union, partly cleared; good stream; modern I and two car garage; two poul— I try houses; bearing orchard; gravity water system to all buildings; electricity and phone; good garden soil and splendid ' location for produce market. I Terms. M. L. Anderson, Union, I Wash. 2—6—11 -1 3~3t. FOR SALE: two lots, five room I oil furnace. Corner Second. and I Birch. Phone 258. Dg-—2-6—11-y13—18——4t. =1: >l< * FOR SALE 4-room modern home in excellent condition. Close in. Terms $1700. >1: :14 '«l: 5-room modern home with hard— I wood floors and furnace. Nice large yard, large rooms. In ex- l cellent condition. $3650.00 with $650 down, $35 per month, in- terest 6%. This will make an excellent home. 10 acres of land with 300 feet of waterfront located on Pickering Pass. This is a good buy, $875. :1: * 5-r00m modern home close in, large yard with fruit trees. Will also sell the furniture with it. Home is $2,000 with $500 cash, I balance at $20.00 and 6% inter- I est. Furniture $600.00. =l¢ =l< =3 IThe price of property will increase. Why not .buy your permanent home today and STOP paying rent. :1: :1: a: ‘ SEE HERBERT G. ANGLE CARD OF THANKS l I l , eyonc of you, who, over a number of years, have had personal con- tact with me as customers and :fricnds. I want to thank you for lthe many courtesies you have given me in my business and resi- dence here in Shelton. HANSON BERG, formerly owner Economy Drug. Eells Mallock Satsop precincts. on and after the 14th day 1941, for a period of days until the last day of March, 1941, the same being the date Iof a school district election. IQEATED this 10th day of February. HARRY DEYETTE. County Auditor, Mason County, Washington. . 2-11—it. I N 0 ’I‘ I C E NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that lpursuant to and in conformity with an order of the Board of County Com- missioncrs‘ of Mason County, State of. Washington, duly made and entered on the 29113 day of January. 1941, or— dering the undersigned to sell, ,in the manner provided by law (Section 133, Chapter 263. Laws of 1927),_the un- derSlgned will on Saturday. the lst day of March, 1941, nine o'clock in the foremon of said day, at the front door of the Court House in the City of Shelton, said County and State. offer for sale, at not less than the minimum prices stated below. plus advertising and cruismg costs. to the highest and best bidders, all the right, title. and in- terest of said Mason County, except— ing therefrom, however, all public roads, CCC roads, streets or alleys now in use. or i'iglits-of-way for roads now owned by, or sought to be ap- propriated at this date for public roads. CCC roads or streets, by said county. in and to the following de~ scribed real properties, situated in said County and State. to—wit: Description No. 1. Lots 1 to 10. Block 18, Olympic View Addition. Of~ fer $50.00 for all 10 lots. I Description No. 2. Lots 6 to 10, Block 19. Olympic View Addition. Of- fer $20.00 for the 5 lots. Description No. 3. Lots 1 to 16. lBlock 19, McReavy’s Third Addition to Union. Offer $16.00. Description No. 4. Lots 1 to 30 In- clusxve, Block 37, Hood Canal Land & Improvement Co. Addition to 'Un— ion. Offer $30.00 forflentire block. Description No. 5. Lots 1 to 32. Block 62, Head Canal Land & Im- provement Co. Addition to Union. Of— fer $32.00 for all. 6. Blocks 46, 57. Description No. 58 and 67, Hood Canal Land 8; Im— provement Co. Addition to Union. Of- fer $10.00. Description No. 7. NEE/4 NEl/x, Ex— cept S1,: Sl/g of Section 7, Twp. 21 N.. Range 1 Offer $30.00. Description No. 8. SW1); NWT/4’ & NW1; SWl/i of Section 4 and SE14 NEM & NE»; SE85, (Ex. N & E 20 11.), Section 5. All in Twp. 22 Range 1 Offer $160.00. , Description No. 9. A tract of land in Section 8. Twp. 22 N., Range 1 W.MV.M., described as follows. to« wit: Beginning at the meander cor- ner to fractional :Sections 8 and 17. Twp. 22 N.. R. 1 W‘.W'.M., them-c N. 19“ 45' W. 4.94 chains; thence N 49° 24‘ E. 6.73 chains; thence N. 77° 51' E. 8.17 chains; thence ’S. 69° 45' E. 9.41 chains; thence. N. 77° 30' E. 3.77 chains; this point is the meander corner to fractional Sections 8 and 0 in above Twp. and Range; thence S. 1200611111115; thence S. 83° .03‘ W. 14.98 chains; thence S. 10 chains; thence S. cottage I house, finished attic, automatic] I would like to take this op-‘ portunity to thank each and ev-l at the hour of" l.. Classified Service i “mwmm -.>.. $100 REWARD For information leading to the l arrest and conviction of anyone stealing gas, tools or equipment or molesting property of Don McKay. 2-1 -13—18—207~4t. END l I IRONING DAY FATIGUE Get your FREE Ironrite Demonstration today Shelton Electric Co. OFF YOUR FEED? i l 1 See your Doctor—have your I prescriptions filled at“ I I FIR DRUG STORE Floor Sanding Machine I For Rent! Handscraping to remove old 1 Rent our Hilco “Handy San- dy”—-it’s dustless, quiet, inex- pensive, and easy to operate. . Hardware Dept. . Lumbermen’s Mercantile Company- ,7 MILL . WOOD. .' .. one Cord $21.50 Double Load (2 cords) ' $8.50 PHONE 38-J l: i l I SAVE NOW I Special Prices on SEWING MACHINES I , SINGER SHOP a I 125 So. 4th, Shelton l l Mason County Maps 1 LARGE Mason County Township, maps $1.00. Also maps of Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound Country and State 50c to $1.00. I The Journal I N0. 1396. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason County. IN IDHIE <MA’I‘TER »OF-«THE ESTATE OF NVANDA.BOGDEN. 'Deceasé'd. I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that the undersigned, Joe Bogdrn and Helen Kennedy have been appointed! and qualified as Administrators of thel estate. of W'anda Bogdci, Deccascd, and. that all persons having claims against said estate are hereby requir- ed to serve the same duly verified upon the. said Administrators or upon their attorney in Suite 5 Govey Bldg. Shelton. “lash” which has been deSig— nated as the place for the tl'cilsac-l :ion _of the business of said estate ind is in the office of the attorney of} record for said administrators, anu' file the same with the Clerk of said Court together with proof of such ser— vice, Within six months after the date 01‘ first publication of this notice andl l l l a to-yvit after Feb. 11. 1941, or said claims will be forever barred. ' JOE BOGDEN. HELEN KENNEDY, Administrators of said Ess- tate. J. Wu GRAHAM. Attorney for said estate, suite I .5 Govey Bldg, Shelton, Wash. 2-11—18‘25—31. 131° E. 20 chains; from this point meander corner to See‘s. 17 and 20 bears S. 7° 51' W. 47.37 chains; thence W.-3.43 chains more or less to the government meander line; thence fol- lowmg government meander line N. 289 30’ 4.05 chains; thence N. 31" W. 3.23 .cliains; thence N. 58” 30' E. 0.97 chains; thence N. 39c 15' W. 6.55. chains; thence N. 23° 302;..W. 1.07l chains: thence N. 42° 45’_ W. 4.52I chains; thencc'S. 69? E: 0:52 chains;I thence N., 29° 30’. W. 9.69 chains; thence N. 18° 10' W. 27,58“,~chains; thence N. 4° 15' W. 5.39 chains,» to point of beginning containing, 45110 acres_i except 2.36 acres deeded- ‘10 .l‘ohnI Smith by deedrccordedtdn Volume 8 O.L. Page 170. records, of County. Washington, (Tax N Offer $50.00. .» ‘ i- ' Description No. 10. of Section 30. Twp. 23 N.,~' Range 1 Offer $200.00 cash. Description No. 11. E114.