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March 4, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 4, 1971

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ne maste i ng In Sea YATES will be so kind as to swing by the boys were t op salesmen of the today by the time this a er B VIVIEN OLSON the family have not yet heard all nearby Veteran's Hospital She The birthday gentleman was PP Y IE- Tuesday, MarchJournal office so that the Island traffic flares the pack acquired for comes out a goodly number of W P Hood Canal she has to tell about the trip She said "I'm going to sell my place pleased and surprised by the .... II LILLI AU - . " could tell that by will be represented this week.me ooys to se . the Island gals will be headed for postmasters Wanda Nelson of spent a week in the Los Angeles a n d m o v e s om e wh ere s, celebration in his honor. a window today. This During the month of Afterwaras the Yates family the Stan Yates home on Phillips Union "Bell' Larson of Potlatch, area visitng with a daughter and anywheres, out of L.A.!" Family Visitors Shade a valiant effort February the annual Boy Scoutheaded over to the Fairgrounds to Lake to attend the March meeting Betty 'Goodnaster of Hoodsport family, and returned just in time Shower Held Visitors at the Jack Catto attend an impromptu square of the Harstine Women's Club ~--n'r~:+'- "~ .... s of Lilliwaun to miss the earthquake. Word has ..... home Thursday and Frida were ne rounds for the Blue and Gold Banquets iutc~were i~fi~ili ~ii ~id~geiiill fi!~ Iw IIlerlbutaskingthe firstthe~iibigfederalhill as we have nothing to say aboutheld around the country. AndchiShe lr .~e. at ~"T ,-I~aKe ben" arndd " un aunaayJUmrbcnooFe ' " [ [ " 6 011 Pooam' m w~t he1 Mn n.65'.'3300 ~.'mm [ J[ [ !~N~h~a~SToS:aCmS~g~d ~m~A / i:eonge,:d ei:nt~ntins Mason County was no exception. .... g post Pack 155 held its big annual au me ous was returned dinner last Friday evening at_the t"!enPineerbase" AstaffphonedisclosedCall to accompan]edMethdist Church.. by RustYhis tamu" "y p' r"edeces" so'rs o,,=uOoyR tE hGe'lSdTepE aRrtment of eco gY or on'e of tLsL iowshlp" ' " " " " " " P D AUDI " - " " " - ') " t planning on Schoolattended the affair from the ' . . . . J Y g postmaster, Dea p of Williams lives in the San Beaver. A luncheon was served at g . Island. He and his Dad, Glenn,her husband, and thexr daughter, with his family, the Dale non~vue with the cooneration of .~ . ' .............. ~o.~),, oysters from the family tidelands. ,urs truly remembering took the cake the two had baked Jud" from Kamilche Hinchcliff~ 1. ......... "-" .... . ~_ rernanao valley ann works at ,at-,v~,-,r,,,o~.s decorated card ....... ..... A ......... - ......... has o~...,, o)~e.te on me l~ana ann his staff and cihzens of Bellevue Olive View Sanatorium Phone tables. The mother-to-be received :hey were not so pleasea when !h promises of the and decorated together. T " o ...... ~ ~,~.,,~ ,~,u~ ~.u .... a week yet ot his two "-- laid out the red car-~et for , .................. mey touna mat a large aepositot In tit'll be raining byyear's entry was a bright red crab .w a good supply of surrounded by blue water. Rusty ad headed for the also was one of the recipients of '. The kids and I will the two cameras presented. T to the mailbox in about two boys earned them during a md see if the mailman fund raising campaign. The tw S~~ge H~e club which is in the process of when they've been in that area. areas Postmasters were also asff everythlng!ust broke loose. BusyWeek to spend the weekend, building a new Hall Th e G eo ' Jne cooler ten over on her, , . ~lo~l ~ll~lluh Welfare r ge Wangelins informed on what to expect with .......... Mable Anderson sbrotherand accompamed