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March 18, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 18, 1941

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“, V March 18, 1941‘. CATIONOFFER—s—ANs—WER ! 300m ON HOME QUESTIONS 1 oomwo iider the» igotriihk; . , . g CRYSTAL GAZING itrated .' ~ ' _il Finis having been written to e crowni. ‘ ’ . i‘another disastrous prep basket- ttacked ' 'iball season, let’s take a jaunt in— seases. to the future to see what pros— Jely cont pects there may be for improving :prayingf, this year’s Highclimber record or prografli None victory in 18 starts. to enga Losing only Jim McComb, Walt ile man 120‘ Eddy, George Valley and Jim sprays ROSe from the ranks of those who as scalei played first string ball this past id later season, and only Mike Kliiik from ' Bordea ' the second string, the outlook cer- seases. ‘3" tainly must be labeled as much ild be . brighter, on the face of it. be month" Of that senior group, only Jim McComb will be a loss 01‘ any serious consequence. McComh was this year’s best ball hand- ler and play—maker, although i not much on the scoring end. . ‘ .ghfmes Foundation H O a i two illustrated W, ,buivallable to prospect- ,,,,,,,,6 So, allowing for the improve- .1‘ (1531‘s in the North- 5"}‘I‘TCHEN , ment that may be expected to 0 AT . EfWing careful study '. .. . .. " lcome naturally with the added 1 , . .."i 0f new-home own~ mun H lyear‘s experience, the remaining " :iooklets will be sent liinembers of that first string w- _through retail lum‘ lWarren Woods, Ken Fredson, iEarl Lumsden (seniors next year), Earwin Loop, Jess Phillips an Burt Dickinson (sophomores last season)—«-should be at least the equal of this year’s squad when :they report back for another sca- =son next winter. Toss in tall Sam Wilson, lanky v: Tins 15 the “Pro- 'Milt Clothier, husky Hill Chase, ; inm- List No. 417. Like and clever Bob Pearce from tho the series it has been ireserves and you have lads who flexible lines, which is the result. Expansion or othe‘rilook to be 110 Worse than the ,2 ed to meet individ- changes enforce an increase in present graduating group, 1301‘- can AS 2 local requirements cost for the home, just as the ad- haps better by next year. ' W31 services of re- dition of accessories automatical—l A Victory—105$ Jumm‘ hlgh efilers and building ly increase the cost of an auto-I Squad cannot be expected to l i l 01' by , post-card to 0'3ng Foundation, Stu- , anscattle. Simply ask 3W8? book on small- asona '~ w km Western Homes . e ) .. , Sents another in nvenie LIVING ROOM I 2‘ 2‘34 3‘0" minlum-cost home de- mobile_ provide much help to the 19/12 For individual information on varsity. especially When most home building, and for the “an- of that junior high squar re- swer books” for home builders, malns for another year‘s com— write Western Homes Foundation, , the " patterns is, how- design, and worn— . whim» Specifications are . en they are strict- petition m junior high .0: by the builder a 364 Stuart Building, Seattle, .ranks, so toss out the prospect bsOllite minimum cost Washington. of succor from that quarter eu- »r __._._.._ ' tirely. l y’ 1 Nothing much to cheer about in that picture, it’s true, other than that it’s virtually a cinch O i How To De31gnate A 1 thin S(trirllseononzzmjitistbepairt‘.y X2“: . 0e Dante at‘e,f_l’\Saturday March 17. —— There MIS- Peter Hansens' Ellests were: Mrs. 0f Grand Mound, Jallies Knopfler of Merlin Zandell of Knopfler’ and ' imatter of fact, the prospects are considerably better from the de Dance Satur-l win-and-lose angle for the simple ‘1 - A party of ireason that Elma and lMonte- 111 the hall Sunday Do you falter and-fumble Wher:.sano are hard hit by graduation dam you address an officer, Wonder . , er and put the . . this year and dont shape up as ~. ling whether he is a general orl , (telling, , ,just a lieutenant? énearly the squads they were this etiCIOthai-y went to D 11 ca tains ,Sergeants, ' year, especially Elma, which had sday and Thursday andocg’filmflz ‘geg’erals, when vis lfittle of da lsecond team; tot draw ,- ‘: 'rom an oses " l 's - iting friends at an army encamp- ‘tire first String. Virtua y 1 ‘3 en mfint? DO YOU Wonder why a man Anderson, Metzger and Jasper llidsmifeafléi‘iiin v1.2.1.5 .5122? ‘ $5., restarting squad Gaze; she . i m ma; rugge, a ag er, _s0n wearmg a Sllver eagle comes Moore, Best and Thompson depart into“ the room? , a at Montesano; Raymond loses ev- _ Perhaps you don t, bill: most V’ i erybody but Leo Rubstello from gaFoI-bes and Callow . 