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May 6, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 6, 1941

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l l. Results Repeat. Again and Again. In the Journal Want-Ans. Journal Want-Ads—Phone 100 Fem Banish; Fairly Well, But Don’t Ask Menl, Ask a member of the Mason 3 Laundry bowling team which com- peted in the N.I¢B.C. at Portland llast weekend what kind of luck he had and likely as not he‘ll close up like a clam or his chin will sag to the floor. That's all tthe answer you need. But the Mason Laundry fem- inine pin spillers who competed in the women’s Northwest tourna- ment at Portland at the same, time did a bit better. They had a 2040 total in the team event which may possibly place among the lower prize winners, and Marie Kubik and Hazel Ferrier had a 960 doubles total which was sec— ond high when they were finished rolling and probably will stand up for a substantial prize. summon a ' LAWN . mownns SHARPENED PHONE 243 We Call For and Deliver Your Machine SLEYSTER’S FIX-IT SHOP _.-—_—._—.__._.~——- HOW TO GET THE MOST FOR YOUR Marma’ss MONEY . _. p Lesson {2 COMFORT BEGINS HERE Little coils, like this, are the starting point building the Luxury Comfort that has made Beautyrest famous. There are 837 of them in the full size mattress . . .each one in a. separate cloth They are not tied together, so each coil acts indepéndmtly...when one is depressed it I. doesn’t down surrounding coils. Because of this indwendent action Beautyrest coils don’t llég...they simply f‘mold” themselves to the i shape of your body. They give you the most Vi‘gltn'ious comfort ever built into a mattress. See @1303th at . . . (store now) . L.“ $39.50., [aims BIGGEST SLEEPWVALUEVI OLSEN FURNITURE CO. SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL summit—MASON COUNTY JOURNAL ‘ Entered as second-class matter at the postoft‘ioe at Shelton, Washington ~ Subscription Rates: Leaders Beatenf—l“ Dairymen Sneak l Closer To Leadl l BY MAIL: . , , in Mason County (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) COMMERCIAL LEAGUE $2 per year; 6 months, $1.25; 3 months. 75c. Foreign $3.50 per year. Postal W. Lo PCt- regulations l‘orbid residents of Shelton served by City mail carrier iron. Mac‘s Corner __________ _.46 38 .548 receiving their Journal by _mail. _ Daviscourt Bakery 46 38 548 BYsiobIRNAL CARRIER: in Shelton, 2o¢ per month (collected by carrier) ' or ‘...5 per year in a Vétllct‘. .- ’ ' . 4 . 4M§03$g 331 Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon VJ. EBER ANGLE Manager Matches Thursday Mac's Corner vs. 4-E Dairy. Daviscourt’s vs. McConkey’s. Even in defeat Mac’s Corner and Daviscourt Bakery continue their neck-and-neck pace as the com- mercial bowling league schedule rapidly nears its close, now just nights of play away. But the two leaders, knotted on the top hing, can’t afford to toss probably the most successful ever conducted by 3% gfigfigagygggsggogfig the Journal. Several hundred new readers were Pharmacy last Thursday, else added to the Journal’s already large list givmg they’ll find the dairymen right up there with them. ] Mac’s succumbed to the tailend! l GRANT C. ANGLE Editor Member of lVasllington Newspaper Publishers‘ Association and National Editorial Association. MOST SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN The subscription campaign just concluded was enjoyed. Thirty—one energetic young girls and boys were responsible for the success of the cam- paign which was conducted by the Stack Circula- tion Service under the auspices of the Washing- ton Newspaper Publishers’ Association. ~- Eight of these young folks were presented pharmacists in spite of» Harry Dittman’s pin spilling wheii Eew Struthers kicked in_with some fair enough wood chopping, while the bakers couldn‘t get by the milkmen on account of Frank Skerbini’s league leading scoring antics for the night. The scores: . . . Daviscourt (1) 4-1: Dairy (2) With bicycles to repay them for their efforts. All Ogggdwap 23181531311813 of the others were presented with commission Hilderman 4001 Fourre 485 checks based on the number of subscriptions turn- ‘C‘lgsvtlleund :ggisisesnavage ed 1n eaCh’ . G. Miller 415‘w'hite _402 The Journal IS happy to note the success of 793872 874 2539 851 922 871 2644 - ‘ - Macs ,1) McConkey,s (2) l the campaign and grateftul _to the ylpurég silicitors Dl'tltandicap Miggnoioap 313, and all the hundreds 0 friends w o y t eir re- 1 man ‘ i in 44 ' Cammarano 466 Delano 372 mittances helped make it so