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May 6, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 6, 1971

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Why has the forty-second session of the Washington State Legislature been such a disaster7 We're glad you asked, mother; the answer is simple. All the bad habits acquired during the fat years have crippled the legislative process during this year of the protruding ribs. Circumstances have changed drastically, but the legislators have not. The economy and the mood of the people call for drastic changes brought about by tough decisions, but the veteran legislators play their accustomed games, which, to a non-legislator (or anyone not suffering from the mind-numbing Olympia atmosphere), resemble tennis played on a baseketball court using the rules of football. While the public, more acutely interested in state government than ever before, grows increasingly concerned with taxes, unemployment, pollution, racial tension and urban deterioration, the veteran programmed drones of the legislature conduct business as usual - four months of business as usual. These poiitical hacks grew fat and lazy during the years the state's economy was in high gear. It took little talent to keep the folks back home happy with a park here and a bridge there, obtained by vote-trading for a payroll increase here and a new institution there. It took even less talent to keep the campaign funds flowing by passing special-interest legislation for groups with a fat kitty for that purpose. We have written thousands of words here about the boondoggling and self-serving junketeering practiced by the hacks, and so have other newspapers throughout the state, but their constituents didn't seem to give a damn when times were good. Even the legislators who flew to Switzerland and billed the state by the mile were returned to office. The best-intentioned of the veteran legislators are also caught in the trap set by the flush years. They know that circumstances have changed, and several of them have changed with the times. But most of these sincere souls seem to be in a state of shock; they appear to be waiting for oil to be discovered under the Public Lands Building, solving all the state's financial woes. In the meantime, they play the game as they have in the past. The public - and most of the freshmen legislators in the back rows - know that legislative reform is needed. The only ones who don't seem to be getting the message are those who could effect the changes - the lawmakers with the whiskers. They have successfully butchered or buried every reform bill to come before them, from the open meeting measure to the campaign expense reporting bill. There can be only one reason for their actions. They want to continue to deceive the public, making it appear they are serving the public while they serve only themselves and those who provided their financing. They can continue to practice their bad habits only t teeree, a Fys m that does not require t!a_e disclosure i By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS ]Of they obfkirt ff/heir financing and, lmportantPy, It looks like the legislature is an apathetic constituency, going to surprise a lot of people The public seems to be losing some of its apathy. That's a healthy step forward. The next salubrious stride is even simpler - throw the rascals out. The myth that has been perpetuated by bad elected officials - that only experienced politicians know enough to operate government - is just that, a myth. The forty-second session of the Washington State Legislature has just shattered that myth. Two chambers full of neophyte lawmakers could not have created a worse mess than was perpetrated in Olympia during the past four months. Nostalgic slogans such as: "Re-elect Ernest Lee Snide - He Knows The Ropes" should be retired, along with the hacks who employ them. Those ropes have strangled our state government. By PERRY SWISHER The pied piper was the only man to come forth to save the people of Hamelin. Today, when a thousand pipers volunteer, we call that a fairy stow. There are a few pied (many-colored) pipers. Ralph Nader and John Gardner are two with a consistent ability to play in tune. But most wear one color and play one note. With all the pipers playing at once, the racket is a distraction to the people and a reprieve for the rats. Exposure to the din and a growing personal desire to achieve old age with some of my sanity intact have led me, I realized during the cacophony of Earth Week and its peace rallies, to develop rules for sorting the pipers, their costumes and their music. For what use they may be, I pass these tests on to you with precautions: The rules are personal and may not work for you. The pipers disqualified aren't beyond redemption. And the system concentrates on reducing the number of audible pipers - it isn't meant to discount the causes they represent or they try to. The first test: Does the piper first demand that