0 their first base- shared by them Just as much as it retains Raiph Beach“ (1941 3001-- he season Friday‘is by the civilian. The next tlme ing leader) and capable Ward Orbes won. lyou visit a military post, 5- H. G. Nelson and 1 this list with you. |Randall of the No. 1 reserves with Boice motoredi PRIVATE (First Class)—Wearsias a nucleus for 1942, so should Iamide}; evening to I one stripe on his sleeve. rS- A. J. Beaudoin. CORPORAL w Wears tWO, outfits; Aberdeen is hit hard ‘ stripes and commands a, squad, with only Hank Sliva of the .TRATOR NAMED which contains from six totwelve regulars returning and a fair to ‘b',F\ imen. 'medium second string to fill in .. wright appointed SERGEANT—«VVears three with; while the champion Ho— ii as administrator stripes and has any number of quiam Grizzlies have six letter- (1.01. the late Olga duties, men returning after losing such ,- I in a, superior court LIEUTENANT—Has a gold bar lads as Clayton, Graham, Way- , 1 Saturday. on each shoulder strap if he is a man, Klock and Clubb. ' v , v second lieutenant, a silver bar on Hoquiam and Olympia have . m‘. . f the Week each shoulder if he is a first lieu— the cream of the second team tenant. He commands a platoon. , material coming back as well ' . fo 1‘1 violence; 32:. .1 ,0 .V inutes earlier) .an CAPTAIN—«Two silver bars on, as the best looking group of each shoulder strap. He com-I varsity lioldove'izv‘, so from this mands a company if he’s in the long distance View (with a pair infanter or a battery if he’s in of none too strong binoculars the artillery. An infantry company trainml 0“ the Object) it looks 3h 5200 a.m. 5.7 ft, contains three Platoons, two rifle as if the 1942 “we may be a (Siznsiiiato Swemsm or Hymaums' 7 _, Lew 10:27 am 134 ft. and one heavy weapons, 1 repeat of the 1940 scramble, in 3-18.2544. V' I 5:44 p_m_ 0.1 ft”; MAJOR -— A gold leaf on each' “111161 Olympia and flOtluiam , . T “‘— . Ii.1811\- 'shoulder strap. He is usually an “ed for. the tme' Notigg’igciiJcrEP [EONDUCALL’ [Mn 12:55 a.m. 13.3 ft. i executive officer under a colonel. Qlympla’s Bettcher may very-lowing'oiiiitv figniiéimseii‘é‘ $815335? 6:16 a.m. 6.4 ft.=but sometimes commandsabattal— casin be the Circuit’s Outstand. of Public Utility District No. 1 ort ‘ I is»; 11:28 a.m. 12.7 ft.[ion. <mg player-next year, with Hockey “3‘53? Giuliiiliiiw‘isiiingmi‘l “"9 my" 5, “6:52 pm. 04 ft. LIEUTENANT COLONEL__ A‘not far behind, so if this word Evasive; in saiddcounfy (’Qiiiiceiii‘éift iii? .Hvlkh\' ,Silver leaf on each shoulder strap. scrambler had to lay 51 mt right‘i "fie-re“ on said Bond” Wm “33‘”; , 2:17 am 13.4 ft. 5 Usually commands a battalion, 3‘; the n’qoment 0“ the 1942 Cham‘ AIgiilblig' District No 1 Utilit 350-801,“ {65 ft. i which consists of four companies. pion he cl; put his dime on. the i35nds, Series of 1935, numbered 25 my) .45 pan. 12.1 ft. COLONEL—~Wears a. silver ea- Bears from the neighboring Capi- 35" inclut‘v‘l' Puimc U‘im‘f Dim“ 04pm 0.7 ft. gle on the shoulder straps. He is tal City' ' .v NO' 1 0t Masons C-miinyd ‘0 i 7 t the commanding .Officer of a ‘regi- Bu? mil? Started out as' an opus y. I ' lgbf 31mm, which includes three but” on Highclimber prospects for 1942. , 3—18-20‘25-21 “~51- ' ft' 1 lions, besides headquarters troops, . and maybe we'd better get 1039“ IN. 10 , 11,9 ft,» medical detail, etc. ‘ , ,‘to that subject. Shelton should , NOTICE or BOND CALI. : .p.m 0.8 ft: BRIGADIER GENERAL__OneV improve its relative position in. Notice Ernereby gEVe‘E “lat “"7 1'91: star on each shoulder stra . Com— ‘1 the league by Quite a bit :nexl, loW‘“g U.“ lty- 3‘3"“! be?” M 1936'- . {- 14-Oft‘l . I "yearwprobabl .11 u of Public Utlllt) DlSIY‘lLl‘. No. 1 ol 8s.‘m .53 ft imands a brigade, Which‘ includes 3’ W P“ out of Mason County, Washmgton- are 0a“- ' 1 two regiments of infantry, 11'9 ft' i three regiments 4:.4fi. V cludes two infantry and one artil- 12.2 ft, ,' 181W brigades besides nondivision- 13 fl." 1 al troops; ~ . ‘ . . ‘LIEUTENANT GENERAL —— 1482.11. 