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April 1, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 1, 1971

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Shelton school administrators made a wise move last week when they replaced the restrictive dress code with a set of broad guidelines. The record of the past few years shows that more and more school districts throughout the nation have become entangled in endless turmoil through attempts to regulate individual taste in the matter of dress and hair. Many of the disputes have ended in court, with education the loser and the only real winners the two attorneys for the opposing sides. The new guidelines simply state: "All Sheiton school students should be conscious of their personal appearance and wear appropriate clothing properly and in good taste." Within that framework, which is broad enough to encompass the wide spectrum of our society's personal tastes, both students and educators should be able to concentrate on the pursuit of knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere free from needless confrontation. The good sense and common courtesy of parents, children and teachers - necessary ingredients in any successful school system - will now determine the effectiveness of Shelton's educational endeavors. The fragility of the thin veneer of civilization that covers the human animal is nowhere better-illustrated than in the American public's reaction to the recent trials of two mass murderers. Our laboriously-built system of law, our intellectual concept of justice, our ability to reason (that power which supposedly sets us apart from the ape) were smothered by an orgy of fear and hysteria typical of primitive man. ....,...,•.-..•.• . : :+!ili!iii!iii ! i:: K ¢'" :::: ::: :::::::!:i:!:iii!i i:i:i i:i ! i:! ::: 'Tve done everything I can to make you all-things-to-all-people, Senator. The rest is up to you." dome: When Charles Manson and his strange brood were accused of brutal multiple slayings, most Americans - including the President of the United States - pronounced him guilty before the evidence was presented. When Lieutenant William Calley was pronounced guilty of equally brutal mass slayings, an overwhelming number of Americans angrily pronounced him not guilty. Why the disparity in judgments? Why the unthinking adherence to the hackneyed "My mind's made up; don't confuse me with facts"? A reasonable assumption would be that Manson and ion By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS Evans' landlord-tenant bill was up that any type of income tax Together the two taxes would Legislative redistricting broke for discussion, legislation wouldn't have a chance r a is e a b o ut $100 million up the famous "cow county It was heard again when the in this session• The measures were additionally during the biennium. combine" of former years, but it bill against mandatory busing of introduced only to get them I t is unlikely that the appears the "big, bad" City ofschool students was on the floor talked about; with an eye to the Legislature will pass a budget Seattle was better off before it of the Senate. While this didn't future, which will require more new happened, prevent the measure from passingBut the measures aren't money than that. It used to be that the so-called 33 to 16, it could be instrumental making the grades even as A tax on intangibles would be "cow counties" would gang up on in killing it in the House. conversation pieces. No hearings new to this state, though several tile big counties, especially King And while King County have been held on any of them,unsuccessful attempts to enact it Cailey are opposing symbols and their fellow citizens' County. stands to gain at least one,and none is contemplated, were tried back in the fifties. As redistricting gradually probably two, legislative districts Chairman of the committees The maximum rate levied by reactions to their crimes came from the gut, not the mind. eroded away the strength of the with the next redistricting law,'it where the measures now rest any of the 14 states now rural areas, a new but less visible doesn't spell any relief for Seattle. quietly believe that any hearings collecting the tax is 1/10 of l per Manson is the symbol of everything American parents alliance started taking shape" Urban Seattle has lost or discussion would be a waste of cent. fear their children will become - long-haired, intransigent, almost imperceptibly. '' population, and stands to time. indolent, slovenly, immoral, profane, drug-taking freaks• HeNow, it seems, they all gang loose representation to suburbia. Red Ink Ready atY :(aet ,, ~: ~, *~ ,~h~c, ~ up on Seattle. Even ~,orge 9.f the ......... ~ _ , ..... Two Likely Routes .... Thou, gh the, anti-n~ndatory outlying legi,qiati'~e 'districis' ~~ "* .... ~.=~rtr~tJO~noltLags ~ " ' " lf/:~idditio-naI ~erv6nue"is busing bill" passed the sena'te by a Calley is the symbol of most of the things Americans King County occasionally join in. Many" bills" are" mtroduced needed besides that to be raised two-thirds majority, it faces a e a c h session m erely a s by increasing taxes on cigarettes rougher time in the House of want their children to become - quiet, unassuming, pliant, "Loathe Thy Neighbor" "conversation pieces;" to and liquor, there are two routes Representatives. clean-cut, patriotic, responsible workers. He had to be not guilty, facts be damned. Fear of CMley's guilt also stems from the refusal of Americans to recognize the unconscionable role their country is playing in Southeast Asia. If this nice young man, who says he was following orders, is guilty of murder, what of our other sons who are participating in the slaughter? If reason is to prevail over hysteria, however, the one thing that both men have in common should'be considered. The trials unearthed the fact that Manson and Calley were each capable of committing atrocious crimes without apparent qualm• Manson denied his guilt and was convicted on circumstantial evidence. (?alley freely admitted his actions and described them as "no big deal•" Both were adjudged guilty of pre-meditated murder by juries of their peers• A