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March 18, 1965
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PAGE 4 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAE--Pfiblished in ctChrsimastown, U.S.A.", Shelton, Washington "HOW MUCH SHALL I PRUNE"? This along with other questions will be asked by Rudy Oltman and others concerning their cane berries. To answer this question the Extension Service is bringing J,ohn Dodge, Extension Horticulture Specialist in to discuss fruit growing at an open meeting Friday at 1:15 p.m. in the Conference Room at the P.U.D. Building. Dodge will discuss strawberries, blackberries, blue berries and raspberries, their care, and what sprays to use. , m m " N m m |llmm llmm llmlmlllllmllll| m mlmlmmll lllmmmmmlmll|Imlmllmmmlmlm ! | m II m immmmmwmmmNmm, mmmmmm m , :FXom The ,'! County - City Records ,:" i = COUNTY BUILDING PERMITS victions on traffic violations were Building permits approved by the Mason County Commission this week were to Richard H. Barber. wood cabin, $500; William Durych, wood cabin, $2,500; I. C. Fade(man,. ,w,0od cottage and too] storage shed. $1,000; Raymond F. Moore, retMning wall, $200; Vagn Sorensen, swimming pool, $600 and Roy Kfmberly, wood residence $20,000.. : . CITY BUILDING PERMITS Inn Sytnia, add to residence, $2,000 and Robert Florek, wood lense. $200, CITY' POLICE COURT Appearing in Shelton Police Court Monday night before Judge Rolls Halbert were Oscar N. Oak- lay, drunkemss, $10 forfeit; Er- ran H. Barnhkrd, speeding, minor in possession of liquor, $42 forfeit; filed by Erren K. Barnhard and Leslie Younglove. JUSTICE COURT Appearing in Mason County Jus- tice Court before Judge Glenn Cur(ca were George F. Rehberger, negligent driving, speeding, $29 fine; George F. Rehberger, defec- tive foot brake, $12 fine; Michael Hessler, exceeding safe speed, $15 forfeit; Donna J. Kelly, exceeding safe speed, $12 forfeit; James L. Fitzgerald, $12 forfeit; Geraldine Cultree, failure to keep right of: center line, expired operator's lic- ense. $34 forfeit; John G. Riggins, driving while intoxicated, minor in possession of liquor, no valid operator's license, $172 fine. 15 days in jail, 13 sus- pended, driver's license suspended 30 days; Allen L. Bell, no valid Scouts To Pick Up Good Turn Bags Mason County Boy Scouts will be conducting the second half of its annual Good Turn Day Driw_ for Goodwill Industries Saturday. The Scouts will be picking up the Goodwill Good Turn b:gs they left at homes in the county last Saturday. The pick-ups will start at 10 a.m. Saturday. Those who receiv- ed the bags are asked to put them out on the front porch or steps to save themselveq a trip to ans- ,war the door. The used clothing and other things collected in tim bags will be turned over to Goodwill Indus- tries for' use in their plants and stores employing handicapped per- sons. County Buys 2 Dump Trucks The Mason County Commission awarded a contract for two dump trucks for the County Road De- partment to Jim Pauley Inc., low bidder with a bid of $26,859.10. The bid includes trade-in of two trucks now in use by the county. Kimbel :Motors was the only oth- er bidder on the trucks. Each firm submitted bids with three different makes of dump ]oodles to be installed. A delegation of residents from the Mason Lake area appeared at the commission meeting to ask that something be done about the dust on the roads around the lake and for other improvements in the roads. The commission voted to hold over until next week approval of the plat of Alderwood Villa pend- ing receipt of a $3,000 bond to as- sure completion of the roads in the plat. Union Scholarship Applications Are Available Applcations for two scholar- ships offered by the Washington State Labor Council are availa- ble to graduating seniors from high schools in the county who are either the cihldren of a mere- Curtis R. Owen. minor in posses- slon of liquor, $25 forfeit: William