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April 22, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 22, 1971

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There was new evidence this week that it takes less and less effort to rattle Spire Agnew's cage to the point where he will put down his tire, thump his chest, and start issuing alliterative grunts. There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when it took a serious matter, such as a raised eyebrow or fleeting smirk on a television commentator's face, to activate the Voice President's tonsils. The Nixon administration's contribution to the holy state of acrimony could also be coaxed from silence by university presidents who question the belief that the cause of education is best served by employment of National Guard troops to shoot their students. Two weeks ago, the Babble Him of the Republic was roused from lethargy by the verdict in the Calley murder case, accusing the six officers on the jury of being "Monday morning quarterbacks.., sitting comfortably in an office in Washington." That's quite an accusation against the five officers on the panel who are veterans of Vietnam, coming as it did from a Tuesday morning quarterback who sits comfortably in an office in Washington and was not present at the trial• This week, however, the White House Missing-Link-in-Residence was goaded to rhetoric by, of all things, a traveling ping-pong team. In the first above-board penetration of the bamboo curtain, an American table tennis team and several newsmen toured Communist China. They reported a courteous and enthusiastic reception and merciful treatment at the hands of superior ping-pong players. This initial people-to-people contact between citizens of the United States and three-quarteis of a billion souls our government has refused to admit live on the same planet with us apparently displeased the Voice of Expedience. "You fellows from Internal Revenue or the Department of Ecology?" Editor, The Journal: When was the last time you attended a good demonstration? Webster defines a demonstration as: "1) a proving• 2) an explanation by example, etc. 3)a showing of how something works. 4) a display, as of public opinion." There are countless ways in which a person can demonstrate.., from showing a child how to tie his shoes or ride a bike, to marching in front of the Capitol steps with a sign in your hands• Teaching a child how to tie his shoes is probably near the bottom of the ladder of recognition or public attention, while marching on the steps of the capitol is at the other end. Saying which one is more beneficial or rewarding is merely a matter of opinion. In between the rung of marchers and shoe-string teachers are thousands of rungs representing thousands of types of demonstrators, their order of importance varying with each individual.Among these are salesmen, radio and T.V. personalities, students, athletes, parents, teachers, etc. The drama student is the demonstrator I would like to comment on. A month or so ago I had the privilege of seeing two plays presented by the Shelton High SchoO Department... Pooh" and "Mrs. very impressed, to However, I wasn't the size of the I have alwaY) Shelton's plays but to appreciate the time, talents involved in play. I didn't in high school that I had. I feel valuable and which could have a teacher and Some of the from dramatics organization, in s e 1 f-expression, and team work qualities in be contributing society. We all like positive re things we do or we've made. TI nature. We pack or stadium for demonstration. to the televisi.01 newspaper, which demonstrations, otherwise. Next time the demonstrating' involved.., believe l~0, regret it. Deniff "i • • • Editor, The Journal: self employed or As may or may not be public can take his He was quoted as telling a group of newsmen that the knowledge, the Washington State November. But Game Commission at their April working man who United States had been trapped into a disadvantageous By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS legislators are inclined to treat the The Democrats' redistricting Greive and his Democratic 6th meeting at Olympia set the take his vacation position from a public relations point of view and that one Prospects for the 42nd problem like any other whicharchitect, Senate Majority Leader followers passed a congressional opening dates for the major during the member of the team appeared to be returning home talking Legislature completing its work causes much pain - get it over R.R. Greive, has been working on redistricting referendum in 1965, hunting seasons in the state, school teacher, the the communist line. within 120 days are looking with as quickly as possible,redistricting legislation ever since to go on the ballot in 1966. A