successful. L. McElroy 473lCohen 436 Gerhardt 436 Struthers 494 Tingstead 445; Young 401 I 932 819 814 2565804 833 829 2466 From time to time the Journal has published communications received from its readers on var- helped me so generously that Ilious subjects. These are printed under the head- figgciglfintghgigogfaf:5:110:22?ling “What Our'Readers Think.” We have asked tion campaign. Thank you all sin- that these be limited to five hundred words or less Cere‘y- i as space does not permit the publication of extend- ed articles. MANY THANKS TO ALL One other important ruling is that all such wintcig'texgfiggsgo gigglggkvsvhg articles must be signed with name and address of helped me win one of the dandy writer. While the name need not be published fiiggcégjnigage if it is not so desired, it is neceSsary that this pa- thankful to ygu an; ’ y» per know from whom each article is received. PATTY CASE- This is written in explanation‘of the fact that MY’THANKSTO you it has not been possible to. publish several unsign- “3,33%tsyggcgpgggycfmgagf ed communications recently received. . The Journal welcomes the VleWS of its read- ers and only asks that letters for publication be fairly brief and that each be signed by the writer. CARD OF THANKS 1, I wish to thank everyone whol RALPH PIGG, Jr. but I'm surely mighty thankful to everyonevwho helped me win the nice cash commission I re- ceived. It was swell of you all. LEONARD PARKS. ADMINISTRATRIX NAMED CUB PACK MEETS THURSDAY Mrs. Zoa Mifflin was appointed as administratrix of the estate of her late husband, James D. school) will hold its monthly Mifflin, in a superior court order meeting this Thursday evening at signed Saturday by Judge John 7:30 o'clock in the Lincoln school’ M. Wilson. I building. $15 FOR DRUNKENESS Ted Leeberg of Shelton posted $15 cash bond to secure his re- lease from the city jail on a drunkeness charge when arrain- ed before Justice M. C. Zintheo yesterday after his arrest Sun-l day morning by State Patrolman! Cub pack No. 10 (Lincoln (Save this Ad for Merchandise Credit) 1! 7’1“. "I'lh You CAN BUY 1 g NITEDSATES DEFENSE BONDS 3 l l AT THIS BANK Our bank is co—operating with the United Statesrgovern- merit, without any profit or remuneration, "to enable you to help provide funds to finance America’s preparedness pro- gram. This is your chance to enlist in the vast army of men and women who want to help keep America strong and safe. BONDS AND .BT’AMPS AVAILABLE You can either buy Defense Damm- Bonds outright or you can purchase 'Defense Stamps until you have accumulated enough to exchange for a bond. The accompanying table gives examples of both bonds and stamps. Full de- tails will be supplied upon request. Price .25 .50 1.00 5.00 SlI'ELT-on B B llll C ll SHELTON, WASHINGTON .5? WW Stamps Bonds (Series E) Issue $10 $ 18.75 $ 25.00 37.50 73.00 375.00 750.00 Albums Free *Mature in 10 years. . . v «We SEnTTlE-FIBST nnnonni Billlll mm YOUR CONVENIENCE . . . 34 BANKING omens umber Federal Rum: Syuem . . . Member Federal Depou'z [manna Cor]. Cliff Aden. ~—-»—--—~- JUDGES’ STATEMENT . We. the undersigned members of the advisory board of judges, appointed to take charge of the ballot-box, and make the final count of votes in the Shelton-Mason County Journal‘s sub- scription and prize campaign, were present at the Journal of- fice, and took possession of the ballot-box at the hour and date\ named for closing of the campaign. We have this date made a thorough canvass of the sealed ballot-box and have added the votes and points earned by each candidate prior to the sealed ballot-box to their totals up to that time as shown on the individual statements of each\candidate. It was found that the correct standings at the close, to- gether with the prizes won and the number of votes cast by each of the candidates who continued in the race to the end, are as follows: District No. 1 Capital Prize p (outside Shelton City limits) .......... .. Bernadine Ogg ...... ..588,500 District No. 2 Capital Prize (Inside Shelton City limits) .......... « Margaret Valley ...... ..512,00U ..... .. Jane Bleecker.......,472,750 ...... .. Ralph Pigg, Jr.........409,000 ........... .. Bobby Wenz........388,500 Sixthphoice of Bicycles .. Laura Jean Baker........379,0Uu Seventh Choice of Bicycles --------- .- Fae RObinson ...... "363,500 Eighth Choice of Bicycles ................ H Albert McBride ...... ..360,1Zb The eight candidates whose names are listed above won the eight prize bicycles. The following candidates (as well as all others who turned in even as much as one subscription during this campaign) will each receive a 20 per cent cash commission on all money he or she has turned in for sub- scriptions during the entire campaign: Ninth, Cash Commission .................. .. Richard Powers ...... ..358,000 Tenth, Cash Commission ...... ._ Oscar Lundberg, Jr ....... ..308,00U Eleventh, Cash Commission .............. .. Victor Au‘seth ...... “297,250 Twelfth, Ca‘sh Commission Prentice Dunbar ...... .235]le Thirteenth, Cash Commission .. LeOnal‘d Parks ------ "225,750 Fourteenth, Cash Commission - Laurence Avery $213,000 Fifteenth, Cash Commission .... .. vDanny Davidson ...... ..206,500 Sixteenth, Cas‘h Commission . . . . . - - . Patty Case ...... ..173-,25U Third Choice of Bicycles ..... .. Fourth Choice of Bicycles Fifth Choice of Bicycles l l Seventeenth, Cash Commission -------------- .. Betty Spray ...... ..170,000 Eighteenth, Cash Commission _. Geraldine Buffington ...... ..158,00U Nineteenth, Cash Commission ...... ~- Betty Lou Shaw ...... ..148,250 Twentieth, Cash Commission .............. Wentz Eagle ...... ..145,5OU Twenty-first, Cash Commission ...... .. Joyce H'aokett ...... ..136,2£>U Twenty-second, Cash Commission -- FlOber’t Weckhorst “115,500 Twenty-third, Cash Commission ---------- u Albert Luhm.-- "1141000 Twenty-fourth, Cash Commission Keith Herzog.. ..109,000 Twenty-fifth, Cash Commission ...... .. JiI'nn‘Ile Smyth.. .. 99,000 Twenty-sixth, Cash Commission Hugo Glaser, Jr ....... .. 87.000 Twenty-seventh, Cash commission ...... .. Oliver Petty ...... .. 73,000 Twenty-eighth, Cash Commission ...... .. Robert Mell ...... ._ 55,000 Twentyqqinth, Cash Commission .... .. Cecil McHenry ...... .. 53,500 100 00 Thirtieth, Cash Commission .......... .. Ramona Remme ...... .. 53,000 Thirty-first, Cash Commission ........ ElVin Edwards ------ -- 44000 500.00 1,900.00 The first EXTRA prize of $10 in cash offered to the can— dicate securing the most points on NEW (and ONLY new) subSCriptions handed in between Saturday morning, April 12, and Saturday night, April 19, was won by: Betty Lou Shaw of capitol Hill, Shelton, With a total of 72 points .The second EXTRA prize of $10. in cash offered to the can- ] didate securing the most points on,old and new subscrip- tions handed in between Wednesday morning, April23, and Saturday night, May 3, was won by: Bernadine 099 of Matlock Route with a total of 432 points Each of the $10 cash prizes was an EXTRA prize and is in addition to the bicycles or cash commissions won by the two $10 cash prize winners. Signed: ROY MCCONKEY '- W. E. BOURLAND G. A. GRAF S. B. ANDERSON. Dated this day and date, Saturday, May 3, 1941 at Shelton, Washington. this newspaper the largest circulation it has ever‘ I‘Mr. ‘Peninsula Has Endemic Plants Of more than 3,000 flowering plants to be found in the state of Washington, approximately five per cent are considered endemic to Washington. Not only are some of these con— fined to Washington but many are restricted to a very small part of the state. In the_Olympic; Peninsula there are about 20 dif-v ferent kinds of flowering plants which occur in no other place. Among these are the Piper blue- bell, Henderson spiraea and the Webster ragwort, all named for botanists who have done a great deal to further the work of floral exploration in Washington state. iMount Rainier has about a half I l nod Wrights soil Harstine Island Home, Move Away By Della Goetsch Harstine Island, May low—Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Wright, residents of the island since the fall of 1932, last week sold their fine water— front home on the west shore and moved to another part of the state. The new owners of the is- land property are Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Page who came here last February and liked it so well that they decided to buy a home and stay. Two children of grade school age, Denzel and Marlene, are with the Pages, and another son, Joe, is just finishing his first year of high school work at Naches and will come to the new home when the term is ended. The community extends a hearty welcome to the family. A social affair of more than ordinary importance to the com- munity was a delightful afternoon party and shower on April 27 at the home of Mrs. Oscar Jacob- son honoring Mrs. Alvin Ander— son. Opening of gift packages and buffet lunch were features of the event. Besides the guest of hon- or and hostess those present were Mesdames Everett Simons, Lee .Carlson, Hugo A. Glaser, Walter dozen plants peculair to it while has