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April 29, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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April 29, 1941

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Page Six SIIELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL Enlarge Drapes , {Hilduf‘dné‘rud 0? ‘ SHELTllll-llliSON COUNTY—lofillllAl i v o e o e o o o e o e e o o o e o o o o o e 6 o o e o e e o 9 o o o o . P 0:9 0.000000. 9.0390; 9.0 to. 90¢ 6990.00.60000990‘9 9.6 s.¢o.oo.oo.oo.¢o.oo.oo.¢ o..o.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.o0.00.0 go Charter, Honors l GrapeVIew Dies censeiioneo won Tne snenen independent '3‘ l Entered as second—class matter at the posioi‘l’ic‘c at Shelton, Washington .0. Frances E. Carri There Saturday . . . ' g. 1, Subscription Rates: _ ’0 Kamilche, April 23- —— Progressl .Gmpeview,‘ April 28. _~ Miss . v33! pfiAgge‘fi-fii‘ iiiiiislosiiucé’i‘fll '5iiiéiliiioisiiwi33i3eii-iny $31.33 Siiiriiitglsi’iécsttii 3 , , , _, Grange met Thursday eveningl Hildlll‘ OUSX'Ud 0f Grapevlew paSS‘ regulations forbid residents of Shelton served by city mail carrier from .60 ': “J ‘3 i . ,’, '7 with a large attendance. The away at her home Saturday short- r'i-celvms their Journal by mail. or ' ‘ , .0. I ~; 3,5,, .- ’f 1:" ' n 'f’g charter was draped in memory Of 1y after noon. To use her own ‘ Slivllon, soc per month (collected by carrler) .2. ‘ , i M Francis E. Carr, a long-time mem- words, she had hardly been her- ‘ ' 1V ' ‘ _ _ ‘ her, who passed away on April self physically for the past two -i 9:. ' I I I I 12th. The new members, Mr. andjmonths. She had breakfast with , "”"”"""’*"’”‘"“" '"”“f*”y"‘ " ,, t e a t e u :2; Mrs. John Cross, were initiated} her brother last Sunday but wenti GRANT‘ ékGLE J- EBER ANGLE 960 ‘ n: -:. ‘1‘ . and Mr. and Mrs. Al Schiller were) immediately back to bed where “mm Manager flM—w she remained until the end. She ‘ Member of Washington Newspapr Publishers Association .00 OLIVER PETTY 201in in a Peaceful, quiet sleep- Elation, 3, ' Hildur Onsrud was born m' 000 S V E Y , Drammen, Norway. June 23. 1879. ENLISTED hIEN FAR FROM HOME e’. ‘ ' ' She was a daughter of the late 3 , , Tideman Onsrud, a pioneer Of the ‘9 Subscrlblng t0 Grapeview district. Up to 1920 While Shelton is far enough from the canton- .3. I lthe family made their home in San Francisco and Oakland. In ments and NaVy Yard n0t to see very many Ofltzo a ear e remove '0 leir 1 ' ' o v iii. wheels, , the enlisted or draftees on thew off days, except in YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE County Journal dived 8mm She is survived by occasionally hitch-hiking their way for an outing, l ego [3:3 gigothéiagfvcicél‘; Hsrlllélencoglslisl; and then not caring to pick them. up for fear Of I v? ' At the Special Rate of , Gurie FJ-elde of Pérkland' mistake, it 15 well to call attention to the fact no , Hildur Onsrud was an out-Of- that in the main they are boys Just like our own 5?: $3 , €222? C;‘;‘{‘,§‘_3“’T0a pififagbrggc Ital: far from home, and craving for a little home care. ‘1’ S Oliver Petty is ,ggewgg’mfgheimeneven wouldfind her “On 3. Here there is no need to provide club rooms OI E. forZyrS_ candidateEin the Joilrnal's Eggélfgggr $231133 d‘g’hfi; ghgwgeyt :55 safe places for those in service but on occasmr ‘3' b .1 .3 3,123; to lye‘iliyoliigi wiring dandy habitable