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April 3, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 3, 1941

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day, A, ' ’APrilB, 1941. SPITAL Lewis, employe. . )n hoSP1 . :are. opular B ‘ 111d C ' Base 5 , with my, Airspun .: $1.00. f SeA, .. lb. _ lb. v ~ ...:~ ' _ WAY SPACE o o 6.0 '0 j. V 01th e o ‘1“ Seat l l the fa i .. mil 1 'e questiony q evemng i o eth- ith l W eati “' tion eath dwein 02m e Mag stt bl 1i WIL Ir' giicoxioc s Frgh ‘ e ,, , . 95d” iS~twbe pre~ l “5 ‘§ Weighi- in dia- 1 1 years. it will be . cumin)te lhe' calorie V “3 Won‘t attract . c . ya Usu 9 rev ' . 1 e light belation that E her hair blond. ‘ oarfrajah of Mysore the boss American milk ' India umil-backed Sindis l {according to cattle I ' 361311601 3 prize Hol- “mined and crossed him yeahecgfd Of 740 pounds RU l l ,edge in any - S about his “rope. one more Slly unreliable rown locks, \ 0‘ Cattle Sindis, which had hf? Offspring pro- . test materials, ment. DCSS. cls. time ago. i a kerosene FILLED BASKETS 15¢ to $1.00 Guaranteed Quality TO YOUR ORDER C'Omplcte Your Stock f LBS 2 pkgs- 25¢ 38 Chrysanthemums, Gladiolus, . '-' “Zia-Lillies and many others shiraiihl Shins Olympics In Test trek DECORATED EGGS 5¢—10¢ ......10¢-15¢lb. VVASHABLE BUN N IES 49¢ to $3.25_ MAKE UP ANY TOY OR NOVELTY TOE. Ski Patrol Heads For Olympic Snowfields Aberdeen—7Tanncd and hardened by a winter on the slopes of Mount 'Rainier, meal of the 4lst divis- ion ski patrol entered the Olym- ,pic mountains at Quinault .'1"hursday for a test trip to Brin— §non on Hood canal. 'was in command of Lieutenant R. S. Phelps, who said the object of the trans-Olympic men last The patrol was to and equip- It was the first army ski‘ patrol to enter the Olympic fast—l : The patrol started up the cast fork of the Quinault, traversed the Hart lake country and came out at Brinnon Saturday. were spotted each day by an army plane, which each noon was sig- nalled. from snowficlds or bars by means of black sheet pan- The men gravel The men were noticeably young and husky and carried (SO-pound packs in addition to their skis. I‘hey also carried “blizzard tents” designed by Lieut. Phelps. Phelps said the men are now better equip- ped than when their pictures ap— peared in “Life” magazine some the march each man packed primus stove which he prepared his own meals. i Two pairs of snowshoes were carried by the patrol in case some; “men;er waséinjured and had tol ibe packed out of the mountains! over SEEIEON—MASON COUNTY JOURNAL NManrhammn“ PER CENT inn; l l l l l Twenty-two men of the 41st Division ski patrol trekked 1 across the Olympic range last week in a test maneuver from i l Quinault to Brinnon. Theyficame out at Brinnon Saturday after ‘ starting their trans-mountain trek Thursday under command of Lieut. R. S. Phelps, shown in the lower picture. Above the 1 men are shown having chow at the Graves Creek shelter. (Cut by courtesy of Aberdeen Daily World). FLIBARIAN LISTS NEW BOOKS“: . WHICH EXPOSE U. s. DANGERS l . By MRS. LAURA K. PLUMB also. A survny of this is in “Ollly'. City Librarian gYesterday” by Allen: “What‘s A list of books now to be found Democracy to You" by Gollomb. [on the shelves at the Shelton Pub- The danger from Propaganda and lie Library dealing with the dab-lliysteria is well understood