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February 13, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 13, 2014

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Letters to the Editor A few problems with this country Editor, the Journal Dan Abrams on "Good Morning, America" brought up the subject of young boys and girls being coerced to play sports to gain scholarships for college. Why not the same concern for boys and girls being en- listed for the armed services of the United States with the lure of scholarships for col- lege? The injuries are just as bad either way. Now, shame on the United States for not paying ad- equate medical and living expenses for injured veterans. They have to go on television ads, with hat in hand, asking for help. How sad! The inju- ries, etc., should be automati- cally in the budget for all the enlisted men and women. Cut the graft in the gov- ernment. See that all people are treated to the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as stipulated in our Constitution "under God." Amen. And quit sending bombs and probes to the moon. We are having ter- rible weather. The moon has an effect on Earth. We need to take care of our planet. It is our home. The only one we have. Our beautiful Earth -- please don't spoil it. The heav- en could be on earth. "Nothing that is can pause or stay; the moon will wax, the moon will wane, the mist and cloud will turn to rain..." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Even he knew the effect on the earth. Elaine Perron Belfair Signature gatherers deserve praise Editor, the Journal Commissioner Terri Jef- freys' thoughts on the elec- tion of Kristi Buck to the Port of Shelton, because of Buck's support on moving the fairgrounds -- neglect- ed to mention the 4,000- plus signatures collected for the support of the fair- grounds. My thoughts are that the voters of Mason County are a savvy group who have not forgotten about Adage, cut- ting the timber on Johns Prairie and now taking bids to cut more timber in other locations. The commissioners of Mason County and the Port of Shelton are elected and should be working and lis- tening to those who voted them into office. My thoughts are, if those elected officials do not listen to the voters, there will be more change when elections roll around again. The Port of Shelton and county commissioners have announced the closure or phase-out of the current fair- grounds after Dec. 31. Where is the accounting for the Ma- son County voters? Apparently we will have to make our votes count at the ballot box. It is two years before any port commissioner will be up for election. I hope it won't be too late by then. Ann Kimbel Shelton Reader disputes health risk Editor, the Journal I am not Mr. Anvik, but I would like to comment on Jacob Rufer's letter to the editor published Feb. 6. The writer claims for helping to stop Adage from building a forest waste-fired electric generating plant from being built on Johns Prairie. He claims it would have been a health risk. As I recall, the plan for this generating plant called for controlled burns in a furnace with the smoke be- ing scrubbed and filtered before being released into the atmosphere. And as I un- derstand, this type of electric generating plant was passed by a vote of the people of the state of Washington as be- ing a green energy source of power. Now, that is all history, the way this forest waste is being disposed of is by pil- ing it in large piles along our highways, and burning it out in the open with the smoke and ash being released di- rectly into the air with no cleaning whatsoever. Look at state Route 108 halfway to McCleary and along state Route 3 halfway to Allyn. As for the business owners folding their tents (instead of closing their doors), well maybe they weren't doing so well anyway. I would rather breathe the smoke coming from a smoke- stack. Bill Robbins Shelton Have your facts before your comment Editor, the Journal Apparently, Mr. Anvik never attended the commis- sioners' meetings or read any of the information concern- ing this debacle, that was going to be foisted on Mason County. The Adage incinerator would have produced 668,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. This would have been consid- ered carbon neutral and the plant would have been given carbon credits. This non- sense was comparing the car- bon dioxide produced from the natural decomposition of trees when they died, which would be 40 to 60 years. The plant was to be built over a Class I CARA (critical aquifer recharge area). This class is extremely susceptible to contamination. This is our drinking water. Landfill material was one of the sources listed under fuel to be used in the incin- erator. Wouldn't that have been a sweet aroma floating over Shelton? The incinera- tor would have been 172 feet high. The fire department equipment could only reach up to 50 feet. I inquired at the fire department what would they do if there was an explosion or very large fire at the site and was told, "I don't know, I really don't know." The traffic report that was done made no mention of the 20-mph zone that goes by the middle school or the stop light for entrances to Walmart and Fred Meyer. This would have been the route to and from the plant. At least 40 trucks a day trav- el on this road day and night. Now, in regard to jobs -- there would be jobs while the plant was being built but no guarantee they would all be filled by Mason County resi- dents. It was to be a highly sophisticated plant requiring expertise in some areas. At the public hearings, there were very many people from several other counties saying they were looking for work. Because the plant would be run by computers, there would be only 24 permanent jobs. These people would have to be highly skilled with very special training. The investors would make all the money and we would have been left with all the carbon dioxide, road conges- tion, very possible water con- tamination and a few jobs. Why is Mason County one of the few counties willing to accept this type of busi- ness? Shelton Hills is being held back because of the very severe environmental issues with Goose Lake and the C Street landfill. This develop- ment would be a great boon for the city and county, but you can't put homes, com- mercial businesses and a school in a highly con- taminated area. It has to be cleaned up and is very ex- pensive to do so. The county and city of Shelton need to change their mindset and stop living in the past centu- ry. Both entities need to re- invent their way of thinking. I have heard Mason County called a dumping ground. When the Adage project was stopped near Shelton, why didn't Mr. Anvik jump in and apply to the county commissioners to have it installed in Elma? With the open space and access to a highway, it would have been ideal to build it there so he could enjoy all the pollution, increased traffic and 24 jobs. So if Mr. Anvik is inter- ested, I have three large boxes of information about the Adage plant stored in my garage. I have read through all the material, including the two large volumes of the SEPA reports, the revi- sions and the new one that had to be submitted to the planning department. There were very good reasons why a group of very concerned citizens fought this disaster. We are still attending the commissioners' meetings. Pay attention to what is going on in the community and make our voices heard. Anyone who would like to join us, please feel free to let us know. Patricia Vandehey Shelton Mason County Journal - Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 - Page A-5