place." it may be worth _while tO give. the boys a lift 01 “9 A. I | E y mal , bicycle- d'l‘he sugfcripttign climri thgungal servicis 2%}? bf are? some little attention to add a little pleasure along ’3’ --' This Money~Savlng offer ends May 3,3. ai en 5 romp y a do OCK 1 a ernoon a ‘: , a i- . n . . . gatguxll‘day night. That is yourgliiers Xun‘e‘rl'alRParlors with tilie mtn Camp hf}? fog Vailatlopa 34:1 leasghtiejal :2: last chance to take advantage 0 ev. . . amstad of Par - em as W01” y 0 no ice III e ope 8. 11' e the special campaign Offer and to land, officiating, 1 . ,9. > help Oliver win the bicycle of his Interment will be in the family’ other places Where our Own boys are 1n dUt3 ’3. choice, plot in the Shelton cemetery. lthey may be in good and safe company. go no RACE FOR 3 png BICYCLES _ .__...___s —~—-————— ".m , _..____..______—.__ —" re-inSta-ted- The Water system GERALDINE BUFFINGTON >60 Each active candidate in this campaign is sure of winning Kiss gompletedv in titéle dfor 11:9 _:;3;_;: =’ I V I W AT 3, a prize bicycle or a cash commission as only as many candidates “1‘5 ay evenlng- W1 3-3" -—-—- ’“ will be allowed to be active in this campaign as there are prizes group of grangers met in the - - - "'30 and cash commissions. hall anGOthe men PUt‘ the veneer Speaklng about War them 1% no need_ JuSt no,“ ,3, Following is a list of the young men and young ladies who gentheremgswwiufloggiigulndfim‘ig:‘ to look abroad for labor strife in large industria )3. are active in this campaign together with all votes cast for i i . . . . . . . “I a, . . I. Then” wfil be a dance Saturday and coal districts is reaching the shooting stage :3. PWMW‘ “P 1m“ Monday mg”- evening. May 3rd. and the pro- and since the President has called out the Na r DISTRICT NUMBER ONE coeds will be shared with the ball . i A _ _ c , , , , . _ . _ . _ _ _ . _ . , . , . _ . . . . . .. 62,000 club, tional Guard he now has the problem of eithel 3° ,ggfiifflgfiggze,A535,, Road _ _ , _ _ , _ A K , , , _ M 571000 mgr-chggfefig CiagfigfiidLflfi settling strikes or stopping them to end the need- :‘ BAKER. Laura Jean, Matlcigk goute . s 1 e e , - ,- - BLEECKER, M rc' J , 00 s rt ............... .. , a motor trip to Missouri. 185% delays In prOduCIHg planes and munltlons 3. A EUB‘FINGTON,aG<el:aldalh1:, SkOkOEl?lSh Valley .. 24,000 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Comer of ' wh1ch have now reached the danger stage, 3 EAGLE, ,Wentz, Arcadia Road ........................... .. 53.000 Puyallup, Were Sunday guests of b. EDWARDS, Elvin, Victor ..................... .. .— 23,00“ f.. 51,000 59,000 _ 39,000 35123333 and Help 3 MD? MFS‘ Gothary' I I V Andrews Photo Mr. and Mrs. Murray Taylor of. Representing the Skokomish GROW7 AND TREES BURN Bremenon Spent the weekend at Valley in The Journal subscrip-l _——— their Kamilche Point home . . . . . . s A .' tlon campaign is Jerry Bufflna- I Mr, and Mrs. Mike Mam and ton. Here is a young lady may Trees grow. This is the fact of first 1mport son of Olympia, were Sunday a fine field and she plans to wonk‘ance about the chief resource Of Washington—i gueSts at the Greenwooa home' it intensively this last week in 21,15 renewable_ . . real effort to wm one of the eight . . . . Iprize bicycles. You will save} Trees burn. This is the fact Of first import Empress Eugenie escaped from Eggeit'o byerggyglegfoygu; Sggfiigglance tO be dealt With in planning our forest fu . F GLASER, Hugo, Jr., Harstine Island LUNDBERG, Oscar, Jr., Dayton ....... .. MCHENRY, Cecil, Union ......................... .. ' - OGG, Bernadine, Matlock Route Candldate Fran] PETTY, Oliver, Kamilche ............... .. .. REMME, Ramona, Arcadia Road 35,000 ROBINSON, Fae, East Dickinson . . 