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May 16, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 16, 1963

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16, ]963 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAL--Published ,in "Ch,'st'" nastou, n,: U.S.A,., " Shell on, W, ashingLon P 1i Sailie Travis, North Mason Junior,, HOOD CANAL SCHOOL NEWS 'Lo=,, ,Coup00, uoemd Dam In Angus Glub e eye ,vho ,,L- Tea; Track, Baseball Games Are Held to.. hvo been oeotd to mere- Rocky Reach Mother's Day Te-I nounce that Earl Crumb will be bership in the American Angus project near By ll'lehel Freelin group of those who had gone to Friday the Girls League of the! the Junior High Principle. He wilt Association at St. Joset)h. hie,  n- able to watch BELFAIR -Miss Sallie Travis, Mexico gathered to share slides Hood Canal Jr. High, sponsored be replacing Floyd Jacks,m, who rounces Frank Richards, secre-" North- a junior aL North Mason and and movies taken on the trip. their way up- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \\;V. H. Things had happened so quickly the annual Mother's Day Tea. This has accepted a position as Super- tary. was one of our special event of intendent ()f schools in Maracaibo, The Newmans were among the g room Travis of the South shore, will lhat the news of the invitation, I the surface of be Belfair's first exchange stud- and Saltie's selection and accept- the year. Venezuela. ]1 breeders of registered Aber- Heals() toured ent Lo live and study in another ance cam(. as news to many of The program w's started by Crumb has taught inHood Canal deen-Angus in Washington closeted Proje(t includ- country, those pre.sent. Sandra Simons, who presented the district 13 years, and previously to membership during lhe past Center theatre, Not only school personnel, but It is a wonderful opportunity, welcome. The response was given was principle at Lower Skokonfish month. Crating plant l esidents of the comnmnity where and the community is proud of its by Mrs. Tweed. Carol Tweed read school. a poem called "Mother". Nine He graduated from Western displays de- she ires lived all her life, were school system, and the young lady Hoodsport girls danced around the rashington College in 1950. The of the river lhrilled with the news and proud who will be its representative in of Sallie when Supt. Robert John- Mexico City. May Pole. The 9th grade girls Crumb's reside in Hoodsport and ._ fllr modeled the summer clothes that have four daughters. JPoi?l sen announced last week that she ON THE , LBJE(.r of schools they had made in home economics, New Art Sat)lilies will leave the middle of June for Mrs. Walter Scott, Jr., N.M. Ele ....... and the 8th grade girls sang two The art class has received new : Weddig ONLy 6:45 two months study in Mexico City. mentary PTA president, has nam- IN LONDON--Mrs. Kenneth Martig, right, and her daughter, song selections entitled "Green clay molding supplies this past [/ Invitation$ Show Saltie was chosen by a committee ed the committee chairlnen who Jean, arc in London, attending Baha'i Faith world conference. They Cathedral" and "Spring Time". week. They were slips and glazes. /__. of teachers in response to an in- will be working for the organ- are part of the approximately 1,600 Americans who flew to London LLILLI:: vitation from the Arturo Rewms ization during the next year. to attend the conference. Meetings were held in Royal Albert Hall. Miss Claudia Cheenie's dancing This week they will have the  [00 $14.95 BALL . class danced 3 numbers to add to clay objects they mad in the past who will be her hosts during her Committee heads are: Mrs. John the occasion. Refreshments were two weeks fired.  fl U stay there. She will enter school Johnson, program; Mrs. Arttmr MA00Y mill KNIGHT SCHOOL IIB--llllNCWtserved in the library by the 7th They are now starting to work , in the middle of the year, since Guide, Mrs. Ralph Scott and Mrs. ' grade class, with slips and molds the school classes in Mexico continue during William Venard working as a unit I SPORTS has purchased. the summer months and the vaea- on the combined hospitality, tea Lower Skokomish boys and girls THE lion period covers December and and membership committees; ,Irs. Fifth And Sixth Graders Visit Industrial each had a game with Mr. View. January. Dale Lincoln, publicity; Mrs. Dol- Firms In Aberdeen For Field Trip Last Week In the boys game the score was False pleasure will be, is, chas- JOURNAL The exchange is a direct out- aid Beeson room mothers; Mrs. 9 to 1 in Mt. View's favor. The tened; it has no right to be at come of the recent North Mason Ray Medeiros, chaplain; Mrs. Ken An educational field trip to vis- ice Gwinnett, Kristine Graham, girls score was 37 to 9 in Lower peace.