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March 11, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 11, 1941

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on "you chm can umlt'you 7 “NDABPIERJPSEWANLADE .__ J 0 U R N A}: WA NT A Di ‘l all" I “" 8 Cafe In OILERS TAKE CITY lDewattoans Send Police Huntln "' ' "' ' ' ' " - - “’“"“'” """"" "'"' l I ~. ‘ v. lemon Ha .Mon 1 T St l B. G 0 B g 1 Real Estate ClaSSified SeerCe , For Rent RATEb C 0 mA“MA fl “‘°“’“ ! WM“. “m on Classified Advertisements , ' ‘ FOR SALE: 160 acres logge FURNISHED APARTMENTS for 10 cents a line (5 words) first . ‘ T0 City police authorities were land new growth, small lake, Monday ls Funday 1 rent (2 and3rooms). Good 10- insertion, 5c a line each subse- BOWT a I lhunting Clues this Week in an at‘ g00d average land. Newatzel with a cation. Very, reasonable. Golds- i quent insertion. Mini mum ING LEAGUE Dewatto, March 3. »« Last Sat- ' tempt to apprehend the house— district. $1 acre. H. G. Angle, B d. H L d -borough AptS, Second and Knee-l charge 30c- g- 21; P5972; ' 13rd? nfislé’i. ngarlydall tn: rei‘si-i breaker who has entered at leasté Shelton. 3-6-18~—4t. en 1X Ome aun I'y land Streets, Shelton. 5-7~tf.[ Classified advertisements ac- -— - - i - .. en S 0 6 fly Tove 0 a f Sh lton homes in less thanl————* . ~ Wfl ' ............ ..35 31 .530 F‘mtkeflaghgrflfsts 12°90” huya to attend the dance. Every: fixed? FOR SALE: 10 acres on Arcadia Let 35 she“; 3’0“ a typical FOR RENT: furnished three room} cePied “If” t}? teli‘gh‘gle If”?! 32 '515 y Playoff syt’ruggle' n one reports a good time. The homes of Dr. A. N. Para road. Good buy. Terms. A150 21/2 Bendlx waShfiay apartments. Mill Street Apart- £2331: 5;; scglegaerasordzrguor g: CITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE Mr. D. A. Orcutt has bought a rett at 6th and Pine, George! acres ove(i;1103011§n§;D Lalge 131391108“ Shelton Electric CO. ments~ Phone 259‘M. C'1'13'c- paymefit fume before the first 35 2470 (Final 2nd Half Standings) 1Itiew Ch‘ord‘ pilcgk-up ftrom Kerr Mo- I firaléfrigéafgzsfifldgg. igSNGengc‘f Inqun‘e 1 33111133_'18#3t. Shelton, Wash. H OU'S E F OR RENT: Mrs. of the. moth to save expense 35 .470 w L pi. PAl or o. in remer on. This re- . I . . ’1 I I Horace Crary' Phone 285W. of mum An extra charge of McConkev Pharm. 19 2 534 403 leases the Chrysler for the use oflond, and Miss Ann Hertzberg, i 0 10c .11 d h Emma 36 .455 . -. . . l c - 4 dern bung- 0-6-11~2t “’1 ma 9 en ‘ Kimbel oi] ____________ __ 9 3 480 403 Mrs. Orcutt Shirley and OrVil to l JunIOI‘ high school teacher. were , FOR SALE. room mo ' 1 necessary. Card of thanks 500. k F . Rayonler .................. .. 7 5439 403 make weekend visits home from reported to have been entered in alow With nook and fruit ce- MILL W001) FOR RENT. cottage on Oakland I .. \ 3:11“ 336' L. M. .............. .. _ 5 7I313 363 lShelton where Shirley and Orvii the past week and clothing and lar. close in and. fine VleW Bay 2 mi'les out Modem com Classified Display Rates on 1 . Matches 6:. .61' Wilson’s Cafe . 4 8 295 376 : attend high school. Dan uses money stolen; elty.‘ .Owner gomg away W1 one Cord veni’ences' Phone 11”}. Request. -m "day - 'th k- t ~ t k l sacrifice at $850 on terms or - «r g a ------- -. . _ ~— -7- —— . , 'd‘riar mount vs. Mason “3 Dwymtest Resu‘fts!’ 385 497 Hcfllglcbodlnpi. 0 go 0 wor on the $800 “in M‘ 0' zmtheo’ Real Double Load (2 cords) ————'———R——~—3 6 11 18 3—t .: e. i M. vs. Wilson’s Kimbel 38’ McConkey 35 (sew; Mn and Mrs. Martin Johnson " A tor. Phone 157. m FOR RENT: small gas station at "mm .. “Cams vs Driskel Pas_ son’s playoff game.) drove to Walla Walla where they l L V $8 Lilliwaup' Wm lease. to reliable 9 Vs- Assoéiated 4-13 fairy 47. Rayonier 46. have a furnished home. The 7 acres of property on the Bay; ' l Rafi?! Key at Davis' 51mm aft ' y di - . ' . . Kim e1 52, Rayonier 47. lace has b, t t . . ‘1 f m Shelton, has _ 1 iWaup. wner «rs. . AAAAAAAAAAA visitsastldiffitzdtvllétdeghi: WilSOH’s from McConkey. i they found fienvaxciirhtedanintfufiill- R(§ul?n'llnlhg- $67 lggufceeit Igfl Elilfatggfront and 1.900 PHONE 38 J Sharpe, 1425 N. 54th, Seattle, FOR SALE: Electrolux cleaners. “ flaws Cafe trundl‘irs f Wilson’s from McConkey, for- ture had also gone with former. The l'ollrlvving posidolutglr; Iagdpgggéij— feet deep to the road, springi Wash. 3-6-11—«2t. New machines as low