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February 14, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 14, 1963

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'day, February 14, 1963 SI4X.TON--MASON COUNt, 30URNAL-7;-Publlshed i,n "Chrishnasfown, U.S.A.", hbKon, Wasiirion Page 13  . ................... , ........................ - " [andW " d]Ally Co pl IH li[s!mneh omens Club Atten n u e oed Canal PTA To Hear Panel Hood Canal School News Continued ,w,u i|=IIL lt |  [  =  /l" = it I =|  || The Hood Canal Scbool District mutely one-half of the total cost. messy that their plan to hitch g ,il IclerlnE Ur0up I Proud Parents /00Jaseussl0n 0I juvemle rr0nlems ...... : ............... ,.on ,or on00o,.00d v;i:D:uee Gla,er _ Harstine-- Island Gr:nge wili[ .... [ l,y Jt)yec %eott , overnight guests of Charles Bark- approval unler title 1:1, National Mr. Endicott's fourth period }who'.,c student body . e:is id*"'---Xneand N s Larry, Jer- cleon wincet Friday at 6"45. . Dessert., hm- JT J HOODSPORTwill meet a ---Hood. Canal. P.T.A. ].er, Saturday. . night, driving, down Defense Education Act Two 'pro- drama class.  presented, a eomedy,17hem 1 zv --- ....... fl,,,- _ . eL Baunsgards -' llbesezvedafterthebu-lqkl| I]at,nhter , ..on, ,o .oo . 00la,, oo00,.o00 ,,. .... " m  **,__ , " j at tl .... wele sun ltte n r" ', ' " ' .cnceeks, Gene Sewards, smess meetmg. Mr. and Mrs. Ja-/  | l eb. 18. at 8. p.m. A panel of four Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shumate at- ....  ..................... f That Hills" a couple of weeks ago. lb,mT;l .:=_- = \\; : - - tans, Harold Seberings, .es McAuliffe will receive the[ v udv Yon Oaten ! connected \\;v?h the special serv- tended a Tea and Open House at pzoveu: one zor um pnltm. u The cast was: Paw, Tom East-/ _ _ | unes' JamesLhrers' nrsLanasecnddegree / BngLLYn J  ' Re ic ices renoeren mr the enefit f St Jse hs Hspital in Tacnla' ur scmnc prgranl an um ml- gatd' Ma KalenSmith;Snoddv'laDAMC i :)?nOfaWH:nrde2ntH:le  Fredi:?S?ghSlntd:Cil?]ClrUbjm: E ::;P'}d?P,?l#i!:: w.fli, e;Sol?t:P?)re:ptae!ln: S::(daPawCTent!hldyd;aegehvt: p:yVM:ttex.mLmgelement B?lok;, [lnldyySY L:u'cL-a E ^ .men's Club din-  and Mrs. Car Williams " was a little over "6 ', . g"  ![.. pp unity to her cap and uniform at a pri- - ' Becky Mae, Sandy Smith; Sarry, _ _ . l_rdy night. They left on were CO-hostesses. The next meet_l Febd8 s" ash he they've named her aSK questions: winiam Merrifield, vats ceremony Thursday and this Under theelementa Math pz:o- Jill Dickinson; Nellie Ann, Robin[1 ||rl I a | I *z' ann. returned on the 9. ink will be Friday March 8 at the v---.  - . ...... --^en[v ....... hnn' SChOOl psychogist', Kenneth Ed- w-o ........ -- first ,nortunitv  t ..... show gram ars. rances ross a the Malonev Zeke, Art Tozier', Mrs.|  UGIU! M]_ s M, |  ! -g droner was serwd hall, and will be a not T.,,- m, / CalJa ue. ne zswv_t ........... wards, speech and hearing thera- f ,,9 n th ,u .Tim and M,, Lower Skokomzsh School has been V,narnpr, ,d,r Boliner Bill] I "" | ne Island Women's Club net: _ "- /?o y mmne J2;'ap:nogra;gu;n, piSt;o 1 N[rs. GeraJdine Watts, garet enjoyed a tour of the quart- geenv:hwo;g"wi.ga}ota:ae " V;nde'mere: 5"o*nne Beaten'; the/1 9:30 to 2:00 I ae hall Thursday after- vrs. Tom Tierney was hospital-| h,h, rl scno: nui'se an .at tairs, ju- era and hospital facilities. Judy . " ......... " Preacher, Dan Waters. |i v _-_ , _ _, ...... ] Mrs. Harold .