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February 25, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 25, 1971

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un Mrs. Harold Drake, President of Peninsula District of The Washington State Federation of Women's Clubs was guest of honor at a luncheon held February 12 in the Doric Motor ~ .... ~, Inn, Tacoma, to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the Woman's Club of Tacoma. Mrs. Claud Dugger, President of the Hood Canal Federated Woman's Club and Mrs. John Bosch, President of the Monday Civic Club of Tacoma were also in attendance. The Madrigal Singers from Stadium High School performed, directed by Paul L. Margelli. Dressed in costumes dating back to the 1300's in Italy and later to the Elizabethan Age when the Madrigal was cultivated in England, the Madrigal singers blended their voices in song with no accompaniment. Mrs. Winnifred Olsen, teacher specialist in Northwest History for Tacoma Public Schools, narrated the story of the "Negro Pioneer who helped start the first American settlement on Puget Sound". Mrs. Winnifred Olsen is the author of three books: "Before Tacoma - What?" (The Puyallup & Nisqually Indians) and "Tacoma Beginnings" and "Christmas Events in the Early Northwest". She currently sponsors on KTPS the television series 'Tacoma History and Charles Gay High School Spotlight With one book to his credit and another in the writing, Charles Gay, co-editor of the Shelton High School paper and sports editor of the Shelton Charles has photographed sports events for the Journal, and has written sports since he was a sophomore. He intends to further I ndustries'. A graduate of Washington State, University, Mrs. Olsen also is a member of Theta Sigma Phi, natiomif journalism CHECKS ARE PRESENTED to Olympic College in Bremerton to initiate an emergency revolving student loan fund. Left to right are Norman Richardson, Olympic College president; Mrs. Harold Drake, president of the Peninsula District of the Washington State Federation of Women's Clubs; Mrs. Leland Fergusen, Education chairman, Peninsula District; and Alan D. White, coordinator of Student Aid, Olympic College. Members of the Peninsula District of Washington State Federation of Women's Clubs attended on January 25 at 9 p.m. the board of trustees meeting at Olympic College in Bremerton, for the purpose of initiating an emergency revolving student loan fund. The fund enables students to emergency student loan funds with colleges in the District was conceived in 1968 and in the spring of that year a revolving loan fund was established at Tacoma Community College. Since that time The Woman's Club of Tacoma established a fund at Fort Steilacoom College and one at Pacific Lutheran University. The loan established at Olympic College will now bring to four the number of colleges within the District in which are available Federated Club - sponsored Revolving Student loan funds. Mrs. Leland Ferguson, District Education Chairman stated that she favors this type of scholarship over the individual scholarship because more students can benefit from it; also, though the fund growth is slow, as years pass larger and larger numbers of students will be aided in reaching their individual goals of achievement. She also said that from her point of view these funds can be regarded as a living, growing, working memorial or tribute to all past and present Federated Club women, be they Junior or Senior Mr. and Mrs. Sterling M. Pearson ~! Linda Ellen Purves Beo arise in connection with their members, since all work for a d fSt I school courses. The fund is common goal ofmoreandbetter Brie o er ing administered by College Officials education. according to the college established rules and regulations governing revolving student loans. Peninsula District merged with Mason County and Kitsap County Districts in 1960. Prior to that time it was known as Affiliated Clubs who participated in the fund to date are ; Rosacea Study Club, Bremerton, Woman's Club of Tacoma, Telesis Club, Tacoma, Fortnightly Club, Gig Harbor, Bets Club, Puyallup, and the The altar of the United Methodist Church bore a bouquet of pink and white gladioli tied with purple ribbon and the candelabra on either side were tied with purple bows when Linda Ellen Purves became the bride of embellished her and white trimmed a by the mother ofi was gowned in with long and An arran his studies in journalism and will honorary for women and the borrow, on short term, loans for Pierce-Peninsula District. Hood Canal Federated Woman's Sterling M. Pearson on January white gladioli Mason County Journal, is off to a flying start in his chosen fie!d, attend either the University of Washington Pen Women. unexpected expenses that might The idea of establishing Club of Potlatch. 