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March 13, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 13, 1941

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larch. 1 3'; a iMaI‘ch 13, 1011. SlllCLTON—MASON COUNTY JOURNAL TAL PAT-l port To 7.“ V . “P _ a if" a.» M,“ 7'“ m' m m“ L I W" W “17* twa- . \\ nscnd ’ . I . of Shel b Meet , 1“ omen s Pm Race Skokomisli Lad , SH L - . ,, helton nos 8 Saturday I - , . l . ‘ ' lt' fl ,. ' rt. MaTch 12 «7 Hoods. I Au ; ll Consolidated with The Shelton} Independent " kw "" Send. Club 6711111 N Z] . n ‘ , 9 Entered as second-class lliillLl'l‘ at this pnsioi lim- at Sin-itch. “ashmk’lon r T i‘ ,‘c ii ,9 V . .v . . I L $123,. atsthe Hoodspoi't i . Subscrlptlgn Rates; ' . 15 _ aturd" at 8 l *—~~- ' I r! ’ELOPED lngo w'n “y L WyOMFVw BqnyLysgc LFAUl'F 5 . . I n 1. BY I‘JIAIL: in Mason Countv (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) l 9D t be alloyed ‘ “ '. AI B3 Juan grow! I rm "on x 13 w- w: '; 6 iii 251.2"; 3 ll "5 . 1”" i ’l 33le Dr‘l‘ yo-ai'. Poslai' FRENTL < lie ise lull/tiltslgess meeting- Oll \I'l] l SkOkon/USII Valley affirm] 1% ‘7; ; E'K‘Kllllvllldn‘é i'oil'liltl lie-“sillicgl‘s Olnllgl‘ll-llljfll‘ :L‘I‘\'It:ll(;)§ lCllyo mull Cal‘l'lt‘l‘ “'0” e . i ( .’ l . . . . . . . . . . . v . . . . v 7» ~D~ ,‘ " tr 1 ' t ‘1" \Tl ‘. a “Vi O‘N- , rr wi ll lll ’ll' Journal 3' mai . ' . ___._ Forrest Gardens ‘‘‘‘‘‘ .37 35 5”: ;nfalzgreilngolicls]Lin the hogp‘mal,” [ BY} TQITRNA‘L CARRIER: in Slit-lion, 25¢ pr-r month (collected by carrier) Plus .‘ Mason Cleaners ...... .35 37 .486 i so one of his»: small playmates1 n" M'") IM'I‘V'X'a} ,m 2‘ Hm“; , l enlarge . I 0 u Quality Cleaners ..... .34 38 .472 'told me. Upon inquiry I learned, ev “:7: ‘ High Scores “mat Stanley Johnson aged seven, 1 ‘ i ’7 'fl‘w OWEN—"f" n v ~ V v i ‘VV ‘1 V ufogggice i Game~~lnez Dodds 181. {in company with his older bro-j GRAN {D‘GLE 3‘ ANGLE I negative i Shelton WRE 'I‘otaliiJuanita‘ Stal'wich 505. they», Wesley, and E1113“. Mceks ; lmlilol .mnagim _. i ’ 35h “latche” 1“unday VVCnt up 0“ the hIHS‘de 13 t? Member of \‘i'ushingion vaspzipi-r Publishers! Association Quality vs. Forrests. Mason vs). Old Mill. , Victories posted by Old Mill .and Mason Cleaners in Monday 7’7" \ lnight's competition served to jsqucezc the women’s bowling ithc same time that the then lea- Cleancrs. The double ievent sent Old Mill into first Splace and pulled Mason Clean— ers out o!" the cellar. Juanita Starwich and Inez lDodds led Mason Cleaners’ at-, itack with Freda Frcdson, Verda McConkey and Margaret Stewarti ,doing some important pin spill-. ling for Old Mill. l The lineups: Mason 13%., Mar. 16-18 . wo Fe«'itures: iom Mill (2) Quail. Clean. (1) .‘ Handicap 147 Handicap 210. lV.M’Conkey 4412H. Ferrier 448 ,M. Kubik 3593T. Stevens 359 iF. Fredson 495lM. S'th‘rland 326 :3. Pauley 245lG. Skelsey 371 IM. Stewart 454lK. Allen 335 ‘637 729 775 2141l706 659 684 2049 LaBarr 378:, B. Wo’dw’rth Brewster 383lM. Wood Durand 321li. Dodds 467 Stale-y 462, J. Staiwich 505 700 721 690 2111}791 727 730 2248 I in. 353 1M. 347 i M. 9?. i ‘JOURNAL Want Ads are used by scores of your friends and l neighbors with great success. Complete information about / what you have to sell aIWays helps. D '1' . Nev WU! quickly “icky or greasy v: - . p _‘ satin-smooth ‘ “Rate! 17 ac-scemed $2 ,‘ by ' ‘ Mal'cthyinK scvvral months‘ supply—SPECIAL PRICE (lur— " FIR DRUG STORE ‘3 ,league up into a four—game vicei D STlifetime ; Old Mill hung a 2 to 1 kayo ‘::1' Y 6 iwallop on the Quality Cleaners at: g guc-leading Forrest Gardens was taking a 3 to 0 whitewashing from ; 'Forrest (0) ,‘Mason Clean (3) I Handicap 111i Handicap 186 E Peterson «lDBlE. Smith 390 l l injury on little Stanley. hospital an operation was found. to relieve bone ‘ ineral of Wilson W,.,Austin. Austin was the father-in-law. of all! ma Illa/.1 It'll} filiflllffllfi'iflil/ .minmmmwmufl All cars alike? Drive 3 Hudson just once and you’ll find out that here’s a really different, really better car. For one thing, it’s the 1941 safety winner . . and winner in its class in the Gil- more Grand Canyon Economy Run. Come in and .see for yourself . . . and