-; zzea earlier this week, but we are! -UA. o'.Z . xxr ...... ,,'ris venire prooiems, wih make up the now has floor duty in short three- mg macribS. The msnc pur: h torv wg hmt a hillhillv]i lI:tle KOOKUm | John Hitchcoek as co- iuappy to report she is recuper- formerly of Allyn nd(v of South pan_eL Parents are urged to be hour shifts. This week is in ad- cnasedsED LMathMaster.an family that had seven daughters. I Community Hall ! ne d" ' a,ung nicet at h , . ' px'eem:. . - - , ,=,r ,r ,uv,x.,,, ................. . -- _mmg room was ..... .Y . _ ome. Glad yours Bend were also proud parents of . nnssmns and greatly enJoying her m **. r-to,.  oh,n,  Maw and Paw decided that smee[i ..............  ...... | m a Valentine motif. It eenngvn.s etterermce. MaC.Moore " a' .._n,_' oiri--born on Feb. 4. They've .Mr and MrSbe Georgeto Riker. are experiences there , c,,,tl ull,d"-'-- -''" , ,d.,-':'- t*'7''"]:'-- ' h,h" Shoddy who was 19 and . the old-  ALLENALLEN ORCHESTRAORCHESTRA I is a very named her hindu Laurea and was proud as can have a grand- THE ANNUAL FIEMENS has a moving slot that travels eat daughter, was so dzrty and  | animously decided that Mrs. Giaser, Mrs. Marie Crouch buisy Great-grandma this week as most welcome by her two older son. Their daughter, Mrs. Max dinner was held at the Lake Cush- across the screech from left to " lrs Edith Smally be award- her two-year-old great-grandson ,,, me aonoraT memberships, is paying her a weeks visit. Want to borrow our roller skates Hi. tier for Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cole- men. We are very happy to report man, who were blessed by a lovely brothers. ext meeting will be held Congratulations are also in or- Florence 3errells mother of Mz's ' ' new i: lm Meeks. and Mrs. Ga Niel Morri son born also on dock --LUeO up on Oyster Farmers on Ha is welcomed home by his two s hostesses from the hsnithas been released IV[ Ii:ERRy was ...... p al and is at home. :1 .I:E Thursda a ratine Is- older brothers out of set ..... Y fterneon !and took advanta e of the low Mr. and N[rs. Cecil Herman ':$ v*Celorz4nours tides t" g from Bantry, N.D., are visiting [ er ruder w ............ hm week and dzd a lot of [  and repairel heegenr WOrK in their Oyster beds. Many relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pet- ersoa and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wat- |1 :|erer' was on stand b" . are preparing beds for the ship- son. They are staying at the Pet- : fo y anti merit of ou J (_ oL traffic w- ...... . y g Oysters seeds due in ersons while in Allyn. They are gl Y of Piekerin~ --'-'=" x.m r_om Japan the middle of March. also visiting her mother and .rela- - s Vusa.ge the Man are st' r,/ !ae the second - . . Y , zll workhg on Oys- tires in the Grays Harbor area. /:ess unoerwen ters winrowe .essary repairs . d by the recent MR, AND M]RS. EARL TER- i RELL were the dinner guests of !. ..... . sorms. : Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clements $. BULLDOGS LOSE CONTESTS Saturday evening. Mr. and 1Vh's. Elton Cleveland ' T" TOWNSEND HJMACUM met Darrell Cleveland in Seattle on Saturday to attend University . of Washington basketball game. ' Mr and Mrs. Jewel Von Oaten and Mr. and Mrs. James Von Y Dennis Shetiy , 2hY.o .