by her son Bert and The Arl9 Win erts eno ed aeno ed ..... KnocKing her out. ,~ huge wau to . . , g O Y J y a wslt with their the newU.S. Postal Servlce and of ceilin-bookcase fell over in the sister-m-law, Mr. and Mrs. Martin a school friend. Dr. and Mrs. weekend visit by their oldestdaughter-in-law, Lynne Wangelin some of the changes which were livin-~room snillin~ its contents Olsen, arrived last Tuesday, with Mack Knutsen, son-in-law and ~fcessity to use huge would not only save many states Daughter, Lena T ober and herlast week. She and her husband, anticipated, all o~er the rooem T~le refri-erator their trailer, to spend some time daughter from Olympia, with state tax money to from financial disaster, but would The Tober family drove down their three children make their Postmaster, was elected first vice contents fel~ oui She came to Falls, Mont. Later in the week, were dinner guests and helped derally-imposed welfare guarantee equal treatment for husband, and their five children. George, the Wangelin's son, and Wanda Nilson, Union door dwun- eden and ail the with her. They are from Columbia their children, Carl and Karen, will result in eventual welfare recipients in all areas of fra~umrdah; hmOomr:iO; Vashon Island ihsO~he 1;resDiduglas, Ariz. where he president of the Washington after several minutes which she co~si~ISsfrHmrSdnEFr~anclsco, Mr. their cousin, Bert Hill, celebrate of the state treasurythe United States. Conner stated . " " ent of a new branch chap t er o f ' t h e N a tional remembered thinking Were to be ' -kson drove his 12th birthday. The three boys To Rep. Paul H. Conner that the federal government nowJim and Orvaline report their office of the electronics firm association of Postmasters of the her last to find her house a up to stay with Mable. Their spent most of their time out in Charles R. Savage, sets all of the standards which youngest son, Luke enlisted in the which had an office in Colorado United States. She presided at the comnlete mess Bruised, cut and mother is hospitalized in Port the boat fishing. !s of a House Joint must be met by the state. As long Navy this past week He signed up where he formerly worked and Th,,rsdav luncheon r,l~in, h~'l .... in~ hnlf Orchard and they wanted to visit - "n ' " .... " ........ ~' " ...... #*"~" "" .... r Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wlllson and Wednesda~tlhe foUeS",'C,y hVe~om ...... Florence Ross Returns laughing hysterically, she io'hI~ed~n,nday'theyallurve three children from Yakima spent Lt to assume the costs the public assistance program the ~ .~ y . una mmseli at .... musty ~luo memoers .... h and Lewis Evans met surveyed in the middle of her ....... a, across LaKe the weekend here with his assistance programs in federal government may as well ~e:-~)~.eC ~a(ay to w!ng ms way to uoT t I orget aoo__ut next week's .~ ..ha~tmother Florence Ross, of kitchen floor a puddle of a five w:sn~:gotn' to visit at the home parents, the Roland Willsons of ' take over the program. ,. ~a .~ to take ms nrst training Pl rock supper, there will be no ~altorama City, at Sea Tac pound can of honey, half gallon brotherstner one. of Mable s Holiday Beach. lemonal,Nixon andaddressedcongresst of The measure was signed by 45th~ 48member Democratic at UWetl~,am~ that weatherman Pul;fin~:n?;n: :orhngaw~alfadli~ Aa;ort Feb. 7. She was returning of mdk, a bottle of bourbon,,and Olsen. Mr and Mrs. Oscar Home from Hospital 23 da bus tour tots and lots ot oroKen glass : federal relief funding caucus, Savage said. knew what he was talking aboutand a salad or dessert from a Y of . . . " .. . .. Mrs. Dess Haines returned About 37 resident o Dazedly and not rememoermg too aurpnse rarty Mexico. " s f home Friday after a ten-day stay Panorama Citymany of them much about doing so, she drove Feb. 1 l, friends, family, and in Mason General for treatment of --------~ ...........