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February 11, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 11, 1971

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AIll~i.~ciso OH "sInoq lelo^os xo] ut~op oaoap ~n~u~I tuoa] otuos o~, sn~,e'~s ,omB-~,szB, e lnoq~ in zenzqo~ aqz - ~NIZS~IVH ttvun.LCl I a The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in an almost Hurd, who was in Washington for a series of meetings when he ---i r .... :-p,-:~,v o o V leogp 01~/ uoseldI-uolsznq& oql mozj sue!o.tsAqd q 'iel!dsoH "The region needs additional power even now," he said, "but a shutdown." Hurd's organization had Calling for immediate rescinding of the shutdown order, Page S-12 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, February 11, 1971 Thursday, February 11, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page - S-5 unannounced shutdown of the received the word, says the real crisis threatens next winter, begun a study of procedures and Hurd said that any delay will also By DORA HEARING host and hostess. Rodger Spalding and family Visitors at the Edward Valley week-end with his grandparents reactor providing steam for the shutdown of the plant wipes out Without Hanford s 800,000 KW alternatives to the present mean the loss of the only MATLOCK - Matlock Grange Edward Valley returned spent Friday evening at the home were John Bunko on Friday Mr. and Mrs. 7. C. Ford. world s largest nuclear plant at reserve generating capacity in the we project a deficit of 300,000 arrangements which would permit personnel who have the training held its regular meeting lastFriday from St. Peters Hospitalin Edward Valley home. evening and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sunday Mrs. Conda Dick was Hanford pulled 800,000 kw of northwest. Federal Power KW even assuming favorable water an orderly and economic and experience essent!al to Friday night with 19 membersOlympia after a stay of five days. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Walker and Gribble on Saturday and Mr. and a visitor at the I.C. Ford home. generating capacity out of the Commission Chairman John N conditions for BPA s reservoirs tran sition t op ower-only operation of this reactor. ' If the present. They had application for He received a real serious eye sons David and Ricky spent the Mrs. Breedlove on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dudics and northwest power pool at 5:01 Nassikas has warned that power and average weather. Hurd operation, skilled operating personnel at the two new members Mr. and Mrs. injury at work at Camp Govie last week end in Tacoma with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brehmeyer girls spent Sunday at Fort Lewis p.m. Friday. Public power leaders reserves in the northwest waswarned that if water conditions In addition to creating reactor are laid off and forced to Richard Tetreau. They are the week while operating a powerrelatives, and babyspenttheweekendwith and visited their daughter Mardell said the consequences will be already dangerously low evenare poor causing a cutback in serious disruption to the seek other employment it will be folks who recently purchased the saw. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Johnson of their folks the Herbert Brehmeyer who has been ill at the Madigari disastrous immediately and over with the Hanford steam plant in hydro electric generation in the northwest power supply, public extremely costly and time Bob Crapo place. Mr. and Mrs Don Cress of Shelton were Thursday callers of Sr. family. Hospital for several weeks. We are the long term. full operation. BPA s system, and weather ispower and political leaders in the consuming to reopen the project The Pinochle Club met Shelton spent Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Augusta Portman and Carl Mr. and Mrs. David Smith and happy to report she is improving. Owen W. Hurd, managing First word of the eminentcolder than average, the deficit region expressed grave concern at some future time, he Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. at the Elvin Hearing home. Portman. Mr. and Mrs. BillWalko family of Aberdeen were week Elvin Hearing host and hostess. Last week Wednesday the of Cloquallum and Mrs. Marie end guests of their folks Mr. and director of the Washington Public shutdown came at 2:45 p m, could amount to 2,300,000 KW about the effect of the shutdown explained. Seven tables of cards were played Matlock vicinity was greeted with McKay and Mrs. Vi Laugen wereMrs. Archie Kelley. . Power Supply System, which Friday at Hanford, in a telephone in the winter of 1971-72. o n the already critical "To build a separate nuclear with high score going to Carl 3 to 6 inches of snow. The Ladies Sunday afternoon callers at the Mrs. Dave Chamblin and WOE TO the man who seeks owns and operates the generator call from the AEC's Assistant Alex Radin, general manager unemployment in the northwest, system to provide steam for the Portman and Mary Chappell; Club had to be postponed thatPortman home. daughter and her friend of to shed a brilliant light in a place powered by steam from the AECManager of the Hanford Project of the American Public Power Senator Jackson said the power Hanford turbines," Hurd said, Pmochle to Kathryn Barnes and day. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Hopkins of Ir.~a Brehmeyer spent the Benedetto Croce a,fternoon of the shutdown system. At 4 p.m., an official directive to AEC to use at least 5,100 jobs directly or for obtaining a license, and three Alderwood Manor were visitors at where people want to keep in reactor, was told late Thursday to the office of the supply Association, said the presidential shortage could result in the loss of "would involve at least two years Lud Rossmaier and low score to Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes Tacoma and Harold Hopkins of the Max Cash home Saturday. darkness and shadow. Nellie Rossmaier and Louis Jr. of Seattle spent the week end Shelton were Sunday dinner which was the result of a letter advising that the reactor appropriated funds for fiscal 1971 indirectly in the Tri-Cities area or more years for design and presidential directive." would be shut down Friday, was to shut down the reactor "appears (Hartford, Kennewick and construction. That would mean A che Nex meetin will be Feb at their farm here and also visited vests of Mr and Mrs R E s . t g . g .... ~ ..... ~..