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April 18, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 18, 1963

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PAGE 18 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAL Published in ¢cOhristmastown, U.B.A.", ghelton, Washington Forester Group Grapeview Residents Observe Easter Honors Research With Numerous Family Gatherings GRAPEVIE\\;V In spite uf the ty from a recen tonsillectomy. Worker At Heet Dr. Jack Duffield research di- rector fo' the Industrial Forestry Association, was special guest at a me(King of the Southwest Wash- ington Chapter of the Society of Anlrican Foresters last week at Ihe Olympian Hotel in Olympia. l)r. l)uffield, a fellow of the sociely is leaving Washington lt accept  teaching position at North Carolina State College, A native of Brooklyn. he receiv- ed a B. g, deree in Forestry from Cornell University in 1934, a. Mi, V. flora Harwrd University in 1935 and a Ph.D. in forest gene- tics from the University of Cali- fornia in 1951. Since 1954 Duffield has been in charge of the nursery and of re-- search in tree improvement and nursery practices for the Indus- trial Forestr}¢ Association at Nis- qually. The Foresters and their wives. who were special guests for the evening, were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Hal MeClary, Shelton McClary is General Manager of Pharmacy Phacts From Nell Evander Are yOU old enough to remem- forbidding, gray, rainy atmosphere which prevailed Easter Day, many Grapeview residents altended re- ligious services en famille. Many easter egg hunts had to be re- scheduled to indoors, the Easter Bunny apparently balking at the possibility of getting ears and whiskers wet ! Mr and Mrs. Walter Eckert were chauffeured to Port Town- sen by daughter and husband. Ann and Eke Eacrett, early Sunday morning. After enjoying a leisure- ly breakfast there, they ferried on over to Oak Harbi' where they spent the day and enjoyed Easter dinner with the Bob Eacretts and their three youngsters. Although heavy ram was encountered both coming and going, none fell during their entire visit, maybe a special [favor to "our" weatherman from the Easter Bunny. Mr. and Mrs. AI Okonek spent a happy Easter Day in Shelton with son Ed and family. VJhile there, they had the opportunity to closely sc]'utinize the bowling tro- phy presented to granclson Bobby at the party held Saturday at the Timber Bowl in Shelton for the Bantam League bowlers. This pleasant family Gathering conclud- ed a week'a vacation for A1 who took it plenty easy having suffered a rather severe fhl attack recently. • Part of the "taking it. easy" includ- ed spending from Tuesday morn- mg until Thursday evenm G with her when the drug store used tO,daughter ' Mrs. Marian Wick and display those great bi G glass but tles filled with beautifully col- ', family in Seattle Friday was spent with Hilda's sister and rum- ored liquids? And that really was- lily, the Elmer Wesserlings, at their n't so very long Gig' Harbor home. Young Ricky ago, was it? \\;¥esserling was recuperating nice- t ......................................................... Things have changed so much and so fast-and so much for the better, haven't they? We just don't look like that any more. !:,:. _.'i ....... We're no muse- um! We t a k e pride in carrying all of the newest marvels of American drug re- search They are all here when your doctor prescribes them for you. It's a fast-changing world that we all live in-.a much heal- thier and better world for every- one. Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Saturdays -- 9:30 - 6:00 Heirs Pharmacy the International Trade Depart- merit of Simpson Timber Company m Shelton. Through the use of colored slides the MeClary's described their se- veral business trips to the Orient and South America. Countries they have visited include Japan, Korea, the Phillipines. Perl, Brazil and Hung Kon G. In addition to a dis- cussmn of the social customs anti living standards of these nations, McClary described the construe- lion and operation 01 plywood mills in Japan and the Phillipines. He pointed out that the products from these modern and effeeient mills are being placed on the world markets in increasing quantities in competition with similar pro- duets manufactured in the United States. BRILIdANT sunshine greeted our Grapeview youngsters last Tuesday and. l(x the Mother's Club- sponsored Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success by any measure of Ihe word. The pre-school tots were the first group to hunt and Becky Query won the prize for finding lhe most eggs while Virginia Que- ry and Kristi Somers found the silver eggs and were rewarded for same. Peter Hill was the most sue- cessful hunter in the "little room." while Cathy Query and Mike Ben- son fonnd the silver eggs. In the upper room. Sam Gatlin and Geor- -gin Clayton tied for the most eggs round Donnie Pogreba and Art Nieklaus found the silver eggs and ,Joel Zehe was awarded an im- promptu "booby" prize, having been unable-to find a single egg! Vortunate to have recuperated enough to retut,n to school Tues- day noon in time for the hunt was Bomlie Benson. By