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March 25, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 25, 1941

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.3. ‘ 3 Marc '3' p . March 25, 1941‘. string ’ vhen 8119 gut does.” 1 before ' up and Pr”. women No, 1413 nd more . To \éxifiDITORS cording fl “ELM”? Court Igsthe State "595- S 0 M.,“ in and for the Coun- sidc, - 0 Mini, In Probate. use T ER or THE ESTATE ' "i _ E- GARFIELD, DE~ :i QUIZ Leg?“ IS HEREBY GIVEN. n, , .1 d t ‘91 Testamentary on th e ‘1. 1m 6 s: in game E, Garfield, deceas- ‘ ill the j’ madmated to the undersigned Cl tom-11am or Clairof March, 1941, by m?“ S‘ng '- ~ URTHER GIVEN, that dams W1 e Vmg claims against rt games? required to serve , the ‘3 nec s tollruam, ,1 “ESQrSignedeistatgle 38:31ng *\\'ould "'. " “113- C- Bayley. Title In- A to“. , mmg Shelton, Washing- ,. .- , than B _the place designated, NI must “Estatesfictlpn of tile business . "-9 a f ‘M~a‘ylglglihsithon4tlhs af—l . "v. . . arc,19,and V“ '11"? lgggfievnlh. the Clerk of this lulers l . or the? with proof of such Such as it 1 . Will be forever bar-2 zlrt‘ Pl‘ot this RHEth day of March. 1941. eceive 1" A RUTH HOWARD.‘ , Ex . . I s. Bout 5"" game. , Hattie r1155 (gartdeeldEsctiitc-eeagf rakes for l o‘eg'AY ' 0 team 27 Igunk". ELSECYutrix ' med: “9' . “"199 Building“ rotor-ted? Highlngton. ' 1g 3 first" remains I 01. rrounded *‘Upplcferol‘ BOND CALL down. utility eggn well that thc fol-1. the dead“, cfiugtilitv- IDsistfiiltlesNgf 1193r§fl down. D [layman aShington, are call-2 edit for a v of saidaémtihtta office of the (331150 the. ,9," Said Bdlndsangiltlhageztigg standing D. t ' is rict N . Ut‘ 't ,. IS be.m of 1935, numbered 20hth .t be res »_ cit-Ma Public Utility District : on County. .. By: F. G. BILRIIIGGS. a3%,”. 44‘“. anager. Corner Ups antage Over . {hittercial Clubs. l 1|! Pha‘""1 ...... .. Big “nacy 45 h Scores. kc'h‘u'les Savage 207. mum Savage 538. “X11188 Thursday Rico VS- McConkey. s 1);?!” vs. 4-E Dairy. pang: Week Mac’s Corner * its commercial, lead. Anotherl the,cornerite’s edge riday now gives Mgflme advantage. 1, ~ late CCOPkey Pharmacy f. st Victim of the lea- a ,, to 1 mar‘ Roy Tingstead «With a steady per- Esszitotal. ,, Davlstzourt Bakery . 9.0M game to third as Legislator topped the league .. .3. scores for the “118.; I. l ‘l Daviscourt (1) Handicap 309 4 9,- 'T v, . )DE l, Coun} . can A V15 e lnsura" ad ’. ell 414 llderman 458 estlund 516 -.F:‘owe_ 376 337 Miller. 472 922. ,857 766 2545 l hfij “wildomer (2) l . , dicap 234 ' 94. :2? Pingstead 521 Phone 3 490 Bit man 515 j '3 We lroy 444], W.,“--- ,; aslgfilfihardt 453 i ‘2 “immerano 471 i 2094 907 837 2638; v KILL MOLES it 0&3?ch “Pot his? and :7. h up a pile of within reach , sprinkle at kerosene on that ,With wash it the nozzle! kg, arry the dirt , 19-59 6 .odor through byway-38.11163 from. If ‘~ ,gpfik, a. piece. of Pa“ 5 latter the sur-l LEGAL PUBLICATIONS land October of each year back into the “POI! . munlmpal water system and all ex— except the necessary charges for pay- 'merit of principal and interest of the r wlthin reachloutstandlng water revenue refunding ~er°sene and ram. 1940. agreed with the_ holders of each ‘and every one of said bonds to maintain ‘ YOU CAN’T SELL UNTIL Y FIND A BUYER! USEWANTnADS ORDINANCE NO. 331 AN ORDINANCE confirming the re- sult of the special election held in the City of Shelton, Washington, on December 3, 1940, for the adoption of a. plan for the construction or certain extensmns and betterments to itslmunicipal water system and authorizing the issuance of water revenue bonds of said cit in the sum of $50,000 to pay there ore; pro— viding for the exact date, maturities. form and other details of said bonds and authorizing and confirming the issuance and sale thereof. WHEREAS, at a special election held in the City of Shelton, Wash— ington“ on December 3, 1940. pursuant to Ordinance No. 324, passed and ap- proved October 17. 1940, the qualified .voters of the City duly adopted a proposition providing for the ,struction of certain extensions and betterments to its present municipal water system and the issuance of wa» ter revenue bonds of said City in thel sum of $50,000 to pay therefor; an WHEREAS, it is now necessary to provide for the date. form of said bonds and to authorize and confirm the issuance and sale thereof; NOW. THEREFORE, the City Coun- cil of the City of Shelton. Washing- ton, does hereby ordain as follows: Section 1. That the adoption by the qualified voters of the City of Shelton, at the special election held therein on December 3, 1940, of the proposition providing for the con— struction of certain extensions and con- betterments to its present municipal- water system and the issuance of wa- ter revenue bonds in the sum of $50,- 000 to ay therefor. be, and the same is here y, in all things ratified and confirmed. Section 2. That the City of Shelton and its officers be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to cause to be issued at this time water revenue bonds of said city in the principal sum of $50,000. said bonds to be in denominations of $1,000 each, to be numbered from 1 to 50 in- clusive, to be dated April 1, 1941, ‘bonds numbered 1 to 27 inclusive to bear interest at 214% per annum, and bonds numbered 28 to 50 inclusive'to bear interest at 294% per annum, all of said interest to be payable semi- annually on the first days of Apri: ' and to mature serially in order of their num- bers as follows; April 1, 1942 $1,000 1 April 1, 1952 $3,000 April 1, 1943 1,000 1 April 1. 