16. graced the tea Washington or Evergreen College. The bride is the daughter of r e c e p t i o n "l want to write,' says The hobbies pursued by Hazel M. Purves and George C. chrysanthemums Charles. "Sports, news, features, Charles Gay fall mainly within the Purves, both of Shelton. The white surround pti b" Of Th th N d parents ofthegroomare Mr. and bowl. AMalteseet TVwrite.,,material - I just want to areaboth Ores sportS,a participantWhich heandenjOySas a Soro mists Day Of Prayer Jo |e e Mon ame Mrs. Charles B. Edwards, also of base of the thl Shelton. ornamented wit "A Collection of Short spectator. To Be Observed TammieBlackwellwasnamed "~-helGuardian Lau -" - - The Rev. Horace Mounts lities-of-the-vall~ Bed-time Stories for Journal "l like intra-mural sports," he TO Convene ..... mo ..... uet raweeKsana ........ Joo~e ot the nm at me -'ethel uar ........ performed the double ring ribbon. Workers," the book written by declares, "and I'm especially keen worm t)ay o~ rrayer will be .... eetin .... past ~ g a~an ~o. do mrs. / / reoruary 1o m g oI sou s Stri ow Charles, trod its beginning in the on golf. 1 like to travel, too, and observed on March 5 at 1"30 p m .......... Mary gg . ceremony at 8 p.m. before 200 Serving were ', preliminary gatherings of to take pictures." In FairoanKS - uaugnters, at wmcn rnenasmp 1 nvi" m the Umted Methodist Church ......... She to s~tors were past AG guests who were seated by Dennis Karlene Jacobs, Wednesday night workers. Prior According to Charles, about . " mgnt was ooserveu, w~tn reggy N to the rolling of the Journal press, 95% of his photography is At the February 10 business Thebasedthemeon materialf the serv~Ce,providedWhiChby iSa ,v~ger, winning tne u~rtnaay Mrs.Bethel William' 37 SheltOnBatchelor,Mr. Mrs.and andNrwdGary andcombs,bY cousinsDenny Combsof the ~3ndr bLiSAnnSCtt'strtaa! meeting held in the PUD . march "1 n " group of women m the Carnbean .... " ........... Mar~ y V~ger, Mrs. Franc~s groom. Dodge attended 1~ Charles, for the entertainment of accomplished in his official conference room, members of the ]s mew L]Ze Awaits . A'e " n "" "- 1 No 43 Be'" ' g oya~ matron Laure~ Carrying a colonial bouquet and the gift table his co-workers, frequently dashed capacity with the Journal, but he , .......... ~ vzsmng were t~etne~ r~o bb Ma ruder R ...... off a short-short story with a also utilizes his camera for Soroptimist Club were reminded . o raee ;ueme . ~za~r; Music will be provided by ............. Court and past honor queen of shattered carnations and pink The bride is punch line ending. So popular personal pleasure, that the Northwestern Region ........... uetne~ ~o. o~ tort vrcnara; LindaKoch local youm, mcmamg muse ~rom ...... , ~,_ ~, ,-,.._._:.. ,~^,,__, . rosebuds interspersed with purple School graduate were his efforts that during a An 1 8 hole golf course Soroptimists Federation of the . ~etn~ r~o a~ u~ympln; o~t~l~ Pro t Shelton High School who will .... " ....... - em were Tamm~e ribbon, the bride, given in who was graduate! summer vacation stay at the home created by Charles himself on the Americas, Inc. will hold their ...... ~o zt manette; uemei r~o zo Blackwell Outer "u^-~ ":-~- s~ng, unaer me uxrecuon oI .," , ,., a~u; Lmua marriage by her father, was High School ii nremerton, and Bethel No 73 o of hisgrandmother in Chico, Cal. rolling and spacious lawns 53rd conference in Fairbanks, Robert Miller, the Folk Mass , . " K ch, Marshall; Candy Holman, attired in alongwhitesatingown, employed at (~arles wrote an entire volume of surrounding his Angleside home is Alaska on May 7 through May 9. "Tell It Like It Is" Cnehalis" , Jr. Princess; and Susan Ruddell, empire-waisted. Silver and satin Corrections CenteI theseone-pagers, the site of enthusiastic Speaker Virginia Grout raruc~patmg ...... win" .... de women N Attenuing .... were AG Bethel Fifth Messenger. braid trimmed the neckline, the After a we Now partly finished is a tournaments in which from four indicated that emphasis, this from St. Edward's Catholic 5?.zJ oordon ~umner; AG No. The traveling gavel was won waistline and the cuffs of the long Victoria, Canada, biennium, is, on 'Education in Church, St David's Episcopal ~ oiympm Allen Stnego; PBG by Bethel No. 55 Aberdeen. full sleeves. A white satin bow residing in She similar volume composed of a to six players vie for honors. The Soroptimism. A knit-wear style ..... " ........ superior, Neb Mrs Allen Striego; Lnurcn, ra~tn Lumeran t~nurcn BG No 5 i O" ' held her chapel length veil. series of episodes based on the Brodie Course, out of deference show to be held this spring was and United Methodist Church, , .~ " . .