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March 26, 1920     Shelton Mason County Journal
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March 26, 1920

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"q FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1920 THE MASON COUNTY JOURNAL i I A Genuine Columbia Grafonola sound volume for which the Graonola is famous.   z (]rom Journal of March 23, 1900) sacks of oyste,s are shipped each Mrs. D. Keelty left for home in week with prices $3.75 te $4.00 per Seattle Tuesday noon. sack. Assesser Speeee has been worldng Fent Spencer received a letter from in the vicinit.v of Clifton, and the his brother Fred-at Nome, AlasKa, Upper Canal ;this week. also a copy of the Nome Gold Digger Mrs. F. Chester and imr niece, Mrs. a weekly at $24 a year's subscrintion. Eva Rcm., left Monday for Cal- It wo'uld be an interesting trip to ifornia. ', visit Willey's mill at the head of the [ Thee. Brown has moved into" the bay. It is probably the oldes water 1 hoe, se recently sold by --. H. Knee- power mill in the state, its whip saw land now actively at work .rinding out Mr. and Mrs. Win. Norris of Neh- lumber in the oht fashioned wav, un- alem, Oregon, arrived in town this der the guidance of one man. '. W. week fo) a visit to California V PfiPl LI] Gee. Vogtlin, H. J. Wehncs ann A. J. Munson and families visited Sko- The total cost after Free Trial is but $54.25 and this includes 10 selections on 5 double-faced 10-inch Records. $4.75 cash and $1 a week. Monthly payments if you pre- fer it. CHOOSE FROM THE WORLD'S BEST At 'this big Phonograph House you can choose the New Edison, the Victrola or the Columbia Grafonola, the World's Leaders. ALL THE RECORDS of all makes are here, and we send Rec- ord Orders by Mail, Postage Prepaid. MONTHLY LIST OF RECORDS FREE We will send our big Monthly List of all the New Music Free, on request. MAIL THIS COUPON l'lopper-Kelly Companyp Send me full partmulars of Free Trial offer on tlis and other Phonographs. Name ........................................................... ' ........................... Addren ................................................................................. Droaaway TACOMA. WASHINGTON Biggest Battleship Launched. Newport News, Vs.--The super- dreadnought Maryland, designed a the most powerful battleship in the world, was launched here with Mrs. E. Brooke Lee, wife of the controller of the state of Maryland, as sponsor.  ,v eedn g more than Developments in aeronau, tics have found us ready with a grade of Zerolene for each type of engine. Thousands of gallons of ZeP olene Liberty Acre Oil gave service to the U.S. and Allied Governments during thewar, The same foresight and sd, entitle application marks the work o four Board of Lubrica* tion Engineers in the field of automobile lubrication.Their reeornmendations of Correct Lubrication with Zerolene are lengthening the life of automobiles everywhere. There is a Zerolene Correct Lubrication Chart for each make of ear. Get one for your car at your dealer's or our nearest station. Use Zerolene for Correct Lubrication, 3000 Killed In Leipslc Fighting, arrived here from Lelpslc. kokomish HatchelT on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Speed Shelten also inspect- ed the Hatchery on me same day. J. J. Brenner and Harry Weather- all of Mud Bay were inspecting oys- ter beds in Shelton Bay this week. Dr. Wells has lumber on the ground for an addition to his house on Cota street. J. T. Burke has purchased the propmy of Hans Bergeson on Fourth and Cote streets. A new switch board was installed at the local telephone office this week. M. G. King this week sold his restaurant and candy business at the "Blue Front" to Mrs. W. R. Stewart and daughters. The boiler and all the machinery for the new sawmill of Hunter & Eaton Company has arrived and is bein set tm at the mill site. Harry Lloyd has purchased the im- proved ])art of the old Walter -lace down the bay of D. W. Roderick and has moved his family there. in the bay above the Narrows th following have oyster chdms; T-hos. O'Neill, A. L. ]XlcDonahl, John anti Thos. Gosser, Jolm Moran, Ferd Sta- benfeldt and the remainder is held by the state. Harry Weatherill, Charles Hilderbrand, tiarry Cox and Joe Deer own the best lands in the main bay and in Swindall's Cove, the Heilberger beds, owned by McDonald & O'Neil John