~--~" --------------------------------------------- v~_-_-_-_-._-._-_-._-._-_-v-..~ students of Panorama's Spanish to Olive View where her office neighbors gathered at the home of a back condition. .... used to be, now complete Mr and Mrs Jay Roush to hel Seven tables were m la at al Pubhmhons regal Publications tNal Pubhcatmns te*al p,,M,,nt,nnc Class, left by air on Jan. 10 flew . . ' p " P y ,~---------------._-_-._-_-._-_-_-._-._-_. ........... to Los Angeles and boarded awreckage m a twenty foot hole m n.lm celebrate his eightieth Friday night s pinochle party at serve the same, duly verified on wi h " f ~-,~s--- .. ~, .... . . . g . P Y ." :~EITFHEAR.ING,..-. after the date of first publicatio ................... " .... h,mnd bus there to be~in the the ground. It was in the new olrthday. Bearin a cake with the Lilliwau Communit Club 'lic " 5r~,-t~y ~lvvr~ of this notice or the same will be the undersinned or her atto: ....... t .m thirty (30) days rom tour Addmonal people were earthquake proof wing of the candles m the figures of eight and Hostesses were Mrs. Erna Martin Y, Marchnearlng30wil11971be heldat barred.D A T E O F F I a-~-T statedf record ..... ~t the address bel'o~v~ ~warcn.~,w mess~W/~'my hand- ........ ann o,.cm .nicked up_ between Los Anzeles ........... hospital where she was the ought, guests included Mr. and and Mrs. Millie Diesen. ~nttheCT.y. Commission PUBLICAT ON February 18, .., _ ane,. r,e ,me same with the seal this 16th day of February and Tucson, Ariz. secretary of the lad pamoiog~st. Mrs. Otto Freelund of Port Mrs. Virginia Allison and Matt ~):erK_o_r me sa~a.court, together 1971. - ' Mrs. Ross truly enjoyed the Luckily most of the damage at Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kaare were' first prize winners; Y II, Shelton, 1971. on be.fore the C ty IreneJ. Ziegenfuss Eu~ &r~mron~hSsCaTtSrer~t~ce~w~tn~n Glen H. Fie.dler_ . trip and felt she had learned a Olive View was in the Roush of Rochester, andMr, and Ernest Haines and Mrs. Erna '-'"'~ '-" ue arrmenT OT I=COIOgy ~lo_n o~. the City of Executrix of said estate, first publication of this notice or P 2/25 3/4 great deal about the Mexican administratwe area, so there was Mrs. Allie Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin second; Mattie Backlund io~ns~.aer the petition Star Route 2, Box 440 the same will be barred. " " : people and the country. She is not the terrible toll of dead and Mark Cotter and Mr. and Mrs. and Roland Willson, pinochle )roperty:" " or the following Shiers,BelfairKruseWaShingtn 98528 Date of first publication.. ,~UH~.=" ................../U t.n=UHU~= ~till restin-~ u'~v from the trin,., so injured thattherewere in the Dave Collins. all of Indian Beach. prize winners February 18, 1971. - " part of South 13th &.Roper . /s/ Reita Cullum NO. 4185 veen Blocks 26 and 27 By F.a.k A. Shmrs Personal Representative IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ~ C I Addition No 2 to th; Attorneys for Estate "26 I ~[ Glenn E. Correa THE STATE OF WASHINGTON I l~=a,,-,~==~r~ I I ' =,.= ~-* _ I ~flt?2 according to the720 Prospect Street P.O. Box I Attorney for Estate FOR MASON COUNTY IN I IVVI;~VVWV i I llU'~ VlOW ENVIRONMENT . the office of the Port Orchard Washington 98366 Bell Building PROBATE. and the BIBLE or Mason County Phone: TRiangle 6-4455 1215outh4thStreet IN THE MATTER OF THE ~ - - - I cho,ch II AlhanceChurch GOd ut man ,n a beautiful 1;ofC?~emencing at the 2/18-25-3/4-3t S~elton, Washington . E S T A T E O F J A C K C. ~-l-r~ !