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March 25, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 25, 1971

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CAROL CHRISTIANSEN, a third-year 4-H member presents a demonstration on her foods project during the county demonstration day held recently. emon ions Given Mason County 4-H members Saturday were busy giving demonstrations at county demonstration day. Two additional demonstration sessions have been scheduled for this Saturday, one at the Fair Grounds for live animal demonstrations and one at North Mason School for members in the North Mason are~ Ribbon ptacings in the demonstrations given Saturday we re: Vicky Bailey, Blue; Leslie Boyd, Blue; Eva Godwin, Blue; Joy Nestell, white; Ruth Nestell, red; Darlene Nickels, red; Lisa Wheeler, blue; Becky Wilson, red; Valerie Rains, blue; Phil Murray, blue; Mel Murray, blue; Vicki Baze, red;Jean Wolden, blue; Lori Powell, blue; Kelly Harris, blue; Debbie Hurdle, white; Candy .o. munl rice evlew Wednesday evening, a group ["ELLEIh EVERETT of 20 forestry students from the ~! avid Smith gave The evening began with Major" provided another University of Montana will visit r~ert rn- L Community showcase for his remarkable Shelton. They will be staying at "Prelude" and "Fugue" by liti ernoers a full and '~dng ePian--. , COncert, last ''Ondine," an original Resources training center at rtay Shostakovich andtwo Scarlattiagility in rapid passages, the Department of Natural sonatas, rather quiet pieces with a . fuly irnvtnlng. His technique wealth of listening pleasure. These composition, brought a change of Sanderson Field. William Kamin, ~,~!o rea~zlye, and enableswere followed by Beethoven s pace. In this piece, sounds of the Simpson forester will conduct . irullities o~ e the musical"Sonata, F Minor," which is, surf mingle with the song of visits on second growth lands and iP0sitions l a Wide range of appropriately, known as Ondine, the water sprite who has organized a discussion of the ~'iqu ~s impressive ~ s his . e is his ][ssrlitY for =., stamina, a real "Appassionata." Mr. Smith lures men into the sea. Four Shelton Cooperative Sustained continued with Chopin's "Ballade improvisations by jazz pianist Art Yield Unit. Bob Lehman, U.S. g]a~n "'Yneattemptinga No. 4, F Minor,' a fascinating Tatum demonstrated the Forest Service and A1 Petzold, ' nce of SUch length and piece of music which moves from possibilities for subtle "musical lands and records supervisor for / a lyrical beginning to a finale as play" around a simple melody. Simpson will be present to answer energetic and exciting as a The concert closed on andre the students inquiries on the Ire Wltcra,t complex folk dance, of Spanish excitement with a Unit's goals and history. A tour of "'' l" A brief intermission was selection from "Iberia" by Simpson's Shelton mills will II~riP']plateS Course followed by a stunning rend!Zion Albeniz and "Carmen Variations" complete their visit Thursday i of "'Prelude, E-Flat Major by in the style of Horowitz. In evening. I?.,rny Rachmaninoff, withwhom Mr. response to the audiences lb, enf-l~r'aSt,~ve G. Witcraft, Smith studied at one time. enthusiasm, Mr. Smith played two , tract -u Mrs. George 11. Chopin's "Polonaise, A-FlatChopin etudes as encores. --tlqeted I~eltn' driver fly recently light e co,,_ ,_Week ,, , . , ~e~ ,--se at Ft. Ord, Hurry! Supplies may be hm,ted! ng.. the COUrse h &, m the , e was renaace ~,~ operation and I~th~, ~ ,,t military vehicl, II ~,~t tOUr a ~ es ' ][" CaPacit~" ~nuone-half tons I[~,l~aVen in ~"tne ~nstruction also n n el tra.nsportahon of s ' equ~Pment . . I~l;l"~z ' and [~s ~Vife lton' ' Sharlene, also lives AGc I a Quality onJacket ::Hn'''mnnn'- , new ,,.