----Mary Baker Eddy. Workshop trip to Mexico, where Rose, education; Mrs. Kenneth it industrial plants in Aberdeen and Jerry DeFoer. Skokomish's favor. the idea of North Mason's act- Grande, ways and means; Mrs. was taken by Mrs. Blanche Hum- ' * * * Hood Canal track team had a in K as host to a student from Merl Lamb, parliamentarian; Mrs. mel's fifth and 6th grade classes LIBRAI{Y NOTICES track meet in Shelton Friday. Rick Thurston Savings g Loan Introduces a New there was also discussed. But as James Griffy, yearbook; ,{rs. Jinl last Thursday. May 20 iv the due date for all li- Giles received a first place in the Supt. Johnson said, "VVe had no Lane, historian; Mrs. Robert idea things would move so fast." Marsh, county council; Mr. Rich- The childz:en first went to the brary materials. No books will be pole vault. He made one new rec- SAVE u.izv MAIL ENVELOPE So the invitation last week came ard Burrell, legislation; Mr. and Rayonier Pulp Factory where they checked out. after that date but ord for us with 9 ft. 6 inch vault, m m as a surprise to everyone, and the Mrs. Burt Day, recreation; Mrs. were taken on an escorted tour the library will be open for ref- Robert Miller received a first in month will be a flurry of corre, Douglas Hoppe, magazines; Mrs. and shown the many processes in- erence and other activitie until the pole and discus. He set two spondence, innoculations and pre- Richard Rasmussen, health, volved in paper manufacture from May 29. new records for us. I--e vaulted 11 bringing our teller's window paration as all details are smooth- , . , the log to the finished product. It is hoped that with a quick ft. 6 inch and threw the discus ed out. Junior-Senior PTA wig hold its They next visited tile Olympic return of books and materfals 124 ft. 81.. inch. Dan Ragan re- AS NEAR Last Saturday evening Sallie filial meeting of the school year Bakery where they learned how there vill be ample time to mend, ceived a second in tile high julnp AS YOUR : and her parents were gnests at the tolight at 8 p.m. with High School bread is made under completely clean, and take inventory. Reg- and a second in the 880 yard race.  dropouts the theme for program sanitary conditions. It was inter- nlar assistants, Judy Landis and Tim Bryant placed fourth in the i esting to see the dough mixed, LorettaBeerbowerwillhelp. Extra shot put and Dave Rose first in Iil ""M tl discussion headed by principal measured into the right size and help the last week of school will the 75 and 50 yard race. He also , Floyd Robbins. shape for each loaf, cooked and include Virginia Hollatz and Lea- had a second in the broad jump. There will be installation of new packaged without being touched ise Spaulding. Thursday the Junior High boys  officers, and a report on State by human hands. .Tan Starks has been coming in- held tryouts for the county track j L Convention by Mrs. Tom Davis, ! new president. A humorous situation developed  to the library once a week to brush meet. They were out-side for about on completion of the tour when up on library activities that she two hours, trying their best to Members of the Chuck Wagon each of the chaperones was pres- may be able to give good service qualify. The Junior High girls held :i! i Raiders 4-H group are practicing ented with a sample loaf of bread, next year. their try-out Wednesday with the a for their part in the Forest Festi- Mrs. Springer was mistaken for * * * Lower Skokomish girls coming to val parade, selling ball-point pens one of the students and passed by. The junior-senior prom given the Junior High to compete. B 0 as a club project to raise funds Although she considered this a given last week in the school gym- Lower Skokomish News for their expenses, flattering" compliment;, she was nasium was well attended and as The fourth grade class have fin- Thirty three 4-H young people able to establislh her identity and usual the outstanding social event ished their social studies books and their parents gathered at the received her sample, t of the school year. The gym was and are now studying in their attractively decorated with blue science books. A few experiments i X L J David Raines home a week ago. Chaperones on the trip to as- and white streamers and Japan- have been demonstrated before the --- to study horse judging, under the sist Mrs. Hummel were Mrs. 1% O direction of John Richardson of Oien, Mrs. W. J. Springer, Mrs. ese lanterns under tim supervision class. Ol of Stetson Palmer, class president, There are four new students