see haw little it Costs to own one! Saturday and the two older boys. started to fall a fir tree. A branch of the tree fell off strik- ing Wesley on the shoulder andi inflict a skull Al. the then glancing to to be necessary pressure. Stanley is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson. He is in no danger, though he has the whooping cough, too. It seems that in the woods loggers refer to falling branches as widow makers. bruised shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. Bremcrton Were dinner the A. W. \Velsh home on Mon- day evening. An early morning callcrat Mrs. Roy Meeks, last Sunday, came in through the front door and left by the back door, remarking as he went. “I’ll bring you com- pany Mario." The Sign held rduring the day Mrs. Mocks pre- pared meals for 19 unexpected guests. The list included Mr. and Mrs. Emery Meeks and four chil- dren from hrlrgxtcszmo, Mr. and Mrs. Carol F. L. Houseof from Tillainook, Mrs. J. W. il/lool'c from Roches- ter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Ever-s and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. livers of Matlock. The Garden Club group met on' March 1], with Mrs. The afternoon was spent discussing Tuesday, Roy Meeks. very profitably garden plans and garden improve: ments. Herman Alicrn re.— ported that her new lath house is finished and the Chrysanthemums ‘and tuberous begonias are about1 to move in. Mrs. Florence Smith, the coun‘ ty nurse, has been looking us 1over, and reports whooping cough in the families of the Keith Camp- bells, the Arthur Johnsons, and the Simmons, just children af— fected, but measles that’s a dif- ferent story. Mrs. Bill Taylor and Mrs. Louie Peterson, grown- ups, are broken up and out with them. Ed Ahern has sold his home in the valley and a part of his, acreage to Jess Thomas, and the gremaining acreage to Mr. Bienic. 'Mr. Ahern has purchased a place near the junction of the Brem— erton-Port Orchard road, and ex- pects to work in Bremerton. Mrs. Jean Fredson, accompan- ied by Miss Dora Fredson and Mrs. Jeanette Ottcrmatt, drove to Seattle Monday to attend the fu- Mr, Mrs. Fredson's Albert W. Austin. Local women are greatly in- debted to the Hood Canal Wo- man’s club for sponsoring the ex- hibit of beautiful weaving at the Hoodsport gymnasium March 6. Two ladies Mrs. John Bergman and Mrs. Duncan, operated looms ~~that all might see the pro- cess. Mrs. Bergman. nationally known weaver, and inventer of the folding loom, which her son manufactures, spends her sum- mers in North Carolina, where she instructs in a handcraft and Mrs. Duncan, there were school. Besides Mrs. Bergman daughter, Mrs. and Mrs. Duncan, there were sev- cral other ladies in attendance from the Weavers' Guild from Skokomish. They were Mrs. Paul Hunter, Mrs. Fred Bell, Mrs. El-- va Price, Miss Dorothy Bell, Mrs. Robert C. Johnson and Mrs. Jean Frcdson. Remember,, this big 92-horsepower Hud- son Six is one of the lowest priced sedans built today. for lop vuluorin every pop- ular price class-see HUDSON! Shelton Wesley escaped with 21} guests at ’ Leonard Cole and daughter. Oregon, . 3 la check. and National Editorial Assocxaiion. l GIRL SCOUTING FOR DEFENSE l Girl Scouting in America is now celebrating its twenty-ninth anniVersary, and it is timely to fiemind our people that national defense begin .with the nation’s youth; observing how the dicta- itor countries train their children almost from in-‘atives in Bremerton. fancy but into warlike traits. ‘ The necessity of directing youth 3courses, which lead to good and sound citizenship 1and to patriotic spirit and love of country is now i so apparent that this work can no longer be neg- :lected as it has in the—past; nor the girls neglect- , ed in equal attention to that given boys. l Of course, we do not train our boys to be sol-i rdicrs, nor our girls, but in modern warfare therel "is equal place for the girls to serve, as there is; 'even more urgent need in adolescent years to' train them for the future home-makers and the: imothers of sound generations to come. l ‘ It is fitting that this week be observed to call attention to aiding the Girl Scout