~ lympia Mrs. The full-length, long-sleeved adventures of a single character, for the watching windows, is discussed. , ,, tnc~room; A~ No Ol tort Publication plans are as yet played with plastic balls which, gown worn by maid of honor ',~:~ ~finit, The club will, for the fifth headed by Mesaames t~oger Orchard Ke~th " ...... " Hyde; Honor Victoria Purves, sister of the ''~~'~~ ,~l,~'~rle~ is the son o M~ ~d~ Charles explains, have the~ye~r~ ~co_l~tin ~pril Caner Fund ~naerson, ~,eorge urewer, t:an ...... ...... ........................ ~/ueens ~auyLonnmguerneiNo. _ bride, was styled with a scoop Heart ~om~,hat ~rting ~d~l~ey contribu'ti0ns 'in 'thd 'business an~ .~ames ~]elt~lson .... ^ ........ ,m,~ll If z~ raanette; ~,~ons 5tnggow No Mrs. Henry Gay. He has an older to blow back into the golfer's face district, with Virginia Grout and Tea will ha ~r,,~,~ f,~n,~,,,i,,o 51 Olympia, Beryle Smith No. 55 accented with pink leaves. respechvely. " ~I~JD neckline and an empire waistline brother. Steve, and a younger in a high wind. Evelyn Fagergren co-chairmaning ...................... ~ Aberdeen, and Gayle Olson No the worship service, and all " Bridesmaids Faye Norwood, Dar~ce sister, Julie. Born in Carmel, Cal. "They also lodge frequently the project. 20 Bremerton;past Honor Queens Honors ML~SiC Jan Pearson, sister-in-law of the in the evergreens," he states, "and women of the community are Melinda Ward No. 51 Olympia ~# as some holes are played by welcome to attend, groom, and Holly Dean, cousin of and Lucy Gilmore Bethel No. 21 f'~ driving over the house, we loses ~j| America the bride, were gowned in floor gt Manette; Bethel No. 43 Belfair length purple crepe with scoop In support ofi lot of balls on the roof." Ann Bennin on necklines, short puffed sleeves Charles is a member of the The Pizzicato Club met on the Salty Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, and Speaks To Club February 9 at 7 p.m. in the home and empire waistlines trimmed Club has has for a year served as president Union Ladies Club of Kerry Kramer with AprilKuhr with leaves of pink. Maid of dance to be of the Walther League. :: ----- ~ : = -- = I as co-hostess, honor and bridesmaids carried until 10 p.m. To Fete Spouses "Top Songs of 69-71" was the identical colonial bouquets of fairgrounds t title featured as the club's pink rosebuds and purple violets on April 25, 1953, he took up residence in Buckley, We. at the age of 13 months, remaining there approximately ten years, after which he lived for a year in Silverdale, We. He arrived in Shelton in 1966 as an eighth grader. A student teacher of U.S. History, a subject which he finds fascinating, Charles studies also journalism, civics, French, senior English and physics. He has for four years participated in wrestling, twice lettering and holding membership in the S Club; this year will be his third as a hieh school ~olfer. he is treasurer of the Honor Society, of which he has for two years been a member. One of the ten outstanding juniors, he has been a senator for two years and attended Boys State last year. He has edited the school paper for two years. Since his ninth grade days PIONEER Week of March 1-5 MONDAY - Spaghetti with meat sauce, buttered toast, lettuce salad, fruit salad and milk. TUESDAY - Hamburger stew, crackers, raisin muffins, buttered broccoli, lemon chiffon dessert and milk. WEDNESDAY - Turkey chunks in gravy over potatoes, baking powder biscuits, peas & carrots, jello and milk. THURSDAY - Hot dog on buttered bun, potato chips~ celery sticks, buttered corn, rhubarb crisp and milk. F R 1D A Y - Chili-con-carne, crackers, buttered corn bread, carrot sticks, apricot pie with whipped cream and milk. Supplement your child's diet with vitamins from VIII-gMIIM 1 Society To Meet Shelton Rock and Mineral Society will meet this evening in the PUD auditorium. Members are reminded to bring rock slabs, etc, for the rock auction. Potluck Planned Welcome Chapter dES Social Club will meet in the Masonic Temple on Tuesday for a noon potluck luncheon. Sale Scheduled A rummage sale sponsored by Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will be held in the PUD auditorium from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday. @ Etc. 5th & Franklin 426-3283 Mrs. Ann Bennington of Lumbermen's Garden Center spoke to St. Edward's Women's Club at the February 11 meeting held at 8 p.m. in St. Edward's Hall. Her subject was 'Spring Garden Care' with emphasis on the culture of roses. The Women's Club has joined the Men's Club in sponsoring a coffee hour after the 8:30 mass every Sunday. Parish families gathered on February 19 for a Pre-Lent Potluck sponsored jointly by both clubs. Priscilla Club Plans Party Plans for the party to be held by the Priscilla Club of CloquaUum on Saturday include a visit to the Exceptional Foresters for an evening of music and refreshments. The group will meet at noon on March 16 with Helen Morrow and Tennie Norris co-hostessing. Hostesses for the February 16 noon potluck and