you isnore other aspects of human nature, social conduct and earthly environment as being irrelevant, and listen only to his tune? If so, ignore him till he gets his ego in order. Whether naively or designedly, at this moment he is claiming the patent on salvation. The second test: Must the listener discard history as a pre-condition to understanding the piper's message? He is from ahother planet. Wait until he becomes oriented. The third test: Does the piper, without saving humor or awareness of his own shortcomings, attack the physical appearance, demeanor, accent or style of his adversaries? Turn off this misanthrope. His dislike for himself or you or both is as yet unresolved. The fourth test: In order to validate his own credentials, does he discredit the efforts and abilities of persons from the same setting who were involved before the piper arrived to play? For this piper, personal power is the top priority. The cause has / / 0 "We killed the campaign fund reporting bill. That shows what you can accomplish by working peacefully through the establishment." __pitol dome: by winding up its work so it can head for home next Monday. The only person who could keep them here is the Governor. He has said he might consider "extending" the session "under certain circumstances," but it isn't going to happen. He wouldn't do it for the budget. He certainly wouldn't do it for redistricting. He even wouldn't do it to get his Department of Transportation. He wouldn't say what those "certain circumstances" might be, but it doesn't matter. The legislators aren't in any mood to agree to limiting a special session to certain subjects. If he called them back become mere platform lumber. Supplanting other pipers is his motivation. The fifth test: Is everybody the enemy except those present? It is unimportant whether this piper is a demagogue or a paranoiac. Until he gets honest or well, he is the enemy. The sixth test: In declaiming against others, including those for whom any means including war and genocide and civil suppressions are means to an end, does he advocate any means to overcome those others? Then he is one of those others. The seventh test: In advocating what has become a popular cause, does he warn you of his impending martyrdom? Then most likely it is his boss, his mistress, his creditors or his landlord who will do him in. He needs the cover of wild rhetoric and the exposure of the coliseum to lend dignity to his demise, and quick. ,' The eighth test: Is the opposing viewpoint discredited essentially on the basis that it is supported or manipulated by the Communists, the John Birch Society, Eldredge Cleaver, J. Edgar Hoover, etc.? This piper lives by fear. The flag he salutes flies over the jail. Look under your bed, literally. Then get a good night's sleep. The ninth test: If you doubt the piper, does that by his account make you an ingrate to your forbears, a traitor to the men in uniform, a moral pervert, a disgrace to the community or, conversely, a fascist pig, an Uncle Tom, an Establishment stooge, a My Lai massacre participant? This authoritarian will brook no dialogue, no debate. The tenth test: To pay the piper, must you take up your bed and follow him? This piper may be beautiful, but know that his lieutenants deal in second-hand beds, or hash, or handguns, or yogurt, or astrological compasses for those of us who miss the daily direction once provided by stern parents, an implacable God, and the 16-hour day. What adds value to the rules is the possibility that you may discover and thereby control the same sounds in your own repertoire. Yours, of course, not mine. This we do for the Greater Hamelin chamber of commerce and the cause of consumer protection, from the Intermountain Observer without an agreement, there wouldn't be anything to prevent them from staying another 60 days. He would never take that risk. Power Of Veto The only thing that could bring the law-makers back again this year is a veto of the budget. Governor Evans has said repeatedly he would veto the budget if it isn't to his liking. But he also has said that if this happens, he won't call the legislators back immediately, but let them go home for a month. If this should happen, legislative leaders plan to leave the House and Senate conferees here to continue working on the problem, in hopes of keeping the next session short. But if redistrictingdoesn't get through this session, the Senate might insist upon trying to pass it in the next session. Boxed In By the Feds Two of Governor Evans' environmental bills which have been watered down by the Legislature are his billboard control act and his coastal waters protection act. He was boxed in by the federal government when he was told the state must either compensate the industry for signs removed from primary highways or lose 10 per cent of its federal highways aid money, amounting to $13 million a year. In order to provide for compensation, he had to have a bill making it legal. In order to get