~11,~)11 I 910 EaSt Dearborn I I Washington & "J Sts. P . . "" e alley as platted RING 2/18-25-3/4-3t OSBORNE, Deceased. ~i-'llUJflLF~r/~'~.~ I i ~WIqR WV_~ON~.Pastor I I Garden Eden There are no ghettos )cks 26 and 27, thence NOTICE OF HEA __ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ~ I ....................... I I Sunday School .... 9:45 a.m. to the South line of ON THE COMPREHENSIVE NOTIEE~O..F~G,~ROUND that the undersigned has been I .............. ...=... I I Morning Worship ll.00am I I ............ I ~/2.%fggd2enT" PLANOFTHE .... v~w~.L..~,~.~l~.rn~ .... appointed and has qualified as the Iu"uY~L"uu'.~'",,=',~,~.""" I i .v~= "" ~:nn,,'m'l I~ found h, cities. The/ erk SHELTON PLANNING AREA /~I-'I-'LIL./~/IUI~I I~1O. I I t~ll nersonaI re,.r~e~;,,~ ..~ ,~.^ ~ rv~ornlne worsnlu .. , ~ :uu ~.m. ~ ~ ................ , . v.vv ~,.,,,. I I Bible says the first city was built by STATE OF WASHINGTON Estate of JACK c ~c, RC~I~NF I C~C dets'....6:00D.m. I I " g " -. ". : P- -I I the first murderer. Cain murdered/ ~- ~. ~ ..=.,.~ v. ~,~ Evenln Service 7 O0 m the first murderer Cam murdered 3"4---' NOTICE IS HEREBY .... 3/ &3/25 GIVEN: That a hearing will be DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY, deceased, that'all "~er~-on~-ha'v'in"-~ ~--~------. IF~.ni-.~ .... i~. 7:nn n m I I PrayerHour (Wed.) . 7:30p.m. | [ hisbrother Abel. | --- ' held before the Shelton PlanninOLYMP!A~_,..~_ claims against said~ deceased arg~ ~.~fll/i.m~i~l~ t I~)'." :7:()0 p:m:I I EARL EVERS,Pastor / I Man is not the vict,m of his~ rlNANCENO. 817 Commission and the Masong "~;~UC~I~I~rERFIELDHOSS he~eby required to serve the same, ' " I ~~;~,k~-;,(,~/ ~HR D I N A ..N ..C" I= County Planning Commission" " on ............ ~" ... ou y verified on the undersigned ~t/~:~ri(%-l[~~ ] the victim of man. It Is man's sin,l INGAREVOLVIN(~ Wednesday March 17, 1971 at Ilxlt.uHP, ul-(~/l=u or beaTue, or h tto n " ' ~^,.~.;...~ .... =..k., -r" ~ lO-)1 er a r ey of record at the ~J I his greed, his hate that has polluted1 FOR THE POLIr'~ the hour ;:)f 7:30 p.m., in 'the .,=~. .... ~v.. v. ~,.u= y rm" "~' "=''to address below stated .~nd file the both manand hisenv ronment. flied apphcatlonfor pe it same with the .... " 4ENT OF THE CITY Evergreen School Auditorium, withdraw public ground waters court tonether wCi~erk-f}h~-slued I FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH [ I :ot[~ ~ an:nh~ ;~r~eme~t~as a/ rON. 8th and Pine Streets, in Shelton, through a well situated within Lot service ~/~/ih;,, ~',-~.'.'-IJ',u~U" u ~, r . I Arcadiaand Lake Boulevard I I place of beauty.and plenty. There| T ORDAINED ANn Washington. 1, Block2, of the plat of Colony after theda~'e'o;~Ur'.t~u/bli'"ca~'io'n I I I EDCHAMBERLAIN, Minister I [ v~asnopcver, yihe,e. | .ED by the City Any interested person may Surf No. 1 of Section 10~ of this notice or the>'sa~me will be I ....... I | Bible School ....... 9:45a.m. Family Service ...... 7:30p.m.| I GOD still loves you. HE wants you | ion of the Citv r,~ appear at said hearing to be heard IS" hereby established"-'a for or against said Comprehensiveplan.. /ownsnlp Z3 IN., i~ange barr..~ , ......... I l Worship We~gi/~d~YresBeiblie:~l:;dep?y~rdo;~3rv0iPem.ll OOa m I I tO enjoy _all the I:;lessitgSre (l~th~/ !und of not more thnn Copms oftheComprehensive u""'=" I ) for the Polic'~ Plan will be available at Shelton ....................... r the /S/Gwendolyn B Osborne I --El lOll lk. uNE I " I ............................ / CUnti,,uuu~,y eat,, y~a, ,u Perso '- " " ent of the City ;~ City Hall and the Shelton Library ..... p~ vu=--^ u."" cv,,,,,,=,,,.x" ...... =,, ,~..,'~'m=*i~ ....... L~len--"' ~- nal^ HeDresentative~ .1 ~.~_ ........ I ~ i~.~l~l~ll~ ~l ~111....... .