meeting were Freda Granice and Gall Garvin. Lodge Will Meet Ruby Rebekah Lodge will meet at 8 p.m. Friday in the IOOF hall. Members are reminded to bring donations for the Food Walk to follow the meeting, the money raised to be given to the March of Dimes. Rummage for the March 5 sale should also be brought. LOWREY RENT or BUY on Easy Terms Johnny's Music Ilox 205 Cote 426-4302 The Union Ladies Civic Club will fete hustands and escorts at a dinner in the Union Fire Hall on Saturday. The social hour will begin at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. George Adams is chairman of the once-a-year affair. Officers for 1971 and '72 are Mesdames George E. (Alice) Snuffin,president; John E. (Ellen) Rebman, vice-president; James O. (Leah) Chalmers, secretary; Dexter N. (Karen) McCulloch, treasurer. Youth NARC To Meet Monday A guest speaker will be heard by the Whoopees, the Youth group affiliated with the National Association for Retarded Children, when they meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Capitol Hill clubhouse. Meeting Planned Vancouver Seniors will attend with their band the noon luncheon and meeting of Mason County Senior Citizen Council to be held Friday in the United Methodist Church. Now Available! Instruction in Rhythm, Lead and Base Guitar. Beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Learn professional electronic effects with Fender and Ampex equipment. Lowest rates ever. Only $2 per session. For more information call: 426.1211 after 3 p.m. "Parade of American Music" surrounded by pink netting and will call. ~' I Special entl program. Because February has pink lace and held by streamers of planned and been designated by the National purple ribbon. Federation of Music Clubs as Flower girl was Diane Fowler, served. The even American music month, affiliated cousin of the bride, and her long p u b li c and ........ clubs across the nation are giving pink crepe gown with short welcome. ....... =,~ Fund will be By JAN DANFORD emphasis to some phase of this puffed sleeves and back pleat was country's music, trimmed with pink and white Friends have long about my age Piano accompaniments were daisies. David Fowler, cousin of Most wildly speculated: supplied by Diane Crow, April the bride, was ring bearer. Mary Dil "ls sheoldandwell-preserved Kuhr, Karen Kytta, and Ann Sister of the bride Karen Or young and dissipated?" Quimby for songs written by Purves and cousin of the bride Returns * * * composers: Lennon & McCartney, Kathy Fowler were the lighters of I recently heard it said of a Paul Simon, Levine & Brown, the candles and their dresses, Mary Dills more-than-mature woman that Burr Bacharach, and John otherwise identical to those of the been hospitaliz~ she was even yet prettier than any Fogerty. Guitar numbers written bridesmaids, featured jewel care unit of St. of her children. I sort of think by Peter, Paul & Mary, Leonard necklines. Olympia, that the same could be said of me. Cohen, Neal Young, and Joni Leslie S. Pearson acted as his on Kamilche Of course, both of my Mitchell were played by Chris brother's best man, and Sheri offspring are extremely ugly; Frank and Tracey DeMiero. Watson served as vocalist they're men, also, which gives me Singers were Terri Campbell, Silver accessories were chosen a little additional advantage. Kerry Kramer, and Chris Frank. A by t he bride's mother to At any rate, I cling hopefully song written by James Kelly was complement her hot pink knit . to the old adage that described played as a flute solo by Alexis dress with long sleeves and beauty as being merely skin deep. Kuhr. pleated skirt, and silver I dwell a lot, as well, on the Menus beauty that supposedly lodges in the loving eye of the beholder. "Pretty is as pretty does" is a good one, too. HII~ , No doubt most of these beautiful thoughts were advanced by women in my age bracket. Where ever that is. Week of "* SPRING QUARTER o.oA I pity poor Lincoln, beef, warm Neglected, abused; MARCH 15 vegetable, fruit' And also George Washington, TUESDAY Badly confused. Register for new classes by March 12 sandwich at OVTI on the Mottman Road vegetable caramel icing a~ Beginning Typing 10 - 12 Intermediate Typing 8-10 & 12:30-2:30 WEDNESDAV Advanced Typing 8-10 & 10-12 seasoned ~J sandwich, Legal Typing I 1-12 chocolate cake Filing 12:30-1:30 Office Machine 10-11 & 12:30-1:30 THURSDAY noodles, Business Law 1 1-12 salad, Business Math 1:30-2:30 milk. Business English 9-10 & 10-11 & 11-12 FRIDAY Welding 8-2:30 & 3-9:30 buttered *Intermediate Shorthand 1:30-3:30 vegetable *Electronics 8-2:30 cookie and * requires interview with instructor. 8upplemee diet with pia Voc.Tech Institute Call 753-3000 for Info. 133 Rill OVTI --- Community College District IZ Phon' Page 8 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, February 25, 1971