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February 27, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 27, 1941

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Page TWO' SHELTON—MASON COUNTY JOURNAL may-Old Girl Elli SilliioNslliseilCOUNu JOURNALO o l sideration is Senate Bill o. 234,; ’iiitroduced by Messrs. e andI I Ruth Louise Youngblood, 14-jRoselhni of Grand Coulee he Se-l More than 700,000 Boy Scouts had some camping experience dur- ing 19-10. Consolidated with The Shelton Independent Entered as seatmld—clnss matter at the postol‘l‘icc at Shelton, \V'ashington Subscription Rates: BALLOON DANCE iAYTGN Saturday Mar. 1 Music by Four Aces 'I ‘l l l l l il ’l JUNIOR CHOIR. SOLOISTS, CHORALES, SENIOR l I l ! CHOIR——BEN T. HALLGRIMSON, Director. g I l l I 1 l l W5. EBER ANGLE Manager —‘\ NlUllle‘l' of “ashiilglon Ni-wspaprl' Publishers‘ Association and National Editorial Assopiatlon. TWO VICIoUS MEASURES Harold Cleveland of Allyn, has,l bid logging adue and moved to Port Angeles Saturday where he has accepted a position with the Angeles Furniture company. i vday—old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.‘x attlev respectively, 1 ' I I Em“ C‘ Youngbmd’ died at Shel'l The bl“ relates to “can” “'3 Eff’ifilfil 3“Cf???”3‘33éil‘lf;°¥—§h“li2?.l;3l?%ll Sf‘fli‘lf‘fibfil? ' ' ' ' ’ Ity-l “ A' ‘x' '§ l .f, i, Haj}: C, u,.'. f " . J ‘ . >- ton hOSIntal VVCdnesaay' fan" competltlpn’ d‘scmmmabpn, regulations forbid residents 01’ Shelton served by city mail carrier from Rites will be held Saturday at‘and practices in connection wrthl rim-plying lhm- Journal by mail. _ ‘_ two o’clock from Witsiers Funer- I the sale of certain articles and: (1)5}?3Q?:E-fi‘ffkff‘ffifihigftlacén shellon, 2o¢ pm- monrh (collected by earlier) lal Home. The infant was born at, commoditiesand the rendering on; ‘ "'“"’ DEL" ‘ ‘ ' I IYelm last February 12. 'ccfiain schices. th h H b it TlieSdily afternoon - i 's a, measure a s.ou( ea ' rsv ~ K _, , . , lingSEZdizetgianlagsfgis55:31:31,} studied closely and intelligentlyl CRANT‘ AT‘GLE Mrs Edwin Youngmood' of 'Shel; by all legislators (and citizens)," thm‘ 'ton and Mr and Mrs Walter Mi- and subjected to the most thor—f .. Chel of {Chin laugh kind of debate. Designed 05-, ‘1 tensibly to give protection to cus-: tomers, careful examination of! , . i the bill reveals that it will, if pass- 3 Logger Moves ed. do quite the contrary. It’s in-l —'— T0 Port Angelesf£33293fife§:_§$f§h§;§§:h°0fpgggfg Among the many measures now before the ers and merchants an pretty mucnllegislature are two Whose passage would seriously Eligifiigle;or°gg£§itth§y frfitfgfggg'mamper retail business and whose effect would 1 L y , I . . . enterprise, experience andiuhmately extend into the pockets of every mm- 3.3.: Cents" Ladies 10¢ l thoughtful buying-denying thcmident in the state. We refer specifically to the b.f‘ts 'h'h‘ vbi .» . . . we 1 W 10 mam y store tax bill and the bill amending the state l l l l \. doinn' l’llSillCSS. It’s aimed at, am- ,4 - ' " out the chain stores and enact a punitive tax MARCH 2r-—-“Fathel'. ForgiVe Them?" Lllke 23:34‘ imcnts for the purpose of showinga partments sell much faster thanl passed on to consumers in thelChain b h 1 t 1 form of reduced prices. Y 4n,“ 1 e as 8 IS- , Senate Bill No. 234 even gocsifcu Trade Frances ACt passed y g ‘so far as to tell store proprietors ‘dture- 9 l G T 1 ”’ ong other things, the “loss lead— _ _ _ . . 0 0 em. wggcliroag'ectdgsfgibgd astirwlagainst them.