as $49.50 lug about it an -n F 91- I tenents. Martin reports a tough lation was duly 3“ ‘3 “la: J * . runs through the property an . W For sales, service and supplies city league blowlifllg Parrylng each McConkey ral- :trip. Struck a snow storm eastififihfi‘gptfiinfiérllbf“iii? oii1 there is lots of nice timber and‘ Looking .FOI' A Letter? FgRrggir gothd call or write Jack Manley, en and they did it with 1y With a spurt of their own, of Columbia river to Walla Walla. , state Game CominlSSlon for the state wood. This is about the last Then write one on Eaton t In uir J rngl g Hoodsport, Wash. 3—6--4-1——1m. reIglble energy Kimbel Oil captured the 1941 Geo. Hart entertained his sonlof Washingtgflfi t it Shall be lawfull piece of waterfront property on Stationery. It’s socially . par 3" q 6 cu R;3_11_1t ult Was a whitewash City league basketball gonfalon “Roddy” over the weekend. Rud_ [53338527 fa gage fish in LAKES in the Bay close in and is welli correct. . I FOR SALE: $25.00 pressure cook_ °' third lift place Mason Laun- ed the hash sling- m‘st place Paramount Merks back into t"0mm dungeon cell Thursday night by a 38 to 35 margin in the playoff battle be— The.Oilers won the first half title, the pharmacists the sec— '0nd half crown. Kimbel got off dy entered the Navy over a year ago and this is his first leave, 15 day. Mr. C. E. Williams returned to their shack last Sat- and Mrs. Mason county from and including the first Sunday in April to and includ- ber annually to angle for g ‘ fish) in STREAMS in Mason County from and including the _ilrst Sunday in May to and including the last Worth the price of $1075. Some terms. unfinished upstairs. ExcellentI finish inside. Best view lot in Walker Park. This will make a. FIR DRUG STORE Mason County Maps LARGE Mason County Township maps $1.00. Also maps of WVVV'VVWWWW Wanted WANTED: Plowing by the hour, with tractor. Leave telephone er and canner $10.00 cash. In- quire at Journal Office. . . ’ . . . . r :t . :‘a tie for sixth place. tween the two half-season cham- ‘days.’ His ship is at San Diego Lnngtilthechgagegayby 860033110 Gan... r >2 r F_3-4-6_.2t_ game defeat at the plons' and he had to Start baCk Mon" C(JmmlS-‘lon; and? 3 room modern home With large‘ MAAMAAAMAjMA “———“—‘ 8.1118 15 IFOR SALE: one bay mare 1,600 pounds. Inquire at Mrs. Sadie Austin's, 7th and McCormick, , . . . .v ‘i h - _ . . i . - . ms climb into the sub rout in front and Was never head- urday and will remain all sum- gay $0033? agggal‘aosiiissloi“%:‘: fine suburban home close in. Olympic Peninsula. Puget Sound (“dew S3flfgfifiigrfistl Olympia. 3-11—13-18-20—4t. onphere of seventh Pal bUt ‘t t°°k some fancy ShOOt‘ mer. They spent the “winter” in ! cept as otherwise provided by this; Priced at $1,600.00. Country and State 50c to $1.00. ' ———«——.—» ——.— ing from the corners by Bill Tay— lscatue. Their daughter and son_ Ee [nation ‘ hll >l= s is J l 1 . FOR SALE: two incubators, ex- : of Wilson.s vic_ lor and Bill Levett to keep the innaw Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin and ‘ R SOLVED FURTHER- That u S d1‘1 room house with brick chimney, e 0u1na WANTED AT ONCE. car oads or cement condition, 500 egg cap“. oar " it was accom- Al Ferrier’s 661 laundry lineup. “gamed a game with ' Cammarano’s loss to ,Oilers in front because the drug— lgists had an irritating habit of {rallying every time the Kimbel ‘iads stretched their margin too ar. granddaughter Dorothy, them home. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ellis attend- ed the Alumni get-to—gether ban- brought quet at the Pacific Lutheran col-. be lawful to angle for Whitefish from the second Sunday in December to the last day of October, both dates inclusive. in rivers and streams not' closed to all fishing the year around. 1 DAILY CATCH LIMIT: It shall be unlawful for any person to catch, take or kill in any one day or to cement basement and founda— tions. Good garage and wood- shed, well and small spring run- ning through property. About lyé acre good ground mostly BE POPULAR Give Whitman Chocolates. Love thrives on thoughtfulness, bring a box of Whitman’s Chocolates truckloads of large, sound ma- ple and alder logs. Higher prices and liberal scale. Prompt settle- , ment. Northwest Chair Com- pany, Tacoma, Washington. 3~4-6-11-13--4t. ity. Call at 1012 East Dearborn. S—3-11-13-18-20——4t I FOR SALE: Jersey Guern sev cow, high test, heavy milker and 2- yr.