~BII [ YOU can have all the blessings of l O " "" DATED this 1st day of " -~.L.orrea I ( !1- 71-41;;; kAAII%I I I INIgKIIRIIIial OAIPII)I i~ldlUl~lPII I I salvatinnwandalltbegloriesof/ supplY. " Attorney for Estate v~ /i iL ivir~ll . that heavenly Paradise when DUCED in ren.l=. March, 1971. Any ob'ectionsj must be D^u~t, ..... I, 'z'1 ......... Phon~426-2488 I' [ e o n: gJ'na.r ise when / ,n Meeting this 2~r~l Shelton Planning Commission accompanied by a two dollars 121Sou~ll'~th Street / =, ........ = ' ~ ...... ";~'~'45a'mi[ ' / / )ruary, 1971 " PurIJemison, Chairman / u" I I;~u::~Z~Z::;;?IT::T:7> !agEvMi in'regular 3/4-1t (pSi t21~07h} e r ~ce~r:r ~.rgl e f ~ %: ~dc J tel; d Shelton, Washington/18 25 3/4 3t " " "~. "~'~:1~;O" ;~m iPi': ~,~/e~gdl~eodLaOR O JESUS as yur etlng this 2nd day NpOTIICEIgNF##. " 2N / Communion with God is a I I / 1 natural formofcommunica-I I FIRST BAPTIST I NO. 4160 / tion. A woman relates I I FIRST BAPTIST [ heyOnas;tod:::is~igtsn~..Kneeland,s)oner to form . that CHA PR OhB~ :m:a'~t e b ~f V ' h~ THE 5TATE OF WASHINGTON Deceased. FOR IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF NOTICE a MASON petition IS HEREBY for COUNTY an E~tate award GIVEN EITH IN of in , *EPART~(~ENT WASHINGTON STATEJhn A. Blggs, D rector . . OF ECOLOGY , I [ ' h:r~br:~e:;:bs were healed ] I0-15 a m 8:45 . a.m. . . K~Y KXA .~. 1240 kc 770 kc I ~ ' ~~ I I~ii Sunday School .. 15 21 Monroe ............................. 9.45 a.m. : e:o_o p.m ii!i~ " KIVI" " :m~Ct aH~ "U~ "R'P~Sut n~a~:~ckhr ~~ I .... AS" Evenlng Gospel Hour 128()')(~ "I vwmp~a, Washindton [ .J ~l=llil ITU I Christ's Ambassadors ...... 5:00 p.m. [ I ,~ ............... _Afterglow I 3 ' lieu of homestead nas been filed " the IKgln Evangelistic Service .......................... 6:00 p.m. v~etcl)~:~anYsBfirbolmeStudl~noT:15 P.m. ~.~ /4-1t wth theClerkof thisCourt, andthat the petition will be heardon WQ er .,. -. ! _ I Ewv:dnng:~dSatiy~S:Tii~'lxii.gllt:.;LLLi:::::::::::::::-!::~!p:m: I I lu v rs,o. CEOFHEARINP. March 26 1971 at9 30 a.m. in .m~.~lnlll'S , that HEATS / REVlVALTIME, Sunday. KGDN ................ 3:00p.m. kLREPORTAN~ the co'urtroom of the IF OR DISTRIBUTION above-entitled Court. -- = mO. 4150 /S/Shirley I~eiTn part#Ve~Yppe;S?o~ia~?g/ud~_ng..but not limited to an individual, U_PER_IOR COURT OF Personal Representative other municipality. ~O'unP~DIIC. or private corporation, city or .... I I I L~ L)F WASHINGT~,~ G enn E. Correa ' Washington and tl~e Uni'..~ s.ta.te agency and the State of ~.====e IAI.I J~ILIIIII~I~U of MA,'TA, DI=MI= I I I I.-'~. -. ~ ..~L .. J'.-~ PL .... L, I ON COUNTY .... Attorney for Petitioner ~er_ of the" "Estate of 121 South 4t.h. Street Washingto-nWater riqhtSareeStahllch...~Uh~...~,,~'~u Under>TateSthef America,laws of. whenthe StateClaimingof OrlCLIlk,Pl~l ~rllldlK~irl the i,l~ll.Fi~,= =~,~ II Ii U I] II~lrJ P/II~IIIUUI~I ........ %.,llUI i.iI II L~'NNA, Deceased Shelton Washington water right's related=t~Yo 7~tified that all water r,ghts or cla,med Located in Memorial Hall, 2nd and Franklin I I ......... I n s G M o -" ' .- 3/4-1t surface or ground wat~ ... w~thdrawal or diversion of public .......,, ~ .... n_..... Phone 426-1298 I I HP.V.HU~L~ H. MUUPI I~t_lvIInl$1lllr I |tot=of sa~d Estate, hasNr~T C TO CREDITORS 90.14.041, mus k .... state, except as prov)ded m RCW ' I I Services: 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. I .,,u e " , ....... , u~ registered with the Department of Ecology 9 45 a m =~u t-ourt his final ..... E .. ~Q (formerly the Departs " . Sunday School ....................... : n, askinP. ~1~lion fOr IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF Washington not later .~ ent of Water Resources) Olymp a, I~lnrnlnn UUn~chi~' " " 11.(3(3 a m II ___1 report ~d='].u_.~Lurt to THE STATE OF WASHINGTON c ......... ulan June 30 ~o7~ ' .