this, he had to agree to numerous concessions to. the outdoor advertising industry. As a result, only about 400 of the industry's some 6,000 boards will come down, and a three-year moratorium has been granted on all of them. The measure still extends the control law to cover 3,400 additional miles of highways. As for the coastal waters protection act, it still provides for a $500,000 revolving fund for cleanup of minor oil spills, but the state's authority to regulate oil transfers, explorations and withdrawals has been deleted. Wine Tax Shelved Though short-lived, the struggle over a bill changing the method of taxing wine was one of the mo~t hotly-contested battles of the session, while it lasted. It was introduced in the House late in the session; March 24, but as it was a revenue measure, it wasn't affected by the House cutoff rule. It would cut the present 26 per cent sales tax collected at the wholesale level to 5 per cent, and ~"instead would levy a ,75-celat extended to all states whioh have I gallona~6:t'~k:~'Bfi~ fife 'bill t'ail~d * ~6'~h"legisihtioii,'it co'ul'-~d provoke to get out of the House Business some lively discussion. and Professions Committee on a tie vote. Governor Evans had vetoed a 90-cent gallonage tax two years ago. Holding Tanks Swamped Sponsors of legislation to require holding tanks for boat toilets have given up for this session. This was revealed when they settled for a floor resolution calling for a two-year study of the problem by the Legislative Council. Though the bill wasn't introduced by executive request, it had the Governor's endorsement. It never got out of the House Committee on Natural Resources. The bill was 'patterned after a Wisconsin law; but if the study is New York enacted such a law, but at least up until January, this year, efforts to pass a bill for enforcement were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, virtually all of the commercial shipping has moved over to the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard has shut down. Pardon Comes Late, With only 11 days of the present session remaining, the House finally reopened the floodgates by rescindingthe cutoff resolution which had barred consideration of House Bills dealing with general legislation after the 21st day. But coming at this late date, it didn't leave much time to pass a lot of legislation which might have moved; unlsm Editor, The Journal: The craziest thing in this crazy world is the way the United States Government is helping to carry out this Communist sponsored May day demonstration which, as Rennie Davis of the Chicago Democratic Convention riots says, are for the purpose of "closing down Washington". He says, "If the United States does not stop the war in Vietnam, then we will stop the government of the United States." At a signal the "collectives" of 10 or 12 revolutionaries in each car are to abandon the cars after blocking off traffic and seize government buildings. Davis says, "We have to create an atmosphere of struggle that leads to an international crisis." Such a mass concentration to stop government does not have to be allowed. Even if the bleeding hearts who refuse freedom of speech to rank and file Americans, have to show their tender concern for free speech for revolutionaries, they could let them spout their anti-American ideas in other cities around the country without such a dangerous mass of demonstrators coming to Washington. There have been almost 2,000,000 signatures on petitions to Congress to stop the trade and aid of the United States to communist COUntries which makes it possible for them to carry on' the war in Vietnam. Have you ever seen anything about that in the government controlled news media or are they just too busy publicizing the views of the people who demand abject surrender in Vietnam with desertion of our PeW's? Has there ever been any report by the media of the "NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY" campaign all over the country by people who want to get out of Vietnam by winning quickly and decisively by bombing necessary targets instead of endless, useless jungle warfare? Why does our government pretend to be anti-Communist and continually help Communism throughout the world? How much will the tax payers have to pay for this latest celebration? The permit for the "Poor People's Camp-in" cost the leaders $5,000 and it cost the tax payers more than $5,000,000 to clean up the mess and repair the damage. Whose money paid for the beautiful buildings and grounds in Washington. To whom do they belong, the American people or the Communists? There are many sources to consult as to Communist involvement in anti-war demonstrations but the most available are speeches of Congressmen in Congressional Records which are in all libraries. One is by Rep. Richard Ichord for April 6, and another is by Rep. Ashbrook. Jeanne McReynolds Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, May 6, 1971 ug Editor, The Journal: Spare us more heroes like Lieutenant William Calley Jr. Even the strident chorus of cheers for Calley thrown up by the Lester Maddox-V.F.W.