-old heifer. Both bred. Mrs. Pastim Big Margin Shaved - 1 d P ‘ ‘. . e~ ASSOClated . . 19 e at Tacoma last Frida eve- have in possession at any one time ceare roperty ls an fenced _' . _.______—'______—- §1mi1ar verdict overihefitautfn rzigtpggyfntghe (gileisiniig. They report a plzasant'more than twentyl’o)(20)oui%1;1€Ogisélanggi A good bu}; atr$4fl75.00. Terms. do Its the tho“‘ghtfm thmg to WANTED. middle age couple or M' Matthes’ Rt' 2' Agate' ,6 . , . n riskel Hardware i 14 and scolied the first gti’lo has? time, Geo, met a lot of his oid {fig}? a‘nlaanmfgnd) gag“ fish; pRQ. man to work farm on share. NolFOR SALE: work horses, see A I ke’ts in the second half to move chums and reminisced of old VIDED, That the abovethcatcgi 112121; l —‘ children. Inquire Journal. George Dunn. Agate, ten miles 2 950°}ated (2) it to 14 counter b C t . times, and talked of the new, and Shall not contain mine th agf £30m C—3-11-13~2t. from Shelton near Agate school. Handlca 171 S, 11 ap aln Pat . 9 steelhead over the ens y - F Smith rallied his iron in Predlcted the future- (20) inches. LARGE SIZE 3-11-13-18 3t Cotterlu 513 l d ~ t m 1 t d th (in (the We have just received a let- I CAUTION: Daily catch limit and JOURNAL Want Ads are used b , Duaiicatin WANTED: man to Ont cord WOOd- —-—-—-——--—~—-—————-— McConkey 479! mggls S CO ,P9 e ,8” last ter from one (Bert) C A By ‘possession limit are the same. Do not , 3 Phone 473-W evenings. PAY WITH Reader 542.four games With only five play- ‘ ' y icontuse this with the weekly catch scores of your friends and , H__3_11_13__2t Noblett 535 leis) and whittled the deficit down 3’“ now Ofd fiHChgfifierfiéfiga- . li‘iifiit. kynialyful stgessgggchfmigkgangg neighbors with great success. SALES BOOKS __._'l American Express . ' - ome aroun ere 1 61‘ .1 01" ave 11.1 .P" l C lete information about ' Daniels 584 SIOWIy’ bUt tlme caught the fish than speCified in the above daily omp WANTED. woman or girl forl 336 97710112824 blue-shirts three points shy of Bert as.an 01d sourdough who lcatcli limit. What you have to sell always 5¢ Each housework, full time. One child Money orders “as , pass... (2, squaring the playoff match. E“ “3” 3* years Eag‘i-‘i‘la-S' Emmi”. Sim LESS. .3 did helps n 55¢ p... on... in family Can 354 FIR DRUG STORE ' . a an soourne oraWie 1n eunawu or any . ' ring grea Handicap 99! The game also counted in the thé bay a gouple of years ago. He take or kill more than forty (40) game .wvv'vwv. "v-1 ,vww" 1 S—3-11-13—2t m 481 Dotson 523 ,second half standings but had no . . . 1 fish or more than tWenty (20) pounds We also take order for all kinds _ ' .m'mvvvww'm“ “Oder” : 506 effe t th t d- Wl‘ltes an lntereStmg ettel‘ 0f of game fish and We (2) game fish L0 t d F d [WANTED work at resort on Hood ' f ti andr Dummy 531 c .0“ e 5 an “‘35 as thelth th (1 ress of An- in a calendar week: PRO- S dn Dun of lpecial~ I Car 8C a . 471 Fri d drugglsts had Cmched the second 8 grow an Frog y VIDE‘B’ g’fiet the above weekly catch PRIN Canal. Phone 14-F-11. . .. S =e 0f “6'5 508 ouen 507 lhalf title a week prior. The de-IChorage and We‘ll“? “5 f‘nal limit Shall riot contain more than four ' .0 . TED SALES BOOKS c—3-11-13—2t.lwwvvvvwvvvvvvwvvwn 575 "my 453 {feat ended a smn of ten stra. ht selection as the Capital of Alas- (4) steelhead over twenty (20) inches LIBERAL REWARD. for return “1‘ Pm“? are a” 10W 01‘ lower mm! 2598 Etaley 487ivictories hun bg the harnllg ts ka. Millions are being expended ‘in length. (The term “week” as used f k k valuable onl to than outs1de salesmen can quote WANTED; Plowing by the hour, I vvvvvvvvvv-nvvvvvnm _ 70 899 831 2600 ,. g y . P 15 there by the government for de- here shall begin on Sunday .mornmg 0 eepsafis . y you. with tract“ Leave telephone . ‘ Mason La (0) in second half standings, after . . and end on Saturday at midnight.) myself which were acmdehtaiiy I _ WP 183 H d. 5" finishing last in the first half Well. the 01d L10“ roared a 11t' It shall be unlawful for any per-l Wen to and sold at rummage I orders at Cookes Feed Store or W - 53 an 103D 129 d 1 th 1 . tie Saturday, March 1st, but not son to. catch, take. kill or have iii g . I contact B. E. Evans R. Box AMA 5 Dodds 511 esp] e oss of lts 13'“ two very loud Quite a wind andlpossessmn game fish under Slx (6) sale in Shelton last fall. Includes ; 85 i l tf 433 Woods 404 games. The pulpmlll scored 93 .