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March 7, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 7, 1963

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Airman Basic William J. For- man, son of Mr .and Mrs. Bur- nett B. Forman, Shelton, is be- ing reassigned to Amarillo AFB, Tex., for technical training as a United States Air Force air- craft maintance specialist. Air- man Forman, who completed the first phase of his military training here, was selected for the specialized course on the basis of his interests and apti- tudes. The Sunday is the core of our civilization, dedicated to thought and reverence. HART HACKS 622 ON 235 STUFFER FI{ATIRNAL LEAGUE W Moose Antlers ................. 24 Fuller Construction ........ 23 Kiwanis Club .................... 23 Lions Chlb .......................... 19 Shelton Hardware ............ 16 Rotary Club ....................... 14 22 B111 Moose .......................... 13 23 Eagles Aerie .................... 12 24 High games--Gerry Hart 235, Gary Cowan 228. High series--Gerry Hart 622. Gerry Hart sandwiched a 235 between 199 and 188 games to mold a 622 series for the Moose Antlers during a 3-1 victory over the Lions (Walt Wolden 511) in Fraternal league bowling action Monday night. Gerry's big game nudged the .Antlers to a 1001 game but the Kiwanians went to 1009 behind Gary Cowan's 228 during a white- wash job on the Eagles (Lione! Leman 581}. Gary hit 557. Rotary ( Min Okano 507) downed Shelton Hardware (Jerry Knutson 500. 3-1, and Fuller Construction {Floyd Fuller 562) blanked Bull Moose (Bill Wilson 525) in other play. I i |- BRIDGE DESERVES APPRO VAL As stated heretofore, the Journal backs the Hartstene Island bridge bond proposition, on which Mason County vot- ers will express themselves next Tuesday, on the premise it is good business to spend money for a permanent solution rather than continue to spend it permanently without solu- tion to a problem. It's simple good sense to spread the cost of a $720,000 bond issue over he next 20 years for a permanent, virtually costless upkeep bridge rather than $200,000 for a new ferry {which is not a permanent fixture) operating at a continu- ing and. rising deficit in excess of $20,000 annually. You've heard the numerous points in favor of the bridge before (and can review them again on page 8 in this edition right now) so we'll not burden you with them here. In adjoining columns you will find some bridge proposition opposition in letters to the editor We don't think there will be any problem getting the 60 percent favorable vote required by law to pass the bond issue. The problem, much more likely, will be getting the re- quired 40 percent turnout of last November's general elec- tion, or something a bit less than 2700 votes' cast on the sub- ject. This is one of those cases where the vote could be 2600 to  in favor of the proposition but it would fail. Best way to see that this doesn't happen, if you, are an economy-minded taxpqer, is to get out and vote Tuesday and see that your neighbor does, too! AN EXCEPTIONAL SCHOOL BOARD The lot of a school board director is thankless and un- salaried sometimes even harried and costly. Because of this unfortunate fact-of-life, lucky is that school district which can attract qualified, level-headed and unselfish men and women to accept the role of school board director. Shelton school district has been one of those so favored in recent years, with a current board which has risen above the mediocrisy and rubber-stamp plateau which is so often characteristic. It is the Shelton district's good fortune that four of its five present board members--chairman Doug Lar- son, Frank Houston, Virginia Martig and Betty McCIan- ahan---are agreeable to continuing their service. The fifth---Tom Ryan--cannot because of a residence change. We believe the voters of Shelton school district should reward these four with a rousing vote of appreciation at next Tuesday's election and return them to the seats they now hold so they can continue the excellent work they have started. This board has kept the Shelton school system operat- ing within its budget without special levy, but for one year, during an era when few districts have been able to do so, and without lessening