Scig, Thos. Sabudcup, John Labor and Vie Bunnell are the main shippers. At this time over 1000 Coblenz.Three thousand persens woa'e killed in the fighting at Letpsie before the government roops captured REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS the town, according to statement made by three American business men who Iteal estate transfers furnished week- .for 'Tractors There Is a correct grade of Zerolene for each type of tractor. Get our attraive booklet on the CorreCt Lu- brication of your traeor. &sk our agent for a copy. STANDARD OIL COMPANY {California ) O. M. HOFFMAN, Special Agent, Shelton, I1 9 "P p  YA- D HY DDVs ac, To lYNX  .WN,MNQ AN'EVERTSlN - " " HOME SWEET HOME by Jack Wilson ly by the Mason County Abstract & Title Company. Eva Bell leairehlld wld to John A. Schmtdt, wd, lot 4 blk 18 Frances Shel- tows add. Con. $10. John A, Schmidt to Alice Schmidt, qcd, lot 4 blk 18 Frances Shclton's add. $10. 71olet M. 7Oalslo, formerly Taylor to ft. J. ]3rennet C'ItYster Co,, qed, house and small plece a of land surrounding same' In see 21 10 3, said ilollse known as old S. K.' Taylor dwelling house. Con. $1. Clarlnda A. Hulbert and hus to Bertha Hulbert, wd, und one-half ant in lot 4 sec 1 and se se 2 19 3 exc land sold to John N. Sells. also und one-half ant in 4 acres in lot 1 sec' 11 10 3 exc r of w. Con. $I0. Bertha Hulbert and h to Clarinda M. Hulbert, wd, und one-half ant In west 4 acres lot I sec 11 19 3. Con. $10. Joseph Gilmore bach to James B. Johnson, wd, no no and e n so no 31 22 2. Con. $10. Scan Amer Realty Co. to S. P. Griffls, wd, n e se sw 24 20 5. Cdn. $10. J. L. Keeslor to Joseph E. Filipiak, wd, sw nw no 7 19 4. Con. $10. McKinley & Matson to Ella McKinley wd, sw se 1 24 3. Con. $10. John Arilson bach to Walter R. Polk, wd, 15.17 acres in lots 3 and 4 sec 26 21 2. Con. $10. Walter R. Polk to Mrs. C. W. I-Into- mend. wld. wd. des same as above (und one-half InS) Con. $10. Joseph M. Hawtlmrne to Hsnry L, Pinney, wd. se sw sec 8, ne nw and s nw 17 22 3. Con. $10. Clarence r. Fisk et al to S. S. Fisk, wd. lot 5 blk 12 David Shelton's 2rid add. Con. $300. Maggie :Hllton et al to Winflel S. Heckman, wd, lot 6 blk 15 Frances Shelton's add. Con. $1200. John Sroupe & Co. to J. H. Deer. qc, ]and dese by m and b In lot 1 se 20 20 3. being known as tax No. 89 :Mason CO. Wash. Con. $1. -Wallace L. Turney to Wm. F. Bailey, wd. sw ne 26 20 5 exe r of w. Con. $10. Harry C . Ashfleld and w to Harry }]urst, \\;d, 7.50 acres in lot 8 see 22 20 3. Con. $10. Harry Hurst and w to James :M'. Sprlng'er, wd, 9 acres in lqt 6 sec 23 20 3. Con. l.0. Christopher lbbotson to Chris "Ward and w, wd. 2 acres des by m and b in se se 11 22 4.(3 on. $10. All U. S. Soldiers Out of Siberia, Washington.All American forces have been evacuated from Siberia, the war dpartment has anuounceL BE A NURSE-- Splendid three-year course in nursing offered in this model hospital, to intelligent young women. Training leads to mat- riculation from this foremost school. Instruction in a noble profession offered. Pleasant sm2oundings and congenial companionship. Im- mediate entrance. For complete information address, St, M. Demetria. ST. JOSEPH S HOSPITAL TACOMA u t/RK WiLL GET '[ /kl A MAN T,  -too;  -"-IF" L,..._, .j i Information of Priceless Value to Every Shelton Citizen. How to aCt in an emergency is knowledge of inestimable worth, and this is particularly true of the dis- eases and ills of the human body. 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(Established 1874) PAE THRE "Here's Something for You to Remember" says the Good Judge And any man who uses the [;  Real Tobacco Chew will tell " f-,, you so.  You get a lot more satisfac- .)- tion in a little of the Real 7/2/. Tobacco Chew than in a big / / chew of the old kind. / e/"- And it costs less to chew. l/_---. The full rich, real tobacco ..lllm,_ taste lasts so much longer. Put Up In Two Styles RIGHT CUT is a sh!rt-cut tobacco W-B CU r is a long fine-cut tobacco THE BACKGROUND FOR A HAPPY HOME No other thing contributes so much to the influence of your home as the wall paper. You see it morning, noon and night every day in the year. It is the background fer your entire hmne-life, and therefor you ewe it to your family to see that it is attractive and cheerful at all times. NOW is the time to re-dec- orate. Our stock is fresh and tasteful. 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