‘ , . . ,inches in length. except as othervvisc photographs of my deceased m0. CARD OF THANKS 6 ~ . 468F :Stm lost both when their O on_ some rain so Im thmkmg theiprovidcd by this regulation: PRO- th b th th relat- s — - I 5 emerda- 439* t 99 pp ipeaceful lamb will‘: be with us ‘ VIDED. That it shall be unlawful for eri r0 er, 0 _ 91” we , , WANTED: housework by day or ALDEN C B AYLEY 08Funk 428 .9“ 5 ran up ,- ' at the exit of March any person to possess bass under several manuscripts of my 'We Wish to express our appre— helm Cook, laundry work or r - J 570 Farrier 661 Last Minute Victory . . ' d 1. ten (10) inches in length, caught or g1-andmothei"sV other family c1ation for the efficient, quick care for children ri rd I ATTORNEY AT LAW“ 269 Art c t- d k TOday IS a beautiful ayi 1ke‘taken from Elolka Lake located in . . . o nvai. n I u n i ' 'i » ire __ - .. __ l 7 775 900 897 2572 . 1011 "it. un ed m the Wm‘ .our usual May Day instead of Spokane and Pond Orellle counties. keepsakes paCked “1 box atop he.1p gwen us by .nelgllbom and ql-l' Journal- B 3 6 11 2t- (2) y L_ M_ (1) ‘ning basket in the last minute toéMarch ’ and Silver Lake located in Cowlitz dishes and miscellaneous pieces friends and' the City fire depart-l i Title Insurance _Bullding I :32 Handicap 66 igive 4-E Dairy a47 to 46 vern‘ The-“500” club had a small ga_ Crfiyal’ttythere EgfiylblgEan qiiUllaiglfiEffii of glass valued as family heir- ment in savmg our belongings W‘mvvtvtvowvv. . opposite First National Bank . .~ stewm 583 ldltfi. olvler Rayonier Thursday'night : thering again Friday evening. Two bluegills m. sunfish' EXCEPT it Shall ‘ looms. Inquire Journal. without damage. of any kind dur-l Phone 23 - Shelton 7' Mackey 464 ;an t Vtvafhth‘; only tlmel m theltables in play Mrs Margaret ‘ be fusnhlanlg to hfossessthblufegllls R—3-6-11—2t. 1 mg the fire which started at our, ___", . ame a e ' ..1 . ‘ ' r su. i .un or t eng 0 six ’._______—_____..___._ ' . - 594iRok-mrhg 466 g ' airymen ed ex 'Cunnlngham and Lee Baxter wonginc es taken from Kahlotus Lake 10_ I LOST. t k 1 th home Sunday. MMWMMMAM ' 528542l31hott, Sr. 540 '(étipttln thethverfil Sgrly moments. first honors with second high go_ leated in Franklin county. t _ . 3 ailigom eYs t1n ea er coll; i Mr. and Mrs. Herb Durand. W0 "—. ' Carlson l on let ga ere tallies in he .. lRESOLVED FURTHER: That it amen 3“ 0 1061159 " 3~11-1t. 0d ' 888 2721 903 880 894 22%? lscrap. Lobe Bell and Gene Bur. ggg “113° IggféeRussen Steltmg and shaltlh be latwful E0 l\fIiiiglc for btullffrogs 15060. Reward for return to; l ever been in Salt Water I 'NSURANCE . . i . . 1n W3. 81‘s 0 ‘ason coun y 1'01" ‘- _ _ ARE goylle each.had 15' i We missed Mr. and Mrs. Geo.l,the first Sunday in April to and Journfl__ W 3 11 1t .COI‘d G .. eat COVERED Klmbel 0‘1 rang up a 52 t0 471Ems from the art They were including the last day in October. CALL FOR BIDS i C d 850 a . 1 ill “lol- 525 per din. a153, at:- verdiCt over the mmmen satur‘ lin Tacoma for Ithe yweekend and Ellicfigllinén Eithfillallyaullrst'ldoggdthég LOST‘ mattress between Brook‘ The City Comm“ 0f Shelton WaSh l PHgNSE $378 ' . ' . n r . i . n l r A ~ ’ . . . . I ' le_ e rate is (meager. ngb 33y £111%hTta:,70,1? :2 Sggmfiggfingiid lattended Mr. Ellis’ alumni ban- ChangedA £135 thte italtle bGamelCofminif- shink Station and Mt. View, gfatr‘l’fgerwig {’gifnmlgszglll Sfiiua’cxill 3_4_6_11__3t Office at. Angle Building 5 ’ . ' quet. 53°“ f 1 -5 a “n W.“ 0. Tuesday- Reward for return to Washington, at‘s O‘clock P. M. April . velillz 301:A thfiwgors. Burgoyne... Mrs. Elva Price and her aunt-Egg: Elyullggl: Lida’ii’hcmilléefii Tfnl‘iféi Howard Robinson. 3-11—1t. :3. ion. for about‘250000 feet oinwa- " 2:. :ndozeI: gr fitmanbiachTIKt Mrs. Clara Matson of Skokomish haild.dand thety1 can be legally taken’ pf)?“ d‘i':rrn-Ve‘t’§ ‘Qogséffmfmg‘itfi fitto . ' a 0m . e . . i\.ony uring c seas n 'b 'e s cci- .- i ‘ ' ’ lineups: y <29 ‘Valleyl Vls‘ted Wlth Mrs' .Pnces.fied~ * '1 0‘ p or Section 32. Township 22 N.. Range “lugs; “We hydrants “‘1 “h” ' SHARPENED ELLIOT B SPRING 0 l GAMES THURSDAY lmother, Mrs. George Cunningham DAILY CATCH‘ AND possmssmlv 3 W. W. in Mason County. A anguitcfnantces‘tc} tPthatertflfsfeft“. r_ . ' V l lfor several days last week‘ LIMITS The daily catch and possess- lllap Showing the location and plan IuSPgCC’l 10a givns bin. gzmrléihp $936 made.