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April 23, 1964     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 23, 1964

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'~ ., , I4 glTl 3 $O --MA.qO?q COT.TIPSY" .TOIIYP: AL--Puhlinhod in "C77rLqtmantawn, U.R.A.", ghrqtnn, Wa.ahinNon Thursday, -] Te , B 'e "~hell coll(,,ctors arc liliES, I tell anlazenlent" when he s:t\v the yOUP' says Edward Furlong, who owner of a litlle street shell hi|s- l~y |)ors ||earinK Sunday nftern0Oll ~%,.~ ~ is one of lhis country's three rail- iness with wtmm he had made MATLOCK. - There will be Herbert lion collectors of shells. ]~I1L \rhea friends, staret) out a hot cigaretle dedication of the new Mary M. Ely visited the you see the sparkling enthusiasm tmtt wKh his bare foot. An(l, c(an- Knight seh()ol this b'riday evening Mr. and MrS. g with which lie and his wife, M!u"j- meriting on the gzeat width of al 8 p.m. Everyone is welcome, attended KEEP UIRSHInGTOn GREEn orie, of The Driftwood Shop north their feet, "They don't need flip- This community mOlli'llS llle Shelton of Hoodsport tell about their shell- pers for skin divingq" death of Mrs. Rose Rabideau, whoniece's son, T0111 seeking experiences on their Will- When their ship do(:ked at Van- passed away at her home here five stalled as Master " ter trip to Australia, you feel it couver, B.C. it was no small task, miles south of Mary M. Knight The might be ftln to be "one in three with the help of porters, to carry school a week ago. Her funeral evening with Mr. Pharmacy Phacts million" yourself. ,fff their accumulated treasures, was in Ehna Monday. She lived Lovelte. As shell colleetorfi and buyers which filled their waiting pickup here on her farm for ,t9 years and MRS. VAN From Nell Evande and as tourists eager to learn truck. One treasure she would leaves one daughter, Mrs. Tens Earl ~Valker You know, we're happy that our about people and life on another trust to no one was Marjorie's Shaw and a gram]son, Jerry. Me- neth Howard store is known here in town as continent,, they fomzd their busin- Prayer coral, a lovely piece of thcr Rabideau would have been Mr. and the 'family drug store'. In fact, ess and pleasure expedition of al- white coral which looks like a 90 years old May 1. son Pat spen we-really do deserve this name most three months stimulating group of graceful, while supplE- 'Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bradberry coma with because whether and exciting, eating hands; It was a Fiji porter were dinner guests Tuesday of Sixty it's something forEXCITING WERE their sbx who fold her the name of the Mr. and Mrs..Wes Goodbm'n of Matlock Gavel r t h e b a b y o r days on an uninhabited island coral, demonstrating its meaningShelton. s o m e thing for of the Great Barrier Reef, shel- with his hands when she failed to Mrs. h:enneth Howard and chil- eningbrougbtwhenthetlle G r a n d p a o r tered in a mud-grass hut aband- understand him to say "Prayer". dren and Mrs. Steve MeCowan takes tile G r a n d m a it'scued a century ago by aborigines. "Shell collectors are nuts!". The and daughter were hmcheon The ready and wait- Exciting was their visit with Tom- Furlongs had barely arrived home j guests of Mrs. Earl Walker Frz-entertaintile and reopened their'shop when tlae day. ink for you here. my Marsh, shell collector and au- Club on It's true that I thor, and viewing his collection mail began to come from Austral-MRS. IlELEN CRANE of Olym- a noon luncheOn, won't sell yotw the greatest in the world of the is. A woman in North Queensland,pin spent Friday with her cou- children p ot e n- mollust shell genus, known as the after see'inK their picture and an sin's Mr. and Mrs. Herbert He- article about them in a Rockhamp- lin. really - explosive Conus, or Cone shell. ' :: '; ton newspaper, wrote to arrange Mr. and Mrs. Edward Valley chemicals for rocket experiments. And it was exciting to travel for the exchange of shell speci-called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles NOW And, it's also true that it takes some 5.000 miles in the world's mona. She listed the items she was LaBrec Friday evening. your doctor's well-considered pro- largest island and smallest eonti- sending him. She was one of tileMr. and Mrs. Max Nilsson of KIRBY 1 scrlption to "unlock" our pharma- nent with their son, Val Furlong, 30 mililon or so collectors in the Seattle spent the weekend with ey department. And. it's also true geophysics engineer of Sydney, as world. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert HelEn. that we carry hundreds of items their driver and guide. "This business takes a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Valley at- Sales that are necessary for your beau- Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. letter writing", Ed tohl us, show- tended the pinochle party at the ty, good grooming and pleasure Phillip Sheetsley of Contrails, al- ing letters he had ready to mailLemke home at Dayton Saturday ' with which we are glad to serveso shell collectors, with whom they to North Borneo, Zinzibar, New evening. you. We're always here, at yourhad made other trips, the Fur- Caledonia, Japan, Ceylon, the Phil- Mr. and Mrs. Lud Rossmaier free convenience, to be of service tolongs left in mid-January on the VISIT TO AUSTRALIA---Mr. and Mrs. Edward of the places they visited during a three-month ippines and Port Sudan, Afzica in were Saturday evening dinner in y0~r you and your family. "Arcadia" from Vancouver, B.C. Furlong hold a pair of Kola bears at the wild life trip "down under",largely ona shellcollectingreply to responses from his ad- guests of the James Rossmaier Service After stops in San Francisco and sanctuary in Lone Pine, Australia. This was one . trip, vertising. :Marjorie, as enthused family of Shelton and to help eel- Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Long Beach, Calif., and then in . . , , as her husband, helps with the ebrate their granddaughters Lisa's Saturdays -- 9:$0 - 6:00 Hawaii, the Fijl Islands and Auck- land. New Zealand, the ship beaches. Val Furlong, employed by the island, described by Val Fur- complete in the world, including book work and correspondence, first birthday. docked in Sydney. Here they were a mining company, had spent thelong as "the most relaxing of the several that no one else possesses. They can order ahnost any shellSUNDAY TIlE Rossmaiers went. met by their tall (6-foot-7) son. past three years working in AI~s- Great Barrier Reef istand,s." Some were obtained by dragging iu the world, but to imve a com- to Tacoma to help celebrate Lud's with his car ready to show themtrails as a geophysicist. An abandoned nut they used operations in deep water, even 100 plete stock would cost at leastsister and brother-in-law's 25th 4th & Railroad 426-3327 Australia's cities, its gum-tree- They were driven north from for shelter and some spears andfathoms down. aSHELLquarter Of COOLECTORSa million dollarS.usually ! j.weddingM. Lowell.anniversary' Mr. and Mrs. , , , ,,, dotted "bush country" and itsSydney for 1.300 miles to Yeppoon, hunting shields they discovered on Marsh has written a book, "Co- collect a particular genus, such as Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Boethe and Queensland, and visited a shell the island, were evidence of abet- nus Shells of the World", which the Conus, the Cowries and the family of Hoquiam spent the museum, where a fine collection igine life, perhaps 100 years ago. will be published this June, andKonk (often spelled "Conk". The weekend at the I. C. Ford home was beautifully displayed. During A long five-foot high pile of shelL~ The Driftwood Shop plans to fen- Driftwood Shop owners brought the trip the visitors commented attested to the seafood part oflure it with other literature of home with them many additions upon the numerous tiny, quaint,their diet. Gum and cocoanut trees interest to shell collectors, to their stock, including some 12 village-like churches they saw,grew'0n the island. DRIVING SOUTH, the Amevi- oz' 13 varieties of Cowries they many out by themselves, with noIt was warm, almost too waITn cans were shown the hospitable didn't have, and. the uncommon clu~ter of homes or a communityfor Marjorie Furlong, but