~ .... ~..,~-..: .... .~ -...-, .... : ., ........ ....~ . Earher in the week senatorhand delivered to the supply to violate the intent of Congress. ' Richland), which already has 11% that the $90,000,000 generating 20 with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Asche their folks, the Bill Barnes Sr. Bradberry. b~~~ H e n r y M . J a c k s o n ,s y s t e m. W i t h o u t f u r ther He said Congress appropriated the of the labor force unemployed, facility which has operated since I __ (D-Washington), was warned that notification to the supply system money for Hartford for operatingA regional power shortage, April of 1966, would be idle for BI kH" ryP S ! ' President Nixon's budget message the reactor was shut down at 5:01 the reactors not for shutting them which might result from the loss five or six years. During that oc ;to ra rom e! would call for eliminating funds p.m. dow,,n. of Hartford's 800,000 KW of period, payments of principal and for two reactors at the Hanford Hurd said that the contract In a period of power and electric generating capacity, could interest on the plant's bonded Nuclear Facility in fiscal 1972 between the government and thefuel shortages approaching crisis result in layoffs in industrial indebtedness would have to be Guy. Daniel J. Evans has with combined choirs of AI so, three separate beginning July 1. However, there Washington Public Power Supplylevels in many parts of the plants throughout the Pacific made up from other revenues by proclaimed Feb. 7 to 13 B|ackBethlehem Baptist Church in bibliograph!es 'by and about ~ ~ was no warning of the immediate System envisioned that some day nation, Radin said, "it is Northwest, it was noted, the public utility districts and '@ shutdown ofthe reactor, the reactor would be shut down unthinkable that the White House Hurd warned that deactivating municipal systems which History Week in the state ofTacoma participating and their black people have beencompiled "- ~~ ~ ~~ The two reactors owned and and provided that reasonable could so offhandedly cut out a the Hanford N-Reactor will waste members of the supply system. are Washington and in /ine with its pastor, the Rev. Robert Davis, as and distributed to area schools l ~ ~'~ operated by the AEC are used to notice would be given the supply major part of the northwest valuable nuclear fuel, both Th e Washington State observance, events have beenspeaker; and/ibraries. planned in the Olympia area Display of Black Art, Feb. 15Two hundred copies of a ~ produce plutonium for nuclearsystem of the government's power production capacity.' partially spent fuel in the reactor Congressional delegation has which occur not only during this - 21, First Christian Church,s/x-page bi bliography for ~ weapons. One of the reactors also intent. "We had felt that "We've known for some timeand the inventory of fuel on hand appealed to house appropriations ~ ~ produces large quantities of steam reasonable notice would be that the need for plutonium is which can only be used in the committee chairman, George H. throughoutSpecial weekthebUtmonthextendof Street;Olympia' aSeventhconcertandbyFranklinblack duplicated;elementary-ageone hundredChildrencopiesWere ~. . ~:~.._ _ ;,.. which is sold to WPPSS to drive enough to give us time to either diminishing," Hurd said, ' and N-Reactor. "The fuel now in,the Mahon, (D-Texas) to seek a February. musicians is planned closing day; were made of a junior high-age the turbines for its power take the AEC reactor and modify that the government has beenreactor could not be reused, he reversal of the shutdown order generating facility, part of an it for single purpose power studying whatmightbedonewith emphasized, 'and millions of 'until Congress has had an Spearheading observances is Soul Dinner,, Feb. 27, 2-9 bibliography and 1,000 copies interconnected system of federal, production or construct, an the reactor, but at no point did kilowatt hours of electricity .opportunity, to evaluate its the Community Education p.m., St. Michael s Church, with were duplicated of a 12-page ~~~~~~ private and local public power alternate source of steam, he they ever indicate to us that they would be lost by ils removal at consequences.' UrbanCmmitteeLeaguefCommittee,Thurstn CountYDennis Mrs.fd GladysPreparedLittle,andandirected"expert bYin adultbibligraphYreaders for senior high and ~ ~~~ supply in the Pacific Northwest. said. were considering such a rapid this time." Delahunt, chairman. Also preparation of such foodin Posters commemoratingBlack ~l~lL~_'-- / -~~ I[~ responsible for programs during quantity , History Week, created by junior You're always welcome at Olsen Furniture * 4th & Cota * Qualtiy Furniture at Prices you can afford * You'ra alwa ....... ' ..... . r~,..... =_...:... . . mo.t es c,a.y for ove.nor'. anO enior stu ont. ...... " ........................ re 4th & Cota local schools is the League's 28, two black plays by Seattle have been distributed throughout @1111 "]lll LAST THREE DAYS E d u c a t i o n f o r S c h o o 1 s Repertory Theater. area communities. . ~ ~f~.,.,....~ Committee; Mrs. Ann Minns, For programs especially In addition to Delahunt and chairman, planned for local schools, more Mrs. Minus, other persons who ~ll[| FlhAnll i1~~~ STORE WIDE FURNITURE CIEARIkNCE An outline of major events than 30 speakers were recruited have acted as chairman of events ~ rLUUK /IlUUr.L ~RLr. during the month include: from the Olympia and Tacoma commemorating Black History ~~ white, was $154 _ ~-~ :. ~.~ ~ ~/ i!.~ ~! 11, beginning at "/'30 p ~. in broad range of topics related to Mrs. Martha Russell, Mrs. :.x: ~ ~ ~ Olympia Community Center, at black Americans during Black Maryann Chatman, Rev. Robert ~-( "l~!i which time the movie, "Nothing History Week. Van Nest and Virgil Clarkson "~i ~ Span,sh" style w/radio ~,~ _ '~'!i~!!~ But A Man," wi!1 be screened " ~il . eTI~I~I~ 6-speakers ~ --~ii followed by three discussions: ~i~,,.~ 311gKIgqJ was $384 95 NOW ~l~q~q ~"/~ ~ii~!ii Mattress & LES / "Black Presence: Olympia .'.~i~i~!~i i>,'.'