movements awhich enroll girls from seven to eighteen, and to supporting those who lead the work of training 3the girls of this community along wholesome ilines for democratic citizenship. l i l The cost of running the state for the next (biennium will be $72.58 per person, which cannot 'be helped but the citizen at least has the right to expect full value for each dollar spent. r l l l HIGHER TAXES EVERYWHERE The increase in sales tax from two to three! cents has passed the legislature and will be Signed1 iby Governor Langlie as in line with h1s first sug- gestion. and the only Way out to raise the huge sums called for to carry on the state and its grow- ing social obligations. So far, and Saturday is the last day of» the session, there have been no laws lopping state costs, nor of other general taxation, and there 15 no recourse but to spread the sales tax thinner as the federal income tax is, and bring more peo- ple into the class of the tax-conscious. l l ANOTHER WEEK OF GOOD WEATHER Puget Sound is enjoying another week of geod weather, now at the middle of March, or about six weeks of sunshine spattered with some rains but no storms or cold Weather worth men-‘ tion; all in contrast to the touted sunny climes. of 5{California and Florida, and if it could be relied ,lupon turning winter tourists this way. i ; With the thermometer getting up around 7C isome afternoons, and the ferns and woods dry- iing out fires are being reported in some places ,even in Mason County and the warning of thls gdanger goes out; but at this early season there ’is little danger to timber or other property. , Now, come to think of it, we may be sorry ithat the rains have passed us by so far this win- iter season, and also the snow and cold, because} the signs already point to a shortage of water in, ,the reservoirs and of snow in the mountains} Iwhich keep the turbines running in summer;l ,Tacoma and Seattle and private power are al- éready getting their auxiliary steam plants in l I l l l l I l l order to meet their demands for the summer _' ahead. I It is well to remind all taxpayers that Satur- day, March 15th, is the last day for filing income tax reports and payments, and also for payment of county realty taxes to earn a three per cent re- bate. E BREATH OF ECONOMY ? 0N v i . ; So far there has been only one breath of! economy coming out of this legislative session,l as against dozens of schemes which spell more» taxes and demands from the consumers; that is a committee report which indicates that at least i 1 two of the elective offices are asking about twice 'ithe amount of money they should spend in their functions, and that a slashing of all such budgets could save the taxpayers a million or so. , The report points out that the cost of state Egovernment has almost doubled in five years, as mew bureaus, inspections and duplicated checking ihas grown up in the several departments, with {each using cars, gas and expense accounts in go- ,ing over the state and doing what an ordinary gB-cent stamp could generally accomplish. Gover- ‘nor Langlie could no doubt save the million, if ipermitted, which would help toward the twenty ;or more million needed for new demands. i l l l i With the passage of the so-called lend-lease ,bill by Congress the United States has taken the ilast step of formal entrance in» the world war, and lthe way is clear for some real spending without l i i l l l l Mrs' Fred Compton and family Reimer, Viola Anderson’s brother,l spent Sunday in Seabeck “Siting”las Mr. Compton's parents. K Mr- and Mrs- Ted 000k were,biiity that he will be back withl the weekend guests of Mr. and l us in the near future- Mrs. Neil Simmons. several days last week visiting Mrs. V. L. Knowlton of Tahuya lhome. Mr. and Mrs. Wyers spent 55 Gadley. l |family spent Sunday visiting rel- into the the week. Mr. and Mrs. Parker of Rockyl Point. ‘P age Five PotlatclifiNews iTahuya Doings Told In Briefs; Reported Thru and News Brevities JOURNAL Want Ads arc used by scores of your friends and neighbors with great success. Complete information about what you have to sell always helps. l l Elizabeth Hussman g Mildred “'oodworth