— washing 111.8' I I l 3 First Game . . _ ion llmlt on bullfrogs shall be flve of said diversmn and the place of ', may 0 0 31m 1 chines repaired s ecialist Accounting Tax Seeroes KlmbelOll (38) M’Conkey‘s (35) Mrs' Pm“ and Mrs' Cunmng '<5)- :the proposed use Is on file in the 01?” .1190“ Payment 0f “00' Whlch. r p- IO 1 4 F. M T 1 7 iham visited with Mr. and Mrs. P. AND RESOLVED FURTHER; That . office of the State Supervisor of Hyd~ 131109 ,ls ,CrmSIdered ,rental for tth el “1 me meChanlca-l repa- . . us and Bookkeepln Systems ""' iLa‘r 5’8ch """ "F """ “ Wally or 6 ‘W. Nance Wednesday afternoon. the {allowing exceptions to the ab0vc itifiiulies,_t101ylilfiia, thWashifngtont.‘ toge- specifications and Wlll not be re urn—, upholstery. 123 4th st Ph 565 .l eve .. lSOn ‘ . name open seasons 5} 11 b i ef- cr W1 1 suc 0 er in ormalon as . , , m -' oney loom... 10 c Smith io‘PMtr-OLaggeglerfifldeng 3;, 3;; so until changed by a: see... a... by tar , hectare-grater screamed Handy Man ShOP . or re ar an , an . omlnission. ny person. irni or corpora ion -, 1' v - ' iB. Taylor 12 Eacrett 5‘Taylor of Seabeck were bug- MASON COUNTY: Open season whose right will be, injuriousiy af. City Treasurer of. Shelton. in an > V . iWillard 3 ...... ..G .......... .. Russell 7‘ . t‘h 'D tt Val_ from first Sunday in April to first-fecth by said application may file amount “quill 10 “"0 .Pemel‘thofi the GET A TRAVEEERS accident Subs: Kimbel Oil _ Rau H‘lness VlSltOI‘S 111 e ewa 0 Monday in September, bmh dates With the State Supervisor of Hyd_ bld.. The successful Bidder Sci; end ticket for e r t, 250 g G ’ 'ley, and called on P. W. NanCB. mclusn‘e. 1n Price’s Lake. I‘aullcfiv at Olympla. Washmgtqn. Suph ter mm azcontra'c'“ Wlth the -y 3a“ ve y “9- per R ] ruver. s d G Sheriff Martin of Shelton, was MOpertl sttgaSLin fimm first Sunday in obJectlonhs or repgesentattionskln \VIEfi— lsilzaélxlyflgrfnifihp amlioggaigutzragéeetililirgmqfi- day_ Rates lower on longer 0 econ ame . . . . . ay 0 ms onda ' Si t, b,. mg, as 0 may esxre 0 ma 6. Wi -. . ' . No, l ‘ iLE Dairy (47) Rayonier (46) also a ViSltor in this locality on both dams inclusive‘yin'nan“frffltfi. in thirty (30) days afieroate of last ed. th , h perle see Herb Angle W' ATTORNEY AT LAW A Cloutier 25 F Burgoyne 15 Thursday ies £0 girlcef's tLakah and in the out- féfilication, which date is March 18, , tOThéoSgtgngoufiicigluregfgges e rig t suite 1 L M Bldg . .... .. There were a number of peopiei e o e lrs a s. -, , . 'i .ter the first ubli t' f thi N - ' " « Watson __________ __ Dittman . _ Open season fr th, '1. t ' ' VVltness in hand and offl l'l seal Dated MaY‘Ch Sr 1941‘ r . , p 0319“ O s 9 Gibson 6 C Bell 15 cod fishing in Dewatto Bay Sun-[in May to the Hug; Friday ianrlgfily ‘ this 4th day an March. A. D. 616141. GLENN w, LANDEgiS.k Effi.mto-wil§.b Mfarcll mi, 1941,.01‘ said Shelton, Washington . . """ " day. among whom were. several,both dates inclusive. on Dcwatto‘ CHAS- J- BARTHOLET (my ('r ' r‘ t S w' '9 Never barred' date or P. Cloutier ._G_. Welton 8 Creek and all its tributaries from1 State Sllm‘l'vism' of Hydraulics. 3—11-18'25- 4'1"“ lrs pubhcanon' Maren “h' 1941‘ . . . . ' Fourre 2 G Anderson from Shelton the north line or the Old ‘ N- cc (SEAL) ‘ ——“- MELVIN SUTTON, Subs‘ Gruver 6 At the “311001 emotion saturday Homestead to its source. (m 3‘11-18#2t. Nfirlrb OI, “,ATFR RIGHT fidflisnfggtr.°f glitEséa‘te ‘ .' ‘ onl a few votes were cast. Mrs..AND RESOLVED FURTHER: That --~- ,‘ ‘ . 0 na rma u ingon. Rayonlerflweelfs 6. MCGough- 3131(3)}: Km and Joe Dobson were the follOWlng waters shall be closed AF} l‘u‘tl‘TION 535: s“ eh Deceased and Exefmtor 0f GAME SATURDAY g . to all flshlng until further changed NOTH‘F or Mi F or ('ouv'ry “WW 0‘ washmfl‘m 0”” " ’ p the Estate 0‘ Jeremmh Buf— “ ‘ Kimbel 0“ (52) Rayonier (47) elected on the boa-rd. Wlth MTS- by the State Game Commission. All ‘REAL‘fiRh‘pERTf ‘ visor of Hydraulics Olympia l fington. Deceased. Suite 1, éB Taylor 14 F Anderson 4 {Russell Stelting 3 mm Over: com-Efglb521213543t0 ras“ aiérmims dmexntioned NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that T‘fic‘g‘goil‘f lllgpgféigaNthlsNdeorge fiflétfrlgggnstyfilegfihmelton, Attorney-At-Law ' " "" " ‘ .