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March 16, 1939
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P;I if(? Two BUTTER POUND  ()vet, Fresh (xacket s, 2-lb. box .... 17(/ Jay Tee CATSUP 2 bottles 19c Centennial Pancake Flour, 4-lh. pkg... 25 Flour &apos;Oranges ] Tissue 49-lbs. ( 5tl for  3for 1.09 25c (;old Shield COFFEE 1 Ib .... 29c Bonnie Best 5-oz. tin OYSTERS 2 for... 250 Big Value Noodles 14 g= T)TrI I IL. NEEDHAM FOOD STORE SHEI..TON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAl] ......... +l--i i I Grapeview Class ]Matlock Events Stages 'Pioneer' Reported Thru ', Program at Club! News Brevities I 15 3" Mrs,Ber[ Mitchell lSy Mqs. Zoo J'riszner The SouLhaide 4-H Garden club. Grapeview. Ma,'cn 15. The Matlock. March 15. Mrs. l-I uadcr the leadership of Lee tlus- I M(.'Lher's Chlb met at the sch':ol- E. Ford ami son Clifiord. went ton. hehl their regular meeting house last Friclay afternoorl /'or to Sheltou SaLurciay to the hos- at the schoolhouse Friday eve- their relllal' mOzlth]y nleetnlg, pital to see their son and brothel' ning, leporLs Art Voltleu. chlb They first visited the school and Earl Ford. They retold him slow- reporter enjoyed an informal program by ly improving. A st)eeial comniittee tel)erred the pupils on "Pioneers." They Mrs Floyd L, wd and son ,Vcs- that the 4-H elul) birth(lay party had written short stories basoA Icy Lobackjr ,if Camp 5 spent given in honor ot Art Woiden tu on the book. "Told by the Pie- the weekend with the h)rmcr's the Pierce t]ome was a great aim- Southside Club Hears Fertilizer Value Discussed I  "o Tlmr, day, March Vitamin Specials Friday and Saturday  2 pints C,(id laver Oil U.S.I'. Vitamin tested ................................. neers," which showed a keen niother, Mrs. t4. L:. Michael. Mr. tess:. Interest in the early lift, of tile Lortl eaine after them Sunday The chib is planning to stage people of our state The poiut evening', an evening entertainment sonic- Halibut laver ()il Cal)sules i.vas made that only in the western states can actual ('ozltaet still bc Louis Mayer spent the past t)ractieingtime soOn,onSOa theplay.Cast ia now 100S with the pioneers wh9 built week with his sister. Mrs. A.d. Following the reguht,' business up the country. A number el hlldersoll. 'session c,unty Agent Ol,erst,',n, Halibut laver ()il (al)su]es th(, chihh'en are wortdng on ;t Mr. anti Mrs I .... 1). Ptn'tman discussc(I the value of fertilizers 508 1,1 handwork project ahowing a set- spent Saturday evcnulg phtying on gardens and methods of con ......................................... tler's home, a log house and stuck Chinese checkers with 1,11. ttnd serviltg what is available (m t h c shelter, covered waglone in' the I Mrs. Elvin Hearing. farm for this purpose. He ex- yard (other pioneers, no (IoubL Mrs t),m lhmsen and (,aug,- plained the purpose of the eh camped on their way to aide,her ter. Luucille spent Sund:.y after- merits nitrogen, phosphorus, and home) aud just outside the fence noun with Ml. and Mr:;. H E. potash J.n plallt growth. an encampment oF friendly In- b'ortL It was found that nearly every titans, with their tents. After the Mrs. Sidnc'y Tuvc brought her club member's home has a, cow 4 7 FREE D1AAVI{,RY zel on Saturday to visit friends. Michael. Carl Per,man an(1 W (' F Meet HI M.,.ke,,. in the Harva.rd Grad- On Sunday she aecompuaied Grant Rieheson were callcl's also . >. . d Retail [nstitute Date uiem to Seattle and came home m the Michael home , uate School ,if [usiness. OI1  ' ' Muve/! Ahead to April 13 l',',,ress,r McNair is the author on Monday, Mrs. Ze(, Priszner went to se- tere Sunday ,,,,,,,. e,,n, ,,,,a, ,.:,lei,,ia, ,,, tet hooks oo ,'c- M,., W Buleher ,,,,t l, is ,,,,,-stile nday after he," d,t,,ghte,. ther-in-law, dr Pierce. ft'))',l Lois I)areline who was in the write+,+ tile I.rzliversil,v )l g[lsh- tailing ail(t of ilulnerous articles The Maim tollntv ,,oun(,il ,r ilD.ib,. 