1953 3,000 April 1, 1944 1.000 April 1, 1954 3,000 April 1, 1945 1,000 1 April 1, 1955 3,000 April 1, 1946 1,000 April 1, 1956 3,000 April 1, 1947 3,000 ) April 1, 1957 3,000 April 1, 1948 3,000 April 1, 1958 3.000 April 1, 1949 3,000 April 1, 1959 3,000 Aprlll, 1950 3.000 April 1,1900 3,000 April 1, 1951 3.000 1 April 1, 1961 , Section 3. Said bonds shall be in substantially the following form, ex. cept as to date of payment: N $1,000.00 0. ...... .. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF WASHINGTON CITY OF SHELTON SHELTON WATER REVENUE BOND, 1941 KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That the City of Shel- ton acknowledges itself to owe and for value received hereby promises to pay to bearer on the first day of April, 19 ...... the,Drl!}CiDal sum or $1,000, together With interest there— on at the rate of .............. ..per cent per annum, payable semiannually on the lfirst days of April and October or each year, as evidenced by and upon presentation and surrender of the annexed interest coupons as they sev- erally become due. Both princi al and interest of this bond are pa 9. le in lawful money of the Unite, tates at the office of the City Treasurer of Shelton“ Washington, solely out of the spccml fund known as “Shel- ton 1941 Water Revenue Bond Re- demption fund." created by Ordinance No. 324 _of said City. r The. City of Shelton has reserved the! right to redeem any and all of the unmatured and outstandin bonds of this issue at par on any fintcrest payment date in inverse order on or after '_three ‘ years from date hereof by glvmg thirty days’ notice of such intended redemption by publication in the official city newspaper ,interest on any bonds so called to cease on the. date named. This bond is one of an issue or water revenue bonds in the principal sum of $50,000 issued pursuant to ,or! dinances No. 324 and No. 331 of said City _for the purpose of constructing certain betterments and extensions to its present water system and is pay~ able solely out of the gross revenues of the said water system. 'The City of Shelton hereby agrees with the holder of this bond that it Will keep .and perform all of the covenants in this bond and in said ordinances No. 324 and No. 331 to be by it kept and performed, and said City does. hereby irrevocably obli- gate and bind itself to set aside from the gross revenues of said municipal waterworks system at least thirty days prior to the respective dates on which the interest or principai and interest of said bonds shall be- come due and payable, amounts suf- ficient to make such payments as they respectlvely become due. Said amounts so pledged are. hereby de- clared to be a prior lien and charge the gross revenues of said tensions thereto, superior to all other charges whatsoever, except the necessary cost of maintenance and operation of said Water system and bonds heretofore issued by the City of Shelton and dated September 1. The City of Shelton by said Or~ malice No. 324 has covenanted and maturities and ' ’ missioner, city and each of the interest coupons attached thereto shall be signed with the facsimile signatures of said of- ficials. 1 Section 5. The name of the fund of the City of Shelton entitled "Shel— ton 1940 Water Revenue Bond. Re— demption Fund” created by Ordinance No. 324 of said city, gassed and ap- proved October 17, 140, is hereby 1 age, approval and publication as re- quired by law. Passed by the City_Counc11 of the City of Shelton, Washington, and ap- proved by the Mayor this 20th day ,of March, 1941. . CITY OF SHELTON, WASHINGTON By WM. STEVENSON, Mayor. ATTEST: GLENN W. LANDERS. City Clerk. APPROVED AS TO FORM: CI—tIASAttR. LEWIS. Ci orne . (SEAL of the CITY of SIIELTON) ' 3—25, '41—1t. I COMMISSIONERS PROCEEDINGS FEBRUARY—1941 Monday, February 3, 1941 Board met in regular sesswn. pres- ent R. Trenckmann, Chairman; Vin- cent E. Paul and Fred Ferris, Jr., Commissioners, and Harry Deyette, ‘Clerk of Board. ‘ Sam B. Theler, With Doane Brodie representing him, appeared, asking that Resolution of August 26th, 1940, regulating and fixing license rates on Skill Ball Machines be amended 'so that a lower minimum be set, with a unit tax on additional machines. Hobert Hedrick, with Charles T. Wright representing him, appeared to oppose amending of Resolution. Board took case under advisement and will render a deciston later. Frank Trainer appeared and offer- ed to take care of Court House lawn and trimming and pruning of Shrub- bery for a monthly payment of $26.00 ———perlod of 12 months.‘ It. was moved and seconded that proposition be ac- ceptcd and that Contract be entered linto, accordingly, carried. 1 Letter from Sec. of Mason County lPlanning Counc11, suggesting a list of names from whichvacancles may be filled, received. It was moved and seconded that proposition be accepted and that Contract be entered into accordingly, carried. _ | Letter from Weyerhaueser Timber Co. advising that they Will deed.to tract lying ._. _,_.__.__.,_. 00 S. L. Pearson, 1941 Ply- mouth Deluxe Sedan ........... $1049.00 Less Allowance 1935 Ford ................................................ .. 350.00 I Balance ..$ 099.00 Plus Sales Tax . .. 