‘ w rose a: un- l'. d . c l: . ' McComb 6 ...... Burgoyne 12 pmses the new blgara} Nance en_ less othchlse specifically mentionedugliufili'niirfglililislllng‘s(gr ill/lgsfirimégugf A. Bracndlcin of Bromcrton, State Of CHAS. R. LEWIS. A ‘e B “d‘ cormier 18 "WC ______________ ,_ B611 12 MT; and Mrs- - MASON, COUNTY: All tributaries 1y, mam. and chimed on the 10m~Waslilligton. under datf‘ 0f Februaly Attornfiy f01fisfild Executor n. u no I X, . tertained Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E1- of Waketlckeh Creek; all ti'lbutarieslday or March, 1941, more will he 0,- 12. 1941. filed with the suite Super- ,and said Administrator. Suite Phone 337 H Gruver 12 G Dittman 1 . i - . l Ins Thursday evening The pas_ of the flame Hama River from theifered for sale by the Sheriff of said mm of Hydraulics. Olymplav Wash'ill Lumbermens Bldg-i Shel- r , 'Watson 2 ...... ..G ......... .. WeltOH 7 H. .n was .500” 10Wer falls t0, the boundaries of the county, at public auction at the front .ington, an application for a permit @011. Mason County. Wash- . . . .. . ' l Subs: Rayonier“*W89kS- ! lme for the evem g ' Olympw -Na“°nal Park? Shoemaker , door of the court house in Shelton. lto divert the public waters of an un- lngton. 21. T. 24 N.. R. 20 E.. W. as: ‘ My l. 'Lunch and general good tlme- Creekl. tributary to Mason Lake, and l to the highest bidder, on Saturday, inained spring. in the amount of 0.01 3-4-11-18-25—4t. All See. 5, T. 25 N., 'R. 21 E.. W- b. fellow made it i --—-- ‘§&SFIE%SBE%ED .April 5th. .1941 at ten O'clock A. M. second foot. subject to existing rights. M.; It to l The new recruit passed an 015- m folloévin \FORTHER: Thatithe followmg described real proper- continuously for the purpose of do~l All Secs. 3, 5, 9, 17, 21.27, 31, and 1" Comp ml'thmuw‘ me if 'th t l t’ 1L0 Stealer Receives toe fishing gm:th 5133-“ be “De-“Win .. mesuc supply: that. the app1‘0x‘maie . .. Noam?" . 33. of T- 26 Nu 19 E-v W- M: i ‘ want‘Ad ' icer Wl ou sau mg. g v further changed gearh alound untll‘ so of SE1“. of Section 10. Town- point of diversion is located Within {\OTIQE T0 LRthTons T0. who Nwi/y, Sec. 5; Nu, Nwii and int {10, . s' l “Here, sailor,” cried the Officer. Sus ended Sentence Commission in t'hye 0 State Game ship 22 North. Range 4 West, W. VVl/2 of Government Lot 6 of Section IRESLNTFAND FILE (.LA‘IMS NWI/i NE‘A, Sec. 13; a p . ‘ “Do you see this uniform I am 1’ this applies to the mil?“ {)Frsueanlls"! M" excel" “ght'of‘way for road 6. Township 22 N.. Range 1 w. w. in, In the Superior Court of the state of sir. qu, SW»... and sit SE54. i . 9,, T On all tributaries thereltlost’lfciln only]; to. I-Ioodsport‘Duinp. ‘r in Mason County, A map-showing Washington for Mason County In Sec. 15; All See. 21; wearing. ~ . pleading. guflty to a grand lar— fishing season applies 01 refs: 38' glnllllunl selling price, $1.000 cash. the location and Dian oi said diver. Probate Ni;2 NWIA_ swig Isiwl/h wi/Z “Yes, sir. It’s a swell fit, but ceny charge William Sehmei was otherwise specifically mfgfifgpdw 9‘" 1941ATED THIS 10th day 01 Marcnv "Sion and the1 place lof tpfc Droposfid g} EggEyéTgEqugHTI-JIDE ESTdATE swl/ié Sec. 23; Na... say, sz/i. me!‘ . ’ . L .‘ . ue is on fie in lie 0 ice 0 e . eceasc . Sec. 5; 1001‘ at the one they gave Sh9Wn lemency by JUdge JOhn M‘ “weiglfnofifi?E‘EmefkgggrgghNgghI HARRY DEYETTE, siate Supervisor of Hydraulics. Olym-l NOTIC ‘ ~is I HEREBY GIVEN. All See. 27; All See. 31: l , VVllson When he was granted .a‘ Fork. and to,Gauging Station at the Clerk of the Board 0} via. Washington. together W1?“ sue“ that the naerSIgnedM Lucy Himh Nip/4v 5’79 Nwl/iv and 's%l 560' lWI—IY TAKE A CHANCE - “hen suspension of a 15 year term in mouth of the lower canyon on the County Commission-'other information as IS required by'Young, has been appointed and has- '85. of '1‘. 26 N.. 11.-90 E.. W. 1L; 1 l $25 Per day Will Pl‘0i-‘3‘3t you the state prison at Walla Walla 3%]ch EEEIBLVED FU ‘ %S.I,Matson County, lax. son mm or corporation 2331‘ff’eitihgfiwgir'gggge éaashi‘glfil ygveaAfindSBEEifi. ggfir'zlmAlé SBRC. . . . . er. . . i ; . ‘i i ' n ' / Whlle you fire traveling? see by the court Saturday morning. it Shall be unlawful 0321f 3~11-18—25—3t., asm‘g on who? fight will be injuriously at. Deceased. and _that all persons hav- 21 E., W. M. . 1 Herb Angle, Agent. Sehmei was arrested for steal-'tempt to catch or angle for game footed by said application may file mg claims agamst the said Deceesed. 