1 )etY+/*t ili:;l, + {1, P M&rkctbl, in trade &lid professional journals Ren( Nevaila and sl>ent l a s t Orthopedic for examination. voeR llere h)oking after t h e 41's L. D. PorLntan and Miss the \\;'a.HhillgtOll G'ommonwtalth to .'+1,',,' lia,' date of the second ou specific problems of the re" ' Butcher property. Ghtda Hagerty were shoppers in lreR, ration hehl their monthly I.etaih'rs' Institute at lIe Umver'- tailm. His counsel is sought by Mr and Mrs. [. B. Palms of Silellon Friday. mccttn aud pot luck luncheoll at .qty as ApHI 13 im;loa(I of th< a.xsuciati<ms anti 0y individual Mason Lake. have had a numbeP Miss hlene Fly of \\;Vyno,tche lh,, LUtX)I' TetltDle last Sunday Iglit ;:s i)zt, VloUSIv HIIn<)IlnCC(I. stores, lh" has spnken at nu- of guests over th0"weekend. There visited several dqys ill the \\;V 1]. )J'tlc next lliollthly moetinR" will be Thi:,] II{'w thll. e I1;Is I)e(ll 8('lt'e[- lnerous association nleetings in. were Mr. and Mrs Jolles of Pahner hollle. held Stl|ld[y, April 16, at ,belabor ed because it givvs the retailer+ other parts of the country, but 'Ivmple. A pl'OHlillent spedker will i 'if the state an t)t) )'tunztv to Lhts is the l'irst opportunity for { Olympia. Mr. and Mrs. WlTI Down- Mr. aJld Mrs. Axel \\;Vilhtrd:+,m - }ie and chil(lren of Shelton 'on Sat- went to ShelLon S'Lurday to see address the meetinR" at 2 p.m. wit.t hod)' and have lhe counsel el' l)r. nmr('.ham: of the State of %Vasll- t urday an(1 on Sunday Mrs. Robart the latter's sister, Mrs. L. II :)el hl(:t h.lncleoli aL 12:30. J Male,)lm P M('Nail, ])roles,or ,ff lngtou t,) he:o' him and ,I)" Ward and other 'l'acoma Asche who was scriou,dy ill. They ('ookies, 2-1bs ............... 35 t)rogran, the women discus.'md aunt. Mrs. Stella Michael,, up buL nothing )s being done in different l)l:tllS including those lop l'rom H()ttuiam Thursday to visit most eases to conserve the fer- Lhe SL. Pa|r'iek's Day parLy tm wiLh the MaLlocl Club ladies tilizer elentents produced by this Friday evening, Ma't'l 17, There who met at Grange hall qnurs- cow. Especially is this true of will be no charge for admission, day. They also elted on Mr. the liquid manure m which 51 bul ;t small charge will be m,tde and Mrs. R. C. Michael. percent or 80 pounds of the nitro- for light refreshments aside from M. and Mrs. Ela'dar White of gen and 85 percent or 108 poun(Is the coffee which is free. There Camp 5 are visiting with Mr. of potash is Found. When .pur- will be games for young and old and Mrs. I-L E. F'ord while the chased in the form of commercial and door prizes for a lucky (me camp is shut down because of Fertilizer the elements produced or two. All are cordially invite,}: snow. by a cow in the tiquod manure children must be accomDanied by Miss Nina Hopkins of Shelton arc worLh as follows: nitrogen adults. The time is 7:30 p. m. and Elmer Bradberry of Sno- $12.80; phosphorus. 0, inone in Mr. and Mrs H.ichard Coleman quahuie, were dinner tuests of the liquid part); potash. 7.56. or spt'uL Sun(lty at McCleary with Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Hearing. a total of $20.36. Consi,lering Mrs. Colcman's brother and fan> Mrs. W. B. Palmer and son that the cow is likely in the barn ily. rd.oy, calle(l to see M1 am.t Mrs. not more than one half ,if Lhc Miss Margaret Buvkhart is L. H. Asehe and Mrs. Mary Way time, even a hMf of this wouhl home again after a few weeks in l in Shelton Saturday. be worth having. Seattle. Friday morning, M's Mr. and Mr';. Carl PorLman Also burning of weeds and re- Sarah H'msen was called to Ta-]were dinner guests of Mr. and fuse is destructiou of plant food COITIH Oil |)llSilleSS: Silo retul'llcd l,l's. I)uemcnt ])ortlllall Sullday. e]nlcnts taken frolll the soil, on Saturdav, Mrs. h'a For,t called Monday Mrs. J. |]. JohllsOl] Welll to Her- tt[terllOOll ou MI ;tntl Mrs. R. C. th)t :'"'"e 3 for 10 1<21|U  , .... ....... Fox Root Beer, o for ......... 10 12-oz. t Qtus bottle deposit) Wbeaties, 2 pkgs ............ 23 = Jonathan Apples, box ........ 