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April 3, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 3, 1941

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,,. pril 3, 3 April 3, 71941., Say It H FLOWERS e . > 51:”? Comfort , E PPiness 3,5,? DESIGNS AND I and AL BOUQUETS “ anywhere, anytime .2", o o o o 0, o.u.oo.u.u. ardware Bldg. Dairy Cattle Gain In State; Prices Raising Numbers of dairy cattle are in- creasing as a result of restocking following 1934—1936, says R. M. Turner, cx~ 1 tension economist of College of Washington. Feedings of grains and roughage are eral and dairy production per cow- is high. Prices are expected to be fairly good during farms the drought the 1941. or State l lib- »: 270-W O g - __ n- . . . Never m our lifetime have eyes beheld its equal” eggs t also 1 Old! lI‘lght Saturday to \Vednesday, April 5-9 Inc]- DAVID O. SELZNICK'S prudllcllull u] OtheS MARGARET MITCHELL’S :e Story of the OItI Sourli “ONE WITH THE WINII again 3 and In Technicolor. . . Starring to so CLARK CABLE as Rhett Butler five g0_ , [{OLESLIE ' WARD De HAVILLAND and presenting T VIVIEIN LEIGH a: Scarlett O’Hara l): :ISdfnick International Picture 0 Directed, by Victor Vt b caning ' Screen Play by Sidney Howard - \Mub‘ic y ‘ 133: Steiner - A Metro-Coldwyn-Mayer Release 7!. OLIVIA \_3_______—__._ Nothing Cut—but the Price} \\__>Ii‘ull Length Feature Matinee a A MATINEE ’ Cdyllts ____________ __ 34c tax 6‘3 TOta’l 40¢ . hildren ________ __ 20c tax 60 Total 26¢ 0 EVENINGS \gznrmeuwaTmua FIVE DAYS .Sa’turday to l In fiitll s“ .' cl-IEsr >. "or 2, s'e\ Al Pint bottl ‘ ' 5!“MW: ‘3 I'gs'ful . As'T'RINT \ 9 AM. to 85 \ \ 'I'I A.M. ‘ . 02"UOOOQOQQCQI a with $2!- Down: tour . "AN. "50ctln........ t 195. . “he .lononi... -, S y. , thnsuh‘ki “in ' k a fine WM n-pmr..._.. r Sult 'Oor . ‘. H as com %W'~Iurge'fubefi‘fii lrs. B :3 ‘ _ i re be’ of I2...ont "red I ’0 C » Presented Twice Daily t 1215 PM. - Evening at 7:45 P.M. ADMISSION PRICES (No seats are Reserved) ODIN: :; * 21.950: ‘50: size........ .2‘ro‘525c i it. h. a Wednesday lnc|,, April 5-9 MATINEE DAILY , PARAMOUNT THEATRE COUGH SYRUP—for racking coughs °Orseness—50c size.. . .. . . . . . . .. . . RUB—pungent vaporizing solve for l “"d i p AG 990d cold congestion—50c iar. . . . . . . . . . .' Ali‘Pol ' Olgble emulsion of mineral oil and 'P°’|0n—$I.OO size. . . . . . . . .. .. ...- full‘refi'eshing antiseptic mouth wash and 8........-................ I COMPOUND—quiels nerves, pro- seeIi)‘$l.00 bottle................. ABLETS—prompt relief from head- c°ld conditions—Bottle of 100. . . . . . . . I ‘I A.M. to 2 EM. 5 P.M. product — we "Two for One" means YOU SAVE HALF -pay for iust one Nyal Thousands of thrifty shoppers from coast to coast take advan- tage of this sale. Shop today —save as much as you spend! . m of rough blziel; straw. designed by Thufiiéihhahéhh D.H.I.A. Among I Oldest In State I Fer L. Thompson, ,niember of the Thurston County ‘Extension Service staff, has been .granted a year‘s leave of absence Iaccording to an announcement by IC. A. Svinth, county agricultural iagent. Thompson during the past ieleven years has served as assist- lant agent in charge of Dairy iHOI'd Improvement work in Thurs- iton and Mason counties. i Alton Lorang of Rochester has Ibeen secured to carry on the dairy lhcrd improvement work during Mr. Thompson’s absence. Lorang is a graduate in Agriculture of Washington State College and has a varied background of practical experience in the field of agricul- ture. . The Thurston - Mason Dairy Herd Improvement Association is one of the oldest in the state. It was first