the quality of the education provided district students. This was done only through prudent, vigi- lant attention to getting the most for every tax dollar allo- cated for school purposes. It achieved an amicable solution to the delicate prob- lem of non-high district participation in Shelton high school facilities expansion, established this district as one willing to stand on its moral and legal responsibilities to the tax- payers by the manner in which it handled the Gran t Angle school addition bids, earlier saved the district considerable money by its firmness with the architect in planning the ad- dition, and finally by returning an unneeded $50,000 of a $200,000 bond 'issue voted by the people to finance the ad- dition. This board has attained also a close and valuable contact with the public to keep abreast of public think- ing by establishing a Citizens Advisory Committee to assist in planning, studying and solving many matters connected with school affairs, and has constantly stud- icd and re.examined academic and financial aspects of the curriculum. In the near future the Shelton school board must un- dertake the highly important responsibility of selecting a successor to Superintendent Rudy Oltman upon his retire- ment. Tie experience of the four present board members will be a valuable asset in meeting that responsibility successful- ly. In short, this is an unusually capable and discerning school board. District voters should do themselves the favor of keeping it intact, insofar as that opportunity is present. 8HELTON--RIAON COUNTY 3OURNAE -- Published in '0hristmastown, U.S.-A.', Sheldon, Y, NElL R. BRIGHAM, Seaman Apprentice, the son of Mr. and MrS. R. C. Brigham, graduated from recruit training at the U.S. Coast Guard Base in Ala- meda, Calif., Feb. 21. He com- pleted 12 weeks of basic train- ing in seamanship, gunnery, physical education, military jus- tice, communications and Coast Guard history. Brigham has been assigned to the Commis- sary School, Coast Guard train- ing station, Croton, Conn. RAYONIEI RESEARCH L Silva, Foxes .................... 29 7 Maintenance .................... 22 14 Rayonettes ...................... 22 14= Acetate Aces ................ 19 17 Pin Curlers .................... 15 21 Water Boys .................... 13 23 Wood Birds .................... 13 23 Four Fowlers ................ 11 25 High games Jan Chase 179 Bud Ristine 212 High series .... Marge Bacon 489 Bud Ristine 559 MIXED FOURSOMES W L Board Busters .................... 22 10 Timber Ducks .................. 18 14 Rusty Ducks .................... 17 15 What's Next ...................... 16 16 Odd Balz ............................ 16 16 Strippers ............................ 15 17 Pin Busters ...................... 13 19 Knock Outs ........................ 11 21 High games Dona Moran 161, Ron Freeman 208. High series--Clara Ericson 454, Ron Freeman 568. WOMEN'S 12:30 LEAGUE W L Nell's Pharmacy ............ 58 37 Phil's Richfield ................ 53 43 Shelton Union Service ..50V2 451 Dairy Queen .................... 29 67 High game Edith Levett 196. High series--Edith Levett 509. Edith Waller- Belly Dean Pair, Donna Coleman Pin Leaders Final day entries in the annual women*s city bowling association tournament will have to beat these scores to earn top places in the prize lists of the doubles and singles competition. SINGLES Donna Coleman 665, Sally Pearce 622, Eva Hanson 622, Margaret Tobler 621. Ann Cole 618, Mary Ann Besch 616. Julie Coleman 612. Dona Morgan 610, Helen Bloomfield 609, Sharon HuN singh 608, Lorene Wilson 607, Carol Mallory 606 tall scores in- clude handicaps). DOUBLES--Edith Walter-Betty Dean 1331, Sally Pearee-Sllaron Huisingh 1225, Edna Clary-Cor- rine Clary 1196, Dot Summers- Edith Huisingh 1196, Jeanne Pet- erson-Adair Neau 1180, Vi Hicks- Marj Knudsen 1179, Lfl Dale-Jean Ream 1165. There are 120 singles entries with 30 prize spots and 60 doubles entries with 15 prize places. So far eight 200 games have been rolled topped by Betty Dean's 231 and thirteen 500 series headed by Adair Neau's 569. The tournament ends Sunday at Shelton Recreation. Bell Riders Soak Up Western AIm0sphere In Boeck Tack Room An authentic western setting in the tack room at the Hoodsport home of Herb