in ] BOTlgI Holly Horse farm. Five members D. H. Trimble, Mrs. Helen Stodden and excellent refreshments were the fourth grade. They are Lynda of the local group brought their (rl the o\\;vn horses for the judging, and Mrs. Herb Brehmeyer, Jr. served by tile mothers of junior and Mike Hepburn, Roger Davis, SAVINGS Walt Shaw drove the school bus. students. The students expressed and Randy Crowley. Word has been received that Ka- A delicious picnic lunch pro- themselves as delighted with the The fifth grade students are .. thy Riedle won a b:ue ribbon on vided by Nellie Chappell was serv- music provided by "The Ethics" studying the Revolutionary \\;Var financial her demonstration of the digestive ed in the Lions' Club Park. of Olympia and varioualy describ- period. The students are enjoying Deluxe system of a horse at the Kitsap THE STUDENT BODY was ed it as "out of this world," "hea- reading about the war in which County 4-H Demonstration day, shocked last Wednesday morning wlth. telephone and will represent the group at to learn that their student body venly" and "simply, ." divine.", WeThewOnsixthOUr gradeindependence'students had a AND Aw0000y, WITHDRAWA unique lvarlan Thomas O'Neill were guests of were in the Shelton Hospital as pictures were finally shot last to attend the occasion. hh lively folk Mrs. George Shackleford last Wed- the result of a one-car accident on Wednesday morning by Dean's P.T.A. Meeting nesday for hmcheon at Pearl's and the Beeville Loop road about 7 Studio of Shelton. Mr. Palmer took Monday :he Hood Canal P.T.A. on premises, tours of two nurseries in the Pur- p.m. the previous evening. dy area and one on the north Bill. accompanied by Gloria. was more than 72 photos of class, ath- meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. f[[ation shore, driving his father's pickup when letic and other groups which ecru- in the Junior High. The program of Lamplighter This lovely weather is turning the lft front tire blew out. eaus- pletes all of the illustrative ma- will consist of the installation of In the convenience of your own home fill " Write, wlre or call everyone's minds to gardening, ins the vehicle to swerve up an terial for the publication, new P.T.A. officers. The new of- out your savings account records or with- . fleers for next year are: president W){ Mrs. R. "W. Cady hmeheon guests embankment, strike a log and *  drawal records on the handy detachable for Reservations. last Wednesday were Mesdames: turn over. imr)risomng the couple One of the most attractive and Mr. and :Mt:s. Jack Grubb: vice 206.9{820547 .... . Ed BeeceL. illiam Gibson. Vie- inside the cab. Although injured elaborate pieces of work ever turn- president Mrs. John Denison, sec- tab on the enVNop and mail it in-the al- ia Points and John Paxton. and badly shaken, Bill was able ed out by our commercial depai'- -xetary Mrs. Burt Teller and txea- op 0U CELrl g ment is the program for the Mary sure Mrs. Earl Crumb. ready-addressed nvel e. Y et ............................... to extricate himself by kicking out a cab window and then releasing M Knight circus and wild west Bill Vinson will show slides on these convenient "Save-by-Mail" envel- his companion, show. The artistic title cover de- Africa and a question period will The two were discovered bleed- signed by Donna Owen was run follow the viewing. Students are opes by stopping in, phoning or writing ins and in a dazed condition about on the duplicator in two colors, a invited to attend this program to US, where... est;val Buttons 15 minutes later bY Glria's fath- Jb which requires special teeh" view the many wnderfnl slides er. Nolan Avery, who was on all nique to 4o in one operation. The Vinson will have to show us. errand to the Matlock store. He program typing by David Valley is New .hmior High Prineilfle rusimd them Lo the Shelton Hos- neatly arranged, perfectly balanc- Supt. John Pill is pleased to an- OUl SAVINGS at current allnual rates pital where neither was found to ed throughout and without an er- be seriously injured, although Bill ror of any kind. Mall,," fiction books were on the EARN DIVIDENDS AT * * shelves and with the rich resourc- O0 25 plehad a broken left arm and multi-bruises and lacerations, but "Coach Jack Hogben has joined es of the South Puget Sgund R e_ 41, o, Gloria suffered only multiple brui- the student stump-climbers club. gional Library Bookmobile service for adulls C for studenls 00es. While driving to school last Fri- to back us up, espeeially in tic- Luck was certainly riding with day morning he was blinded for a Lion. we purchased only 11 books them in the driver's seat because moment