3 Three stars; Commands an army, 3.7 ft. . such as the 'ability to produce a.“ couple of dependable. point makers. r. i s'l‘hey might ’well ‘be Woods! and Wilson. The former will get his share of points as long Fourth A . . 5:29 pm 125 ft- , _, rmy gsfhe plays, but weaknesses on : e ense and floor la forced 1:6,“; YOU ARE COVERED for any acu . the blond shot-makgr yto tll o 14.2“. cident for $.25 per day. Longer bench too much the past two 3.0% time ethic rate is cheaper. I-Iérb‘ ' etswvhen you travel. See Herb 12.7 ft. ' will"! Dies, 1’5 V l 370‘” of Hoquiam, a log train caboose and a Speeder and trail- iY M09 camp crashed on a curve, and but . e . the F1“ for the fact that both were mov- mtiac be," less desl , ‘ 2:“ ii" . V . .m, . . ,3 _ly,B a, ASE-FREIGHT SERVICE" V ~ in! gen DELIVERY IN SHIELKTON he, “Mame routed via Str. Indian, Ferry Dock. 3}“; via Str. Skookum Chief, Milwaukee Dock. , No. 2 . . yo, grime Schedule as follows: ,chma daily, execept Sunday, at 5 pm. for Olympia and Shelton .1 Ves‘Shegltondaily, except Sunday ’1". LINES osspanmuosa. President 1 been greater. George As the like the Simpson line, A. severe injuries. railroad, 3quires an order of open line be- I of rules that resulted in the ser- ious accident. --'ia..-..“ ‘- .;_-,YOU CAN’T émm‘iifdu FIND LBUYEBIIJSEWANT-ADS ideifine Innis ilians do, according to army offl- its varsity squad and will probably cars, and the embarrassment IS find 1942 a lean season; Olympialplication for take Rockey, plus Dale Hume and Tim’ Ibe one of the circuit’s stronger-Jilin the approxilliate point of diver- Or‘l the basement at the expense of 1 . of artiller . . 0.07pm 1.0 ft! M AJOR GENERAI TWZ Stars. Even give Raymond a struggle 142 ft Commands a division, ,Which in. 01‘ a higher rung on the ladder,- depending upon the Highclimbers‘w 0nLog Railroad in an ‘unusual-- accident Friday on the Poison logging railroad out w i t h er with, fifty men returning to lug slowly the fatality might have As it was one man was killed, .Johnson,-. 20,- .of Hump- tullpsrand Ernest Johnson of Ho- quiam severely injured, while a ,dozen others had more or less Poison has a dispatcher system and re- fore any movement over the rail— road, the company is seeking to fix responsibility for the violation i 0 By BILL DICKIE 0-- seasons to make value to the team of any importance. i Wilson showed flashes of po- Etential brilliancy on the second squad and if his improvement ,continues at the same rate it did ‘throughout the 1941 season the .1anky sophomore may be the dif- :ference between_ another cellar outfit and a second division lead- ier next year. So reserve a spot somewhere lbetween last place and fourth lplace (that’s the optimistic high- est) for the 19112 Higiiclilhberswv lat this early date. [HTS AND lV’lli‘ii‘éEfi; . Arling Sannertid, former Irene 8. Reed faculty member, has , been appointed coach of spring I intramural sports at Pacific Lutheran College I. Hank Chamberlain, who summers in Shelton occasionally and has relatives here, was chosen on the coaches all-star basketball team of the uncalled “Winko” league for his performances with Western Washington (Bell- ingham Normal) . . . Hank set a new league scoring record when he hung up 28 points in one game during the season . Montesano is installing a new lighted athletic field closer to the school than the present Bulldog grounds. . . . little Gene Anderson, Higliclimber basket- ecr in the 1940 season, Elma. hoopster in the l939 and 1941 seasons, was chosen by Olym— pia players on their all-oppon- ent team for 1941. ALL-CON FERENCE THE 1941 Presenting the 1941 northern division all-star basketeers, as a poll by letter: Tony Bezer and Louis Nicholas, .Aberdeen‘, forwards; Ralph Bet— itcher, Olympia, center; Bob Gra- iham, Hoquiam, and John Miller, Raymond. guards. The second findssix players tied to share the five positions as follows: Arnold Druggc, Mon- tesano; Walt Clayton, Hoquiam; Ward Rockey and Wally Beck, iolympia; Archie Gacek. Raymond; Iand Curley Johnson, Aberdeen. ii licii PUBLlCAllllNS 3 NOTICE OF \VA’I‘ER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 8 State of \Vushingtoii Office of Super- visor ol' Hydraulics Olympia. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Donald Ragan of Shelton, State of Washing- ton. under date of Me h 6. 1941. filed with the State Supervisor of Hyd~ ,raulics, Olympia, Washington, an ap— a peimii to divert the 1public waters of an unnamed spring ,tributary of Kirkland Creek, in the lamount'of 0.75 second foot. subject to 1existing rights, from April 15 to l0ctobei' 1 of each year for the pur— pose of irrigation and lfor domestic supply and stock use ' 'Sion is located within swig. of SE14 inf Section 10, Township 21 N., Range is W. W. M., of said diversion and the place of ithe proposed use is on file in the office of the State Supervisor 01' Hyd- |raulics, Olympia, Washington. to- gether with such other information as it required by law. Any person, iii-121 or corporation whose right will be injuriously af—. fecth by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hye— raullcs, at Olympia. Vi’ashington, such ObJeCIlOXlS or representations. in writ- ing, as he may desire to make. with—1 in thirty (30) days after date of lastK pgullilication, which date is March 25,} 1.4 . Witness my hand and official seal this 71h day of March, A. D. 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET, cd for payment at the office of the either Elma or Montesano’. may" Treasurer of said county and that the interest ‘on~said Bonds will cease on April" 10, 1941: Public Utility District No. Bonds, Series of 1936, nihiibered’? and 8, inclusive. Public-Utility District No. 1 of Mason Countv. ‘ By F. G. BRIGGS, ‘ Manager. r 3-18—20-25-27. 4-1~5t. ,.'. NOTICE OF SALE OF COUNTY i REAL ‘I‘ROPER’I‘Y NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant roan order of the Board of County Commissmners of Mason Couli- ty, made" and entered on the 10th day of March, 1941. there will be oL-‘ {cred for‘sale by‘ the Sheriff of said door of the court house to the highest bidder, April 5th,;1941 at ten O'clock A. M. fEhe followuig described real proper- y: . Sit» of SE11, of Section 10. Town- ship 22 North, Range ’4 West, W. M., except rlglit-Of-way for road to Hoodsport. Dump. * Minimum selling price, $150.00 cash, DATED THIS 10th day of March, 1941. HARRY DEYETTE. Clerk of the Board o.’ County Commission-‘ ers, _Mason County _Washingtou. 3-11—18—2513t. No. 1413’ NOTICE To CREDITORS SI-IELTONJVIASON COUNTY JOURNAL vvvv m l Real Estate TRADE: f o r ' city property 35 acres near Day— ton, 12 in cultivation, house. George Rebman, Matiock Route. 3-18. 4—17——1M FOR SALE: 160 acres logged land ~— new growth, small lake, good average land, Shelton. 3—6—18—4t. FOR SALE:— 10 acres on AEEdia road. Good buy. Terms. Also 21,43 3 acres overlooking Lake Spencer! Inquire 1013 E. Dearborn. 3-11-13—18#3t. FOR QUICK SALE: 6 room house; close to business district. $2400} furnished or $2100 unfurnished! Inquire at 324 Grove St. or at; M--3—13-tf : ' Pantorium Cleaners. FOR SALE: 160 acres logged} land’s-new growth, good aver- age land. Newatzel district. $1 acre. H. G. Angle, Shelton. 3-6—18—4t chosen by players and coaches in, continuously ' i .VOUChEl‘S i Signed annexed or i .. . . at in Mason County. A i 1 the Office 0t map showing the location and plan' .being designated as the said Estate, and file such cliams, ‘ price specifications and will not be return- 1 Utility, in Sh ,lt' . 1 on Satuidgs. jihat the Undersignod, ' fYoung, lquallfied as Executrix of the Last Will iand Testament of Joseph E. Hitch, .of the above entitled Court, (Six months after the first publication FORSALE: Shelton's most sight- ly building site, whole block, twoi school. Lesteri blocks west of high school. Price $750.00. Dickinson, Hoodsport. 3-18-20-25—27--4-1—3——6t 7 acres of property on the Bay about 4 miles from Shelton, has 175 feet of waterfront and 1,900 feet deep to the road. Spring runs through the property andi there is lots of nice timber and? Wood. This is about the last piece of waterfront property on the Bay close in and worth the price of $1075. Some terms. 'al: :5: * 3 room modern home with large unfinished upstairs. finish inside. Best view lot in Walker Park. This will make a fine suburban home close ’in. Priced at $1,600.00. if =1! >l< 1 room house with brick chimney,i cement basement and founda—' tions. Good garage and wood- shed, well and small spring run- ning through property. About 1,§ acre good ground mostly cleared. Property is all fencecl.i A good bu}; at $475.00. Terms. HERBERT G. ANGLE ‘ —-—-——-—_—.