about twenty known endemics and the Blue mountains have thirty. garding the scarcity of these are old species that formerly had a much wider range, but which are now scarcely able to maintain themselves in the face of compe- tition with other species. FRIDAY VISITORS HERE Mr. and Mrs. cock, Anna Johnson, J. L. Hitch-‘ Frye was a member of the B01”- cock, Earl Harriman, Paul Smith, deaux grade school faculty and JOhn Tingleyi GertTUde Howard, , coach of junior high football here, Bernard Housen, William Sund, Gunnar Johnson, Sundius Johnson, [Hattie Stowers, Dick Mercer, M. J. Yeck, Arlo Wingert, Emil An- Frye is nearing the end of. a year’s schooling at the University Wingert, Irvie Wingert, MartinI Goetsch, Wilbert Jacobson, Lloyd and John Anderson; the Misses, Pauline Smith, Betty and Gracel Judge John M» Wilson named Scott, Nellie Harriman, Edna Wil- son, Dorothy Carlson, Inga and ‘Dorothy Sund, Maxine Smith and Helen Simons. Small children at- . tending the affair with their 'moth- «ers were the two Simons tots, Shelton system. and H. A. Robinson as special ap— perior court action Saturday. ___,,_____..__ TOT IN HOSPITAL the Wenatchee mountain region, 1 The most accepted theory re- . plants concludes that the endemics " Norman Frye, i. Scott. Ed Wilson. W. A. Hitch- former Shelton residents when Mr. were Shelton visitors Friday. Mr. , of Washington for which he Was. derson, Ralph Beckwith, 'Arthur. granted leave of absence from the j SPECIAL APPRAISERS NAMED . Irving Lindley, .A. "B. Lovejoy,l praisers to appraiSe livestockand l poultry belonging to the estate of ' the late Fred Johnson in a su-: |the Tingley girl, the three little‘ lHousens, Ronny Johnson, Lena, Vera and Louis Wingert, Ralph land Mary Wingert, John Lee. Goetsch and Donna Jacobsonl The voters of the district pass- er a special 15 mill tax levy by! a vote of 28 to 4 at an election~ lheld at the school house on April . Mr. and Mrs. ClarenCe Bell, was Monday for medical attention. 26 to help with the expenses of running the school for another I year. I i Mr. and Mrs. Erik Christensen and daughter, Emily, and a young! lman friend from Seattle were at their summer home here over the weekend and entertained their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Haskins and daughter, also of Seattle on a visit to the island. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhart Goetschl made a business trip to Tacoma the first three days of last week. A1 Brosseau of Anacortes came to the island last Thursday eVe- ning to take Mrs. Brosseau back to their home, after her stay here during the last illneSS and death . l 'of her mother, Mrs. A. O. McCay. \\ \\\ ,. -. Mrs. Wilbert Jacobson and daughter and Mrs. Lloyd of Ran- dle spent a couple of days last week as guests at the Oscar Ja-, cobson home. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Harriman and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nicholson of Agate made a business trip to Tacoma and Seattle on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goetsch and son, John Lee, who have been in Olympia for several weeks, are l: occupying their home here again/I to that Mother of yours. Goetsch is employed in a shipyard on Bainlfi‘idge Island and , visits his home ~ere Weekends. l John Wilson who is convales- cent from a serious illness at a Seattle hospital, had the misfor-. tune one .day last week, to fall‘r from a ladder and receive painful ? injury to his back. . Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haskell were among Shelton shoppers on : Wednesday, 3 i l ted States. TREATED AT HOSPITAL Joe Earle, Rayonier ;was admitted, to Shelton hospital Friday for medical treatment. l employe, i l l Parcel Post —'- Airplane Jo Bell, 4—year-old daughter of? admitted to Shelton hospital Oh i, For Mother's 7‘ A delicious and beautiful cake that will mean so much in sentiment We will send one to any part of the Uni- Have You Tried Our News I " ORANGEBREADx It’s Delicious Tea‘sted—ASk Your G for Some Today __________________ __ 15¢ announces the Ellis“ 123 Railroad Ave:- Shick Building ‘ shone Civil Commotion — Sprinkler Leak '-:-— Tornado Tuesday, Mall-i MARRIAGE Li_ Herman Heinold 331 last week. Griggs, both of Shel. 0 £135“ for a marriage 1icent The J Thurston county audi 1 hey g2: Miss Bonnie Jean S. Reed high school 5nd. joyed the past week9 friends in Salem, 01:93.93" , THEATKL Shelton, sth' Sharon j GREY \ 51007936bedeon 7‘ ” p p,’ “WHO K111; 6.50. AUNT MAG? ~ . " P. Fri.,'Sat., M” h 1‘5‘ , , '1 L ' s, I ' “3 ; " I C 2.01 iv