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February 27, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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February 27, 1941

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brua ry/ 8d}; February 27, 1941.. outing supe ‘ , eouts were: O MO. I I l 3 Idellneg 3:: < o . lanls g last spring, and both teams won their league titles. That put both teams in the Seattle city tournament which semis two teams to the state A.A.L7. tour- 111 the prcgyatu is namcnt. ;v two“ few days ago of} Unable to play for both, the djoin. 013’ house immed- iMillikan brothers had to choose “‘3 the park next to between them, 59 Bill stayed with ‘ la . :te on the baseball dia- Ethc Queen Anne Y.M.C.A. while 3', b . nongcheventually surely, ER STEP ’ _001 district's pro-l ‘ 1' t °te , u, I) (511336 a School a f Don cast his‘. lot with the Acru e aw 1 . wupt. H. Loop , Mechanics. both teams were 1m- M 11 6 ,’ forellng will be removed 1 dressch in their first round games, CA Vfor the field to be cn- Bill scoring ten points as his Y lteammates beat St. Benedicts, 50 (H t to 31, and Don tallied 16 points as 3 “ct’5 ’a m b i t i 0 ii the Mechanics whipped ‘Washing- ‘ 530“. e a.Dpl'oaching base-, i We 1 amually purchase the Eton Athletic Club, 57 to 31, in lt ! ., eg'fllerty hold by prl- he opening round Tuesday night. . "the ‘ Maybe Don and Bill will find . ithcmselvcs as rivals instead of 1 n the same block, strict title to all ,~ ,Franm. t0 T‘Volffll'hl‘r' ,of teammates if things break right ‘ V‘s emele and the City 1m the progress 01" their two i . mod“, essciitiahy four gtgamg t of I“; all to be included iINSPIRATION ; i‘ a Setugoir field. ‘ i Maybe. there was a reason for l I. creatfi“lll enage the dis- the grand game of ball Pat ; aciiitiesL a real 13133131161; smitn dished out at Port Town— 1 for New}: W‘thhi send Tuesday night in the A.A. en . 1 at Sfeleld lacks badly, and} I7. sub-district climinations for . para“) -SOftfielCl Gla- the Pantorium Priratcs . . . Pat's ‘ ' mother, now living at Discover .ngG EERtAWS ‘ I . i Bay, learned about the game anyd n the sa “’0 Cflamplonsmpy came in to see her son play . . . es it me bESkCtball sell-i he certainly put on a fancy ex- 5 Problems. as Bill ‘ hibition of basket production for led the city league} her, ere laSt 5035011, Clls‘ ‘ THE DIFFERENCE . : Fans, beginning to take inter— est in the welfare of the Pantor- ium Pirates, as they once again knock on the door of the state 0“ ‘t\'l'( t. .' 11 's I s 1 cams n. V, kiattle; \vhcre Bill mov- l ' ft 3‘ Job at the _, plant 300mg iA.A.U. tournament, are inquir- 1 )Timbe after the MO- ling about the difference betwren ._ r Plant licrc closed jthis year's and last year’s Pirate ’lsquads, so let's air the subject right now. i The holdovers from 1910 an 1., ". at Se 'Smith, Bill Taylor, Bill Levett and I BgBIBrS Bill McComb. Gone are Bill ‘ lMillikan, Jim Funk, Jess Ander- Shelton‘son, Lobe Bell. and Ralph Wal- lton of the 1940 squad and in their both for have ‘ ‘ . ............ .. '. done in t] . “places are B111 Somers, Murray ée tOurnaments1e gieifd lTaylor, Art Cloutier, Gordon Rus- l‘ P8115 v acarted home n’mre ethonl sell and Ned Snelgrove. re 0f the 1 . . anl Millikan and Funk moved to dfinal Ofgfgzyigferictfiffi Seattle, Anderson cast his lot i 'eln handicap bowling? with Elma this year, and Bell 'ay Them 3 Iyt kegelers' from Centrwl and Welton dropped off the Home “Pia, Gm“a Harbor, squad of their own accord. Som- 1 ers, although one 01' the oldest players currently performing in the city league here, is enjoy- 1‘ , I). ,._ eillioyed this year. i , Co the four round-rob- i V ma mbleted last Sunday 1 I ~, after /. 1 ing his best season. Murray Tay- léniShing “5‘21? tggelfszgf lor is a Pacific Lutheran grad l Mas now teaching at Allyn and the (DH Laundry teams easilng one-two in the hand With their respec- v milssome totals of 3072 i No. I reserve to spell the start- 1 ers. Russell, Cloutier and Sncl- grove are familiar faces to She]- ton fans. having performed in the city league for a number of Sy Squad 'was second The' n seasons ’ 1 . al‘ of ' 8‘1“ an Aberdeen for blow does the 1941 team com-‘ four tou t . sOme 40 pingndmen 5’ pare With last year‘s? Regard- QSa . iles'swof how they fare against, A1 pgrggmgg‘l" Jtfi'iigxflenton in Saturday‘s 'tournamentl ‘ totaL Virdon Saw iberth game, this observer believes kerbim eighth with 'this year's club is superior to the ,_ ‘unk and Phil Bayfl1940 edition. It' is a smoother with 1219 and Bulfuvorking crew, not as tricky as KH- Woodé tenth with last year’s with Anderson, but a 98“ more tilffectivel paising club. and 0m . . one W1 1 comp c e armony, some- . sfisundup inpigflftrfi gfargéithing the 1940 team could .4 total. Howie Hi1der_ [truthfully claim. not iwafiseventh at 642’ I. H'} Defensively there are. those who " 12thnmth at 634, Mark' 3165 c say this year's club is stornger, . 