-t o . e student eouneil has recen,- Osten and two daughters haa ""msktee ly appointed a constitution com e" in Pore Orchard and lte mittee which will eventuall be squad, the school's  '  *s;v;;-- . g committee The visited Mr" and vn's' 3aebs f '.?v: made a sLandin " Y Seabeck on Sunday. Jewel and Jim as risen to tWice purpose ot such a committee have just finished "remodeling Lhcir  I'sl:U c WOUld be to kee the cons kitchen and other various jobs rth Maso ". p Litution |;; ,,;0Us e " of the North Mason Associated in their home. It certainily is ,n_at hasn't phased uoent gooy u -to-daLe. lovely . I  IIY Sqlad'ln There was a dPseussion brought Mrs. Elmer Beeson ,,'as in Har- F : Thursday  ..... up concerning all-school problems, rison Hospital last Monday for -t,he squad put especiall the hal minor surgery. She is reported .=_ pul ., , y ls during noon luing the fast xt was suggested that the-couneii home and feeling fine now. u!pi!  h)ldhand open meeting in front . ede, Gene Foster open- e entire student Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clements had frields, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Perry n e,,bl w" . body and openly dmcuss these problems, of Puyallup and for dinner on Sun- en, S.za WEDNESDAY of last week a day. er r om thmgoing-'ove.L rom..t_here group of four girls loads a " "- The Cleveland Clan, Mr. and " a few_cheers vats" field trip to visit the leP}- Mrs. Elton Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. l(/lce.d lature in Olyrnl ia The ha L Harold Cleveland, Ylr. and Mrs.  ,-, nead - . . P .. y d rit- .ake: ten for special passes and were Carl IzcLt. Mr. and Mrs. Arlson of f oz the even given an op ortunit to ae Skokomish Valley and Grandma er ., w. mmzssea as a es P . .Y t all present at '-'av; sm, lsse ! . P g . Herb Trams, hzs dauffh- Cleveland, were a th- - *-r pep ter Sallie, and Melinda Meri=i , potluck dinner at the home of Mr. ,e rooter-bus Lo Susan Wilson. and Bonnie Bo'j.!lds, and Mrs. Jim Bariekman of Shel- _1ncerning imaeum a :di g me Saturday ately following the Port game the - - cl by ' opnomore for/( it" Katy Wilbur, made !w. M We b]e so C-hop L hat was 2 was supplied by en, ,'h fnad the Popular .d Ollar' ure, "Green- W:hand '. A special feature Was a limbo contest st intriguing of all was a -i for several boxes of can- Jc UNIOR* CLASS ];S S .COmpleted ha-- . uc- Rib sal  ' o one of Feb. 7 "'-aaursday and contet's  .they Sold - our one- i extra large dill Sell the same hold another ch sales leaving each sale The each, and the all made the trip. The junior high school basket- ball teams have been busy lately, mostly losing. Two weeks ago the teams traveled to Hoodsport to challenge the Hood Canal Junior high school and came home with one victory and one loss. The ninth graders lost 41-25 but the seventh and eighth graders won easily, 27-15. Last weekend the teams were host to the same Hood Canal team. This time the ninth grad- ers lost by a little less margin, 31-39 and again the seventh and eighth graders came up with an easy victory, 32-13. There was a pep assembly just before the 1:30 pm. game which the entire jun- ior high school attended. No high school students were allowed to watch the game unless they were ton, Sunday. Mrs. Susie Von Oaten. Mrs. Judy Von Oaten, Karen and Shari spent last Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Sylvia Hansen of Grapeview. Otto Bemp of Victor, is in Van- couver Veterans' Hospital for min- or surgery. We're all glad it's no- thing serious and that he'll soon be home. Barbara Kawallzyk is feeling much better after the fall off her horse, when he slipped on the ice during the cold spell. She wanted to go riding over the weekend but her mother put her foot down. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT has kept busy this week as two cars have burned. Two wo#nen were driving through Allyn and pulled to a stop by Noggles Store when they finally realized their car was burning. Damage was quite ex- Fuller, Olympia, gave birth to the little fellow on Tuesday at Madi- gun Hospital, The baby has been named Stephen Scott and weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces. Mrs. Ful- ler is spending a few days at the home of her parents and you can be sure little Stephen is being properly cared for. Cub and Boy Scouts running out for Scout Sunday in the local Church swelled the Sunday School attendance Lo 121 this week THE BOB SMITHS had a few minutes of anxiety on Monday everig when they had a chimney fire. The Fire Department re- sponded to the call and kept the roof wret down until the danger was over. No damage was suf- fered. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson were man Lodge, Saturday night and well attended by the local fire- The Young People at the church enjoyed a Talent Night during their regular meeting on Sunday evening. The program consisted of a piano solo by Kathy Bolender, an accordion number by Rosanne Gain and a piano solo by Judy Nicholson. Sandra Borovesky sang, accompanied by Don Bear- deft. Marc Phillips played a piano solo and Don Bearden closed the program with a piano number. The ski trip which had been planned was cancelled due to the warm weather. Twenty-five of the young people are planning to a.t- tend the 19th annual King' Teen Banquet in Seattle on Washing- ton's Birthday. right, covering and uncovering reading material as it goes. Whether the teacher is "stopping and starting" the slot for picture games, vocabulary, or oral read- ing, or using the automatic speeds of from 60 to 1,000 words per minute for silent reading, all eyes are on the screen. With no chance to look back, the students must be "on their toes" visually and mentally. Supt. John Pill com- mented that the machine would be used primarily as a supplement- al device to the existing remedial math and reading program with probably more emphasis on math. The Federal Govezraent. with the State Department of Educa- tion as the administrator of the N D E A funds, matches appxi- LOW COST HOHE LOANS NEW CONSTRUCTION -- REMODELING PURCHASE 6'o On Reducing Balances  No Commission Charges Mason Oounly Savings & Loan Assoeialion TITLE INSURANCE BUILDING SHELTON Shoulder FRESH. LEAN ARM CUT ROAST * SAY, HAVE YOU checked the friendly Serve-U-Stores' Everyday Prices? They are om- " petitive. We Guarantee It! GOLDEN DELICIOUS PLES Wash. grn., fresh, whole bodied FRYERS .................. LB. 35 Blade Cut, Fresh, Lean PORK STEAK ...... B. 45 SKINLESS PORK SAUSAGE Fresh Country *,e ........................ LB 39 PORK HOKS oao. - Economical ................ LB. 19 SLIGED BAGON Verifine or Henry House ............ LB. 59 WIENERS ;L;'s ................................................... CH 39 Dersale. classa student instructr in a PE" tensive" -nther car was finaiiYdung that time. Both the stopped by a Grapeview resident Your Choice of Washington Fancy Red I0 c  BI6 D/I*SOFS/k-VINGS! that same junior high and the senior high in front of Allyn Shell, Sunday FEB. 14-15-16. Right o Limit! Poor conditions Delicious or Golden Delicious Ib no bus sLud'enLs use the same buildings evening. The brake linings and from for classes and activities but rules wheel bearings seemed to be the .. Creek or D, are rules and the senior high stu- onl damn e. ,,. mghway. Mo sL' dents have their own aetivii y g . . a eam , '  GINNAMON ROLLS c.arpools, ? - - .... ....... tes. ParenLs don L fo,get the Cub 2/19 I ] LKliUUI Private cff'fi ner and HIuy NIGHT at the last Scou Pack meeLin toni i,t Lar2dads Sh;[xF:sh 4 SChoo, .." Lo the ele- nonle game for the ol'fh M,m m,,.c]r h la g g ) a! bu,gsenebroeuheyboard-?_u,ldogs, rt Guidi gave'all"'exhl'. " -'t]etty'%d,ard;=;isited with hcr AYONNAISE oo .o ,o. ,.. o, uo...too w,,..,. ,wo , ower 2/49' I Best Foods i  s,-oz.' ] BRN, "N SERVE ROLLS "s- - ....... ,' - ......... h folks at Grays Ha boz last week- w Pr,smgly les'"'*-.rn.eze .:ue .tenons: :the demonstration end and returned home Smda Caulf m there is on ''neesm wat..vn mzrmg half time of the evening. Y ayzz.  an average ouLVarsZtYon gametop, 6-2andoverthe greensthe yellowsCame is Howardisitin Woodwardhis daughterf Californiaand fan- Extra ;sSnOW WhitA" lal Mayonnaise Jar Shut-Fresh  IAA, iOu]t;?altYlt; s OsPl]l m:dh: Jlnior high school has also ily, ]Vh'. lagd ]V[rs. Fred Valley. V['r. I " Y will- .p ans ,or a b0Y vs ir] bask-Woodward is recuperating froma __...ATOES , oo00o,, ,o =,,, ,,,,,,,,P nave the male etball game which wotld come stroke. He was accompanied by IH'M' nnbernOf North Mason about the first of Marc. his sister and the have also $181 ' "1 ' A Pkg. ,e ,, h There . . Y. * been lasic ck uC m SOme o,acm, ty me. zs also a Valentine's Da ance vimting relatzves m Seattle a rea.aas& tenata'gnscn'v ue or scne.uled bYano a model the seventh ygrd=ders Montesano. Woody had forme;. dy ou. on, L%:h;%, , . L.7 [ BBB  ANGEL FOOD GAKE __ * been set ...... ,,, .. o', -- ear contest sponsored owned the Allyn Tvern and was _ , , m  ]--!"1"'-'00 as.re, a ,unua! ....... v. Uaame s"? o-. ze junior, high chool. a long-time resioen of , this a.tea. .,.,high School wirlTs , g ..... st l.ldenL council elected Donnm lkR. A N])[]KS:Leonal.dButler fiAKg MIYF- BETTY CROCKER anll'/$n ! I ,Lners. o ........ Laulnan as their representative from Williams LaKe m uanada are _ _ to senior h,gh student council. house glests .of Mr. a!dMrs. C!em V.|*L- ||ii"" 2:2t:??'d'-:""':l'OZ'"W/ " " ill -- Sargent. Theu- son, Jack, spent a J I I I ]llql i I.IL _ I / few days here, also, but had to L re- _ugar Stars- 8-oz.; Cocoa Krinkles- 8V-OZ,; -- .-- , . i IO'11111|1 * '-|IJkVA|| DEL MONTE I/$ I llilnlz 14[l4FIk**ll T---_ n_lr.._i._ tur home. The Butlers have v- -.v uuM;LUdll icam umeaus hunting lodge a,t Williams Lake KJ:/lflfifi' ?,a.s.,";L, "I/RQ* I """" ""''" ,,-oz. ,anc, ................. . .......... "" " i lllR,--..-- II A , am" ww--,,,w anders thatMr" Butlercome thereiS a guideto huntfrmoosehuut" lllkllulLVJq ] 9:oz:" .. .......................... 