calm, reasoned study of the testimony at both trials indicates that neither Manson nor Calley should be a symbol of what we want our children to become. i~I~N~u~u~t~u#~l~u~u~u~u~u~uu~l~u~u~~l~l~l~ The apartment was dark when Jonas Pabyarzhis returned from an evening of drinking, but not so dark that he did not see the strange man stepping out of the bathroom. Pabyarzhis, outraged at his wife's infidelity, belted the man, the Lithuanian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported from the town of Rokishkis. "One punch and the lover was lying on the floor," it said. "In a trice, his wife, who had been watching at a TV film titled "The Master Hangman" in the living room rushed out into the corridor and got a powerful slap in the face. Down she went. Pabyarzhis berated the woman in loud tones for taking a lover. "It was very dark in the hallway and impossible to see what was going on, but luckily these standardized apartment houses have such excellent sound-proofing that when someone sneezes on the fifth floor he gets shouts of "good health" from the first," the newspaper said. A neighbor heard the racket and called the police. When the police arrived, the newspaper said, they "did not know whether to laugh or cry." They found Pabyarzhis, who lived at No. 13 Taikos St., had entered the wrong apartment. The man and woman he flattened were in No. ! 1. The newspaper recommended that the town fathers stop building apartment houses whose doors cannot be distinguished on a dark night by drunken residents. Pabyarzhis was fined $33. IIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlUUlUUU III[IIIIlUl UlIIIlUUlIIi I IUltlIIMUlIIXIlUlIlIIIIIIIII Mailing Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 "Why should the state be promote discussion on a subject, the law-makers are most likely to saddled with Seattle's problems" The various income tax bills take. is the battle cry you hear and proposed constitutiorral One is extension of sales taxes frequently around Legislative amendments on the subject fit in t o p ersonal services, with halls• this category, exemption for health care It was heard when Gov. Dan Their sponsors are well aware services, and a tax on intangibles. By MARTIN WOOLLACOTI" Men who risk their lives in war compel respect, whatever your opinions about the war in question. In Vietnam humility begins when you travel with a helicopter load of South Vietnamese paratroops bound for a fire base in Laos already under strong attack, their children's faces expressionless and quiet• It is deepended when a Vietnamese major at a forward combat base, a man with plenty of other things to do and a decimated battalion to think about, asks courteously in French if you have eaten, and provides you with a meal of smoked fish and rice, which you eat in the shade while wounded men lie on the helicopter pad in the sun waiting to be evacuated• Whether you see them as victims or heroes, or something weirdly in-between, the feeling of being a passenger inhibits the critical sense. However, the question of "Vietnamisation," of how good this army is or could become, is nevertheless one that no observer can avoid. To try to answer it definitely would be an impertinence in any but the most experienced, but there are certain things that can be said. Notoriously this is a corrupt army. Officers - virtually all officers, in the best units as well as in the worst - make money out of selling permission to go on leave, carrying ghosts on the payroll, taking kickbacks from unofficial PX shops, selling promotions, selling permission not to go on operations, selling army stores, and, at least in the past, accepting bribes from the Vietcong. A former United States Special Forces officer told me of a Vietnamese major who ran a "company store" in the camp he commanded. Every pay day he would lock them in camp on a three-day alert so that they couldn't go to the village and buy stuff cheaper than at his store• When they ran out of money, he gave credit. Those who were deepest in hock he wouldn't send on operations for fear of losing a debtor. Kickbacks continue up the military hierarchy, with the more senior officers making money out of exploiting their position as effective district, province, and regional chiefs. Corps commanders kick back to the Central Government. It is in a sense a sort of f'tscal system, and significantly the Government has just abolished income tax for soldiers and civil servants - the only two social groups that were in practice paying it. The army corruption system taps the whole of society - soldiers' families as well as the soldiers themselves, and civil society as a whole because army officers effectively run the districts and provinces. , The money spirals upwards, supplementing the incomes Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, April 1, 1971 And if it gets through the lower chamber, Governor Evans is expected to veto it. There also is some question whether it would stand up in federal court. of all but the lowliest until it reaches the central Government as the proceeds of what is in reality a tax on corruption. Intelligent Americans are less dismayed about all this than you might expect. "Corruption•.. they can live with it," one US adviser told me. As for military merit in a promotion system based on purchase, "it's an extra, nice if you can get it... surprising how often you do." The South Vietnamese Army has had in the past some notoriously bad units• One division, the 25th, used to be so awful that the Vietcong had instructions not to bother to engage it. There has been considerable improvement in the past two years - the 25th itself, for instance, is now doing quite well in Cambodia, but it is still true that these "improved" units have yet to pass, most of them, the test of sustained combat• Troops from the army's best units are now engaged in Laos in the toughest fighting the war has seen for a long time. In both major battles so far, unwounded soldiers have scrambled aboard Medivac choppers, leaving the seriously wounded to die. I saw South Vietnamese rangers who had done just that coming out of Laos last week and spoke to American