3% NWI/i. 8%. land 51/: NE%. ing logs from Mackey Lewis,lfiSh in. the County of Mason at anyi- with the State ,Supel‘vislll‘ 0f Hyd' 't" the “"1 Esmte are hereh¥.re¢i“1r.ed $06 9: A” $90. 17: ‘w- ’- ‘ —— '—"”““ and Fa B k .nde endent log_‘other time or. in any other place ex.‘ _ No. 1413 raulics. at Olympia. Washington, such 0 Serve the same: dmy verified Wi‘thi All See!- 19. 21. 99' 31v and 33’ ., — "' " y 3 er: 1 p cent as hereinabove provided. NOTICE TO CREDITORS objections or representations. in writ- the necessdry “None” QttaChed. upon of T. 27 N., R: 19 E” W. M.; . . igers. AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: In the Sn erior Court of the State l mg, as he may desire to make. with- the lundemgned Executrix. or her At- All See. 19: .s .854. Sec. 21: « , That the above regulation shall bel 9f Wash glam for Mason flow! in thirty (30) days after date of last tomey ,Of Record. at Sulte 1. Lum- NWic. sz El/c. and Nwl/c 'k y . Promulgated by publishing the same "1 PTObute publication, which date is‘March 11, hermens 3‘“!de Shekon. Mason Vi. Sec. 29! E175 of*Sec.‘31, of 1 NO_ 1404 in the Olympia News at Olympia, IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE 1941. \ ICOUPW. Washington. the same being . 27 N.. R. 30 E., W. M.; ' . NOTICE 1‘0 CREDITOBS Washington, the official newsDaper OF DESSIE HUGHBANKS, DECEAS- Witness my hand and Official seal-designated as the place for the trans- .Sl/é SWI/V Sec 81, T. 27 N” R. In the Superior Court of the State of the State Game Commission for E%OTICE this 25th d1“, of Fobmary’ A. D. 1941. action of the business of the said 21 E” w, M, one issue and IS HEREBY GIVEN, Estate. and file such claims, together in the Mason County of Washington for Mason County containing 17,000.88 acres, within and CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. V I: . In probate . Journal at Shelton. Washington, for that the Undersigned. Mayben E. Wil- .' . . . with proof of service with the Clerk ' 1 }IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE one issue. litsthas been appointed and has quali- l (sxgiaste supen 15‘” of Hydlauncs of the above entitled Court, within $33.2?“ fisfig‘gtog’mgfigggfit 121:“;2; :01: J. EDWIN GROUT_ DECEASED. Dated at Seattle, Washington, this fled as Administrator With the Vb'illI 3_4-11___2t‘ ‘Slx months after the first publication to a reservation f5, existing roads NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that 8th day of January, 1941. iannexed of the Estate of Dessie Hugh- of this Notice, to—wit: March 4, 1941, and telephone lines, and subject also STATE GAME COMMISSION‘ banks. Deceased, the Under-signed, Madalyn May Grout and that all per— or said claims shall be forever barred; to certain reservations as to timber {hind in Typing Nos. 1411 and 1412 has been a ointed and has qualifiea Virgil B. Bennington, Chairman sons having claims against the said idate of first ublication. March 4th, .as Ammg’gmx 0f the Estate or Thos A. E. Lally Estate or against the said Deceased norms To CREDITORS TO‘ {1941. p Slum? :3? anti“: mmulgt land Femovj (J. Edwin Grout. Deceased, and that Claude C. Snider are hereby required to serve the same. PRESENT AND FILE CLAIMS ‘ LUCY HITCH YOUNG, g 0 lel‘Ous “’18 a3. a8 mom fully set forth in the formal appli- cation on file in this office. for tim- ber of an equal value to be taken from the following described land: J. S. Thomas Lou Ovenden Dr. H. C. Nickelsen n the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason County In Probate , d111y Verified. with the necessary II vouchers attached upon the under-- Signed Administrator with the Will! Executrix of the Estate of Joseph E. Hitch. Deceased, Suite 1. Lumbermen's Bldg. ‘3“ persons having claims against ithe said Estate or against the said Deceased are hereby required to serve x the same, dul verified, with the B. T. McCauley. Director annexed or his Attorney of Record, (IN THE MATTER on THE COMvi Shelton ago, _ {necessary vouchEeIrs attached upon the Department of Game. 3-11_1t_ at the Office of Chas. R. Lewis, Suite lBINED ESTATES 0F ANNA Kyliqu ington.’ M n County’ was“ i Secs. 1 to 5. incl.. T. 21 N.. R. lundflsigned Administratrix. 01‘ he!“ ———-——- 1- Lumbermen's Bldg. Shelton, Ma-vNA BUFFINGTON AND JEREMIAHICHAS. R. LEWIS, 7W” W. M,; [Attorney of Recoi‘d..at the Law Of- , I . . H 501.1 County, Washington. the same BUFFINGTON. Husband and Wife, =Atiomey for said Execmrix All Secs. 10. 13. 21. 