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March 6, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 6, 1941

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' i March? lsday, March 6, 1941.. \ Firemen Cl' the smoke clouded window just one of London’s GUS hFQIilng his gas mask in a testing chamber as part of the . . tlalnlng course the British capital gives its fire fighters. mg follom photo aren’t playing blind man’s buff. They’re e 0 gl'Ope their way blindfolded so they can move about at i‘Where dense smoke hinders vision, without getting hurt. Talking about the New General Electric Range ' the “FLA VCR-SAVER” 'i‘ r WHAT THEY save MY CAKES DON'TDRY our ANY MORE ,Sloys so clean . . . and the food tastes so good! ’1 «. you can Cook “prize” roasts, y Wit; every time. It’s really at t “a General Electric ‘ Ha m5. Flavor-Saver” Oven ‘chooltsture, flavor. Its Deep i . men er [toe-steam} vege- ., steakits. Iis Broiler gives you ‘ .Letlls With a "charcoalike" .. 0‘5 Show you many other this clean, cool, fast, way to cook better meals. E COME IN AND SEE THE NEW NERAL ELECTRIC RANGE Sunny Jim PREM Lunch Meat Pacific Brand Crystal White Hy-Power i . . . . . . . . . — ~ FLOUR Flagstaff ecali :49 1... __________ __ 1.39 —Large ‘7’ 3 .. 8805 10 rolls 49c "i Rn 0M8 each 390 TUNA Bonnie Best i _______.______. WW- .._._....._.._ ._..______...______.___...___._____.___________._ _ _ _ _ ._.._ ._._ ___ _________ fi__.__i Ir 1 W. -; ‘ ' . ' 3'2 2: . a? , ‘ i .1 s V , ., 5 "A - Fodlems bat.- ll Make Your Meals SPECIAL FRIDAY - SATURDAY VIONDAY P'nul Butler 2-lbs. 25¢ Crackers . . .' 2-lbs. 15c Soap Chips 5-lhs. 29c Bleach . . . 1/2-GAL. 17c Produce Apples full box 89¢ Grapefruit . 1/2-case 59¢ Grapefruit . . . . .29¢ Shopping Bag- v ' Fresh Peas . . 3-lbs. 25¢ New Spuds . . 5—lbs. 25¢ Rhubarb lb. .5¢ Hot House. Laundering Lace When laundering a lace or an em- broidered collar, baste it carefully onto a piece of muslin or other soft material. Wash and rinse as usual and roll up in a Turkish towel. thn almost dry, press thoroughly on the wrong side. Remove the collar from the cloth, lay it face down into a dry towel and press until dry. Nicknames The state of Connecticut is called Nutmeg; Georgia is. called Cracker; Iowa is Hawkeye; Maine is Pine Tree and South Dakota is called Coyote. SEND FOR THIS FREE CATALOG OF HIGHEST GRADE OUTDOOR CLOTHING See Your Local FILSON Dealer C. C. FILSON CO. SECOND AVE. at MADISON if SEATTLE Alaska Outfitters Since 1897 pkg. 5c !appointed to get together with [male progney are be saved for iof organized labor. three of these sources, accordinglbuu calves for the official na_l lof personnel, which is to classify the eligibility requirements." v, purposes. of 100,000 population, and also ‘waiting indefinite periods for their l i first aid station whose qualifica- ' ‘ that an ‘ ployers and cooperation with en— . Club have provided for appeals in SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL Page Three SAVING SOME STATES RIGHTS -_~l ‘ Both houses have passed and the measure‘ , "2:: {325" is before Governor Langlie, which returns to thef fl“, KEEPS‘ state its rights in the Queets Corridor and other; HANDS ,areas outside the Olympic Park, for access to tim—i SOFT ber, minerals and other resources and for roads; ? } GAVE?” SAVAGE SPONSORS lthsey Ergo? NUMEROUS nun l a... 0,. BILLS lN Housrl Selecliegistry Jersey cattle breeders of Ma— lson county should look ahead now Mason 00. Representative, Chair- ; to make sure that herd sires used man Of House Labor Af— sin service after April 1 are prop- fairs Introduccs5Bills lerly qualified to sire bull calves {eligible for registry. or that Among new legislative propos-ldams bred after that date have 315 of interest to the whole stateieither D.H.I.A. or American Jer~ (as distinguished from district- scy Cattle Club production rec—l benefit bills), labor legislation has ' ords sufficienty high to permit been of major concern to this their sons to be registered un— district's Representative Charlesldcr the selective registration plan. R- savage 0f SROkOm}Sh Vii-1193‘] “Although selective registration )He is chairman 0f thls SeSSlOnYs‘of Jersey bulls does not become illouse committee on labor and la- effective until January 1, 1942’ statistics. ‘ breeders should remember that i The labor bill of perhaps Widest cattle bred after