E. Rodgers, minor in possession of liqnor, $25 forfcit; Joim A. err, no valid operator's license, $15 forfeit; Charlie L, Daugherty, neff- ligent driving, $56 forfeit. CITY POLICE A Honda ridden by Lowell Le- Marsh ran into the rear end of a car driven by Mrs. Floyd Rice at First and Pine. Merle Snyder reported the head of a sewing machine taken rom her daughter's florae. A pm'se belonging to Elizabeth Recknagie was fotmd at the loco- motive in the park. Cars driven by Hector Bourber and a parked car owned by Kath- lean Turner were Involved in an accident in front of the Timber Bowl, Lyle Lloyd reported a six-month old Golden Laborador male puppy missing. A. E. Davis reported he lost the registration pat)ers to his car. Cars driven by Thomas Aaron and Chariie L. Daugherty collided on First Street. C. R. Brooke reported commer- cial fishing gear taken from his boat at the city dock. Vehicles driven by Steve BIiner and Warren Vanbusick collided near the Johnson Machine Works. Steve Sagmill(r of the Shelton Hotel reported" vandalism to the rest room in the hotel. Grace Laney reported her Pom- eranian puppy missing. She later found it hevse)f. A car driven by John R. Mont- gomery and a Honda ridden by Larry D. Schneider collided at Washington and"E. Streets. Mrs. A1 Ford%'reported a small black and white dog strayed from home. He was later found by the owners. " .... Kenneth: Rans reported a bat- tery stolen"ff0m 'his ear while it was parked 'f.:I.he' Simpson Insu- lating Board 91sift: SHERIFF'S "OITICE ARRESTS Book,ed at he' Mason County Sheriffs offiC):.dhring the past week wetr.r.mrge F. Rehberger, negligel t .... , defective equip- ment, speding; John G, Riggins, driving ile intoxicated, minor in of liquor, no valid operatox's lcense; Allen Bell, driv- ing while itoxicated, violation of safety reslbnsibility act, resisting arrest; EdWard Evenson, driving while intoxioated, drunk in public; Aeries Dynlllt, dmmk in public; o : . Tml Jamcs,.:dmmk in public. SHLItII, S OFFICE Archie Hunter borne at Matlock was hroken Jack I)ean reported his home broken into and $60 in cash l, aken, L. K. Ambrose reported win- dows broken out of his house. Dr. Herbert, Hartley reported two cabins on Harstine Island bro- ken into. A garage, oh the M. L. Holt place burned down. Robert ,'ilat't]. Elms, reported tools takers: ,.. ..... (,eoge tdhnei(ler reported a Utility trM]er and lumber taken. Steve G#out of the Home Gas Co. reportdd a bfii, glary. Bill Rus?clt rap.erred a boat mis- sing. A break:in was reported at the Burger Pit'. FIRE DIe/ILAR TMINT A brush fir(' was extinguished at S(.venth and Laurel. Oil caught fire t llth and Rail- road. SUPERIOR COURT Camlove Inc. against VCalter D. Firth, forclosure of a real estate contract. ppeals of Justic Court con- operator's license, $12 forfeit; Hillyard Enloe, no valid operator's licenses, $12 forfeit; Frank L, Deemer, failure to dis- play valid vehicle license or ton- nage, $29 fine; Marie L. Briner, driving while intoxicated, $110 fine, license suspended 30 days, five clays in jail; Floyd Asbridge, failure to stop at stop sign, $12 forfeit; John Williams, negligent driving, $29 fine; John A. Gecich, speeding, $24 fine; Agnes Dyment, d.tlnk i:blic, $25 forfeit. I'homh. James, rlrunk in public, $25 forfeit; Michael Sheedy, ob- str'.ct, ing traffic, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, illegal possession of liquor, $50 fine; Har- vey Robinson, drunk in public, sev- en days in jail, $10 fine; Richard Rowzer. speeding. $10 fine; Peter S. Percy, driving while intoxicat- ed, $150 forfeit; Thomas L. Wea- therhead, insecure load, $29 fine; Thomas L. Weatherhead, no val- id operator's license, $17 fine; Harold W. Kidd, no vehicle license or in-transit permit, $1.2 forfeit; Henry L. Chappel, defective equip- ment, $12 forfeit; Raymond Schnitzer, overqength, no permit, $36 fine; Stanley Vanleuven, tow- ing unlicensed vehicle, no proper in-transit