69,000 ' . SHAW, Betty Lou, Capitol Hill ..... .. iii. 52,000 ~ Thls LISt and WECKI—IORST, Robert, Belfair ........................... _________ .. 49,000 Favgr DISTRICT NUMBER Two Royal Carriage in'Museum Wm_ —.... v ‘1" .91 ’0‘: J‘VV.V v.v‘ v.9v‘30;0 «.V” v9. «‘1 v‘v v.9 J9? the Paris Reviol'utionists in the car- night, ture. _ P gfisfibfatty hafifi .............................................................. .. ggggg 335%??? Sir‘s‘iii‘i‘i‘rifé‘elmf WOW,“— n, of.th t“; as: 3§§$el3§p§1e§ev£§fil§gg$i 1531333 I __. y i _.- y l t — l 36S r1261; icies, and by the federal government in Washing fgfifiéiigifiuiufif' If. igiggg The Abstract M an of r0118 3 ers, ten, for defense Of our woods, waters and Will gggfillémbrxlbert. 2529.888 ' Knots League life agamst the forest fu‘e- N O W 2 Bonus, Lenses: :1: 60,000 Mason County The one great gap in this cooperative line 0: I PIGG. Ralph, Jr. .... .. 63,000 COMMERCIAL BiaYVLiNGPCt 'defense has been in the field of popular educatiOi i, 23221335513312” “ 21383 thing???,::::::::::::::i§ 3.3 :2i3lthe “Keep Washington Green” Campaign, led bl litoIitzEYne3§§gif3111 ............................ _________________ .Q....::1:3‘Z’333 Abstracts, Real Estate .Mcconkey Pharmacy 30 51 .370 State Forester T. S. Goodyear and Stewart H. H01 3 . . High Scores brook, and supported by forest industr and ub 0” wadmdayinniiire viii/i333; :3fo;; V0“ Standmg Loans and Insurance Game—Delano 196- - - y p e . Totai_3kenbrni 501, lie-spirited organizations. , BELL BUILDlNG Matches Thursday The American Legion, with conservation .5 SHELTON'MAEON COUNTY JOURNAL SHELTON, WASH. Daviscourt vs. 4-E Dairy. . . ‘, McCOnkey vs. Mac's Corner. part of its national program, took a leadhng par“. — ‘ Checking their downward slide,in the 1940 effort for our forests. This year the Of recent weeks, Mac’s Corner re— Legion lS further, With an- active foresi gained the top rung in the com- . H 0 M E V mercial bowling league Thursdaylrna'rShal for every POSt in the Washington de- night with a 2 to 1 triumph over} artment. A ear-roun ' Daviscourt Bakery. The two p y d educatlonal program 1: L 0 A N S .team now share first place. being geared up_'through the medium of the Jun- Roy Tingstead and Eddie Cam— ior forest councfl, With the cooperation of indusi spinem try agencies, the forest service, the college 0 l l Your Subscription Can Mean First Prize to Your Favorite! v‘Vv'vv'QVOv Ce 0v vo- O O O 0 O 6 O O O CAMPAEGN N There are ONLY FOUR in the campaign . . . make of them. THE JUDGES 5 . O , g. The fonOWing Citizens have 00 been chosen as judges and two I .l '. e .4 I marano were Mac’s steadiest pin 3 some have threatened 11:»; be or more will be selected to far no one has done It. '9 cover the town thoroughly. -» C Convenient Terms 4-E Dairy lost 3 Chan“ t0 gainlforestry 0f the University of Washington, anc’ 9. count the votes in the ballot ' r g box the last night of the cam- W111 be °"e street and d°w" the “he ' t t d i th , ' . $1112"; figsjgggugmemweek‘; t2“; WithBState Forester Goodyear as chairman. . ; paign; at