“ It is discrlmin-atory legislation of 1 ie Ii .0 .. (1’1) . . U . , t , 11.00 a m most as de‘éined m the abflfss J ithe rankest sort and is being strongly opposed by "many Morning Le“ 6" semces’ ' ' if The acthwmtmg mag: it illegalltradc organization, farmer and labor groups from or a mere an 0 ar i rarin sev- , regatc cos-ts of conducting his eiti- an pirgs Stage" th St F I T ade i 6 ll amen mg 6 a 6 air r MARCH 9+“With Me In Paradise!” Luke 23:42.43. Mower cost in one particular de- FractheS Act iS mOl’e subtle but no less V101ous in MARCH 16—~“Son. Behold Thy Mother!" John 19:25—27. 'partment. +when nearly everyone] its immate effect upon busmess and the public MARCH 23~“Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani!” Mth. 27:45-46. MOWS tha» Kim's—H Signagfihig‘stlj’thhn 11938-19 30 Floss;l in others find cfopsequcnlt-lpractically every retail establishment would be __H s inis e ." .0 n : . y 6 margin 0 proi can )e: ' . - - s. . APRIL 11 tGood Friday, 7:30 p. m.)—/“Into Thy Hands isrnaller. Hence it manifestly is un—l upselc Its requlremgnt that nO‘a‘rtICIe may be My son-n2" Luke 23:46. .genr to, ,compfl gdpropngator to} sold for less than original cost plus a percentage $233 $311 Odepgggengjnerl representing the total cost of all operation of the ibusmess. Other requirements of the ‘proposed bill bfing and maintain an action 01, would bringendless controverSies and law suits actions to enjoin and restrain anyDtO harry busmess men everyhere. The Lutheran Hour DR. VV.’\LTE‘R A. MAIER, 276 radio stations KMO, KOL, Sundays at 1:30. If the bill is enacted, any per-l how they shall estimate costs of! former is another attempt to single “SEVEN WORDS OF JESUS” tirc business into different depart— articles in some 018" generally. Present merchandising methods of son or any trade association may; “Nation 0" “Nations "f any 91"" The result of both bills, if they should become Sunday Evening Services, 7:30 p. in. “THE WORLD TODAY—A CHALLENGE TO THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH” visions of the act and aISO recover damages. But the person or asso- ciation which starts an such ac—' ' ' tion need not me a bong. ore for nearly every article of merchandise they Thus it would be possible {oi-ghave to buy. MARCH 2 :‘The PoliticalAVVorldi’ H figggifigmgéal‘éfgg:“3:30;?eggs: To offset these great losses there would be; 32:2: 1:7 gulps/gorilla! WOW ual‘ly oblige; a loEg—cstablishedionly the diminishing returns from those estab1 9 com or an re ua e mere an. . sl ' ‘ ' MARCH 23__7“The Economic World” 0,. firm}; believed havtc aifig‘gfldilshments who were able to weather the storm of ; MARCH 30_,.The Religious World, I... (tilteCEacgncOltillliubergigplillcidl tog-«(2., axation assessed against them With the apparent. APRIL 6~~“The Religious World, 11." Where the ledge“ might be regipurpose of forcmg them out of busmess. tained a long while, to the great: We feel assured that Mason County’s delega- disadvantage of the individual 01': company. If an alleged violator isl found not guilty he may not sue: for damages. I Passage of Senate Bill No. 234 not only will further clog up courts but will increase the state’s‘ administrative expenses consider- ably and Serve to create more tur- to such discriminatory legislation as these pro- Bible Class, Sunday School lposed measures. Every Sunday, 9 :45. MOUNT OLIVE LUTHERAN CHURCH Shelton, Hillcrest, on Olympic Highway. While February may be winding up in three mil in business wh. h t days of rain it must not be forgotten that almost last is beginning to efjo’y: C1335 the whole month has favored with sunshine and to—normal pulse. The measure willjdl‘y days, quite in contrast California W68.- .accomplish no good; it will, on the5 ' other hand, invite racketeering. ther for the same perlod' It’s one of the most noxious "*— M bills ever introduced in the Wash- , ington legislature.