April 1, next, interest this session is the civil ser— i may drop bun calves that they vice proposal for the state s own i will wish to save for breeding pur- ;€‘mP10yeeS- lposes, and that these calves will‘ i OUt 0f Varying proposals mtm' come under the eligibility ruling,” duced from different sources, the advises County Agent lerstmmn house labor committee drafted al “The bmedihg date of the dam} [new bill labelled SUbStitUte H0115""'anticipatcs the birth date of the; Bill No. 107. read for the first time can: by about 280 days,” he ex- in the lower house February 25. plains. “Therefore, every Jersey! , The b1” W375 drafted by a Spec“ breeder should keep in mind that! 131 Schommlttee Wthh savage after early spring, animals whose! representatives of the governorvlscrvice at home or for sale to! 0f the Cw“ Servme leaguev and or for sale to other breeders should i . The SubStl‘ l be purchased or selected with 211 mm b1“ has the support of all ithought as to the eligiblity of their to SaVagev Who tom the Evenmg tional Jersey herd register. ThiSi News he was well Pleased “’lth advice is particularly important toI the result. persons who plan to buy Jerseyl Regulatory Body Proposed bulls in the near future. Theyl It provides for selection of state should investigate the production l employees from a qualified list pre- 1 pedigrees of such bulls to deter- l pared by a new state department mine whether they conform with POSitionS. FCgUIate DI‘OmOtiOHS, de- The county agent's office offers motions. and dismissals, and pro-;to assist breeders who may not! hibiting Placement preference Onlcompletely understand the plan! iaccount of political or religious be- A leaflet explaining the require—l liefs or affiliations, also prohibit- ments is 3150 avaname, Briefly, mg SOIiCitation 0f money fr‘OmlJersey selective registration is a 0151551de employees for POIiticalgstep to bar from the herd registerl any bull of inferior production an- cestry, and to make the registra- tion certificate mean more in the future. It applies only to pure- bred Jersey bulls born on or after next New Year‘s Day. Regis- tratiorls of Jersey females are ini no way affected by the new rules. Five simple ways, any one of which will qualify a purebred Jer- The bill provides for similar civil service systems in counties provides that smaller counties, municipal corporations or other subdivisions of the state may set up similar systems, individually 101“ jointly. Other labor measures sponsor- . led by Representative Savage in— sey bun for registration, are pro- C1Ude5 vided. Sons of ally registered Jer- , Semi-Monthly. Pay Sought sey D.H.I.A-. “proved sire” with} HB 448, requiring employers tola 400-pound 305-day butterfat pro- Pay employees at leaSt tWICe alduction average on hisdaughter month. In the case of semi-mon- Iwiu qualify. The son of an Amen- thly Payments, the bill requiresman Jerse‘y Cattle Club “Tested employers to pay by the 1 th OfISjy-e" with a 500-p0und 365-day the month for services re dered ave h-S dau hters can also between the 1st and 15th; and to be Eggztggeml g pay by the 3rd of the followingI month for services rendered be-, _, — l tween the 16th and the end of P A R A M 0 u Ithe month. Savage says this THEATRE shill is aimed at irresponsible em- Shelton, Wash. )ployers who often have kept men a . p {TB 449 would amend the in- dustrial insurance law to require employers of fifty or more per- sons to employ an attendant at a tions meet the requirements of the state department of labor and industry. It also adds “immed- iate” to the present requirement employer shall furnish .transportation to the nearest place of proper treatment in case of ser— ious injury. HB 452 would amend the mini- mum wage and labor conditions law for women and minors, with respect to records kept by em- forcoment officials. of a “Star Bull” will be register- ed without furth qualification. Or, if the young ull’s dam has a 400-pound record in some offic- t0 ially supervised production test- MARCH 9 to 12 ing system, he can be registered. so that no injustice may be done to a desirable young bull CLERK which, for some unanticipated rca- . son is not qualified under any of ' lthe foregoing methods, the direct- ors of the American Jersey Cattle Alicquum-Mayum The Boy Scout Movementi healthfully and sanely offsets the disadvantages which civilization has caused. .7, -...