all on- cities of Brisbane, Queensland; in Vase shells, Purple dmlpe and a ,~ nearby. Most of them were spired joyed swimming every day in theNew South Wales, Sydney, Orangewealth of others. Presents , like our small New England vil-crystal clear, blue water, with its and Albury to the west and 80 "Now if I had $1501 didn't know LANNY SLATER and THE lake churches, temperature of about 87 degrees, miles Inland from the coast, Can- what to do with, just had it to HORSES AND CARTS, mostly The Great Barrier Reef is the berra, the capitol of the Common- spend, I'd send to Brazil and get MARY and ELMER, You~ hostess and '-R used for utility purposes were not- main home of the sea-going turtle wealth of Australia, and in Vic-this Goliath Conch that I've been ed as still functioning, in trans- and the adventures found one of torts, its capitol, Melbourne. wanting for about 10 years." Ed portation and also many older me- the largest, a green turtle about At Brisbane they toured a fac- looked lovingly at the pictured dels of cars. They even saw a we- eight feet long, which might weigh tory where replicas of the native Conch shell, which would be about man driving a Model-T truck, half a ton. And each day on the bear, the beloved Koala, kanga- 15 inches long andweigh about 35 9:30 to 2100 * Open 8:30 * $1.25 loaded with hay. English small island was a "field day", as theroos and even the Platypus were pounds. cars are popular and the Furlongs avid collectors picked up, cleaned made from long-lasting, real Kau- "Shell collectors are the nuts", On the old Olympia--Tacoma were favorably impressed with and identified their shells. (Col- garoo fur. The Furlongs brought but they do have fun. the performance of their son's lectors must use caution in pick- back some of each, in various siz- newer cars, they said, were more inK up their finds, we leaz~aed, es, for their shop. The platypus, - ' CHEVROL ]'E apt to be small, the larger ones since shells can actually poison one of the counu y's strangest an- TRADE'N' TRAVEL TIME AT YOUR models from about 1930 to '42. and ldll with an arrow-like, ex- imals, is an egg-layiug mammal Since 1896 Light Olympia Beer They reported much progress in tensible proboscis, from one-half and a livir~g link between rep- road building'throughout the court- to three fourths of an inch in files and mammals. has been brewed only at Tumwater, try, length.) These, and the wattle wood South of Yeppoon at Rockhamp- An inter-island boat returned boomerangs and real feathev~wol- Washington. The reason 4s ton they took off in two laIafies, them to Rockhampton, there theyorful corsages, they obtained, were chartered to take the party to had an appointment to meet a new made by aborigines. This, they ex- refreshingly clear--:[t the Water" S(,uth Keppel Island. As the small collector friend, Tony Marsh, plained, is part of a Queensland planes disappeared from their world Conus expert. They visited Department of Native Affairs pro- their sight, the little group found him in his home and were thrilled gram to encourage manufacturing Olympia ~reu, ing Company, Tumu,ater. near Olympia, Washington. ~y ~ 4.64 themselves the only occupants of with his Conus collection, the most and sales of crafts by the natives to help make up for the tragic loss of their native hunting and t/ fishing resources, destroyed by the ,, / [ basic sheep and cattle raising, {~ basic in Allstralian economy. TWO DAYS were spent in Can- berra, the most modern of Aus- tralian cities. They visited Parlia- ment House, and saw the various i .... embassy buildings, including the ' ' Cape Cod style U'.S. Embassy, . ' ." ~:~::.i::i: .i~i!: Here they saw the impressive .. " :~: ~ ,,.: . / i!:. Australian War Memorial, with "~/ ::' '" ~: its Hall of Memory, designed as ::.: ................... ............. : :::~: ::~:~ : ~ .... :: the focus of the great Memorial. Along tl~e walls of its entrance court will be empanelled in bronze the names of all service person- ~i..:... ............................... nel r.o lose their lives in all wars. .. ........... "The stained glass windows on ii .......... : ........... : ~:::. : .... three sides of the Hall of Mem- ory and the beautiful glass mosaic :il ::": ::~:::::::~..