permit, $29 forfeit; Nell Simmons, overwidtll load, $12 for- feit. COUNTY BUILDING PERMITS Building permits approved by the Mason County Commission this week were to Elton G. Cleve- land, concrete foundation, $500; John Rousete, wood residence, $9,- 000; Ernest Anthony, wood resi- dence. $1,000; Donald Makoviney, wood residence, $10,000 and Don Rutherford, wood residence, $8,- 000. FERRY RECEIPTS Receipts from the Harstine Ferry for the week ending March 6 were $221 and for the week end- ing March 13 $225, the Mason County Engineer's office report- ed. CITY BUILDING PERMITS One building permit was ap- proved by the City of Shclton for the past week to Ralph Stockwell, residence, $500. FIRE CALLS Fire calls answered by the Shelton Fire Department the past week were: March 10, 1 p.m. - grasS fire, Front and Alder. March 10, 9:30 p,m. Mary Bat- tles residence, 515 Dearborn, flood- ed oil stove. March 11, 4:30 a.m., Timbers Motel. sheets on floor next to heater, $15 damage to building and contents. March 12, 3:45 p.m, grass fire, Highway 101 and C Street. .Mareh 13, A1 Wagner rcsidence, lo61 Railroad, flooded oil furnace. March 13, John Boxdorfer res- idence. Capitol Hill, grass fire. March 13, Charles Dale resi- dence, 11 University Ave., brush and grass fire. POLICE COURT Appearing on the docket in Shelton police court before Judge Rolls Halbert Monday night were Mieha.el Wesi.lund, speeding, $17 forfeit: Peter H. Stream, speed- ing $12 forfeit; George Wagner, obstructing traffic, 10 days in jail suspended. $2.50 costs. MASON COUNTY JUSTICE COURT A.ppearing on the docket in 'Ma- son County Justice Court the past week before Judge Glenn Correa were Lawrence Nave, speeding, $22 forfeit: Ralph Roundtree, driving while intoxicated, $110 fine, 30 days m jail, license rewJked one year. Minor in possession of liquor, bar of an AFL-CIO union oz" a member of a union themselves, Darrell Sparks, president of the Mason County Labor Council said this week. Two scholarships of $500 each are offered by the state group. Applications have to be in to the Scholarship Committee of the State Labor Council in Seattle be- fore April 1. Applications are available from Sparks or by writing the Schol-' arshlp Committee, Washington State L'lbor Commil, AFL-CIO, 2700 First Ave., Seattle. CHOIR TO APPEAR Western Washington State c01- lege's 70-voice choir will present a concert at the Blue Ox Theater at 7:30 p.m. March 24. The choir, under the direction of Dr. Bernard Reigier, is on its annual spring vacation concert tour. Franklin Williams, failure to yield right-of-way to oncoming vehicle, $12 forfeit; Allen W. Bell, driv- ing while intoxicated, $110 fine, license suspended 30 days, five days in jail, suspended, resisting arrest, $50 fine and 10 days in jail; Alvin L. Waddle, speeding, $15 forfeit; Waite Dolrymple, fish- ing in closed season, $15 forfeit; Lee A. Stevens, fishing in closed season, $15 forfeit; Gary E. Stev- ens, fishing in closed season, $15 forfeit; Robert C. Wade, fishing in closed season, $15 forfeit; Step- hen Martz, fisifing in closed sea- son, $15 forfeit; Charles C. Mur- phy, driving while intoxicated, no Valid operator's license, $110 fine, $50 suspended, five days in jail, li- cense suspended 30 days, $12 fine. SH ELTON POLICE John Swanson reported a bi- cycle stolen. Cats driven by William Bat- stone and Mrs. Vickie Wagner collided at Seventh and Cots. A car driven by Robert Bald- win locked bumpers with a park- ed ear OWned by Duane Rodgers. Mrs. Dave Kneeland reported her son's Wallet stolen. Richard :Ross reported he saw someone taking oil from a bar- rcl behind his home: SHERIFF'S OFFICE ARRESTS Booked at the Mason County Sheriff's office during the past reek were Wellington Byrd, drunk in public; Milton Choate, drunk in PUblic;. Alton Russell, second degree burglm'y; James Tygart, second degree burglary; Willis ]. Tygart, second degree burgla.ry; David W. Duffey, bench warrant, non,support