then. Leslie Okonek had managed to learn to bundle crutches and weighty leg lcast well enough to also rejoin his classmates for" the occasion. Friends and relatives of Gott- leib Stock were quite disturbed to learn of his hospitalization Wed- nesday evening and the ensuing stroke which he suffered Thurs- day. Fortunately, the doughty oc- togenarian talmost nonagenarian! weathered this storm and was re- turned to his Allyn home Saturday where he is at present resting quietly. Best wishes to him for a speed.y recuperation. It's' good to see the Orin Soules back in Grapeview again at their comfy cottage. A family dinner was enjoyed by them Easter Day with daughter and husband, Ir. and Mrs. Donald Earl, driving up from Oregon for the weekend. Grandson and family, Mr. and Mrs. I Michael Guinn and their four chil- dren, drove over from Hood Canal, assurin G plenty of jolly activity for the occasion, in spite of the dreary weather. MONDAY GUESTS of the Sou- les were Mr and Mrs. Cleve Spin- ner of Elma. Long-time friends, t the two couple have for years ce- lebrated their wedding anniversa- ries together, with their 55th to be t.he next. The John Stevens' home must have seemed exceedingly quiet this week] First• grandson Steve Brass- field, spent a week with them. fol- lowed by a week's visit from grandson Morgie. Last Wednesday Kay (Mrs. Morgan Brasield joined her folks here with all three 4th & Railroad 426-3327 . M|II=| lWQ||| iqU.'i0 "l''|--w-----•- children, staying until Friday, when she left to join husband Mor- gan and his folks in Olympia to Les Joslin SUGGESTSi Give your youngster a head start toward security through a West Coast Life Juvenile policy• Age . . one day up. Cost,.. as little as 5¢ perday per $1,000. Phone for de- tails. spend the Easter weekend• Saturday afternoon the Art Nick- laus family drove into St. David's Episcopal Church in Shelton where Ernestine and their three sons, Art. Kim and Kristofer were bap- tized Serving as the ehlldren", godparents were Mr. and Mrs. Bob'! Cleveland of Skokomish Valley and Don Query. Conferring the Sacrament of Holy Baptism was Rev. ClarenCe Lody. We are sorry to see one of our most cheerful and friendly neigh- bors. Mrs. Susie Syrjala. leave Grapeview after many years re- sidence here. Mrs. Syrjala recent- ly sold her home to Fred 'oster of Seattle and bought the hom in Shelton's Hillcrest area that was formerly owned by Eke Eaerett's mother. Sons-in-law Ben Board- man and "Swede" Johnson, as well as \\;¥eb Etherton helped Susie move into her new Shelton resi- dence last week and, by now, she is pretty well settled. No doubt, most happy to be able to join her husband, Art Barrett, TI.I'E KEY TO SECURITY:, LOWER RATES Long Distance Rates Were Always Lower After 6 R M.., Now they're even lower after 9 P.M. How low? Example... Now, after 9 P. M. to 4:30 A, M. you can phone anywhere in the state for 70* (or less). I I I I I Oiympla.Walla Walli 65 cents {old rate 80 cents) I | Spokane-Yakima 60 cents (old rate 75 cents} ! I Seattle-Spokan 65 cents {old rate 80 cents} • ill I I "After 9" out-of-state rates are lower, too. You can call any- Where in the continental U.S. for $1.00' or less. Enjoyed a visit wRh family or friends lately? Long Distance is the next best thing to being there. Now, a bigger bargain than ever-- tnJ it tonight] ,roinuLe latlon rare, plus ta, PACIFIC NORTHWEST BELL for Easter was the former Judy Johnson daughter of Mr. and Mrs "Swede" Johnson of Grapeview. as well as Mrs. Syrjala's granddaugh- ter. Judy left early Friday morn- ing by plane from the "Sea-Tac" airport and travelling via Los An- geles to New Orleans was able to arrive at her Biloxi. Miss. destin- ation by Friday evening. The young couple tentatively plan to be in that area for the next year, m as much as Art is stationed at the Bitoxi Air Force Base. pre- sumably for this lenght of time. I[|OME FI[IOiE[ the Shelton Gene- ral Hospital in record time is Art Zehe. Having undergone surgery Monday morning, Art was home by Thursday afternoon but must restrict his activities considerably fro' a while yet. Needless to say, a quiet Easter Day was spen by the Zehes at home Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Rowe have just returned from a three-weeks trip into the Southland. They tra- velled to San Francisco through the Redwoods and then to Oaldand where they visited with Maude's niece. The next stop was-at Santa Anna where they visited with re- latives. On their way across the desert to Phoenix, Ariz. they stop- ped by Palm Springs, Calif. and found it to be as beautiful as it is reputed to be. Seven days were spent at Phoenix by the Rowes amid 80 degrees temperatures. On their return trip they were able to tour the Grand Canyon and Hoo- ver Dam. In all. they had travel- led about 4.000 miles by the time they had returned to Grapeview, glad to be home once again. Highlight of the week's vaca- tion taken by Don Pogreba last week was. no doubt, in the eyes of young Don. at any rate. their Thursday fishing trip. On this thrilling outing, young Don brought in a beautiful ten pound salmon while daddy Don had to be content with a somewhat smaller speci- oleo. The setting: the attractive Har- old