- 01' the NEIL of Section 19, Twp. 20 N., Range 2 Offer $250.00 for both 40's, (Cash). 1,4,, Description No. 12. SW14 SE", of Section 10. Twp. 21 N., Range W. W.M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 13. NV; of NEW; of Section 20. Twp. 21 N.. Range 3 W.M. Offer $80.00 cash. 1 Description No. 14. NW1; SW11; ofl 'Section 28 and NE»; SE14 01' Section 29. Twp. 2/! N., Range 3 Offer $1.00 per acre or $80.00. Description No. 15. Tax No. 638A Iof Section 34. described as follows: Deed No. 8239, issued to Hoods Can— Iai Timber Company, June 6. 1911. All Itide lands of the second class. owned by the State of Washington, lying be- tween the line of mean low tide and the line of extreme low tide and in front of Lot 3, 24 North. Range 3 West, W. M.; with' a frontage of 21.75 lineal chains more or less measured along the meander: Mason 0. 29). I E‘ljé of‘ the, W14, I line, according' to a certified copy of the Government field notes there- of, on file in the office. of the Com-I misstoner of Public Lands at Olym-, pia. Washington. Offer $20.00. Description No. 16. SW14 NEV, and SE11. NElt of Section 15, Twp. 19 N.. gauge 5 W.W.M. Offer $80.00 for both! s. Description No. 17. SW“; SW14 of ISection 10. Twp. 23 N.. Range 5 W. ,VV.M. Offer $90.00 cash. 1 Description No. 18. NEH NEV. Nil-’3 NVVJJ, NEH. Slim-,1 NV! 1,; NEl/l. NElQ SE14 NlVli NEH, Slag NIN‘A SE14 NW1; NE“). Sign; Null. Sec- tion 22, Twp. 20 N., Range 5 W.W.M. Also all of Section 23, Twp. 20 N., Range 5 W.W.M. Offer $760.00. Description No. 19. SVJ‘Ji NW1/4 and SE11; NW]; of Section 27. Twp” 20 N.. Range 5 W.W.M. Offer $80.00. I Description No. 20. NEW Nwl/,, ' I NW 1:. NW 1,2,, swi,’ NW0 , SE 1,4 I Nwli, N121; SW 1.; . NW 1.; SW 1,1,, swig, SEW, swig of Section 24. Twp. l 1, I20 Range 6 W.W.M. Offer $320.00. | Description No. 2!. NEH, SVVl/g, and 25111,; SW». or Section 34. Twp. 20 N., Igango t; W.W".l‘/I. Offer $80.00 for both ‘ 4 ’s. ' l OMER L. DION. I Treasurer of Moi-loll County. (SEAL) Feb. 441.13, lean—Lit. l l varnish is a relic of the past. \N‘I 5 Section 34. Townshipl ANT ADS ..__.———__.._..« “-4... "WW borough Apts, Second and Knee-e .VVANTED: large pieces clean cot-, ‘ ton rags with all buttons andI l-m ' Estate, l 101‘ I tion asking the Court to vvwmI I For Rent .....‘AAA“A ‘“1 I ’FURNISHED APARTMENTS for} (2 and 3 rooms). Good 10- Very reasonable. Golds- I rent cation. 1 5-7-tf. I i i l land Streets, Shelton. IFOR RENT: furnished three room; apartments. Mill Street Apart—i ments. Phone 259-M. C-1-13-c.I 'VV v v vvvvvvv‘vvvvvvvwwv‘ Wanted i “AMAAAAAMA AA AMA“ “A l i snaps removed. No curtains or outing flannel or knit wear. Journal Office. 1-16—~tf. WANTED: garden work of any kind, spading, etc. Phone 56-J. L—»2-4-6—11—3t WANTED: party to own and op- erate ice cream dept. in grocery market. References, $800 rc- quircd. Box M, Journal. M—2—11-13—2 Page 11‘ch l RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, be a line each subse-I quent insertion. Mini mumf charge 30c. Classified advertisements ac-1 .cepted over the telephone from, phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or: payment made before the first. of the month to save expense; of billing. An extra charge of’, ICC will be made when 101111113113 I necessary. Card of thanks 500.. Classified Display Rates on 5' Request. I l UVWVVVVVV'VVVVVVVVVV'V‘ For Sale -, A‘AA-‘”AAMAAAA4AA“ AAA _FOR SALE: chickci manure I droppings. Salmi’s place .on I Capitol Hill. 2~11—13—2t. I 1, . ‘ FOR SALE: ’36 Wilin sedan $135 cash. Cleave Robinson, 1325 Olympic Way, Shelton. 