from King County, and Jerry Arcs, no valid operator's license. SHERIFF'S OFFICE Jones Tie and Lumber Co. re- ported bottles thrown through a window. Go( d o n McKnight reported rocks thrown through a plate glass window. Run Omey reported a burglary. Mrs. Was Johnson reported a foot bridge at Aide(brook de- stroyed by a car. Wheels were reported removed from a car owned by Corn Kel- ly. Mary Lopeman reported a car stolen, which was recovered later. Larry Drake reported a bottle thrown through a window. Leslie I]eimnan reportcd van- daliam to his home. Betty Olson reported someone tried to steal her car from the Gold Club. David Ash 'eported two shov- els, a peavey and an axe missing from a portable mill in the Day- $100 fine and 10 days in jail. ton arcs. PATRIOTIC MATERIAL -- Mrs. Moritz Sohmidt, left, repre- senting the VFW Auxiliary, pre- sents copies of an illustrated book of the Bill of Rights and booklets on "Etiquette of the Stars and Stripes" to Joe Borek, principal of Mt. View School. The same materials have been presented to Bordeaux School and will be presented to Ever- green School for use in the schools. Mrs. Schmidt made the presentation on behalf of Mrs. Sue Weaver, Americanism Chair- man for the local VFW Aux- iliary, which furnished the book- lets for the schools, Former She/ton Man Leader Of Popu/ar Band Musical talents nourished dur- ing his high school days at Shel- ton nearly 30 years ago have flour- ished into a profitable sideline avocation for Cliff Kelly, now a successful Anacortes businessman. A front page story in the Ann- cortes American last week tells i how Kelly carries on a normal bus- inessman's life during the days and leads such a popular orches- tra at nights that he was quoted as saying: "as a hobby it has gotten rather out of hand." Reading the story makes it pretty plain why Kelly, once a very capable catcher for the High- climber baseball team, made the statement. His musicians are con- stantly in demand for club, high school and college events, parties i and special occasions h'om Everett north. Every Saturday night they play for the Elks Club in Mt. Ver- non, frequently appear at Town & Country and the Elks Club in Everett, last summcr played a week's engagement on the Prin- cess Elaine, a swank floating res- taurant near Bellingham, have regular engagements at the Nor- waster Club in Oak Harbor, were at Rosario Resort on Oreas Island last summer :and played for four years at the Holiday Balh'oom. KELLY STARTED in Shelton high school with a trombone but nine years ago changed to string bass, which he plays as he directs the band he organized eight years ago from musicians throughout Skagit Count.. Leading a band is no novelty for Kelly. Many Mason Countyites will recall the 10-piece group he of ganized in Shelton around 1937 which enjoyed high popularity for several years in the Shelton-Hood Canal-Olympia area. MOST COURTEOUS  Mary for the past three Years, was voted "Courtesy Clerk of the Month" during February for the Olympia district, which com- prises 12 safeway stores in Mason, Thurston, Grays Har- bor, Lewis and Pacific coun- ties. She was the guest of Dis- trict Manager Carl Haarstad on a tour ,of Safeway,s Seattle warehouse and at a banquet was presented a transistor radio in: recognition of her honor. Mrs. Owen is the mother/step- mother of four sons between 18 and 22, all of whom are now serving in the U.S. military forces. Managed Milking Sessions Planned Willard Winters, Extension Dairy Specialist from Washington State University, will conduct two managed milking training meet- ings here Monday and Tuesday. The Monday meeting will be at thc Ray Mitchell farm on the Is- abella Valley Road. Mitchell has a pipe line milking system. The (r meetin will start at; 1:30 p.m. The Tuesday meeting will be on tln Sieve Swantak farm in the Kamilche Valley about 2,fi miles west of Higiway 101. He has a new stall imu,qe and is planning a milking parlor type of operation: This meeting will also start at 1:30 pan. Union Residents Relurn From Trip To Mexico Recenlly By Betty Dean UNION -- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cook and Mary Jarchow returned recently from a trip that took them to Guaymas, Mexico, where they spent their time fishing. The Cooks said it was real good fish- ing and were surprised to see so many cars with Washington state tags on them. They also spent a week visiting in San Francisco be- fore returning home last Mond;iy. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Dilworth motored to Olympia Sunday and picked up their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Roys and went on to Puyallup and Sumner to see the daffodil fields. Timy rettn'ned to Olympia where they had din- ner with the Roys. Mrs. Helen Pearce and Mrs. Ocie Dean attended a luncheon Wednesday !n Bremerton put on by the Navy Mothers' club. MRS. E. K. BISHOP opened her stunmer home for the March meet- ing of the Union Ladies civic club. Gladyce Sherman and Eleanor Sue(hal hostesses for the potluck hmcheon, had the table set with the St. Patricks day theme. Twen- ty members were present and four guests, Helen Hardy,, Lyla Schecl, Vivian Barnett and Dor- othy Aldrich. )fter the meeting they played games with home- nmde candy as th'e prizes, made by Mrs. Sherman. The club will hold a card party today at noon in the community hall, all ladies of the community are invited. The ncxt regular meeting will be April 8 at Mrs. Walt Henderson's, with Mrs. Thomas Ball as co-hostess. Helen Timm and Eleanor Bue- chel took advantage of the good weather and went to Olympia :Monday to do some Easter shop- ping. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Walter and daughter Diane had dinner at the Cottage care Tuesday, the occa- sion being Mrs. Walter's birthday. Sunday luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Walter were Mr. and Mrs. A1 Bloomfield and fam- ily of Hoodsport. Mrs. Thomas Ball left Sunday to spend a week with her daugh- ter and family, Mr. and :Mrs. Norm Hesse in Mattawa. We are sorry to hear Mrs. Nat Stairs had to spend over a week in the hospital. She went in on March 7 and was due home March 17. She had the flu ahmg with some ear trouble, We hope she is feeling better. LAST WEDNESDAy Mrs. Gee. Vold went to Bremerton to see her doctor about some ear trou- ble, staying over night with some she got u relatim . . p in the night rgettifig wnere she was and fell ;vn a flight of stairs. HobartPollard Is Found Dead At His Home PIobert Henry Pollard, 51, Rt. 3, Box 476 AA, Shelton, was found dead in his homc of an ap- parently self-inflicted gun shot wound, Coroner Byron McClana- hun said this Wcek. Pollard's body was found by his brother, Ernest, shortly before 5 p.m. Monday. The brother told officers that the dead man had been up and around the home-made trailer borne in which they lived when he left for work Monday morning. When he returned Monday even- ing, be found the body. The death wound was inflicted with a .410 guage shot gtm. Dr. Charles Larson, Tacoma pathologist, Performed an autopsy. Mr. Pollard was born Nov. 1. ]913 in Bedell Co., S.D. and had lived in Shelton the past eight years. He was a veteran of World War II. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in Batstone Funeral l-Iome with Rev. Mason Younghmd officiating. Burial will bc in Shel- ton Memorial Park. Survivors include two brothers, tester, Estelline, S.D. and Ernest, Shelton, one sister, Mrs. Wilton Chapman, Shelton, and several nieces and nephews. Ioo Late To Glassify TWO BURROS -- Jenny to foal in June--Jack, 1/ years. Sell both for $125, or trade . . . ???. Inquh'e Thompson's Store, Brinnon, Wash. 3/18-25 20 ACRES CLEARED, large barn, machine shed-shop. Two creeks through property, good well, sep- tic tank. Ideal for mobile home. $6000. Lost Lake Road. Leon Hilton. Rt. 1. :Box 267, Elms. H 3/18 4/8 NEEDED " ---Two .llsthl-gs" for three bedroom homes in the $12,000 to $I,1,000 range. Preferably In Mt. View area. Call Mann Real Estate, 121 R.R. 426-6592. 