major concern to the construction the aerospace ...... better than any time since the Redistricting Fades last January. Despite the fact that Gov. Pacific County Sportsman Club service man or any The Puerile Pillar of Pulsating i'aranola has struck another law-makers gathered here last A s H o use an d S eante But getting a bill that will be Dan Evans campaigned against the was the opening dates for the would like to start blow for freedom. January 1 1. conferees work on the bud-et the a p p r o v e d b y b o t h t h e measure, the Democrats sold it to upcoming elk season this fall. fair competition ~ They started looking up the no~qbilitv of enacti~ 'new Democratic-controlled Senate and the voters without much trouble. The Washington State Game hunter. This date is moment a Democratic-controlled ~e~islative and congressionalthe Republican-controlled House They figure they could do the Commission this year has set a to all the above indi' F - ,, -- ~ Senate passed its version of the disgtrictin laws fades b ~thehour can't be done overnight -nor in same with an initiative, but it Monday opening date of joeldit • . - g Y . Jml~I,A ~ml ~ ~ ~m~ ~I 1971-73 budget just 34 days after ThorP i~.'t ..... id .... af 40 days and 40 nights, would be a different baUgame. November 1, This is fine for the from th of ............ " ........... i"racific County SP U~ ~ffj[~i~~ ~1_~ ~1 receiving it e House any feet-dragging on the budget Greive fears redistricting byTo get a referendum on the -- Representatives. to allow time for redistrictin~ the federal courts because the ballot, they only had to pass it I' ~ld ' Could it be possible the red man speaks with forked The House, where the There has been some t~lk of state would be represented by through the Legislature at a time From left ~: billboard9 Republicans held a shaky 51-48 seekino a 10 day extension Atty. Gen. Slade Gorton, the when the Democrats held a • mar g i n, h a d t a k e n a throu~h~ a sneci;1 session to be Republican who as a member of majority in both houses. behind, left-overs Local nicotine fiends are beginning to suspect this is the recordbreaking 59 days to get its called" when~the current 60-day the Legislature played such a big To put an initiative on the Editor, The Journal: ,, Left Bank (knt versmn of the big spending bill part m shaping the redistricting case after repeated failure to find a tobacco-selling Indian . " . , " . .. " " period expires. . " ...." ' " " ballot, they would have to come Re: "A Brand-New Problem curiosities) are :: behind the counter of the "Tipi Indian Smoke Shop" on the thr°~hgnatanaiv°:ert~° tcn2nTerne:t2e But this would require act It :e~s~ted in the Re ublicans up with more than 100,000 v~ilid as quoted in your April 15 relate to. We ~. atiQ" n taorth Sheiton g agreement from the Governor to P signatures, . Editorial ~ column. ~ . DO NOTN E VE R ~¢A; ~ ~ o~ . com~e bett¢~ ghan three /~t~ it nlu~ acN,..... t f~.~ the igaining, a majority in the House of Th~ is a big order. It would THINK IT FARCICAL! ~ .... "~ -- " " " ....... ~ ...... ~" ................ weeks m wh]c'~ fo'~k~ff6 .............. two ~'- .... :'Y. ~'~t~.': .................. Representatives in every elechon right~au~'~t' ' The sign on the building proclaims that there is such an .... majori iei in t~0tlt houses to limit , : .... "r e q u ir e b o t h money and Mr. Citizen of Raymond is follow the right:¢~ _ :a H. .... . ~ . ....... versions over and come up with a the session to 10 d"- o .since manpower. It is doubtful if warning us of a very insidious Hence, politil es/aollSllment DUI snort-wlnoeo wretches WhO nave mane ........ ' -; - ,- - ' . .... compromise acceptame to oom With ......... r ,~.~ it t, re~vecan t get a enough enthusiasm could be problem - The Left Wing - leftists! Those " I] " * " " • ,~ tJ Ill a It ~ Ut LII~ . . . umerous attempts to lind a sign olllte In the flag-bedecked houses Governor's executive re-uest bills redistricting ball through thedrummed up for the redistricting which can be contained only by forced into emporium have come away frustrated. Co'nference committees - still resting in leqgislativeLeg!s!ature, he plans to try an issue to inspire the troops into our educators before it becomes a submission beli To a thr~'~ n~,,t~ ~_n,,,, ;,,h,.t ...... U .... ,~; ..... • :~ composed of three members from committees, it would put him in inmauve. ~e hopes mr netp xromany great efforts, r a m p a n t p r o b 1 e m...attain the title I, ~,,v a~,P. a-x.la ilUlal¢,|, ;~u~-lla pit~,~u.~,alllUliL !