20.98 $ 719.98 Mell Chevrolet 00., 1941 the lowest and best bid, that some be accepted, and that Ford Deluxe Fordor Sedan be purchasod, carried. Letter from Ind. Ins. Serv. Ass‘n, in re C. E. Reed Claim, received and filed. Letter from Dr. J. E. Haddon in re condition of Mrs. Vola Dona Cun- ningham, received and turned over to Social Security. This being the time set for opening, bids for Diesel Tractor equipped Wlllll loader and Bulldozer attachment, tho foillowing bid was received and open-- e : Western Tractor and Equipment Co. ‘ 1 “Caterpillar” wide Gauge D 4 Tractor equipped as per specifications. $4,989.00 Less 2%—30 days. If award- ed both the Tractor unit and grader unit, deduct $100.00 from the above FOR SALE OR TRADE: FOR SALE: SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 1v " Real Estate “AAA AMAAAAMAAA“ f o r city property 35 acres near Day— ton, in cultivation, 5 room 4-RO0M HOUSE bath, utility room, chicken house, berries, 11/»; acres grape, close to school and, high school bus, acres land, 450 ft. beach, to sell equity ~and party as- sume contract. Route 2, Box 42, Harstine Island Road. Phone 4-F-13. Bw3-25—27v2t. 6-room modern house completely furnished. Wm. Lunsford, 940 E. Cascade. 3—25—27—-4—1-3-8-1046t pgicte.b_ét waszotved arid seconded a l 0 es ern rac or and i_ ,_ . J. HeL er, Equipment Co. be accoptcdh subject modem hgl‘llso ¥25_27__4_1 in to apgroval of Director of nghways,| Capitol H1 . o- —. . carrle . i It was moved and seconded that MODERN rose hill home. Kirk- bid of Howard-Cooper Corporation, being the lowest and best bid, be ac— cepted, and that purchase of Adams Grader be made. subject to approval of Director of Highways, carried. 3 Letter from Mrs. Scott, in re re— moval of Stump and burning of stumps, received and referred to Com. missioner Trenckmann. Board adjourned. Monday, February 24, 1941. Board met pursuant to adjourn. ment, all present as of preVlous meet- mg. Bond of Cora Barber. in the amount1 of $5000.00 for faitthl performance of her duties as Welfare Administra- tor was approved. Trespass in the amount _of $5.00 was received from W. Dickinson for respass on SW14], of Section 11, township 23, range West, W, M, and was turned in to Treasurer. Permission was granted. to old age ension group to meet in Court. oom first and third Thursday nights! each month. Resolution re Deed to Forestry De4 partment was approved and signed. Mason Col-111W a small ,_ In the matter of Hospital Ac- iEast of River and. South of road in counts for Mrs, Frances Dooley, in ‘SE‘A of SW14 Section 5, 1?. 6. West. the amount of $8.55 and Mrs. Dessie lW-M- and B‘lVlnS Permisswn to re‘ .Hughbanks, in the amount of $16.50 moxée gravel from same. received and file. . Trespass by Anderson and Batstone on SE of SE Section 1-20745'111 the amount of $10.00 plus crulsmg $7.00 was reported by H._ E. Munson, clerk 'was instructed to bill them for same. Letter from S. P. Lehman. _M. D. District Health Officer. enclosing _re- uest from William S. Fultz, Dist. anitarian. for leave of absence dur- ing ,eriod of in When lnto army. It w 5 moved an seconded that re- quest be granted. Petition of Leslie Mueller et al for ,establishment of county road 40 ft. wide commencing at Junction of old road to Island. Lake With, the, old :Matlock Road, running thaan m 11 NE direction following apprommately the present location of old Island Lake 139ml. tod aI jungtiflnkwrthdcogfi. ty roa aroun sa, 8. e on _.e ling around Island Shake, a distance of 1/9 mile; -was received. '- Waiver of Claim for damages and consent to locate road»»through-i:NW-' of‘ SE of Section 12-20—4 'by Estate of Ellen M. Becker. received and files-4 There being 90 99nd . acm- .panying petition. lerk was-‘lns ruct- 'ed to—write for same. l Auditor’s count of Treasurer's. cash as» of, December alst was examined and approved. ' , ~- Letter from_ Mason County ‘ Plan: nin Council,_ l'nlre road sign project, rece v'ed and filed: " ' ,1 Bond of Fred‘Ferrls, Jr: for faith I ful performance of his 1 duties- as County Commissioner, was examined and approved: . Claims allowed. Board I adjourned.“ Tuesday, February 4, '1941. Board met in regular session. {present as of yesterday. . ' Mrs. T. H. Tate‘pf Cascade Pole 0. o acoma, appeare o as per- C f T d t 1: mission to occufiy house on or NW of Section ,' 23, during per~i iod of logging adjacent timber. It was moved and seconded that per- mission be granted, same to termi- nate at will of board, carried. Day spent considering claims. Claims allowed. H Board adjourned. Thursday, February 6th .1941 >Board met, all were present. Minutes of January ,_meetings were read, and approved. " Letter from Geo. re work on road, Ferris. . . Notice from District Engineer or authorization of the, following im— provements: . l ‘ C-32,/North Shore Road ' C-31. North Shore, Road 0600-23 North Shore Road. (34500-24 Sunnyside Road. received and fl ed. , . Notice from District Engineer .of final ., inspection I and ; 'acce terms. as satisfactorily completed, .0 .Road 'PrOJect No. and filed. all . t-cunnihg'nnn. in referred tOwCom- was received l , l l _Skgkpmish River Road was being re- ] .- Letter from 'publlc Waters of an unnamed spring amount of 0.75 second foot. subject to . 