- American Legion clique cannot still the ugly evidence which led an Army Court Martial jury to convict Calley - individually - of 22 counts of murder which were not the inevitable and accidental results of war, but a grisly, calculated series of civilian murders. What this junior grade Hitler and his fellow "heroes" did at My Lai was clearly contrary to any necessity of war and inconsistent with any stated objective of American policy in Vietnam. Now, Pollster Lou Harris tells us that only 24% of the American public agree with the court martial verdict. "Calley deserves a medal", many were moved to proclaim. So perhaps a review of the "heroic" deeds of the Lt. and his men at My Lai is appropriate. Let's note the courageous exploits of Calley and consider those gallant actions which merited the Lester Maddox tribute, "He (Calley) has done more for freedom than American Presidents, Senators, and Generals." What I present here as evidence against Calley was largely drawn from the uncontested testimony at his trail - Most of this evidence can be found in the Seymour Hersh expose, MY LAI 4: A REPORT ON THE MASSACRE AND ITS AFTERMATH, which cited the testimony of Calley's own men (and of American helicopter pilots) to establish what happened at My Lai. On March 16, 1968, Calley "and the rest of Charlie Company moved against a small hamlet (of less than 1000) in South Vietnam's Quang Ngai Province. They expected "stiff enemy resistance" near what are now the ashes of My Lai. Charlie Company veterans claim that Captain Medina and Lt. Calley ordered "every living thing" destroyed in My Lai. However, the expected elements of the North Vietnamese 48/th battalion never appeared that day to contest the American thrust through Quang Ngai Province..Once inside the perimeters of My Lai Calley and his men were not fired upon. THEY MET NO RESISTANCE. Yet when Charlie Company left My Lai there were fewer than a score of civilian South Vietnamese survivors. Hasn't one of the official American explanations for U. S. policy been that we should save the South Vietnamese from "Communist Aggression"? Well, in one perverse way Calley did save South Vietnamese from the "enemy". But with allies like Calley, the South Vietnamese would soon find they had no nation or people to save from "Communist Aggression"!!! Private Harry Stanley of Charlie Company related to author Hersh and the court martial tribunal what he saw at My Lai: "We saw none of the 'enemy' in the village.., we rounded up civilians for interrogation... Calley ordered One male civilian killed on the spot because he was unwilling or unable to answer questions. That first casualty was bayoneted repeatedly... We were ordered to kill a large number of civilians at a ditch near the village. I remember one old man who was shoved down a well and Calley ordered a M26 grenade tossed in after him." Stanley went on to testify that he witnessed "some old women and little children - fifteenor twenty of them huddledin a group around a temple where some incense was burning. They were kneeling, crying, praying... (We)walked by and executed these women and children by shooting them in the head." Charlie Company's Paul Meadlo can't forget the sight of "women huddled against their children, vainly trying to save them.., chanting no, no, no..." Then Calley ordered them all killed - shooting. I Sounds doesn't it? had only begun. their smoke killings. scores of drainage ditch he'~ half-way American including held Calley prevent furt Thompson survivors to retrained his remaining old child his mother's to have Calley into his skull. Chaflie some other day. A 14 girl was Calley's victim was left i the Charlie cover her testirr What really very things voided by an permits men us all. The not regard Apparently cannot of their fellow t most sadistic t dredge up. It is Calley did the killing of civilians. He on the old only Army Court fooled by they know Lai that the Military prohibits from unnecessarily life or which treatment Some charlie did refuse to kill at My LSt, army come promote incompetent erectetl admirers only killir~g so what'S Unfortun: unarmed they were to prove When the killing corn1 following test of hard- t he issue abundant atrocities- justify our cannot be behavior of do have a actions of strange atrocities Vietnanae American same promote freedom. our own the alle$ tremendoUS for the One defenders should against My Lai, generals. I do what for CalleY' with CaUey of our Vietnam. should not Editor, The Journal: Pioneer Congratulations, Pioneer To people - you're the best there is. would ~ I know of no other way to so manY, express my boundless gratitude for the tremendous response of every Pioneer School parents, students have (past and present) and many times other wonderful, enthusiastic people, all of whom did more than their share to make the Viewpoint: There is no luxury quite like