—___i JOURNAL Want Ads are used byl and; neighbors with great success! scores of your friends Complete information a b o u t what you have to sell always; helps. 'Vvvvvvvvv v 'V’VV ~ I'vv'vvvv Lost and Found 9...... o...“— .WILL PARTY who picked upi green sweater left at tennis court Friday please call 351-J. Reward. S—3-18--1t. attached upon the Administrator his Attorney of Record. Lunlbermen‘s Bid"., Shelt , County, 5 on “Washington, the the place of the business Ma- same for of son the transaction together with proof of service with the Clerk of the above entitled Court. within six months publication of this after the Notice, first to—wit: March 11th. 1941. or said claims will be forever barred; licatlon, March 11th, 1941. MAYBEN E. 'WILLITS. Administrator with the Will annexed of the Es- oi' Dcssie Hughbanks, VDcceased, Suite 1, Liini- bermcn‘s Bldg, Shel- g‘ifn,“ Mtason County, as in . CHAS. R. LEWIS, g on Attorney for said Es- , mic” Suite ,1, Lumber- liilcns Bldg, Shelton, ilhason County, Wash— 1 lngton. . 41-18-25. 4-1—4t CALL FOR BIDS The City Council of Shelton, Wash- ington, will open bids in the Council Chamber in the City Hall in Shelton. Washington, at 8 O'clock P. M. April 3. 1941. for about 25000 feet of wa- ter, pipe varying in size from 2” to 12 in diameter, together with tings, valves, hydrants and Specifications for Clerk is considered rental for the cd. . Each proposal shall be accompanied bv a certified check; payable to the City Treasurer of Shelton, in an amount equal to five percent of the bid._ The successful Bidder shall en- ter into a. Contract with the City and shall furnish a bond guaranteeing de— livery of the material to be furnish— The_ City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated March 6. 1941. GLENN W. LANDERS, 3-11-18-25. 4—1~4t. N0. 1414 NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT AND FILE CLAIMS In the Superior Court of the State of \Vashiugtou Probate , IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE (unity at'public auction at the front 10F JOSEPH E- HITCHv Déceased' NOTICE HEREBY GIVEN. Lucy Hitch appointed and has IS has been Deceased, and that all persons hav- ing claims against the said Deceased or the said Estate are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified with the necessary vouchers attached, uponv ithe undersigned Executrix or her At- itorney of Record. lbermen's ‘ County. at Suite 1, Lum- Building’. Shelton. Mason V Washington, the same being designated as the place for the trans- action of the business of the said “Estate, and file such claims. together with proof of service with the Clerk within In the Superior Court of the Stateiof this Notice, to—wit: March 4. 1941. of “’ashmgton for Mason Couniy in Probate IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE gg DESSIE HUGHBANKS, DECEAS— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that the Undel'signcd, Mayben E. Wil— lits has been appointed and has quali- fied as Administrator with the Will annexed of the Estate of Dessie Hugh‘ banks, Deceased. and that all per- sons having claims against the said Estate or against the said Deceased are lierebyrequired to serve the same, duly verified, with the necessary ior said claims shall be forever barred; of first publication, March 4th, LUCY HITCH YOUNG. Executrix of the Estate of! Joseph E. Hitch, Deceased, Suite 1, Lumber-men's Bldg, Shelton, Mason County, Wiish- , ington. CHAS. R. LEWIS. iAttorney for said Executi-ix, Suite 1, Lumbermen's Bldg., 1 Shelton, Mason County, Washington. 