'f Secti 10, 3 w. v3“ M.. Canon . it was moved and seconded that both accounts be certified to Anderson Fund: Unanimously carried. Waiver of Claim for Damages and consent to locate road, Signed by Robert H. Heaver and . H. Han- son, land in Sec. 21, 22, and by A. L. Bell, Lot B, Section 21, 1 were received and filed. ,It was moved and seconded that the regolution re Satsop-Clo uallum K 3d 6 approved and signe , car- rle . Notice from Department of High— ways (15119.1 Resolution requesting the expen _ture of $8000.00 on repair of turned and finding that expenditure is unwarranted and therefore project’ is disapproved. Claims allowed. ' ..Approval by District En purchase of Tractor and for Road District No. 3, tor, Patrol Grader for Road received and filed. _ Mason County Chapter Red Cross in re meeting at Court, .H. e..received and filed. a? rice contract for Gasoline with Rich led Oil Corporation for re~ mainder of year, was signed. . .‘It was moved and seconded that ap-' pll’catlons. for purchase of county tax titlc‘ roperty for Sale No, Elbe ac- cepte up to March 8th and that Sale be held April» 12th, 1941, carried. 1 inecr of quipment and Mo- Dist. No. Itvwas moved and seconded that a, call-for bids ‘be made for a Super Deluxe Sedan of the lower priced cars ford Commisstoner’s Dist. No. 1 car- rc . > \Board adjourned. Board of Count Mason County. ashington , R. TRENCKMANN, Chairman! Attest: . HARRY DEYETTE, Clerk of Board. 3-25—1t. : NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5378 State of~Washlngton Office of Super- ‘ visor of Hydraulics Olympia. TO IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Donald Regan. of Shelton, state of Washing— ton. under date of March 6, 1941, filed with the State Supervisor of Hyd— - raullcs. Olympia, Washillgton, an apwl plic’ation for a permit to divert the tributary of Kirkland Creek, in the enlisting rights. from April 15 to; October 1 of each year for the pur-i ose or irrigation and continuously, or domestic supply and stock _usc;,‘ that’ the approximate point of diver-, sion is located Within SW1/ of SE14 Township Range in Mason County. A1 the location and plan and the place of is :on file in the Supervisor of Hyd- rnep showing f said, diversmn thor‘prbposed use office of the. State ’ f. . D 1-room land Exchange. Shelton home. Piovie 726 South First Street. 3-25-27~~2t. «FOR SALE: 2 lots and small building on Fairmont. Inquire Journal Office. H-3—25-27—2t. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to buy some of the finest water- front property in the state. Lo- cated on Agate Bay, 10 acres cleared, fine beach, low bank, 'nice creek, county 'road runs along back of property. semi-burgalow, 4-rooms and bath down, 2 rooms upstairs, full basement, composition roof. Home not finished. Drive out and see this property, you will like it. $3,300 terms. H. O. Lun— din, Route 2 or inquire Journal. 3-25——tf. 7 acres of property on the Bay about 4 miles from Shelton, has 175 feet of waterfront and 1,900 feet deep to the road. Spring runs through the property and there is lots of nice timber and wood. This is about the last piece of waterfront property on the Bay close in and is well worth the price of $1075. Some terms. * i * 1 room house with brick chimney, cement basement and founda- tions. Good garage and wood- shed, well and small Spring run- ning through property. About it JOURNAL changed to “Shelton 1941 Water Rev- Chev. Deluxe Sedan $994.00 house. George Rebman, Matlock enue Bond Redemption Fund." Sales Tax .. 19.88 Route 3-18. 4-17,-1M Sectiotn 6. Th; ofglcialsfipf the1 Cltg M15101 of She on are ere y au orlze an . 3, ' I idirected to do all things necessary for Less 1935 Ford Deluxe [FOR SALE. 5% acres 0f larfd thei itSSuaItlfie and tsalef of szfiidthbonds Sedan .............................................. .. 295.00 with house 18'x24’ on Arcadia an OI' e cons ruc [On 0 6 Ex- EH . 1/_ ' h‘ h- tensions and betterments to the $718.88 Road '4 mug Off Ifiia municipal water system as hereto- A. L. Huerby Motors, way. E. M- Jamebi ca fore authorized by vote of the quali- Ford Deluxe Sedan ............. ..$ 950.00 Ave. 3-18—25A2t. fled hvoterks) odf sgidDCity.WTtlie salg gessl SA(lilowance 71935 3 000’ , . it of tese ons 0 can ler an or can ................................ .. 5,- V. v ih_, Company, Seattle, Washington, as w. FOR Sheltcfrlzsl mlflstlfgtwo agreed upon between the Council of 3; 600,00 1y building Site, w o e be , said Ciztg allgilsald 1purcljiascr onuFeo Plus Sales Tax ...................... .. 19.50 blocks West of high school. ruary , , is ere y in a re- h i r spects ratified and confirmed. $ 619.50 SCllOQI- Prlce $750-00- LeSte Section 7. This Ordinance shall It was moved and seconded that DICkmSOHi HOOdsport- take effect immediately upon its pass~ Bid of A. L. Huerby Motors being, 3—18-20—25-27-—4-1-3rvv6t low bank. Vv’ish, FOR SALE: acres and 4—room' lduring the recent illness and; passing of our dear wife and mother. ‘ Mr. Edwin Lahkcster, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Munsen. No. 1410 NOTICE TO CREDI’I‘ORS l l W..—u” Classified Service I”... .< MILL WOOD One Cord $4.50 Double Load (2 cords) $8.50 PHONE 38—J Looking For A Letter? Then write one on Eaton Stationery. It’s socially I, correct. aFIR DRUG STORE , LARGE SIZE I Duplicating SALES BOOKS 50 Each 11' 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of special— ' PRINTED SALES BOOKS than outside salesmen can quote ! you. , THE JOURNAL BE POPULAR Give Whitman Chocolates. Love thrives on thoughtfulness, bring a box of Whitman’s Chocolates Hit’s the thoughtful thing to d O. I FIR DRUG STORE Mixed Mill Wood Never been in Salt Water $4.50 Cord . 