1/,/ I EOill? IID|HV DEL MONTE 46-OZ. ,A]$ | t00'w.00ur, tn vWegk CARNATIONt ' I'IV"'|| UI||.. Pineapple-Grapefruit. DEL MONTE ...................... , r/ . | Ec-ThehoysofKa.! .... .: .... = a tener' [Len, KarenandSh' "1 n Thursday .,, DRY H ILK ................ 89 EARLY 6ARDEH PEAS ,.o. ........................... 5/*1 i L } played a ....... ]v[. rooer Whitener. Mrs. Dean laftetoom ' '.-',. ..... - .. @" ".. m " ,ast" " Frida" xemngl MoOrea ..and ,son also, acco_._nied The North Mason Ehmen tar "ii ''i!P *'.::, ', (lilt -*OM M DEL MONTE I/$t il lWater. At theL t 1[ the palents to Kanlltche. PTA is putting on a spa heLi  'x'*i $ *"  UU/ UlilEIr.II BIr.RIIu 16-oz .............................. i/ J- "("" *,-.';}, ,, I FANCY CORN RIITTFR *ha.l00,nln o Air _..  , a,l,,ll=vLw, m, vi/a. EL MONTE / 16-OZ. TINS CUBES 9; Dot--,^ ..... uams j- "1 a counle,, of d=.),. ' " " Tim Little Egypt Sew, and Sews CreaTr Corn H   ]Darreli Krise,... and Mrs..Anglls E1]is0n n]ade/ [. _. 4 `. _d 2 NIl 4 H Club met ] eb 6 at the ho,le I dr, u c ia i)usiness trir Lo m= ....... ,.0000tiotMrs. ocmnmacx, ae. A,Ler the [ w.o,oo.,,o, /// / or" ai ii, , 'Frido-o,. '  * .............  meeting" ,,,as called to o, de,'. " ,oil" L '  / -U "ei*'.. :-' e i,mc of] M-s. ............ Emn,.- ,--r,y. , ....... , call. was answered by idenLif in I S Ope|| ?  ' U  '  a WaS Mrs. Ik[a-/ .., "'" -.- ...,.a,, aat.t I'S.! .Hrnt 1D'fevi,l Y g t.go, a. sistcr n ,,, | j mrence Taylor of Kamilehe and ' "%'Y' ." ,.:::;. ...... s her f' " '. ....... Carrie Durand of S1 ' JIIQ. WlJllan]s gave q. (telllOU- LB, r eo'c'ugl},sL e ,,'as O ympia l.st':4,:;',.,',"' Dzahmn m get for thrcadiug a needh;. Kgren , "'n, uu, n. ,,,as . ,list ave a , FRENGH FRIES, L/G["zE ................... 5/$1 i Lo . ._ Mz. and Mrs . ,' . ( Stmnq ) g. . dtmonstratmn ,r the Cllh;au five e " .,. Galy Giles sill on sports wear. Sue asked ....... Jed s,futh to spend ..... J Uidle n from tile Elnla area ..... ", hldo.e . ...... =,..Q'..:_'VP'" ,n'%'.,,"ghter ,,;,:;a'ol?;:;',',,n:":':,:'W., o;*so,=t; ,va,.: ........... *,,a,ons n"'"*, = .,,.* O.E-,DA FROZEN =/$, [   .. : ,0 o PG -- - - -- ,:utL nKe to r . " .............. a ...... TO eonchlde thc nleetln -, "ll||--.mrnt ,.U|O 16-OZ. PKG ................................. 4/ . t  i('l, t '.. ..... "1 znc mer visit, a e.()ugmally from Kansas .......... '" av .... g Vmkle nlemo AN I) M_R n st aLton - riai scrvice ,..1., : J..e,.b .clso .V':,:.'::   '* oemon.. SONEE BRAND ---- I  iI  i FIG NEWTONS LIO7 Ylor of [(alllilcild .., c L," "'P .) Breulerion Stu- 'S '.3 * " t y t) ViSit , , "riel ...... r 3- 1Lcr parenis. ill" the l,:  ]'I1", aIld [I'S, CS Jones and son rpilere ,,'ill be a. dauce aL he 3 le,. ';,--(,u 17)emis )f Taconla we '" ' "  Gl"al e hall SttIlr(la !' .,,:r Ya ...... . c Satmda3 g .Y nits Ie tat  "d Su,may nlorumg droD in vls,. lb. ! FLOUR E ltANEN . m:s aL the Edwin Petty-homc on Progrcss graugc Lakes the ravel St Weekend Wi , }.imu: way Lo and from the ocean to Twanon ..gra.noe at BelfaigFri " ,1;,, Simmons.'- oeact: ...... d:ay lute o* t n,s Week. t%b. 15. O U ' , nn M"^- ., ,. ,,,, a,u mary Newman of Seat- Everyone is ,tO0 meet tit re vla,;2z?,_ . ue were Sunday evenin aL[ gz'eeA Square aL 7:30 r, E vc. , . . *,$ mew the Edwin Petty homc,ar also [ vcning, " ..........