3/18 4/1 I/,TTRACTIV5 MT. VIEW-3 Bedroom ]loo)e near shopping center on fellcld doub](' lot. Large living room, cheerful, roollly kitchen and dining area. $9.000 on terms. Call Mann Real Estate, 426-6592. 3/18 I, OH, SALE -- 3/4-ton Ford--l)iikup very good condition. Five almost ne, w tires. $300. Call Kurt Mann, 426-6592. 3/18 iY55-Gey i [n dii i=-: =siii:i(Cd--C hii . 7 lia l r- t,, n. Good tires, $500. Phone 426-3127. B 8/18 tfn L_.__egal Publications No'rICI, OF ,I'ECIAL MEETING Pursuant tel Chal)Ler 216, Laws. 1953, yea are hereby (ratified that at 7:00 o'ctoek ll.m.. Pacific Standard Time, on the 2,1th day of March. 1961. the ]()l%r(] of Ct}]lllllil;]Olllr}l'S O|' Public Hos- pital, District No. 1, Mason County, %Vashington, will hold a special meet- :ing at Mason County Courtbouse, Shelton. Waslington for the purpose ,If taking acl.ion on a resolution call- illg a SDe(?hl] e]()cth)n on t})e 1)roposl- tion Hf whether or not the district should ss io oIld sell its general obli- galhlh 1)olld0 Ill the IH'Jncipal Slllll of $/,00,000. and other regular btn-.qness. RICHARI) F. ANGLE of the /ourd of .Co{nmissloners 3/18 It NOTICE O1: IIEARING FINAL REI'ORT AN]) i'ETI'r]oN FOR I)It4TRIIUTION IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOil MASON COUNTY In the Molter of the Estate of J. E. SWIGER, Deceased. Philip Anderson. Executor of said Estate, ires filed with said Court his final report and 1)etition for distribu- tion. asking the Court to settle said repqrt, distribute the property to the persons lhereto entitled and to dis- ehargc: said Executor Said report and petition will be heard on the 16th day of April, 1965. at 10 a.m. in the CouFIroolll ,if said Court, ill the C()un- ty Courthouse at Shelton, Washing- ton. DATED THIS 16th day of March, 1965. LAURA M. WAGENER Clerk eft the Superior Court :By Teckla Vermillion, , Deputy Ch,rk Robert L, Snydcr 125/ N. 5th Shelton. Washington Attorney for Exccutor 8/18-25 4/1 3L CALL FOR BIDS F()lt %%']IITNEY POINT SllELI,FISH LA IIORATORY Scawster Snpply - Modifications at l|rinnou, %Vashlngtol| :Bids will be received at the State of Washington Department of Fisheries Room 115 General Administration Building, Olympia. Wushtngton, until 2:00 p.m. Standard Time, uarch 30 1965, for supply, construction, and in" stallation of plastic seawater supply lines and auxiliary vacUUm primln equipment. Plans and specifications are avail- able at the above address for a $10.00 refundable deposit. State Department of Fisheries George C. Starhmd. Dirctor 3/18-25 2t ORI)INANCE NO. 728 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SEC- TION 13, SUBSECTION 2, OF ORDIN- NANCE NO. 721, PASSI"D SEPTEM- BER 29, 1964. WHEREAS, it has been determined 1hat the below listed Section of the Alllblllallee SiH'vice OrdiIlance is not practical, and deletion of lh(: same would nit adversely affect ihe inter- csta4 of the public. NOW, T1-]EREFORE, TItE CITY COMMISSION OF TIIE CITY OF SHELTON DOES ORDAIN AS FOL- LOWS : 1. Section JJ, subsecti.n 2, whi('h reads : PERSONNEL: All ambulances must be lllllnlle(l by a crew ef at least two pCq'SOIIS, io consist of e (]river #lK1 an uttendant Dt ring limes whell a patient is being transported, at ](ast one aitendarlt iilUSt rid*! ill the back of the ambuhulce with the [,ltiieut. ti hP.rebs, repealed. INTR()DUCED ill regular ConmdS- siou Meeting this 9th day o[" March, 1965. PASSED Jn l'egll] f|)" Conllotssi,n 1{leetlng this 16th day of March. 