~ t he S t at e Laver Council "~" " Y each house - usually are able to .... " , , . . . an excellent bargaining positron. Tax ReliefDims Left-handedness is akin to develop a d refined torture. General Custer s problems were insignificant do the job m" less hme" than that. It is extremely doubtful if AFL-CIO. compared to those of a smoker who sees an Indian smoke Now Comes The Pain either house would be willing to DifferentBallGame The chances of this Under-handedness... schizophrenia Legislature enacting any generalBeing of left hand (also, words... TheirR shop sign and then can t buy so much as one pack of t'flthy As painful as it is to write a pay the price. To avoid a gubernatorial vote, property tax relief don't look shamefully, of the left foot I know what the: weeds, budget, it is a joyfull pastime k good. might add), I have experienced doing, imagine T ...... compared with providing the Virtually everybody in both the trauma of being the only child booth, makes on~ Incipient cancer victims resigned to paying trte going revenue to balance it II supermarl et price tbr their malignancy sticks treasure That chore comes next, but is i I \ I ~ I 1.~..---~ can'th°uSeSagreeiS inonfaVOrhow Ofto it.do Butit. they deskin a classrOOma nd aWithrighta lefthandedhanded in leftY°urSfield,sincer¢ memories of the few cartons they bought from the friendly being held up until such time as~ / ~lT~_r~]! The House's version of teacher... I have marched, head • - the law-makers have an inkling of P.S. My "Pa~ Suquamlsh on the shores of Agate Passage or from the the final bud-et draft, and how property tax relief was on the high, left foot forward, carrying cut-rate Colvilles in beautiful downtown East Omak. much money ~vill be needed, i 17T?\ ~ II ~, muchfl°°r forthatdayS.nobodyIt was amendedknew whatS° myselfmY banneroutProutUY,of step°nlYwitht° findthe fightingS°Uth" WhYsouth,.d' To bait an em hp ysema-wracked rnaleface ,,,,,"n*h When .... the revenue bill takesle" "-- "~"~'~'~ II ~ wasin the bill. common crowd. One finally Northern "paws' h n " ' " uel shape, ~t all will be in a stag ..--- Rep "nting the measure in its begins to believe that left out, left a threat to their a d-lettered promises that arent kept is cr and unusual -ackaoe The-ro-osed increases II punishment, a pract,ce proh,bited by the Const,tutlon of the in cigarette and liquor taxes, now ~ ~ . ~r~ amended form was a four-day job .... writen ............ initself. The cold w " m United States of America. in separate bills, will be t ~ "~. J~-"~ ~ " ~ The Senate is expected to ._ . into the package, along with ~1 ~ - - ,~ work thebilloversomemore. IIT|t It something is not done soon to rectify this injustice, we whatever other taxes are neededO ~: ~ ((~., suggest that it be investigated by the House Un-American to balance income with outgo. (~/~. (~~ :. ~~ The final version probably Activities Committee But raising the money to ~ ~' ~i~t~a "~'~11~?~4~!_ conferenceWill be writtencommittee.bYButabyfreethe By DAVE AVERILL , " , spend never seems to take as long~ ('~ ~C')"'xj I~ ~"~ ~::: time the bill gets that far, there You May remember the celebrated quote tBy soon, we mean within the next couple days; we re as deciding where to spend "t• won't be much time left. Patton Jr. down to one carton in the desk drawer.) When it comes to raising taxes, Don't be surprised if the He is an Army general, like his dad. He is measure dies in limbo, off the old block. • When somebody asked him about was in favor of it. War is terrible, all right. ,, "But I do love to see the arms and legs flY, Such candor probably cost George some Seven years and fifty-three thousand young American tentlously, over a long and arduous jungle trail, by runners The essential character ot the American military forces next efficiency rating. lives ago, Senator Frank Church of Idaho warned his who carry what they can on their backs, while we supply' the today is naval and aerial. We have no hordes of troops to The rule today is that anybody colleagues about what might happen if the United States government of South Vietnam with shiploads of the most match the Chinese in conventional battle, sergeant is supposed to put on a long face escalated the war in Vietnam. modern equipment, and pour in hundreds of millions of If we become involved in that region, which is the most of war and speak fondly of the blessings of On June 23, 1964 - six weeks before passage of the dollars each year. Still, we fear the Government of South remote in the world from the United States, we could waste Those who are best at this kind of Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which gave President Johnson the Vietnam is about to topple, our troops endlessly in the interminable jungle, frightening. An example close to home, one authority to indulge in the excesses which are today tearing Now it is said that perhaps we must go further and What for, Mr. President? Do we think it will be a war in in my memory, was the chaplain who apart our government and our people - Senator Church extend the