-—Olympia, Feb-l HOME NATIONAL DEFENSE ruary 27, 1941. R. C. MUHLY, Minister. Residence: 1517 Division—Phone 395M. The American Legion is urging the signing up of ex-service men in a home defense organiza- g; tion purely voluntary in character and Without ‘; remuneration, but designed as the name indicates l for defense of the folks at home in case of emer— igency, and to keep an eye out for other groups L. The men of the World War are now beyond ‘the years for draft service although some have '~j» ; enlisted for such service as their ability and ex- ;ylperience may permit, but most of them are just EGGS Wheaties . as good men-as those sent away to fight the coun- WE BEDEEM ~ try’s battles, and could do a good job around home Grade “A” Lge. Pkns- if the situation becomes more acute later on. This and kindred patriotic organizations now :- being formed all over the country will serve good i purpose as a home guard When it is finally realiz- ed how extensive is the subversive infiltration, particularly in high and unexpected places and 2r " ANDY Nalley’s Chevelle 4 ' ¢ among people who do not realize the forces that s. Bars lead them or the direction they are going. , ---------------- While it is known that the FBI has been Gold Label-«BAKING~ checking over the‘ records and actions of those. 3_1b ¢ who have been more or less open in recent years c a Can‘ 2, in advocacy of un-American ideas and have a line »_ g , . . ton danger sources in case of war; ex-officio .XL Brand ‘_ ' . I, . i. groups must guard against undue suspicion of * ~ ‘» r ‘ . . : s a. w innocent citizens which could only complicate E e 51,10, moves for national protection and defense. . -- an ________________ ' Large Can . i v ‘ IS TOM 4 . 19¢ The debate in the Senate on the so-called , _ Bars ................ .. “lend-lease” measure indicates a Wide variance HAPPWALE *— i, v. , of national opinion on. thcwisdom as well as the safety of the course being taken, but behind all the opposition lies a lack of confidence in the ad- ministration and the desire that Congress as a body shall retain'at least a few of its legal pow- . ers to declare war if and when that last resort “ shall come. 2 3cans MACARONI ., . -r . . cm25c 17,. humus 24b. 25c “er-“don " “ ‘ . . 49:: are ......... 13¢ uEw spans Selbs. 25c OYSTERS. people in support of the administration andin criticism of some of the more arbitrary moves, 1 which is reflected in an apparent failure to got 3 “all-out” support frOm the industrial and labor groups charged with national preparation for de— No.1“ . , American interests; the people have done their F"" Sh”me Bag 1 part by supplying unlimited funds, and Would APPLES . ._ . . . . 290 I . playing their full part in the program. Cans ______________ ~ Gbaranteede—sc-Ibs. 43¢ , ~; _ we— ": . __ I , While those who stay at home are making S 5" 0 good money and demanding more, it may be won- 14m Shopping Bag . dered What the lads who have been pulled away Fancy 25¢ ' from job and home by the draft at $30 a month Cans .............. .. I, . I, . and “found,” may be thinking about them these ’1 days. and Manama" o {Tahuya'Has Many law, would be the loss} of many outlets to consum- l tion at Olympia will voice their united'opposition’ l which may have more or less subversiVe motives. , This may appear to be a lack of unity of the, fense and, if the worst comes, for protection of I have more" Confidence if all other agencies were Thursday, Fcbruary ., Sda ,1; I I !the hospital and her daughter,l Under Scouting supe , Mary Frances Sabisch, of Port-1136 Boy Scouts were land, is making her home for the swim in 1940. gpresent with her mother. ‘ e Irving Kusch, a Chicago fl'lendS l Dorothy Thye, spent the week- 3 : lend at the South home. Mr. Kusch 1 ‘ By Mrs V I Knowlton lis now employed-in Seattle. l Tahuya, Feb. 26. —~ Well, wei camel I v n erin ' st wha‘ to ex- . lam wo d g 3” L In,lfrom Tacoma in a new Chevrolet