and Tillie Boeck formed the background for the Mason County Bell Riders re,lax meeting March 1. true horseman upon arriving did before leaving after absorbing the atmosphere of the rock fireplace built by Titlie herself, built-in wall bunks, old-time kerosene ramps converted to electric lighting, pic- tures of horses painted by Tillie hanging on all sides, a sheTf lined with cowboy boots wens and out- grown by the Boeck grandchildren except for one new paw belong- ing to a grandson just beginning his riding career, saddle racks made of maple and polished to a beautiful shine, and an inter-corn system permitting communication to the house. Red Rowe, Leo Bishop, Ed Car- ney and Jim Hunter were elected 1963 club directors with Leo, Ed and Jim Taylor a the show com- mittee for t.e club's zone-approved Play Day, May 25 and parade line- up for the Forest Festival. After the business meeting Mr. and Mrs. Boeck showed films of trips they have made with their granddaughter and friends. LETTERS ,o ]00DITOll ON DISPLAYING FLAG AT ]POLLING PLACES Dear Sir. As a resident tax payer of Ma- '.on County and a citizen of the United States of America, I wish to bring Lo your attention a serious default of duty on the part of the election officers in the area in vchich I vote. The manner in which our American flag was displayed at th last election was a disgrace in addition to being illegally hung. Songs have been writtea, poems haw been read, rivers of American blood have been shed to uphold, honor, and preserve the American flag. I am adding my voice in pro- test to the disregard for respect Iers underwrite the cost of the bridge ......... The taxes on our property have .increased $90.00 from 1961 to 1962 without our consent or any impro- vements on our property. I'm not about to increase the tax burden voluntarily for any purpose. Yours Truly, Anita Dugger HARSTINE BRIDGE ?NO Dear Editor: The Harstine Island Bridge sup- porters present their problem to us as though-we had only two choices, to build them a bridge or to buy them a new ferry. These for national law to protect this are not the only choices. flag that represents our country The residents sing their famil- and the American way of life. Small children as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. and 4-H'ers are taught proper procedure on handling and hanging an American flag. Why is it that officials, some of whom have served for as many as 20 years, knowingly continue to fold our flag'to make it fit on a door where it doesn't even have to be hung ? I quote from Public law 829- 77th Congress, Chapter 806- 2nd Session, House Joint Resolution 359 which amends public law 623, approved June 22, 1942. entitled Joint resolution to codify and em- phasize existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America. "Under Sec. 2- (f) The flag should be displayed IN or NEAR every polling place on elec- tion days." This would mean that the flag does NOT have to hang on a door of enUw to a polling place. "Under Sec. 3-1i When the flag is displayed otherwise than by being flown from a staff it should be displayed flat whether indoors or out or so suspended that its folds fall as free as though the flag were staffed. Sec. 4-(d) The flag should never be used as a drapery of any sort whatsoever, never festooned, drawn back, nor up. In folds, but always allowed to fall free. (e) The flag should never be fastened, diuplayed, used or stored in such a mannner as will permit it to be easily torn, soiled or damaged in any way." The words capitolized are to em- phasize my point. May this letter to you serve as a public notice that what has hap- pened repeatedly for at least 20 years, never occur again within our Mason County and I will close my letter quoting the beginning of See. 4 "That-no disrespect should be sbswn to Llle flag of the United States of America." Sincerely yours, Sally Taylor MAKE IT A TOLL BRIDGE tar song of woe and misery al- most as though they were forced to live on their island. Now that they stand a chance of convincing Mason County taxpayers that we have to build a bridge, or else a new ferry (which would be a less wise way in which to spend our money) the dream of cashing in on their island holdings at a large profit will he realized (at the ex- pense of the rest of Mason County), they hope. Why aren't the owners of Har- stine Island, those who stand to realize the great financial gain due to the increase of land values if a bridge is built, willing to pay for it? Or why aren't they willing to pay a more reasonable rate for use of the ferry so that it won't be such a financial burden to the rest of the Mason County citizens ? Or why aren't they willing to have the bridge pay for itself with toll ? It would not be necessary for an attendart to be on duty what with the automatic mechanisms now in use for such purposes. If a bridge or ferry is not self supporting then the need for it and the island for housing develop- ment does not exist. It is as simple as that. Perhaps, for now, he best use of Harstine Island is still for growing timber, oysters, etc. and ot for land promotion. It is apparent that a bridge, which in tle final accounting will cost in the neighborhood of a million dol- lars, Will amount to a colosal sub- sidy paid by nearly all of the Na- son County taxpayers to the few who have by choice, decided to live on or own Harstine Island. A "No" voe is in order for the bridge proposal, Sincerely, VERN MORGUS Rt. 3. Box 386A Shelton, Wash. March 5, 1963 A NICE COMPLIMENT Dear Editor: On my way to Portland last Friday, I passed through your lovely little city and received the Editor, Mason County Journal: thrill of a lifetime. I am referring If the people on Harstine Island to the wonderful patriotic spirit want a bridge, why don't they evinced by your residents in dis- build a toll bridge? It wouldn't playing the American flag so pro- cost. them any more for toll than minently and numerously on Wa- il, does to ferry and they wouldn't sl]ington's Birthday, at curbsido be paying for upkeep and still they would have better access to their i island. I will not vote for twenty years el additional taxes on our property to buy a bridge for Harstine. If thch" real estate is going to in- crease ill vahm by two thirds, then let tlmse z'al ctatc promo- downtown and on honles in the residential areas, Nowhere else along my route that day did I see a like display, You people outdid them all. My hat is off to Shelton. Sincerely, Mrs. Hal Kester Rt. 2, Box 2898, Bainbridgc I,, Wn. GOLF CLUB CALENDAR 19th HOLERS PLAN SEASON'S ACTIVITY Anticipating their most active season.ever, members of the 19th Hole Club (men's division of the Shelton Golf Club) shaped plans for 1963 at an exceptionally well attended dinner meeting last Sunday, pro-manager Ray Walker reported. O ST. PATRICK'S DROP-IN SCHEDULED MARCH 16 Next social function on the Shel- ton Golf Club calendar is a St. Patrick's Day drop-in between the hours of i0 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sa- Thursday at the Bayshore chlb-turday night, March 16. house. Ken and Alice Fredson chairman New president Laurie Carlson the event with a committee corn- announced the appointment of Purl pleted by Mr. and Mrs. Gene Han- Jemison as chairman of the Wed- son. and Dr. and Mrs. Harry To- nesday team league, with Ivan kos. Myers as his assistant, Jerry Thompson as handicap chairman, Phil Bayley as inter-club captain, and Bud Pauley as tournaments chairman. Jemison announced the selection of Buck Price, Max Schmidt. Jim McComb, Bud Knutzen, L. L. Mc- Inelly, Ed Faubert, Jack Gray, O1* lie Kelly, Ray Walker and Thomp- son as captains of the let"ue teams. The league will operate with ten teams this pear (it has had eight in the past seasonsl with a sche- dule lasting eleven weeks, two longer than last year's. Two pair- ings will he position rounds. Mat- ches will start the first Wednes- day in April. Bayley announced he has con- tacted three clubs for inter-club matches and has definitely dated Port Angeles for May 26 here. Chehalis and Olympia are the other two contacts, with Vashon a fourth possibility. After considerable discussion on the subject of turning in cards, Thompson was empowered to auto- matically knock two stroke off the handicaps of players who fM1 to turn in cards after playing. Pauley had nothing definite to report on tournament plans at this time but said by the next month's session he would have. Beautiful weekend weather brought golfer, oht in droves and pushed the Shelton-Bayshore golf course to near capacity, especially MR. & MRS LEAGUE W L Vagabonds ...................... 