even, house. You willbfvis; now, when the milkmen dro ed 'uni ” ' i ' 09 , ‘ ‘L I at the good results you Reasonable Rates the odd game to tailend Mcggn- I. th t1? or 50r%St 1S meant the. ,Seconc MARK PICKENS, ‘by doing this as many P80 . N0 DE Y key, Pharmacy despite Frank E fir , fe new ifmwer hcrop, now thrivmg or 0:9 S. B. ANDERSON, notdyiett been askeq by any LA Skerbini’s league topping pin bust— mi ions 0 acres 0 as ington land. This is the " GUS GRAF “in ' a 55- 3 ing- ' - - . , o o o If your name at ears in ,. ‘, Mags do) 213} piavlscourt £5; foresgcfiiflggle futurglon wé‘iigh our children ant. ’3‘- :IOY McCONKEY, In Adding“ to 8 Blcycl-es candidates as pgglished t n a an lea-P an icap ran ' en mus 1V8. " N LL BOURLAND. are considered as an atciVe . r ‘ Dittman 445l0'Dell 412‘g O ay our Old tlmbel 3. . and eligible to share in them}; ‘i l _ _ : The above gentlemen are prizes and commissions if; s“ & Loan Association McElroy 476lWestlund 431 Junior forest is near. them. Most man-caused for- ’3’ we‘l'tnown “1 this Section and > report this WedneSday al‘dv Gerhardt 4‘33ICT0W8 470 est fires f . the final results as given out with at least two subscrlptla‘i’ Tm Inmam Tingstead 491mm,. 414 ar rom ive Cigarette butts and from by them will be beyond dis to. time. I i sagas? 32277j90347glnfig‘2%?$ camp-fire smolder. Many are started by crim- 9:0 The subscriptions you too , , v, . . . . _ O y c ; WM“— Handicap 264i Handicap 267 lnal mcendmmStS- Stoppmgithe man-paused fire ’3? , mfgezgi‘yt: {352123136 ,5 ; l gaggle]: figgiglltsifinm lS'a duty 0f general public. .3: ' than will those you turn in, l Mfimn 450‘,“ Savage 494 Every Citizen can help the Legion and the p ._ :;“a,,{,,i,,;?.”°;;j ,fifgdgagfe r giggly :gglialhistivage foreStry 389110195 d01ng hls part to —- make up your mind to $334 I. 852 912 799 25631843 796 871 2510 Trees Burning -— Keep Trees Growing—Pullman :3. . FOR SECOND NEW $1.0 CASH pmzs CAMPAIGN giant: wniggcsday whl e ' ¥ l Herald' ‘ All subscriptions turned in between Monday morning, April 28, Be sure to tell all your“ \x‘JJ/ ROBERT WECKHORST anchednesday night, April 30, will count points towards the New $10 . subscribers that the Spa-Ciel \ L, _.,‘ V we, . . . in ASH prize as follows: I tion rices will nd Saturda, \* 3-) (I {4‘ g Jr. H1 DlVldeS Cancer Membership 1 year ................................................................................... .. 6 points Satufday the iegular p, Y Drive Closes May 7 years --------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ~12 Pomts again be in effect, so people. All subscriptions turned in between Thursday morning, Mayel, and Saturday night, May 3, will count points towards the New $10 in CASH prize as follows: : money by paying you this The next four days are important days of the " . Opening Games: Good Prospects With its membership drive pro- \65 I? grossing well, the Women’s Field: " . ,Ar‘my of the American Society to ; gigs """""""""""""""""" "13 5312:: paign. .What-you do these , She1ton junior high inaugurated; comm} Cancer urges all interest- """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" I days WIII' declde what yoW‘ NOTE: You will receive more'points forsubscriptions the. earlier you turn them in during this new $10.00 Campaign. mbscriptions turn— ed in for Wednesday’s report will count more than those turned in dur— to be. It can be the