Potlatch, March 12. ---— Mr. andi I By RAH THEATRE SHELTON. WASHINGTON l Tahuya. March 11. —— Clarencei returned to his home Walnut, Iowa. There is a possi-- in, Mrs. Effie Knowlton 1S report}. ed very much improved. She was; dismissed from the Shelton Gen-i eral Hospital and is staying with Mr. and} Mrs. Leslie VVyors at Potlatch for} a few days. Mary Sabisch attended a style. l Show in Seattle last Friday after-ii Mrs. Shultz of Portland spent Two shows every night her daughter, Mrs. Leslie Wyers. Starting at 7:00 PIM. Sunday afternoon, ' is convalescing at the VVyers Matinee 2:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Adan. 10¢ and 25¢. plus tax (State 2¢; Federal 3c) Sunday at Ocean Park visiting Mr. Wyers parents. Mr. and Mrs. Rotter and fam— ily of Alder were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley noon. , Miss Yvonne Hart is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hart. Mr. and Mrs. W'alter Sorenson attended a house warming and anniversary party over near Gig Harbor Saturday night. Mr. F. G. Knowlton is work-I ing at the ammunition depot at Keyport. Mr. and Mrs. iheney and daughter, l i , Tonite Only 15¢ Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hussman and “GIRL IN THE NEW’S” Mr. Huss- man’s brother, B. L. Hussman re- turned home with them to spend Mrs. Ed. Burnett and son Lar— and ry, spent Saturday evening withl Leonard MCEL: , Mary 013 - ml Mrs. Jacobson and family spentlBlemerton‘ were Tahuya Vlslmhi . . . . . 7Saturday. Sunday “smug relatwes "1 Ta‘ Mrs. Lydia Huson is confined coma. g SD Sun., Mon., Tues. GARY COOPER JOURNAL Want Ads are used byl scores of your friends CASCADE of CURLS Wear your spring bonnet over or behind this curl hair-do in front: hear compliments on the cascade of curls at your neck! A beautiful new-pery manent idea! SPECIAL Tecal Oll (Regularly 50¢ Extra) included FREE in Regular Price of $2.50 and $3.50 Permanents. DeLUXE BEAUTY SALON Phone 388 211 2nd St. and Mrs. H. Paul Tompkins. on Saturday. Mrs. Gadley. Merle visited school “FATHER’S SON” . d. ‘ '\ . Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Simmons to he! be 0m Sincere wu’hesl Frida S, t rd 'd , 01 , , , ., Mary Sabisch was slightly in~, y u ay uiJay lll .ympia ViSiting friends. [jured in an automobile accident ea" Brlggs was the ‘Veekend last Saturday. We all give thanks HIGH SIERRA Mrs. Lanning and Mrs. Diegans Mr .md Mrs Earl Ames were Hum ‘ , . , . . . phrey Bogart “1t Satu’day 1“ Seattle- ‘out to their summer home (Fal-I lee City, visited his family here St. Patrick will rule at thel over the weekend. dance here next Saturday night. place in a slalom skiing race at and son Jerry, spent the weekend'I Paradise Valley on Saturday; 'at their home in Victor. spent Sunday at Sequim visitinglon the job, so be brave and bear friends. lwith me. It won’t be long now. “ n was the weekend guest of Mr. THE Mrs. Roger Hill took her fa- tion on Tuesday where he has ac- cepted employment. and Mrs. Erickson of Bremerton ; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pearce and the weekend visiting at his par- ents’ home. Hoodsport, spent Tuesday visiting in the afternoon. l attended the meeting of the East-l ern Star at Union Tuesday even- ’ l and daughter Anita, Spent Satwthat she Will recover Very soon. “95‘ 0f Pat Bradley 0f Shenon' that she wasn’t seriously hurt. l Mr. Kenneth Rathburn of Cou- len Arches) last Sunday. “’3 LuPino Denny Rathburn won seventh Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henderson_ Mr. and Mrs. C. D. WoodworthI Your Scribe will soon be back Mr. E. D. Tompkins of Startup ther to Klipsan Beach Radio Sta—l l I Mr. and Mrs. Hale visited Mr. daughter Jean of Seattle spent Mrs. Welsh and son Merle of Mrs. Sisley and Mrs. Hussman. ing‘. I l VISITOR HERE TODAY Jim Funk, graduate of Irene S. Reed high school, was a Shel- ton visitor today in the course of: his duties as a member of the financial staff of the N. Y. A. in this state. ~ I Let,sgo New C , z Looking %%%%2%' Lengthening days— swelling buds—signs of Spring that remind us of outings and motor trips to come. 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