2 Cords $8.50 PHONE 378 3-4-6-11~-3t LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED Keys made —‘— washing ma— chines repaired ~— specialist in fine mechanical repairs and upholstery. Handy Man Shop CARD OF THANKS We wish to extend our heart- ‘felt thanks for the many kind- nesses and sympathy shown us , .. In Probate . In the. Superior Court of the State of W’ashillgton for the County of illu- son acre g00d ground mostly IN THE MATTER on THE GUART} cleared. Property is all fenced.iIANSHIP OF CHRISTINA F. FLAN- A good buy at $475.00, Terms. * * * 5-room modern home with bath and nook. Good yard. Some fin— ishing needed. $1,075 cash. 52< ii: * -room modern home on Island Lake. Best beach on lake. $1,700, terms. * ii: i Going boarding b u s i n e s s will transfer house also. Investigate. =l= >l= Commissioners Business building in Shelton. Ren- tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. * 935 FOR SALE 2—r00m cabin, finished in knotty cedar, with inlaid linoleum on floor, corner windows. Water- front lot 50 x 150 with tide- lands. Also boat and outboard motor. Located Plenty of water. across Nico bay. quiet place to live 0r spend your vaca— ‘ tion periods and week Priced at (terms) $650.00. * iii =l< ends. 40-acrc farm located in Skokom- ish Valley, good soil and fair buildings. Will consider trade for Shelton property. Good terms to reliable party. $2500. a: :i: >l: log cabin on Lake. Terms. $950.00. :5: :l: :l: ' Isabella FOR RENT i l l l ! I Forest, x Washington, i IGAN. an incompetant person. Notice is hereby given that the un- dersigned has been appoulted and has qualified as guardian of the es- tate of Christina F. Flanlgan, an in- compctant person; that all persons: having claims against said incompctant person, are hereby required 'to serve the same, duly verified, on said guard- ian or his attorney of record address below stated, and file the same with the Clerk of said Court, together with proof of such service Within six months after the date of first pub- lication of this notice, or the same will be barred. Date of first publication March 18, 194]. HERB HANSEN, Guardian of said Estate, 10332 Aurora Ave- nue, Seattle, Wash. HERB HANSEN, Attorney for Estate, 10332 Aurora Avenue, Seattle, Wash. [X 3—18-25. 4<1—3t. Serial 018736 NOTICE FOR I'l‘IiLlCATION United States Department of the In— terior General Land Office, Spokane, Washington, February 27, 1941. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that iho Entiat Lumber Company, of W'cnatcllce, I’Vashington, did, on Feb- ruary 24, 1941, filo in this office its application 018736, under the act of March 20. (42 Stat... 465), as amended by the act of September (42 Stat, 1036). the act of’Fcb- Y'um'y 28. (43 Stat. 1030) and the act of August 11, 1939 (53 Stat, 1412), to exchange; NE% NW% and NEW; SEl/l. Sec. 21, T. N., R. E., VJ. M.; All Sec. 5, T. N., R. E,, W. M.; All Secs. 3, 5, 9, 17, 31, and 33. of T. N., R, 19 E., W. M.; Wl/p NWM‘I, Sec. 5; NM; NWVI and NW1; NE1/, Sec. 13; 81/; NW%, SW14, and SM: SE14, Sec. 15: All Sec. 21; Nl/g Nwia, SWl/i NW‘A. WV.) SW14. Sec. 23; Nl/z, SE14 SW94. Sec. 25; All See. 27; All Sec. 31; NEIA. Sl/z NW1/4, and Sl/z, Sec. 35. of T. N., R, E., W. M.; Wl/p and SE14, Sec. 7; All Sec. 19; All Sec. 31, of T. N., R. E., W. M. 8% NW%. 51/}, and SM; NElA, Sec. 9; All Sec. 17; All Secs. 19, 20, 31, and 33, of T. N., R. 19 E., W. M.; All Sec. 19: 51/2 Si/fi, Sec. 21; NW%. Wl/z NEl/i, and NW»; SE%, Sec. 29; EM; of Sec. 31, of T. N., R. E., W. M.; Sl/g SW14, Sec. 31, T\ 27 N., R. 21 E.. W. M., containing 37,000.88 acres, within and‘ adjacent to the Wenatchce National subject- in part to a reservation for existing roads and telephone lines, and subject also to certain reservations as to timber cutting and the' mining and remov~ ing of metalliferous metals, as more fully set forth in the formal appli- cation on file in this office, for tim- ‘ber of an equal value to be taken from the following described land: Secs. to 5, incl., T, N., R. 7 W.. W. M.; All Secs. 10, 14, 28 and 36, of T. 22 N., R. 5 W., W. M.; Secs. 7. 18, and 19, T. 22 N., R. 6 W., W. M.; Secs. 1 and- Secs. 10 to 15, incl.; All Sec. Secs. to incl.; All Sec. 29; Secs. to 36, incl.; of T. 22 N. R. 7 W., W. M., ,within the Olympic National Forest, 1 i l Washington, as agreed with retary of Agriculture. The purpose of this notice is to al— the SCO- me Estate of Jeremiah‘Buffllow all persons claiming the timber l ,_e . .. . Resolution re A cement in do 1" ull s, 01 to la. Washin ton, to—l3‘r00m furniShed apartment, W3- t .esurface to keep 1‘? tgood kcondition and operate said [mate by-United gates of enmené’; Stingi- withy sillch other iEformation te!‘ paid .................... $16 00 '. as It ' aerwor 5 “Stem and t0 establlsn and Mason Cou t b its’B rd. of re uired b law. :5: =9 ' gr~s 13 and malnt in h t f t “Y y ’ 'oa as” q ' y Y ‘ ay . .& sue. . m 95 01' W3 er 35 County Commissioners, wherein pay-' 'Any person, ‘firm or corporation 9 l,Wlll prOVlde sufficient revenue to pro~ ments in lieu of taxes may-be paw, -whose right will be injurjomly af- 1 o-I‘OOm modern home ...... _. $19.00 _‘l ‘duce the gross revenues required to by the Us on pm 'pty. “hired by famed by said a lication may filel 1 Ihmeeroetmthetolfallgtgtlons of said City as the Government, rough 31m" rural. 