poet in the Way of weather. {l . _ I !the last fifteen minutes there has .gggufi‘rs Taiégliswasvo Zoggesen‘ ibeen the following assortment of: MI, and Mrs Jack King are] lI}:rsaafgogiliznqitagitglfdriLg“gigg‘:lalso in possession of a new car of V ‘ :Birds,” you know those lit tle I Lhe AMERICANA bland' lblack-headcd rascals that alWayS.i Mr- and MW- Al Tenney came "‘ Mr. driving proudly home last week, and Mrs. Crowell lcome before bad weather, a Bluelout_ for ,t-he honday bUt mum” joining 1 lBird, a flock of RobinS. tWo Jays ltheu' 93:13:“ tg‘k’l dang?) to rema‘g 1“ l 3 late on t and a few ulls. An wa , if‘Overmg 8y ave secure al 17M ism.ng has notghcamen ityis Xcanm icaretaker to keep the place in l ,‘ School S! ting" for on George Vvashingtonis Ereadlness for their next VlSlt. ; ‘ dwelling birthday Helen Huson gathered a‘; l March 6,“ f for the or the a lblooming Trillium, and on Mon-l For young men at colleges, who 1 may. Sylvia Godwin took her twolwcrc Scouts, there is the Alpha 1 to 5 p. m3“; lnewly—hatched ducklings out forlPhi Omega, :1 national service, A, .A. Add, district’, :21 Fide- Frances HUSOH has baby lfraternity operating on the camp- omls“'on' ‘” We’ltuali; ‘ChiCkS almOSt on their Own, andluses of 87 colleges and universi-E __ Nope ;the Wheeler Spring shipment oflties ionc thousand pullets has arrived.) ‘All sure signs of Spring. Almost? forgot, or was too modest to. mention. the grand rush of horsel back riders. Mrs. Worth, a cousin of Mrs} :Sebring from Aberdeen, spent the} ‘wcekend with her Tahuya rel-l ,atives. ! Lieutenant and Mrs. Frank O'~~ Laughlin of Fort Lewis, entertain—l ed Major E. J. Pennington and Mrs. Pennington’s aunt Murrayl ,and Miss May Hanson and Harry c ECO i. ,9. :il: NOMY halos STORE ., s Gum&Cand-y filter 9 Smoking Tobacco 3 sacks t 'H. Cherrowith of Seattle over the} an; weekend at the McColloguh cot- has 1 Cigarettes carton 1e ; € l On_Friday last, J. W. Huson drove to Mount Rainier for a bit} of skiing taking with him his two- sons, Johnny and Donald; also gClarence Reimcr who is visiting lhere from Iowa, and Milton Ames, of Bremerton. Henry Wheeler is reported to be the lone case of measles in this! district during the recent epidem- lic. (Popular Brands) EPSOlll SALTS 5-Lbs. 19¢; MINERA OIL Gallon 1' - (Bring Contain“), ngh !mclédys Rendsmd _is bowie-:31: 2 pkgs. Geo. Washington; 9- ’ese‘ 1‘ SEND ma ms Genuine Briar Pipe .............. .. both for. ( y Parke-Davis ,1 7y ‘ l .. r“ ‘ATA LOG lrradol A (hospital size) .................... .. “title? I 1 n l acarted 1 l l i l g l or manner GRADE New Large Stock Parker Pens . re UT on CLOTHING of t Diem“, PRESCRIPTIONS at LOWEST PRIC _ nmh Local FILSON Dealer P O V B.“ t L If P Th at will ersons wm l s o r. Jerg v ay ay em . FILSON co. *5 . 1, Store or to Mrs. Berg at ,Her Home SECOND AVE. at MADISON » SEATTLE V g AlalkAVOutfi‘ttegal Si’n’cglsgz‘ g " l CITY MARKET BUTT GRADE “A” LARGE EGGS ; SPECIAL LENTEN OFFER! Betty CASSEROLE BAKINGS 12 Crocker Casserole Bakings 40_0Z pkg. Newest l—Dish Meals l '; l l I: l c l 2 dos. AY; Silks. l l CORN, PEAS; STR. BEA l 3'55???" BlSQUICK 31¢ FLOV F. A. Spaghetti .......... .. 3 cans 25¢ \ P&G Soap .................. .. 10 bars 35¢ ‘ Corn Flakes .............. _. 4 pkgs. 25¢ ' Tuna .............................. __ 2 cans 23¢ Crab ................................. .1. can 22¢ Matches ........................ ._ carton 15¢ l I . Fbt'Rbast‘ lb. '19” in PENNIS Silk Sifted. FLOUR citing 49-lbs.1.5$l l l i l , l Shoulder ~ Roast Pork 19 Eli“ VEGETABLES l ‘ Pure Pork I Rhubarb Halbs. 15¢ Sausage 2.111325 ., :0“, l EATING » I, p 9 E "gag , Oranges 3 doz. 49¢ Frankfurters lb. 1 sun. h Salt Fat Backs . . . . lb. .9, MuttOn Shld. ,lb. i g Bananas... 23-le. 19¢ Lemons doz. 19¢ . 4 i l i I i I l l l