since: gers 'to this country from the.the famous Orson Wells broad-i ideas of tyrants includes the fol- castf Two books show how thel lowing volumes: public mind can be whipped up,‘ “We or They" by Armstrong;;to decisions which it repudiates' "Goliath, the march of Fascism;” [later when calm judgment is pos- “It is Later Than You Think” by siblc. “Road to War. America. Lerner; “Nazi Primer;” “The‘1914-1917” by Minis: and “PTOP‘ House That Hitler Built” by Rob- aganda for War. the campaignl erts; "Stalin, a critical survey of against. American neutrality, 1914-! Bolshevism” by Souvarine; “The 1917” by PGtGI‘SOH, WhiCh deals Strategy of Terror” by Taylor; with the effects of British con- !“Testament of Youth” by Brit- trol of news and of the operations ltain; and “Union Now" by Streit. of volunteer American propagand- Because war unleashes de- ists. ' imoralizing instincts, there are Diminishing democracy in local idangcrs from this recoil. Books affairs is covered by tWO fiction" lreceommended for ’a view of war titles, Which fact shows how_ [include “Paths of Glory” by Cobb; thoughtful reading of fiction helps " “Toward the Flame” by Allen; one to understand current ques- “It Was Like This” by Allen; and tions. Fisher’s “Seasoned. Tim-' ;“World’s End” by Sinclair. bar” shows the supremacy Of‘ There are. dangers from within‘l’l‘inCiPle 9f Certam Vermont because of the lack of economic Charade“ m the face Of mOdem democracy and ruthless individual- influences “3’?de ’90 (115501“: 01d” ism. These books give food for fashioned CIVIC “WWW-V: “it lthought along this line: “Idle-’Can’t Haime .Here by Smcia‘r |Money, Idle 'Men” by Chase; LQWiS ‘5 a 539W“ “OVCI depict-i l“Sweden, the Middle Way” by ing the posmblht'y of a dictator-, ' ’ship and its attending excesses in! America. Lack of civic education has its , . Childs; “The Folklore of Capital- ism” by Arnold; “We Too Are The People" by Armstrong;; “Co- operative DemocraC b War- danger" also. “Building Citizen- basse; “Dynasty of yDeaghn by ship” by Hughes is a must book Caldwell; “Robber Barons” by for those who would build a bet- Josephine; ies” by Lundberg; and “We Move _ In New Directions" by Overstreet. Unemployment is ,covered in Harstlnc Socall Club 1 these volumes: “Factories in the . _, Slates Meeting Friday. lFleldS by McWilliams; “Tri-i ymph of Willie Pond” by Slade;l The I—Iarstine Social Club will. ‘Grapes 0f Wrath” by Stein'ihold a dinner and regular meet-y beck. :ing at the hall on Friday evening, Frustrated youth and its menace 1 April 4, at 7 p. m. The club win1 to democracy is dealt with in i put on a program, then there will] :‘L9St Generation” by DaViS. and be motion pictures. Speaker for. ' Gflrl Tramps of America” byithe evening will be Charles Sav- MmEhan- age. Those coming from the Disunity and group antagon- mainland can catch the 6 o’clock gisms threaten also. A view oflferry to the island, and then. this isnobtainable in “From Manylthere will be a return ferry fol-‘ iLands by Adamic; “Invisible Em- lowing the meeting. A small ad-i .plre, the story of the Ku Klux mission will be made for the din—l iKlan" by Horn; “The American‘ner and meeting. i Presulency” by Laski; “Calling lAmerica, Survey Graphic of Feb- lruary, 1939;” “Here Comes La- bor” by Wright; and “Native tist, was admitted to Shelton hos-l Son” by Wright, ,pital