'with the State illich or of Hyu-l G h t e W k l I, is Sfiereg" ff. d d d I d Rehabilitation Project for ettlemsnt r'aulics‘. at Olympia, Was ington. such - ffid-«g _ I 68 .that said bogdscegrle 19,55 :31 purposes. received; it pas moved, anc objections or representations. in writ- ,_______ __., _ ,1 . -. . for o k i t d . ._ . P. seconded that Resolution be appliov~ Kiln-gnu he may desire to make, thh- - I a land Bay cgngatugignsglx‘l’g cfmpllfificefl‘gthségg ed and signed.-_carl‘led. , a , inxthirty (30) days after‘date of last NOS. 1411 and 1412 .v of Washington afgsthcé ordinances .Boafii adjouiined. l “obligation. which date is March 25. NOTICE To CREDITORS To " of the City of Shelton. and that all Bugatti, 1931"}, 10’ ensln' 941% p in hand lid m '11] seal: PRESENT. AND “LE CLAIMS 3 , acts, conditions and things required a He pm W‘ 9’“ y a .0 Cl '1“ the 5‘19"“)! Court Of “10 Nate'Of " “ to be done (1 t h t was move‘i and “caudal that a this 7th day Of March A' D‘ 1941' Wab‘hington for Mason Count' I '* )7 14.2112. issuance of thlgciofhxll llgvdm apglenlide"lhad bli'rdfit be plfml‘lad on the fallow: St It CS1 AS. J. BAfR Pmbate n w ‘ v . ‘I‘l gas, as _o ows: . ~ v v ae upeersor o y raulcs. 7. 3.0 ft. {agent‘ng and performed as reqmred grid e near old Ingersoll Millslte, (SEAL) EIIINErDiIDFOiNN‘AiaAgrofi‘? a, .. 12.7 ft. 0fl-nge‘fiTNEa’s VXHEREOIE' the, Ouglglosg‘ Egypt Road 0. tons. 3-18-251—2t. _ IgéFgfivfiggggTON AND JEREMIAH -‘~ on. , e . ~ , ‘ r . 2.1 ft. this bond to bgssilggednby sills 5313:;01' 'Bfngffeplgge fifigfis L§¥gsaa%%ghgaem 1., No 1404 Both Deceased. Hquand and Wlfe' 3 14.1ft. 9nd attested by its City Clerk and claims gnawed. ', If.“ L 13101101311110. CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, v "1 2.4 ft. 1,? gmpogatehsesl to be hereto 91- In the matter “(it"Petitlon‘bf Leslie“ In the Sn erior cum of the Statelthat Melvm Sutton has bemappoint— _6' 130ft xe an t e. interest coupons at- Muller et al, for Establishment of of wnshfngton 10, Mason County-Aid and has qualified as Administrator , w i \ - tgched to be signed by. the facsimile l County Road at Island lake Ban,I In Pym“. > 50f the Estate of Anna Katrina Buffing-l ‘ Iii 12-50 B‘gnfiuws 9f Bald Offlmals this first . havl been filed, it was moved and IN 'I'H‘Ji‘.~ MATTER OF THE ESTATE 'ton. Deceased, and as Executor 01' L081! 625 Bum 2.6 ft. daft;I agrlslh I11941. N N secon ed that Petition be accepted ()1?- EDWIN GROUT. DECEASED. 'the Estate of Jeremiah Buffington. De- !Tw . 6am 131m! B WM TO -WASHINGT0 and that Engineer be ordered to ex- N UTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN, that'ceased. and that all persons having ,lgh 1216 pm 1 8ft ATTESTX STEVENSON: Mfiyor' amine, and report on same, carried.‘ ‘1 the» ndersigned, Madalyn May Grout ‘Clalms against either of the said De-l 1‘ 7:31 . . . GLENN .vv LAN Notice from District Engineer that has been appointed and has qualified ceased persons or against the Estate . [9w ~p.111. 13.1 ft. (my Clark- DERS’ Cogpty'i‘l} , Tax, outpatient as Administratrixv of . the Estate of'of either or both, are hereby requir- 1:25 The interest coupons attached tollgrt' “em 6 use on Ianuaryicm- 'r' Edwm' Grout’. Deceaseq‘ and that ed- to serve the same’ duly verified’ ,_ 7._ a.m 3,1ft, said b nd h u b . b t. n . 01013.8 is $8,362.39meooived a, d tiled. . l persons having claims againstIWlth the necessary vouchers attached, it 1;1_9 aum unit we refiowfngs forms In an stanla yiahi’gotllcnedurrtohi Dtipartrgfe‘tn o f abror ‘e sing Estate gr againstd tthe saidzupon the Undersigned Executor and A ~ :4”, ~ ' ' , . - 4 , - ‘ s nos 1 a a o ‘ 0 B eccase are .ere yregu re .0 serve‘r Administrator, or his Atto he of Rec- . ; .‘og-Pgm- 1.4 ft. WEE-{he first dav of 19 $.1Eélrlfodzlowskc in [the amount of $70.00 the same. duly verlfled, With the lord, at suite 1_ Lumbermern-Syguildmg . . La». pm. 10.2 ft. City of Shelton wasfi'i'fig‘t'afi' ",rl‘ixphyl ‘Bbafigegafighééecewed and filed- miaesssgvegougiafingtttaqnfd upon isrlllelton, Mason County. Washington. . 25"“ '~ to bearer at t, e office of’th City "-3! . u'n‘em‘ Ta. x' or -5t 8 same bemg designated as the gill, ’72; am. 3.7 ft. Treasurer the sllm of.$ law~ Boardmclggt lib-“:4 foam. figfiééhgi lgcggwgt Stuhifie liming:- filice f? the transaction 0f the busi- 3“, a; ,..a.m 13.5 ft. fill mfmey 0f the United tes from merit, all present as of previous meet~ b'émfeh’s’ Bldg, Shelton, Mason Coun- lsficf, 01 »the 53” Esau-35' and me . .20 the s ecial fund of said clty-kno‘wn m, , , _I . Calms. together With proof of sh 78:49 pm 1’0 fi' ‘18 “Sgelton 1941 Water Revétwe 39nd] "Léheck in thou-mount of $8.94 ri-om ‘Iiydtggaggm tém' 1%th ngrle dieéngrgfgii [semce “’1‘” “9019* .Of the above ,* \pm 13.2 ft. Redemption Fund.” said slim being Charles ’1‘. Wright, in payment of tion of the usi-ness of the saiaifnt‘tged CPW‘t' “WWW” months af' 3- 2.38am 44ft Eggnseimsiar$u€é ligcrest do]; tlilatd (ltzg Christmas Tree Stumpage for 1940 Estate and file such claims together [tare “filtrSt fiUinCd/fi‘fl" 1%?” “"5 Not; .‘ _r _E _g ‘ a r evenue .on a receive a ‘ . ' - kv .. -‘ : are) , ,or sai H, 3‘42 3.1m 13.3 ‘ft April 1. 