~!:.i::~: on the interior walls and dome are wonderful to remember", en- ii: .............. ~:' ' thused Mrs. Furlong. i-. ...... :::..: .............. .......... They remeh~ber their drive to the top of I(osciusko l~t., Austral- ia's highest peak, loeated in the i. . Z !.'::: :'.>" '::'+ .- i~ ~:.!i:~i.~`~.~!~.~.~:~!/~i~%~ii:.:~i~:!i~i/i:~i~.i~.`i~.~.i" :~ Snowy Mountains range, where they have started an electrical and irrigation project known as the ~: ::.:: .::!:i!.ii:!:.! !i:ii:iii::i:i Snowy Mountains Authority. The danl will be the largest earth- made and cement dam in the world ::',::,::~!ila:,-:iii!:il "We feel that the Australians ......... have accomplished and progressed notably with their comparatively !i:::ii:~ii:::::: small population." the tourists said. :ii:~: ii!iiiii!i Birds flashing every color of the rainbow fascinated the visitors from Hood Canal, who found non~ ~f the varieties familiar, unless it was the raven. They watched them fly into a bird sanctuary at !il;:;!i:::!: the twice-daily feeding times when they came for bread and holaey. They found it "fabulous" to watch the brilliantly colored ~orl Coa~es ~bov: Cortege Eling Ray, Chevy II Nova, Corvafr Monza, ChevelIe Malibu :::i:ii!:i!]iill parrots and cockatoos of which thm~e are over 50 varieties in Aus- tralia. -- But the real highlight of their ::?:: bird watching, or rather bird hear- M~ t going l rice :iii:!::i:::i,ii! inK, was their encounter with the 0|i ob'el~)oal~lo$~ Bell birds between Sydney and Orange. Out of their car window ~{;~8 h ttage-ready tlme, Putdhe-boat-ln-the-water t~me. Ba~eba]I tlme. they held their small tape record- er and recorded the sounds from ravel irae at your Chewole!; dealer's. Time to get out of thai the birds, so much like tiny bells {)~ Che 01et' l five greal; highway performers. ringing up there above them in the it'e easy to go on vacation first class--wlthout paying a first.aS1 trees. ~' luxury THE RETURNED travelers be- t-ff~100th Chevrolet, for example. This beauty rivals just abou any lieve that if Americans had more ~porfo~r~ltl~ comicS. Or a totally new type of travel in the idea of what Australia is like, with Ghevelle. Lots of room inside--yet nicely sized for easy its climate and other attractions ~ :NOW thrifty Chevy II has hill-flattening power. it would have an increased flow Some folks (not you we hope) tend to be timid about asking their bank for a loan. And of tourists, And they speak of the 0flora extra power that accents its road-hugg~lg lack of an unemployment problem Jld the exciting Corvette speaks for itself. that's unfortunate, for after all, a bank's business is making loans. [] Speaking for ourselves, there, recalling the huge number Ye , right now is new car time. T-N-T Time. 'I'imo o each of us here at Seattle-First is just as anxious to make loans as any other businessman or "Help Wanted" ads they saw or merchant is to make a sale. What does it take to get a loan from us? Basically, all you in Australian newspapers. They ~tlll from a new car. 2'o get a great trade on yoUr think there must be about six Iml~ml~m big ch0ie0 at your Chevrolet dealer's, Come on ial need is a good reason for wanting the money. And all we need is the assurance that you jobs available for every man and can and will pay us back. [] So the next time you need cash, we hope you'll step right up woman on the continent, tHECKTHE T,II.T DEALS ON CHEVROLET. gHEVELLE. CHEVyrr. Enr~ute home on the "Oriana" and ask us for it. You'll be doing us a favor, the ustml stop was made at Suva .~"---"~ .... in the Fiji Islands, where they found the natives of great inter. est. Members of the police band playing on the dock wbre uniforms Shelton Branch/Seattle First National Bank consisting of dark shirts, wide ,= belts and white skirts with their FIRST & GROVE STS. SHELTON ...................................... edges cut into points. The Fijians walked barefooted on sizzling hot , " '" Lawrence A. Carlson, Mgr., ~5 Franklln Street pavement and Ed Furlong said it