54 34 Skid Row-Lers .............. 52 36 I. Da. No ......................... 51 36 Nite Owls ........................ 45 43 Gutter Snipes ................ 43 44 Down Beats .................... 36 51% Bowl Evils .................... 35 53 Four Squares ................ 34% 53A High series -- Cleo Hulet 465. Jerry Cristy 587 High games Clod Hulet 170 Jerry Cristy 220 Legal Publications NO. 3411 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TIIE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON In thc Matter of the Estate of ERNEST G. BELEY. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That Mabel R. Beley has been appointed, and has qualified, as executrix of tbc last will and testament and of the estate of Ernest G. Beley, deceased: and that the creditors of said estate and of said deceased are required to serve all claims against the said de- ceased and the said estale on O'Leary. Meyer & O'Leary, atorneys for said executrix, at Suite 12. National Bank of Commerce Building, Olympia. Wash- ington, the place for the transaction of the business of said estate, and file the same with the clerk of the above- entitled court, together with proof of such service, within six (6) months after the date of the first puUlication of this notice to creditors, to-wit: within six (6) months after February 28. 1963. or said claims will be forever bared. t;.BE2 R. BELEY Executrix of the Last Will and Testament and of the Estate of Ernest G. Beley, Deceased O'LIA.RY. MEYER & O'LEARY Attorneys for Executrix 12 Nat. Bank of Commerce Bldg. Olympia, Washington 2/28-3/7-14-3t leo Late 1o Glassily WANT land to build cabin on. Remote. private, non-commercial location. Will pay cash or livestock. Send info. to Gregory, 324 N. DeVoe Road, Olympia. Wash. D 3/7 USED 40" Kelvinator electric range. good condition. $75. Call 426-6142. R 3/7 It FOUR bedroom pumice brick Has everything. 10 acres. 247 ft on Highway 101 close to Minerva tate Park. $15.500. Easy terms. A beautiful generously planned 2 bed- room waterfront holne. IuO It. waLer- front, 200 ft deep. Black top road, fine water system, wooded, appealing marine view. Located Triton Head. wcs shore. Hood Canal. $15.250 Terms negotiable. Just what everyone ls looking for. 100 ft. Dosewallips river frontage, 3 acres, 1Vz cleared. $3.950, $1,500 down. Have your own s]mnty by the sea! 70x120 at Ocean Shores. $3,750. Very easy terms. Brite Star Realty, Route 1. Box 135. Hoodsport, Was]]. Phone 877-5439. 3/7 FOR SALE--For good health. Merry- Mac Relax-O-Motor for exercise or reducing. Va price. $125. Can be seen at Mode O' Day 3/7 tfn MODERN beach cottage for rent. Partly furnished, living room. bedroom, kitchenette. Picketing Pass. Phone 426-3757. S 3/7 tfn_ 14 ACRE, 1,376 ft. county road. Beau- tiful scenic view. Pickeri,ng Pass. Route 2, easy terms. Phone426-3757. S 3/7 tfn 120 BASS Frnntalini accordion sale. Black. With case. Phone Hoods- port 877-5208 L 3/7-14 Legal Publications CALL FOR BIDS The Board of Mason County Conunis- sioners at Shelton, Washington, hereby calls for sealed bids for the demolition and removal of tbe old two story apart- ment building, located on the south side of Pine Street, and being situate on Lot 3. Block "G", David Sheltnn's First Addition to Shelton, Washington. Bids will be received by the Clerk of the Board at the Auditor's Office. or Commissioner's room, at tim Court- house in Shelten Washington until 11:00 a.m.. March 18. 1963. The right to reject any or all bids. or parts thereof, and to waive lilly and all informalities in the form of bids ubmitted, is bcrcby reserved. Speci- fications covering in detail the subject matter of this Call for Bids are on file in the office of the Clerk of the Board or tho Engineer's Office and are sub- jcet to public examination during of- fice hours and copies thereof will be furnished to interested persons by the Engineer upon requesl BY ORDER OF TttE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS of Mason County, Washington. this 4th day of March. 1963. C. NOLAN MASON Ch.rk of the Board 3/7 1 t LAND FOR SALE AT PU|gLIC AUCTION It;00 a.m NEAR ARCTIC (GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY) March 15. 