-.ELIrE chain s Zing Offer r bull a w-~-the buy a H0melit 'Li!saw a any Other H0mehte n t"-ur hghtest , e , IltY, lO0~dNwe'!t givnee;o~mel!te ~ty Yl0,, Jack-, , a tup. ~t a0s01utely Prices good Thursday through Saturday Only 59 VALUE NOW REGULARLY $1.37 NOW lO0's. REG. $1.89 NOW 39 REGULARLY $1.59 NOW Open 9:30 to 7:30 weekdays and 9:30 to 6 p.m. Saturday The Shelton Co-operative Sustained Yield Unit will be visited Wednesday by two forestry groups. A group of 50 Scandinavians will be met by Max Schmidt, Washington Timberlands manager at Simpson's Mill 4 Conference Room. A discussion of the Units forests and its manufacturing facilities will preface a tour of the mills. The Scandinavian foresters began their tour of the West Coast in the Angeles National Forest in California and visited Simpson operations in Arcata March 16. Donnell, blue; Valerie Von Horn, blue; Becky Sayan, red; Michel, Moore, blue; Karen Fuller, red; Laurie Sadler, red; Lee Anne Reller, red; Gloria Petty, red; Mary Ellen Gerhold, white; Jane Gerhold, white; Joaquina Waldburger, red; El,ha Johns, blue; Donna Le Clair, red; Sahara Johnson, blue; Metanie Johns, blue; Teresa Gods; blue; Etta Twidwell, red; Renee Winger, red; Mike Chambers, blue. Debbie Helser, blue; Rebecca Chapman, blue; Sharon Johnson, blue; Cheryl Bedell, red; Carol Christensen, white; Brenda Graham, red; Lennie Christ,risen, red; Vicki Kimbel, Red; Cathy Kimbel, red; Carol Jennings, white; Cindy Donnell, red; Anita Pettitt, blue; Peggy Ewart, red; David Bloomfield, white; Kenneth Drake, blue; Donna Bloomfield, blue; William Bryant, blue; Robert Treadwell,red; Elaine Cult,e, red; Ernie Evers, red; Alice Chapman, blue; Kelli Vander Wal, red; Lydia Stout, blue; Naomi Wilson, white. Diane McLaine, red; Brian Chambers, blue; Donna Schmiege, blue; Donna Schmiege, red; Michelle Lisoskie, blue; Rene Gates, blue; Lisa Wheeler, blue; Kandice Lisk, red; Vicki Baze, red; Kathleen Byrne, blue; Donna Co.rmier, red; Theresa Cormier, blue; Nancy Morkert, blue; Margie Morkert, blue; Cheri Moore, blue; Barbara Dorcy, red; Sandy Wicken, blue; Ann Howerton, red; Debbie Helser, blue; Dabble Lisoskie, blue; Lisa Wheeler, blue; Chris Engen, red; Teresa Walker. blue; Nicks Schouvilier, blue; Donna Bloomfield, red; Vicky Bloomfield blue; Dana Jackson, blue; Peri Pettitt, blue; Sandra Denny, blue; Toby Frint, blue; Vicki Velkov, blue; Nicks Schouviller, blue; Susan Fullerton, blue; Del Loris Wilson, red; Cathy Ruddell, red; Debbie Woods, red;'Virginia Woods, red; Nancy Evers, blue; Lori Engebretson, blue; Rebecca Chapman, Blue; Susan Dickinson, blue; Ruth Stout, blue; Nancy Eveleth, blue; Vicki Kimbel, blue; Kim Wheeler, blue; Ruth Stout, blue; Susan Dickinson, blue; Terri Sievert, blue. Suzanne Lick, red; Sharon Johnson, blue; Randy Howard, blue; Pamela Bloomfield, red; Pamela Bloomfield (clothing) blue; Kathy Bailey, blue; Karen Miljour, blue; Nancy Evers, blue; Janise Laramie, blue; Mary Johns, blue; Barbara Ward, blue; Cheri I II 1332 Olympic Hwy. S. Paterson, red; Larry Jones, blue; Rex Wilson, red; Heidi Lovgren, red; Barbara Stickley, red; CharS Tibbits, white; Timmy Ford, red; Michelle Williams, blue; Tummy F~Ord, red; Jean Prouty, blue; Brenda Surlow, blue; Jodie Stickley, red; Rhonda Endicott, blue; Nanci Dean, blue; Pam Hunter, red; Vicki