629 Bat 631 Jack Miner others who give the edge to last 11. ud ' vear‘s. Probably there isn’t much difference. although this corner Ron 1 loans to the first Sf‘l‘nnl of thov'mt In“ Tuesday’s exhibition at Port Townsend can be taken as a baro- meter, the 1941 club has the Eedge in offensive power. but last lvear's club was no slouch at manufacturing points. _Ferrier 14th at loth at 624, Lee at 614, and i 1"}.71111 ,f es . 46 doubles. Petitionentered the Olym- l The nod this word-scrambler gives to the present aggregation is based mostlv on its'g‘reater smoothness and harmony, plus the fact that Smith and Levctt are playing far better ball than 1 they (lid last year while Tavlor . and McComb certainly are play- ; E in}: every bit as good, no doubt Deli better, but not by as great dif- ferences as Smith and Levett. l This year’s [lack some of the ability of I 1940 trouble-shooters, however, not by enough to argue much 12 VERY OCCASION r ed anywhere reserves seem to the but i {about . Perhaps the best idea would be to dig up a two-bit piece Satur- iday night and see for yourself as the Pirates battle Renton f0r lthat chance to go to the tour- nament. 113.111.1765.ny 1 News Bij-evities By Mrs. M. C. Hogan Purdy Canyon, Feb. 26. —— Mr- and Mrs. John Case and grand— son, Jim Smith, were Sunday guests of their daughter and fam- ily, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith. Mr. Oliver Johnson was also :1 lguest for dinner. , i Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunde were visitors in Chehalis one day last week. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bourgault and lfamily were dinner guests of Mr. land Mrs. M. c. Hogan Sunday. Mrs. Fred Lambert spent VVed- nesday visiting her parents, 1\ Beach. Mr. Del Edwards received word from his wife who is in Montana, that she is improving and ex- pects to return home within two weeks. Miss Agnes Hogan spent weekend with her parents, and Mrs. M. C. Hogan and fam- ily. Her mother and sister re- lturiied with her for a two days. visit in Olympia. Mrs. Louis Hutton, Mrs. Fred Lambert and Mrs. Chester Rosen- berg were among those present at the double shower given by ers. Fred Miller for Mrs. E. J- Moorc and Mrs. Claud Dug‘gar- land Mrs. L. C. Smith of Concord from “enriched flour" or by. the addition of the required pendinglo or even greater than those in stone-ground flour from high Vl‘ tnmin quality wheat. “Enriched bread” may be made u A Sale Food Buyers Have Asked for— Thritfy shoppers look forward to Safeway's big Annual Spring Canned Food Sale because they know that this event is one of the outstanding features of the year. Again we have taken special care to see that this sale offers attrac- tivc values in single cans, dozens and even case lots. Buy now and save. SIX DAY SALE FRIDAY THRU THURSDAY February 28, March 6 ENE GLADLY YOUR FOOD STAMPS 101157 STORE..- 011,53." ~_‘ ‘iCunned Fruit Juices Libby’s Tomato Juice—‘S-oz. 2 for 9c doz. Diamond A Carrot Juice—12oz. 8c; tins Blue Ribbon Fig Juice—12oz. for 150; doz. New West Apple Juice, 12-02. for 1.50; doz. Libby’s Apricot Juicewlil-oz. 9c 12 tins Sunsweet Prune Juice—1.202. 7c ____ __ 12 tins Libby‘s Orange Juice—12-oz. tin 9c doz. Town House Grapefruit—18—oz. 6c; 12 tins Libby’s Grapefruit Juice—18—oz. 6c; 12 tins Bruce’s Blended Juicos .................. .. 12—02. tin Libby‘s Pineapple Juice, 8-02. 2 tins 9C; doz. Libby’s Pineapple Juice—~18-oz. 100; 6 tins Libby’s Pineapple Juice—46-oz. 5 tins Bruce’s Blended Juices—4602. 19c; tins Canned Fruit Savings Ukulele Broken Pineapple 20—02. 14c; 8 tins Libby’s Pineapple Tidbits 9-oz. tin 7c; doz. Rosedale Sliced Pineapple 15-02. 10C; 6 tins Sun Down Fruit Cocktail ............. 1-1b. tin Libby's Fruit Cocktail 16-02. tin 120; 6 tins FullvO’ Gold Fruits for Salad lb. tin 14c; doz. Bruce’s Grapefruit, broken—tin 80; dozen Highway Broken Grapefruit 20-02. 8c; doz. 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Large 14 ounce. rich Moat “Morrcll‘s” spiced pork luncheon meat. ounce tin Mela Flora Honey 5-111. .tin 330 by Lu SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL H5" {)1. firepofirnij . . . . tin-.95 doz. 98¢ Tomatoes . . . 21in 19:; (102. 1.03 verdale" popular puree style tomatoesfi ounce tin “Glenn Aii-e" fancy whole segments of'fincst'fruit‘. ounces Town House lge. 14o; 6 for 83¢ Fancy, Grade “A” grapefruit juice. Sweetened or natural. 1'16 ounce. Silo Crest Finest halves or slices'of peaches. Large ounce tin mate Eunice: lge. 1'Zc;-3 tins 49:: “Sunny Dawn” with the flavor of fresh tomatoes. 46-02. tin. 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Beef Boil .. . . . lb. 13¢ 21¢ PURE 17¢ LARD -1bs 15¢ FILLET or COD .lb-I‘gy ‘~