‘..._h.. ,in the coastal region. The bill repeals part ofi [ 1939 law by which the state ceded all rights to: pleasing to note that there is some inclinationl 49c —__.—__.___..._.—__._.. land in the park or which might be later included according to the whim of Secretary Ickes. It is, in the legislature to check the move to take away from the people what few rights they have leftl to control their own home affairs. FIR DRUG STORE SAFEWAY’S BIG FOOD EVENT CONTINUES You asked for it, friends. Due to poular demand Safeway’s big Annual Canned Food Sale Con— tinues for another full week. Check over this list of features and plan to put an extra supply of cannde foods into the pantry. It's YOUR time to save. TOMATOES Gardensidc toes. 29—01. 3.1... 25““ I GRFRUIT purcc toma- (6 Days—Friday Thru Thursday) (ilcntn Aggro fancy seg- 9¢ Golden Ripe Olives ........ .. 9-oz. tin 100; 6 for 55c tin California Club Catsup ____________ _. 14—02. bottle 90 NuMade Mayonnaise ............ _. pint 210; qt. 350 Dutchess Salad Dressing pint 150; qt. 23c Cascade Salad Dressing __________ __ pint 12c; qt. 21c JUICE Dawn pure toma- 46-01. tin. 1g..14¢ Libby’s Pineapple Juice 46-02. tin 216; 6 for 1.15 Rosedale Sliced Pineapple 15oz. tin 10c; 6 for 55c Sun Down Fruit Cocktail ____________ __ 16-02. tin 90 Garden Side Peas _________ .. 17-oz. tin 8c; 12 for 89c Sugar Belle Fcy. Peas 20-02. tin 12c; 5 for 55c Country Home G. B. Corn 12-oz. 10c; 12 for 1.10 Libby’s Bantam Com... 20-oz. tin lie; 6 for 59c Sunny [0. PE Tender Sweet Corn ...... .. 16-02. tin 8c; 12 for 89c V ‘ y Beans ---------- .— 19-OZ. for 890 $321,; (2‘53;- siices or Garden Side Beans ...... ._ 19-02. tin 8C; 12 for 890 Briargate Fcy. Beans 19-02. tin 10c; 12 for 1.15 Highway Sauer Kraut 27-02. tin 90: 12 for 980 Target Corned Beef ______ __ 12-02. tin 170; 6 for 980 Mid Pacific Tuna Flakes 7-oz. tin 11c; 6 for 620 Cherub or Federal Milk... 5 tins 360; 12 for 850 CANE SUGA CANE. In Sanitary tin JUICE Town House grapefruit juices. 46—07.. 3 4i)¢ , lO-lbs. 25-lbs. 100-lbs. 55¢ 1.36-5.25 Cloth Bags May Day Salad Oil _______ __ qt. tins 29c; 1/2 gal. 55c Royal Satin Shortening .......... __ lb. 16c; 3-lbs. 400 {lishwalié pure tomato- Spry Shortening __________________ __ 3—lbs. 49c; 6-lbs. 970 mg" “’7” Pard Dog Food ______________ _. 16-oz. tin 8c; 6 for 450 10¢ Red Heart Dog Food ...... __ 16-02. tin 8c; 6 for 45c lge- M. D. Toilet Tissue ______________________________ _. 3 rolls 25c w Zee Toilet Tissue ................................ .. 4 rolls 15c Sierra Pine Toilet Toilet Soap __________ __ 2 bars llc , Sweetheart Toilet Soap ______________________ _. 4 bars 18c Lifebuoy Toilet Soap __________________________ 3 bars 170 fle‘gnfma 1""9 “Mey- Lux or Palmolive Soap ______________________ _- 3 bars 170 _1b. Sllpurb Granulated Soap ____________ .. 24-02. pkg. 16C 5 tin Rinso or Oxydol —— 24-02. pkg. __________ .. 2 for 396 Concentrated Super Suds '— 22-02. pkg. 2 for 39c EDWARDS Finest vacuum packed cof- fee. Drip ‘or regular. 2-1.... 39¢ SAUCE unanimous,Grapefruit,Avocados wow son) by wmon-ri Safeway announces this revolutionary‘dvonge in selling methods bi:- ' couse offer the most extensive tests, salling "by the pound” proved to be'morc fail and equitable to the consumer than any other me- thod. Buying by weight removes all risk—you pay only for who? you 'get—and no move! Gardenside tomato hot “We' 8’0“ “n‘ Sunkist Oranges ll-lbs. 55c NEW 3 _ 10¢ Sunkist Lemons .............. .- lb. 70 tins Arizona Grapefruit ____ _. 10-lbs. 33c W Winesap Apples ________ _. lO-le. 390 Fcy‘ Impemal New Cabbage .................... .. lb. 40 _ Imperial Carrots bu. 5c 3 “ ‘ Imperial Lettuce ______ _. ea. 50 Spiced pork luncheon Oregon Onions 10-lbs. 290 NEW meat. 1,.-oz. No. 1 Potatoes ____________ _- 13-lbs. 220 P t t Super Gem Potatoes... 15-lbs. 25c 0 3 Des No.1 Med. size 4-le . 19¢ Tomatoes .... .. 2-lbs. 25c Spinach ______ .. 3-lbs. 10c Bananas .......... .- 1b. 6c LEG OF LAMB lb. Selected Quality .................................. .. LAMB ROAST lb. Meaty and Tender .............................. .. PORK CHOPS lb. Center Cuts .......................................... .. PORK ROAST lb. 25¢ 19¢ Pure Laird.2-lbs~ 15¢ Beef Boil . lb 13¢ Picnic Hams. . 1b 19¢ Pork Sausage. lb 17¢ 15¢ Med. ¢ icnic Style .......................................... .. We Have Fish for Lent