1941. numbered ............... .......... flux-en. 6' ‘nd turned over to Twas w‘tllhgxioofa‘g ggfil’gfgd Wégiuglewfifign IQlaims Will be forever barred; date of H 2:155pm ' City 01' Shelton. Wasmngto" 01mins allowed. . . -; six men s after the first publica-lf”St DUbhcat‘On MarCh 4thv1941- .934" ~ 0:8 it By ------------------------ ----------------------------- , Dance license was iSsued' to De tloh’ ot‘tthis Notice, .to-wit: March MELVIN SUTTON, D.m. 13_1ft, ATTEST. ayor IMOIayt Mark E. _Roed Chapter.” at 11th, 1941, or said claims Will be for-l Admlmsu‘atm‘fif the ,Estate Rig Flea V BMggxégy ggion, for night; or tever gorreghidfitemg first publiczx- 9563:3652! KggimaEBucflflltl’lgtOn. . . _m_ 50ft .......... ... ................ .................................. .. ~ , _I. ' ion, am 7» V, , '~ xe or 0 low 81:4 ' ' . CIW,.Cle.rk . uTop 1115106 co t is e i~ed MADALYN MAY GROUT I.“ I, ,3: am. 13.0ft. .,Sectlon 4. Said bonds shall belwith Standard'ofi r33, 05330" Administratrix of the Estéte fington, Deceased, Suite ‘1‘ 1 :24 p.m 0.8 ft shingtyycfgi 13:52; an? Siaet’tfisgtedsgfilggghghsllf Oil (fodfor Road Oiilmand of J. Edwin Grout, Deceas- ‘fiumbel‘l’gen’s Bldg, Shelton. .3}. ,, _ , or caen or our _0. , 3,. ' e 1, , b 's ason ount', W l. in; >051)!“ 13.0 ft- Ingenstg’léltmnt‘re Kamilc‘e dP'o rig Road 'B‘ld'gg uSllllsvelton, Eggneraied‘n- EEAS. R~fLEWISZ y a“ i .. : , {nen was approve an sign- ty, Was in ton. omey or said Executor. x, t 3 9:19 M. 5.7 it. YOU ARE COVERED for any aC-led, carried. I CHAS. R. .LEWISF Attor- and said Administrator, Suite\ nigh, 4:17 a.m, 123 ft. cident for $25 per day. Longerl.n'l‘hisidbelfrig the time set fonopen. ney for sald_ Estate. Suite 1, Lulllberlnen's Bldg, Shel- 92231:." .92“- 199 the rm is cheaper. 8991994093149 49039999990: 1...,Lunszrasgswa‘iz harm Wash- . ft. Angle. received and opened: " log on. 01148—90 'i-lwitfl 3-4-1l—19-25-4l , . .2... r. , . . ,, “an... -.. w... selected, or having bona fide objec- tions to such application, an oppor- tunity to file their protests in this office prior to the approval of the ex- change. . Any such protest should be filed herein prior to April 25. 1941. HARRY L. CHILD, Our prices are 3.0 low or lowcrl Address I l l ‘ signed ,1. Lumbcrmen‘s Bldg, 15011 County, A N T A 0S mvwvm " "m l For Rent ‘.A‘ ‘ AAAAAA5‘AMAMWAA‘ FURNISHED APARTMENTS for I rent (2and3rooms). Good 10- , cation. borough Apts, Second and Knee- land Streets, Shelton. 5-7~tf. FOR RENT: furnished three room apartments. Mill Street Apart- ments. Phone 259—M. C-1-13-c. 1 modern furnished apartment. Private bath. Mallow’s Apart- ments. M 3-20—25fi2t. FOR RENT: small furnished ca- bin for bachelor, lights, water and wood furnished. Inquire at 320 Grove. Mc—3—25—27n2t. iron RENT: comfortable slapping I room. Meals if desired. 903 ' Railroad Ave. '7'“ vamvvvvvm‘ Wanted “MAMA” ‘A AMAAA “A VWANTED: Plowing by the hour,, I with tractor. Leave telephone ‘ orders at Cooke’s Feed Store or contact B. E. Evans, R. 3, Box 1 85. tf. WANTED AT ONCE: woman to take charge of house and small store. Good wages. No children} H. i The Maples, Black Lake. Morse, Rt. 6, Box 290, Olympia. Very reasonable. Golds-‘ lAVAILABLIE APRIL lst: 3-room’ F——3-25—-4-1—«3t l Page Five . RATES ! 0n Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, 5c a line each subse- quent insertion. Mini mum charge 300. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or I payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge cff 10c will be made when billing’!s necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. vavvvvvvvvvvvvvv—vvvvvvv For Sale AWAAA‘ ‘AAAA‘A‘AA‘J FOR SALE: Electrolux cleaners. New machines as low as $49.50. For sales, service and supplies call or write Jack Manley, [ Hoodsport, Wash. 3-6—-4-1‘1m. Rhode Island red laying hens. L. R. Brown, Capi- tal Hill. Phone 483-W. B-3-18~20-2573t. FOR SALE: mangle in A-lwcondi- 4 tion, $35.00. Alvin Butler, Cap- ital Hill. 3-18-20-25—3t. FOR SALE: two wheel trailer and 2 FOR SALE: STEADY WORk—GDOD PAY“. call on farmers in Mason Coun- ty. No experience or capital re- quired. Write MR. IN MAN, 2423 Magnolia ; St., Oakland, Calif. 3—2541t. WANTED: girl to help with housework and care two chil- dren. Inquire Journal Office. S«~3—25-27~2t. lVVANTEDz‘reliable family wants 4 or room furnished house. Iinquire Journal. I iWANTED: girl for general house- work full timb, 2 smallsghildren. Mrs. Price, phone 86‘, "Pantor- iunl Cleaners. ' 3-25-27--2t. 'MAN \NANTED: mechanically in- i clined with own hand tools for spare time work. Phone 169-J between and o’clock. McG—3-25—27n2t. .-_.._. _.. 7 WANTED: housework for board and room. Marjorie Servidio, Matlock Route, c-o Davis’ Shin- gle Mill. 3—25—1t. NOTICE OF SALE OF COUNTY REAL PROPERTY l' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to an order of the Board of ,County Commissioners of Mason Counv .ty, made and entered on the 10th day of March, 194]. there will be of— l‘crcd for sale by the Sheriff of said lcounty, at public auction at the front door of the court house in Shelton, 5to the highest bidder, on Saturday, April 5th, 1941 at ten O‘clock A. M. the following described real proper- y: ' Sl/é of SE1; of Section 10. Town- ship North, Range 4 West, W. M., except right—of-way for road to Hoodsport Dump. Minimum selling price, $150.00 cash. DATED THIS 10th day of March. 1941. l HARRY DEYETTE. i Clerk of the Board 0: County Commission- crs, Mason County. Washington. 