3-4-11-18'25—4t. - —1v-wirvr1rrv-r1r< o. 5 room [ Newatzeli district. $1 acre. H. G. Angle, “ l is well: Excellent ' under- ' with the Willi Chas. R. Lewis, Suite. dersigned has qualified as guardian of the es- tate' of Christina .F. competant person; having claims against ,person, are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified, on said ion or . address below stated, and file the same with the Clerk of said Court, together] with‘proof of such service within SIX Date of first pub-. fit— ' appurtenances to the water sysltetnil. e l be material to be? illSC‘Ll may be obtained from the City, upon payment of $1.00. which ject to W. imap showing the :of said diversion and the place of ’ raulics, City Clerk. _thex- whose for. Mason County Ini . ,‘in thirty (30) days after date of last pfillilication, which date Classified Service Maytags, Thor, Speed Queen, Easy, ABC, tee. Priced from $17.50 up. Easy terms. USED DEPT, 127 Cota Street. MILL WOOD One Cord $4.50 Double Load (2 cords) $8.50 PHONE 38—J Looking For A Letter? Then write one on Eaton Stationery. It's socially correct. * FIR DRUG STORE LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS 56: Each. n- 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of special“ PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are all low or lower than outside salesmen can quote lyou. THE JOURNAL BE POPULAR Give Whitman Chocolates. Love thrives on thoughtfulness, bring a box of VVhitman’s Chocolates ——it’s the thoughtful thing to d “FIR DRUG STORE FOr Limited Time Only Training for General Motors Accounting Positions Interviews by Appointment Only WRITE BOX S for Appointment USED RANGES i1—-—.Lang Range __..$29.50 l—Banquet Range 22.50; l—Range ............ ._ 9.50 Olsen Furniture Co. No. 1410 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In Probate In the Superior Court of the State of “’ashington for the County of Ma- son 1N THE MATTER. OF THE GUARD- IANSHIP OF CHRISTINA F. FLAN— IGAN. an incompetant person. Notice is hereby given that the mi. has been appointed and Flanigan, an in- that all persons said incompetent ii his attorney OI reciro months after the date of first pub—. lication of this notice, or the same will be barred. Date of first publication March 18, HERB HANSEN, Guardian of said Estate. Address 10332 Aurora Ave- nue, Seattle, Wash. ' 1941. HERB HANSEN. Attorney for Estate, 10332 Aurora Avenue, Seattle, Wash. 3-18~25. 4—1—3t. NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5363 State of Washington Office of Super- visor ot’ Hydraulics Olympia TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that C.. E. Grimm of Union, State of Washing- ton, under date of February 14, 1941, filed with the State Supervisor stream tributary of Salmon Creek, in the amount of 0.10 second foot. sub- existiiig rights, continuously for the purpose of domestic supply; that the approximate point of. dl\;(ll‘~ sion is located within SE14 of mm, of Section 32. Township 22 _N., Range W. M., in Mason County. A location and plan the proposed use is on'fl'le in the office of the State Supervisor of Hyd- Olympia, Washington, toge- with such other information as is required by law. Any person, firm I)!" corporation right will be. injuriously af- fected by said application may file with the State Superwsor of Hyd- raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections. or representations. in writ- ing, as he may desu‘c to make, with— is March 18, W'itness my hand and official this 4th day of March, A. D. 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET, State Supervisor of Hydraulics. seal 3‘ (SEAL) 3-11-18—2t. Serial 018736 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION United States Department of the In- terior General Land Office, Spokane, “’ushington, February 27, 1941. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN ithat the Entiat Lumber Company. of chatchee, Washington. did, on Feb-' ‘ruary 24, 1941, file in this office its ‘application 018736, under March 20. 1922 (-42 Stat, 465), as amended by the act of September 22, 1922 (42 Stat. ruary 28, 1925 (43 Stat, 1090) and the act of August 11, 1939 (53 Stat, 1112), ;to exchange: 1036). the act 01‘ Feb— NEl/A, NWl/l and NICK/1. SEW. 21, T. 24 N., R. 20 LI, W'. M.; 11331 Sec. 5, T. 25 N., R. 21 E., W. All Secs. 3, 5. 9, 17, 21,27, 31, and 33. of T. 26 N., R. 19 F... W. M.: Wl/v’; NVJl/Ii. Sec. 5; Nl/z NW9; and Sec. NW'lfi NEl/a, Sec. 13; Sh; NW1“. SWIJ, and 81/; SEV, Sec. 15; All Sec. 21; N19 Nwig. swig. NWI/l. WV; SW‘A. Sec. 23; N‘xé. 819% SW%,. -14 ————_—______. URNAL iv -“ ' ' M“w“~LmAAAMW REBUILT WASHING machinesfFURNISI—IED APARTMENTS for Choose from our large stock off Voss, 1 General borough Apts, Second and Knee— Electric. New machine guaran-§ NASH B R O T H E R S FOR RENT: furnished three room :FOR 2 room“ apartment, WANTED: Plowing by the hour, WANTED: men to cut cord wood. .WANTED AT ONCE: womah is! [take charge of house and smalli I WILL PAY CASH for second hand} guard- I {within the Olympic National Forest, iWashington.