helicopter crewmen who had had to push and kick off the able-bodied to get the WOunded aboard. Too much has been made of this. It is a totally understandable reaction to anyonewho has even the slightest inkling of how fierce these actions have been. The best units are good eno agh, however, better indeed than some American units which now avoid contact as assiduously as any South Vietnamese unit ever did. Technically, the best South Vietnamese units are increasingly adept. Nevertheless, many intelligent officers, both American and South Vietnamese, feel, that it is this growing identity between the best South Vietnamese units and their American counterparts which represents the greatest potential weakness. What is ultimately disquieting about the South Vietnamese Army, they feel, is not its corruption, nor the splits within its officer corps, nor its political preoccupations, nor the quality of its troops, but its disharmony with the nature and resources of Vietnamese society. As one former American officer told me: "The burden of sustaining a mechanised American-style army is just beyond Vietnamese society•.• of course, you can have enough helicopter mechanics _ if you accept that you won't have any teachers.., naturally you can have enough military doctors or technicians _ if you accept that soon there will be no doctors, or technicians in civil life at all." A westernised Letter box-. Editor, The Journal: What has happened? For some time I have been employed by the State of Washington processing claims for the unemployed. In the past year or so the total number of unemployed has grown greatly• In fact, we have had to put in many hours of overtime even 6 and 7 days a week to get out all the claims• Just recently, I had the misfortune to suffer a heart attack while at work. I spent some time at the hospital and am now at home recuperating• I am not eligible for unemployment or welfare so just am on leave of absence• However, I am not supposed to do housework or yardwork. But despite the fact of the thousands of unemployed I can't find anyone interested in either job. Evidently people would rather draw their unemployment or welfare checks than do this type of work. Yes, I am generation; came depression and this kind of work to raise our family. I received not a my ads and always end up one's interested work anymore•" Somewhere have lost the for a living given to us. watching for the mailman check and corn day late seems tO, the day. I would work tomorrow if to trade my heart who didn't want would prefer to Where have the answer? Editor, The Journal: An accurate short description of democratic government is Lincoln's phrase, "government of the people, by the people, for the people". Self government is one of the most precious of democratic ideals. The American Constitution, embodying the theory that no man or set of men shall rule the people, has been the remarkable instrument guiding the democratic process. In the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 states - "Congress shall have the power to declare war". Article 1I, Section 2 states - "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States." Nowhere does our Constitution state that the President has the authority to declare war without the consent of Congress. President Nixon and his Administration inherited the war in Southeast Asia. In spite of all the rhetoric pouring forth from the Administration, the policy has been to continue to enlarge this immoral conflict. With one unauthorized sweep of his usurped Congressional power, the President condemned to certain death countle'ss thousands with his invasion of Cambodia. With Congress still asleep at the helm, and. the American people narcotized by the Administration's double talk, the President struck again. Southern Laos became the next death dealing instrument. The flames of this invasion are still licking at the heels of the demoralized, Vietnamese armY, embarrassment South Vi~ United States. The facts invasion of remain hidden Files"• However, to hide, and surfacing. As the increases the American people situation• Congress, instrument of th~ forced to authoritarian oozed States PresidencY, be abolished• America~s increasingly scrutinizing the statements Administration. ability to read bet* has become a period of make an effort smoke screens what is being them. Americans watchful and intercept Vietnam type of' It is American to r e sponsibilil government. c o n stant seeking out and dedicated army is thus drawing on limited pools an already crippling extent. Vast burden Vietnamese though their war effort must more within the means of their society. In addition, the South Vietnamese seem i the wrong pages out of the American provides evidence of that. Pressing a adviser for his opinion on the advisability of armed infantry on a scatter of hilltops with "interdicting" parts of the Ho Chi Minh forced from him the words: "It's asinine." Indeed the operation in Laos could end in to render the arguments about Vietnamisation i the North Vietnamese should succeed in defeat on the South Vietnamese force, the would be shattering. It is only on the Laos operation will end in a standoff that make sense at all. It is not all one way. The South for instance, has apparently refused sornet complicated equipment offered by the Americans themselves are conscious of, the the South Vietnamese with an of weapons simpler and more easily Those who see Vietnamisation as remoulding of the armed forces to Vietnamese resources and traditions - are the eyes of most on both sides, the word army further down the road it has been French c eated it - towards the mechanised air mobile Western army with its vast The military traditions of VietnameSe combat village (which had a long history and Vietcong took it up), the system of and humane conscription system - have bee continued far more effectively by the society of the North than the South. Apart from the matter of whether Sotitla sustain a huge mechanized US-style continuing American military and financial deeper question. As one American told Vietnamese Army is made in our image home on the Rhine. But here they are we were." - from the