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February 25, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 25, 1971

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Housing costs have been steadily on the rise for the past several decades Homes which at one time cost $15,000 are now in the $30,000 to $,40,000 price range in most areas. Mortgage payments, taxes and rentals have all been soaring to a point where many Americans are turning to mobile home living to trim large amounts from their household budgets. Prices on mobile homes are but a fraction of those you would pay for a similar amount of living com- fort in a conventional house. Starting with a purchase price, which runs an average of about a third the cost of a house, mobile home prices are lower in almost every respect. For instance, prices for fully equipped mobile homes--including all modern appliances, furniture, rugs, draperies and even lamps-- run from about $3,000 to around $15,000 for the palatial, king-size models. The average two bedroom luxury mobile home is usually un- tier $8,000. Beyond the purchase price of your mobile home, more savings can await you. You might want to purchase a lot for your home in a "condominium type" mobile home park for a fraction of the price you would pay for a house lot. Or you might rent a space in a profes- sionally planned and operated park at average prices ranging from $25 to $50 per month. Mobile home taxes are .generally "far less than those on a regular house. Some states tax them on the same basis as automobiles; others, on the basis of cash value. But no matter which way they are assessed, taxes are almost always lower. Design of your new mobile home can be extremely important in determining the cost of its normal operation. One major factor is the type of heating system installed. If flameless electric heating is used, it provides sure cold-weather comfort and saves dollars in many ways. First, installation costs are low, because no fuel supply lines are necessary, no chimney must be cut through the roof, and no special cabinet work must be built around a bulky furnace. Fiameless electric heat produces clean, gentle warmth from electricity brought in by regular power lines and distri- buted by wires hidden within the walls or ceiling construction. And, because flameless electric heat units are so small and compact, building them into a mobile home presents no problem at all. Another major saving comes from the fact that flameless electric Maxi Efficiency, Mini Investment Mobile Homes Lots of Living Mobile homes are designed for maximum efficiency with a minimum investment in space. The manu- facturers of these modern dwellings have gone to great lengths to utilize every square inch of space for living com~ort. For instance, hallways have been kept to minimum lengths. Many of the inside doors slide into the walls, rather than swinging into a room in a space-consuming arc. Efficient flameless electric water heaters are mounted in space which would normally be wasted under counters. Closet sizes are tailored to the size of their contents to give ample room for the storage of clothing, but not to waste a single inch of unused space. Older types of insulation, which dictated the use of very thick out- side walls to reduce heat transfer, have been replaced by new, more efficient types of insulation such as foamed-in-place plastic. able living space, when measured along the total wall length of a mobile home. One of the most outstanding and up-~,o-date improvements being used by modern mobile home manufacturers is flame|ess electric beat. Unlike a fuel burning system, which needs a closet or basement to hide the bulky furnace, ducts and piping, ftameless electric heat takes up practically no space. With flameless electric heat, the total heat source ,for the entire mobile home is contained in one small unit which can be mounted under counters, in otherwise hard- to-get-at corners of storage areas, or even underneath the mobile home. And with the use of radiant electric heat in ceilings or in walls, there is no loss of living space at all. Radiant ceiling heat is completely hidden within the ceiling itself. The wall-mounted heaters fit flush within the wall, and take no floor heat is practically mmntenance-lree. No seasonal service calls are neces- sary tO make sure burners are adjusted, pilot lights are lighted and furnaces are c/caned The only sea- sonal work required is done by the mobile home owner, when he ad- justs his thermostat for a season of. pleasant comfort. Cleaning bills can be trimmed- considerably when flameless electric7 heat takes over in providing com-' fort in the home. Because flameless electric heat uses no fire or fuel to do its work, it produces no soot or ~ ' grime or grease which can cling ~ tenaciously to your furniture, draperies and walls. Housing costs have indeed been on the rise for many years. But, with a mobile home heated by flameless electricity, you can reverse the trend and push the cost of living downward again. This two-walled glass shower and the home's electric heat and hot water system are among space-savers found in all electric mobile homes. In todav mobile homes TotaI-E/e tric IMng is pue comfort! With the use of these new space- space away from the rooms. age materials wall thickness can With--" , , mm more convement ano be reduced by several inches Every efficient ........ memoa Ol neatmg the inch saved in this way means an- modern ..... mooue nomeowner gains other several square feet of avail- extra living space. ~!ii!i!:i Total.Electric living is the most carefree and sensible livinlz there ist Don't ~-,_ttl. f., ~ anything less. From the very first minute you move into a neTN and roomy, Totaq-'l~iectri'c mobile home, life gets more comfortable, for examp!e, when it s really cold outside you don't get ordinary heat. You get clean, more even and cozy heat. Flameless electric hear )l:.;~+~,;~;~i+ ~,.~i~i~iii;~;~ii~) And when you cook you work more efficiently because a flameless e ectric range keeps your kitchen clean, cool and comfortabte. Maybe best of all, Tote -E ectric mobile ...~~::::~:~"~ home owners practically never see a service or repairman, unless he's a family friend. ....' :~~" ~~.:.,i: :i i~" ........................... :::; :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...... ~;~~;::+::::; ;::: ....... " So if you're looking for a new,. q.um.te.r, p.ette; insulated mobile home, get one that .:! ~:.::;- . ~;.;:;::~;....~ lets you live carefree . . . get total-electric ~tving. :~ ~ . ! -;~.z~ ,: ~:: :i:i:: ::i:i i" " :->: ,.i.;. .i;~-.~ .:.:- .:.>: ~..... , ~ +i I . - :+ ....... .... :+ .._.__,Live care ree...Live Beffer Electrically +++ . .,+. + ,+ON COUN ... ----=--- , - " ,,."- .._un - e Furnffure ~ Edwin Taylor, President t Mobde Hem Cole, Secretary ~"~~"~ At Harold W. Parker, Vice President KBJ,Y'$ FURNITURE Samples, Manager 1st and Mell Sts. Page S-IO - SheltoreMason County Journal - Thursday, February 25, 1971 E~h membe* ~couat to 520.~10 NCUA by Adminmtr~lo, N=tioml In most cases the credit union can loan you up to 85% of the purchase price of a mobile home and allow 84 months for the repayment of the loan. The credit union also offers loan protection insurance to eligible borrowers. It will pay you to stop in at the Simpson Employees' Federal Credit Union office to plan your purchase of a mobile home, before you go shopping. The credit union makes loans for the purchase of recreation vehicles, too. It can make loans for up to 90% of the purchase price of new boats, camper trailers and camper units. The repayment time on these loans is 36 months. Loans are also available on used recreation boats and vehicles. Whatever your loan requirements may be, cars, furniture, real estate, you'll be .... wise to check first with Simpson Employees' Federal Credit Union, where the interest is never more than 1% per month on the unpaid balance. .... il[M IIL.OYEKll IrKDIr IIIAL. Shelton Office: Ph 426-1633 McCleary Office: Ph 495-3497 Ken Fredson, Mgr. Thursday, February 25, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 5-3