-. ..... ~ ........ ~- ................................... = . LO the ~ersonLU,te the FOR MASON COUNTY. RES'U~'~Ir-AIW ...... AS'I~k~:~UIRED BY LAW Wl " " .................... : . I WATER RIGHT OR~,--v.~ AND RELINQUISHMENT OF SAID Evening Service ........................ 7:00 p.m. | nd to .~. -,~ merero In the Matter of the Estate of ..... t-L/~IMED~^~T=D D,P-HT Prayer Meet)n Wednes 7 30 m Itor Sal"'~narge said ALLY Deceased ~ registrati ............... g, day ................. : P. | r I , ~. "d report ---. DOTY R ST " obtained at the co',,~..rm and an explanation thereof may be-- - I / r-. . ~L ___L 1" t"'L~,;,.l ..:A.~:,.~ I ,,) De heard on fho ha",u The undersigned is the rch, 1971 at 9:'30~=~n appointed and qualified .personal by contacting t~e'tycurthouse, from the local watermaster or I firs| t~,nurc[1 ui ~.,11/1~1~ ~,1~1111~)1 I Jrtroom ~ "" "="'.~" re r entative ot said esTaTe Building Olvm,.; .... uepartment of Ecology;Union Avenue .___=_ / 302AIderSt.,Shelton,Wash. I f said Cou p es - " I The following pertinent se ou.nty Courthou~=, r~gPersons having claims against .the ~ ~'~ wasn. mgton 98.501. en I " I tion SundaySchoo111.00a m --Church 11.00a m "90 .....I1: I CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST LATTER DAY SAINTS [ / Wednesdayevemngtestlmony meetings 7:30 P.m. asninaton "~ =~ deceased are reauirea To serve me are quoted in fu chons of the ab mg leg,s a . ." . "*.u,~l Claim of r " ' in room ocated lnchurch. Read n roomhours ff TFIIS " 1st da~, ^,same in duplic;;te, duly. verified, or surface wat-- ight to withdraw, divert or use ground I Connection ................ I / Read g " " g .... on the undersigned or me Exemptions Aii;Srson filing statement of claim required -- I Priesthood Meet n ~.lzzn ~rs. I-none .zb-z~u= a m I I ...... ~~. Men. E F~7~ ........ I v_ields attorney of record at the address or divert and m-- s using or claiming the right to withdraW I ..... g .............................. 9:15 . | _ i )~theSuperiorct,,,.. stated below and file the same waters of the st-'-e.ficial use of public surface or fro I. - ................................ : I, , il..e, ck.la Vermillion~''~ with the Clerk of this Cour[,, shall file With t~u;.except as hereinafter provided in this section, I ~acrament Meeting .............................. 5:00 p.m. | r.%le.rk together with proot oT su.cn ~nyder serv ce w th n four months arTer 1974, a state~"-~eP,arTment of ecology not later than June 3u, L | r 1 form provide;l"~.~:.'~,T claim for each water right asserted on.a " I ~,,, I i ~'1 I I Law March 4, 1971, or the same will any water rig~tsYwkne~department. This section shall not appl.y, to _ | , nermen ,, , I th be forever barred, certificate is ...... Ln are based on the authority of a permit or., I- I / --,~, ~. ~..v... v .I ashington Richard I. Staley, Jr. . ORIUM -- 3rd & Cota : " ' " 3/4 It RFD2, Freeport, Maine04032 "9014 =. . / MT. OLIVE LUTHERAN CHURCH I / %, " Robert L. Snyder claim for eaThL:State,ment of claim--Contents The statement of / . .............. I / From 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every Sunday " -. lltm 2 !1 TO C~,-.--- Attorney for Estate ,~ -,-,_ " ",gn~ snail include fh~ ft~llnwinn. / IVll=l~ugl~l ;~ll~uu I / _#_~ \~ ~'~IIII~ I NO 4186n~uligRS Shelton,125 % N.~hhington 98584 }.~/ ~ne name and mailing addr'esso'f"th'e'c~aimant J 206 E. Wyandotte ROLAND HUBER, Pastor I / SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 1971 3/4-11-18-3t the r~/4h;7oe dnia_me of the watercourse or water source from which / ......... "~ 1971 I/ Bible Study: LELAND WILKINSON," '~. N~' -=~ ,I;i PERIOR COURT OF ~ f31 Th'~ _.v~r.[.or make use of water is claimed if ava able. / ~unaay, ivlar~.H t, I / Min ster ~'~ -"