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May 9, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 9, 1963

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PAGE 14 BBLTON--MAON COUNq" JOURNAl2--Pubhhed in "OTwihnatmon, U.N.A.", t tl t t i i i i helton, Wnh|non Dayton Couple Plan To Open Animal Boarding Establishment 1st Of June Tax Commission 'Wet Weather Slows Fishing On Ruling W on't ::::::::::::::: :::: >: ::::::::: .... sessors set I00 per cent valuation italian Shepherds they plan to ward Bunnell, Mrs. Pete Roberts figures on real property is only a raise. There will also be facilities and Mrs Clifford Combs Mrs. bookkeeping problem for the as- !;or boardin.g animals from cats Bunnell baked a lovely chocolate seNsor's office and will not affect m tn.e ami W cow w nne owners white iced cake decorated with assessed valuatims on property v acatmn. N el-Ru Animal Haven wedding bells. Gifts were wrapped in Mason County, Assessor Willis pmns open nouns on dune 1. after viewing and heaped on the Barnett said this week. The family of Mrs Mary Chap- table beside the cake for" picture The tax commission order was not for asessors to put all assess- loell wish to take this means of]taking. Guests attending for an aunt. Mrs. Marie Smith. Shelton, Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and thanking all cc, mmunity members enjoyable evening of games and during the afternoon: Mrs Allan Tibbits were Mr. and ed vMuathm of 10 per cen on children spent a few days on a Sunday visitors at the ttewson for their sympathy, floral offer- refreshments were, Mesdames, f Mr. and Mrs. John Young and Mrs. Willis Tibbits and girls of the property, but. only that start- ' trip around the Olympic Peninsula. home were Mr. and Mrs. Phil WINNER, 0A ! inks and help during their bereave- Ralph Killough, T. A. Tibbits. t Glenda were Sunday dinner guests Lost Lake. inK Jan 1, 1965 they include a They took the ferry across to Parker and family, Olympia, Mr. SAVTY pOSTEr C0 column in their tax i'eporLs indi-I Victoria. B.C., and spent the day and Mrs. Robert Lind and family, ! meal James Dougherty, Dick Leonard. { of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Rickards eating the full value of the pro- there sight-seeing. On their way of Lake Bay, and Mr. and Mrs. -- ----- Harry Kidd, Clyde Michler, Clif- Shelton. and children attended the May petty, along with the assessed val- back they stopped in Quilcene and Rosco Crowell of MaLlock. ' . ford Evans, Robert Leman, George ANDREA BROWN of Shelton Day Festival held at South Side uation Bm'nett said. visited Mrs. Patton's grandmoth- To the many friends of Mike lUS Schnabel. Jerry Heminger, War- was Friday overnight guest of Eli- School. OACE ten rillianls' M:rs" Carrie Barker' The assessor's office here. in er, MrS. Dora Crowell. and her "Cap" Waho we are happy tq re- r OR RE Miss Beatrice Nas0n and Kath- zabeth Hicksan. Thursday evening, Mr. and Mrs. figuring assessed valuetions, first uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. 15oft that tie is now residing here Dennis Cornbs stayed Saturday Jerry Bloomfield attended the ban- figures the full value of the pro- Louie. Boe. They enjoyed the at the Lake by the home of iV[r. ]sen Leonard. Un;ble to attend night with his grandparents, Mr. quet honoring the seniors with a perry nd then sets the assessecl scenery and the sights and re- and Mrs. Amel Tveit. He form- but sending a gift was Mrs. A1- and Mrs. Scab Combs. The Seab B average or better, held at the value at 20 per cent of this so the turned last Sunday. erlylived here. but moved to Rock- SI]ELTON VALLEY via Chapman. Combs have purchased a Shetland Evergreen school cafeteria. 