organized in 1921 with 16 dairymen participating. Dr. Otto J. Hill, Extension Dairy Spe— cialist of the State College of 'VVashington was the first man se- cured to assist the dairymen in this work. It is interesting'to note that since the Association was organized in 1921 the average butterfat production for all herds has been increased from 263 pounds of butterfat to 379 pounds of butterfat. his increase in butterfat production represents real progress in the dairy indus— try of this vicinity, The dairy— men cooperating in the dairy herd improvement work and Mr. Thompson deserve a lot of credit for this achievement. Thompson give you two! 5°, 50‘ NY“ BEEF, IRON s. WINE—iron 2m50c $100 2w50c 2.3100 2w50c SPECIALS EVERY DAY! NYSIS FACE POWDER Regular 25c value. . f°r FEDERAL RAZOR BLADES Six single-edge or ten double-edge . style blades—per package.......... p35.” NYAL ASPIRIN TABLETS Box of l2—5 grain.. . .... . tone in rich wine tonic—full pint. . . . . NYAL MINERAL OIL—promotes regularity, relieves constipation promptly—full pint. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NYALYPTUS—the golden cough syrup that eases coughs due to colds—large 75c size. . . . . . . . . . . . . . NYAL MILK OF MAGNESIA—for gas, sour stomach, heartburn due to acidity—full pint bottle. . . . . . . . . . . NYAL NASAL DROPS—reduce nasal congestion, make breathing easier—35c dropper ULTRA WITCH HAZEL—refreshing rub-down, soothes tired sore muscles—full pint...” .. . 7c-2 for l3: 2 for 9: 2 for 25: for 29: film: 9 P.M. i‘NYAL A-B Four necessary vitamins all in one capsule—balanced dosage. Box of 100-— spociol—eoch 1 ._ v NYSEPTOL TOOTH BRUSH RM. to Populortufted end or bevel style. . . . . . . . , NYAL con LIVER OIL . *EXT. mums Concentrated A D vitamins in easy-to- take sugar-COOIEd tablets—bottle of IOO 2 'for -p-G ~VI1' f lsc-ziol25c 7%; CHOCOLAX NYKALINE AMIN CAPSULES ‘x: uuun (ahnmmi vii-mu AB;B_(6)~<D HIM-loin. "-x. K3 firs-4v Your Easter Bonnet? Suggested for this year’s Easter parade is this “bang-off” Breton, high with dainty pink flowers, and the crown finishes off in a saucy peak. Stamps Cut a veteran ‘ LAXACOLD TABLETS for colds, neuralgia—25c box. . . . . . . . NYAL THROAT GARGLE for simple sore throat—50c size. . . .‘. . NYAL FOOT BALM for athlete's foot—50c size. . . .. . u . . NYAL MAGNESIA TABLETS curb gas, heartburn—50c bottle. . . . . . CASCARA COMPOUND TABLETS Hinkle pill formula—box of 100. . . . . . . PEARL LINIMENT for sproins—strains—SOc size . . . . . . . . NYAL ANALGESIC BALM for colds, rheumatic pain—50c lube. . . soft chocolate laxative cubes—25c box . alkaline mouth wash—full pint. . . n. . . KLEER-A-HED INHALANT for head colds—50c size. . . . . . . . . . SALVO-IEL OINTMENT . -« {it . for burns, skin rash—25c tin. . I. . . . . . . f" SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL ge Sexiep Pa (M— l Shelton Valley I D r e s 3 Contest l l Open Next Week- By Una Winsor Shelton Valley, April 2. Thursday night of next week, ‘ IApril 10, at the regular meeting [of the grange, the ladies will hold ltheir house dress contest, and the I winning dress will be entered atl the Pomona contest in May. 5 At the meeting last week, Mr.l and Mrs. Andrews of the Sheltoni iPhoto Studios, were guests of thei lgrange, and Mr. Andrews showed lhis very interesting and beautiful collection of moving pictures af—l ter the meeting. Mrs. Signe Kneeland drove toI [Elma one day last week with a Igroup of W.B.A. members from Shelton to a special health meet- ing. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shafer werel visitors Saturday at Gig Harbor and vicinity. Mrs. Vearl Bennett and chil- dren Earlyne and Bill and Charley Baker were visitors Wed- nesday at the Winsor home. 1 Mrs. Signe Kneeland visited in "”"“”’ ‘i’mim’mmi‘fi [Shelton Wednesday at the home! ‘of Mr. and Mrs. C.V.DeRosier. Gordon Bennett was a business visitor in Tacoma Thursday af- ternoon. That evening he visited with the Robert Lovelace fam- ily. Mrs. R. E. Grenberg and son Helen Liebert. The brim is piled Surplus Produce‘ Continued growth Of the popu-' ‘larity of the federal food stamp Ricke were out from Shelton plan among Eligible .palftidpanis Thursday and visited Mr. andl in Mason County is indicated m,MrS. J. A' Shafer. ' lthe March sales total of $3,454'inl Old friends here will regret to orange stamps for caSh’ With hear of the illness of Mrs. E. G. $1727 added m free blue Stamps Francis a former resident at ‘for a total valuation for the month the fan’n home at Mineral Wells 0f $5’181‘ according to records 0fITexas. Mrs. Francis who suffer— ‘Miss, Joyce West Stamp plan Su' ‘ ed a stroke the first of February, perVISor for Mason County. is slowly improving and is now. ' This is the largest volume since able to Sit up for Short'PeriOdS- the plan was inaugurated here!M1"'_3-nd Mrs. FrénCIS, Wlth thell’ last November 20, and brings the family 0f ten Children. left here total food Stamps sold so far inlln the fall of 1915, going first the four months the plan has to Utah, where they lived for a been in operation to $18,981 ac-Iyear- 0? tWO before gomg on to ma, value, 0,, $12,654 actua1lsettle m the Lone star State. cash. Mrs. Signe Kneeland entertain- ed at a birthday dinner Fridayi Another record single day’s bus- evening in honor of Joe Kneeland.I ,iness was reported yesterday by Those who were there to enjoyl Miss West to start off April when it were Mr. and Mrs. John Knee—I $1519 in cash was paid in for or-,land of Shelton, Alpha Kneeland ange stamps, to which an addi-lthe hostess and the honor guest. tional $759.50 Worth of blue .‘ Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Gannon and} stamps was added for a total-Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Grass ofi [day’s valuation of $2,278.50. lTacoma and Mrs. L. G. Shelton‘ l During March 286 transactions of Shelton, were visitors Sunday‘ were recorded by the food star p lafternoon at the home of Mrs. office with 1042 certified indivi H' A' Wm”- MTS- Gannon, nee uals participating in 405 fami- ' Huldah Norman, who was a for-' , mer teacher here and made herl lies. Of these 625 were undupli- h . . _ cated. During the month 96 new ome “am the Sheltons' ’5 a P0P ‘ persons were certified from 44 ular Tacoma teacher. Incident— lfamilies as eligible participants, y ally, Guy and Jack Beckwith, sons f M . . in the food stamp plan while 62 ° r and Mrs Fred 13%“ were cancelled in 19 families, with, who recently bought the H k Miss West’s records Show ac Jewelry store in Shelton, were pupils of Mrs.‘Gannon there. Mrs. Dewey Bennett visited in Shelton Tuesday with Mrs. R. R. Phillips. Mr. Phillips is recover- ing from an attack of pneumoniai at the Shelton hospital. Mrs. Signe Kneeland was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mc- Gonkey at their home on the Ar-. cadia Road Saturday afternoon‘ and evening. Mrs. Hazel Healey of Olympia Visited Saturday evening with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Rut- ledge. She brought her daughter, I Ann, over to spend the spring [will'return to the County Agent’s office and the work of the As- sociation on April 1, 1942. Mrs. Dewey Bennett visited Fri— ‘ day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cooke. She also called vacation with her grandparents. on Mrs. Kneeland. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ramin were lout from Shelton Friday for a ‘visit with Mr. and Mrs. J.'A.l Sharer. . I Don DeRosier of Shelton spent ‘Saturday night and Sunday at the 'Highlands. E. A. Rutledge and Dewey Ben— nett drove to Tenino Tuesday and took in the auetion sale at Mat— and ‘beef pep- oaooaoolocooo ney’s Horse and Cow Market near there; The latter bought a work horse. Mrs. Signe Kneeland visited] Tuesday with Mrs. H. A. Winsor and family. I Paramount Shows Gone With Wind For Second Time That magic caption “GONE WITH THE WIND” has stirred these United States of ours, more than any other happening in mod- ern times, due to its universal appeal. The book itself is perhaps theI most widely read book on record, based on copies sold, and reader mterest. The play “GONE WITH THE WIND” is a faithful reproduction of this book, the addition of beau» tiful technicolor, bringing out in] detail such vivid scenes as the burning of Atlanta, the fields of the Sunny South, battle grounds of the Civil War, and so on. Manager Gus Graf of the local Paramount Theatre announces that a return engagement of this show of shows, starts Saturday, April 5, at the 1:15 matinee, with two showings daily, up to and including Wednesday, April 9, at reduced prices, with the definite guarantee that the show is the original production, nothing left out, no changes, exactly the same. A remarkable fact that attests to the popularity of this show, IS, that on its return engagement, invarlbaly record breaking crowds storm 'to see the show, exceeding the original showing a year ago. One western town reports that on opening day so many people were on hand, that it was necessary to play the full show after mid- night (it isn’t reported that break- bottle........ for 25: 2 for 50¢ for 50: 2 for 50: for 25¢ 2 for 50¢ 2 for 50: 2 for 25: 2 for 50: 2 for 50¢ ‘ NYAL , 3 fast was included in the deal). I HAHN," *‘ Suicide in Volcano LIVER 0“- During Japan's last suicide wave. CAPSULES_ which occurred between 1933 and 3 mint". 1935. 313 persons succeeded in jump- . ing into the volcano on the island of Oshima. Of the 1,208 others who were foiled by the guards at the crater’s edge, 29 managed to jump off the boats on e way back to the mainland. Increase resistance to in: factions—box of 50 for : lthe pastor will Christen small chil- ‘ will I Methodist Services 5 receive several adults into church a "i I f membership. Sunday at the MSthOdiSt ChurCh 3 There will be special features Will be marked, by appropriate I in the exercises of the junior Passmn sunday sen mes" '. church at its 11 o'clock service. At 919V?“ O'CIOCk 1.“ the Senior: On the night of Thursday. April congregatlon there W1“ be Special l10th. there will be the special Milihck Events In News Briefs By Mrs. Zen Priszner Matlock, April 2. ~77 Mr. and Mrs. Steven \Volliver and son Garry of Tacoma, Mr. and Mrs. Frank VVinkelman and children ldren. and towards its close and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly and numbers of music, while Dr. ;(,Clebmti0n of the HON Cummnm sons of Camp 3, spent Saturday Brumblay will speak on the}ion which has been ‘an anmm] with Albert Winkelman. Mr. and theme, “The Great Rejected.” |event with this congregation “I Mrs. W~olliver also visited with At the beginning of the service recent years. Otto Millor before returning to *7 w _ w 77“; "A; W,g.