2-11-13—«2t. l I I \ t. WILL PERSONS who borrowed Electro-Lux vacuum from VVil- son’s Cafe please return it. 2-11-«1t. ANTED : lady for housework. Phone 112-J between 9 and 3. o’clock. S—2—4-—tf WANTED: either single or doti- blc drum gas donkey with 'or without motor. Cleave .Robin- son, 1325 Olympic Way, ton. VVVV vvvvv 'VV'VV» mvv’vvv Lost and Found” VFOUND: money downtown. OWn- er identify. Phone 62-J. A~2-11M-1t. vvvvvv vvvvv VV'VVVVVMVVV Trade or Swap AAAAAAAAAAAAAA‘ .- A A A . XA.A4‘ iTRADE repair work car, truck, gas engine for cow. Leonard R. Brown, 407 S. First, phone 483- W. 2—6«11—2t. "vwmv "-mv Classified Service BUY Nursery; stock direct from grower. Largest nursery southwest 'Washington. Cammel- lias, Daphnes, Rhododendrons and all the best varieties of shrubs and trees. ALBERT NURSERY 5 Miles from Olympia, at South Bay ARE YOU SICK? See your Doctor—shave your prescriptions filled at FIR DRUG STORE No. 1394. NOTICE 'ro 03113112088 '1'0 FILE-CLAIMS. In the Superior Court of the State of “Washington -in and for the County of Mason, In ‘Pra'bate. IN THE MATTER OF THE COM- li l NED ES' ‘A'l‘L‘S 01' ALFRED ERNEST HART and KATHARINE SANFORD HART, 'lSO'l‘ll DECEAS- I‘ll). NOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Letters Testamentary on the of Alfred Ernest Hart. ceased, and Letters of Administra- anncxcd on the tion with the will Estate of Katharine Sanford Hart, deceased, dersigned on the 18th day of Jan- uary, 19.41, by said Superior Court. All persons having claims against said estates are required to serve them, with the necessary vouchers. upon the undersigned at ton, or at the Law Office of Alden C. L‘aylc)’. Title Insurance Building, Shelton, Washington, those being the places designated for the lion of the business 01' the com- biricd estates, within six months at- the dau- of the ’l‘irst publica.-- tion of this notice. towit: within Si). months after the 21st day of January, l‘.)41,'and file the same with the Clerk of this Court, to- gctlicr with proof of such service, or they will be l‘orovvr barrcd. Dated this fillst day of Jaiiuaryb 1941. SEA ’I‘T LE—Ifil RST NATI ONAL BANK. =3. corporation. lixecu— tor of tin: Last \l'ill and Tes— tament of Alfred Ernest Hart and Administrator With the will unlicch of the Estate of Katharine Sanford Hart, both (l"C('2iS(-d. ALDEN (‘., llA‘l'liEY, Attorney for Executor and .vtiiniinistruior, Title Insurance. Building. Shelton, \Vasliington. 1-21-25. 2-4-11—41. NOTICE or REMING- OJI PIN“ REPORT AND PETITION 1‘0}. 935nm, UHON In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Itasca County. In Probate. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE 01“ WILLIAM COTl’lARY, Deceased. NOTlClC is HERE 51’ GIVEN that Margaret Cothai‘y, l‘lxilcutrix of the estate 01' \Vllllllnl Colhary, de- ('HiSi-(l, has t‘ilrd with the Clerk of the above entitled Court, her Final Report and Petition for Distribu- ‘settlc said report, distribute the property to llioSi- 1'. \relo entitled, and to dis- charge it! l‘lxrcutrix. NO’l‘lt 1S FURTHER GIVFN’ that sad Final lcport and Petition for l,).strlbution will be heard on Saturday the 151 day of March, 19-11, at the hour 01' 10 o'clock in the lOl’i'llOUI’l. at the Court Room in the i‘oul‘t House in Shelton, \‘v'ashing— ton. Dated this 25th dziy of January, 1941. CLARE ENGIJILSEN, Clerk of said Court. (SEAL) R. l. S'l‘l'lllellAlx'ER. Attorney for said Estate Shelton, \Vashington. l—Zb’. 2—4—1 1—18—41. No. 1372. NOTICE 01‘ HEARING- QN FINAL ACCOUNT AND REPORT AND ,ETITION O!