Tuesday for medical atten-l Loss of civil liberty is ll threat tion. “America’s 60 Famipiter and happier community. I his. summon ILL Dr. J. T. Shimek, Shelton den-l Roof Now Being Placed; (‘oncrctc All Poured ()n Walis, Only Progress has reached the 80 per cent complete point on construc— tion gymnasium, but it will be some- - time ‘before the handsome new struc—l tureowill be finished down to thcl . last detail, according to Robert: M1‘. and Mrs. lieinnari. Glcts‘ch Allan, local contractor who is act. i celebrated their sixth wedding.an- ing as inspector for the Shelton ,nivorsary last school district on the project. Roofers were busy putting the vaUil‘Cd property at Victor. top to the building and complete their job ‘ ‘which will clear the path for more weekend at the home Of Mr. and rapid progress on the no“; MKS. Albert Otterstad at I)alel(.l interior, he said. Four sturdy support beams over ‘ the playing surface are in place, 22 feet above the floor level, while eleven feet higher the roofcrs are busy covering it all over. All the concrete has been pour- 'cd for the building’s walls, leav- .ing only the concrete in the base- ment floors yet to be poured. Construction has .point now where the general de-gthe Shelton junior high building tails of the building‘s structure 2 have been abandoned to reduce ex- plainly evident and idea of how “the land lies” as far ‘the 211'0 Page Three —— R. O. Bockwit‘n made a businessparentn, the Henry Peursons, at trip to Shelton Oil \Vcdnesday ofll’oint Wilson. ' imSt Week. Mrs. Leota Stringer, Mrs. Sum- Ml‘, Yank of Tacoma, vistO‘Yllhf‘l'VlllO and I{(‘l‘b€‘l‘t Spahr Of .-.. “ lrclativr‘s on the island over the Tacoma were at their Slimmer By Delia (jnelsph iwcekend. home at Point Wilson for the g 4 1713115th Igl’md' All“ 1' , Th" l Mrs. W‘ilbcl't Jacobson and . weekend U 1 J Hal'stino School board hold its ‘dnughtpn Donna 10ft Friday m“ _.-fi_.-“__ ianm‘fll “rgamzati‘m m"0'~'i“g 0‘1 their home in Randlc after v’sil— w ‘; l'.‘7 )r- :March 21 anal L‘irutl.."(i Mrs. .Jr'ssie ‘mg {or several days at the minute GET A rHJu LmEhD Simmons teacher for another year. im- Mr, and Mrs. 03cm. Jacohmm l Mrs. Arthur Wingort is the new. Miss Genome“, Pmrson 0f Tag clerk and Mrs. C. E. Harriman coma Spent the weekend with hm.‘ was elected to succeed herself as 1711... , tchairmun of the beard. ; " Shelton ‘ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moliilancmy iof Aberdeen were dinner guests accident ticket for cvrr'y trip, 25(: per «lay. Rates lower on longer periods. Sec Herb Angle NOW! Basement Floors Left work on the new on Friday at the home of Mrs. lVlcl‘Janciny's parents, the A‘lgust Carlsons. the first or middle of Junel \Verlnesday by ispending the day at their nchy PERSON Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Harriman (laughter. Nellie, spent the. should i next week, .‘ and _Bcach. I i ‘ George Carlson ’of Pickering. was on the island Saturday help» i ing a Seattle man to locate the? (‘1 7 (‘1 ‘ ' corners and lilies of property‘ “Ce tne Dund‘ay mornlng plane which the Seattlcito is consider- . . ‘ing buying. cavalcadc from the air in the NEW CRUISER ~— Mrs. Arthur Wingort and Mrs. ED JEFFERY LICENSED COMMERCIAL PILOT l i . { Original plans to paint the. reached thohuilding to make it appear like‘ a good .penses, but a rubbed finish for: natural concrete color will! as the gym’s general layout can still make the structure, which is i be easily obtained at a glance. or modernistic architecture, a fine: ‘5 E L O N A I P O T Approximately 20 men are em— looking addition to the City or nloyed on the gym project. Shelton. ! 