‘ as agreed with ,low all persons claiming the timber of ,selected, of the Estate of Anna Katrina Buffing~ . ness . such claims, the act of, _tice. to-Wit: Page Seven I .. __ -. _ .____.____.. 1n... NT ADS a— RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line ~(5 words) first insertion, 5c a line each subse- quent insertion. Mini mum charge 30c. I 7'" mm C'"'" For Rent 5 rent (2 aiid3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds—j l 3 land Streets, Shelton. 5-7 ~tf. Classified adVertisernents ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge L'- i 10c will be made when billing’ls apartments. Mill Street Apart—g ments. Phone 259-M. C-1—13-c., private bath. 234 South Second Street. B~—3-13—18—2t. "v V' mmvvmvvm‘ Wanted WmAM AA AAAAA‘ “A necessary. Card of thanks 50c. ' Classified Display Rates on I Request. I rwvwvmvvvvvmvvvvvv For Sale WMAWAAA AA AAAAA‘AA‘A with tractor. Leave telephone orders at Cooke’s Feed Store or contact B. E. Evans, R. 3, Box! 85. tf.‘ iFOR SALE: Electrolux cleaners. ' New machines as low as $49.50. For sales, service and supplies i call or write Jack Manley, Hoodsport, Wash. 3—6—-4-1v—1m. Phone 473—VV evenings. H—v3-18-20mr4t FOR SALE: one bay mare 1,600 store. Good wages. No children. .M n . _ pounds. Inquiie at Mrs. Sadie {The Magiesé bBlacggoL31§h1pE‘ Austin’s. 7th and McCormick, “30’ ’ ’OX ' ' . -1i-1 -1 —20—4t. 3-18-25—3t. _ 01W}? 31 . -13 ,.8_.__,.___1_ ' ““ " R ALE: ’L ' cubators, ex- WANTED: stenographer. Must] F0 S { W0 m cellent condition, 500 egg capac' ity. Call at 1012 East Dearborn. :4 — — -1 —4t Afi3_18_tf ' S 11 13 8 20 ~—-'—— 'FOR SALE: Rhode Island red laying hens. L. R. Brown, Capi- tal Hill. Phone 483-W‘. B-3-18-20-25-—3t. NEW HAMPSHIRE setting‘eggs for sale. Alina Huss, Bayshore Road. ‘1" "‘ ~2t. FOR SALE: Coldspot refrigerator. 3 year guarantee. In A-l condi- tion. Inquire at Journal office. Ge—3—18n1t. ~FOR SALE: mangle in A—l condi- tion, $35.00. Alvin Butler, Cap- ital Hill. 3-18-20-25—3t. FOR SALE: Rhode Island Red setting eggs, seed potatoes, Mar- shall strawberry plants. Phone 14-F-41. J. S. Carman. Matlock Road, 5 miles out. 3-18-20—2t « — FORSALE: two wheel trailer and 133$, @220 junior violin. Phone 371—M. P-—tf 3‘4'6'117‘3t FOR SALE: large size refrigera- | i l l i tor with frozen storage com- LAWN MOWERS l l i take shorthand. Write Box “A”, care of Journal Office. bicycle, boys or girls models. Ramsey Candy Shop. 3-18-20-21;l WANTED TO BUY: canoe for use; in life saving classes. Must be, in good condition. J. L. Repling—‘ er, phone 329—R. 3-18-20—-»2t. 'VV‘UWV W‘W Classified Service Amm 2 Washing Machines $15.00 Olsen Furniture Co. Mixed Mill Wood Never been in Salt Water $4.50 Cord store, restaurant or farm. $5.00 down, $5.00 month. NASH partment. Just the thing for SHARPENED Keys made — washing ma— BROTHERS USED DEPT., 127 chines repaired —— specialist com. in f'n ch '01 e d uphggtg’; am a r paws an FOR SALE: work horses, ,see George Dunn. Agate, ten miles Handy Man from Shelton near Agate school. 3-11—13—18—3t FOR SALE: used Lang Oil range. , ‘— Just the thing for small home,'; PAY $5.00 down, $5.00 month. NASH! BROTHERS USED DEPT., 127g Amemca‘n Express Cota. Money Orders FIR DRUG STORE Sec. 25; vvvvvvirrvvwwvvvvm All Sec. 27; All See. 31; NE%, Sly NWJ/l, and syg, Sec. 35. of T. 26 N., R. 20 E., W. M.; WVZ and SEl/i. Sec. 7; All See. Florencia CARDS NAMMAAM 19; All Sec. 31, of T. 26 N., R. g1] BLSI/ . :5 /2 14. 2, and Slit: NEl/h . Sec. 9; All See. 17; , i All Secs. 19, 21, 29. 31. and 33, ALDEN C' BAYLEY i of T. 27 N., R. 19 E., W. M.; ATTORNEY AT LAW gums/cc. v13]; S‘IéESfl/l, Sec. 21; I ,4. i2 ‘ V... and NW% Title Insurance Building R2? 3012:3412” Oémsfifi-‘fl- 0‘ Opposite First National Bank I 81/2 swu, Sec. 31, T.‘ 27 N., R. Phone 23 .