‘ EXECUTE!!! r03 SETTLEMENT. DISTRIBUTION AND DISCHARGE NOTICE lS HEREBY GIVEN. In the Eu erlor Count of the State of Wall nngton 1n and for the County of Mason, In Probate. . IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE 01' GEORGE BERESFORD ROB- ERTS. Deceased. Shel— 2-11-13—2t. l -o»-w.¢«- In? 1-28--2-25—9t. . de- ' were granted to the un- , transnc- FOR SALE: fresh Guernsey cow. J. D. White, Route 3. 2-11—13-2t. l IFOR SALE: Electrolu'x cleaners. l New machines as low as $49.50. I For sales, seer‘ce and supplies I call or write Jack Manley, Hoodsport, Wash. 2—6--3-5--1M l __fl. _ . ._.. ‘FOR SALE: New Hampshire set— ting eggs. Anna Huss, half way 1 between Ford Garage and City Docks. 2-6~11~2t. FOR SALE: used Hamilton Beach vacuum cleaner. Excellent con— dition. Inquire Journal office. YA2—6-11-13—18—4t I l _ L_.A7Lv_- __..L i . l DRAFTED: must sell 1934 Master I Chevrolet sedan. radio. heater. ! C. W. Bishop, Arcadia Road. B-m2-11—1302t. FOR SALE: 'Boysen berry plants, 75c dozen, $5.00 per hundred. E. L. -Mercer, Route 2, Box 151. 2-11-13—18~3t. FOR SALE: milk goats, fresh this week $6.00 and up. 2 miles out 1 Agate Road. 0. Bertelscn. B—2—6—11—2t. mmnunr . snugg“un.umg AAAAAQJ l l I I I ALDEN «c. BAYLEY i ’ ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank I l Phone 23 o' Shelton r“. INSURANCE ’ A HERBERT ANGIE Office at Angle Building ' ELLIOT B. seizing Accounting Tax Seer Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 5,65 DUANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Whale fiufllfi—fig’ ” Phone 387 its main banking office in Seattle, VVashin-g- ' CHARLES it. LEWIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Suite 1 .L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington If NOTICE IS Fl'RTH’ER GIVEN, that Lois Peabody \‘Vright. Execu- trlx of the above entitlcd cstatv. has Itiled _\’l'lill the Clerk of said Court her final account. report and peti- tion for settlement and distribution of the estate .of the deceased, where- in the Court is asked to approve lsaid account and report. and make distribution of the estate, and dis- charge the Executrix. that in accordance with an order .01 said Court made and entered on the 13th day of January, 1941, a hearing will be had before the Court on said final account. report and petition on Saturday, the lth day 01' February. 1941, at 10 o'clock. A. N., on said day in the Court Room of said Court in the Court {House at Shelton. \Vashlngton. Dated this 18111 day 01 January. 1941. CLARE ENGELSEN, Clerk of the Superior Court for Mason County, Vl’ashingtoil. ALDEN C. llAYlJCY, Attorney for Executrix, Title Insurance Building, Shelton, \Vashington. 1—21-28. 2—4-11—4t. WA...”— No. 1.402 ROTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Courtliof the State of Washington in and for the County of Mason. In Probate IIn the Matter 01‘ the Estate of ROBERT CORYDON ANGLE, De- ceased. ‘ NQHCO‘IS hereby given that the un- dersigned. has been appointed and has qualified as administrator of the es— tate of Robert Cm-ydon Angie. dc- ceased: that all persons having‘ claims against said deceased are hereby ne- q_un~ed to serve the same, duly veri— tied, on said adilliliist’rator or his at— torn y of record at the address be- ated. and file the same with the of said‘ Court. together with I of such service, within six months after the. said data of first 'puhlication of this notice or the same «will be barred. 1 Date of the first publication Feb. .4, 1941. GRANT C. ANGLE. Administrator of said Estate Angie Building Shelton. W'asllington. DQANE BRODIE. Attorney for Estate Angle Building ISuite and 7 Shelton, Washington. __5 .' l 2—441-113-2541. .3