5...-.-w _-_ AL.._._V_, . . Come into Safeway this week with the purpose of COMPAFHNG all our prices. Consider each item on your food list—now much must you pay here? . . . how much elsewhere? This simple demonstration will prove that Safe- way has the Lowest Prices in Town. Prices Friday thru Thurs., April 4-10 9-02. mos OLIVES . . Tin “Golden” brand standard ripe Olives. Meaty, flavorful REAL ROAS “b- 13951 22¢ Brick. American )r Velveeta Cheese. In box- Z-lbs. Crystal White Laundry Soap. Regular Bars. 10 bars 29¢ TOWN HOUSE 1g 29¢ Vacuum paCked for Pure unsw’t grapefruit juice——-tang 'of natural grapefruit. 46-02. freshness . . regular o 2 lge. 29¢ or drip grinds. “Ukulele” brand broken slices of Hawaiian pineapple MARSHM’LO’S ~ 1'13... 10¢ Fluffiest brand fresh tender marshmallows. Cello wrapped ctn. Jar Fresh peanut butter~~made in the Northwest for the northwest GRAPE JUICE . .fl quart 23¢ Church's pure, undiluted grape juice. FRESHEST Julia Lee \Vright’s bread it delivered fresh — baked to M your Safeway ev- ery morning. 1—lb. Lge. Loaf 11/2—lb. 90 130 EGGS 20'0Z 14:0. Grade ‘A' Lien’s whole Ruby Beets 20-oz. tin “0‘51" (SUI); t" mkt.) SAUER KRAUT 27-02. 8¢ 2 doz. 55¢ Highway zest kraut. 27-oz. tin VAN CAMP’SW 20-0z. 8¢ Pork Beans with Tom. sauce. 2002. SPAGHETT ................ .- 8r Franco American SPAGHETTI.... l-lb. tin 7¢ Dcnnison‘s popular spaghetti BUTTER l) a l r 5' land 7-7 Ci'i‘1lll. (Sub a ,loct lo iiiki.) lbs. 79¢ Arizona Seedless BANANAS Extra Ffmcy u) Green Tipped ' Calavas, med. size approx. Imperial Carrots ................ __ Fancy No. 1 Tomatoes ...... .. Z-lbs. 20¢ Arizona Lettuce .................... __ 2 for Yakima No. 2 Potatoes ...... _. 50-lbs. . Yakima No. 1 Potatoes 13-lbs. 22¢. New Potatoes ...................... _. 11-le. 12¢. :Local Radishes ............ .. 4 bunches N0. 1 Asparagus __________________ __ 2-1b: 1:: Sunkist Lemons ........................ ._ l . 8¢ ca. lb. 14¢ bunch 5¢ lb- 290 Highest Quality, Freshly Dressed ......................... ._ i!!.!:Fi.lli999 _______________ Ib- 19c siblings ______ ;_ """" li'25c ________________ """" 154"”‘17c FRESH PICNIC - ROAST NuMadc Mayonnaise .......... .. qtt. Jarl.‘ . Lb. ____ "18¢ LAMbB ROAST Piedmont Mayonnaise .......... ._ q . 4a . Dutchess Salad Dressing ______ _. qt. Jar 23¢ PORK LOIN l Cascade Salad Dressing ........ .. qt. Jar 19¢ ROAST Lb. .... ..22¢ LEG of LAMB SLICED BACON 1/2-lb. pkg. 17¢ LAMB STEAKS Lb .... ..25¢ OYSTERS Church Grape Juice ............ ._ qt. bot. 23¢ Sunny Dawn Tomato Juice 26-0z. tin 10¢ Sunny Dawn Tomato Juice 46-02. tin 16¢ Town‘House Gr’pfr’t Juice 46-0z. tin 15¢ Bruces Orange Juice ........ ._ 46-oz. tin 19¢ Sun Down Fruit Cocktail. 16-0z. tin 9¢ Glennaire Grape Fruit .... .. 20-0z. tin 9¢ Bruces Grape Fruit ...... 20-0z. tin 8¢ Pthm21¢ Castle Crest Peaches ........ .. 29-oz. tin 14¢ Snowflake Soda Crackers ...... .. 2-lbs. 27¢ BACON Squares Brown Sugar, Kraft Bag ....... 3-lbs. 17¢ Lb.....11¢ Powdered Sugar, Kraft Bag... 3-lbs. 19¢ WEINERS Cane Sugar (IO-lbs. 55¢) ____ .. 25-lbs. 1.36 Lb.....18¢ i j l