war to North Vietnam, Laos or northward. What which world opinion will be on our side? Do we think that blessings of the Divinity at the dedicatiOla departed from a prepared speech on the 20th anniversary of troubles me is that if this war - which is essentially a the history of the last 20 years means that a white nation is assembly plant. the United Nations to deliver the following eloquent and political war, that can be won only by the people of South going to be upheld in fashioning the destiny of Asia? Do we So the big brass, with the honorable prophetic words: Vietnam - is being waged on terms so advantageous, with the think that if we occupY this region with our naked power, we Patton, loves peace. I have great trepidation about the talk that is so current enemy restricted to 25,000 hard core Vietcong, how on earth would then have solved the problem? Do we think that the Let a corporal from Barracks B take uP these days, to the effect that we must not fight in South will the situation be improved by extending the war to the Asians concerned would then say, "We are sav'ed. We are though, and he is in bad trouble. Vietnam on Communist terms. Of course, no one can argue north? Will it help to take on the army of North Vietnam? liberated by the Western power, the United States, and her One result of all this is that the with that statement. But, if we consider the implications of Do we think that the bombings of North Vietnam will occupation will be our shield • Why, the tides of history will our time are all civilians. the statement, it seems to mean we are going to change the break the spirit of the government, and cause it to discontiue wash over us in time. For Asia does belong to the Asians Interview a young draftee home from terms of the fight, in the direction of expanding the war. to aid and abet the insurrection in the south? Why should now, and will forevermore, chances are that he will find some nice As 1 have said, I intend to deliver a separate speech, if I we? The bombing of North Korea never broke the spirit But I did not want to talk about South Vietnam. I came the pleasures of not being a target. Peace, it's ever can get it written and be satisfied with it, on the subject there. And we bombed every house, bridge and road until here to talk about the United Nations. Still, I am troubled The guy with the brass on his shoulderS, of South Vietnam. , there was nothing left but rubble. Expanding the war is not about where we are going in South Vietnam and how we are take you through the details of explaining Under present circumstances, there are about 25,000 getting out, Mr. President. It is getting in. thinking this through, the current war is to preserve the peace. hard core Vietcong in South Vietnam. The army of the Wait until we change the terms to the point where Red I, too, wish our new Ambassador every possible success, escapes you, you ought to be reading Joe government we support is many times that size - several China feels, as she came to feel in Korea, that her own So far as I know, the policy of our administration thus me. hundred thousand men. The Viet¢ong is being supplied security has become endangered. Then we may be faced, as far is to continue to give support to the Government of And amid all these peacemongers, the we were in Korea, with the Chinese army coming down. Is South Vietnam, to help put down the present insurrection. I make brave conversation is the civilian. our memory so short that we have forgotten that, only two am for that policy. I will vote for the added money that may He may have grumbled about the years ago, China invaded India? Can we be so sure that China be needed. But I am just setting up some warning posts that back in 1943, when he finally made it to will hesitate? She has not hesitated before, had better be pondered if we are to avoid a tragic trail of But today he is part of the Establishment Then what shall we have? We shall have a war so casualties in Asia, out of all proportion to the vital interests of great courage. Mailing Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412momentous in its consequences, so massive in its character, of the United States. "It's not too late," he will tell you. that the hordes of Chinese troops can only be stemmed with Sometimes wars must be fought. I am for fighting them do is bomb them guys back into the Stone EDITOR AND PUBLISHER ...................... Henry G. Gay atomic weapons. Then the cry will go up, Mr. President: "Use where the vital interests of the United States are at stake. But Give him credit. If he likes to see the ~u~~l11~1~l1~um~u~m~ll~uulm~l~l~1~~l~. our nuclear power." let us be sure. Let us be sure. least he doesn't pretend he's a ballet fan. Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, April 22, 1971