28 and 36. ,flce of Chas, R. LeWis, Suite 1' Lum- -l\0T CE QB ‘WA'IER RIGHT being deSignated as the place for Both Deceased, Suite 1’ Lumbermen,s Bldg: of T. 22 N., R. .i W.. W. M.; ‘bermen's Bldg, Shelton. Mason Coun— APPLIQA'IION NO. 5363 the transaction of the busmess of] NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN, aShelton Mason County Secs. 7. 18. and 19. T. 22 N., R. W. Washington. the same being deSig- State Of Wflsmngtqn Office of Super- ‘he 531d Estate. and me such Cliams- Ithat Melvin Sutton has been appoint- Washin'eton 6 W.. W. M.: Rent a bated as the place for the transac— Wm M Hydraulics Olympia together Wlth Proof of SEPFVICB with led and has dualified as Administrator 3-4-11‘f18_25_4t Secs. 1 and 2; Secs. 10 {to 15, ) tion of the busineSS pf the said To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: thfi'Clerkbf the above entitled Court. log the Estate of Anna Katrina Buffing_ ~ ‘ ind; Ail Sec. 21; - Eiltate. and file such claims. together Notice IS hereby given that c, E, Within Six months after the first my; Deceased and as. Executor of ~—-— i Secs. 22 to 28' ind; A.” See. 29; ’ggith proof of service With the Clerk Grimm Of Union. State of Washing- DUblication of this Notice. to-wit: the'Estate of jeremiah Buffjngtony Do. Serial 018736 Secs. 32 to 36. incl.; of T. 22 N. ion, under date of Februa, 14, 1941,|Ma ch 11th. 1941. or said claims will fiied with the State Supzrvisor of be {forever barred; Date of first pub. Hydraulics, Olympia. Washington, an llcation, March 11th. 1941. , . the above entitled Court, within 15.” months after the first publica- tlon Of this Notice, to-wit: March R. 7 W.. W. M.. within the Olympic National Forest. Washington. as agreed with the Sec- _NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION United States Department of the In- terior General Land Office, Spokane, ceased, and that all persons liaving‘ claims against either of the said De— ceased persons or against the Estate $3.00 mo. ,llth, ‘ ' f - a' lioatlon for a erm' ' MA E . . . . . . ever E’s};ng Sggedfimsfigéu fling; all? public waters pof gm tzngillfgé Agfiinlfstrgtorwvfififilffi of either or both, are hereby l'egulr—I W§Sllmgton, February 27, 1941. retary 0f AgrlClllture. . ' - th t 1 ma ition, March '11th 1941 stream tributary of salmon creek ini Wm annexed of the ES_ led to serve the same. duly verified. .hOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN The purpose of this notice is to al- First two mon 5 ran a ,y i M AD ALYN MAY GROUT the amount of 0.10 second foot s'ub—l .of Dessie Hughbanks iwith the necessary vouchers attached.‘lhat the Entiat Lumber Company, or low all personaclaimlng the timber be applied on purchase price l Administratrix of the Estate ject to existing rights, continlflmglyl Deceased Suite 1 Lumliupon the Undersigned Executor and Wenatchee, Washington,.did, on Feb- selected. or havmf.r bone flde 013180- of machine. I of J Edwin Grout, Deceas- for the purpose of domestic supply; bermen's‘ Bldg... Shel- lAdminiSthtOr. 01' his Attorney of‘Rec- run); 24. 1941. file in this office its MODS {0 511.0}! abpllcatlon. 311.013901" ed S'uite 1, Lumbermen's that the ap roximate point of diver- ton, Mason county, .ord. at Siilte 1, Lumbernien’s Buildingapplication 018736, under the act of tunity to file the" WOtestS 1“ m“ Bldg. Shelton. Mason Coun- Slim is 1003 ed Within SE14 of NWI/i Washington. 'Shelton. Mason County. Washington. March 20. 1922 (42 Stat. 465), as office prior to the approval 0‘ the 9’" . ty, Washington. __ CHAS. R. LEWIS, ithe same being designated as the amended by the act of September 22, change. . d " CHAS. R. LEWIS, Attor< Attorney for said Es- lplace for the transaction of the busi- 1922 (42 Stat. 1036). the act of Feb~ Any such protestsbould be file e . my for said Estate, Suite A Vacant house won't Parasite, Suite 1, Lumber- ness of the said Estates. and file ruary 28,1925(43 Stat. 1090) and the herein prior'to Arm! 25- .1941- ‘1’ Lumbermen's Bldg.) Shel' Taxes Advertise Itl men’s Bldg. Shelton. such claims. together with proof of act of August 11. 1939 (53 Stat., 1412), HARRY L- CHILD. I‘m" “90!! Count". WaSh' “V , Mason County Wash— lservice with the Clerk of the above to exchange: _ Register, "WWW 3-11—l$~25. 4-1—41. Jm‘m‘“ flut’mlls’rmmm‘r 100 melon. 34148—23. ’H—il :culitlell (Hunt. warm :;I\ liloillhs ill‘. Ntu'ii NW‘... and NW; SE!” Soc. 3441.18.25-41,