53 = Spuds, 50-lb. sack ........... 39 Carrots, 3 bunches .......... 10 BUTTER, Brewers Yeast Tablets 250.s ................................................ A. B. D. G. Capsules 100's .................................................. A. B, I). G. Cal)sules OKAY,, 50 Sexta--Vitamins with Liver ExtracL ap,(l Iron .... 12-oz. Squibb Choeohtte Vitavose ............................................. McConkey Phone 303 W.e DeJiVr:  : triends, received word yesterday that she Mr. Bernard Housen's eye was much better. Mrs. Asehe is was badly injured last Wednes- well kmwn at /Vlatlock and her day when the babbitt exploded as friends are sorry to learn of her] he was wo,'Ring on a choker fer-' illnes,q. ' - '--ee role between Tahuya and lie- M. and Mrs. Zeo Priszner'spent watt,,. The doctor, who immed-Tuceday evening with Mr. and nttsprtee lately nrrested the acid bln'lihig Mrs. Bernard Smith. an(l rellloved tile babbitt, is row, Mrs. 1.V. B. Palmer and stm treating the eye and thinks M.r. Roy and Mrs I.nsscll Gunter Housen may be at work again in were callers in Aberdeen Tues- a few days. ]day. The Garden Cluh will hold its Ma.tlock Chib will meet March regular meeting on March g3 at .23.,at the..Grange hall. the event v tke home of the president. MrS. of the day will he celebrating ;ill t-f E Pcterson. All the women ladies birthdays in March Mrs. of the community are urged to' Frank l'eters(m slid Mrs. Clalq.I 55c Mackerel J NO. 1 Tall Ca, I i MILK Swift's Premium , STANDBY Baked Beans, 3 cans ........ 29 FLOUR LARGE PKG. Send I)ox top and' 50e 1() Sperry C'o. and re- crave a Beautiful I ,mctscan (,,t,elol(. Hams, half or whole, lb. 2 Sirloin Steak ....... lb. 25 Legs of Pork ........ lb. 2{) Shoulders Pork ..... lb. 18 Hamburger ........ lb. 15 SI Ne ]p * * x  ausage ...... lb. 15 Sauer + ' .. Kraut ...... qt. 12 Weiners ............ lb. 22 Lard or Shortening.. lb. 10 Salt Backs ......... lb. I(L Fresh Side Pork ..... lb. 19 I)ill Pickles ....... doz. 15 THESE PRICES ALSO GOOD AT SHELTON MEAT & ICE, CO. I II I I I I CITY HARKET come. In spite of thes,e toM Reed :is hostesses. winds and occasional hatlstoz'm8 t .............. ' .... sprtnK will ome officially next ] wc,k ,t l,a , wa, t,, slipl, inl Ford Branches up (in you SO come' to the Gar- den .,uh and get y,,u,' pla,,s ,ns+,,, ' Consolidated AS for your reporter she plantcd i bh'th(lay anti ' se,mning the : Inoo]t's phase.s t,) Ket in ethel seeds, Are you superstitious? Belfair Bride Honored Guest, Wedding Shower ily Mru, Gladys lrvltg Belfair. March 15. A ntis- cellaneous wedding shower wts given at the home of Mrs. [)ud- Icy Thomas for Mrs. Herbert Heath. Those who attended were Mrs. Walter Eddy, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. White, Mrs. Seiners. Mrs. Ulrich. Kay Konkltn, Mrs. Sever- son. Mrs Russell R, iclcabaugh, Mrs. A1 Rickabaugh, Mrs. South. Mrs. Wildei. Mrs. Her,hal Browii, I Mrs. Weirfflan, Mrs. Smith, a.P,d Mrs. Thomas who was hostess. Honor guest, Mrs. Herbert HeattlL After the gifts ,which were many) were opeaed, a lovely lunch was served. All had a lovely Lime. Allis Harris returned home ,in Sunday from her school in Ta- conm Marie Kielen returned with her [or  visit. Allis has finished school. Mr. and Mrs. Cllarles irving and children were dinner guests at the Jess Fannillg home, near Burley, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sans Theler were Olalla visitors Sum,lay, at t h e home of Mrs. Theler's uncle. Hen- ry Pfundt. They also visited the new Narrows bridge site where they are beginning work. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larson and son Jimmie, of Belling'hant. vis- ited M1. LarsoWs Father, James Larson, Sunday. Mr. ,'tnd Mrs Walter Eddy and' family attended the vaudeville show Friciay at South Kitsap higb school. Mr, aud Mrs. Rudolf Sundstroll visited the Karl Decker's home in Silverdale. Sunday. Mrs Decker m Mrs. Sundstrom's sis- ADp,)intnlent of V L. Harvev .s Sales Manager. and W. P. Watkins as A.sistant Sales Man- ar of the Pacific Northwe.nt Fnrd Branch ,if tile Ford Motor Company, was aummnced this week by H. Et, \\;Vilcox. Branch Ma.nag'er, Thcse two appoint- ments follow tie,sly (>n the heels of the" omsolidatitm of the Se- attle and ['ortiand branches of this company, which become cf- tective March 15th under the direction of Wilcox, Harvey for- merty served )s Sales Mana,ger of the Portland Branch. while Watkins has been _-assistant Sales Manager at the Seattle Brarmh. The new enlarged territory served by the l'ac'ic Northwest Branch with headquarters in Se- attle, includes Wtshington. Ore- t:on, the Panhaudle of hlaho and Western Men,aria. The consoli- dation of sales and service under the new bntnch arrangement has been effected to pruvide greater l opcrating efficiency Lhroughout the territory. In addition to,sales and serv- ice responsibilities for F o r d ] passellg-er cars and trttcks, the ] new appoinLees will be direeLly concerned with sales ant service (if Lincoln-Zephyr and the new Mercury 8. the most recent addi- tion to lhe Ford line. The outstanding s:dcs job al- ready established by the n c w f Mercury 8 is far in exccss of all I predictions, according to W'il- ONLY CAR with oight cylinders sell, MORE floor-to-roof height ths ing for less than $956.* any oer low-price car. WIDEST .... seat Of any low-price car. ONLY A1 with full torque-tuhe drive soiling for less than $956.':: ]|GHESThorsepower-to-weight o{ ,any car selling for less than ONLY CAR selling for less than . $889:": in which both front and rear springs ave relieved of driving and braking strains ONLY CAR with seml.centrifugal lurch gelling for less than $956.* ONLY CAR with front radius rods selling for less than $898. =:` LARGEST hydraulic brake.llning area per pound of car weight in any car Sellin for less than $840,* Largest emergency brake-llning area of any car selling for less than $840.* LARGER diameter brake drums than in any car selling for less than $956.* GREATEST fuel economy in pea" gallon of any with more than four cylindera, by the Ford "85" in the Yosemite Ecpnomy Run, as February Motor Age. *Four-door Sedan in DeLroit or at ": } ;"'::" hey to Buy * Easy Yerms Generous Tde-in AlloUmnCe cox. "The remarkable sales of { this new unit arc not only cvi-f ) dent in the acific Northwest,] ................. but throughout the entire coun- try", he+ said. "The (mt|ook in the automotive field is most prom- ising and according to figurcs recently analyzed by J. R. Davis. General Sales Manager of t h e Ford Motor Compaoy, this year promises to be one of the best ye'rs in Ford history, especially I as far as Ford dealers are con- I cerne(l." I re.' Allis ilar,'is and Marie Kielao Sheltonians Leave On visited high school at Port Of chard Wednesday of this week. M. and Mrs Bill Thompson were callers Sunday at the Carl Currier home. Mrs. Edwin Miekleson visited Mrs. Glen Harris. Mrs. Alice Reed and Mrs Kenneth Allen Monday oF this week. Marie Kellan and Allis Harris visited the Irving home and at Trip To California Bound on a three-week vacation which some of the members of the group hope will end up in their finding job in the south, Mrs. J. L. Catto. Wilbert Catto, .Varretl Cowling and Pahncr Rob- erts left Shelton today for Los Angeles via auto. Mrs. Catto will visit her me- Lhe grade school Tuesday of this ,her-in-law, Mrs Lenqniou. a n d ,'eck. her d&ughter, Miss Lorraine Cat- Earl Johnson was a dinner to, student at Long Beach Junior uest at the h'ving home Wed- College, at Long Beach, u n t i l nesday evening, as many of the party as are com- PeK says: ink back deei(le Lo do so. "If every thing was equal 'on A stopover at the Golden Gate! Lhis old earth, there would be ExpOsition will of course, he part| plenty for everyone," of Lhe agenda. J WE ALLOW YOU More for Your Car S Because Out" stock of R & (; Used (,ar, is LOW You can purchase a New 1(339 Ford V-8 for as Low as A1 Huerby Motors Autorized Ford dealer for Mason County