Retzman residence at Stadium Beach; the menu: a sumptuous turkey dinner complete with plum pudding; the occasion: a belated birthday dinner combined with a friendly Easter Eve dinner. The honored guest was Mrs. Ray Uhly whose Jan. 18 birthday was being celebrated with good friends, the Walter Eckerts. the Eke Eacretts, the Don Penneberas. as well as Ray Uhly and, of course the host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Retzman. Sounds like an excellent recipe for a perfect evening-! MISS P&I RICHEY and bro- ther of Seattle were delighted to be able to spend their spring vaca- tion with Auntie Paye (Mrs. Lloyd) Riehey. Faye picked the children up at the Bremerton ferry Sunday and Monday she and Irene Fredricks escorted the youngsters to Coos Bay, Ore. where all four enjoyed visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cavanagh and children and the Jim MeGlothlines until Thurs- day. Friday the children's mother, also Mrs. Faye Riehey, came over from Seattle to spend the night before returning to Seattle Satur- ,d ith.' her little family. A deIFcious potluck dinner was enjoyed by a group of friends at the Jack Milner's beach cottage Saturday night. Joining the four Milners were Ed, Louise and Les- lie Okonek. Russ and Ruth Wells, Speck and Irene Fredrieks and four Seatt]e friends of the Milners. Leurn the ABCs LUNC 125 Cota St. Phone 426-3953 OPEN 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Also on Sundays L y S of EATING at FREE PARKING Next to Pantorium A is [or lhe GOURTEDUS ATTENTION you get, right now. B is for ihe body-building BREAKFASTS we feature. C is ]:or GLEANLINESS, a riluai at Manley's. D is [or DINNER, which we serve Ioo. Mrs. Lee Pearson of A'berdeen. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Polk play- S for ENERGY, which ou ! from our Food, ed host; to Lotfise's sister, Mrs. -- . Leona Farrington of Port Angeles, from Wednesday to Friday of last week.most fullyThe appreciatedl°vely weatlerand madeWaS !S for FRENCH FRIES, In :hich w? excel. the visit especially pleasant. G IS [or GUIDE BOOKS, which we give Free. That bright newly-painted play- room floor at the Grapeview Schoolhouse is the result of ala- H is for HOME MADE," like pies bur of love performed by three lit-  tie mommies and two big daddies " our u last Saturday morninG. Mothers' Club President, Shirley Engen, I ! Iurial Somers and Louise Okonek S for IOEOREAM, to eat here or lake out= were most ably assisted by Don Query and Walt Clayton in the env°ri-Ioward Somers and Walt IS for our flavorful JELLO SALADS. Clayton crammed their cars to ca- pacity with younGun's Saturday tersCircusaftern°°nwerein madeOlympia'and headedmosttWelVehappy.fOr theyoungS.BuckyElk's !S For our special brand of "KITOHEN KNOW-HOWm" Cathy Jamie and Becky Query, Don, Susah and Janie PoGreba , IS for the LUNOHES in which we speoialize, Leslie Okonek. Judy Engen, Don and Kristi Somers and Georgia M iS fO gi Clayton attended as the guests of Howard, Walt and Julie Stock, r the MAPS, which we also ve free. proceeds from the tickets being donated totheElks'YouthActi. N iS for vity Fund. the NUTRITION our dishes are full of, MRS. FAYE MITCHELL left Seattle Sunday for Vancouver, B. C.. on the first lap of a trip to Europe that will in two weeks, take hereto Prague. She will be in Europe for several months, with an itinerary that is still indefinite. A granddaughter's wedding, babies expected in both grandsons' fami- lies. the thousandth-anniversary celebration in Luxemburg, are among the magnets that are at- tracting her this time. gathering material for writing bein G a con- stant pastime. Mrs. Mitchell sends a general farewell to her friends, whocan expect to hear from her from time to time, as usual. Also, as usual, any mail sent to her home will be forwarded. The William Spooner family spent the weekend in Seat£1e to see Mrs. Mitchell off. They visited with friends and with daughter  ! Linda at the University. Linda, in S for our UNEXCELLED hamburgers .. "ust try 'em! the University Choir, took part in w...,,,,,,,,,..,...,.,,--. • J the sunrise service at Washelli. Ann and Marcella Westber G took I advantagesprinG vacation°f the byGrapeviewspendingSCh°°lFri- !S ,or the VARIETY of Manley's Menus, Not only did they visit with Ann's sister and family, the Max Reidels, IS or the WONDERFUL VALUES you always find here. but also with other friends and 0 is for that oh-so-good OYSTER STEW of ours. P is for for PRAWNS servediin a basket. Q is for the QUIOK SERVIOE you'll gel at Manley's. R is for lhe REASONABLE PRIGES you find on our Menus. S is for SODAS, SOFT DRINKS and SEAFOODS. T is for TOURIST INFORMATION, anolher free service. even managed to find time to take in a little bowling, as might be expected ! The Sarah Eckert Orthopedic Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. Marie Givens this Friday, April 19 at 11 a.m. This will be a regular work meeting and Mrs. Myrtle Soule will set,re as co-hos- tess. 4-H'ers: Don't forget'Demonstra- tion Day will be this Saturday, April 20, in Shelton. JACK X is [or our XTRA FINE FOOD. Y is for our YUMMY SUNDAES, you can't lop 'em! Z iS for the ZEST with which we strive to please you.