100 per cent valuation figures are Mr. and Mrs. Roe Franklin were away, Ore. We wish to welcome Bmme Huey who was stationed ?pony for their younger grandchil- GRANGE HALL in Virginia has spent a few days dren go ride. Mrs. Ray Putvin and daughters already on hand and it will just dinner grunts at the home of Mr. him back to "Lake Nahwatzel". Don't MIsS the - and Mrs. Floyd AITnstrong of Shel- Entertainment of J! (tie Lake. His next station will Sttturday evening in the home of Mrs. Doyle Howard Thursday. Lax reports, ton last Sunday. lock accompanied Mr. and Mrs. mJ be in California. iVh.. and Mrs. Ralph Killough. High Donna Halbert was home for I The purpose of the order. Bur- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ford had A1 Tapper to Centralia last Sun- THE GLEN IiI@KAIDS f-il "] prizes went to Anne Cash and Ed tile weekend with her parents, 3/[I'. neLL said, is to get a more equal their grandson Steve Crapo visit- day. Mr. Tapper was in a bowl- ELEOTR um y Yalley, low to :Marian Booth and and Mrs. Alvin Halbert. Sharone assessment of railroad, public uLil- ink them last Saturday. We wish in K tournament there. MUSIC BY THE of Chehalis and the Lester Adams :Max Cash. traveling pinochle to ShawstadL brought her home and ity and other property the tax to extend "Happy Birthday" wish- This Saturday night there is a TONE TOPPERS of Tacoma spent Sunday in the Archie Lemke and Ralph Killotlgh. also picked her up to take back commission assesses on a state- es to Steve on his 18th birthday, dance at the MaLlock Hall, with 4th & Cota ,, ,ill J home of Mr. and Mrs. Dell Ad- The next meeting will be on May to Seattle Pacific College. wide basis in relation to other pro- May 4 . music by the "Torches". Sunday callers in the A. O. petty in the individual counties. MR. AND MRS. Hector Barbour 18 in the Beverly Heights home Schuffenhauer home were h{r. and ,, ii t  I Burnett said assessed valuations drove to Aberdeen last Saturday i M ,i --,,?' Of Mr. and Mrs. : Jim Booth. .... :vtrs bud Moran of ChenaHs afternoon to do some shopping. COMPLIMENT others, here's the.easy v to Curtis Schmtzer of Shelton wns'" L .k Todd called on" Mrs in this county would contim,e at spent Sturday overnight with . " .  . the same 20 per cent rate. The or- Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dig- kinky" and Terry Wmkhorst." Avin ulber. on. unaay. der was mainly for those counties gle last Sunday afternoon were m m   [] [] ! i . ..... gwe c]"]]]fo - - 1v[ A1 Fod at L Saturday evening, Mr and Mrs lvtr. ann rs. an r "t ...... " 'which make the assessed vahm- :Mr. and 1V[rs. Carl Goodburn of  N l ILl t U i  77J/t/" V]t: 1;enaea ............. l:ne olympia 19og ltancie - vterlin liclaras and Iamlly vis" tiOn withOut a determination Ot SheltOn'rs,i .... were was Raymond Anderson of Mat- " '' " r HEll DaY /.//  ..................... .... =,;, h .... ,,,a,, ;,, r,,. ]ted m Skokomzsh. Valley. wth Mr. the full value of the property and homeSaturdaYof Mr.nightand Mrs.VisitrSAmelatTveitthe i W I V ....... i lib  -- ii. They entered " Pomeranian, andrI%" Lre lVlEdGohee;Pod d where it is difficult fox' the lax N MisQueen Blanco, 'who placed first Saturda n . commission to see how values  2211  Der-i0us|y in class and was resezwe winner., y callersmtheL. A. Todd placed on the inter-county proper-lock. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Williamst nme" ty it assesses compares with the Mr. and Mrs. Amel Tveit visited WITH DINNER AT ' and girls motored to Chehalis Sun- I  :alues on property assessed by Mr. and Mrs. Archie Kelley last ': I: Orange Flavored day and visited with the Gary Cole [p]| PMmlman the county assessm:'s office. Thursday evening. family. _ ................. Visiting the Kelley's last Satur- 1    CHICKEN DI; VIGtlAN Mr'andlV[rs'OdellRiehey'Nhel'''Ylmlntl||lll@ -'' ,b0L-2mh--o rlku . day were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde --. -- -- TNN I  tn and Mr" arid lYlrs" Jhn Yung m'''n'ee''"'"" v'i Church Having ee00r"00n e we are - " : end G]enda motored to 'raeoma on ] A.n examination fbr Police Pa- to report Mrs. Kelley is coming j Saturday for a day of shopping. [ trolman fox" the Shelton Police alongaccident.fine after her automobile txvixl;: ....  cuoxc':^ ellHlxx _' Saturday evening drop-in cal- Department will be conducted by MRS." LEE DAWSON accom- featuring our BUTTER FRIED C/Au : ' h ' ..... i i J lers in the Bernard Rmhel home t eCtyCwfl Serwce Commission paniedMr, andMrs. JamesBleek- lhlgl ,,q gI..TCT'I:..rr]/  L I Q U I D were lV[r. and Mrs. A1 Chappell and jut8 p.m., May 20. er to Eatonville to attend "Com-I oaua-x*' v.,vuo .,t* v. ....... Conference " |" || ,. '-'.Ta'"" |' S OZ. SOTTLe Mrs. enry Chappell. Application will be accepted mumty Days last F "'day. They . ol i i l- _ /.:2Y tllillll ii I $2 Nlizabeth Hicksn visited with [ until 5 P'm" MaY 17" Infrmatin  " I"11" ....... d ........ stopped in Tacoma and visited at d-b,t ailxr Phnno [1111011 o": Ci2ndy Wictorst on Sunday after- can be obtaingd'from the Shelton the home of Mz. and Mrs. WeN noon. Polic Department. :Mr. and lV[rs. Pete Bloomfield] The examinatiQns are being By iEry Valley Morgan. --! accompanied by Mrs. Les Bimhop, given to establish aft eligible list BKOKOMISH -- Skokomish Kamilche and :Mrs. Floyd Wtters of persons for the police depart- Community Church and Hoods- I. ' " .' - / have returned from a week and/ment. There are no vacancies on half visit with Mr. and iV[rs.] the staff at present, port Community Church are hold-  ;>(''y I 8 ttJld" @q /  f#/ ii ] Prepp s Rexall Store ,  o,o, Missionary Confer-  ' Bert Wood of VenLura, Calif. I  ence this week, with meetings be-  V 1V[onday afternoon callers of I He ho sees clearly and en- ink held in the Skokomish church :lV[rs. Alvin Halbert were Mrs. Nell l lightens other minds most readily, on Thursday and Saturday nights FRIGIDAI '- , ,, ,,,'33 R"rad venu "'ads and Mrs" lV[arie llfl'r' hN' '   m rhnm   7:0 md  r  r',, , , day at 7:a0 p.m. 5rdANN UA L I ton. I burning.--Mary Baker Eddy . , , ' lV[r. and Mrs. Arlan Johnson - "  , llr. and Mrs. Arvid Johnson BEgT BUY 800LE and daughter, Kim, spent the weekend at the home of their par- ents, /h'. and Mrs. Arthur John- son. 3"oining them for dinner Sat- urday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Stun Johnson and family. 'lr. and Mrs. Chester Valley at- tended the bowling dinner at Ag- ate Saturday, at which time the trophies were presented. drove to Chehalis Sunday, where they visited with friends. We're out to top last year's terrific Best Buys sale. That means MRS. ETHEL RICItER and even lower prices--even bigger savings on brand new Frigidaire SUNKIST ]Vlrs. Arthur Johnson drove to Bellevue Tuesday. appliances. But hurry, limited time only. Now more than ever, Sue Valley visited at the home Frigidaire is your Best Buy ! of her grandparents, 1V[r. and Mrs. Chester Valley. t  I i The Woman's Stewardship of the Skokomish Community Church met at the home of Stella Cleve- LOWEST PRICED FRIGRDA|RE out. Mrs. Fred Archer was guest speaker. Co-hostesses were Ethel Richert and Dorothy Rebman. New officers elected were Greta Van- i!i!iiii .' Cleave, president; Ida Johnson, r vice president; :Margaret Spalding, [i] No defrosting of family-s,ze refrigerate 0 i,stPr,ze',00 '51}0 eeraetSrr/r" and E11en tenberg' ,iiiij.r. jH]]___ sect,on--itsautomatic, : ' o, ,.o l00iit00 IIII Twin fruit and vegetable Hydrators $50 O0 O0 SLewardship raet with last year's S265 0  officers at the home of Ethel Riche/'t to make plans for a Spring Tea to be held the last part of May. of il iiiii 1fr. and Mrs. Chester Valley Mode]FDS.13T.10Ly [ drove to Tacoma, Monday, on busi- ness. 13.24 ca. ft.  , # Grange meets this Friday, May conduct  memorial service at this $80,,00 meeting. " :;1:;2;: ;;Ir:ty I)ue to an arm injury your cor- AUTOM Get $50.00 respondent has been unable to ATIC WASHER write the news for the past few $45.00 .__._-- 3-Ring Agitator action gets clothes c-#f from 61h Prize $40.00 G0P Women To Hear insideand out. 75 Prize $35,00 Nalional Leader iiliii Fresh running water rinses and SUNKlST ORANGE NECTAR Mrs. Clare Wmiams iiiiii GIANT R |irltd[sposal, 5 00 '  r 81h Prize $30.00 vo,,. ....... 12-1b. 91h Pr'ze $25.00 The top woman in the Nat, on,1 ii S20 RepubUcan Organization, Mrs. iiiii TUB! Clare B. Williams of WashingtOn, or | 0th Prize $20,00 is making a whirlwind tour  L Yl ORANGE JUICE DRINK o, the state, Will speak at the , lh Prize $5,00 joint meeting of the Women's RepUblican Clubs of KiLsap and -6 :Mason Countles at the Elk Club =,=" Ready to drink--nothing to addnothing artificial. .nmr.,,,.,...-.. in BremerLon May 14. ,, m ,m .... ,-...-. ,.-.,-- -- ,-- -.- -,,   ,.. , , ,, ,, .,, , , ,,,, ,, ,, , Get it at your store, or at your door.  J2,J. 2]k11llzaJky  Mrs. Williams, Assistant Chair- man of the Republican Nationa! Committee, will be accompanied FAMILY SIZE BUDGET PRICED by Mrs. Janet TourtelloLte of Be- attle, the state's National Com- itteewoman: Mrs, Emily Kirk of FRiGiDAiRE FREE Seattle, President of the 8tats Federation of Wo men's Clubs; I TIMES AS YOU IV[rs. Alice Niemi of Walla Walla ' Keeps 404 pounds of frozen food WIH Vice Chairman of the Washington zone cold. State Republican Central Commit- ) Rust-resistant, eas t0-clean P0 PLEASE ENTER MY NAME IN YOUR GREAT Lee; Mrs. Lee Garrison, Director . Y" d of the Sixth Congressional Dis- flae[ interior. , SUNKIST ORANGE SWEEPSTAKE PresidentLrict' and ofMrs'the WilliamAssociatedStripp,Re. Ask about Food Spoilage Warranty HERE'S HOW TO WIN! 00u00,c,o Women of Seattle. 3 I)AY[ S  I N 00 NAME ..................................................................................................... Preceding the noon luncheon a workshop will be conducted by rs. Marian Bruckart, State Corn- ADDRESS ................................................................................................ mitLeewoman of Kit sap County at ONLY1 i 1 V Just mail coupon plus a panel from a car- o:3o a.m, During this session a CITY ......................................................................................................... report will be given on the Wo- Model UFD12 63, 115 c f ton, "or a bottle cap or reasonable facsi- men's Conference held last month STATE in Washington D. C. and women's - ' mile from Sunkist Orange Nectar or ...................................................................................................... activities for z96a-64 win be ass- YOU always get the best quality and the Best cldbed. &( t ................................................................................ Juice Drink. .Distributed by Darigold GROCER'S NAME Mrs. George 8hackleford, pre- yOU buy a Frigidaire appliance from.., ident of the Mason County wo- by Kitsap-Mason Dairy. e,t as many times as you wish and mail to: men's Republican Club urges embers, committeemen and com_l IHDUSTRIAL & BUILDERS i KITSAP-MASON DAIRY, 3rd & Grove, Shelton, Washington mitteewomen and interested Re- t Contest Ends May 31, 1963 and Winners publicans of the counLy to attend Will be A;mounced m The Journal Early in June this meeting, i Call Mrs. Guy Norris at 426- Fwst & Pine Sts 6066 for reservations that must be in by May 10.