3-11-18-25—3t. No. 1413 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of the State of \Vashington for Mason County in Probate IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE g1]; DESSIE HUGHBANKS. DECEAS< NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Undcl‘signcd, Mayben E. Wil- lits has been appointed and has quali- fied as Administrator with the Will annexed of the Estate of Dessic Hugh- banks,_ Deceased. and that all per- sons having claims against the said Estate or against the said Deceased arc hereby required to serve the same, duly verified. with the necessary V‘Hufthors attached upon the. under— Administrator with the Will annexed or his Attorney of Record, at the. Office of Chas. R. Lewis, Suite Shelton, Ma— Washington. the same lining designated as the place for the transaction of the. business of the said Estate, and file such cliams, Itogctllcr with proof of service with 11110 Clerk of the above entitled Court, ltlie undersigned Executrix or l County. I within six months after the first publication of this Notice. to-wlt: March 11th, 1941. or said claims will be forever barred; Date of first‘pub- March 11th. 1941. MAYBEN E. WILLITS Administrator with the Will annexed of the .Es- of Dessie Huglibanks, Deceased, Suite Lum- lication, hermcn‘s Bldg, Shel— ton, .Mason County, Washington. KCHAS. R. LEWIS, Attorney for said Es- tate, Suite 1, Lumber- men’s Bldg, Shelton, Mason County, Wash- > lington. 3—11-18-25. -1—4t M ' No. 1414 NOT TO CREDITORS T0 PRES NT AND FILE CLAIMS In the Superior Court of the State of \Vashlngton for Mason County In Probate . lIN THE MATTER, OF THE ESTATE ,OF JOSEPH E. HITCH. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Undersigned, Lucy Hitch Young, has been appointed and has iqualii‘ied as Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Joseph E. Hitch, iDeceased. and .that all persons hav- lng claims against the said Deceased or the said Estate are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified with !the necessary vouchch attached, upon her At- at Suite 1, Lunl- Shelton. Mason the same being designated as the place for the trans- iactlon of the. business of the said :Estate, and file such claims, together With proof of service with the Clerk 'of the above entitled Court. within SIX months after the first publication of this Notice, to-wit: March 4, 1941. ‘or said claims shall be forever barred; date of first publication, March 4th, ‘1941. LUCY HITCH YOUNG, Executrix of the Estate of Joseph E. Hitch, Deceased, Suite Lumbermen's Bldg, Shelton, Mason County, Wash- ington. CHAS. R. LEWIS, Attorney for said Executrix, Suite 1, Lumbermen‘s Bldg, Shelton, Mason County, torncy of Record, :bermcn‘s Building, Washington. Register. ‘Washington. ' 3-4—1 l-ls~i3,’.-Ill. li—l-ll~.l( "ZS-‘41. _,_,_ wan..- RELIABLE MAN WANTED to‘ 13-25—710.“ ‘ 3-18-25—3t. junior violin. Phone 371-M. P—tf lVVANTED: stenographer. Must, FOR SALE: , Monarch wood take shorthand, Write Box “AW range with water-front. In ex- care of Journal Office, l cellent condition; Also Spark A_3-18_tf' Oil heater complete. As good A--- l as new. Inquire 336 Henry street, evenings. L 3-20-24-27. 4-1w4t. FOR SALE: Vaughn drag-saw, , one 5-ft. and one 7-ft blade, $35.00. 40 Rods 26” ho‘g wine, ; slightly used, half price. In- ! quire Journal. w 3—20-25~2t. lFOR SALE: ’36 Dodge pick-up. , A bargain for cash. Mrs. Lucy E Edmiston at city limits on ML. View 3-20-25—27—v3t. SIX—and seven week—old red coo;- erels for sale. Salmi Place, Capitol Hill. B 3—20-25—2t. lron SALE: live Easter bunnies from 35c up. A. K. Scott, P. Rt. l ‘ 3-25-27v v2t. [Wuw.~__.-c_~ ..____..__ {’37 WILLYS FOR SXLE, heater and radio, $250.00. Good tires and low mileage. Phone 13-F-12. 3-25-27—2t. SELL on TRADE gSod work horse for drag saw. Heavy mare for pigs, young horses $35 up. 0. W. Walker, Matlock, Wn. 3—25-27--4-1-3—4t. riCR SALE: r good used 'plow. J. E. Jones, Rt. Phone 4-F-21. J-3-25--4-1———3t. :PIGS FOR SALE (8 and 9 Wks) at A. H. Stoehr’s place, Ken- nedy Creek Ranch. 3-27--4-1—2t , PAY WITH American Express Money Orders FIR DRUG STORE "WWVWV "V vvvvvv m“ PROFESSIONAL CARDS WWW ALDEN c. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW I l l Title Insurance Building I Opposite First National Bank l Phone - Shelton l l —. INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 M ———-————.——__—_ CHARLES R. LEWIS l ATTORNEY AT LAW v Suite '1 L.,M. Bldg 1 Shelton, Washington M] _____,______ DOANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337 CALL FOR BIDS ' The City Council of ‘h H - mgton, will oan b‘ S mum, deh ids in the Coun '1 Chamber in the City Hall in Sheltocrl, O'clock P. M. April t. 25000 feet of wa- 111 Size from to together with fit- hydrants and othc r appurtenances to the water system. Speleications for the material to be ,used may be obtained from the City ‘Clerk _upon payment of $1.00, which prlccus 'considercd rental for the sgelelcatlons and will not be return- c . Each proposal sha by a certified check, payable to the City Treasurer of Shelton. in an amount equal to five percent of the bid. The. successful Bidder shall en- ter into a Contract with the City and shall furnish a bond guaranteemg .de' lg'ery of the, material to be rumish- e . The City Council reserves the right for abou ter pipe varying 12" in diameter, tings, valves, ll be accompanied to reject any or 'all bids. Dated March 6. 1941. ‘ GLENN W. LANDERS. City Cli'l'k. 4-1—41. 341-1925,