best l it to and work accordinQIY‘ 9 O O O O O O O 49.0’ 0.0 0.0 its 1941 baseball competition lastifigdmngilsgmg wrist; cancer %On— fy I) e no go e eir mem er- 3 O '5; spam IS m i weekend by splitting decisions, de- , Mason County Savings Cammarano 489,Hflderman 46is remote from main-traveled roads, while the I featin port Orchard at Loop'Ship fees in by May 7, date set .o° r one of these fine' bicycles: Fidd griday afternoon, 5 to 3’ with: for the closing of the annual 9:. Cflogépfivemg days. Start now. Take advantage ,of the highest your hardest work the” More cars are on the road a. late rally, but losing Saturday I memberShip Campaign. _YOUR OPPORTUNITY_ days- than eVer—more chances at Bremeerton high school B team, ' .FundS may be sent or deposited ’3 V f d 1 a . H , Ph t 20 to 8, after leading through the With Mrs; C. E. Runacres or Mrs. 6.0 p or ace: ents an_ 0556a. An. reWs o 0. early innings. James Needham, treasurer an d .0. _ See us about AUTOMO- RObert WeethrSt 15 the Candl' The Port Orchard victory was! Captain respectlvely of the Mason BILE INSURANCE—tho date from Beifl'm Where he ‘hOpes smartly acmeved in the late “‘1' ! county “mt 0f the WOmen’s Field ’0’, 0 A ONE OF THE Two DISTRICT CAPITAL .. . to soon be riding la. new bicycle. mgsy the Shelton youngsters rany_ | Army. .¢. . I, 1 PRIZE BICYCLES most complete obtainable lie Jet-Sf. 2;: to - -— .z. r w we "issued by The Ema ogsthgnpeoiie livging in and argfhnd Plaitfiatig‘JrfogfittEeg ’3‘“:-ga,,,,, . ’2' e i . . ONE or THE SlX OTHER PRIZE Casualty dancifisluretg Com- {Egghm i: tugggtforfog them, the Shelton kids Jscored three S ,3. [.7 . . , BICYCLES an a a iate com— 1 times in the fifth as 0e Parsons} , f . In v ‘; ' p’ y . f d the bum“ at the realm.“ “lei Len Savage. Lou Lumsden and , 03¢ . , 0 ONE OF THE 23 CASH COMMISSIONS Panles 0’ alt or ’ conn' and help Robert by gwmg mm Sam Bednarski hit in a row then “ 0:. ‘ ’ . . f“ . credit for it before 9 o’clock Sat- . ’- ’ "I, 3 '. ‘ - . . tallied the wmmng markers in the o “may mght‘ SiXth When PitSher Norm Term?” 1 *7 ‘z’ All active’ candidates who do not win bicycles will receive cash commissions equal to 20 per cent tripled with_one aboard to drive .0. (One-fifth) of all money 'he dr she has turned in. for subscriptions. Which prize you win will deperld in a“; WTnfinghiun’chen scorfig" .3. entirely upon your own efforts between now and 9 o’clock saturday night. i an ex ra a. y imse on a \V1 _ . pitch. The game went only seven. .0. Lots Acreage innings. l GROCERIES _——————————-———/, , Lumsden pitched fine ball again- i 0.0 l . :ch5131333? 9,1122 21': EggdBfgffi , FRESH MEATS l 0:0 For Full and Complete Information, callon, telephone, or write Campaign Man? 0 a . ‘ . . . erton pulled rapidly away from 9.? ' Withln Miles of Shelton his on the mound. 1 FRUITS l .3. w- ' e lon- ason aunt ourna llbfil‘t Catto nght' ‘_ FINEST FOODS AT l .3. , Va ' BE PR . . . . (I ' ST “:53 .3. Office open each evening until 8:00 Shelton, Washington—107 South F0 “ Raw Cotton Import l ' , ” ~‘ -‘r n- ‘DSPO 009009900 090 090000900»ooooooooooooooooo'oi. J wgli‘izd lilies 1:22:18: niogangcootll l HOE RT v .‘..‘”‘..0”6’°0°’6"e”o”:°’:":‘°o°°o'°o“:'.o”o°’§'0'...’o”o”o”o‘fi‘o”o”o“o”o°’o”¢°‘o”o”o’°o”o”o°’o”o”o"0." l1, " i vi , pounds. . , M i This campaign conducted with the recommendation and under the authority of the Washington Newspaper Publisher's