by sun shining in his eyes, in that classification, compmmded four times a, nllually from the nature of the accident it causing him to hit a slump with Stories for the elementary grad- 6UYS TWO BIG ENTERTAINMENT SPECIALS might have easily proved fatal for devastating results to the radiat- es. particularly grades one and two both. It is reported the pickup, or and steering mechanism. A were more scarce, only 30 titles . considered a total loss, was fully 'wrecker towed the car to Shel- having been received for that age She"0n Branch insured, ton for repairs, group. ./ Bill and Gloria returned t-o = ..... Discarding the "dead Limber" Thurston t'oun'y Federal ' school last Friday and were the LIBRARY NOTES from the shelves and adding new center of much attention and num- By Shirlee Murphy, libraria.n selections has" made our collection . erous congratulations for their During the school year we have more usable and eye-appealing, FUN NIGHT narrow eseape. Bill was busily ac. added ,62 new library bo.oks to,our too. wehope. Savings & Loan Association "- quiring autographs on the cast collection. Of this number. 121 Although there aren't any eirc- in which his arm is encased, books were non-fiction with the ulation records for comparison, we The final Parent-Teacher meet- bulk of the books failing, in the are now able to report that a fig- Friday _ May _ 24 Junior High Auditorium ing of the school year was held Dewey classification 300, 500 and are has 'been established, with a Accounts Insured to $10,000.00 by the F,S.L.I.C. in Lhe auditorium last Thursday 900, These include social science, circulation of 2.920 books through 9 A.M. -- 4 P.M, Monday thru Thursday evening. After a brief business ses- purescience from the animals on May 9. 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Fridays sion the following program of mu- earth to the universe), and history. Enjoy your freedom Lo read sic was presented by Dick Endi- tiography makes up a large part during the summer months just Home Office Branch Office ER'S SPORT cott which also included several of the 900's for what child or ahead. Students may wish to use 5th & Capitol Way . 313 Railroad Ave. piano selections by students of adult doesn't like to put himself recommended reading" lists to Olympia, Wash. Shelton, Wash Mrs. Herbert Helin: in another situation through the guide their summer reading pro- School band. three numbers, story of another human life and grain. Feel free to ask us for in- SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES . Private, Confidential, Economical Piano solo "The Wide Missouri" learn in the bargain, formation and guidance, i SHOW Jerry DeFoer. "Chicken Lichen" -- first grade singing skit. 2 Piano SOLO, "Tales fromtheVi- WE'VE REMODELED! P.m. Salurday, May 25 Loop Field enna Woods"---JanioeGwinneLL. "Let Freedom Ring" second, third and fourth grade operetta. Piano solo. "Le Secret" -- Jan Starks. Vocal solo, "Fraidy Cat". Lo- retta Beerbower. 0ome out and see the changes Piano solo, "The Yodler's Waltz" G E T YO U R S N 0 W and Kristine Graham. we've made |o serve you better ' Piano solo. "The Skater's Waltz" , Teresa Graham. ENJOy THE irl' Quartet--selected. Meats - Produce G " Chevron Products Piano solo, "Rustic Chapel" -- m r0cenes - 191h ANNUAL FOREST FESTIVAL oresa Trimble. Solo, "Sugar Time" Kathy West. Humorous Skit -- Bobby Wat- alld llOW ters and Mike Hickson. Song "Popeye Tree" --- fifth and Cold Beer to go 00UIfEN'S BANQUET Jackie Landis. "Far Away Places" -- High school choir. MUSIC DIRECTOR RESIGNS All popular brands Olympia, Rainier, Eastern and Western Dick Endicott. music director. has anne:raced that he will not S: $2.50 per person at return next year as he has been offered a more lucrative position ty Stationers, Hembroff ,rlgle Agency, Beck- Mtl View Grade School, 00o000000triCtBooksaleScompany.marmgerEndJcottfr the Barger's Bayshore Grocery ry, Johnny's Music Box, has directed vocal and'instrument- FOod Center on Mt View, al groups here for several yea s and 20th Century Thursday, 6:30 p.m. with exceotionallv. . ,satisfactor:y. , r r- Hillcrest, Thurston Coun- slllts in both elementary grades Loan Ass'n, Seattle-First and high school. " 0PEN 7 BAYS A WEEK 6: a.m. Io 9 p.m. k, The Journal, and from Several Mary M. Knight stud- rs of the Amaranth. ents appeared in eL piano recital Pzsented by Mrs Herbert Helin Where We Appreciate and Enjoy Our Customers (This Space Courtesy Simpson Timber Company) atsunday,the EhnaMay Christians. Local studentsChUrch Onon Across From The Golf Course *he Pr()gram were Teresa Graham, Bill, Helen & Monna Lee Teresa Trimble, Jan Starks, Jan-