Bloomfield, blue. David Bloomfield, red; Kenneth Drake, red; Shannon Bloomfield, red; Denny Dickinson, red; Laura Stout, blue; Renee Winger, red; Steve Ford, blue; Tim Ford (swine) red; David Winkler, red; Edith Dwyer, red; Gary Dwyer, white; Paul Dwyer, red; Ed Join,s, red; Kathy Stickley, blue; Kathy Jones, blue; Laura Fisher, red; Kay Hellman, blue; Gretchen Londahl, red; Steve Baze, red; Marlene Schmidt, blue; Kay Geist, blue; Norma Hoepfner, blue; Debbie Guy,r, red ; Terri Lick, blue; Cindy Sievert, white. Marcia Tobey, blue; Sharalyn York, red; Patty Nolden, blue; Sherrie York, blue; Len Williams, blue; Paula George, red; Mark Larson, blue; Richard Dwyer, red; Liana Ford, red; Guy Dodge, blue; Liana Ford (Vet. Science) blue; Tim Dodge, blue; Ricky Nault, red; Roger Murray, blue; Michael Wheeler, red; MarCy Gates, red; William Nutt, blue; Tom Nutt, blue; Chris Buchanan, red; Jim Nutt, red" Eric Johnson, red; James Cochran, red; Vincent Pettitt, blue; Brat Pearson, red. Kris Nicklaus, blue; Mike Louderback, white: Roger Ewart, ~ed Tom Hepburn, red; Doug Richert, red; Greg Hunter, blue; Shawn Johnson, red; Julia Kamin, red; Don Howard, red; Laura Stout, blue; Oliver Chapman, blue; Teddy Howard, red; Keith Schouviller, red; Oliver Chapman, (photo) blue; Roy Evers, blue; Randy Howard, blue; Roy Evers, red; Steve Ford, (electric)red; Renee Winkler, red; Chris Rickards, blue; Teresa Murray, blue; Brian Chambers, blue; Dan Eveleth, red; Scott Boyd, blue. I DO not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure - that is all that Agnosticism means. Clarence S. Darrow Scopes trial, July 13, 1925 Latex Flat Wall Paint. The great latex cover-up: covers in half the time. No need to fill and sand hairline cracks, and the one-coat process easily covers most stained or dirty surfaces. Wallhide dries in thirty minutes and brushes are soap and water washable., Regularly $8.47". Now only $6.19 gallon. 0 Trim Enamel. Satinhide is a must for repeatedly washed woodwork in kitchens, bathrooms, and children's rooms. Goes on easily, dries quickly, and it now comes in hundreds of colors to match Wallhide Paints. Regularly $3.43". Now only $2.43 quart. "The Complete BuSYing Center" Mike Byrnei Owner 426-4522 e 27 ONLY Girls' Skirts OR,G. 2/4 NOW 1.44 TO 2.88 14 ONLY Girls' Dresses ORIG. 2.00 NOW 7 ONLY Girls' Sweaters ORIG. 4.00 NOW 7 ONLY Girls' Blouses ORIG. 1.44 NOW 12 ONLY Toddlers' Cord Pants ORIG. 3.50 NOW 1 ! ONLY Toddlers' Overalls ORIG. 3.79/3.50 NOW 8 ONLY Women's Sweaters OR,G. 5/6 3.88 & 4.88 5 ONLY Women's Cardigans ORIG. 13.00 NOW 7 ONLY Women's Skirts ORIG. 7.00 NOW 15 ONLY Women's Blouses ORIG. 7.00 NOW 6 ONLY Women's Slacks ORIG. 6.00 NOW 5 ONLY Women's Jumpers ORIG. 7.88 NOW 6 ONLY Women's Rain Coats OR,G. 20/ 2 NOW 14.88 & 16.88 3 ONLY Women's Nylon Jackets ORIG. 22.88 NOW 18.88 12 ONLY Women's Quilt Jackets ORIG. 27.88 NOW 44 ONLY Asst. Women's Scarves OR,G. t.2 to 2.50 NOW 99 to 1.99 63 ONLY Women's Billfolds and Handbags ORIG. 1.00 to 7.00 NOW 88 tO 5.88 18 ONLY Necklace and Earring Sets I AA ORIG. 2.00 NOW l Ill'ill' 60 PR. Asst. Knee-high Socks ORIG. 1.25 NOW LARGE SELECTION Asst. Curtains and Valances REDUCED TO CLEAR ONE GROUP Wash Cloths, Hand Towels and Bath Towels .23 3/1.00 2/1.00 36 ONLY Anti-Fatigue Mats NOW 48 ONLY Asst. Color Yarns ORIG. 99 NOW 35 ONLY Boys' Jeans NOW 1 1 ONLY Men's Sport Coats ORIG. $45 NOW 129 ONLY Men's Briefs & T-Shirts .ow 2/1.22 for $ for Reg. 2.50 A, B, C, 32 - 38 Thursday, March 25, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 13