1965. Io. A. TRAVIS, JR.. Mayor DAVID KNEELAND. Conlluission(+r of Ii'inance ELRO'g NIPLSON, Comluissioner of Public Works Ati,,st : Ahlla K. Carte, City Clerk f',l)Pr()ved as O foI'nl : C. ]agan, City Attorney 3/18 11 HEE P I:iSHInGTOI1 Thursday, Obitueries F. W. Marl er Dies In Seattle F. W. (Frankie) Marler, Route 3 Box 339, Shelton, died March 10, 1965, in a Seattle hospital following a long illness. He was 31 years old. Born January 28, 1934 in Palis- ade, Colo., he had lived the past 22 years in Shelton. He graduated from Irene S. Reed Itigh Seimol with the class of 1951, and at- tended Olympic Junior College at Bremerton. He was a veteran of the Korean war. The funeral service for Mr. Marler was conducted by the Ray. Eugene Knautz March 13 at Bat- stone Funeral Home. Burial was ;in Shelton Memorial Park. His survivors include his par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Mar- ler, Shelton; brothers Larry D. Mailer of Sitka, Alaska, and Ches- ter D. Marler of Denver, Colo.; three aunts, Mrs. Comanche Ed- wards, Shelton, Mrs. Gladys Hughes, Shelton, and Mrs. Fran- ces Engel, Sitka__ Alaska. !Former Assistant Postmaster Dies In Oregon Terrence V. Dunning, P.O. Box 5000, Salem, Ore., died March 11, 1965 at Salem. Mr. Dunning was born December 28, 1888 at San- dural, Ill. He was 76 years old at the time of his death. :Mr. Dunning came to Shelton in 1921 and lived here until Nov- ember, 1964. During that time he worked at the post office, retir- ing as assistant postmaster. He had been a member of Kiwanis for 20 years and was a member of the First Baptist church at Shelton. The funeral service was con- ducted Monday, March 15, by the Ray. Eugene Knautz at Batstone Chapel. Burial was at Shelton Memorial Park, Among his survivors are bis wife, Mrs. Edith M. Dunning, Sa- lem, Ore.; son George A. Dunning, Portland, Ore.; daughter Mrs. Ho- ward (Margery) Yule, Shelton; five grandchildren; seven great- grandchildren; two brothers, Owen (Rod) Dunning, Portland, Ore., and William J. Dunning, Seattle. Edna V. Batstone 44 Year Resident Dies March 12 Mrs. Edna V. Batstone, 1119 Franklin St., Shelton, died March 12 in a Shelton hospital. She had lived in Mason County for the past 44 years. She and her hus- band were prominent in independ- ent logging. She was born October 1, 1890 at Vashon Island, Washington. When, she was six years old she moved( with her family to Tacoma, where she ium high school. Batatonc were and moved to making their home' Bay. The flmeral Batstone was held 16 at Batstone Rev. Horace Burial was in Park. ,' The survivors band, Roy C. two sons, James E William R. ton; one daughter,: (Mary Jane) Ill. ; seven great-grandchildren,, Service March 12 Leonard The funeral A. Walton, 213 ton, was held here 12. Mr. Walton 1965 in'a local Born December 11 England, he had of this 38 years. He was onier Inc. em man who fishing and The funeral dueted by Father of St. David's in the Batstone Burial was in Park. : Mr. Walton is sons, Charles Ill., and John ton; one daughter (Betty Jane) grandchildren; children; one Sullivan, Port brother, Charles Elias Dies In Elias A. Shelton resident king his home in Marci 14 of cancer, Mr, Kirkland w: Stanley, Washin was a graduate of College and a vel War II. He was and community erton and an get Sound Naval He is survived by othy; daughter, Robert, all of ther, Ralph brothers Carl of ard of Seattle, Jaco California, and and sisters, RebeCCa pia, Eunice Alethia Beebe, The funeral March 17 in ial at Woodlawn $1,000 IN CASH OB, ONE OF TEN $100 JUST DRAW YOUR DREAM Then send it in! Contes is open to Northwet dents 18 years of age or older. Easy to enter! to buy! Mail. the coupon below for your lxdes and entry forms. (Contest closes % .-. : o Building Let us estimate the cost of buildin on your lot. OR, choose from more than available plans (each offering unlimited If you wish, we'll even make all th cial arrangements. In many cases, your lot 2aaymen. MAIL TODAY mmm roll ii mm  ( ) Please =end DRAW YOUR DREAM HOUSE contest rules t Nams m Addrese_ CiW ( ) I have, or will have clear deed to a tot, and booklet of sample house plans and prices. I LUMB II HARD' == of CASCADE quality HOMES 8105 Highway 21, Bremerton ESsex 3-5001 il lllimmiH maim ,) / , 'ii [ II I