1963 BY THE ST2TE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS. to the highest and be=t bidder: A portion f the Northeast quarter of the Northwa,t quarter. Section 17. Township lfi North. Rsnge 8 West. W.M., containing approximately 3.15 acres, with a tr0tage of approximately 340 feet on the 'esterly side of U. S. 101. situated 0.6 mile South of North River Bridge. Minin)um Acceptable bid: S31.00. Tte sale will be conducted at the site of the property described above at 1]:00 a.m. on March 15. 1963. Terms of the sale: Cash Conveyance, will be by Quitclaim Deed. No. title insurance will be provided by the seller. The State reselwes the right to postpone the salc and reject any and all bids. For further information write to: Property Manager Dept. of Highways Highway -- Licenses Bldg. Olympia. Washingtnn Parcel No. 2409 3/7-14 2 t D 0 C T 0 R S R ECO M M E N A S P IR IN but you won't need it to cure your transportation head- aches if you come into Jim. Pauley s and let us help ! you with an A-1 Used Car '62 Fairlane 5OOi '57 Chevrolet 2-door, 6-cyl. Ford  4-door, V-8, auto economy job | I I |. '62 Ford Galaxie [ '57 Ford 4-door V-8, auto. trans. | Country Sedan etc. | | | '59 Ford Custom i '55 Pontiac 300  4-door V-8  2-door, HT, real nice I automatic == l s55 '59 Fairlane Ford : Pontiac | 2-door HT, nice, too! 2-door, V-8, auto. | 1 | | '57 FaMane ] '54 Ford Wagon 4-door, V-8, auto. |, 2-door, V-8, OD Legal Publications I STATE ()F %VASIIINGTON DEIAIUr3IENT OF NATURAL RESOIJRCES BERT L. COLE. Commissioner of Pub- lic Lands NOTICE OF SALE OF FOREST PRO- DUCTS VALUED AT NOT MORE TITAN $2,000.00 Notice is h(-ret)y given than (in Mnn- day the ]Sth day of March, i96:l com- inencing at ten ()'clock ill tile forenoon, at the Shelton District Headquarters of t}]" Det)artment of Nstnral Resottr- cos, the following dcscribed forest pro- ducts will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. All timl)e within a marked sale area houndary and property !i]_cs COlnDris- mg approxinmtely 71 M bd ft. of Douglas fir. ,12 ]VI bd. ,i. of Aq,hck md 17 M bd. ft. of Cednv. Located in P NE'. SW' Scc. 15, Twp. 24 N.. Rm. 3 W. W.M.. Mason County, Washington. A. CASH SALE Forest products will b( sold ,m a cash basis. Mininmn) acceptable bid will be $1.436.50 On or before March 18 1963. at 10:00 a.m.. each bidder must make a n]in|- multi deposit of $ 143,65 plus a $5.00 bill of sa1 fce. or a total o1" $148.65 in the form of cash. money order or certified check. Said deposit shall constitute an opeuing bid at the appraised price, up- on completion of this sale. the respec- tive deposits shall be returned to the unsuccessful biddels. The purchaser must pay the balance between the bid deposit and the full bid price nn the day of sale. This balance may be paid by personal check. All checks. money orders, etc. are to be made pay- able to the Commissioner of Public Lands. BOND: Upon award of sale the pur- chaser must also furnish a cash bond of $250.00 in the form of cash, money order, certified check or bank draft, to guarantee compliance witb all terms of the bill of sale. Any sale which has been offered, and for which no bids are received shall not hc reoffcred until is has been read- vertiscd. If all sales cannot be offered within the specified time on the adver- tised date. the sale sball continue on the following day between the bours of ten o'clock a.m. and foul" o'clock p.ln. The State of Washington does not guarantee its ,published cruises of the herein deserihed forest products, and purchascrs thereof shall haw no re- course against either the State of Washington or the Board of Natural Resources if the actual cut does not equal such published crmses. Forest products nmst be relnoved prior to Decemher 31. 1963. Located approxinmtely 4 miles west of Eldon Washington. Accessibility Via Foresl Service and I ublic road. A copy of the forest products bill of sate contract is posted at the Shelton District Headquarters office. BERT L. COLE Con)missioner of Public Lands 3/7 It NO. 3-134 NOTICE TO CREIIITORS IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR MASON COUNTY. IN PI{OBAT 1,]) In the Matter of the Estate of BER- THA THERESA TAYLOR. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has be('n al)pointcd and has qualified as the Executor of the Eslale of Bertha T]lcresa Taylor, deceased : iilat all [)el'sons llaving cIaims aainst said deccascd are here- by required to s('rvc tbc sanle, duly v(q'ified, on the undersigned Exc.cutol or llis attorney of. record al tile ad- dress below stated and file the same with thc Clerk of tbc. said court, to- getbPr with proof *,)| sn(!h service within six months after the date of firsi lmblication of this notice m" the same will bc barred. Date of firs( l)ul)lication: February 28. 1963. EDWIN W. TAYLOR, Executor. GLENN E. CORREA, Attorney for Estate. Bell Building. Sbclton. Washington. 2/23 7-14-21 4 t OIICi; FOR TI']MI'ORARY CLO- SURE OF AGATE I{OA1) NoLice to residents in the Chapman Cove, I]anmmrslcy Inlet. and Pickcring Passage area : On Monday. March 11 1963. tie cul- vorl on I]ncie Jobn Creek (t] the Agate Road between the Hanlilton and Renl- lnen i'es[den(',cs will be renl(P,'d and ropllced, involving closure of this road. Please observe posted signs at the Agate Store and at 14-A 3/7 1 t Legal NO. 8371 SUMSI()NS FOR PUB] I"ORI,]CIA)SURI: oF ] L.!.D. ASSESS] IN TIlE SUPERIOR STATE OF MASON COUNTY City of Shelton, a tion. Plaintiff. VS. Each and every lot, land oc other (',ate hcrcinafter and each and 'y poration named owner or ownel-8 or the or. owners thereof. District as iereinafter City ,if Shelton and person, firnl or p, unknown." if any, have any lien Ul)on ar interest or estate in such tot. tract other property, THE STATE OF all persons hereinafter persons unknown, if claiming to have an the real property ed: You and each of you fled that the City -of der of Certificate of sued on tbe 28th day hy the City of Shelton ington, for the alnoulit opposite the several tracts of land. the amounts then due Local Ilnprovelnents lnents togethel  witll and costs thcreon. assessed to you and the, owners ', in said County, ded and described as Lot 10. 9. Block 1. 16. Defendants K. F. Due Prior to Jud Lot 7. Block C. Defendants Donald Prior to Judgment Division Nd0'. Lot Unpla'tted. L.I.D. Kirk, Amount Due $161.71. Lot 10. Block L. Unpl Defendants Harold E, Due Prior to Jud And you are Plaintiff will apply t Court of the State of and for the said ment foreclosing property hereinbefore you are hcreby smnm within sixty days after first publication of this chlsive of the day of cation and defend thl the amount due and if) case of your judgnlent will be ren tim lien for said cer qucncy, taxes, penaI costs, against the hereinbefore mention publication March 7. Any pleadiug or ed upon the undm'sign' hereinbefore JOHN C. P]aintiff's P. O. Address: 121 South Fourlh StreCt Shettn. Washingtol NO, NOTI('E IN THE STATE OF WAS MASON COUNTY (I In the llUllIer of the of EMELIA E. HuNT DER J. HUNT NOTICE S tlle und(FSlgucd has aud has qllalified as t]lt, colnbincd Estate and Alexander J all persons having d'ccea ,'c d al'e |he ssme duly sianed Leona att(iru(!y of l'Pcord a l: low aiated and file tb, Clerk of the said proof of Slleh service after the date of this notice or thc LEONA Byron E Mc, Clanahan Ai[orney for Estate . Off lee and Post Office Mason County Shell(re. Washington., The Treasury taxpayers expectir year. They can funds in U. S. block on the new them indicate their 1 HARCH KITE season is here March is the month O] flying season. The time o when all young boys and lenge mother nature in into the space age act. you parents can remembe have some of the kites as we do today. are many more power higher voltage scattered er area. We in the power aware of these dangers, dren are not. So we are bring this to the parents to help educate ren as to where to fly per string to use (not lic string) and what to kite does get entangled line. THE PUD WILL UTING A BOOKLET "KITE FLIGHT" TO MENTARY SCHOOLS PUD NO. 3 THE NEXT FEW DAYS hope will be of some making kite flying a pier sport. If a boy or happen to get over-lo a copy at the PUD office. So, with just this 1: advice we say "'Happy kids. PUD 1t0. Jim Pauley Inc COUNI = , . II JACK COLE, president; TOM WEBB vice CALL: Elf:) TAYLOR, sccreta,:y JERRY Dealership  5th & Railroad Bob Wolden -- 426-8231 Used Cars- 5th & Cota Bu Rose- 426-8231 LIVE BETTER ELECTR . ....... , .....