__,___>4_ _,_kfi‘ Tacoma Sllnday- ':'«:..:..:..:..;..:..:..;..:..;..:~:..:~:..:..:..:..;..;..;..;..;..;.;..:..;..3..;..;..3..:..:..:..:..:..:..3“? , 3.4.? Georgia Mellor came home fr'oTn :3: :3: o a o g o. o o O“ . so. 9 .. Shelton hospital Saturday and is ’ doing very nicely after her recent 2‘: _. :3: operation . .. d," i ’3' Mr. Fred Ferris, Sr. and Floyd , s '3' Dickinson of Deckervillc and Bert :3: " 1 3: Dickinson of Shelton went to Bor— o5 i 'z' ac- . companied them to Shelton and .z. visited with her sister Mrs. Paddy '1‘ Mr. and Mrs. Claud Londsberry w? a were Shelton callers Saturday. Mrs. Zeo Priszner and son Ed- ward Milton, were dinner guests deaux Monday. Mrs. Ferris ‘3’ - A... - h II th lfl EI‘ICO as 959 s. Burk. 5’ of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Guynup in o .00 o .9 ‘0 o .0 o o o o o Shelton Monday, helping Mrs. 0:. ‘3' . Guynup celebrate her 77th birth- 3: 3: day. .3, .f. , . Mr. #1115} Mrs. John Zott called,::: . New Colors :3: on Albert VVlnkelman Sunday af— of. New base shades and ‘2' ternoon, go color versatiléty des- '3' , we r . H lined to pre, ominqu .3 Mr. and 3W1... V\ m. Hallls and .f, this Spn‘ng and Sum~ .3. family of ll‘iontesano, were dinner oz~ mer. ‘3 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin 'E‘ 0 Premium Cost ‘i' Hearing Sunday. I: Yam :3: , . Geor 9 :Men .:. Not ordinary rayon °'° hurt 0E9 d lor twars quth badly »:~ but Cot-aura by Du ‘3' ay as Vleek when the .6, Font — an Improved 3' tractor backed on his left leg, '3. rayon. over 50% ‘o' tearing the flesh from the b0ne ‘3. Stronger by test. .z. . . . He has been laid up in bed for 3‘ Dup°n.t Nylon ‘3' several days. 3: ’1: ‘53“ m atl‘mgnn 2:: , . . -. 0 Mr. McKibbni and his nephew ‘3’ 211321 3l'nr (“nglré'liifl ? Roscoe Stowell, from Tacoma, :3: 'IOT‘TTGMS .‘hmf‘m 3: spent Tuesday afternoon with Mr. ‘3' mm “ne'quamy 1m“ .f. and Mrs. Elvin He'lrin T ~- '4‘ ‘9 Redisku ( 1., and Mrs. .3, _, .3. 0.0 0.. ‘2' W, ‘2' ,‘g‘ IIOIIIIAI on o? .. 0. Turkey Feed Bulletin §~ . 0.. ‘:‘ Available To Growers o Th“ "Fly, 3901‘ mi“? <° .o, that gnes you socks Pacer 4. W_ I . .i. and) txafrtesrsl for lthc .;. 1th turkey raismg becoming v p'me “gala? fig?“ ’z‘ . r ‘. , _ o . . . ‘. ’ " ‘ ' increasingly important in this 3: unteed for the life of ‘ 3: state, conSIderable demand is ex- .3. the sock! ‘3' pected for the bulletin “Washing— A? , . s? ton Turkey Rations” recently re- I? Others 25¢ and 35¢ par :2: vised and reprinted by the Exten— '3' Slon Service of the State College 0? 0f Washington. The bulletin may :3: be obtained from county exten- ‘3’ sion agents or may be secured by :3: writing to the Agricultural Ex- , '3- tension Service, State College of ‘3' NEG" S ‘5' Washington, Pullman. o" 000‘... cease... .oo.‘‘00.0o....lo.6o‘oo.¢0 SIMIDINEEQ CITY MARKET BUTTER JELL—o A FORMAY Phillip's Tom. or Veg. SOUP FLOUR Scans 25¢ 49-lbs. . . . . 1.59 NALLEY’S CATSUP 2 for 25¢ TOILET TISSUE ...... .. 5 rolls 19¢ BLEACH .................... .. Viz-gal. 19¢ CORN & PEAS .......... .. 3 cans 25¢ OXYDOL or RINSO 2. for 39¢ Broken SHRIMP 2 cans 25¢ SUNBRITE ........ .. 5 for 19¢ 2—lbs. pkg. 3—lbs. Centennial So i 45c :i Franco American SPAGHETTI Scans 25¢ MEATS Mafiiihhse Pu"; Pork . , iher a Fre er 1:1,": _____ __;“3¢ Sausage 2-Ibs.25I: Quart ---- —- 39¢ Beef BOII lb. 130 Fresh Ground Hamburger lb. 15c Shoulder Roast Pork lb. 170 Pork Steak . . lb. 20¢ Link Sausage . 1b. 23¢ Mutton Chops . 2-lbs. 35¢ Fluffo .. . . . . .. 4-lbs. 49¢ FOR PICNIC SUPPLIES Shop Nalley's Bargain Basket All 15¢ Values ¢ 2 for .................. .- VEGETABLES Spinach. .. 3-lbs. 10¢ Narcissus. . . 2 doz. 25¢ Bananas... 3-lbs. 19¢ Lemons doz. 19¢ Radishes . . . 4 for 10¢ 7. CITY MA SPRING FRYERS and WHITE STEWING HENS ,. a