- . Shelton I 21 E., w. M., l _' containing 17,000.88 acres, within and adjacent to the Wenatchee National Forest, Washington, subject in part to a reservation for existing roads and telephone lines, and subject also to certain reservations as to timber cutting and the mining and remov- ing of metalliferous metals. ‘as more fully set forth in the formal appli- cation on file in this office, for tim- INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE but; of an equal value to be taken Office? at Angle Building from the. following described land: ‘ Secs, 1 to 5, incl., T. 21 N., R. 7 W., W. M.; All Secs. 10, 14, 21, 28 and 36, of T. 22 N., R. 5 W W M.; Sees. 7. 18. and 19."T. 22 N., R. W., w. M.; 10 to 15, Secs. 1 and 2; incl.; All See. 21; Secs. 22 to 28, incl.; All See. 29; Secs. 32 to 36, incl.; of T. 22 N. R. 7 W., W. M., ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 Secs. the Sec- retary of Agriculture. The purpose of this notice is to al- or having bona fide objec- CHARLES R. LEWIS I Hydraulics, Olympia, VVashlngtog, lutlfiion»: tot spelh zipplicatiorti, tancpizplr- ,a lication for a ermit to lvel‘ . uni y 0 ie elr r0 es s in is ital? public waters pof an unnamed office prior to the approval of the ex- ATTORNEY AT LAW change. Any such protest should be filed herein prior to April 25. 1941. HARRY L. CHILD, Register. Suite 1 L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington , i 1 3—4—11-18-25—4t. Nos. 1411 and 1412 NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT AND FILE CLAIMS DUANE BRODIE ' In the Superior Court of the State of - I‘ly'azhitngton for Mason County ln' Attorney Law To die ~ . IN THE MATTER OF THE COM‘ Angle BUMIHQ .BINE‘) ESTATES OF ANNA KATRI- Phone 337 NA BUFFINGTON AND JEREMIAH lBUFFINGTON, Husband and Wife, — " IBoth Deceased. N0 1404 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, NOTICE To CREDITORS that Melvin Sutton has been appoint- ed and has qualified as Administrator In the superior court of the suite of \Vashmgton for Mason County In Probate , IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF J. EDWIN GROUT. DECEASED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Undei'signed, Madalyn May Grout has been appointed and has qualified as Administratrix of the Estate of J. Edwin Grout, Deceased. and that all persons having; claims against the said Estate or against the said Deceased are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified, with the necessary vouchers attached upon the undersigned Administratrix, or her Attorney of Record. at the Law Of- fice of Chas. R. Lewis. Suite 1. Lum- bermen’s Bldg. Shelton. Mason Coun~ ty. Washington. the same being desig- , hated as' the place for the transac— tion of the business of the said Estate. and file such claims, together- with proof of service with the Clerk ton, Deceased, and as Executor or the Estate of Jeremiah Buffington, De- ceased, and that all persons having claims against either of the said De- ceased persons or against the Estate of either or both, are hereby requir- ed to serve the same. duly verified, with the necessary vouchers attached. upon the Undersigned Executor and Administrator. or his Attorney of Rec- ord, at Suite 1, Lunibernien's Building Shelton, Masnn County, Washington, the same being designated as the: place for the transaction of the busi- of the said Estates, and file together with proof of serVice With the Clerk of the above entitled Court. within six months af—: ter the first publication of this No—' March 4th. 1941. or said Claims will be forever barred; date of first publication. March 4th.1941. 0? the abov“ 0111mm CPUI‘L Within MELVIN SUTTON V six months after the first publica— Adminisuuml. of {he Fstw) tion of this Notice, _to-w11: Maren of Anna Katrina Buffirf‘tbn“ 11th, 1941, or said clalms‘will be for- Deceased‘ ‘and E‘chtfi of ever barred; dale or first publica- ihe Estate of Jeremiah Buf— uon’ Malfiggfl‘yémfifl GROUT fington' cheaSOd‘ sun" 1' Administi‘htrix of the Estate Iliumbergens Bldg. Shelton, of J_ Edwin Grout, Deceag- CHAS R “Si’wiswmy' waSh' Ed‘ S“ ihtfi 1' {igsnéi’ierafi’nf Attorney for said Exfcutor ggdgvvfshingogin. and said Administrator, Suite CHAs, R, LEWIS. Attor- 1, Lumbermen’s Bldg., Shel— ney for said Estate. Suite ton, Mason County, Wash- 1. Lumbermen's Bldg, Shel— ing’ton. ton, Mason County, “lash—r ington. 3-11-18-20. 4-1——4t. 3-4-11-18-25—4t. c